Two cute lesbian amateurs lick kiss and suck

Two cute lesbian amateurs lick kiss and suck
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Chapter 3: For next several days I had more or less vanilla sex with Thia&hellip.OK…fucking four inch cunt with right inch cock is always rough, but she loved it.

And day by day she was swallowing more and more of my cock's full length. And I wasn't pressing…well not too much, anyway.

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Frankly, I had big plans with my tiny Thai bitch, and I tamed my internal beast, well, for a time being. Years of domination over boys and girls taught me that Master always get whatever he want, if he gives something back. One day, I got a call from Sora, and went to meet her.

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She waited me at entrance to well known disco bar, wearing black tights so tight one can see every muscle on her legs and ass, and her pussy was so obviously shown that he couldn't wear anything under them.

She also had very tight top, and some small jacket over. Through the top everyone could see her hard nipples. She also had at least six inch heels and platforms. As I approached her I smiled: "Sora, I can tell you one thing…&hellip.I hope you are ready to share that things that I can see…&hellip.Or if you just called me here to tease me, trust me, I am leaving!" She smiled and her pearl white teeth shone in the dark: "Sir, don't worry…&hellip.what you see is yours&hellip.But that is not all Sora have for you……" and she kissed me fully on the lips and rubbed her peach like pussy over my already hard cock.

"Mmmmmm…sir …&hellip.You like Sora&hellip." I took a handfull of her pussy, and bit her lip: "Sir always likes bitches in heat……And Sora is bitch in full heat……" No, I wasn't gentle, and I could feel softness of her inner tights and wetness of her pussy through thin fabric of tights.

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"Yes, Sir&hellip.I am……bitch&hellip.and I have a surprise for you…&hellip." "OK, bitch, let's see your surprise." As we entered, a full noise of rave music hit my ears. OK, to be honest, I positively HATE rave music……but when I saw all those half naked bodies on the floor, I decided to ignore it.

Sora took my hand and we passed around the floor, where I could see that some couples copulated for real, and boys were kissing the boys, and girls were kissing the girls, and there were many naked tits sucked by one sex or another.

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In the corner near the tower of speakers I even saw one boy sucking another. What I couldn't see is anyone older than twenty years…but, OK; to be honest, even Thia could pass for young girl with proper attire and makeup. Sora took me to one curtain: "Sir& is your surprise……" and she pulled me in.

There, in soft red light I could see two girls kissing, and another looking at them with dreamy eyes. "Sora, are they drugged?" She smiled: "A little bit of joint, Sir&hellip.nothing more…&hellip.Which one would you like first?" I smiled, grabbed her hair, and threw her on the desk: "You, my little bitch&hellip." and I unchained my beast, and tore her tights away, and pushed my fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned: "Yes, Sir……please, take your little bitch!" I turned her around, grabbed her tits and called the single girl: "You, whore!

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Lick her asshole!" Girl looked at me with curious look, and I swore. She didn't understand English. I simply took her by hair and pushed her face into Sora's ass. She immediately started to lick her tight hole, and I could see her pink tongue slipping inside. I stripped, and other two girls stripped to, and started to lisc and suck my cock, and my balls. I moaned softly, and threw asslicking whore away and pushed the throbbing head fw my cock onto Sora's wet and soft ass. I leaned over her, as only head of my cock entered the tight hole: "Bitch, now you will feel the real pain!" "Yes&hellip.please&hellip.yes……Spit me like a pig!

Please!!!!" And I did. Full length of my cock slipped inside her ass in one move and she screamed.


One of the naked girls started to lick my nipples, and other put her small, almost childlike pussy on Sora's mouth. I fucked her slowly, taking my cock almost out, then pushing it all inside her. Suddenly, I felt a wet soft tongue licking my ass, licking a full length of crack, and finally entering my asshole.

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I exploded in that tiny tight asshole, and as I pulled my cock out, bursts of sperm were flowing in all directions, and asslicking whore took a full length of it, cleaning it, while two other wolfed drops of my sperm from Sora's body, and even what dripped from her ass. Sora turned to me, with misty eyes: "Thank you sir…&hellip.Thank you for ripping the bitch asshole………" and she kissed me.

"Now, you have three more asses to rip. They are aching for huge cock&hellip.especially this one!" and she pointed at bitch that licked her and my ass, and now was sucking full length of my now softer cock, but, still, it was at least six inches long. And whore deepthroated it like a champion. I smiled, while gently carousing tits of two other girls: "What is so special with this one?" She smiled, and said something in Thai to girl, who stopped her sucking, and stood.

As she stripped, I laughed.

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It was one of Thai ladyboys, tiny, with small tits and cock. "So, you guessed I am bisexual?" She smiled: "Sir&hellip.when boy look like this one, trust me, even fully straight man decide to fuck him&hellip. Or her&hellip.


Call her Jenny. She is seventeen years old, and these are Mia and Pannai……they are eighteen and nineteen years old&hellip.and we all know each other. And, if you want, I have many friends out there, if you don't like them" I smiled: "Some other time.

In the meantime, can we order some drinks here?"