Bigtits dominatrix dildoing her pegged bf

Bigtits dominatrix dildoing her pegged bf
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Family sex is the best sex My dad and I got home at about sunset from being out in our boat fishing. When we walked into the living room from the garage we saw a sight that made us smile. On the couch were my mother and my twin sister. They were in the sixty-nine position, giving each other's pussies a serious eating out.

My sister was on top and her bright red haired head was firmly between Mom's legs. She was also pressing her cunt down onto Mom's face and flexing her hips in a rapid fucking motion while Mom licked her clit and probed her fuck hole. My sister, Della and I are fraternal twins who are just short of our twentieth birthday. She is five-four with bright red hair, thousands of freckles all over her body and large 34-D tits.

Her tits are too big to stand out by themselves without sagging but her large nipples still pointed forward. Her cleavage is amazing when she wears a good bra and a low cut blouse. Men trip over themselves because they stare at her so much. She doesn't shave her pubes and she is as red there as her head is. She is almost a carbon copy of our mother, same red hair although Mom keeps her bottom shaved.

Mom is five-five with 36-C tits. She can match Della freckle for freckle. There is no doubt to anyone that they are mother and daughter although some might say sisters. Dad, Stan and I on the other hand don't look a lot alike.

I also don't look much like my mom. Dad is five-nine and weighs around one eighty pounds although he does not have a fat belly. His hair is brown with just the start of some greying. I'm six-one and weigh one-seventy. I have a trim competitive swimmer's body. My hair is almost black and my skin tone is darker than either of my parents.

Dad often jokes that I look a lot like the plumber that came to fix something at our house just before Mom tested pregnant. Mom jokes back that she would never tell but they did tell us that there really was not a chance of that because Mom had not been with any other man but Dad for several weeks before she got pregnant with us.

They looked like the 'push me pull you' from the Dr. Dolittle story with a red head at each end. It wasn't anything that we hadn't seen many times before.

Mom and Dad were very sexual and were swingers and they had never hidden it from us. We also belonged to a family swingers nudist club where we often spent time. The club did not allow sex with or in front of underage children, at least not officially. Dad and I whistled and encouraged them as we stripped out of our clothes.

We all spent a lot of time nude around the house and Mom and Dad never closed their bedroom door even when they were having sex. Mom also gets very loud and loves to use profanity when she gets turned on. It was unusual for us to see them fucking with other people but it did happen a few times.

Mom and Della were often together and Dad and I both did both of them but he and I never did anything with each other. Dad patted Della on the ass and said, "Hey you two, we're home now.

Come up for air and let us get in on the action." Della climbed off and both women changed position to where their knees were on the floor and their chests were on the couch cushions and their asses were up in the air. They were holding hands.

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Dad got down behind Della and I got behind Mom. Dad touched her asshole and then her fuck hole and went back and forth several times while saying, "Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Moe." Then his seven inches easily slid into Della's wet pussy. I buried my six inches into my mother.

I smiled at Dad, "Race you." We grabbed our partner's hips and started fucking hard and deep and fast. Both Mom and Sis moaned and pushed back, trying to help their partner win the race. Mom moaned and yelled out, "Yes, fuck me hard Billy, Fuck your mother hard. Yesss." I came first as usual and filled Mom with my load of spunk which made Mom orgasm. Dad had given Della two good orgasms before he came just a little after me. Both women spun around and sucked our cocks clean and thanked us.

Then Fran lay on the floor and Della straddled her head and lowered herself on to Mom's face. Della squeezed her vaginal muscles to help push out all the cum that Dad had filled her with and Mom quickly ate every drop. Next Della got up and sat on the couch with her butt hanging over the edge. Mom got between her wide spread legs and cleaned all the cum that she could get out of my sister's cunt. They were both breathing hard as Mom said, "Welcome home guys.

Catch any fish?" The fun was all over for now. Mom had supper in the oven and we sat around the table eating a homemade sausage pizza.

As we were finishing Dad said, "I've invited John and Mary to come over on Friday night. You remember them. They are the couple that mostly enjoy same room group sex." "Mom chimed in, "Oh yah, he's the one with the big thick nine inch cock but can't last more than five minutes." Dad continued, "They're bringing their daughter Stella.

She just had her eighteenth birthday. She is not a virgin. She has had a couple of boyfriends and had sex with them but she has never done anything in the swinging lifestyle or with more than one guy or with a girl as far as her parents know. Her parents do not know how sexually experienced she was. I've met her once and she is cute and tiny.

I know that she can't weigh a hundred pounds and she could probably still wear a training bra. I promised that we would be really careful about treating her this first time." Everyone agreed that it sounded like it was going to be an interesting evening.

Dad told us not to all jump right on Stella and scare her away. Friday night the doorbell rang. Dad went to answer it. John, Mary and Stella stood there. John was dressed in slacks and a white shirt. Mary had on a skirt that came half way to her knees and a blouse that had a neckline open almost to her navel. It was open wide enough near the top that it just barely covered her nipples.

Stella was shyly standing almost behind her mother. She was wearing an outfit that looked like it would be worn by a girl attending a private grade school. It consisted of a plaid mid-thigh skirt, a white button front blouse with the two top buttons unbuttoned and saddle shoes with white socks. Her hair was put up in two ponytails. She may have just turned eighteen but I'm sure that if you asked ten people how old they thought she was, nine of them would guess about ten.

We all stood there fully dressed and welcomed them.


Mary took hold of her skirt bottom and curtseyed, lifting her skirt and showing everybody her naked and freshly shaved pussy. Stella stood there quietly.

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Dad had been a little over enthusiastic in saying she was cute. I thought that she was pretty plain but the way she looked like a little girl in that outfit made my prick start to harden.

Mary came over and gave all four of us a big open mouth kiss. John took Dad's hand and gave him a little hug around the shoulders.

Stella just stood there. "Everybody, this is our daughter Stella. Stella, this is Stan, Della, Fran and Josh." We all said Hi and she responded quietly with a Hi of her own. Mary said, "You have to excuse Stella, she's really nervous about tonight.

She's never done anything like this." Mary opened her blouse the rest of the way and let it drop to the floor. Her skirt quickly followed. When we saw her doing that, the rest of us followed suit, everybody but Stella. All she had done so far was to unbutton her blouse and she had on a pretty little A-cup bra on under it. "Josh, why don't you help Stella out of her clothes", said Mary. I stepped in front of her and looked down at her, "May I?" She nodded her head and looked at the floor and at my growing cock.

I reached out and slowly pulled her blouse out of her skirt, pulled it back over her shoulders till it came off. I laid it on the couch. Next I reached around her tiny body and unhooked her bra. She kept one arm across her chest holding it in place.

Mary said, "It's OK Honey. Let it go." Stella put her arms to her side and the bra fell. She was almost flat chested but had nice nipples. Next I reached around her and unzipped her plaid skirt.

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Her chest pressed against my stomach. I felt her nipples hardening. Her mouth was at near my nipples. She gave one a little lick. Her skirt fell to the ground exposing a really cute pair of pink lace panties. She had her legs tightly pressed together. I gave her a little kiss on the cheek and quietly asked her to spread her legs just a little.

She did. I dropped to my knees and put my hands on either side of her panties and gently pulled them down, exposing a tight little bald pussy. I didn't know if she had shaved or if she just had not grown pubic hair yet. "Sit on the couch and let me take off your shoes and socks." Stella sat on the couch. With everyone watching, which must have made her nervous; I removed them and then spread her legs, leaned forward and planted a kiss on her labia. Her legs spread wider. I slid my tongue between her lips.

When my tongue touched her clit she jumped and moaned. As I slid my tongue back and forth over her fun button, Stella grabbed me by the hair and pulled me tighter to her quim.

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When everyone else saw that Stella was not going to chicken out and want to leave, they started to match up and get into it themselves. Mom got on the floor in front of John and started blowing him. Mary and Stella were licking up and down the length of Dad's pole.


Each time they would get to the top they would share a kiss. Part of the time Stella had her head back on the couch back and part of the time she was watching me eat out her pre-teen looking pussy. She was breathing hard when she pulled my head away and quietly said, "I want to suck your cock, Josh." I got up and sat on the couch next to her.

Stella bent over and took me in her mouth. To my great surprise, the first time she pushed down onto me she swallowed every bit of my manhood till my head and part of my shaft was firmly in her throat.

She proceeded to give me an expert and enthusiastic deepthroat blowjob. I easily picked her up and turned her around so her legs were on either side of my head and I could get back to eating her while she swallowed me over and over. The other five were now going at it hot and heavy; fucking and sucking and switching partners on a regular basis but Stella and I stayed by ourselves.

They were like one big pile. They were so intertwined that you could not tell who was doing what to whom. Now, Stella's cunt was soaking wet and she was constantly moaning around my cock. She pulled off and said, "Josh, fuck me now. I want your wonderful cock in me.

Do it now." I put her back on the couch with her bottom at the edge. She spread her legs wide and pulled her knees up almost to her head. I looked at her wide open cunt as I positioned myself between her legs. I put my cockhead at her opening. I was planning to go slow but suddenly I just slammed myself fully up her love tunnel. "Stella screamed out, "YES !! Fuck me. Fuck me Josh." Everyone else stopped for a second and looked at us. I started pounding fast, hard and deep into this tiny girl's cunt.

She tried to match my thrusts. Stella orgasmed quickly and a second one followed not long after. She squeezed as tightly as she could with her vaginal muscles. "Josh, get down on the floor. I want to ride your cock." She did not have to ask twice. I lay on my back and held my rock hard prick straight up in the air. Stella was so small that she had a hard time spreading her legs wide enough to get her knees on either side of my hips but she managed.

She lowered herself till my cockhead was touching her pussy. I moved my hand away and she dropped down like a stone taking every inch of me deep inside of her. Stella started bouncing up and down on my shaft.

She would lift up till I was just barely still in her and then drop back down. She was making a series of grunts and Ohhh's with each bounce and I was making happy sounds also.

"Yes, ride me Stella.


Ride my fuckin' cock. You're pussy is so tight." We looked into each other's eyes as she fucked me for all she was worth. I looked at her tiny tits. They were so small and so firm that they hardly bounced at all as she fucked me. Her next orgasm brought me to the edge of mine. My balls tightened and my cock swelled even larger. "Stella, I'm gonna come", I warned her as I did not know if she was on any birth control.

I wanted to give her a chance to jump off if she needed to. She didn't stop, if anything she fucked faster. I blew my load deep inside her.

Stella stopped and held me tight, deep in her cunt. "Oh fuck, that feels so good. I feel you pumping inside of me and I feel your hot cum filling my pussy. Oh Josh." Stella collapsed on top of my chest and kissed me. "If we can do it again, I'll let you fuck my ass next time." She kissed me again. Then she rolled off to the side, moved her face to my crotch, put her lips around my cock and slowly sucked me in and out.

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While she was doing that, her mother came over, put her face between her daughter's legs and started lapping up the cum that I had blasted into Stella and giving her clit a good working over.

Stella looked down, "Oh Mom! Don't stop. I like that." It was the first time Mary had ever touched her daughter sexually.

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"It looks like my little girl enjoyed herself." "The next time you and Daddy go to one of your swinger's club weekend, can I come, Please?" Mary replied, "Every man and boy there will be staring at you and wanting to get between your legs.

You know that, don't you?" With a big smile, Stella answered, "Yes, I know." 815