Ginger Paris Naked In The Room With Vibrator

Ginger Paris Naked In The Room With Vibrator
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Enemas For two It started out an ordinary day in my ordinary life. Up with the sun, morning coffee and some quiet time to begin with. I got dressed, and out the door I ran to a meeting for my internet retail business.

I arrived early at the inet-caffee. (A local hangout for Geeks like myself) Ordering a double latte I took a seat in a booth by the window, openend my laptop and logged on to the company website. Emerged in the web, endulging in my six bucks cup of coffee, it wasn't long before I noticed her in the doorway looking misplaced or lost.

I quickly stood and waved, striking her attention. She was a looker if never I saw one. Her five foot six inch slender figure smiled with a look of seducing alure.

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She had a smile only models have, as her curly red hair flowed over her vampire skin shoulders, which embodied the color of pure virgin milk. Approaching the booth her lustrous scent indulged every sense of my nose as a melting feeling of ectasy evoked my imagination.

"Hi, I'm Salesa, I am guessing you are Gregory? It is such a delight to finally meet you", she sensualy stated. Her lustful bedroom voice emanated with the scent of her body as the sensuality of every erotic nerve in my body went into overdrive. "Yes, I am Gregory, it is a pleasure to meet you", I calmly and professionaly replied. As Salesa sat down her perfumed scent embelished me more. Her sleeveless red Sun Dress exposed the smoothness of her perfect soft skin, with its ruffled length hemed above her unscathed knees, radiating her smooth silk textured leggs with black leather pumps enhancing her spicy look.

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I glanced at her hands observing she wore no wedding ring and politely asked a worker to bring another beverage. Our meeting began with the discussion of profits, loss and gains. I showed the business plan explaining the detailed layout of our operations.

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Two hours passed and our discussion of business slowly demenished. She began asking simple questions about my personal life. I answered as honestly as any guy of my stature would do, which led to a personal, and sexual conversation. Salesa slowly leaned over our table, crossing her arms and asked in a seductively soft voice, "I'll tell you my sexual desires and fetishes if you tell me yours". The sensual tone of her voice and honest words caught me off guard, I blushed to collect my thoughts.

"Well"? she replied. "I know you want me, I sensed it the moment our eyes met". What could I say, it was as if she knew me before today.


Our conversation took a fast turn for the erotic when she began to unvail her confessions I only imagined or saw in the movies. She expressed how she loved the feeling of another woman's lips gently kissing her. How deeply passionate a womans lovemaking paled in comparison to that of a man. "Don't get me wrong", she said, "I love the feel of a man's body almost as much, it's just they don't have the deep sensative compassion to satisfy my sexual desires in the same manner as another woman".

I cringed, listening closely as my uncontrolled erection grew to full length.


"Now, it's your turn to arouse me, what is it that drives you to ecstasy"? I could not avoid nor deny my true pleasure. I gathered my thoughts and answered with hesitation, "You realy wanna know?". She replied agressively, "Just tell me damn't". "Ok" I answered with shy doubt. "I enjoy the sensual erotic participation of taking enemas and having a woman or two share the experience with me". Salesa's face glowed bright as the morning sun with a smile from ear to ear.

"I have the same sexual fetish", she confessed in excitement, "though I enjoy it with a partner before indulging myself with a third party".

With excitement and aroused enthusiasm she softly asked, showing no hint of hesitation, "are you free until tomorrow, because my clensing urge has been aroused for days, yet I've been holding off with hope I may find a partner".

My body grew excitedly numb as if a drug invaded every sexually aroused nerve inside me. I replied, " Yes I am free for today".

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We gathered our belongings and scurried excitedly to our car. After arriving at my home we lit the fireplace, opened a bottle of wine to relax, enhancing our sexual inhabituations. We finished our drinks and strolled to the bedroom. I gently unzipped her silk dress as it slipped off her soft shaven body exposing her black velvet bra and tantilizing thong.

She removed her soft velvet covering as I caressingly placed my arms around her hour glass waist, feeling the warmth of her silky milky white skin and perfectly fourm breasts press gently to my body.

Her fire red hair glowed upon her skin like an erotic California sunset. We walked to the bathroom, filled our two quart enema bags with warm soapy water and carried them to the bedroom hanging them upon the bar of my canopy bed. Salesa asked in her sensual seductive voice, "Will you lube n tube me first?" I looked into her eyes and replied, "my pleasure is yours." As she lay across my satin bed the perfect contured curve of her naked body stretched to a horizontal position.

I placed my hand upon her thigh, rolled her on her left side, bringing one leg to a bent position. I expelled air from the tube, gently inserting the well lubed silver bullet nozzel slowly up her rectum massaging it in circular motion, intensifying her anal pleasure.

I thought she would orgasim at any moment. "Deeper", Salesa moaned with exqusit pleasure. "Push it deep inside me till it connects with my colon". "How will I know when it's there", She looked over her shoulder and replied with a blissful pleasured smile, "You will know, trust me". I continued inserting the nozzel deep inside her rectum, while massaging her clitoris and caressing the outside of her beautifully stretched anus.

Suddenly, Salesa let out a squeel so intense I felt her body shake erogonusly. "OOOOHHHH, it's there,OOOOHHHHH what a sensation of erotic pleasure it gives me, let the water flow begin", Salesa moaned in excruciating pleasure. I wanted to satisfy her every desire, opening the enema clip, letting the warm water gently wash her colan and rectum.

Salesa screamed with excitement as pleasure converged deep inside her. "Oh my heavens, the feel of flowing water electrifies every nerve in my annus, it's like a continuous running of cum from your hard shaft". Her erotic smile expressed a look of orgasim enjoyment. As her bag ran empty, Salesa moved herself in a fetal position using her pelvic muscle to retain the water which flowed within her lower intestins.

I realized she was well experienced with enema sex when she raised to a kneeling position, with a look of blissful pleasure, "Now, it's my turn to insert your lubed tube!" I swallowed with an aroused lump in my throat.

Salesa rolled me on my stomach as she lubed up the silver bullet, slowly inserting it up my eroginous hole. Sensual pleasure ravaged through my body as the smooth texture curves massaged my warmin annus. Salesa caressed the outer rim of me with her warm lubed fingers. As she pushed it up slow and deeper, whispering with watered pleasure, "Tell me when it has reached your deep spot".

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I enjoyed her soft hands as she stroked my genitiles licking them with her warm salivating mouth and longated tounge. In the moment of silent pleasure Salesa fully released the clamp of my enema tube letting the warm water flow against my colon arousing my anal senses while enjoying the wet pleasures she helped give. I realized now why it's called the Silver Bullet.

As the warm water continued bathing my inside I began cramping with pleasurable pain, forcing me to a fetal position. I held my two quarts of pleasure as Salesa repeated softly, "Hold it in, hold it in, let it flow within your pleasure zone.


Let the water gently push into you". After the flowing stopped we continued to hold our water as it flowed through us cleansing our intestines with erotic pleasure. We held our water til its unbearable pressure could no longer be contained, forcing us to hurry franticaly to the toilets as our water errupted with pleasures of squirting extesy followed by screams of intense gratification. This water eruption lasted a satisfying amount of time after which we cleansed ourselves with pleasured enjoyment endulging and experimenting with the use of numerous sexual toys.

As the night moved on we pleasured our bodies with enema cleansings and ravinous hot showers. Salesa squirted while I came, we lavished and douched, endulging in each others tasty and falumptious liquids of love. As morning awoke Salesa dressed her volumptious clean body, embraced me gently, finalizing her goodbye with a deep passionate french kiss. She looked into me with her erotic bedroom eyes and softly whispered,"Next time we'll be three".

The End ??? Written 1214.09

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