Busty blonde bitch double stuffed by huge black cocks

Busty blonde bitch double stuffed by huge black cocks
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Sighing, Megan gets out of her car and locks it, as she walks up the path to her house. Unlocking the door, she walks in, kicks her shoes off, and throws her keys onto the table there by the door. Turning, she shuts the door and locks it. Having just turned 20, Megan already had her own house and a good paying job.

Yet, she still couldn't find someone to satisfy her nightly hunger for sex. It's not that they didn't want her, she just didn't want them.

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She stood five foot four inches, with long flowing black hair and green eyes. Her slender figure and 34B sized tits, just the perfect handful, was the fantasy of every man who laid eyes on her. After closing the blinds on the main level, Megan makes her way up the stairs to her room, stripping out of her work pants and shirt on the way.


Walking into her bedroom in only her matching black lacey bra and thong, she walks over to her bedside table and opens the drawer, pulling out her trusty sex toys that got her off every night. At an early age, she had started playing with her clit and fingers her pussy, quickly upgrading to using whatever she could find around the house.

From her ice cubes to give her pussy a tingling sensation, to her brush handle for deep penetration, and everything in between.

Once she had turned 18, the first thing she had done was head for the nearest sex shop and bought her her own toys, which she still had and used today. Walking over to the TV, she turns it on and pops in her favorite porn movie. The one that always made her pussy dripping wet. Walking back over to her bed, Megan lies down and watches the TV, waiting for her favorite part to come on that always made her wet. Reaching down, she starts to rub her clit through her thong, imagining that the girl in the movie was her, and the guy's hand was rubbing her clit instead of hers.

Next, she moves her thong aside and grabs her 8 inch vibe and turns it on low, rubbing it up and down her pussy, pretending it was the cock of her lover. For the next half hour, Megan does everything that happens on the porno, from every thrust and cry of pleasure, to every orgasm.

Knowing her favorite part was coming; Megan sits up in the bed and buries her vibe deep in her pussy, so she can ride it during her favorite seen. The video jumps from a girl getting pounded by two cocks, one in her pussy and one in her ass, to a dark basement with a girl tied up, doggy style.

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She was bent over a bench with her hands and feet tied to each leg and a ball gag in her mouth. In walks a man dressed in all black, with a black ski mask on, to give the allure of danger and suspense.


Megan's ultimate fantasy was to be tied up and used as a play thing for a man's pleasure. The guy on the video pulls on the ropes tying the girl down; to make sure she wouldn't get away and leaves the screen.

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A few minutes later he comes back with a, 3 year old, Great Dane and Megan starts to rock back and forth on her vibe knowing what was to come.

The guy pats the girl's back and the Dane jumps up mounting his bitch. After giving a few heartfelt thrusts the Dane's cock finds its mark and buries deep into the girl's waiting pussy.

Feeling the Dane's cock thrust deep into her in a single thrust, the girl cries out in shock around the gag in her mouth. Her pussy never having been so full of cock, let alone dog cock. As the dog continues to fuck his bitch with powerful thrusts, the guy walks around to the front of the girl and drops his jeans.

Moving closer to her, he pulls the gag out of her mouth and thrusts his cock down her throat. The girl chokes and struggles to suck on his cock without throwing up.

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The girl's hot mouth on his cock drives him crazy, grabbing fistfuls of her hair he starts to thrust against her mouth, his thrust in time with the dogs, but the dog having three thrusts for his everyone. Moaning, Megan pulls the vibe out of the pussy and slides it into her ass. Reaching over she grabs a 10 inch vibe and slides it into her pussy. Groaning at the feeling of being full, she starts to rock back and forth on the two cocks while she pinches and rubs her clit, knowing the guy and the dog on the video were both about to cum.

The dog gives a soft bark and the girl gasps around the guys cock, as the Dane unloads shot after shot of his hot doggy cum into the girls soaked pussy.

Watching the dog cum drives the guy over the edge and he cums as well, down the girl's throat, making her gag on his cum as she is forced to swallow it. Megan watches as the dog turns around to be ass to ass with the girl. The camera zooms in on the girl's pussy so the dog and her tied together could be seen.


This is the last straw and causes Megan to go over the edge. She cries out in ecstasy as she orgasms, her body shaking as ripple after ripple of pleasure shoots through her. After orgasming for five minutes straight, Megan slides the toys from her body and shuts the TV off. She washes the toys, puts them away and gets into the shower, wondering when and if she would every find someone who would be into the same things she was.

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Finishing her shower, she dries off and heads to bed, there was no need to wear anything to bed when she lived alone. Lying down, she covers up and falls asleep, dreaming of the day she had had, and dreaming of the day to come.

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