Cogiendo con una amiga en motel

Cogiendo con una amiga en motel
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The Woods family would never consider themselves special or above average. Glen married his high school sweetheart Marie at 22 and they had twins, Lisa and Carl, who still stayed at home while they went to the local college. Glen was a mechanical engineer for a local tractor manufacturer and Marie ran her own bakery, they had a comfortable life and enjoyed playing tennis and water polo as a family that kept them all in shape.

Lisa, the oldest twin by 12 minutes, (a fact she liked to remind her brother about frequently) looked a lot like her mom, slim athletic build offset by the family traited large breasts.


Carl was more of a slimmer athletic build, he enjoyed the sports with his family and liked to cycle but didn't have bigger muscles like his dad.

One summer, life changed for them all. The family had just returned from their 2 week vacation, other than a minor delay returning home they all had a good time relaxing in the sun. Glen and Carl were unpacking in their rooms and Marie was relaxing with a cocktail.

Lisa sat in her room, reading through her missed texts and learned her boyfriend had decided he needed time away from her, probably related to the other texts from her cousin and a few friends that caught him cheating. She wiped the tears from her face and emptied her case on her bed. "You okay sis?" Said Carl after knocking her open door. "Why what did you hear." She said without looking up. "I just felt really sad for no reason, figured it was from you.

What's wrong?" He said, seeing the tear tracks on her cheeks. "You know that creeps me out but here, read for yourself." She replied. "That bastard, want me to kick his ass?" Said Carl after reading her messages. "No, he's not worth it, besides, rumor has it the girl he picked up has herpes so he'll get his. Can I have a hug?" She said. They held each other close, Lisa wasn't wearing a bra though and Carl couldn't stop himself getting hard.

"Perv, thanks bro." Said Lisa with a smile as she let him go. She secretly enjoyed that just holding her made him excited, after being dumped it felt good to be desired, even though it was her twin brother. The family ate dinner together that night then sat on the couch watching a movie, around 10pm they all started feeling tired. "Oh man, I didn't think jetlag was a real thing, I am wiped." Said Glen. "Me too, this movie is boring anyways. Goodnight guys." Said Lisa.

"Wake your brother up Lisa, he'll get a sore neck sleeping there." Said Marie. Ten minutes later they were all in bed and out cold pretty much as soon as their head hit the pillow. At midnight, Carl was first to wake, he kicked off his boxers and went naked to the lounge. Marie woke a few minutes later, she took off her favorite silk pajamas and found Carl was already in the lounge waiting. She kissed him passionately and got to her knees to suck him to hardness so he could take her.

Lisa was next to wake, she took off the t-shirt and panties she slept in and went to the lounge to find Glen watching Carl push his hard cock into Marie from behind, she'd got on all fours to take him. Lisa pushed Glen back onto the couch and mounted him, slowly taking his cock deep into her already soaked pussy. Carl held on to his mother's hips as he fucked her, occasionally reaching forward to fondle her breasts, he lasted as long as he could then pushed in deep as his cock erupted, spraying his seed deep into Marie's pussy.

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Hearing her brother groan as he came, Lisa came over her father's cock, Glen pushed up into Lisa and sprayed her pussy, his cock swelling as each spurt shot into her. They all caught their breaths for a minute then Carl and Glen watched as the women 69'd to eat the cum from each other's pussy. Both men were hard again when the women were done, Carl laid his sister on her back and entered her slowly and gave her deep gentle thrusts. Glen fed his cock to Lisa for a while until Marie beckoned him.

She was on all fours on the couch again and Glen fucked her hard until he was spent, spraying what seed he had into his wife. Carl kissed Lisa as he came then only pulled out when he softened. Marie and Lisa got some damp cloths from the kitchen and after cleaning the cum that was leaking from them, set about cleaning the juices and sweat from each of the men.

When they were done, everyone went back to bed, nobody saying a word. The next morning at breakfast Carl and Lisa sat with their laptops downloading all the pictures from their cameras as they drank their coffee.

"Please tell me you made a strong pot of coffee, that stuff in Bermuda was like tap water." Said Marie, kissing Lisa on the head as she passed. "I made it Dad strength Mom, he even said it was good." Said Carl. "When do your classes start back, not for another month right?" Said Marie. "Yea but I'm taking that extra credit summer class, I don't want to have to do that physics class again." Said Lisa. "Hey Sis, is this the waiter that wouldn't quit hitting on you?" Said Carl, showing a picture to Lisa.

"Oh he was a dick, that girl from Texas even pretended to be my gay girlfriend and that made him worse. Did Dad get him fired or did he just threaten him?" Replied Lisa. "Oh you know your Dad, nobody upsets his little Angel. He said some pretty mean things to him and he ran away. It was sweet of him to say sorry and give us that cute figurine though. I'm blaming you for wearing that slutty looking bikini, even your own brother couldn't keep his eyes off you!" Said Marie with a laugh.

"Eww, gross Mom, and anyways, yours was worse, Dad was like a dog in heat every time you winked at him." Said Lisa. They all had a laugh and set about their day. Carl drove to his friends house to show off his tan, Lisa swam in the family pool for a while then sunbathed and Marie checked the books that her manager dropped by.

Everyone was home for dinner and they all enjoyed the chicken and rice Marie had made then after helping clear up together, they all sat to watch tv. "This is crazy, I slept really well last night but 10pm and I can barely keep my eyes open!" Said Lisa. "Did you shower after the pool honey, that idiot pool company put too much chlorine in again, I don't want it messing your hair up." Said Marie, yawning.

"Yea, I could smell it, showered after I sunbathed. Hey, sleepy, time for bed." Said Lisa, waking Carl. He grumbled then wandered to bed. "Tempted to have more of that coffee from this morning, 10pm is too fricken early. You going to read in bed honey?" Said Glen.

"No, my eyes are burning, I'm going to sleep." Replied Marie. Midnight came around and Marie was first up. She stripped naked and wandered to the lounge and waited. Lisa was next to arrive, she had Marie sit on the couch and got between her legs and began to lick her. When Carl entered the room he got behind his sister and pushed his cock into her but gave her gentle strokes so she could keep licking.

Marie came first and actually squirted, Lisa tried to take it into her mouth but most sprayed on her neck and chin. Seeing his mother cum, Carl couldn't hold back and pushed his cock deep into his sister and sprayed her pussy with seed, she rubbed her clit to orgasm as he sprayed the last couple of spurts into her.

Glen came into the room as Carl was pulling out, he seen both women had already climaxed but pushed his already hard cock into Lisa a few times then had Carl get on all fours. With his cock coated in a mixture of Lisa and Carl's cum, he pushed his slick cock into Carl's ass and fucked him slowly. Glen held on to his son's hips as he fucked him, he didn't last long with the tightness and groaned as he sprayed his cum deep in Carl's ass.

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When he pulled out, Lisa sucked his cock until he was hard again then laid back on the couch for Glen to fuck her. Marie got Carl hard and straddled him on the rug, occasionally feeding him a nipple to suck as she bounced on his cock.

When they had all cum again the women cleaned everyone up and they went back to bed. Next morning Carl woke to a text from his friend Claire, she was always blunt and told him to get over there and fuck her. They were just friends with benefits but he enjoyed getting to sleep with a woman 10 years his senior. Lisa went shopping at the mall and Marie checked in on her store after Glen went to work. That night after dinner Glen got a call. "Honey, I'm really sorry, the engineer and his backup at our Westbridge plant are out sick and a critical machine has gone down, they need me to fly up tonight and get them fixed by morning.

I'm taking some energy drinks but they're sending a car to take me to the airport." Said Glen after he got off the phone. "Well okay, I guess I'll see you tomorrow sometime." Said Marie. "I can't say no honey, this overtime alone pays for our next vacation. I love you, I'll text when I'm there safe okay." Said Glen, he grabbed his standby bag and was ready when the car arrived.

That night Carl was first into the lounge at midnight. Lisa was next, she laid him on his back and rode him.

Marie straddled his face and held him by the hair until she came, spraying her juices over his face. When Lisa had cum, soaking Carl's balls with her cream, they swapped and Marie rode him while Lisa sat on his face. They swapped another twice then when she'd cum enough, Marie got on all fours and enjoyed the 3 or four thrusts before Carl finally got his release and shuddered as he came into his mother. The women took their time cleaning him and both kissed him on the cheek before they all went to bed.

Glen managed to get back in time for dinner the next night, he'd slept on the plane coming back and was well rested. "Is it okay if I stay over at cousin Jenny's tonight mom?" Said Lisa. "Of course, tell Janice I said hi." Said Marie. That midnight, Carl and Marie were already fucking when Glen got to the lounge. He pushed into Marie's ass and both men pushed into her like pistons, each filling her holes with cock.

When they came, Carl sucked Glen back to hardness while Marie sucked Carl then they switched, Carl fucking her ass while Glen fucked her pussy from below. Marie cleaned both men herself then they all went to bed. "Honey, when did we last check our CO2 detectors." Said Glen, the next morning at breakfast. "Right before we left remember, why do you ask?" Said Marie. "Well, this morning I feel like crap again, haven't slept well since we got back.

When I was away for the night I slept great. By the shadows under your eyes you've not been sleeping well either." Said Glen. "I can say the same Dad, I got a great sleep at Jenny's, she had to go to work at 6am but still slept better." Said Lisa. "Well shit, none of you are feeling sick, headaches or anything right? I'll get someone out today." Said Glen and carried on eating his cereal.


A few hours later, the environment tech handed the report to Marie. "I've ran every test I have in every room Mrs Woods, your air quality thanks to your husbands air filtration system is fantastic.

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I found no traces of CO2 or any other potentially harmful gasses in any part of the house." He said. "Well thank you." Replied Marie as she seen the men out. Marie texted what the man said to Glen then carried on with her day, she was surprised when he came home early. "What's that honey?" She said as he unpacked a box. "Is a hidden camera system, I'm going to set them up in every common room in the house.

Something is disturbing all of our sleep and I want to find out what it is." That midnight things played out as before, Carl and Lisa were first in the lounge and were already making love when Glen arrived, Marie rode Glen then they swapped partners until they were spent then as before, the women cleaned both men after themselves and went to bed.

The next morning after his coffee Glen pulled up his laptop and scanned through the footage. The hallway camera caught all of them walking naked to the lounge. Glen's eyes widened when he got to the lounge camera. He watched it again, nobody talking, no force, everyone fucking everyone.

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He called everyone to the lounge. "I've watched this 3 times, I am in it, as are you all but I have no memory of a single second of it.

You should all see for yourself." Said Glen as he pressed play on the video. When it was done, Carl, Marie and Lisa sat wide eyed with their hands over their mouths. "Our eyes were glowing Mom, why were our eyes glowing. I'm not even on the pill, I know daddy had a vasectomy but Carl didn't. I didn't see him put anything on." Said Lisa, she was in shock. "We'll both take a test and we'll take care of anything okay.

Honey, are you okay?" Said Marie to her husband. "Kids I'm so sorry, I." Said Glen, Carl stopped him. "Dad, none of us remember any of this, no matter what we're all family.

We all know none of us would do anything to hurt one another.

We'll get to the bottom of this." Said Carl. "I know this sounds crazy but I think is warranted, isn't our cleaner some kind of Wiccan healer or something?

She may be able to pick up on something. She's coming today, I'm going to ask her." Said Carl. "I'm going to take Lisa and get some tests, we'll be back soon." Said Marie then left with Lisa. The women got back in time to see their cleaner, a lady they'd known for 15 years, running from the house into her car and driving away at high speed.

Glen and Carl were stood open mouthed in the lounge. "What on earth was that about, that poor woman looked terrified." Said Marie. "She said the devil is in our house." Said Carl.

"That's not what she said, she said we've brought the devil to our house. Did we bring anything back with us from Bermuda?" Said Glen. "The statue, the fucking statue. Look, is right here but is like it doesn't want you to look at it. It actually hurts my eyes if I look but is right here in plain sight!" Said Lisa. "Carl, take it and put it in the shed for now, I'm going back to Bermuda this weekend, I'll take it with me and shove it up that pricks ass." Said Glen, he was pretty angry.

Later that day, Carl sat in his room listening to music. He didn't notice Lisa come into the room until she sat beside him on the bed. He took off his headphones and hugged her. "Do you love me?" She said. "Of course I do, you're my sister." He replied. "Mom and I took a test, we're not pregnant.

Is just, I was a virgin, I gave it to you and I don't even remember it." She said. "What are you saying Lisa?" "I. You've already had sex with me but I don't remember a thing, I want you to make love to me when I can remember it." She said. "Uh, when?" Replied Carl. "Now? Mom is taking Dad out to lunch to try and calm him down a little, she knows I want to do this." "Okay." Carl got up and closed his door as Lisa undressed, he undressed and laid with her on the bed and held her, kissing her softly on the lips.

He kissed her neck then down her body, taking his time at her breasts then when she opened her legs to him he slid his tongue inside her. He enjoyed her taste, letting her juices coat her tongue before exploring her clit and eventually bringing her to orgasm. When she'd caught her breath he climbed up her body and placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and looked in her eyes as he pushed into her, once he was deep inside her she reached up and kissed him passionately as he began to thrust.

He took his time, enjoying the gentle sway of her breasts as he made love to her, she felt amazing and was cumming almost every 3rd thrust. When he got close he looked in her eyes again then held his cock deep inside her as he came, groaning in pleasure as he filled her.

When he was done he collapsed on the bed beside her. Lisa rolled over and laid her head on his chest. "Thank you, that was wonderful." She said and held him close. Before their parents got home they made love another twice then showered together and were sitting together on the couch when they got home.

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Only Marie knew, gave Lisa a knowing smile when she seen her. "Carl, you and I are going to Bermuda, my old Air Force buddy managed to get us on a flight. Take this, put the statue thing in it then pack a case for a couple of days." Said Glen. Carl did as he was asked and sat not saying much as they drove. Glen eventually broke the silence though. "This trip son, you're going to be meeting people from my past and you may be curious how I know them." He said.

"It's cool Dad, I know you were Special Forces until Lisa and I were 2. Mom made me promise not to tell anyone and I haven't." Replied Carl. "Oh, well this guy is going to regret he was ever born.

You mom made me promise not to kill him but I'm going to mess him up. My team thinks he molested Lisa and she only told us when she got back but they're going to stay back and let me take him alone. You'll be with me too though." The flight was on a borrowed CIA private jet that took them to the island without having to go through customs, a car was waiting for them when they landed and they pulled up to a compound where the man lived. "We're going to spike the power when you get close so you can get in unseen, it happens all the time so you won't see panic.

He's in the green hut with the red door, none of them lock the doors here. Here, I know you said non lethal but some of these fuckers carry machetes." Said a man, handing Glen a pistol. "Thanks, comm channel 2?" Replied Glen. "Yes, you are Avenger 1, OP team is Overwatch, I'm Bluebird.

You remember the drill, if you call me in we're not leaving witnesses." Said the man. "I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Overwatch, confirm clear over." Glen had Carl follow close behind him and moved through the shadows to get closer to the hut. When he gave the signal the power dropped and they moved quickly and got inside. The man almost jumped out of his skin when Glen appeared, pointing a gun at his head.

"What the fuck kind of spell did you put on my family?" Glen said angrily. "What, I don't know, it's just a statue." The man stammered. "Now see, I didn't even mention that, Carl, take it out the box." "No, it cannot be back here, it's never supposed to return, it will harm me." Said the man, he looked afraid. Glen touched his earpiece, replied 'roger that' and moved Carl out of site and waited by the door. An older man came inside, his hands raised as though he expected Glen to pounce.

"There's no need for the gun young man, I know why you're here. My idiot nephew tampered with things he shouldn't have and has caused you discomfort. Let me explain, please, lower your weapon and take a seat, tell your other men I'm no threat." The old man said calmly. "Bluebird stand down, we're good here." Said Glen. The man explained the statue and how it was supposed to be used, he told them everything. "You are free of it's control with it back here with me, I promise you this young man will be punished severely.

I wish only peace upon you my friend, your family has much love, not something I see much of these days." Said the old man. He shook Glen's hand and they left. After Carl and Glen got back, he sat the women down to explain what had happened. "So that thing was meant to be in a honeymoon suite and give newlyweds extra libido?" Said Marie.

"Right, he said because it was removed without the proper incantations it was reaching out to it's master and caught us in it's spell instead. Normally I'd tell you I don't believe in that shit but we have soon to be deleted video to convince me otherwise. I'll take down the cameras tonight too." "Mom and I have been talking while you guys were away Dad.

Carl and I have already made love during the day, I will feel better about all this if I can experience everything we did on the tape where I can actually remember it." Said Lisa. "Marie?" Said Glen. "I think it would be best honey, we're not hurting anyone and it's not fair we have already taken that step and can't remember." Replied Marie. That night, the family enjoyed their dinner naked and instead of the movie they made love.

They all went to bed with a smile. One thing the old man had forgotten to tell them, without the statue their memories of what they had done would return, they all woke after a night of vivid dreams, almost saying in unison. "Holy Fuck."