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Silent Submission I've always been the quiet shy kid. That and having to move 3 times during high school crippled my social life. I'm 6 feet tall, short brown hair that curls when it gets long, brown eyes and broad shoulders. I'm straight and homophobic to be quite honest. I had a girlfriend back in California in 8th grade but it was really nothing serious, just someone to walk with during classes.

In my high school in Arizona, I did manage to meet a few friends in a job club which offered school credit for having a part time job.

They hooked me up with a sweet job at a retirement home. It was there I met one of my closest friends I've had in my life. Randy was my co-worker. He was taller than me but also really skinny almost lanky. He had a good sense of humor but he was a bit of an ass in the manners department.

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He would mock me often, call me a 'goober' and stuff like that. My first impression of him was he was a bum kind of a jerk but a funny jerk nonetheless. Definitely the laziest person I've ever met.

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But I knew I could tolerate him since this job was so easy and convenient. It wasn't until he invited me to come smoke pot with him that our friendship really kicked off. Its been 3 years now since we really started chilling. 3 years of pot, arguments over pot and shit talking on call of duty.

Our friendship was a weird one. We smoked pot regularly but we were still prone to arguments. Randy was very competitive. He would try to one up me all the time. He would frequently walk around shirt less with a pair of sweat pants and basketball shorts pulled over them. I wasn't attracted to him, I was straight. He looked like a holocaust victim after thanksgiving to me. He told me 'you suck' any time I played on his xbox, the usual Call of Duty lingo.

Lately, he's been saying that a lot though. I think he thinks he's pushing my buttons. Its not unknown to him that I haven't had a girlfriend since I met him. It took one Friday night to totally change our friendship. I was at his house playing xbox sitting in his xbox chair which allows for a really laid back position.

I wanted to smoke the last of the pot in the pipe but I had to get up to reach it. I got on my knees and reached for the pipe and grab it. I swing my head around to get back in the chair only to smash right into Randy's crotch. He was in his boxers so he must have been changing or something and I hadn't noticed. He howled and grimaced clutching his junk falling onto his bed.

"You just smashed my balls with your face dude, fuck" he said trying to fight his smile. I just watched him while I was on the floor while I brought the pipe to my lips to cash the bowl. "what the fuck kyle…" he said in a semi-serious tone as he marched into the bathroom. Before I could even exhale randy burst out of the bathroom stark naked with his junk in plain view.

"Dude kyle, you bruised my left nut!" he said with a big smile grabbing his 6 " flaccid dick trying to move his balls to show me. I immediately started to get to my feet feeling vulnerable on the floor. I was gonna ignore him and take my seat in the xbox chair.

Randy is not the type of person to be ignored when he thinks he's being funny. He approaches me in the chair his dick flopping from side to side. "See! See the bruise" he asks his dick right in my peripheral vision. "Are you fucking kidding me asshole?" I said as I looked him in the eyes as he towered over me. "It's right there!" he said mockingly pointing to his nuts.

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It was hard to look him in the eye and keep a straight face. I turned away and continued to die hopelessly in Call of Duty. Just then Randy wiggled or something. His soft dick swung right around and hit me on my cheek. Randy backed away laughing. I was stunned at his boldness and angry at him too.


"Dude! I'm gonna beat your ass!" I threatened with no real resolve. Before I could get up Randy walked back in to bathroom. Shit I thought. We usually smoke in the bathroom to minimize the smell.

Not wanting to miss out I went and knocked on the door. "C'mon man," I said leaning on the door in my stoned stupor. "Didn't get enough kyle?"Randy asked through the door. "Dude shut the fuck up and let me in you owe me after that shit," I demanded.

The door opened too quickly. I fell flat on my face. "Hahahahahaha!" Randy was cracking up now. I looked up at him as he once again towered over me stark naked with an 8" boner looking down at me. "What the fuck?" I asked confused. "You want to smoke here you go dude," he said grasping his duck and pointing it at my face. I knew it would be bad to stare at it so I tried to get to my feet but this bathroom was really small and randy had shut the door behind me somehow.

I struggled to my knees with my back against the door. I saw Randy take two steps forward. His cock squished right up on my lips. My eyes followed the length of the shaft back up to his pelvic region.

I jerked my head backwards away from his dick but I smashed the back of my head on the door. I turned my head and stood up abruptly. I was furious. I pushed Randy with all my might. It sent him flying in to the bath tub. I stormed out and left him laughing trying to get up. I was angry and confused. My own boner was straining in my shorts. The smell of randy filled my nose.

I thought about just walking out and going home. I didn't want to just leave cause I thought it would be too dramatic. I dragged my stoned self into the xbox chair again and began to try my chances again. "Kyle?" Randy bellowed still in the bathroom.

"Kylllllllllle???" I fully intended to ignore him. "Oh good your still here, of course you are," he said entering his room once more. He was still naked! Godamnit Randy leave me alone I thought. "You gonna finish what you started right?" he asked with comical sincerity. I looked at him with a quizzical look then my eyes followed his chest down to his raging boner. "See you know you want it." He said approaching me in the chair.

Before I could react Randy swung his right leg over the chair standing directly over me in the chair. His junk hung in full view of me, silhouetted by the light of the TV. I started squirming in the chair looking up at Randy. "Just chill dude…" He said pushing his boner slowly towards my mouth. I looked him in the eyes expecting him to stop any second.

He didn't. Once again the tip of his dick touched my lips. I spasmed backwards tipping the recliner. Randy swooped forward to use his hands to grab the back of the chair. He stopped me from falling back wards. He stood crouched over me his boner pointing right at me. Randy pulled the chair further up into a regular sitting position.

This forced his dick to come at my face like a torpedo. Contact again. Randy gasped. I scowled and turned my head in defiance but that was the extent of my actions. I knew I should be throwing him off me and beating his face in. I was letting him continue. Randy stood up straight again. "Dude&hellip." He said looking at down at me.

His dick swung less than an inch from my face. My eyes were locked onto it. His balls seemed huge to me. "Its already kissed you dude just…" he reasoned. I couldn't believe him. I couldn't believe my self. My own silence as he stood in my face with his dick swinging by my lips and nose.

The silence was almost as toxic as the smell. My eyes were locked on the rod. It seemed magnificent and glorious. "Just watch your teeth," he said. What??? What does he think hes gonna- My questions were answered immediately. I watched in slow motion as Randy's hips swing forward, his dickhead parted my lips. My jaw opened. My jaw opened!!

What the fuck??? This can't be happening.

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I was actually listening to him. "Ohhhh yeah that's right," he sighed his dick resting on my tongue. Suddenly Randy grabbed my head with both hands.

My hands gripped him tightly the pressure on my head frightened me. The smell of penis flooded my nose. I watched the 8 inches of dick enter me. I opened my jaw wider. "That's it dude, just take it, take it all," he panted. I couldn't see his face. My eyes were in a tunnel vision focused on the pelvic region drawing closer to me pushing his boner down my throat.

I felt the head of his dick pass over my tongue. The veins of the shaft slid easily past my lips. The scent was growing stronger. I felt the dickhead graze my gag reflex and I grew frightened as my throat contracted. Randy must have sensed my hesitation and he began withdrawing his dick. I tried to look for his face. We finally made eye contact. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked with a straight face. He pulled back till the tip of his dick rested on my tongue.

I looked back down at the dick before me. "Here It comes again Kyle" His grip on my head was intense. He plunged his dick even deeper this time. I gagged but he kept pushing. I could feel the head of his dick bend at the back of my throat. More of his cock slid into my mouth. My eyes were watering from the intrusion. My focus was on breathing. When I did open my eyes I only saw Randy's shaved pubic region not one inch from my eyes.

My throat had stopped contracting my I had yet to find a steady breathing pattern. "Oh that feels great," Randy grunted. He held me there. My breathing returned to normal despite having a boner lodged in my throat.

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How could this be really happening I thought. How after two years of totally straight friendship do I all of the sudden have Randy's dick deep down my throat. These thoughts buzzed in my mind as Randy withdrew his dick again. He only pulled out half way this time then he slammed it back in hard.

His balls slapped into my chin hard and rested there. He repeated this several times. I could hear him grunting. "Oh fuck!" randy exclaimed.

Randy's grip on my head was starting to hurt. I almost couldn't breathe. My nose was filled with his smell. His balls were churning, actually contracting on my chin. I could feel his muscles tightening. I couldn't hear him breathing anymore. His dick pulsed on top of my tongue. The head of his cock was well down my throat as it spewed Randy's jizz all over. I could feel the warmth and it slid down towards my stomach.

"Jesus!" Randy bursted out loud as he pushed his dick as far as it would go. "Ungh,……ungh&hellip.ungh" Randy grunted each time his cock spewed more jizz.

He was holding me tight on his dick rocking me with small minilunges from his orgasm. "Holy shit kyle that was awesome!" Randy said panting. I tried to look at him but I couldn't because to his grip.

He loosened it just then. The shaft was softening in my mouth. He began to slide it out. I gasped for oxygen. Randy's dick glistened with my spit. I made eye contact with Randy. "Holy shit Kyle, I just fucked your face………&hellip.Say something." I just looked at him. What the hell do I do? "What the hell-"I coughed a little, feeling the jizz move in my throat. "you just sat there dude," Randy interrupted.

Randy swung his leg over the chair and collapsed on his bed. I hadn't moved.My face was sweaty. I could taste&hellip.well I don't know how to describe it. Salty,Pot…Randy. He was on his back, spread out naked on his bed. I couldn't see his face. He propped himself up on his elbows. He was looking at me with an annoying grin. My eyes just couldn't help but trail down his chest down to his six inches of dick lying over his left nut.

"Just admit it Kyle, you're gay," Randy said with his grin breaking into a smile. I stood up. I couldn't look at randy.


My eyes stayed on the ground. "Pl-please don't tell anyone," I sheepishly pleaded. "You're secrets safe with me Kyle Haha." "thanks" "Oh you quite welcome," he said with a chuckle "What now?" I asked. For the love of god why are you still naked Randy?

Once again my eyes followed his body down to his dick again. There was a certain masculine beauty about him in the current pose and he looked at me. No! No, I thought. I shut my eyes mentally punishing myself for those gay thoughts. "Well, if you're done staring at my dick, and sucking it too then ill take my turn on the xbox." I curled my fist in anger as I took a seat on his bed and he took a seat in the xbox chair.

"Aren't you gonna put some clothes on man?" I implored. "I kinda like the way things are going for me in the nude today," he laughed, "What's the matter can't stop staring at my dick?" he added smiling at me. This is just great. As if our usual tough guy banter wasn't obnoxious enough now I had to deal with him knowing I had just swallowing his boner and his gunk in silent submission. We didn't speak. After 15 minutes Randy was getting frustrated with Call of Duty.

Each time he died he would rub his now semihard dick a little bit. I watched him intently. Deep in thought my mind still trying to grasp what I had done today. Randy glanced at me.

"Sup kyle, what are you doin?" he said smugly. I was lost in thought and it took me 6 seconds before I formulated a response. "Just thinkin," I said. "I'll bet you are. Lot to think about." He chided. He began to rub his dick. It's thick 7 inches almost reached his belly button. "Dude you've been staring at my dick ever since," he caught me. "I can go again kyle. Is that what you want?" His smile spread ear to ear. I was angry at him but I couldn't bring myself to say no. Eye contact again. I was speechless.

"Well?" he pushed.

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He sat forward and stood up to face me. My eyes were glued to the ground with quick glances at his now fully erect boner.

"Hellooooo?? Kyyyyyyle??" he said as he wiggled his hips swinging his dick clumsily. I was forced to look him in the eye. "Seriously if you're not going to use that mouth then I will Kyle," his smile beaming down at me. I hung my head in utter shame.

"Get on your knees Kyle," Randy demanded grasping his dick. I didn't move at first. But my body totally betrayed my mind, my dignity. Without looking up I slid down to my knees. "That's what I thought." I could see the shadow of Randy's dick on the floor directly beneath him. It bumped into my forehead. "Give me your hand!" he demanded. I did. He quickly moved my hand directly to the base of his shaft.

It felt hot and alive in my hand. I still hadn't picked my head up. Randy guided my hand back and forth. His skin enveloped his penis as I tugged him and then retracted to reveal an expanding head with a smidge of pre-cum. I had raised my eyes to face the tool that had destroyed my dignity, my masculinity, my sanity in all but 30 minutes. "Mmmkay open up," Randy blurted as he threw my hand away to point his dick at my lips.

The shaft glared at me menacingly with veins trailing down to those two golf-ball size balls dangling below. With his other free hand Randy grabbed the top of my head and pulled me forward. The dick made contact with my lips just before I opened up, smearing pre-cum all over them. The head of his dick rested on my tongue for the second time. I had to admit I was totally turned on as Randy braced my head with his 2nd hand and began pushing his cock down my throat.

The view before me was astonishing. In a single thrust Randy shoved all eight inches of his meat down my mouth. Randy bottomed out in the first thrust.

I couldn't believe I was blowing my friend again. I saw the cock sink into me until the only thing to see was Randy's torso was not one inch from my eyes. I barely even gagged once. "Mmmm just as good as last time," Randy grunted as he began to withdraw. His cock slowly slid out of my throat. He pulled out too far and the glistening cock started bobbing on my lips and nose. Randy did not let go of my head.

"Lil' help kyle?" Randy asked huskily. I finally looked at his eyes again. He had a genuine look of need on his face. Without breaking eye contact I grasped his dick. I pointed it at my mouth and placed the tip just past my lips. Not half a second later, Randy's boner was down my throat again. The force of his thrust was too much. I could feel tears building up.

"Oh that was abit too hard hehe sorry," he apologized as he withdrew again for another thrust. He started humping my face at a slow steady pace making sure to bury as much as he could with each thrust. His balls clapped lightly with my chin. I had managed to catch my breath. What a sight I was seeing. Randy's toned torso swung that dick in and out of my mouth with ease. The sight of 8" of veiny dick appearing and disappearing before my eyes combined with the intense smell of man.

It was clear this time Randy was going to last a lot longer this time. I couldn't see a clock. I had completely lost track of time as Randy face fucked me. A small trail of drool fell from my lips to my chin.

I wanted Randy to cum. I wanted him to release but he just kept humping away with seemingly infinite stamina. "Oh this is the best!" Randy gasped rolling his head up at the ceiling while continuing to thrust. I was lost in lust as I watched Randy's balls imagining the amount they would produce this time. Randy's breathe was quickening however he had changed tactics.

His pelvic muscles weakening he resorted to using his hands to move my head up and down his shaft in tune with his small mini-thrusts.

"Hope you're ready for this kyle…!" With surprising strength, Randy slammed his dick so hard into my mouth it hurt. "Ungh………ughn&hellip." One last bit of effort, randy used his hands to hold me tight on his dick. His breathing had stopped. I could feel his muscles tightening. His testicles drooped on my chin; pumping and pumping. My heart was racing and it seemed loud as hell.

It seemed my heart beat matched the pulsing of Randy's dick as it writhed and throbbed. I opened my eyes only to stare directly at Randy's pubic region. The inevitable had arrived. I could feel wave after wave of Randy's jizz filling my throat. I coughed a little causing Randy to snap out of ecstasy to watch me. He was curious to see me deal with his load. Still pulsing in orgasm, Randy released his hands from my head, his boner still lodged in me.

I began to pull my head back making sure not to graze the shaft with my tongue. As it withdrew from my throat I made eye contact with Randy. I was confused by his expression but I still had the urge to go down on it once more. And so I did. Free of any influence, I willfully leaned forward causing his dick to expand my throat once more.

"Mmmm&hellip.you like that don't you?" randy moaned. I bobbed my head on his dick twice more before grabbing it with my hand and pulling it out with and audible plop! I looked up Randy who was watching me. "what time can you come over tomorrow?" he asked.

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