Inked hunk sucked off before drilling amateur asshole

Inked hunk sucked off before drilling amateur asshole
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Working on my niece part 2 I'm staying at my niece's house helping her work on it, after her husband left her with a half remodeled house. I'm a carpenter and I've come to live with her to help me get it done. I'm guessing it's going to take 3 or 4 months. Her 19 year old daughter Jenna come home to help her too. It's the next morning about 9am. this is after Ang catches me in the bathroom at 3am.with a massive hard on.

Because I'd taken a cialis by accident. She came to the bathroom to go pee. I had gone to the bathroom to pee then take a shower hoping that might help my hard-on recede. I jacked off like a teenager in the shower even, thinking about my nieces young bodies. I blew my wad while in there but it didn't help. Drying off and trying to decide what to do. There was a knock on the door, it was Ang. She tells me she has to pee real bad. I had gotten my boxers soaked. So I wrapped a towel around me, my cock sticking out like a flag pole.

When I let her in she couldn't help but notice my flagpole hard on. Embarrassed I went back to my room and tried to sleep. I couldn't cover up because the blankets hurt my dick. Then when I woke up I found Ang sucking on my cock. I could not help it totally aroused, I then fucking the shit out of her.

At nine, I get up my hard-on had subsided. I get dressed and go to the kitchen. Ang was there wearing a pair of tight light blue short shorts, matching skin tight tank top. She is starting to prepare breakfast. "Good morning!" She says smiling. I smile back and say good morning feeling a little uncomfortable about the whole thing. I start to tell her I'm sorry. She looks at me and says "Sorry for what." "What happened this morning." She laughs and says "You're sorry and I'm sore.

We make a good team." "It should never have happened." Ang says, "I loved it didn't you." I had to agree I loved every moment the whole thing rerunning through my mind. My cock starting to get hard as I'm thinking. Trying to get my mind off her and this morning, I ask. "Is Jenna still sleeping?" "Yeah she's a late sleeper." Ang says.

She continue cooking breakfast. We start to talk about what needs to be done that day. I tell her we need one more piece of drywall. Because I screwed one of them up and she doesn't have any extras.


"I didn't see any drywall mud in the garage either." "Shit!" She says "No he didn't get any." "Well there's other things we can do but we need to get some to get that done." "I don't know where you get your supplies at." Ang, "I know but I don't have a truck to haul it in." she says.

"You could use my truck if you want to go get some." "We can both go." she says. "No, I need to stay here and get some other stuff done." "Okay when we're done eating I'll take your truck and go get it. But it's nearly an hour drive each way." I say, "Maybe we should make a list of other things you might need" "That's a good idea." she says.

While we're eating her breakfast we make a list. Just about the time we're getting finished. Jenna comes through the door. "Good morning all." Good morning we both say. "Did you leave anything for me to eat?" "Yes there's still plenty." Ang says.

Jenna quips, "Good I'm starved." She still in her nightgown. It's a fairly thin silver blue thing. I can tell she has no bra on and her big breasts make her nipples stick out. I can't help but stare at them.

Ang Notices and says, "Maybe you should change before you eat?" Jenna, "Why is it bothering you?" Ang, "No but it might bother your great uncle Dick." looking at me, she smiles and says "I don't think he minds at all." Ang just shakes her head. Jenna gets a plate and some food. Then sits down at the table. Ang Tells her "I have to go to town after supplies do you want to go?" She looks at me and says "Are you going Uncle Dick?" I say "No, I have things around here that need to get done." Jenna, "No, I guess I'll stay here and help him." "Whatever." Ang says.

Ang finds her purse and I give her my keys. "I'll be back as soon as I can, behave yourselves." "Always!" I tell her, She laughs and says, "Right!" Jena says I always behave my self and do as I'm told." Ang just shakes her head then goes out the door. I hear the truck door closed and the motor start. Then I hear her drive out of the driveway." I am going to get something done around here." I say. Jenna says "I think you already got something done this morning." I turn and look at her inquisitively.

"HUH? Like what?" I asked.


Well about 3 o'clock this morning I was waken by a noise. Then I remembered her bedroom is right next door to mine.

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There were some awful funny noises coming out of your bedroom. I swallow a hard and say "I don't know what you're talking about." "Oh! I think you do." she says. "I think I deserve a little of whatever mom was getting this morning." "I,I,I" Stammer. "You, you, you, what? Don't like me or my tits?" She stands up and pulls her nightgown off. Standing there with just a pair of silky blue hip hugger underwear on.

There before me was her magnificent young breasts. My eye is nearly popping out of my head. Immediately my dick starts to get hard. I know it shows in the front of my pants. The cialis was still working, it last 36 hours and I had only taken it 12 hours before. Before I know it I'm rock hard. "Oh god!" I said "I can't I can't." I say.

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"You're my great niece". "So mother is your niece. What the fuck difference does it make if it me or her." "You're 18 and I'm 62." Jenna, "What you don't like young pussy?" Me, "Why would you want to fuck an old guy like me? I'm sure there's a hundred young guys would love to screw you." "Maybe so but I haven't found one with the dick the size of yours." "Oh Fuck me!" I said. "I will if you let me." she says. She comes over and nuzzles up next to me. Rubbing her firm young breasts on my chest.

"Please great Uncle Dick." Then she puts her hand on my cock through my pants starts rubbing on my cock. That was the last straw, I pull her to me and kissed her.

Running my hands over her ass. I move one hand up her firm breasts squeezing her nipple. Her hand is squeezing my cock through my pants.

"I think we need to find a more comfortable place." she says. So I pick her up and carry her to my room. I lay her on the bed, I immmediately pull her panties off. Her pussy is covered with light brown trimmed hair.

"Oh my god!" I say. Looking at her laying naked on the bed. I almost tear my shirt and pants off. Before I can take my briefs down. She sits up and says "Let me." She hooks her fingers under the band of my briefs.

Start pulling them down. My hard cock pops out almost hits her in the face. "God Dam! I knew it was big but thats fucking enormous." she says. She grabs my cock with one hand and my balls with the other, then begins to stroke my cock.

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It quickly reacts to her young hands by oozing precum. "Yumm!" She says. Then starts licking the head of my cock. I moan with delight.

Then she takes the whole head into her mouth. Running her tongue around the head. Oh my god I swear it feels good. It's amazing looking down at her sucking on my cock. I reach out and start playing with her nipples. Twisting and pinching them hard. She pushes her firm young tits against my hands. I can't take it anymore I have to taste her pussy. I pull her head off my cock and push her back onto the bed. Then I kneel between her legs and spread them wide.

I kiss up the inside of her legs and right up to her pussy lips. She says "Yes eat me, eat me." I spread her pussy lips apart, begin to suck and lick on her clitoris.

"Fuck yeah!" she is nearly screaming, while I'm sucking on her pussy. I reach up and start pinching her nipples again. "Oh my god I'm in heaven." she says. Pulling my head away from her cunt.

"Not yet." I say "but you will be soon." Her pussy is just dripping with juices. I can't get enough of her juicy pussy. I eat her for about another 10 minutes. Then I crawl onto the bed beside her laying on my back. "You climb on." I say "I want you on top." "But I'm so weak I can barely move." she says. She manages to get up and throw her leg across my loins. Her pussy is rubbing my cock.

"You'll have to put it in." I tell her. She raises her ass and grabs my cock. Rubbing the head of it in on her slit. She is so wet there are juices running down my cock. She lines me up to her cunt, then pushes herself onto it. She is so tight I feel like I'm going to split her apart and it's ripping the foreskin off my cock It's like having both of her hands on my cock squeezing as hard as she can.

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She manages to push it in 3 or 4 inches. "Oh my god! Your huge." She groans. "I'm not hurting you am I?" I ask, "OH God no." she says "this is ecstasy." She pushes and wiggles her ass till she gets another 2 or 3 inches in. Each time she pushes the spasms and clamping of her pussy gets even tighter on my cock. "Rest a minute." I tell her. "Get used to the size of it. I'll just enjoy the feel of you on me." I do very much enjoy the feel of her young tight pussy on my cock.

I look at her and she looks as though she's ready to pass out. I reach up and grab her huge breasts I began to squeeze them. "Come here I want to suck on your nipples." She immediately does what I ask. I take the left one in my mouth and begin to suck hard on it. Squeezing the other breast in my hand at the same time.

She must be getting used to the size of it being in her. Because she begins to wiggle down on me more. Suddenly I feel my cock hit the back of her uterus, but it's just as she gets it all in. She says "I knew I could get it all in. But I'm so weak I don't think I can do anymore." "Hold on." "What?" Then I roller her over onto her back so I'm on top. I work myself into position spreading her legs apart.

Then slowly pull my cock out till the head is almost out. Then work it back in again an inch at a time. Gyrating my hips of the same time. Then I began to suck on her nipples again. Then she groans "FUCK ME!" I oblige by working my cock in and out of her faster. She grunts with each stroke. I pull my cock out of her.

"NO PLEASE NO DON'T TAKE IT OUT!" I take my cock in my hand and start rubbing it up and down against her slit. Stopping to rub it on her clitoris. Then I slipped the head back in again. She pushes her ass up wards trying to get me to shove it in faster and harder. "Oh my god I'm going to orgasm." she says. In a few seconds her pussy clamped down so hard I can barely move. I can feel a spasms running through her cunt. I'm really close to completion myself. Her cunt working and squeezing me almost like jacking me off.

I dare not cum in her.

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I have no clue if she's on the pill or anything. God knows I wanna shoot off in her pussy. Right on the verge of cumming I pull out tell her open her mouth. I quickly climb up and shoved the head of it into her mouth. She starts to suck the head of it as I shoot off into her mouth.

As fast as it comes out shes swallowing. The head of my cock is so tender and her mouth feel so good I don't think it could get any better. As the last drops empty into her mouth.

I pull my cock from her mouth. Slide down and kiss her and run my tongue into her Mouth. She sucks on my tongue. As I pulled mine back hers follows: Our tongues mingle and I can taste my cum. She pulls her tongue back. Looks me in the eye and says "God that was great." I can't deny she's a far better fuck than her mother. I roll off her on the my back exhausted.

But the cialis has not stopped working. My cock is still hard as a rock and sticking up like a flagpole. She looks at me and says "I can't believe you're still hard." "I can't help it being with something like you keeps me excited for a long time." "I'm glad it's still hard." she says.

I" want that thing in me again right now." I say, "You'll have to do all the work." I tell her I'm exhausted. "No fucking problem." She says. With that she throws her leg over me. Lines my cock up with her pussy and begins to fuck me hard. "Will you cum again?" she says "Yes, but its going to take me a lot longer to get there". "Good I want to fuck this thing as long as I can." She fucks me hard for a long time. Then she slides her pussy off me for some reason.

She reaches between us and grabs my cock. Taking the juices dripping out of her pussy and rubbing it back to her anus with my cock. Then I realize she's going to shove me up her ass. "You can't do that I'll hurt you." She smiles at me and says "I've had bigger things than this up my ass." I say, "You're kidding!" Jenna, "I prefer to have my ass fucked than my pussy.

I just love the feel of something being shoved up my ass. I cum twice that way as hard as being fucked normally. I would really love a cock in my ass and my cunt at the same time.


I don't know who to ask to do it though. Three would even be better, then I could suck one at the same time too." I've just never had a real cock up my ass.

So this will be like you taking my ass cherry." She smiles and says "I'm going to love this." Then she lines my cock up to her asshole and start pushing against it.

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Suddenly the head pops right in. "Ugh!" she grunts. "Oh my god!" she says "That feels great, give me more." She thrust down one more time and it's all the way in. "My god that's the best thing I've ever felt in my life." she says. But due to the position she's in she really can't work it in and out. "If you really like it." I tell her. "Pull me out get on your hands and knees at the edge of the bed." She raises up and as the head comes out she moans.

She climbs off of me and positioned herself at the edge of the bed. I get off the bed and stand behind her. I rub the head in her pussy juices again lubricating me up.

Then I line my cock up her sweet ass. Thrust forward and shove about half of it in. She groaned again and hisses, 'Fuck yes!" I push the last few inches in and my balls hit her pussy.

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Then I use one hand to squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and pinch her nipple. I take my other hand and start rubbing her clit. I start ramming my cock in and out over and over again.

Her eyes roll back in her head. She's in so much pleasure I think she's about to pass out. She's breathing very heavily and grunting every time I bottom out in her ass. After 4 or 5 minutes of this I'm on the verge of cumming. I tell her I'm going to cum.

"Yes, yes, yes cum in my ass!" Almost immediately she orgasms hard. Over and over and over I feel her ass clamping down on my cock. She's milking every drop of my cum out of me.

I pull my cock out and my cum is running out her ass and down her leg. She says "Fuck me again fuck me again." I'm still hard but I tell her "I can't. your mother will be home soon and I don't want her to catch us." "Why are you afraid she'll be jealous?" " I don't know but, I don't want to her to find out I'm fuck you in the ass that's for sure.

I don't know how she'll react to that." Reluctantly she says "OK. But I definitely want to do this again soon though." "Not anymore than me." I tell her. We get dressed and get a couple things done just before her mother shows up.

Ang comes in and looks around. Says "You got almost nothing done. What have you been doing." "Don't worry we've been keeping busy." I tell her. Jenna smiles and says "Yeah real busy." "Okay!" she says but giving us an odd look.

"I got a lot of stuff to get out of the truck come help me." We both go to the truck to help her. Part 3 coming soon.