Hard weenie awards busty slut with joy

Hard weenie awards busty slut with joy
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She laid there, blind folded, her chest heaving heavily. She was bound, her arms were tied up above her head, with a rope that was connected to a tight leather collar that was lightly choking her at her neck.

Her legs were split apart and tied to each end, to what she wasn't sure. The blind fold kept her from seeing much of anything other then the darkness. She was gagged with her own panties, tape over the top to ensure she didn't spit it out.

Her nipples, hard and erect were sensitive to the cold air. Her virgin felt damp, she couldn't remember what happened, or why she was here. Last night was a blur.

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A bar, dancing, then taking a drink and feeling funny, meeting a guy, getting into a car. The rest was a blur. The sound of a door opening broke the silence, and footsteps followed, and the scratchy pitter patter of something sort of animal. The smell of a dog wafted into the room, she felt scared.

She didn't know what was going on. Beginning to wiggle around, she heard a chuckle. "It seems my little slave is awake now. Oh don't fret my little slave, just be patient and I promise you'll love what's to come." The voice was male, definitely.

She couldn't remember why but it was familiar. Petrified with fear, she stayed still, whimpering as she felt a warm hand on her breast. "Your body is so amazing my little slave, and I'm going to make it mine." She whimpered and began to thrash again in fear. "Oh yes that's right, thrash around my little slave, I love that." He grinned, he was getting hard now.

He had landed quite the catch, this would make a perfect little toy for him. He began to squeeze and massage harder, enjoying how she thrashed around to get away from him vainly. He began to lick and bite her nipples, he was going to let loose tonight, he was going to have her however he wanted.

He was going to torture her and make her beg and dirty up that innocent body.

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She continued to thrash, trying to get away from his mauling hands as they rubbed hard. It hurt, but it felt so good. She let out a muffled squeak as he began to suck and bite on her nipples, her chest arching up from the pleasure. It felt so good, but this was so wrong.


But it was so good.She nearly jumped when she felt his hand snake down to her wet pussy. "Your so wet my little slave.you like this don't you?" He felt his 9 inch manhood stand at attetion now as he felt her wet pussy.

It was so wet, the smell hit him hard, it didn't help the situation. But he wanted her to beg for it. He stopped his attack on her breasts and he pulled off the tape, and took the tape from her mouth. Immediately she screamed, he was expecting it. It sounded so sweet to his ears. "Now now little one, no one can hear you, just me. And your screams sound so lovely, I know your enjoying this.

But as much as I love your screams I can't let you keep making all this noise. " He grabbed two clamps from the table each with their own weights, and he clamped them onto her hard nipples. She squeaked and protested. A ra "Please no OUCH! That hurts stop!" "Shhh quiet now, before I put something in there to shut you up." She fell silent, she didn't want to know what he had in mind to quiet her.

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He took a vibrator from a drawer, and turned it on high, now it was finally time to have some fun. He placed it at the front of her wet lips, and slowly penetrated her lips, and rubbed it up and down her wet pussy. "N-noOOo please, no please st-oOOoppp! She moaned in pleasure, pleading to her captor for it to end. It felt so good but this was wrong, it was so wrong. But of course, he did not.

He grinned, and rubbed it slowly, savoring her pleads. He continued to rub her with the vibrator, he could tell she was building up to an orgasm. But just before she reached that, he stopped. "You don't like this my little slave? Well that's fine, maybe you'll like this more. Hiet!" He barked his command, and took off her blind fold. He was no longer in her sight of range, and she was to busy staring at the large dog coming up to her to look around.

The dog pressed his cold nose up against her wet pussy and began to lap up her juices eagerly. She let out a loud squeak in response.

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"Oooohhhh~~ Noooo ple-eeasSSSsse make him stoooOop please nooOOo!" She moaned in pleasure, getting wetter and wetter as the dogs long tongue hit her wet pussy.

The dog's tongue lashed occasionally at her clotrios, making her squeak louder in pleasure. Her captor watched the sight and stood infront of her face, his large dick standing in her face. He began to stroke and rub himself infront of her eyes. "This is going to be inside of you very soon my little slave." She watched as he began to jack himself off, going faster and faster, still moaning in pleasure from the dog's ambush on her pussy.

She was nearing her orgasm, and so was he. They both came at once, she spouted like a tea pot all over the dog's snout, who licked her more furiously to get at the sweet liquid. He came all over her chest and face. God she looked so hot with his cum on her face. He rubbed it into her chest, mauling her chest more. He waved the dog off, and obediently, it backed away. His little slave looked tired, but oh the fun had just begun. He untied her hands and tied them together infront of her with a strap of leather.

He made it tight to bite into her skin. He couldn't help but smile as she was passive with his actions, still getting over her orgasm. He placed himself infront of her, his erection infront of her face.

"Suck it now my little slave." She opened her mouth and took him in, but only part of him fit into her mouth. She began to lick, pressing her tongue up against his shaft and running it up and down. He suddenly grabbed a hand full of her hair and began to force her to take all of him. Shoving his dick into her mouth, he groaned as he felt it go down her throat.


He twitched involuntarily in her throat, hearing her squeaks and moans of surprise. He went nuts and fucked the skin off her face, shoving himself fast into her soft throat. He felt himself building up to cum again, so he went faster.

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"Ok my little slave, I'm going to cum, and you better swallow all of it or else." He warned her, and he got in a few more strokes, before he released down her throat. He groaned in pleasure, god this was good. "Good girl, that's a good little slave." He pulled out, cumming a little bit more on her face.

That innocent little face, covered in his cum, god he loved it. And the night was young, he still had more to do with his little slave. So much more.