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Movies young twink boys and gay sex movie no download or sign up
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Nine: Blossoming Danger Chapter Six: Heady Perfume By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Warlock Faoril Drakin Castle, The Haunted Forest After ten days of traveling through the Haunted Forest, eight since the werewolves and that twinborn witch attacked us, we had arrived at Drakin Castle. It lay just where rumors claimed it would be, up the Kemoh River from the coast.

I studied the vine covered ruins, the walls stretching overhead, glimpses of towers and other structures peeking through gaps in the dense foliage above us. A shiver ran through me. Here, the most infamous warlock of history had lived. The Biomancer Vebrin, creator of some of the worst monsters prowling the world, had used this fortress from some ancient and lost civilization as his laboratory.

Here, in this remote place, he worked centuries even before the High King founded his empire and even longer before the Magery Council came together to put an end to rogue warlocks, codifying rules to keep the practitioners of magic from abusing their powers.

"What unusual vines," Xera said, her ears twitching as she approached the walls. The elf, naked as always, stroked the spade-like leaves. They were larger than Thrak's hand.

"This color is most unusual on a leaf." "Plants can show a great deal of differences even among the same species when separated by distances," I answered, pulling out a vial of Xera's cum.

Biomancer Vebrin was an expert of life magic, and if he left any of his creations behind, having a greater skill in that element may prove useful. I generally used Thrak's cum which gave me no advantage in any of the five elements.

But Xera, being an elf and intimately tied into the element of life, had jizz that would enhance that branch of magic. "I've seen ivy like that," Angela shrugged. "Not with purple, but with cream at the center of leaves." "As have I," Xera said.

"But ivy does not flower." Angela looked up at the castle. "We'll go slow. Be careful. Xera, watch for traps, Faoril and Xan.

I mean, Aurora have your magics ready." Everyone was adjusting to calling Xandra Aurora. Now that she could turn into a bird, she had chosen her adult name. "Chaun, lyre out." "Already out," Chaun said and struck a boisterous and adventurous chord.

The notes hung in the air, stiffening my spine and relaxing my nerves. Angela drew her sword, nodding to Thrak. He unlimbered his ax and moved up to her. Sophia's enchanted dagger came out, only tinged with pink. Danger, but not immediate. I rolled my shoulders in my robe and nodded my head. "Let's find the last piece of the High King's sword." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thrak I pushed aside the ivy vines and peered into the castle.

Rubble covered the ground, everything coated in thick dust. More vines snaked through the room, crawling in from the collapsed ceiling.

Sunlight penetrated through gaps in structure. No hulking trees obscured it from reaching the castle. I sneezed, shaking my head. "Lots of dust," I grunted, stepping forward, kicking up the fine powder on the ground. It danced through the sunlight, drifting on the wind. "Nothing has walked in here in a while." "Not even animals," Xera said, ears twitching. She didn't leave footprints on the dust.

"So how did the sword even get here?" Sophia asked as Angela and I stepped over the ceiling rubble to a rotten door leading deeper into the castle. "I mean, the Haunted Forest is pretty remote." "How did any of the pieces of the sword get anywhere?" I grunted. "My people were entrusted ours." "As were mine," Aurora said. "By the fiery lady." "Who we haven't met yet," Sophia said.

"The last member spoken of in the Lesbius Oracle. Do you think she's here? Waiting for us after a thousand years?" "Would that make her a form of demigoddess?" Faoril asked. "What else can live through centuries?" I grunted and opened the door. The wood disintegrated into pieces, sawdust falling about my arm.

It clattered loud on the floor, bursting with more dark powder. I stared at the tarnished handle in my hand then tossed it to the ground and peered through the hallway. "Elves," Minx said, her voice lacking her normal exuberance. "Yes, my kind can live a thousand years," Xera said. "The eldest of us. Most die in their six to seven hundreds. And the other hermaphroditic races are also long-lived.

Gnomes can live even longer than elves." "So a demigoddess or an elf," Minx said, her voice thoughtful. "Like the redheaded elf with the gnome bounty hunter. You thought you saw her once before, Angela." "Yes, but how could they be the same one?" the knight said, advancing down the hallway with me.

"One we saw running just briefly through the Deorc Forest, the other was a bounty hunter on our trail." "Well." Minx licked her lips. "Maybe I know this red-haired elf." I turned, seeing her blink.

She sneezed, shaking her head, motes of dust drifting through the beams of sunlight lancing around her. "Boy, this place is dusty." "What do you mean, you know a red-haired elf?" Angela asked. Minx lifted her chin. "Well. her name was Adel.something. One of those long, elfy names." "Elfy?" Xera asked, ears twitching, a smile on her lips. "And she recruited me for a job." Minx flipped her dagger in her hand.

"To steal the High King's sword from Angela after she reforged it." Angela blinked. "What?" Sophia gasped. "You. you." "It wasn't an accident I picked Chaun's pocket. Though I feared I ran away too well and thought I lost Xera. But she found me with her elfyness." "You were going to steal the sword?" Angela asked, her face hardening.

"From me?" "I'm a thief, Angela," Minx said like it was the most casual thing in the world. She sneezed again. "Ugh, this dust is everywhere." "And are you still planning on stealing it?" "Of course not," Minx said, waving her hand. "I really wasn't going to mention it, but." She shrugged. "Why not." She let out a giggle, her eyes wide. Sophia suddenly burst with giggles, too. "She was planning on robbing us. Oh, Slata's hairy cunt, that is funny." "Yep." Minx grinned.

"And Xera would have chased me, and maybe I would have let her catch me." "Maybe?" smiled Xera. Then she let out a giggle, too. "Oh, you naughty, little minx." Xera scooped up the smaller halfling and gave her a hot kiss on the lips. I blinked, glancing at Angela, whose jaw had dropped. She shook her head, the point of her sword waving as she struggled with it. "Y-you were planning on betraying us?" Angela said. And then she giggled, too. "Why am I shocked by that? You're a thief." Xera broke the kiss, setting her lover down.

"I know," Minx giggled. "it would have been this amazing robbery, but then I grew to like you all and. Now we're going to kill a dragon instead. So let's find the piece of the high king's sword." "Sure," Angela nodded, another giggle burst from her lips.

"Mmm, one more piece." "That's it?" I grunted, shocked by how.nonchalant everyone was acting. "She was holding back this elf thing." "She knew the lady on fire," Sophia said, giggling, "and lied to us. Minx." And then I snorted with laughter. Minx just had this incorrigible grin on her face.

Chaun struck a thoughtful chord while the snort turned into full laughter. I shook my head, grinning back at Minx. "So a redheaded elf got Minx involved in the quest, and a redheaded human got me," Chaun said. "Interesting." "So Lady Delilah is the elf?" Sophia giggled.

"Oh, Slata's cunt, that woman doesn't make any sense. She helps the warlock and turns into elves. What is she up to?" "Being annoying," giggled Angela. She leaned against me. "Right?" I stared down at her large tits swelling the front of her armor, the low-cut breastplate showing off her magnificent cleavage.

Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked up at me, a saucy smile on her lips, her red hair glowing in a shaft of sunlight dancing with dust motes. My cock throbbed. What would those tits feel like on my dick? Behind me, Aurora was giggling about the fiery lady being Lady Delilah with Faoril, my mage wife nodding her head, her nose ring flashing in another beam of sunlight.

Sophia, giggling worse, stumbled back and bumped into Xera while Minx did a little dance, shaking and wiggling her ass. Meanwhile, Chaun strummed a joyful song on his lyre. My eyes drifted back to staring at Angela's tits.

I pictured them soft, spilling about my dick, sliding up and down. My eyes looked around the hallway, the vines wrapped about the ceiling and walls, adding splashes of color. A nearby door, half-rotted away, looked promising.

"We should search in there," I nodded to Angela. "For the.uh.thing we're here to find." "The sword?" she asked with a giggle. "Yeah.that." Those were such lush tits. Angela sheathed her blade and nodded. She walked to it, her ass wiggling, the thin strip of chainmail loincloth swaying, showing flashes of her butt-crack.

Red hair bounced. She kicked the half-rotted door apart, her blue eyes flashing as she gave me a look over her shoulder. I grunted, setting down my ax and following. I sneezed once, my cock throbbing harder and harder. Damned dust was trying to ruin my excitement. My dick tented the front of my kilt, a large shaft aching to feel those tits. I ducked through the door.

I was taller than the builders. A long room, one end of the ceiling collapsed and forming a pile or rubble. The vines grew in here, too, broad leaves spread wide, the occasional flower open in shafts of sunlight, slender beams shining through tiny holes in the remaining ceiling. They dappled Angela's body as she turned, her loincloth swinging over her pubic mound and between those lush thighs. "I think I found it," Angela purred as I walked to her.

She licked her lips, so moist and pink. "Oh?" I asked, looking around. "I don't see it." She dropped her kite shield to the floor with a clatter then lifted the front of my kilt with eager hands. She found my hard cock, stroking it. I groaned as her grin grew as mischievous as Minx's. Her thumb rubbed across the tip, smearing precum and brushing my crown's piercing.

"It's right here." "Yes," I grunted. "But you have to work it free with those big tits." "Oh, do I?" she asked, letting go of my cock. She reached for the straps holding on her pauldrons and breastplate. As she unbuckled, I moved to the collapsed rubble, sneezing again. My nose tingled as I breathed in. It raced down to my lungs then spread through my body. My cock ached more as I sat down on the rubble, kilt bunched over my thick, swarthy cock.

"Oh, yes, I need that final piece," Angela groaned, sliding out of her breastplate, unveiling those large, bouncing tits. A beam of sunlight landed right on her fat, pink nipple surmounting her right breast.

And then she moved, jiggling it out of the bright light. Her hips undulated as she walked to me, chainmail clinking and swaying. She cupped her breasts, fingers digging into pillowy flesh as she pushed them up and together. Her fat nipples thrust before her. My cock throbbed hard as I leaned back against the rubble.

"You're going to have to work so hard," I groaned as she fell to her knees before me. "I will," Angela moaned, leaning forward, her red hair sweeping off her shoulders. And then her soft breasts wrapped around my hard, throbbing dick. She pressed them together, sandwiching my cock between them.

Precum bubbled from the tip. "So hard." I groaned as she slid her tits up and down my dick, her silky flesh caressing my sensitive crown. Precum smeared on her flesh. My bone ring piercing shifted, adding more pleasure. My balls grew tense. I groaned, loving her pale tits sliding up and down my swarthy flesh. Her hard nipples rubbed on my stomach.

Angela cooed, her blue eyes sparkling as she worked her tits up and down. She stared up at me with such lust. I groaned, my head shifting, brushing the vines growing on the wall. "Ooh, it is such a big, thick piece of the sword," Angela moaned. "I can feel the power throbbing in it." "So much power," I grunted. "Keep sliding those lush tits up and down, and the power will drench you." "Yes, yes, yes!

I love all that salty power." Angela slid her tits faster and faster. My balls churned, the pleasure shooting down my cock straight to them. I let the sexy warrior work her tits, her charms so soft. She squeezed harder, increasing the pressure. My groans grew louder. Her tits grew slick from my precum. They glided on my dick. My bone ring twisting. My balls boiled. I grunted, back arching as the pressure built and built in my balls.

My hands clenched as I loved those tits sliding up and down my dick. "That's it, you naughty knight," I groaned. "Not a knight." She gave a wicked smile.

"I'm a knave. A nasty, slutty, wicked knave. Mmm, don't you just love my tits sliding on your dicks? Oooh, I bet my big titties are teasing you so much.


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Don't you just want to explode all over my tits. You do, don't you? Mmm, admit it." "All over them," he groaned. "I'll unleash so much power on your tits. Gewin's mighty cock, Angela, you are making me swell." "And throb." Her tits slid down. My dick emerged. Her tongue swiped across the crown. My eyes widened. The pleasure from that brief swipe shot straight down to my balls.

I grunted as they tightened. The pressure boiled through them. She slid her tits back up, soft flesh enveloping the crown again. Then down. Her tongue licked. "Angela," I grunted. "Gods, yes!" Salty power spurted from the tip of my cock.

It shot up and splattered across her face. I groaned, squirming, the vines rustling as my jizz painted her face. Each eruption sent a surge of ecstasy through my body. "Yes, yes, yes, so much power," moaned Angela as my cock bathed her face. Other lines splashed across her huge tits. Cream ran over her curves and dripped from her chin. She licked her lips.

Mmm, yes, that's what I need." "But it's not enough to free it," I groaned. "Guess I'll have to use other methods." Angela licked salty lips again and then licked at the tip of my cock, gathering a large dollop of creamy jizz.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun My dick throbbed as I stared at Minx's small ass writhing in the tight britches she wore. She danced to my music, her body so lithe. The cloth tied about her breasts came loose. Her small tits bounced free, nipples hard, metallic-pink as they flashed through beams of sunlight.

Then, with a saucy laugh, she darted down the corridor, her metallic-red hair flowing and waving. She reached a corridor branch, stopped, shook her ass at me, then darted to the right. I let out a groan and followed after her. "Ooh, yes, we need to search this place, Chaun," she moaned.

I passed an open doorway. Thrak grunted as Angela slid her big tits up and down his dick. I didn't care. I reached the end of the corridor, looking right. Minx, already wiggled out of her britches, pointed at a tapestry surrounded by the vines. "Look what I found," Minx giggled, hips shaking.

"A tapestry." I moved to her, the lithe halfling dancing before me, ass shaking. My dick was so hard, my three balls all boiling with cum. Flashes of a halfling youth, someone she knew from an early age, danced through her mind.

A male she had a crush on. I couldn't see Xera in her thoughts—my powers only let me turn into males, not females or hermaphrodites. "Isn't it impressive?" Minx giggled. "Look at it. It must have been here for over a thousand years." "Yeah, that's why it's so faded," I said.

"But I know something far more impressive." "What?" she asked, hips shaking. I unlaced my britches and pushed down my cod piece. My hard, midnight-black cock flopped out. I moved down, cupping my balls. I felt all three of them swelling my nut sack.

I groaned, and said, "Turn around and see." She did, my cock right at mouth level for her to suck. "I've seen a dick before, Chaun.

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I suck on Xera's every chance I get." "But have you seen three balls?" I asked, realizing I had never slept with the halfling. I lifted my cock, showing my nutsack. "No," she gushed. "Oh, wow, Chaun. Three balls. Mmm, I'm usually more a pussy with a cock type of gal, but." She sucked my central ball into her small mouth, her sapphire eyes twinkling.

I shivered, my dick twitching as her mouth went to work. I groaned, my dick throbbing, my hips swaying. I took a deep breath, loving the pleasure shooting through me.

Minx moaned as she sucked, her hands stroking my thighs. Precum beaded from my dick, falling into her hair. Her little hands reached up, grasping my dick. Bronze fingers stroked up and down as she nuzzled and sucked on my balls. She went back and forth, enjoying each one, stroking me faster and faster. The tip of my dick tingled, ached. She churned the cum in my balls with each of her sucks.

Her lips latched onto ball after ball, sucking for a moment, then moving onto the next. "Oh, yes, that's it," I groaned as her hands stroked faster. "You naughty halfling. Oh, you are sucking my balls so hard." "You have three of them," she moaned. "I can't believe it.

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I've been spending too much time with Xera. I should have fucked you earlier. But Xandra was already around you." "Aurora," I groaned. I gave her that name. My wife had loved it. "Uh-huh," she moaned and sucked on another ball. The tingles raced up to the tip of my dick as she pumped her hands up and down my shaft. My crown ached. Every stroke up my dick built the pressure in my three balls.

And every suck of her lips brought each one close and closer to boiling over. I groaned, my back arching. I peeled off my doublet and shirt as she sucked, wanting to be naked. Dust drifted around us. Every time I breathed in, my dick tingled just a little more. Her soft fingers brought me closer and closer to erupting. "Gods, that's good." "Mmm, yes," she purred. "Cernere's nimble fingers, this is fun." "Yes," I groaned as she sucked on my middle ball, her hands stroking faster, fisting me.

My balls tightened. She sucked, the tingling rush shooting to the tip of my dick. My cock throbbed. I grunted as my cum exploded over her head. Jizz splattered the old tapestry. My body shook, cock bobbing, cum splattering to the right, landing on one of the ivy leaves. It rustled. "Pater's cock, yes," I moaned as the pleasure shot through my mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora Xandra Giggling with Faoril, we passed through a door that led to a set of stairs.

"She would have joined the party to rob us," I laughed, my eyes dancing. "That is so like her." Faoril nodded, her short, brown hair swaying about her face. She climbed the stairs, her ass swaying in her red robes. A hot flush shivered through me as I took a deep breath of the dusty stairs. I ran my fingers along an ivy vine, brushing a flower as I followed. For a moment, I thought the flower sucked on my digit. That only made me giggle louder. "What?" Faoril asked as she reached the top of the stairs, stopping on a landing in the tower, and turned back to stare at me.

"Just thought the flower sucked on my finger like it were a cock." "Oh, cock," Faoril groaned, looking around. "I could use one of those right now." I nodded my head in agreement. "Could you make one?" "Make what, Aurora?" Aurora.

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My new name. I loved it when people called me it. Sometimes they forgot, but Chaun never did. I could turn into a bird and fly. It was wonderful. "Make a cock. With your magic." "You mean a dildo?" I nodded my head. "Sure." "How big?" A saucy grin appeared on her lips. "How big do you want it?" "Big!" We both giggled at that, falling into each other's arms.

And then we were kissing. Her lips were hot on mine, her tongue dancing. I shivered as her hands grasped my bare midriff between my skirt and blouse. They slid up, grabbing the hem. I kissed her harder as she slid my top up, hands finding my small breasts, my nipples hard. Tingles shot down to my pussy. Juices trickled down my thighs. My snatch clenched, aching to be filled by something big and thick and wonderful.

I just had to be filled. My poor cunny desperate for the experience. Stone groaned and ground behind me. I broke the kiss, Faoril twisting my nipples.

Rising out of the ground was a polished, stone dick. An exact replica of Thrak's mighty cock. I moaned as it floated towards us. Then another one rose out of the ground, shaped the same, and met the first. Their bases merged together. A double-headed stone dildo, shaft smooth as obsidian.

"Oh, we can both enjoy it," I moaned, my pussy clenching. "Uh-huh. I need a cock in me so badly." Faoril shivered, unbelting her robe. The various arcane objects in her pockets clinked as she dropped the garment to the floor. "How do we do this?" I asked, peeling off my top, my small breasts bouncing free. I shook my head, pushing my sky-blue hair over my shoulders to fall down my back. "We kneel, asses together, and fuck each other with this amazing toy I built," Faoril moaned.

"Doesn't that just sound perfect?" "Yes!" I moaned, untying the knots holding up my skirt. It fell to the ground, leaving me naked. I stroked the sky blue landing strip leading to my wet pussy. "I need to be filled right now!" The ivy leaves rustled as my voice echoed up and down the tower. Faoril fell to her knees, too, wiggling her naked ass, her pussy covered by the tight curls of her brown bush, pink flesh peeking through.

Her silky hairs matted by excitement. She brought one end of the dildo to her, groaning as her toy slid into her flesh. She wiggled her hips, the other end thrusting out of her. "Now just back up and fuck me," she moaned. "Yes," I panted, crawling backward. My eyes widened as the thick tip of the stone dildo brushed my pussy lips. It wasn't warm like a dick, but cool and marble smooth. I shivered, my pussy lips stretching around the huge dick. My eyes widened as I pressed down farther and farther, the thick dildo filling my pussy, reaching deeper and deeper into me.

"Luben's sacred oath," I moaned as the tip nudged my cervix, my curving rear pressed into Faoril's soft rump. "Yes, yes, Pater's cock," Faoril moaned. "Gods, let's fuck each other, Xandra!" "Aurora," I moaned and rocked my hips, sliding my pussy down the slick shaft, the friction sending wonderful flutters through my body.

Faoril bucked back, driving the dildo deep into my pussy before our asscheeks slapped together. I gasped as the tip nudged my cervix. Ripples of pleasure shot through my body. My nipples tingled as they topped my small, jiggling breasts. I groaned, rocking and driving back, my pussy clenching onto the dildo this time. Faoril gasped, the end sliding through her flesh. I slammed back, shuddering as the end pressed on my cervix as I fucked it into her tight pussy.

Clap! I loved the sound of our asscheeks smacking together.


Clap! "Oh, yes," I moaned, enjoying the dildo as it slid through my hot pussy, stretching out my depths and shooting delight through me.

Clap! "Fuck me, Aurora," gasped Faoril. "Rock back into me! Clap! "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. Clap! The shuddering impacts rippled through my ass. My butt-cheeks grew warmer and warmer with each one as we fucked ourselves up and down on those dildos.

Sometimes, my pussy clenched on tighter, holding it in place while it fucked in and out of her cunt, other times she gripped it, the end pistoning in and out of me. Clap! Our voices sang and echoed through the taverns. Juices dribbled down my thighs, churned up by the big, thick dildo. Heat shivered through me. I groaned, clawing at the stone, my eyes dancing around the vine-covered landing of the tower. Clap! "Fuck me!" I gasped. "Luben's sacred oaths, this is amazing." Clap!

"About to get even better," moaned Faoril. "Ooh, yes, check this out." Clap! My eyes widened. The dildo grew warmer and warmer in us, hotter than our flesh. It shivered through me. I moaned, biting my lip, loving the heat plunging over and over into the depths of my cunt. My head tossed back and forth, the pressure growing and swelling in my depths. Clap! I let out a throaty moan as I savored it, fucking back harder and faster.

Our asscheeks slapped together more and more. Stinging pain entered, sending shivers through me. I loved it. I gasped, groaned, my tiny tits jiggling beneath me, nipples so hard. Clap! "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "Oh, gods, Faoril. I'm going to cum on your hot dildo!" Clap! "Uh-huh! Me, too. Aurora, it's so good. Oh, yes slam back into me.

Drive it so deep into me!" Clap! "Yes!" Faoril squealed, her voice thick and throaty. "I'm cumming." Clap! She bucked back hard into me, my asscheeks stinging from the impact. I savored it, my pussy clenching on the dick sliding into my depths.

It ignited such fire in me as it drove to my cervix. I groaned, head snapping back. Clap! I explode. Clap! "Yes, yes, yes," I screamed as I bucked and writhed, my pussy spasming on the stone dildo. Pleasure shot through me. It inundated my mind. Rapture burned through my thoughts and body. I trembled, savoring it. Clap! "So good," moaned Faoril. Clap! "Yes," I panted, back arching as the pleasure crested through me.

I rode it. My pussy spasmed so hard on the dildo as it slid in and out of me. And then I fell forward. The toy popped out of me as I fell on my belly, squirming, savoring the pleasure.

"Oh, damn, that was good. Gods, Aurora, you fucked back so hard my butt stings." I nodded my head, looking at her, pleasure shivering through me. Vines reached out to Faoril, leaves brushing her fingers as she wiggled her hips, the stone dildo, dripping with my juices, wagging like a tail as it thrust out of her cunt. I licked my lips, eager for more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia "Look at these flowers," Sophia gasped, darting away from me as we wandered giggling through the ruins.

I had no idea where everyone else was. Exploring, searching. We would cover more grounds in pairs. I followed Sophia into a room. It was full of the flowers. There were more on the vines than in other parts. Sophia, her hands unbelting her robe and shrugging out of the white cloth, reached the wall. Her robe slid off her body, revealing her gorgeous rump as she bent over to sniff at one of the purple flowers. Her hips wiggled, and she let out a wanton moan.

"Mmm, this flower smells delicious." I breathed in, my ears twitching. The room smelled so heady. My clit ached and tingled, my pussy growing wetter and wetter as I stared at Sophia's wiggling ass. Her shaved pussy peeked between her thighs, nectar dripping from her petals. "It smells so familiar, too," Sophia said. She looked over her shoulder, green eyes twinkling. "Oh," I asked, leaning my bow against the wall and walking into the room.

"Like what?" "Your pussy," she grinned, turning. "Mmm, it smells just like your pussy." I breathed in. Elf pussies, unlike humans and most other races, had flowery aromas. "They do smell a bit like marigolds.

Not quite." "Oh, I say it's close enough." Sophia stretched, her small breasts jiggling before her, the garnet on her belly piercing sparkling as it swayed against her smooth stomach.

"And I am a priestess of Saphique, an expert on pussies." "I thought you were just an acolyte," I grinned, my clit throbbing harder. "Close enough to an expert." She licked her lips, tongue piercing glinting. "Well, there really is only one way to find out," I told her, moving closer. "You had a good sniff of the flower, now get a good sniff of my pussy." Sophia grinned just like Minx would, then she darted forward, fell to her knees, and buried her face between my thighs.

I let out a shuddering moan as her tongue slid through my folds, caressing my pussy. Her tongue piercing was so hard on my petals compared to her soft tongue, an exciting contrast that had me shivering. And then gasping when the hard end brushed my clit. Sophia's green eyes twinkled as she stared up at me, her tongue swirling about my clit, her lips nuzzling. Her hands stroked up my thighs, sending ripples of heat shooting to my pussy. I groaned, my ears twitching, hips writhing. The heady scent of flowery perfume had me swaying as Sophia latched onto my clit and sucked so hard.

My nub throbbed in her mouth, shooting pleasure through my body. My pussy clenched, and soft moans escaped my lips. "Matar's cock," I gasped, eyes fluttering. "Mmm, Saphique's sweet snatch," Sophia purred. "You taste better than the flowers smell." "Oh, that's wonderful," I moaned, undulating my hips as she sucked on my clit again.

My ears twitched more as her fingers, sliding up my thighs, reached my pussy. She caressed my folds, sending amazing flutters through me. I squeezed my eyes shut, drinking in the sensations of her deft fingers and hard tongue stud. She flicked her tongue and stud on my clit, batting it over and over. The sensations shot through my body. My toes curled on the dusty floor. My moans echoed through the room as the pleasure built and built in me. Then her finger shoved into my snatch. I gasped, clenching down on her digits as she penetrated me.

Her fingers wiggled, teasing me, then they curled. She latched her lips on my clit, sucking hard as her fingers found that one spot inside my pussy. That place where pleasure exploded through me when touched. "Sophia," I gasped, hands grasping my big, soft breasts. I squeezed them, squirming as her mouth attacked my clit and her fingers that special spot in my pussy. "Matar's cock, that's good." She moaned about my clit, eyes sparkling as she stared up at me.

I could see the joy, the pleasure she received by giving me such sensations. My fingers dug into my breasts. My pink nipples, tinged with green, were so hard, so big, begging to be sucked on. I lifted my right tit and engulfed my nipple. My pussy clenched on Sophia's fingers. The pleasure shot through me as I sucked.

Her fingers and lips slammed pleasure through my body. My clit throbbed harder and harder. I came. "Sophia!" I moaned, my lips popping off my nipple. "Yes, yes, yes! Matar's cock, yes! So good!" Rapture shot through my body. I trembled, my ears twitching hard. I pinched my nipples, eyes fluttering as my clit ached and throbbed in her mouth. It grew thicker, larger, thrusting forward. Sophia kept sucking and sucking. I looked down and groaned, Sophia's lips opening wider and wider as my elf-cock pressed into her mouth.

There was something not right about this. Sophia.avoided me when I had a dick. Her vows. No men. No cocks. And I wasn't in heat. That ended. Eight days. Ago. "Oh, gods," I moaned, her lips sucking so hard on my elf-cock. The lesbian acolyte bobbed her mouth, her tongue stud swirling about the tip. It was so hard, dancing on the sensitive crown. I had never felt the like. "Sophia, yes, yes, I'm going to cum in your mouth." Her fingers, buried in my pussy, kept assaulting that spot.

My orgasm kept rippling through me. I pinched and teased my nipples harder and harder as the pressure swelled at the tip of my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. I came into Sophia's mouth. The acolyte moaned at her first taste of elf-cum. She gulped it down, sucking so hard as the pleasure rippled through my body. My voice sang through the room, my body bucking as the powerful blasts of ecstasy shot through my body from my dick. Something was very wrong. My cock shouldn't have sprouted.

I shouldn't be cumming into Sophia's mouth. "Matar's cock, yes, drink my cum, Sophia!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx "Oh, yes, fuck my ass, Chaun," I moaned as I knelt on my hands and feet before the tapestry.

His cum ran down the ivy leaf before me.


It wiggled and writhed, the leaf's tip bending to stir through his pearly jizz. "I want your cock in my ass, Chaun." He rubbed the lube from my pouch—an alchemical connection I carried just in case—and then fell down to his knees behind me, his black cock smacking my ass. I shuddered, still tasting the salt from his three balls on my lips. That had been so sexy.

His lubed cock rubbed on my tight sphincter. I moaned, vines moving, reaching towards me. I shivered as they wrapped about my hands, climbing up my arms as his dick thrust into my bowels.

My eyes widened, his dick slamming into my asshole's depths. He was as thick as Xera, but she didn't have three heavy balls smacking into her taint. I groaned, shivering and clenching down on his dick as the burning pleasure washed out to my pussy.

I shivered, loving it as he drew back and rammed in again. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass, Chaun. Pound me." "I will. Damn, you have such a tight ass. So cute, too. You were wiggling at me, shaking that ass." "Uh-huh," I gasped as the vines climbed higher.

A flower formed at the end, petals pressing up to my face. I breathed in the scent. It was so similar to Xera's pussy. I moaned, pressing my mouth into the flower, nuzzling at it, licking at the nectar beading the center. The flower was hot. The petals wrapped about my face, holding me as I tongued it, exploring the inner folds.

The nectar was thick and syrupy, tasting just as good as Xera's pussy. Flowery, marigold delight coating my tongue. I moaned, tonguing the flower-pussy as my bowels clenched on his dick. "Damn," Chaun groaned. "Such a tight ass. Keep clenching it." "Uh-huh," I moaned into the flower pussy. Vines climbed up my thighs now. I gasped as another flower rubbed at my pussy, sliding its soft petals on my folds. This one had a long, thick stamen that slid into my pussy like a cock.

I groaned, clenching on the flower-dick and Chaun's cock as they thrust into both my holes. I shivered, toes curling as the flower and Chaun fucked me. My pussy savored the thick girth of the stamen-cock sliding in and out while my ass burned from Chaun's hard thrusts. I moaned into the flower-pussy, tonguing the nectar as I bucked and writhed.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me!" I moaned. "Both of you!" "Las's cock," groaned Chaun. "Something's in your pussy, Minx." "The flower's fucking me." I shivered. "So well.

I love it. Fuck me so hard. Make me cum!" "Yes," groaned Chaun. I tongued harder and harder at the flower-pussy as my pleasure built and built. My cunt and asshole both ached from the vigor of my lovers' thrusts. Both their dicks slammed so deep into me. The stamen-cock had fuzz on the end that tickled my depths, shooting pleasure through me as it fucked so deep into my cunt.

I shivered. Every thrust of both their dicks built the pleasure in my core. It swelled, growing and growing, threatening to consume me. I wanted it to consume me. I wanted the pleasure crashing through me, coating me in wonderful bliss. I drank the flowery nectar. It trickled down my chin towards my small, dangling breasts. My clit ached as the flower fucking my pussy tickled it with soft petals. The stamen-cock rammed so fast and deep into me, the pleasure shivering through me. "Chaun!

Flower!" "Yes," he grunted, burying deep in me. "Gonna cum!" "Flood my ass and pussy. Give me your cum and nectar! I want it!" The stamen-cock rammed into my pussy's depths.

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It buried in me, throbbing. Thick, hot nectar-jizz flooded my cunt. I shivered, my bowels and pussy clamping down on both. Chaun grunted as he thrust into my asshole. I came hard. Both my holes spasmed on their dicks. I milked more and more nectar-jizz from the flower's cock.

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Chaun grunted, hammering me, clearly loving my writhing bowels. His dick's thrusts kept my orgasm burning through me. It crashed into my mind, leaving me swaying and gasping. "Cum in me, Chaun!" I moaned into the flower's sweet folds. "Yes," he grunted. "Gods, yes!" His cock slammed into me. Hot jizz burst into my bowels.

I loved it. I savored it, milking jizz from both of my lovers. The world swayed around me. Such a heady thrill washed through me. Stars danced in my head. And I wanted more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia I gulped down her salty jizz, my head reeling.

Her cum tasted so good. Almost as good as pussy. I couldn't believe I had just done it. I.shouldn't have.

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But.but. Her cock was wonderful. I fell backward, spreading out on the ground, legs parted. Pussy burning. "Fuck me!" I moaned. "Sophia," panted Xera, stroking her big elf-dick. "You're a servant of Saphique. No cocks. Your oath." "Slata's hairy cunt, just fuck me," I moaned, my pussy clenching. I licked my lips, savoring her salty jizz staining them. "Come on! Ram that big, thick girl-cock into my pussy.

I need it!" Xera shivered and then she fell to her knees. Her large tits bounced. They were bigger than my queen's tits. I reached out, grasping them as Xera brought her girl-dick to my pussy. The tip rubbed there, so soft and spongy compared to the marble and wood dildos I was used to. This was a living cock. A shiver ran through me. I had avoided fucking Xera when she had a cock. Why? I.swore an oath. Connection to Saphique. Broken when the karabasan fucked me possessing Angela's body.

Shouldn't. do. I breathed in the scent of the flowers. "Fuck me, Xera!" "Yes," the elf moaned. Her tits jiggled in my hands as she thrust. I gasped as her elf-cock filled my pussy. My back arched. My pussy clenched down on her girth. I groaned, savoring it as it plunged so deep into me. Pleasure rippled through my body as she filled me. My head tossed back and forth on the ground.

I groaned, bucking, humping, writhing in absolute delight. I needed this. It was wonderful. Perfect. Just what I craved. A huge dick filling me. Pumping in and out of me. Why was I so afraid of this? I shivered, squeezing my fingers into her tits as her hard dick pumped away into my pussy. A real dick. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my pussy," I moaned. "Saphique's sweet snatch, it's good." "You're so tight," moaned Xera, her ears twitching as they thrust out of her green hair. "Matar's cock, I love it." My fingers found her nipples, pinching them as she leaned over me, planting her hands on other side of me.

She pounded me hard, my thighs wrapped about her waist. My belly piercing bounced and my small tits jiggled. My pussy clenched on her dick. Pleasure surged through me.

Friction sending intense rapture twitching my body. I licked my lips again, savoring the taste of her jizz. It lingered on my mouth with her flowery pussy juices. I loved it.

"Oh, Xera. Oh, yes! Fuck me." She thrust harder, moaning, elvish words spilling from her lips. I humped against her, my eyes rolling. Vines rustled around us, reaching for us as we gasped and bucked. I clenched my pussy down on her dick over and over, savoring the friction.

"Is my pussy making your girl-cock feel amazing?" I moaned. "Yes," she gasped, eyes squeezing shut. "Soooo good." "Mmm, only the second cock to be in my pussy. And the first was a bad cock." I shivered. Was hers a bad cock? I breathed in deeply. "Fuck me! Oh, gods, Xera, fuck me so hard.

Pound me. Cum in me. I want to feel your jizz splash in me.

Angela, Faoril, Minx, and Xandra all love it." "Aurora," groaned Xera. "Aurora loves it. They love feeling my jizz splash in them. It's so hot. Such an intimate moment with your lover." "Do it," I moaned, humping harder, my clit throbbing against her pussy.

"Oh, gods, Sophia, I want to feel it so badly." Wouldn't it be hot if my Queen had a cock? Her cock slammed hard and deep into me. My flesh clung to her. I squeezed and pinched her nipples, twisting them as the pleasure shuddered through me. My orgasm swelled and swelled. Every thrust churned my pussy. Her dick slammed into me hard, deep, then drawing back.

My pussy clung to it. Friction shivered through me. I came hard. I exploded on her dick. My pussy spasmed. I gasped, my tits heaving, bucking into her thrusts. Her face twisted. She groaned, feeling the pleasure of my pussy massaging her cock. I had spasmed on dildos before, but my lovers never had the experience that Xera received.

The convulsing of my cunt massaged her dick. I felt her orgasm building in her depths. Preparing to flood me with her girl-jizz. "Cum in me, Xera," I begged as the rapture flooded through my mind.

"Slata's hairy cunt, do it! I want to feel it splash in me" My eyes widened as she buried her dick into me. Jizz spurted into my pussy. Her elf-spunk bathed my depths. I groaned, my pussy clamping down on her cock. "Yes, yes, yes, Xera!" "Matar's cock," she moaned as she flooded me. The rapture poured through my mind. I shivered, loving every moment of it. My entire body heaved and spasmed. She drew back and thrust again, her jizz spilling in me.

Her ears twitched and wiggled, the tips almost a blur. And then she groaned and drew her cock out of me. "Yes," I panted as a vine wrapped up her leg. A flower reached for her cock, covered in my juices. "Matar's huge dick," Xera groaned as the flower engulfed her cock like a pussy, sliding down it, the petals sealing around the shaft. I giggled, stretching my arms over my head. Vines wrapped about my wrists, binding them just the way I liked it.

My tits jiggled as I squirmed, cum leaking out of my pussy. Other vines seized my ankles, tying me down. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, vines crawling around my body. A flower reached for my pussy, its thick stamen twitching, dripping nectar. "Fuck me!" "No," Xera groaned, staring down at the flower sucking on her dick or fucking it like a pussy.

"These vines. They're a monster. One of the Biomancer Vebrin's creations." "Yes!" I moaned as the stamen-cock entered my cum-filled pussy. To be continued.