Straight working mans first gay facial

Straight working mans first gay facial
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This was turning out to be one of the worst days on Shae's record books, not only had the entire working day bitten her repeatedly on the ass, lunch was a flop and now she was stuck in peak hour traffic with some idiot behind her who must have his hand glued to the bloody car's horn! Did the wanker not realise that she had a gazillion cars stopped in front of her and she could not move? The worst part, it was that time of the year she hated, yep it was Shae's Birthday. She had started hating her Birthday the day she moved out of home.

Without fail every single year she had a Birthday that made it in to her records book for being totally crap! She wished she could just abort all Birthdays from the calendar. The only two positive's to today so far was the call she got from Tom this morning.

Not only was it welcomed but it was the one thing that had put a smile on her face, it did not matter that he could only wish her a wonderful day from afar.

The fact that he had called and had expressed his wishes that he could be by her side on her dreaded day to make it possible for her 28th Birthday to make it into the record of good Birthdays was enough.

The other positive it was officially the weekend and not just any weekend, it was a three day weekend! Thomas Stone had made the previous three Birthdays ones that she would cherish for the rest of her life. They had been dating for three and half years, blissful years at that. Tom was amazing; Shae had always told him he was too good to be true.

Their relationship was like no other she had experienced, nor was she likely to again. They had been totally honest, open and non-judgemental. Together they had explored their sexualities, one never holding the other back, they took each other to new heights and bathed in them. Fantasies Shae had long dreamt of came true and she in turn had been there to help Thomas insure his were also satisfied.

They had loved fiercely, passionately, living life to its fullest together. It was their jobs that would see them separate. Not on a bad note more of a sad one. Both of their careers seemed to launch off at the same time. Shae was offered a promotion too good to pass up. It also meant a move across to the other side of the world. Thomas too advanced in his field seeing him become an executive partner in the firm he worked for.

Over the last six months they had kept in regular contact but both had agreed not to try a long distance relationship, different time zones and an ocean full of never ending tidal currents separated them. Shae sighed; maybe she could call him when she got home. Tom had explained he was out of town for the next week.

He was working on a very important case and he had made it his top priority. But surely a phone call or even some Skype time would not interfere too much? After all he was so good at making her forget her the worst day of the year. It took an extra hour and a half to traverse her way through the traffic home. The downside to long weekends was everyone opted to drive to work instead of using public transport as was the norm in Sydney.

Shae hated buses and trains. The one time she had used the transport system she had found herself squashed into a carriage like another cow with all the other cattle, grasping onto the only pole available, she stood with her nose forcibly pressed into one fat sweaty armpit by crushing commuters.

She vowed she would never use public transport again. So really she should not be complaining about traffic. In the comforting surrounds of her Kitchen Shae poured herself a drink.

Hell it was her Birthday so why not? She lifted the tumbler to her lips and took a small sip of the golden liquid. Scotch on the rocks was always a good way to try and wind down after a particularly harrowing day. The first mouthful went down well. The second even better.

Shae fished her iPhone out of her handbag and called Tom. The automated voice she heard informed Shae his phone was obviously turned off. 'Damn, what to do now?' she asked the empty Kitchen. She had made many friends in the six months that she had been residing here but Shae was not prepared to have them suffer her foul mood this night.


So she was on her own. Shae laughed yep this day definitely topped the crappy Birthday records! Leaning down she placed her forehead on the table top and groaned. She never heard the approaching footsteps nor the swish of material moving but the sting of a needle piercing the skin on her neck came too late. The haze that took hold fast as whatever drug was pumped into her system by the plunging syringe, swirled into darkness.

A soft feminine voice called her name over and over. It took effort for Shae to open her eyes. It took seconds for her predicament to sink in. her hands were bound above her head where she laid; a ball gag was tightly lodged in her mouth. She had no idea where she was, the room was draped in some kind of black plastic?

A tall leggy blonde stood at the foot of the bed Shae was tethered to. She wore naught but a collar. Her rose coloured tipped breasts stood large and proud. Her mound was waxed smooth. Shae wanted to speak, to ask her what the hell she was thought she was doing.

The ball gag only allowed her to mumble and her mouth was thick with saliva. Blondie approached. Her fingers splayed apart and ran up Shae's naked thigh. NAKED THIGH! The awareness of her nakedness hit hard. She was in trouble. Big trouble! It was only now sinking in that she had been abducted and was at this woman's mercy. All miserable thoughts of her Birthday had dissipated.

Was it even still her Birthday? She watched wide eyed as the Barbie doll look alike picked up a syringe out of a metal kidney dish. It was sitting on top of a set of drawers not unlike a similar one that Shae herself owned and that she was just now noticing in the black surroundings among other things she was not sure if she wanted her brain to register.

Barbie held the syringe high and gave the side of it a little tap. Shae tensed as she moved closer. 'Master will be along shortly to explain all you need to know but not before you are ready as he has requested' Her voice was high pitched yet sweet like an angel. Yeah right, the angel of death maybe? Shae had to admit thought the woman was skilled with administering drugs.

She barely felt the needle slide into her vein. The coolness of whatever she was being injected with flowed through her arm. Barbie seemingly satisfied with herself proceeded to move about the room. Was she taking inventory? She must be making sure all is in order for her Master. HOLY FUCK! Master? What the fuck was going on? Who were these freaks and why the hell was she so calm?

It did not take the contents of the now empty syringe long to take effect. Shae felt like she was floating on a cloud of pure bliss. Her thoughts were not exactly coherent but nor were they a complete jumbled mess. She was aware of every movement and sound Barbie made but gave them no real thought. Most of Shae's five senses were as normal but her touch was out of control, she felt everything.

Her skin seemed super sensitive. Her nerve endings more receptive to the slightest touch. Just the movement of air over her skin from Barbie moving about was picked up by the fine hairs covering her flesh.

Appearing out of what seemed to Shae nowhere a cloaked hulk of a figure appeared.

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It moved up behind Barbie. Shae strained her ears trying listen what it was whispering into the blonde's ear. She gave up as Barbie nodded.

Not offering a word at all in Shae's direction nor even acknowledging she was butt naked, bound and gagged before it. The figure retreated behind the black plastic. Frustration at the lack of explanation was soon forgotten as Barbie checked Shae's vitals. Her soft fingers felt warm and delicate as they felt Shae's neck.

The tightening of her nipples came as no shock to Shae. Her libido seemed to have kicked into high gear. 'Master has instructed me to remove all your body hair' the sweet voice was singing with anticipation and it made Shae's heartbeat kick up a beat faster.

'He also wished for me to inform you of the rules' Barbie looked down at her making sure she had at least some of Shae's attention. 'The first rule is you must obey all rules and if you do not you will be punished, nod if you understand Shae' the blonde waited and then smiled sweetly as Shae nodded. 'Rule number two, you are not to speak unless Master gives you permission' Shae did not bother to wait for Barbie to ask her to nod.

She watched her full bottom lip wanting to bite it, suck it into her mouth. She was waiting for rule number three but was surprised when the blonde instead silently removed the ball gag from Shae's mouth. She stretched her jaw and lips and licked them attempting to make them wet.

She failed due to her dry mouth. Barbie produced a bottle of water with a straw attached. Shae drank gratefully. 'Rule number three, when Master gives you a command you must obey immediately' Shae nodded, she was growing impatient of these rules already. 'If you do not you will be given more of Master's concoction to make you comply.' The blonde bomb shell offered no more words, Shae watched as she readied her instruments to remove any unwanted body hair from Shae's skin. Barbie firstly inspected Shae's face and seemed content with what she found.

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She took a razor to the slight stubble that had grown since Shae last shaved her armpits. If felt so surreal to have someone else shave her in that particular area. Barbie made quick work of Shae's legs before disappearing and returning with fresh water and dry towels.

Barbie manipulated Shae's legs until her knees were bent and splayed apart. The soles of her feet flat against one another. Shae felt completely exposed but she cared not as Barbie lathered up her mound. She was meticulous with her job at hand. Bending down so close Shae could feel her warm breath. Placing the razor down, she washed away any remaining foam. Shae held her breath as Barbie moved onto the lower section of Shae's rapidly heating sex.

Fingers cupped three quarters of her now clenching pussy and gently pulled to one side, the sharp razor slid down one swelling lip with confident sure strokes. Shae shuddered as her clit began to pulsate. The warm wash cloth did its job and the soft fingers changed sides to expose her other lip. As Barbie shaved with expertise, Shae's now slick opening clenched. She wanted more of a touch; she needed to feel her slit being penetrated by those teasing fingers. Barbie interrupted her desirable thoughts.

' although you are tethered to the bed, there is enough slack in the ropes for you to turn over, please do so now and move up onto your knees and spread them wide so I may finish shaving you' Shae's moth dropped open and she began to form words but was quickly shushed by the blonde. With a little help from her beauty therapist Shae's ass was soon on display, she rested on her elbows with her hips high in the air and her legs spread. This would have to be the best Brazilian she had ever received!

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Shae wondered if she did house calls? The razor skimmed over her pink star removing all unwanted hair. Next came a nice wet wash down. Shae was as bald as the day she was born. Her sex was aching and her exposed ass felt nice. She half expected for the robed figure to come waltzing in now that his pet had finished his bidding. What she did not expect was the touch of warm lips to her bottom cheek.

Barbie did not speak. Nor did she use her hands. She placed kisses over both cheeks then proceeded to run her tongue up the length of Shae's smooth crack. Her body reacted involuntarily to the exploring tongue, her legs spread further apart as Barbie lapped at her back entrance.

God it felt so very good. Shae had only ever been with one other woman before now. Together Tom and herself had agreed to their first threesome with a lovely brunette.

Shae had not disliked the experience and was more than willing to allow the female access to her body. Shae also enjoyed suckling on her pert small beasts and the feel of her wet inner walls around her fingers.


But tasting the other girl was not an experience she intended to repeat ever. Barbie moved lower. Sucking on the very swollen lips she had just shaved. Shae squirmed and ground her pussy down on the girls face. She needed penetration and she needed it now. An obviously experienced tongue flicked at her hooded clit making Shae moan loudly. A commanding deep voice filled the room and interrupted proceedings. 'Enough Taylor, blindfold her and give her another half dose' Shae groaned as she felt Barbie leave the bed, she looked over her shoulder but could not see the male the voice belonged to.

Before she could turn to look over her other shoulder a blind fold like a sleeping mask was placed over her eyes and her world was plunged into darkness. Soft hands helped her turn and lay once more on her back. Shae's inner thighs were coated with slick juices and a fatter finger began to run slow circles through the wetness on her skin there.

She felt the slight sting of the needle this time but she all she could concentrate was on the touch that was so very close to the apex of her thighs. 'You have done an exceptional job Taylor, you may now take your reward' these words confused Shae, reward?

He must mean payment yes? Sounds soon reached her ears that were unmistakable. Wet, slurping noises that meant one thing.

Barbie was sucking on her Master's shaft and eagerly so. Her suspicions were confirmed when his deep smooth voice once more dominated the room. 'That's it, take it all down your throat, good girl, relax and open for me' Shae listened, her body tense as Barbie sucked, gagged and slurped away.

At one point Shae had to hold her thighs tightly together in an attempt to stop the increasing ache of her pussy. Strong hands spread her knees apart wide. But that was all the attention she received as Barbie sucked for her reward.

Shae thought she was going to go insane with lust. How long till they remembered she was here? Their captive forgotten as they raced for the finish line? A low growl began, growing louder and more intense. It sent electricity racing through her body. 'Where do you want it slut? Do you want to drink it or should I paint your pretty face?' no response was given. Shae heard the choking noise as he grunted and cried out with his release.

Well it was plain to Shae he filled her throat. How she wished Tom was here, he would be loving this, his dominate nature would be in its glory. She did not even know these people and she loved every moment of being their prisoner. Had she not fantasised about this kind of thing happening to her? In fact she had for years. Tom had once tried to plan a mock kidnapping but Shae was too aware of the whole thing and although the sex was great the plan was a flop.

Now here she was experiencing the real thing! She should be scared but the drugs had made all inhibitions go out the window and she just wanted more. Euphoria clouded her mind. It allowed her body to take over. Her hips lifted off the bed searching for something, anything to apply pressure to her labia and beyond.

The touch she was seeking came to her ankles. Strong powerful massaging that felt exquisite slowly made a trail up her legs. The deep massaging of her flesh was followed closely behind with slick soft titillating caresses; oiled hands that she knew belonged to Barbie gently revived her muscles after the deeper working of her flesh by strong male hands. Her sex was avoided much to her disappointment. Her arms did not miss out either.

They too were given the same treatment of her legs. She did not want to be massaged she wanted to be fucked. The room went quiet. Shae strained to hear a noise. It eventually came. 'Question time shae, answer honestly and you will be rewarded' she felt the shift of the bed as he sat down beside her.

Shae licked her lips then swallowed. 'Are you scared?' she did not hesitate to answer. 'No' her voice seemed small to her. 'Do my drugs make you feel good?' she almost heard him smile.

'Yes' his fingers began to stroke her tummy. 'Are you enjoying yourself so far?' a question she was not expecting. 'Yes' his touch travelled up her stomach. 'Do you like my pet Taylor?' why would he care if she liked his pet or not?


'Yes' 'you seemed to like her licking your tight little rectum, have you ever had anal sex?' was he asking one question or two? 'No, not actual anal sex' his voice grew thick. ' but you have had anal play before?' she nodded as she spoke the word 'yes' he pause for a while then added ' good girl Shae, tonight I will take your virginal ass whilst my pet gives you oral attention'. It was not a question but a statement. Her pink star contracted tight. Anal sex was something she had discussed many times with Tom.

She was not shy to the thought at all. In fact many times Thomas had fingered her hole as he went down on her and she had loved it. They had just never actually done the deed. The brush of mint flavoured lips on hers came as a shock. A tongue demanded entrance into her mouth and her lips parted in compliance. The kiss was deep and started out slow but grew with urgency and a hunger that she equally matched.

It was broken too soon. The mouth going to her neck, sucking hard and nipping lightly. Shivers ran up and down her spine. The attention was moved to her jawline and trailed down her throat.

Love bites were left in their wake. A large hand cupped her right breast and began to manipulate her heaving chest. Light kisses were placed on the soles of her feet and her body bucked at the unexpected additional touch. Shae writhed on the bed as the hot mouth found her nipple and sucked hard, she arched her back. The attention he gave her nipple was exquisite and a little painful at the same time.

Swapping to the other nipple he coaxed it to harden with his ministrations. Shae was so very aroused. She could feel the result running down over puckered hole.

Natural lubricant. The kisses that had been adorning her feet were making their way up her shins. She cried out as what she could only guess as being nipple clamps were attached to her peaked nipples. She felt sucking at the sides of her breasts. Love bites. Was he covering her in them? As long as he did not stop she did not care. The small kisses had reached her knees. 'Let's see just how much you like being my captive Shae' she tensed wondering what he meant. The air flowed over her skin as he moved.

'Oh yes, look at that' a finger ran over her swollen labia lips just once. 'So very wet Shae, Girl you look divine. When was the last time you were fucked?' she stumbled on her words but managed to spit them out. 'Six months' she heard the sharp intake of his breath.

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'Oh you are going to be so tight' the finger returned and ran down the length of her slit. Her mouth opened as her tummy coiled with the sensation.

The finger continued downward then circled her asshole. 'We had best prepare this virgin tunnel' he tapped his finger right on her small opening and it drove her crazy. Was it possible to orgasm without penetration? She thought yes! He stopped as she cooed. 'Not yet Shae, we have all weekend, I cannot have you Cumming so soon! She grunted unimpressed. The kisses stopped now too and she wanted to cry.

Were they leaving the room? She listened to receding footsteps and she nearly forgot the rules and called out for them to come back. It seemed like hours before they returned.

Shae had no idea how long they had actually been gone. All she knew was she was cold yet hot at the same time. Her nipples were numb and her throat was dry. Taylor's angel voice broke the silence. 'Drink' Shae felt the straw at her lips and thankfully sucked cool water down. The moment she swallowed a warm wet mouth clamped down on her clit. His strong hands on either thigh spread her wide as he sucked as though he wanted to give her yet another love bite. His tongue parted her lips and he licked at her opening.

His grip on her legs prevented her ass from lifting off the mattress. Shae could smell Barbie's arousal. She must be close. Her captor slides his hands under her ass and lifted her hips up off the bed. Using his thumbs he spread her ass apart for better access.

Flattening his tongue he lapped at her over and over again. Shae was drenched in her own juices and his saliva. She felt a cushion or firm pillow slide under her hips. Taylor must have placed it there. He lowered her down onto it. Shae's legs were bent at the knees and pulled apart. She could only imagine what she looked like.

'Taylor ready the first one, make sure it is well lubed' the first what? What was she lubing? His finger ran over her back entrance but this time he applied pressure. 'Relax Shae, let me in' she did as he requested and relaxed her muscles the best she could. 'That's better, good girl' the tip of his finger pushed past her sphincter muscles.

She could not help but to tense back up. His wet tongue flicked her clit surprising her and obviously was done to distract her for he pushed his finger in up to the first knuckle. Still using his tongue on her he began to withdraw and push back in the first few inches of his finger. 'Fuck your tight baby; this is going to take time' It did not take long for her to want more of him as her ass adjusted to his invading finger.

He pushed in deeper still and finger fucked her slowly. Every now and then he would withdraw completely and rub his fingers over her slick pussy as he tongued her ass.

Shae had no idea where his pet had disappeared to or if she was still even in the room. She honestly could not care. That is until she heard a humming start up. He nipped at her inner thigh as he slid his re lubed finger back into her clenching hole. A cool hard shaft that vibrated ran down her arm.

His rhythm picked up slightly finger fucking her a little faster. The vibrator ran over her chest and down her tummy only to turn and roll its way back up to her breasts. His finger once more departed her aching body and a new humming started up. 'Shae you're doing so very well, stay relaxed baby' cold hard plastic a little fatter than his finger pressed against her back tunnel. The vibrations it was giving off tickled. The oiled shaft stretched her hole as it was pushed into her ass little by little.

The other vibrating dildo still roamed over her body. How her pussy wept. Yes it was being paid attention but yet was her wanton sex to be penetrated like her asshole. Her captor was now slipping the plastic cock in and out of her with ease. 'Ready the next size up Taylor' what the fuck?

Oh god could she take more? No doubt she was about to find out. 'You should see how fine you look Shae, your cheeks are flushed with colour and I can imagine your eyes are glazed over with pleasure, you are so very beautiful' all this he said as his hand worked the vibrator in and out of her body.

When he pulled the dildo free Shae felt empty. How long has she been here? What day was it now? 'Okay baby this one is a bit bigger, but you can take it' she wanted to say no but the empty feeling needed to be re filled. Oh he was right it was much bigger!

'Shae relax honey,' easy for him to say he wasn't having something shoved up his ass! 'Taylor she will need another half but wait till I have the plug seated' half? Plug? Shae was beginning to panic. His fingers running over pussy soon distracted her. Forgetting herself she pleaded 'please, please' he seemed to let her misbehaviour go unheeded and instead slipped a finger into her vagina. Shae cooed in response. The plug as he called it pushed past her barrier.

Her sphincter burned as it stretched around the intruder. Dipping one lone finger in and out of her pussy was bliss. 'Cough for me Shae' why the hell did he want her to cough?

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"come on cough now' his voice no longer soft and coaxing. Shae did as she was told and as she coughed he pushed the plug in deep. The cough was cut off as she cried out. 'Good girl Shae, it's all the way in baby' She felt so full and uncomfortable. She wanted to push the damn thing out but was afraid of what he would do if she did.

What if she told him she did not want him fucking her ass? The now familiar sting took her mind of her stretched burning hole but only for a moment. 'Taylor come and suck me off, my balls ache' Shae lay back and tried to will her body to get use to the plug as she listened to him fuck his pets throat once more. It kept entering her mind she should be scared of what they might do to her but it was impossible.

He body felt so very alive, her mind floating on a sea of pleasure. Shae must have either drifted off to sleep for a moment or was just totally consumed by the random thoughts running through her mind.

For the next thing she was aware of was his voice. 'I will let you cum this time Shae' what did he say? Something about her Cumming? A slow lick up her slit had her paying more attention. She reached down with her hand to grasp the sheet under her. HER HANDS WERE FREE! When did this happen? The tongue invaded her moist lips. Pushing past to enter her slightly. In, out, over and over like he was having her as a meal. He licked upwards and held her clit captive by sucking it into his mouth.

Two fingers pushed into her. He fucked her slowly as he feasted on her engorged nub. The build-up was delicious, her body tensed, coiled and relaxed again.

Not once did he stop with his ministrations from both his mouth and his fingers.

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Shae was so very close. She writhed on the bed as slick fingers entered and exited her body. Her sensitive clit felt like it was on fire. He began to spin the butt plug with his free hand. Twisting it to and fro in her rectum. It was too much. Shae could not take any more. A scream ripped from her throat as she squirted with her release. Drenching her captor's mouth, chin and nose. "holy fuck baby, that was so friggen hot!' the words meant nothing to Shae, her entire body was wracked with tingles from her head to her toes.

Her pussy and ass continually clenching as she shuddered again and again. He kept up fucking her drowned pussy but he had stopped moving the butt plug. 'I need to fuck you, I need to be inside you' he mounted the bed between her splayed legs. The tip of his fat penis rubbed up and down her labia, teasing her more.

He smacked his cock against her clit causing her to shudder again. Shae grabbed for his ass as the head of his cock separated her swollen lips. She heard his moans as he inched inside her.

'Fuck me your tight' with the butt plug still in place Shae felt like he was going to rip her open. She dug her nails into his meaty cheeks and urged him on. He slid in to the hilt and held still.

Shae could not believe the length and girth of him, he was pressed hard up against her cervix. She heard him murmuring under his breath but could not make out the words.

He moved his hips, gyrating them back and forth in a seductive dance. His cock gliding in and out of her slick tunnel. Her tummy tensed and she knew another orgasm was fast approaching. He must have felt it too for he started fucking her faster.

Deeper. To deep. It felt like the tip of his penis was actually breaching her cervix making it dilate. " cum for me Shae, cum whilst I am inside you' it was her undoing, her orgasm hit her hard.

Shae's eyes rolled up into her head as her body violently shook with her body's contractions. He held on tight to her hips as he delivered long hard strokes. She did not even try to count how many times she gave into the orgasmic those of peaking climaxes. He pulled out of her quivering body. 'It's time babe' at first she was unsure of what he was talking about. When he reached down and began to ease out the butt plug there was no mistaking his intentions.

Shae had orgasmed that much that he needed no artificial lubricant to prepare her for his shaft. He lined himself at the entrance of her virginal hole. He was a lot fatter than the butt plug that had been removed.

He teased her puckered hole with the head. How the hell was that thing going to be able to fit inside her? 'Ok baby listen to me now, I want you to push like you would if you were trying to push out the plug ok?' she nodded but was reluctant. This was going to hurt. He applied pressure then nodded at her. Shae did as he asked and was shocked that instead of the action not allowing him entrance the fat tip slipped inside her tight sphincter.

The stretching burned even more this time. 'Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, you're so very tight' he held still. Shae tried to get control of her breathing. Her heart raced and all she could think was this was meant to be Tom. Thomas Stone should have been the first and only to fuck her ass.

Tears ran down her face. 'It's ok, shae, we will take it slow beautiful' Shae did not want the pleasure to end but how she wished it was Thomas not some stranger who had abducted and kept her drugged her for his own pleasure. He leant down and kissed her lips, sucking the bottom one into his mouth.

His hips pressed forward and that burning sensation increased as her anus spread for his shaft. The pressure was uncomfortable and she gasped with the feeling. 'I know you want this Shae, I know you want me fucking your sweet tight hole' he pressed in further. 'Your mine now, your ass mine to fuck whenever I please' he began to slide in and out in little strokes as if to make it true. Only half of his stiff dick was in her back passage. He rubbed her clit making her moan. 'I want you to like this; I want you to cum from me being in your ass' he pushed in deeper and groaned passionately.

She tried to expel him, push him out of her back passage but all it achieved was him sliding all the way in. He shook above her.

Obviously loving that he was all the way in. was this his first time? Had he ever had anal sex before? 'Oh fuck baby, feels so good, squeeze your ass around me' she did and he cried out then began to move.

The sensations she was feeling were so different from just normal sex. He pumped in and out slow at first but then he seemed to lose himself. He gripped her hips knees and bought them up high. His fat cock now gliding easily in and out of her stretched hole.

'Oh god I am going to cum, fuck babe, I am going to fill your hot little ass'. She felt him grow bigger inside him; he pulled nearly all the way out then slammed back in so very deep she screamed. Shae felt his release deep within her bowels. He kept pumping until her ass had milked his cock dry. Her captor lay atop of her. Moaning as he slowly slid in and out of her cum soaked hole.

So slippery now. It felt unbelievable. It felt delicious. He made to lift off her. No not now! She grabbed his ass and forced his hips back down and squirmed under him. He seemed to hesitate at first. Then he got it and maneuverered his semi flaccid cock in and out.

' cum for me Shae, cum for me whilst I am in here' he fell on her biting her breasts, sucking them as he ploughed away inside her ass. Her body was building up pressure like a volcano. The peak came fast for Shae but blackness took her as she tumbled over the other side. Shae woke with the headache from hell. Was there a road gang inside her skull? She made to lift her hand but found she could not. Her eyes flew open.

The light was too bright. She was no longer blindfolded?

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As her vision came into focus the familiar surroundings of her bedroom greeted her. Shae was tethered to her own bed. She was dressed in her favoured night attire. The ache of her body told her she had not been dreaming. ' your awake finally' that sweet angelic voice of the Barbie doll look alike came from her right. Shae turned her head. Taylor was dressed immaculately. She looked like a high class executive.

'Master has given me one last command before I take my leave.' She gazed at Shae with such adoration it made Shae blush. 'Thank you Miss Tully for this exquisite experience. Please now relax and watch the DvD Master has prepared for your viewing' the blonde bent down and kissed Shae full on the lips. As she left the room the television mounted on the bedroom wall came to life. They recorded everything? Shae watched as a naked Barbie tapped the syringe and administered whatever they had been drugging her with.

She watched with a sick feeling in her stomach as the cloaked figure appeared then le3ft again. She watched and listened as Taylor told her the rules. What were these two going to do? Bribe her over the abduction and …rape? Yes rape it was non-consensual mostly, fuck who was she kidding she had loved every minute of it and would gladly do it again. If only she could leave out the part of her pounding head as she came down from the drugs and swap her captor for Thomas.

Yes it should have been Tom not some stranger she did not even know. The screen showed Barbie shaving Shae, wow the scene was actually quite hot to watch, especially when Blondie got her on all fours&hellip. Watching Taylor lick her pink star had Shae wetting up again, her clit began to throb as she viewed it all from the comfort of her bed, if she could she would slip a finger inside her moist pussy as she watched. But they were bound. She closed her eyes for a moment to try and gain control off her demanding body, Christ she was still sore from having her abductor fuck her ass and she was still horny?

'Open your eyes Shae' the command came from her ensuite? She looked over but seen nothing, as her eyes swept back shock hit her like a ton of bricks. THOMAS! Tom Stone stood behind her on the television screen. It cant be? She would have known his voice? Is he still here? 'TOM?" she called out and he stepped out of the bathroom. Tears she had no control of ran down her face.

'Happy Birthday my Beautiful Girl' Shae was lost for words all she could do was sniffle, cry and smile all at the same time. Tom untied her secured wrists and pulled her into his arms. ' sssshhhh baby it is okay, did you like your Birthday? Did it make the good list? She laughed a little more ' it made the top of the list baby, please more Master?

The End. Please. I welcome all comments. I can only learn and improve through knowledge of my err's