Schöne big Tit blonde rikki sechs prallt auf Schwanz ihren Arsch

Schöne big Tit blonde rikki sechs prallt auf Schwanz ihren Arsch
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Chapter 2. Like mother like daughter, like father like son. JD left Kate's room and ran down the stairs. His father Mike and Mrs. Sperling were still at the kitchen, chit-chatting and laughing about some trifles. They had been waiting for him and the guy had to conduct some excuse for his long absence. "What took you so long, JD-boy?" smiling, Clair asked. "I'm so awfully sorry that you had to wait for me so long, ma'am. Kate and I just got carried away and I absolutely forgot about the backyard," stuttering, JD murmured.

"But Kate promised to help me there later. Bye, Mrs. Sperling." After those words he turned around and hurriedly walked outside as fast as he could. Mike felt something wrong. His father excused for his son's behaviour and walked away too, leaving Clair alone at the kitchen. Mike caught up with JD and was ready to listen to a funny story about the things that had happened but his son didn't say a word. Father didn't force him and they walked home in a total silence. It was obvious for Mike that something happened between Kate and JD in her room.

If something went bad, there would be consequences. It didn't take much time to reach their place and father and son stepped into their backyard. Mike couldn't stay quiet any longer. He was the first who broke the awkward silence. "Son, I don't know what happened there, back at that lil' slut's room, and I wanna know it right now!" Mike's voice sounded stern.

JD knew that he shouldn't try his luck and he told him everything. "Well, when I left you with that busty Mrs. Sperming, I sneaked upstairs. That stupid cunt Kate was so desperate that she forgot to close her room's door.

So I found that slut frigging her teen cunt. Can you believe it, dad? She's only 15 and she's already like a bitch in heat! I knew it'd be stupid of me not to take the chance of that girl and I joined her. To cut the story short, Kate sucked my dick and I walked away, leaving her all covered with my cum.

Can you imagine my jism in her slutty mouth, man?" Confused, Mike asked, "And didn't Kate protest it?" Laughing, his son added, "Nah, she herself took my cock into her mouth. The slut licked it all up and sucked it like there was no tomorrow but then she let me cum in her hungry mouth when I told her to open it up.

She's just that type of a girl who likes to be submissive and I think I'll love it!" Mike's jaw dropped. It took about a dozen seconds to come to reality. The man saw many things in his life. He often saw Kate in some sort of revealing clothes and she always acted naughty but it didn't absolutely mean that she was an easy fuck. The girl was just 15 years old cockteaser and nothing more.

But Mike was mistaken. The man finally collected himself and said, "I was telling you a million times that the girl was a slut. I don't know why you didn't hit on her earlier and waited so long. You could have enjoyed the girl. That slut just needed something to reveal that side of hers, sonny." Mike paused and made a stern impression on her face.

"Please, remember. There is no way calling off the acquaintance with Ted. He has been waiting too much time on account of our good friendship but he won't wait any longer. However, he promised not to do anything critical with the Sperlings until we're interested in them but it doesn't mean that he won't put his fingers on them. So, Ted'll be at the party tonight and you must make him a hero in Kate's eyes or that fucking pimp just will take her from you and I'm sure you don't want it.

He asked to be introduced like a man who has a business with top model agencies. Any girl would take the chance to be with a man like this!" It took about a half an hour for father and his son to get things ready for the party and Kate hadn't shown up yet. Mike stood up and said, "Be here and I'll go find why your plaything is still at home.

Of course, my absence will give you some time to have fun. Enjoy." The father gave a wink and headed for the Sperlings' place. His son's story about an encounter at Kate's room got him excited as hell.

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Some dirty things occurred to his head again. Mike knew that Clair's husband had to work very hard and he had no time for his family. It was obvious that his wife was sexually unsatisfied and walked like a bitch in heat. Mike had already tried to hit on Clair but it led to nothing, although the man could feel that she was ready for something. This time Mike would push harder. Besides, at the party, when everybody would be drunk, he would have a fat chance.

Meanwhile… After taking a lot of explicit pictures of herself, covered with cum, Kate had to take the shower to rinse off all that sperm. It was nice that the bathroom was not far from her room. The idea of sneaking there naked excited the girl. If she threw something on, the clothes would be cum-stained. The opportunity of getting busted by her mother could prove that Kate was a naughty girl. She cracked the door and slid outside.

Kate walked slowly and she could hear her mother singing a merry song downstairs. The girl increased the pace and slid into the bathroom, locking the door behind. She leant over the sink and tried to catch her breath. It eventually became normal.

Kate looked straight and saw her reflection in the mirror. There was a cum-stained face of a horny teenager. Some globs of sperm had already crusted.

Looking at that, Kate remembered how huge JD's cock was and how good it felt. The guy provided her with a lot of cum that it seemed impossible. She surely would do anything to be together with him. If Kate wanted to see him, she would have to take a shower, have one of her teasing outfits on and join him in the backyard where he had been waiting for her.

So the girl turned on the taps and stood under refreshing streams of water. How great it felt on her skin. Kate began rubbing the skin, trying to rinse off JD's cum. It was sticky and she had to rub the same spots many times to clean her body completely. Eventually, those manipulations made Kate excited and she instinctively started playing with herself. The girl slowly closed her eyes and bit her lower lip in anticipation as her both hands cupped her ripe tits and gave them a little squeeze.

She threw her head back, parted her lips and let out a moan of pleasure. Kate went on squeezing the boobs. Her fingers kneaded the already hard nipples. At that very moment Kate was dreaming of JD playing with her body. She imagined his strong hands squeezed her ripe boobs with his scored palms and his mouth sucked the nipple in, one after another. The girl looked forward to him going down to her wet-dripping pussy.

Even her sick imagination couldn't give her a hint what that dominant character could do with her. JD was her dreamboat. He was 17, tall and broad-shouldered.

The body was well pumped-up and covered with several tattoos. It wasn't surprising that nobody wanted to be in his way.

Nobody could stop him. JD dropped out of school for beating teachers and students to death. None of Kate's ex-boyfriend was like him. JD was older by 2 years and he always did whatever he wanted. The guy felt like a dominant and it made Kate wet. On top of that, the girl hadn't ever imagined that a cock could be so huge. It was about 12 inches and very thick in girth. She could hardly take its head inside her mouth.

How could she suck it any deeper. The thought of having sex with it freaked her out. How could anyone take that monster in a pussy! All that drove Kate crazy and her neighbour became the image in her frequent masturbation sessions. Like a good girl, she had never masturbated before she met him. On a sudden, the idea of seeing her would-be boyfriend led Kate out of that trance and she opened her lust-filled eyes.

She didn't know how it happened but her hands were instinctively playing with the body. Her left hand kept on squeezing the left breast as the right one rubbed the swollen clit.

Who would believe that a 15 years old girl could do such dirty things! Kate trembled on the verge of a coming orgasm but she managed to take her hands off the body.


Being with JD together in reality was preferred to dreaming about him. Kate wanted to believe that JD and she were a couple, a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The teenager turned off the shower and she was ready to head back for her room. Opening the door a bit, Kate looked around. Her mother was still heard doing some stuff at the kitchen. The girl rushed to her room. Getting inside, Kate closed the door and caught her breath. The girl stood in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection.

There was a 15 years old girl. She was not tall. Her angel's face was framed with shoulder-length red hair. Her starring eyes and pouting lips could make every man's head turn. The body was slim and luscious with a nice set of perky tits. The nipples were still hard and protruding, asking to be sucked. A flat stomach was decorated with a nice piercing.

The girl's tender legs were long and elegant. Between those legs there was a well-trimmed strip of pubic hair with a virgin pussy bellow. The girl turned around and looked at her tight ass that asked to be touched. Instinctively, Kate just slapped it tenderly, leaving a red spot on her bottom. She wasn't a slut but now Kate was extremely excited like a bitch in heat. The teenager was eager to be in the arms of JD again and the redhead looked through her things in the wardrobe.

Kate put some nice articles of clothes on the bed. They were a light T-shirt, a pink bra, a white thongs, white socks and a light cotton pants. It didn't take much time to put them on.

Finally, the girl had been ready for the date. Clair, Kate's mother, stood by the stove, cooking some soup. It was so quiet around the house. On a sudden, the woman heard her daughter running down the stairs. She was so happy for her daughter and she hoped that her daughter and Mike's son JD would be a loving couple. Mike did so much for her family when they were in trouble.

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The man always helped them with money, paid their debts, found a well-paid job for her husband. When Clair saw her Kate, she was at a loss for words. Her naive 15 years old daughter looked slutty a little. Her T-shirt was so tight that her breasts looked protruding. Also it was short and showed her flat stomach and a nice navel piercing.

The cotton pants fitted the girl perfectly but they were transparent a bit that Clair could notice Kate's white thongs. Despite of Kate's appearance, Clair was so happy for her daughter and she said nothing about it. "Baby, JC asked you to help him with the stuff for tonight's party in the backyard," Clair said. "I know it, mom. See you later," Kate said before closing the door behind. The girl wanted to run like the wind but she didn't want to look so desperate.

Besides, it was a good chance to tease somebody on the way to JD's place. Kate decreased the pace and walked, swaying the hips rhythmically. It didn't take much time before the teenager heard some catcalls and wolf-whistles. Kate knew that she was quite a sight. On the way to JD's place, the teenager met his father. He looked so surprised and the girl was pretty sure that her image was the subject of many coming nights of masturbation for that older male.

Kate so much appreciated what Mike had done for her family and she was ready to do anything to meet his expectations.

Perhaps, there would be some time for it. "If Mike liked me," Kate thought, "his son would love me for sure!" Mike had seen many things in his life and fucked many women but he had never seen such a willing girl who was ready for anything to please her loved one. The girl was only 15. What would she be when she was older? The urge of squeezing of his hardening cock was so strong that the man could hardly resist it.

He knew that he would have the chance to use the girl. If he didn't have her with the help of his son, he would have her when she was his friend Ted's prostitute.

Mike envied that his son could put the hands on such a sweet piece of ass. The man only hoped that Clair, mother's Kate, would give him her love.

Kate stopped and Mike said, "Honey, your boyfriend is along in the backyard. Have a good time!" "Surely we would," Kate replied, trying to sound playfully.

With those words they kept on moving in the opposite directions but the man couldn't help turning around to look at Kate's appetite ass. The girl's cotton pants looked transparent a bit and he could notice the white strip of her white thongs' material. On top of that, Kate swayed her tight ass erotically. Mike turned his head and kept on walking. The day was so good that he thought, "If everything goes right, I'll try to talk Ted out of turning Clair and Kate, mother and daughter, into whores.

I think he must do it for his old friend. No big deal!" With that intention Mike stepped inside the Sperlings' house. Clair, Kate's mother, was still there where he had left her before. By the stove, cooking some soup. "Hello again, honey," Mike said. "Hi," Clair replied. The woman got used to her neighbour's familiarity and she found it quite normal, only when her husband was away. Clair knew that there was no point making her loving husband jealous.

The woman was alone in house all day long because her husband Tommy was away at work and her daughter was at school or in the street. Only Mike joined her here and there. Clair was always happy to see him. She was so into cooking and talking that the woman didn't notice how Mike came up to her from behind.

The next moment Clair felt his warm breath and lips on her tender neck. It wasn't the first time when the man did so but she always considered it a little flirt. This time it was lasting longer. Mike kissed her neck tenderly, suck it in a bit. Then his lips went up until his mouth was on her ear lobe.

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It was too much for ever-unsatisfied Clair. The woman felt his strong arms around her waist and she needed stop all that before it went too far.

Clair tried to protest, saying, "I'm not that type of a woman. I love my husband…" But those words fell on deaf ears. Mike's mouth smothered them. The woman instinctively let it happen. She leant the back of her head against Mike's broad shoulder. The man kissed the woman tenderly, trying to warm her up. It didn't take much for her to start kissing back. Mike's tongue lazily slid inside Clair's slightly opened mouth.

Their tongues started struggling and the kitchen became filled with slurping noises. Clair didn't understand why she was horny. She just wanted this man too much. The woman raised up her arms and enlaced them around Mike's neck behind her.

Clair could feel how his hands held her hips and the man's cock felt hard and inviting against her ass crack. Kissing Mike, the woman imagined what a good well-equipped lover he was. The man's experienced hands tried to untie the waist belt. It got loosen easily and Clair's gown opened. Mike increased the tempo of kissing. Wet-kissing, his hands finally touched the naked skin of his neighbour he had been dreaming of too long. He held her hips tightly, pressing her slim body against his.

Mike wanted her right there. He had to be in a hurry because her husband would be at home soon for tonight's party where his wife's and his daughter's destinies would be decided. Mike's hands went up that luscious body, stopping at every curve. It didn't take much time before they slid under cups of Clair's bra.

The hands gave them a tender squeeze. How long hadn't Clair felt it? Her husband was too much into his work that he didn't have time for his loving wife. Unlike Mike, he was romantic and did whatever Clair said to him.

On the contrary, Mike was a real dominant, taking whatever he wanted. Like father, like son. Mike could feel Clair's hot breath as he squeezed those ripe tits. The nipples were real hard and they were stuck between his strong fingers. The man twisted them and he could hear a nice moan of pleasure. It was quite obvious that the woman wouldn't resist his attempts of having sex with her.

Mike would fuck Clair, his son would fuck Clair's daughter. Perhaps, they would even swing them. Clair put oneself together and broke the kiss. She wanted to reason with him but she failed. Gasping, she turned around and opened her mouth to protest, but Mike put his mouth on the horny woman harder. His tongue darted immediately and his body pressed hers against the wall. The man's hands grabbed that appetite ass of hers and they lifted Clair in the air.

The woman couldn't resist temptation and enlaced his waist with her slender legs. Then Mike carried her like that to a dinner table. He made Clair sit on it. The woman had lost her mind and she didn't matter what consequences of it would be.

Clair was being devoured with lust. She kissed her partner like there was no tomorrow and she didn't care that he unhooked her bra. When Clair was bra-free, Mike broke the kiss and brought his hungry mouth to those perfect protruding mounds. They were red from mauling and the nipples were swollen and hard.

The woman leant back on her elbows on the table board. Her legs were still around Mike's waist. Clair moaned as her neighbour sucked the right nipple in, squeezing both tits. As Kate's mother was cheating on the husband, the girl stepped inside her boyfriend's house. She was there many times but she couldn't still get accustomed to it. The house was considerably bigger than that the girl lived in. There was luxury everywhere: furniture, technique, decoration. The sliding glass doors led to the backyard.

Everything was ready there for tonight's party: tables were set, grass was mowed, the pool was cleaned and filled. JD was in a swing bed while he waited for Kate. The guy was sure as hell that she would come.

And he was right. As soon as he had seen her in the backyard, JD was shocked at her appearance. He instinctively squeezed his cock in the jeans and it was hardening already. The guy bit his lower lip in anticipation and jumped to his feet. Kate was happy to see that JD appreciated the way she looked. The girl hoped to be his girlfriend and she understood she would when JD put his arms around her and lowered his mouth to her.

Kate immediately enlaced her hands around the guy's neck. It was a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced with each other as their bodies ground against each other. JD's hand slid down and grabbed Kate's firm ass cheek, pressing her lust-filled body against his tightly. He liked that her pants were thin enough that he could feel the warmth of her skin.

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Breaking that kiss, Kate said, smiling playfully, "It's a two hands touch." JD could believe how naughty the girl was at 15. He surely adored her and he would take many pains to keep her as long as he could.

His both hands slid down her body and grabbed those inviting ass cheeks boldly. The excitement was so high that they kissed like two crazy teenagers. When they broke the kiss, JD motioned the girl to the swing bed. Kate passed him, swaying her ass erotically. JD knew that he had her and slapped her ass cheek slightly like she was a cheap whore. Laughing, those teenagers flopped down on the swing bed. JD sat in the middle and parted his legs widely. His raging cock was aching with excitement.

Kate sat on his left lap and her legs rested along the seat. The guy's hands slid all about her body slowly as they talked in whispers.

"You know, baby, many prosperous people would be at tonight's party. One of them is our friend Ted who has got connections with model agencies. You wanna be a model, aren't you?" JD asked, thinking about that pimp who wanted to take her away from him.

"Yeah. I'd love to." Kate replied and her eyes shone with a possibility of becoming a covergirl. "Then you mustn't miss this chance. You just can't fail it!" the guy recommended.

His hands roamed along that curvy body of the girl all the time. His palm stopped at her crotch and he could feel its wetness through the pants' material. JD wanted to play. The guy made a motion and Kate got the hint. She spread her legs so that the right one was still on the swing bed but the left one hung loose. The girl couldn't believe that JD boldly played with her pussy through the pants.

What if she wore a skirt? "I wanted to ask, stud…" Kate started. "Go ahead!" he said, moving his finger tightly along the material-covered slit. Even his finger became wet a little. The girl was a natural-born slut. "We're just… having fun," moaning, she said. "Or we… are a couple?

Like… a boyfriend and a girlfriend?" "Haven't decided yet. You should prove it," JD explained. "I don't want a fucking shy girl." "I can prove that I deserve to be yours," Kate said with high spirits. The girl hurriedly got off the swing bed and sat on his laps, facing him. She laced her arms around his neck and kissed JD on the lips.

The kiss was gentle. Kate just sucked his lower lip in and pulled it away, nibbling it playfully. The girl tried her best and she had never acted like this before. It was too much for JD and his hands slid under her tight T-shirt.

A moment later the T-shirt didn't cover anything and the hem of it rested with her bra on the top of her ripe tits. The guy squeezed Kate's tits hard, leaving his finger-prints on them. The girl pressed her boyfriend's head tightly against her boobs. JD sucked those nipples as he mauled the tits. Kate was trembling and she ground her crotch against his.

The girl's pants were so thin that she could feel JD's rock-hard cock against her wet-dripping pussy through the material. Kate moaned loudly with pleasure and JD stopped sucking her tits. Grinning, he just looked at the girl. She had bedroom eyes. Without giving it a second thought, JD just gave her heaving tits two light slaps, making them bounce. The guy could see some kind of shock in Kate's eyes because nobody had slapped her before.


"It was going to change," JD thought. "Do you want your slut to suck your cock?" she asked, licking her lips playfully. "Serve you master, cunt!" the guy said, enjoying his part of the play. JD leant back and closed his eyes like the boss of the situation. Kate tenderly kissed his neck, caressing it with her tongue.

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She wetted the tongue and stuck it out. That agile tongue made its way down the body, leaving a wet trail behind. Kate looked up and saw a happy look on JD's face.

She was sure that she was doing well. Her tongue stopped at one of his nipples. Kate put her lips around it and covered it with saliva. The nipple was hard and she sucked it in. Nibbling it a bit, her tongue circled around the nipple.

JD didn't see what Kate was doing. He was only feeling. The girl was on her knees as she gave a special treating to the nipple. The guy would be shocked if he saw Kate frigging her dripping wet pussy at that moment. She was loving it! How much Kate wanted to taste her boyfriend's monster cock! Thinking about it, her tongue moved further. It felt so exciting to feel his washboard. Then she started fumbling with his jeans. It didn't take much time for Kate to unbutton them. JD's a 12" rock-hard cock sprang out and slapped against his washboard stomach, leaving wet spot of pre-cum on it.

The slippery look of the cock made the girl lick her lips in anticipation. She immediately put her hands around the manhood but JD slapped her trembling hands and ordered, "Firsts undo the jeans, slut!" Kate had never been so humiliated in her life. She looked like a filthy whore but she did what she was told.

As fast as the girl could, Kate undid JD's jeans and put them aside. If they were seen, it would be quite a sight. There was a couple of loving teenagers in the middle of well-arranged backyard.

A naked boy was in the swing bed like some dominant and a horny girl knelt before him like a slave. JD's cock drove Kate crazy. The guy spread his legs so wide that the girl could be between them. The cock was rock hard and sticky with pre-cum. The balls hung like two stones Kate tried to hold the shaft with both hands but the cock was too massive for her grip. Its veins pulsated under the girl's palms.

The redhead opened her nice mouth and stuck her tongue out. Kate looked up at JD and saw that he didn't protest it. Finally she gave the head of the cock several long licks and JD let out a long moan "Yeahhhhh!" It was a good sign and the girl started working it out. Kate's tongue was covered with JD's sticky pre-cum in no time. The girl liked the taste of cum and she closed the eyes, enjoying it.

Her tongue swirled around the piss-hole, collecting more that sticky liquid that appeared out of it. The head of the cock glistened with Kate's saliva soon. The girl tried to jerk the shaft a bit but the boyfriend stopped her.

"You should make the shaft wet before jerking it off, cum slut!" JD said. Like a good slave, the girl followed anything what she was told. Kate grabbed JD's cock by its base, peeling the skin back off the head. The redhead wetted her tongue and stuck it out again. The girl started licking the shaft, up and down. At first the licks were shy but then she got used to it and gave long licks.

Kate was so much into it that she didn't notice that JD was watching her. Although it sounded like a dirty game, the naughty boy gave her the first lesson on pleasing a male. Blowjob. JD knew that it was not necessary to force her when Kate was so ready to please him herself. The important thing was not to press too hard. The guy just used the thing she called love. Meanwhile, Kate's mother Clair was experiencing something like that. Mike stopped sucking on those nipples and stood up, looking at what he had done.

The boobs were red from squeezing them hard and the nipples stayed swollen after that intensive sucking. Staring at them, the man was unbuckling his pants. Clair's lust-filled eyes glanced at the belt. She was smart enough to understand that her neighbour wanted to get laid or to get sucked. The woman preferred fucking to sucking but she would never forgive herself for cheating on her husband. So she got off the table board and knelt down before Mike.

His pants were around his knees. Mike wore briefs and the outline of his cock was clearly seen. The size of it frightened that housewife. It was a 9 incher. The cock was much bigger than her husband's. If that cock frightened her, what would she say about the cock her daughter was servicing at that moment? Tommy, Clair's husband, was the only man in her life.

The woman wasn't too experienced at sex. She tried the usual stuff and blowjobs or handjobs were out of question. Clair sucked Tommy's cock too seldom, about a couple times a year. And now, like a common whore, she was going to suck the neighbour's cock. She pulled the briefs down and Mike's cock was in several inches from her face.

Clair grabbed it and took the head of it in her mouth. It tasted salty and sticky. The woman had to open her mouth so wide that her jaws became sore pretty soon. Clair tried to relax as her tongue swirled around the dickhead.

It was hard for her to swallow the cock any deeper and she slowly jerked off that hard meat. More pre-cum appeared on the piss-hole and the tongue licked it away. Clair's jaws got accustomed to the size a little after a while and she could swallow the cock deeper.

The woman got into it and she began enjoying that cock-sucking. Her tongue swirled around the dickhead and the shaft. Mike's cock slid in and out of her hungry mouth. Slurping sounds of cock-sucking and a possibility of being busted by Clair's husband Tommy drove Mike crazy.

The neighbour thought about his son doing Kate. All that was too much for him. The man couldn't bear it any more as he felt his cum boiling in the balls. Mike put his hands on the back of the woman's head and he started doing rhythmical moves. That kind of blowjob had shocked Clair. Her husband had never forced her suck his cock. Clair usually sucked the head of his cock and she hadn't even swallowed any deeper.

This time was her first time when she had almost 4 inches of the manhood inside her mouth. The woman couldn't believe that Mike wanted to drive the entire cock into her mouth.

It was impossible. Clair started panicking and pressed her palms against the man's thighs, hinting that it was too much but she heard amidst his throaty moans, "Faster, honey, I can see your husband's car approaching the house." Mike wasn't afraid of Tommy because he could fire him and the whole family would be out of money. The Sperlings hadn't repaid all their loans yet and they couldn't afford to forfeit the source of income. Being of getting busted was an extra stimulus for Clair.

The woman just let Mike fuck her sore mouth. Gagging, Clair was deep-throating that big cock. The huge head hit against the back of her throat as the man impaled her head on his raging cock. Clair thought she heard her husband's steps by the house as Mike suddenly froze. The hot stream of cum hit against the back of her throat and Clair startled but the strong grip of Mike's hands held her in position.

Then the streams followed one after another, coating the throat. Clair desperately tried to swallow all that stuff but some of that poured out in the corners of her mouth. Finally, the streams had stopped and Mike's wasted cock slid out. Clair covered her full mouth with hands so that not a single drop left the mouth.

It just could stain the floor and Tommy could guess something. So the woman rushed to the bathroom to brush the teeth. The woman did it in time because she heard the front door opened and the men said "Hi" to each other.

Clair closed the door and leant over the sink. She took away her hands and opened the mouth. A pretty much cum poured out of her sore mouth. The woman felt dirty and brushed her teeth. Clair was fixing the disorder and she heard Tommy and Mike talking and laughing. Perhaps, the topic of conversation was about tonight's party where many prosperous people would be. When everything was done, Clair went downstairs. "Is Kate in?" asked Tommy. "No, darling. She's with JD in backyard.

You know how much she's in love," Clair said, holding her loving husband's hand. "I'm so sorry," he said to Mike. "But can you remind her about going to the pool today?" "Certainly, mate," the neighbour said, shaking his hand.

"I'll go and tell her. See you later, guys." With those words Mike left the lovebirds and headed for his house. The day was fine.

He knew that it was the beginning of his relationship with that woman and the man was pretty sure that his son would take care of the Sperlings' daughter properly. He wondered how they got along. Mike entered the house and sat on the sofa. It stood in front of that glass door and the man could see the most part of the backyard.

It goes without saying that Mike could see the loving teenagers over there.


His son sat on the swing bed and Kate was between his legs. It was clear what she was doing. Her head was bobbing up and down. JD's shaft glistened with saliva.

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Kate was in a slutty mood and she wanted to try what she had never done before. The girl lowered her mouth to his hairy balls. Holding the shaft of his cock, she gave the balls a lick. Kate immediately felt how they tightened.

"Oh yeah, baby. Don't stop!" JD moaned. Kate was happy to please JD. She wasn't afraid of doing the dirtiest things with him. Unlike her ex-boyfriends, he had never judged her. The guy was open-minded. He was the one she needed so much. Kate got down to licking those balls, giving them a tongue bath.

The tightening of the balls excited her and she sucked one in a bit. It brought a long moan of pleasure from her boyfriend. The girl sucked those balls, one after another. It was too much for JD and he couldn't bear it any more. He jumped to his feet and whispered, "Don't swallow until you are told so!" Kate opened her mouth wide and stared at the guy's hand stroking that 12" hard cock.

A stream of cum hit her mouth in a moment. Then again. And again. Her mouth was full of hot cum in no time. Wasted, JD flopped down on the swing bed and watched Kate. She was a real knockout. As that 15 years old girl fixed her bra and T-shirt in place, Mike told her, "Babe, I want you to go to your house, take a picture of your mouth full of cum and sign it "Cum dump." Then you should send it and do it real quick." Kate nodded and turned around to leave.

Humiliated like a used whore, she walked through the glass door. The girl was shocked to see Mike there. What if he saw anything? What would he think about her? "Sweetie, your parents asked to remind you about the pool. You should be there." Mike said. When Kate passed him, the man whispered, "Quite a show!" With those words Mike slapped her ass and laughed. The girl could say anything because she had a mouthful of cum.