Teen keisha grey can not resist sex suggest

Teen keisha grey can not resist sex suggest
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With Wrestlemania 17 quickly approaching angles had been set up to heat the big main event up between The Rock and Stone Cold. Stone Cold Steve Austin's True Life Wife, Debra McMichael was signed by Vince as The Rock's Manager.

This did not go well with either superstar, and they were discussing just this topic in the back when it happened. The Rock and Austin were in the midst of arguing behind the locked door of their dressing room, as Debra sat back watching in anger.

"Can't we all just get along!?" She said in her sexy Southern voice. Rock and Austin barely listened as they shot words back and forth, both buff men still in their wrestling tights. Debra sighed and stood up.

"This should get your attention." She proclaimed as she unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her big bra, exposing her large full round breasts to Steve and The Rock.

Before long both men had noticed Debra's tits and turned around to stare strait at them. "OH MY GOOD LORD" The Rock exclaimed as he couldn't take his eyes off of her large titties. "Debra!

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What the Hell are you doing! Put them away!" Austin demanded "What sweetly? The door's locked, no one can see. lets all make up and fuck!" She said sweetly as she licked her lips and rubbed her tits. Austin went to protest, but the sight of his wife rubbing her large nibble stopped him, and now the Rock and Stone Cold were both put into a sexual trance.

"Alright, now both of you, drop your wrestling trunks." She commanded seductively, as if hypnotized, the two WWF Superstars reached down and pulled off their shorts, exposing their erect penises. "Now I want you to get next to each other and compare cocks." Debra ordered. Still in their trance, they obeyed, and Debra looked to see that The Rocks darker Cock was "Rock Hard" Indeed, it was very fat, and six and a half inches, pretty impressive.

Stone Colds monster wasn't as thick as The Current, but it was 7 1/2" in length, beating out The World Champion In that Department.

Debra smiled. "Nice.


now both of you can service each other while you watch me!" She told them, they again obeyed, and stood their as Debra slipped off her skirt and white lace panties, and sitting in her chair, spread her legs, rubbing her swollen clit.

Meanwhile, in their trance The Rock reached over and began to rub Austin's hard cock, as Stone Cold serviced Rock in the same manor.

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"That's good boys. MMMMMM." Debra inserted two fingers into her went dripping cunt as she watched two hard bodied WWF superstars jacking each other off at her command!

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The Rock and Stone Cold's pre-cum dripped onto each other's hand as they continued to watch Their manager/wife finger fuck herself with great pleasure. Suddenly she stopped and used her wet pussy juice soaked fingers to draw The Rock and Austin forward. "Bring your man meat over here you two!" She stated as they came toward her, and she began taking turns licking rocks fat cock and Steve's long one.

Both men tilted their heads back and let out loud moans as she opened as wide as she could to let both of their dicks into her mouth! In her hot state she began taking turns deep throating their cocks in her wet hot mouth. She then focused solely on her husband, forcing The Rock to sit back and watch as she begin pumping her head faster and faster with her lips wrapped around Stone Colds throbbing cock. Austin begin to buck his hips as she began going faster and faster. "Oh Hell Yeah!!


I'm gonna Cum Deb!!" He announced as his white sticky juices unloaded in long jet streams down Debra's throat as she played with her own slutty cunt. When Austin was done and collapsed onto the couch next to them Debra spread her legs wide and laid back in her chair calling for the Rock. "Rocky, are you gonna shove that Rock hard dick in my pussy or not?" She asked, The Rock rushed over and slammed his meat right into Debra's open pussy. she yelped loudly, as he pussy lips clamped around the Rocks thick rod like a vice.

She begin moving her hips back and forth with the Rocks motions as Stone Cold Steve Austin, in his exhausted state laid back, in the nude, watching his wife be violently fucked by the person he would face at Wrestlemania. "OooOh OhhOhhh!! ThAt FeEl'S SooOO GooOd!!" Debra moaned as the pace quickened and their sweat poured from their bodies. The peoples champ worked harder and harder.

pumping so fast it was blurred. "OOOOOOH!! IM CUMING!" Debra Screamed as The Rocks hard member was flushed with her bodily fluids.

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When her wild orgasm subsided she kept on Fucking The Rock, who's orgasm was building up out of his Bull sized Balls. "Honey. Get behind Rocky and butt fuck him hard NOW!" Debra demanded in her sexy voice as The Rocks balls slapped off of her ass cheeks.

Still seemingly sexually possessed by his wife, with a glazed look in his eyes Stone Cold listened to her, and came behind The Rock, Shoving out ramming his long pole into the World Champs Corn hole!

The Rock groaned at this pain in his anus, but kept pumping Debra. Soon this began to turn on the Rock even more as Stone Cold began pumping and grinding his cock into The Peoples Ass hole.

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"FuCk FuCk fUcK!!" Rock stammered as he quickened his speed again. "ThAts iT! ThAt'S My PeoPlEs ChAMp!" Debra shouted as her orgasm built up again.

Austin's nut sack slapped hard off of The Rocks tanned ass as his hips moved faster and faster! "OOOOH HEEEEELL YEAH!!" Austin screamed loudly as his he drove his cock deep into The Rocks anal hole where he could plant his seed again.

This drove the Rock insane as he finally burst deep in Austin's wife's cunt. They all had their orgasm at once as Austin's man juice shot into The Rock's ass, The Rock's sperm exploded into Debra's pussy, and Debra's pussy juice flooded out of her cunt and onto the floor. They all collapsed to the floor, and The Rock and Austin finally realized what Debra had seduced them into.