Horny houswife fucks the daylights out of husband titty fuck high heels

Horny houswife fucks the daylights out of husband titty fuck high heels
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Big Sis Gets What. Big Sis Gets What She Needs Ch. 01 I have always had a pretty sweet deal with my parents: "As long as you are going to school, you can stay here at home rent free." Did I take them up on it? No. As soon as I graduated I didn't want to go to college and I moved out with a girlfriend and partied hard.

I didn't know us two girls could have so much fun, but boy did we! And speaking of boys? Oh did we have fun there too! But then when I was 22 I started to realize I had made a mistake and wanted to go back to school and get a degree so I could make some real good money. However, working full time and going to school full time was a task way to big for me. So, I talked to my parents and they said their offer still stood. This time I wasn't a fool and took them up on their offer.

I was told I could have almost the entire basement for myself, minus the huge family room. I still had a ton of room for a study and a room and my own bathroom. The only reason I couldn't use the family room as my "own" was because my two brothers, who were in college already, still used the room to have friends over and to play pool and to watch all of their sports games.

I didn't mind, as long as they didn't bother me while I was studying. Now I consider myself pretty good looking: 5 foot 8 inches, 117 pounds, long blonde hair, blue eyes, a nice ass and stomach (because I work out everyday!), nicely tanned and full 34C breasts.

I had always used my looks to get me everything. But now I was determined to use my brains in college to get my grades. I knew I could do it.

And if I was going to use my brains to accomplish my goals, I was going to have to stop dating so I could totally concentrate on my schoolwork. Not dating was the hardest thing ever! After just 2 months in school I was so horny every night just craving a hot long thick cock in any part of me! I bought a dildo and a vibrator and they were getting used a lot just so I could go back and concentrate on my homework. One Friday night I was in my room trying to study and all I could think about was cock.

I needed real cock. I craved cum. I craved a man slamming me with his manly thrusts. I was going insane! My parents had gone away for the weekend so just my brothers and I were in the house. Now my brothers are very cute and I do have to admit I had lusted after them so much lately. Jeff, the youngest one, is a freshman in college and on the wrestling team. He is very buff and so damn cute!

My other brother, Hunter, is a junior and he is the star quarterback for our college's football team. He isn't buff, but very toned and tall and very cute as well. Man I am so wet just thinking of them! Anyways, as I was saying before, it was a Friday night and I was home alone trying to study when all of a sudden all I heard was loud whooping and hollering from the family room. I slowly opened my study room door and saw my brothers playing XBox. Apparently my brother Jeff was beating Hunter at a football game.

This was very rare, considering my brother Hunter is a giant guru of anything football. I snuck out to where they were and saw my brother Hunter getting naked! I couldn't help but stare at his huge cock dangling between his legs. It seems my brothers made a bet that whoever lost had to get naked and play the next game naked. Well, I know I should have run back to my room but I couldn't. I was so horny and I didn't care who it was, I wanted that cock!

I snuck up to Hunter and put my arms around him and said, "Looks like it's fourth and LONG, huh little brother?" "What the hell are you doing here?" was all I got back. "Well, you guys were so loud as I was trying to study; I just had to see what all the commotion was all about." "We are playing a game and you should leave considering I am naked and kind of embarrassed now that I know you were staring at me naked!" Hunter said.

"I couldn't help it! You are so big and so cute; I just had to see what all the college girls are talking about on campus!" With that statement I noticed Hunters already big cock grow and only get longer and thicker!

I couldn't help but stare and in fact lick my lips.


He noticed this and said, "Been a long time for you huh sis?" "God has it been!" I said back. "In fact, I could help you out with that if you want me to?" "Really? You would do that for me?" Hunter said. "I would do anything you want right now, you name it and I will do it!" With that Jeff took off his pants and his long thick hard cock sprang out of his boxers and my mouth just dropped again. His cock was even bigger than Hunters!

I couldn't control myself and I fell to my knees and took Hunter's cock deep into my mouth and grabbed Jeff's cock and started jerking it on my now small hands.

I was moaning and grinding on the floor as I sucked Hunter's cock and jerked Jeff's cock. They were both so big and thick I didn't think there was anyway I could do anything more to them than suck them and jerk them.

But I guess they thought differently! The next thing I heard was Jeff saying, "Let's get her naked so we can see how hot she is finally!" I gladly obliged and stood up and peeled off my short shorts and t-shirt.

Their jaws dropped when they saw me standing there in just my black bra and matching thong. I slowly undid my bra letting my full breast fall out. They both started jerking their own cocks and I saw them lick their lips. I turned around so my ass was facing them and slowly lowered my thong. When it got to my feet I bent over, touching my toes and unraveled them from my feet. I looked between my legs and saw them just staring at my ass and swollen pussy lips.

The next thing I know, Hunter is on his knees behind me just licking my pussy and my asshole. I started moaning uncontrollably until Jeff bent my head up some and stuffed his now fully hard 10 inch cock in my mouth. Hunter was licking my clit and asshole so good I started cumming immediately.

I wanted to scream but Jeff's cock was filling my mouth so much I couldn't do anything but moan and muffle a scream. Jeff was now grabbing my hair and trying to stuff more of his cock in my mouth.

I was so horny, my throat muscles relaxed and soon he was fitting all 10 inches in my throat and literally face fucking me. He started to moan and the next thing I know he stopped, jerked violently and shot stream after stream of cum down my throat.

I had never had this much cum shot in my mouth and it started running down my chin. I wanted to swallow but Hunter had brought me to another huge orgasm with his tongue and Jeff's cum was dribbling out of my mouth.

He finally withdrew his cock and I licked it all clean. His cum was so yummy! I figured I suck Hunter off as well, but he had other ideas. He stood me up, walked me over to the couch and bent me over the arm of the couch. He parted my ass cheeks and started stuffing his cock into my dripping wet pussy. He is a solid 8 inches and as soon as his cock was buried into my pussy I started cumming again. He slapped my ass and started pumping away into me. I was going wild and was starting to cum again.

My pussy was tightening up so much from my orgasms it became a vice grip around Hunter's cock. He grabbed my hips and started shooting his cum deep into my pussy. Once again I had never had this much cum shot into my pussy ever and this made me cum again!

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I thought it was all over but apparently Jeff had got hard again and as soon as I had lain back on the couch, he grabbed my legs, put them over his shoulders and buried his even bigger cock into my pussy. With all of Hunter's cum in me and my already dripping wet pussy he easily entered me and I started moaning and thrashing again. Hunter came over and was rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples and I was going insane with lust.

Jeff was hammering away in me and I knew since he had already cum, he was going to last a while. Hunter was getting hard again and said he wanted in some of the action but he'd be right back.

I didn't even notice how long he was gone, I was getting fucked so good by my little brother! Hunter came back and told Jeff to make me ride him. Jeff withdrew his massive cock from my dripping pussy and it felt like I was so spread open and empty. He lay back on the couch and I jumped on top of him and impaled my aching pussy on his cock. He slid in with ease and I started bouncing away in orgasmic bliss. I was grabbing my own tits and pinching my own nipples and grinding away on Jeff when all of a sudden I felt Hunter behind me pushing me down onto Jeff's chest.

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The next thing I know, something cool was all over my asshole and I thought it was just Hunter licking my asshole. Boy was I wrong! Hunter had poured lube all over my asshole and started working his fingers in my tight ass. I came immediately. I had been fucked in the ass a lot but always by "smaller" guys. As soon as Hunter could fit three fingers in my ass he removed his hand and I felt his cock at my back door.

He slowly slid his massive head into my ass and I screamed with lust and came again. Soon he was all the way in my once tight ass and I had Jeff in my once tight pussy. It seemed like they had done this before because almost instantly they fell into a hammering rhythm and were fucking my ass and pussy with an awesome see saw effect on my small tight body.

I was almost blacking out from all the orgasms they were giving me but I didn't care, and neither did they! Soon I heard Jeff starting to moan and he came in my pussy.

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I didn't know he had that much cum left in him! His spasms led Hunter to start hammering away in my ass and soon he dumped another giant load deep in my ass.

I came again and couldn't move. They started laughing at how worn out I looked and I didn't care. I was so satisfied! I had cock, not once, not twice, but four times in my aching orifices!

Hunter slowly slid his shrinking cock out of my ass and cum started dribbling out of my asshole. I slowly raised myself off of Jeff and more cum came out of my pussy. They just stared as cum came dribbling out of my ass and pussy and all I could do was smile! I was fucked so good by the both of them I felt bow-legged and could hardly stand up straight. They laughed even more.

I just looked at them and said, "Well, we have all weekend, so you better start making more cum for me!" I stood there for a while after my good long fuck session with my brothers, their cum still seeping from my ass and my super sensitive pussy. I knew I had to have more of them. This could not stop, ever!

It was the best I have ever had and to think it was my brothers who did this to me! My legs were really week and sore from all of the kneeling and riding and grinding I had done so I went to the bathroom to clean up. I drew a warm bath and crawled in. I just soaked away letting my pussy and ass shrink back to normal. God was I in bliss! After about a half an hour in the tub, I got out, wrapped my towel around me and headed straight to bed.

I was so exhausted. I undid my towel and fell face first on my bed, instantly falling asleep. I had so many sexy dreams of all the fun me and my brothers could have. I guess I was moaning and grinding, cause the next thing I know, I hear someone whispering in my ear and licking my earlobe. I woke to hear my brother Jeff whispering in my ear how much he wanted me again and how hot and sexy I was.

I was instantly aroused! Jeff was grinding his massive cock on my ass and I was moaning so loud, I knew everyone in the world could hear me! The next thing I know, Jeff got up off of me and lifted my ass in the air, putting me in the doggy position.

I finally got a look at the clock, and I had only been asleep for 2 hours! Jeff spread my ass cheeks and starting licking my ass.


I had never been rimmed before and oh my god it was so awesome! I had the deepest orgasm of my life! He was licking my asshole all over and darting his tongue in and out of my super sensitive asshole. I was moaning even louder now and grinding my asshole on his tongue for more.

He then started pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my loosening asshole. He was so good at this; I knew this hadn't been his first time at this.

Soon his whole tongue was fucking my asshole and I had another massive orgasm. I had never had an anal orgasm before, but now I can say I have and wow are they good! After sucking and fucking my ass for a good 30 minutes with his mouth, Jeff got up and grabbed some lube he had brought with him.

He started pouring lube on my already wet asshole and starting putting a finger in my ass. My ass was already pretty wet from his saliva and already loosened up some from the previous ass fucking I got earlier from Hunter, and from him tongue fucking my ass, so his one finger slid in with great ease. Then I felt another finger. It got tighter, but I was still loose enough for him to finger fuck my ass with ease. Soon another finger went in my ass. Now it was getting tighter! He slowly inserted all three fingers and withdrew them slowly.

He was really working my ass. He started to gain a rhythm on finger fucking my ass and I was in heaven. The next thing I know, he puts four fingers in my ass! I would have been even more shocked, but I knew I would need them because of his massive cock!

It isn't easy sticking a very thick 10 inch cock up such a small hole and I would need all the loosening I could get! After about 10 minutes of having four of his thick fingers fucking my ass, hew withdrew them and poured lube into my wide open asshole. I felt the cool liquid pour into my ass and I quickly tightened my asshole to keep it all in. Jeff then applied even more lube to his massive cock and got up behind me preparing to fuck my tiny ass. I felt the head of his cock at my asshole and started loosing up my pucker to allow his cock to enter me.

I felt his massive cock head pushing against my asshole. I let out a deep breath and totally relaxed my asshole. His cock started sliding in my asshole, and even though he had been loosening me up with his tongue and fingers, my asshole was still too tight for his long thick cock.

I started grimacing in pain, but wouldn't let it get to me. I laid my head against the bed, keeping my ass way high in the air. He slowly kept pushing his cock in my tight ass. Even though he was going slowly it hurt so badly! Thank god he used so much lube on me! Soon he had half of his 10 inches in me but I was still in pain. I actually started crying a little. I didn't let him see me do this because I buried my head into the pillow.

The next thing I know, a massive orgasm overcomes me and my asshole just opens up to allow all 10 inches in me. I would have never believed he could have fit it all in me, but trust me, he did! I came again, this time more violently and my whole body shook. He started to slowly withdraw his cock and then he shoved it all back in.

With all that lube he poured into my asshole, it was really squishy in my ass, almost like he was fucking my super wet pussy. Now that my ass was loose enough, Jeff got into a slow rhythm and was really burying his cock deep in my ass. I started to rub my super sensitive swollen clit and I had another orgasm.

I had such a big orgasm I fell onto my stomach onto the bed. One nice thing about having such a well hung brother, even though I fell flat onto the bed, his cock head was still in my ass!

He lowered himself onto my back and was laying on me, just pounding away onto my ass. I felt his hand go under my stomach and he started to rub my clit for me. I bit my lip and came hard again. I didn't know how many more orgasms my little body could take!

I had so many already tonight, but I just kept having them. Jeff then asked me if he could try something new. I told him, "Anything you want I'll do it! Just don't pull your cock out of my ass!" He asked if I had a vibrator, and I told him I did, in my drawer right next to the bed.

He reached over and grabbed it. He turned it on and then took it down below my stomach and inserted it in my super wet pussy. I had already been double teamed earlier by my brothers, but having something vibrate deep in my pussy sent me over the edge and I started shaking from another orgasm.

This motivated Jeff and he started really fucking my ass with deep strokes. He was getting faster and faster with his thrusts and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I started bucking my ass up t his cock to get as much in as I could, even though I couldn't buck much because he was lying on top of me.

I had another huge orgasm and my ass clenched hard onto his thick cock. This sent him over the edge and he started biting my neck softly and thrust one more time deep into my ass. I felt his massive amounts of cum shoot so deep in my ass, I didn't know if it would ever come out! I had never had cum shoot so deep and far into my ass! We laid there for a bit until we both rolled onto our sides, still keeping his cock in my ass. Jeff cuddled with me until I fell asleep.

I do remember his cock sliding out of my ass later that morning and I felt a trickle of cum and lube come out of my asshole. I didn't care. I figured I'd clean my sheets tomorrow, if they didn't have more plans for me!

I woke up the next morning feeling very refreshed but also very sore. My poor asshole was so sore from getting a long fucking from my brother Hunter when he and Jeff were double penetrating me.

Then I took my entire brother Jeff's 10 inches in my ass earlier this morning. I knew that anal sex was out of the question for the next few days. I saw the puddle of cum and lube all over my sheets and quickly tore apart my bedding and took it to the washing machine to clean them.

After I got them going in the washing machine I went into my bathroom and decided to take a shower. As I walked into my bathroom I noticed a note taped to the mirror above my shower. It said: "Sis, I have practice this morning, but I was wondering if I could have another go-around with you after I get home and take a shower?

If it's cool, I'll come down to your room at about 1 and see if you're into it." Hunter. I knew I'd be into it, but I was hoping he wouldn't want any anal sex since my poor asshole was so abused the night before. I quickly showered all of the remaining lube off my body from earlier this morning and dried off quickly and threw on my robe.

I went upstairs to get at least some cereal to eat since I hadn't eaten anything in almost a day.

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I finished my cereal and looked up at the clock and noticed it was almost noon! I rushed back downstairs so I could get ready for my afternoon with Hunter. I did my hair and then applied my makeup.

I put it on extra slutty so I knew he'd know I wanted him badly. I put lotion on my whole body and applied perfume all over my body for Hunter. I looked in the mirror and I knew I looked really hot and slutty.

But something was missing: I needed a "fuck me now" outfit. I went into my room and put on some big hoop earrings, a necklace and some bracelets and finally my belly chain. I looked in my dresser and closet and found the perfect outfit that would make Hunter rock hard and fuck me good.

I found some black thigh highs that stayed up without the need of a garter belt. I decided against panties, because I knew they would just get in the way. I found my smallest black leather skirt and slid it up my legs and over my hips and zipped it up in the back. I then put on a black leather bra I got for one Halloween and finished my outfit off with a pair of 5" stiletto fuck me heels. Just as I put my last shoe on, I heard some commotion upstairs and knew Hunter was home.

I quickly stood up and sauntered out of my room and into the family room. As I got to the family room, down rushed Hunter. He got to the bottom step and jumped out into the family room. When he turned to face me and saw me, a huge grin came upon his face. I could see his crotch start to get tight. "So, I take it you want some more of me?" he said. "Your god damn right I do!" I replied as I started walking towards him.

I sank to my knees and started undoing his pants.

They quickly came undone and I slid them down. I slid his boxers down as well and grabbed his already rock hard 8 inch cock. I jerked it slowly with my right hand as I engulfed the rest of it in my mouth. I was salivating all over his cock and moaning and noticed myself grinding my hips.

I could feel my pussy juice start to leak out of my pussy and down my thighs. I decided to get his cock as wet as my pussy and I started to really suck his cock with all my might. I was getting his cock really wet with my saliva and was now jerking his thick cock with ease as I kept bobbing on the rest of his cock. I took my left hand and started to tickle his balls with my French manicured nails. Hunter moaned loudly and I could feel his body jerk each time my nails slightly grazed his super sensitive balls.

Hunter grabbed the back of my head and started to push my head deeper onto his cock. I removed my right hand from his cock and decided I'd deep throat him.

I started to gag a little as his whole 8 inches started working its way all the way down my throat. I knew he was all the way in when I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nose. Hunter grabbed my blonde hair and started to face fuck me. I was moaning louder now and grinding my pussy in the air even more.

I took my right hand and inserted a finger into my sopping pussy as Hunter continued to fuck my face. I shoved another finger into my super wet pussy and moaned louder, sending vibrations all over my brother's cock.

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I took my left hand and started to rub my clit and in less than a minute, I came hard, making sure I didn't bite down on Hunter's cock. I removed my super wet fingers from my pussy and placed them at Hunter's ass. I pushed a super wet finger into his ass and he moaned loudly. I started to fuck his asshole as he kept slamming all 8 inches deep down my throat.

I shoved another finger in his tight ass and I heard Hunter scream, slam his cock down my throat and start to shoot spurt after spurt of his cum directly down my throat. I didn't even get a chance to swallow since his cock was that deep in my throat. I removed my fingers from his ass and took his cock and removed it from my throat as I cleaned every drop of his yummy cum from every inch of his cock.

I stood up and kissed Hunter for the first time in a deep passionate kiss, letting my freshly cummed on tongue dance with his tongue. I found myself grinding against his crotch as I kissed him. Hunter grabbed my ass cheeks and started to massage them with his strong hands.

He lifted up my skirt and started massaging the raw flesh. I moaned louder and kept kissing him. I stopped kissing him and grabbed his hand and took him to my bedroom. I threw him on the bed and pounced on him. I took his still hard cock into my mouth and started sucking again. I took my mouth off of his cock and started licking his balls. Hunter was moaning louder with each gentle lick I applied to his balls. I then did something I hardly ever do to a guy: I lifted Hunters legs and started to lick his asshole.

Hunter went wild yelling "Oh Fuck Yeah Sis!" My tongue started to dart in and out of his ass as I jerked on his thick hard cock. I was so turned on hearing Hunter go wild as I tongue fucked his ass and jerked him off.

I couldn't stand it anymore and stood up. I pulled my skirt up and bared my dripping pussy. I hovered over Hunter and lowered my body onto his cock while I was facing his feet. I know guys love this position and so do I because I can really grind on their cock and cum hard. His hard thick 8 inches started to slide into my wet pussy with ease. I moaned loud as I felt his pubic hair tickle my pussy lips. I then felt a sting as Hunter spanked my ass hard.

I moaned and started to fuck his cock with all my might. Hunter kept spanking me as I kept grinding away on his thick cock. I felt that familiar feeling deep in my pussy as another orgasm hit me hard.

My whole body went into convulsions and my pussy clamped down hard onto Hunters cock. I was cumming so hard and I couldn't move. Hunter slapped my ass again and then raised my hips off of his cock. He walked in front of me and had me suck off all of my cum and pussy juice off of his thick hard cock.

After his cock was clean, Hunter turned me around and slid my ass back to him and he rammed all 8 inches deep in my pussy and I came again. He didn't stop though and kept pounding his cock deep in my pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to pound the hell out of me. "Fuck Me Hunter", I started to scream. "Fuck your big sister! Make me cum on your cock again baby! God I love my brothers cock pounding my pussy. Fuck me Hunter, Fuck Me!" I begged.

With my begging Hunter started slamming me so hard I fell on my face and my ass was the only thing still in the air. Hunter was slapping my ass and slamming my wet pussy. I reached under me and started to rub my clit. It didn't take long and a huge orgasm hit me and my pussy became a vice grip on Hunters thick hard cock. Hunter moaned loudly and released another torrent of milky white warm cum deep into my pussy.

My pussy kept contracting around his cock, virtually milking every drop of cum out of his big balls. Hunter leaned against me and I fell flat on my stomach, and Hunter laid on my back with his cock still lodged in my pussy. I moaned with delight as we cuddled together.

We both sort of dozed off until I felt Hunter's cock finally go limp and slide out of my over fucked pussy. I knew I had been fucked more in the past 24 hours than I had in my whole life, but somehow I knew, if Hunter or Jeff wanted more, I'd willingly take another good fucking from them. After a couple of hours I woke up with my brother Hunter still holding onto me, his hands firmly cupping my tits through my black leather bra and his raging hard-on jabbing me in my ass.

I guess as we slept we shifted to our sides, so I raised my left leg, reached through my legs and took hold of his raging hard-on. I rubbed it against my pussy and realized I was super wet!

Maybe I was having some good dreams? I slid his cock into my pussy and started gyrating on his cock. I guess the feeling of my wet pussy woke up my brother, because I felt him thrust into me deeper as his hands took a firm hold of my tits. He reached behind me and quickly undid my bra and started pulling on my rock hard nipples. I moaned in delight and leaned into him more. I rolled over onto him so he was on his back and I was laying on him, my back to his chest.

Hunter liked this position a lot, because he let go of my nipples, grabbed my legs, held them up high and started slamming his cock into me. "Ung, oh fuck, oh yeah Hunter, fuck my pussy baby. I never want you to stop fucking me baby. God I love your cock!" I started screaming. This must have pleased Hunter, because he started fucking me harder with more passion. I could feel his hard as steel cock almost completely exiting my well fucked pussy, then it would slam all the way back in.

After about two minutes of this I started cumming all over his cock. I could feel Hunters heart beat on my back and feel his chest heave for more air as he kept slamming me to my core. I decided to give my pussy a break, so I told Hunter to stop and he let my legs down. I rolled off of him and reached into my nightstand. I pulled out my lube and rolled back onto Hunter.

I was once again facing his feet as I squirted some lube onto my fingers and onto Hunters cock. I jerked Hunters cock with the cool lubricant as I started to rub my lubed fingers onto my anus. I love the feeling of cold lube on my ass. I soon inserted a finger into my ass and worked it in and out at the same speed as I jerked on Hunters cock. I could feel my ass was loosening quickly and I inserted the other finger deep into my ass with ease.

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After a few minutes I was ready and I removed my fingers from my ass and positioned Hunters cock at my anus. I slowly slid my ass over his cock and let out a deep guttural moan. Hunter moaned loudly as well, and I knew my brother loved fucking me in my ass.

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I rode him slowly, working all 8 inches of his cock into my ass. I was surprised my ass could take another cock in it. I love anal sex because it really makes me feel like a naughty dirty girl, but I had never had my ass fucked this many times in a two day period ever. I started wondering if my ass would be ok, but as soon as I felt Hunters pubic hair on my ass cheeks; I forgot all about my poor ass's condition and started riding him with all my might.

I was making my ass get all the way to the tip of Hunters cock, then slamming it all back in. After just four quick slams, I came hard and fell forward shaking as I held onto Hunters strong muscular legs. Hunter soon grew impatient and sat up, grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back up.

He wrapped his arms around my chest, pinching my nipples as he lay back down, dragging me back down onto his chest. He once again grabbed my legs and held them high, pointing them straight to my ceiling. We looked like a giant "T" as he lay flat; I lay on his chest, and my legs pointing high into the air as he pistoned his big cock in ad out of my ass. So there we were, me laying on Hunters well defined chest, my skirt up around my waist, my stocking clad legs pointing to the ceiling, my pussy exposed to whoever could walk in as Hunter see sawed his massive cock into my ass.

Well, as I was moaning like a whore, my ass being filled by my brothers magnificent cock, I zoned out and didn't pay attention to my surroundings, and did not notice my other brother Jeff had walked into my room and was watching my brother Hunter and I fuck.

I guess it was quite a turn on to him, because he had gotten naked and walked up to my bed. I might have been able to see him approach Hunter and I if my legs weren't blocking my view, but then again, I was moaning so loud and my eyes were shut. Soon, I felt the bed move and felt something at my pussy's entrance.

Before I could even put two and two together I felt Jeff's familiar cock slide into my wide gaping super wet pussy. I let out a high pitch squeal and came hard on both of their cocks. I mean it had been a while since I felt Jeff's enormous 10 inch cock in my pussy and when he just slammed it all in me it took me and my pussy by total surprise. But it was a very welcome surprise! Jeff grabbed my legs, spread them slightly, placed them on his shoulders so I could see his face and started pounding in my pussy with pure animal lust.

I closed my eyes and just let all the feelings overtake me.


Here I was again being double penetrated by my brothers, something I have never done before, but found I loved a lot! I loved the feeling of my pussy and ass being stretched to the max as two rock hard cocks plowed my two gaping willing holes. I had never felt so stuffed and fulfilled ever in my life. I grabbed my nipples and started tweaking them when I felt my legs being pushed against my body. Thank god I was very flexible!

When my knees hit my chest, I opened my eyes and saw Jeff looking deep into my eyes. I saw the lust in his eyes, but I saw something else. I was trying to figure it out when my brother Jeff leaned in and kissed me deep.

This was the first time I had ever kissed any of my brothers like this. It felt different, but so good. As our tongues danced I felt a familiar feeling hit me and I had a massive orgasm, causing my pussy and asshole to clench tightly on my both of my brothers' cock.

I heard Hunter moan loudly and then felt him bite my neck as he released a massive load of cum deep within my bowels. Jeff panted loudly, shoved his tongue deeper into my mouth, mashing our mouths together as I felt stream after stream of warm cum shoot into my waiting pussy. Jeff kept kissing me, and Hunter kept licking my neck and ears and nibbling me. I felt my legs tighten up as they were very tired from being flexed so much.

I told Jeff, "Why don't we let my legs rest and I'll get off of Hunters chest and we can just lay together all three of us until any more urges hit us, OK?" "Ok," Jeff said. "But, if I get any more urges, I get to fuck your ass this time and Hunter can have your pussy or your mouth," Jeff joked.

"This is all I have to say to that," I replied. "The next guy who fucks my ass will be the last one of this weekend, because I don't know if my poor ass can take any more abuse from you two massively hung studs. I don't want to mess up my ass too much you know?" I laughed. Jeff and Hunter laughed with me as I lay my head onto Hunters chest and Jeff lay behind me on his side rubbing my soft delicate skin.

All three of us fell asleep that way and slept the whole night till we woke up the next morning. But what happens next is another chapter.