I love to fuck myself

I love to fuck myself
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For a whole month I wore my cock out in Fiona and Alice's filthy holes, whilst Alice was at work and getting treated like a slut by Paul I was at home treating Fiona like a slut. When Fiona went work I'd fuck Alice's pussy, arse and mouth until they all leaked spunk. The times I looked forward to most though were when Alice returned from work and weekends. I loved making either one sit on the end of the bed or opposite sofa fingering their pussies or tight little asses as I slammed my thick cock up the other in front of them.

How I'd get them naked and on all fours side by side on the sofa, two wet and warm cunts juicing up ready for my thick girth, two tight twitching assholes ready to be ripped open by my engorged tool. To me they were just Two filthy fucking whores that were only good for sucking and fucking before getting covered in sticky spunk. Now I loved fucking Fiona and Alice but I also loved to see them being fucked as well so after a month of mother and daughter heaven, I decided it was about time that everybody else should be able to enjoy the mother and daughter slut combo.

My obvious thoughts were to take both these sluts up the lane and let the farmer enjoy them together, or I could drop by Alice's work and let Paul in on the mother and daughter action. The only problem was I was worried that because we live in a small village, (and I do mean small, we only have one small little school and about two shops!) that if Paul opened his gob to anybody in the pub then the whole village population of about five hundred would soon hear about it.

Fuck it I thought, what did I care if people found out? I wasn't the married respectable women who held down very high positions wherever she worked and a lot more to lose.

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When Alice had left for work on the Monday evening I phoned Paul up on his mobile. "Hey Paul" "Hey what's up?" "After work tonight don't go fucking that slut Alice, meet me up the lane right at the far end same place as last time.

I've got a nice surprise that I think you're going to like" "Okay, sounds good to me. See you about eleven o clock" After finishing on the phone to Paul I scrolled down to the number that the farmer had given me and pressed dial. After seven rings he answered in his gruff voice. "Yeah, who's this?" "It's me" "What can I do you for?" "Be down the lane tonight anytime from 10:45, got a nice little surprise that I think you'll enjoy" "I'm there, bye" It was only 7pm so after watching Fiona's useless excuse for a husband stagger to bed and fall in to a deep drunken slumber, I stripped my mother in law naked and had her sit on the chest in the middle of the front room with her legs spread wide whilst I lounge back on the sofa watching the Monday night footy match on sky.

Every now and then I'd tell her to finger her cunt or arse or I'd lean forward and give her moist cunt a quick lick.

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I just liked the thought of her sat naked before me, vulnerable to my commands whist her pissed up hubby slept above us. The game finished at 9:45pm, another boring 0-0 draw I'd just sat through.

It was a good job I had Fiona in front of me offering me some sort of entertainment. "Go and get dressed, were going out" "Where are we going?" "Were going to go and meet your daughter and get some fucking cock up your dirty cunts, is that alright with you?

Fucking whore. And wear a short skirt" She came downstairs 10 minutes later in a sexy short skirt showing of her fairly decent legs for a 42yr old. Her big dd's strained against her vest top threatening to spill out. On her feet were her slutty high heels. She was ready alright. We jumped into my motor and travelled the 20 minute journey to the lane in silence.

As we swung into the dark lane Fiona looked across at me and I flashed her a wide smile, she knew she'd be getting some farmer cock up her tonight no matter what. I reversed down into the wide entrance that I'd previously used, making sure I wasn't blocking the dirt track entrance that was adjacent to the two field gates.

As usual I left the headlights on and checked my watch, 10:20pm, they wouldn't be too long. I gave it till half past then ordered Fiona out of the car. "Get round her bitch and suck my cock, we may as well get the party started hey?" Fiona popped the three buttons open on my jeans and tugged them down far enough for my flaccid cock to flop out into the cool night air.

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"Make my cock nice and hard you slut, you know your daughter likes a nice hard dick in her ass so do your best bitch". Fiona took my cock in her left hand and bent forward opening her mouth like a well trained slut. She proceeded to expertly rouse my penis until it was at its full 6" and the girth spread her finger and thumb apart, filling her palm.

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I enjoyed her wet mouth on my cock and the way she played with my bollocks, I doubted that I'd ever tire of my mother in law sucking my dick. Glancing at my watch above Fiona's bobbing head it read 10:37pm.

About three minutes later I spotted headlights bumping down the lane. "Here we go Fiona, you best get your hand of my balls and between your legs making that fucking pussy of yours nice and wet. Our farmer friend is going to want a nice wet cunt to put his cock in" She immediately put her free right hand between her thighs, I heard her panty elastic snap back as she let it go on the opposite side it her pussy lip.

She began moaning on my cock as her finger worked her hole and clit, readying herself for another mans cock yet again. The engine noise got louder and I could defiantly tell it were the farmers Landover roaring up the lane as he covered the last quarter of a mile.

"Is that pussy nice and wet bitch, hey is it fucking dripping wet ready for a nice thick cock?" "Yes.yes it's wet and ready" Fiona managed to pant before swallowing my dick again, just as the farmer skidded into a spot next to me. My attention was soon grabbed by the sound of two heavy doors slamming instead of one.

"Have we got ourselves some fine young pussy to play with tonight then boy?" he grunted coming from round the back of his vehicle. "Oh we got that fucking old slag back that likes it in the fucking ass have we" as he said this he pulled her short skirt up round her waist exposing her smooth round ass and giving it a slap with his rough hand as Fiona continued bobbing her head up and down my cock. "Who's with you?" out of the shadows between the cars stepped a large 6ft man dressed much the same as our regular friend in wax jacket and wellington boots.

"This here's Steve, he's a farmer from the next village I've been telling him all about the two whores you got coming down here. If he aint welcome he says he don't mind watching. But I'm sure this fucking whore here wouldn't mind another cock to play with would she?" slapping her bare arse as he put across his statement.

"Of course not Steve your more than welcome mate, here bitch get up and show Steve your appreciation for turning up and offering to fuck your cunt. Here Steve park yourself there mate" I moved aside and pulled up my boxers and jeans leaving my cock poking out the top.

Steve sat like I had been a moment earlier and watched as some woman who he'd never met unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Once they were pulled down a little his pants soon followed. "Fuck Fiona you see his big cock, you're going to enjoy his big dick in you aint you Fiona" his floppy cock was as long as my thick 6 incher so good knows how big it'd be erect. "Fucking make that thing hard Fiona lets see how big his cock is". Even as we were speaking Steve's cock was rapidly getting hard in Fiona's hand, and I assumed Steve like his mate probably didn't get their cocks felt very often, especially by strange slutty women in country lanes.

Roger the usual farmer stood at the rear of Fiona running his hands over her arse cheeks and down the crack of her arse, pushing his fingers in at her anus and pushing her fingers aside from her cunt allowing his own thick rough fingers to explore her sex.

"So where is this surprise I might like?" "Don't worry Roger; it'll be here soon you just enjoy what I've brought for starters" Fiona was now having her head bobbed up and down Steve's solid 9 inch cock; it was just slightly thinner than mine but was long and solid and covered in dark veins.

His shaft was slick from Fiona's saliva that dribbled from her mouth as yet another strange cock used her mouth. I'd roughly estimate that about 18 or 19 different cocks had used Fiona's holes since she decided to cheat on her husband and become my whore. As roger worked two thick fingers into Fiona's cunt and one up her dry asshole I checked my watch.

It was 11.01pm, Paul should be on his way with Alice then the party would be well underway.


Paul would get the shock of his life when he realised it was Fiona, his employees mother, sandwiched between the two farmers with fingers in her pussy and arsehole sucking on a long cock.

From where Alice worked it'd take Paul a good ten to fifteen minutes to arrive in the lane, so I eagerly awaited 11:15pm.

"God this bitch sucks good cock; you weren't lying were you Roger. Fuck I aint had my cock sucked like this for a long long time" I went and pulled Fiona's arms from her vest then pulled it down her body from her tits pushing it to join her skirt round her waist. "Let's get these titties out shall we Fiona?

There we go that's better". I'd pulled the cups of her bra down allowing her massive tits to fall free and swing loose beneath her as she sucked and licked Steve's penis.

The farmer was concentrating on bringing her off by pounding fingers into both her holes and flicking his tongue round her clitty and arsehole with his index finger knuckle deep in it.

The culmination of cock in her mouth, fingers in her cunt and ass, my hands tweaking her nipples, and Rogers tongue lapping away at her clit and asshole soon had come leaking from her wanton cunt all over Rogers fingers and down her thighs. "Steve this sluts pussy is leaking like a fucking tap, sweet fucking pussy bitch" Fiona had barely recomposed herself from the first orgasm and Roger didn't relent, he removed his fingers and ate her cunt and ass lapping up her juices and lubricating her puckered entrance.

I heard a car engine getting closer and checked my watch again, 11:13pm. Paul and Alice arriving. "Sounds like the surprise arriving; now the party can properly start chaps". Pauls car turned in and parked nose in leaving about a ten foot gap between his bonnet and the front and rear of our cars already parked up. "Leave your lights on Paul; bring that little slut out here" Paul looked at the scene before him with total shock on his face, all he could see was Fiona's ass and pussy being played with by Roger,( who he'd met previously), he had no idea who the bloke was getting a suck of the anonymous woman bent before him.

Paul followed by Alice came and stood in the little fucking arena created by the cars. "What a nice surprise, it's the young slut that I was telling you about Steve, this young bitch don't take it up the arse yet though not like this whore" Roger said sliding a finger back into Alice's mums ass hole.

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"You ready to party Paul?" "Hell yeah" loosening his belt buckle. "We'll get yourself on the bonnet next to Steve there Paul and get your cock out" Paul did as I asked and soon has his floppy cock out that he wanked stiff.


He looked on eagerly at Fiona's head bobbing up and down on Steve's big dick, totally unaware at that moment that it was Alice's mum. I walked up to Alice and ripped her white blouse open exposing her gorgeous pert c cup breasts, then after fondling each one I unbuttoned her black trousers and told her to step out of them. She now stood in her flat shoes and white knickers, four sets of male eyes looked her young body up and down.

"You fancy a pretty young mouth round that cock Steve?" "Damn right I do" "Fiona you fucking whore get out the way, let your daughter have a fucking suck on Steve's dick" For the next few minutes there was a lot of excitement from Steve and Roger, they couldn't believe that these sluts were family, and it was only when Paul recovered from shock that he confirmed the facts.

Fiona was now stood up and wiped saliva from round her mouth. Roger had taken hold of Alice by the arms and positioned her in front of Steve just as Fiona had been. Steve reached out and gripped Alice either side of her face and pulled her mouth down onto his big cock. "Ahhhhhhhh fucking hell, shit I've got a fucking teenager sucking my cock, I'm in heaven" "You wait until you feel how tight her cunt is Steve" Roger was removing Alice's white knickers stopping as they came away from her ass to plant kisses on each of her cheeks.

"I can't wait for this slut to offer up her arse". After removing her white panties he gave them to Steve as a souvenir. He then proceeded to give Alice's tight little cunt the same treatment he'd just given her mothers. Pauls cock was absolutely solid now and looking very left out. "What are you waiting for Fiona, suck Pauls fucking cock" "Show me if you can suck it better than your slut of a daughter Fiona, she sucks very good cock you know" Reluctantly Fiona parted her lips for her daughters bosses cock, and in one quick thrust 8" of meat disappeared down her throat.

For the next ten minutes Paul and Steve enjoyed the mouths of mother and daughter whilst I and Roger interfered with their slutty holes behind them. I worked two fingers into Fiona's anus loosening her up for the anal onslaught she'd receive that night.

Alice came all over Rogers face as his bearded face tickled her pussy area. Then we swapped round. Roger was giving Alice a serious face fucking and making her gag on his cock as it bumped her tonsils. Fiona was doing what she does best on my cock whilst Paul fingered and licks her pussy and arse.

Paul also made Fiona come her second orgasm of the sordid evening. "Steve you better loosen that whores tight arse if your big dicks going to fit inside" "What?" Roger shouted "Did I just here that right?" "You sure did roger; I broke that slut's ass in a month ago, all her holes are there to be used from now on, just like her mother's" "Oh yeah now were talking you little slut, I'm gonna fuck your young ass real good, real fucking good". Paul had finished eating Fiona out and stood behind her lining up to enter her.

He nudged his helmet at Fiona's more than willing wet entrance and pushed himself inside, Fiona let out a long muffled moan as Pauls pubic region mashed into her smooth ass cheeks. "Fuck her hard Paul, she fucking loves it, keep sucking my dick you slut, don't you dare stop".

Paul was humping and puffing away behind Fiona, slapping her arse cheeks and reaching round to grab her swinging titties. I could feel my sperm almost reaching boiling point and held onto Fiona's head and filled her mouth with hot salty seed.

I left Paul with Fiona flat out on the bonnet squashing her big boobs into the car. Paul continued hammering into her from behind, fucking her until she came all over his cock. "Who wants a go on this whore?" Paul asked.

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I was busy watching Roger sliding his fuck stick in and out of Alice's tight cunt, she'd already came twice on his cock and her juice ran freely down her thighs. Whilst fucking her pussy he simultaneously worked a finger into her anus opening it up ready for cock.

"I'll have a go" Steve said, pulling his cock from Alice's mouth, he walked over to Fiona and slapped her ass. "Nice ass whore, turn round and get up on the bonnet".

Fiona did as she was asked and splayed her legs before Steve. Her cunt was red and inflamed after the fucking Paul had given her and she was clearly very wet. "That's a nice wet pussy you got there bitch, nice and wet for my cock". "Arrrrggghhh" Steve drove his solid 9 inches deep into Fiona's well used cunt and built up a nice rhythm, he had to hook his arms round under her knees to stop her sliding up the bonnet with each thrust.

"Here Alice you tramp get your lips round this" without even thinking Alice took Pauls slimy cock in her hand and devoured it like she normally would at the pub. "How's your mums cunt taste you stupid slut, does her come taste nice you daft bitch?" she instantly spat his dick out and tried to spit away the taste.


"Ha ha ha ha " we all laughed "Fucking whores". I stepped in next to Alice and pulled her head back by her hair. "You fucking suck his cock and any other cock that comes near your mouth, got it?" Paul grabbed her head and after slight resistance from Alice she was soon sucking on his length again.

For a few minutes we held these positions and the only noises that filled the quiet night were squelching noises of cocks driving into wet pussies and muffled moans of whores sucking cocks. "Maybe mother wants to taste her daughters come hey?" Roger slid his cock from Alice and walked across to Fiona "suck this bitch".

Fiona showed what a total slut she had become by just opening her mouth and excepting his cock, covered in her daughters juices.

"Ha ha the slut doesn't give a shit, she fucking loves the taste of her daughters come". Roger and Steve then swapped places with roger easily slipping his tool into Fiona's well fucked out cunt. Steve was picking Alice up and putting her on Pauls bonnet opposite her mother. He was slowly inching his cock up Alice, 9" was the longest cock she'd had up her cunt and she certainly knew about it.

"Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck" she moaned over and over "I'm gonna come I'm gonna come oh fuck oh fuuuuuucccccckkkkk.shit shit oooooooohhhhhhhh" Alice had her most intense orgasm as Steve's long dick fucked depths of her womb never before reached. "How'd you like that sweet tight pussy Steve? Nice aint it?" "Just beautiful, fucking beautiful" Steve continued sliding his long pole up Alice's tunnel as I pushed her back across the bonnet to suck her tits and rub her sensitive clit.

For the next ten or fifteen minutes me and Steve chopped and changes places fucking her mouth then her cunt hard and fast. Whilst Alice sucked my thick cock I looked over at Paul and Roger who were doing the same thing with Fiona, each fucking into her mouth and pussy. I'd already came once and the other three began to grunt and pant, slowing their strokes down in which ever hole their cocks happened to be in.

"Shhhhiiiiitttttttttt fucking take my spunk you slut" shouted Roger, pulling his cock out and coming all over Fiona's face.

This only spurred Paul on who moments later shot his seed into Fiona's willing fuck hole. Roger and Paul stepped away leaving Fiona spread-eagled on my bonnet with a face covered in spunk and a well reamed out pussy oozing spunk from it.

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They both walked over to Pauls car where Steve was still pumping away hard at Alice, for an old guy of maybe 58 or 59 he had great staying power. Paul and Roger both reached out to maul Alice's tits and rub at her exposed clit all the while watching as Steve's impressive cock slide in and out of her stretched tight hole. With all four of us paying her young body attention she came for the second time on Steve's solid rod.

"This young bitch fucking loves my big cock, twice shes come on my cock" "Give her some come Steve, fill the little whores pussy with some hot spunk, show her mum what a come whore she is". Roger said looking back at Fiona, now standing between the cars looking on as 4 men used her daughter. Looking at Fiona whilst rubbing my cock over Alice's face I pointed my car bonnet, "bend over that fucking bonnet and spread your bum cheeks, it's time you had a cock in your arse Fiona".

She tottered over the gravel in her high heels; her skirt and vest top still round her waist and lay face down across the bonnet. "Now spread your fucking cheeks and tell the men where you want their cocks".

Fiona reached round with both hands and pulled her white ass cheeks apart displaying her wet used cunt lips and tight brown hole.

"Tell them where you want their cocks Fiona" "Please fuck me in the ass, please come and fuck my asshole" Steve told us he was going to come soon so I told Fiona to stay where she was holding her cheeks open until we'd all watched Steve fill Alice's womb with his cream.

She held that position for over two minutes whilst Steve finished off in her daughters battered pussy. Steve shot copious amounts of hot sperm into Alice, I reckon he had at least a years' worth stored up in his big hairy knackers. I and Steve left Alice in Paul and Rogers capable hands whilst we went and had our turn with Fiona. Steve needed a little recovery time after his stallion performance so I took full advantage of Fiona's vulnerable exposed position.

Walking straight over from the other car I aimed my solid meat right at her tight entrance and without breaking stride my helmet bumped into her puckered anus and split her open.

"Arrrrrgggghhhhhhhh you fucking bastard". My helmet was soon followed by 6" of thick shaft until my bollocks slapped against her inflamed pussy lips. "That's it whore fucking scream when I fuck your arse, scream like a filthy whore" I then set about boning my mother in laws bum nice and hard until she came violently, screaming the lane down and soaking her thighs. "Roger bring that bitch over here and lay her down like her mother.that's it, spread your cheeks like your mum Alice, show Paul and Roger that tight little ass of yours.good girl, now tell them where you want their cocks".

"I want your cocks in my ass. Fuck me in the ass". Roger almost bundled Paul out the way in his eagerness to get there first, once there he rubbed his helmet round her asshole then dipped it into her wet pussy for lubrication. "God I've been waiting a long time to fuck your ass bitch, I'm going to fuck you real good". He slowly started to feed his 8 inches into her tightest hole moaning loudly as her rectum was completely filled.

"That's it Fiona watch that man screw your daughters whoring ass, listen to her screaming on his cock" I pulled out and offered Steve Fiona's ass, he was more than grateful and quickly plunged his big cock into Fiona's rectum. I checked my watch; 12:38am, we'd been fucking in the lane for an hour and a half. The only noise that filled the lane now was the moans of mother and daughter getting their arseholes reamed out over the car bonnet by two old farmers.

Both hammered away until they made mother and daughter come; only then did me and Paul get back in on the act. The four of us swapped round on a regular basis each taking a turn in Fiona or Alice's cunt or arse.

I loved the dirty feeling I was getting as I plunged my cock into either pussy knowing that moments earlier it'd been deep in the others bum hole. "Lets D.P these whores" shouted Roger pulling Alice down on top of him slipping his cock up her cunt. "Her Steve get your dick in her ass, split this little slut". He pulled her forward covering his face with her tits and allowing Steve access to Alice's anal passage. "No, no" I shouted across, leaving Paul ploughing Fiona.

"She aint taking two cocks at once tonight, save that for another time, double fuck her mum that whore has taken two before, this little whore aint ready yet". Disgruntled they hoisted Alice off and left her be, they couldn't really argue could they? I allowed them to fuck these women didn't I; Alice will get double fucked when I decide.

"Hey Paul lay down, lets get two or three cocks in this old scrubber shall we?" Paul lay down and Fiona was ushered onto his cock then pushed forward.

"Pull your fucking cheeks apart bitch", demanded Roger in his gruff voice. Once her loosened asshole was easily accessible Roger drove his cock deep into her bowls filling her completely, she screamed loudly trying to get used to 16" worth of cock filling her holes. Fiona hadn't been D.P'd since leaving her old job where she was the office fuck toy. "Steve shut this bitch up, shes got one hole left stick your cock in it".

Fiona was soon full of cock as all three dicks pumped in and out of her slutty holes. I was in heaven watching this. "Get her Alice" I stood her in front of me and pushed her forward kicking her legs apart. "OHHHHHHHH shit, fuck fuck" she cursed as I filled her ass from behind then grabbed as much of her hair as possible and pulled her head up and back, forcing my deeper as I pulled back making her back arch.

"Look at your mum Alice, three fucking cocks in her fucking her brains out, she is such a fucking whore Alice." I slowly fucked Alice's abused bum and made her watch her mother getting tripled by Paul, Steve and Roger. They were quickly changing positions making sure they got a turn in every position before their old spent cocks felt the last load of spunk boiling up. "I'm going to come in your arse now Alice, Umff ummm ummfff fuck fuck fuck arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" I unloaded in her rectum but held her on my cock and walked her bent over closer to her mother.

There I continued to hold her on my wilting cock as the blokes finished off with her mum. Roger pulled out of Fiona's mouth and coated her face with its second or third load of the night, I'd lost count to be honest; all I knew was that she was covered in drying or fresh come and it was dripping from her face.

What a total slut. Paul who was next to come was underneath and shouted to Steve to lift Fiona up. Steve stood Fiona up and bent her forward like Alice and continued to ream out her asshole. Paul had swung round and rammed his cock into Alice's mouth covered in her mothers pussy juice and come down her throat.

What was left in her mouth dribbled from the sides onto the gravel. My cock had wilted and was sliding out of Alice's sticky brown hole, I knelt her in front of me and got her to clean my cock off as we waited for Steve to finish. God this bloke had stamina. After about seven or eight minutes he pushed Fiona off his cock sending her staggering until she regained her balance; he then, like Paul stuffed his dirty cock into Alice's mouth and creamed off down her throat.

He then made Alice clean his shaft which had only just come from her mums asshole. Fucking whores. My fucking whores. Before we all dressed and left Paul had Fiona posing in a manner of different shots exposing their come filled pussies and arses, and close ups of their spunk stained faces.

Paul was collecting quite a good portfolio of my whores for whatever reason. Coming soon.D.P training for Alice and dogging.