Sexy wife gets slammed hard doggystyle

Sexy wife gets slammed hard doggystyle
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My good friend Gween and I both had two children in the same age in high school. They were best friends and where both on the same baseball team in town. Beleive it or not are husbands were also the coaches of the baseball team. First let me describe myself.

I am 5'9'', shoulder lenght slighty-darkish blonde hair, 130 pounds, 43 years old, and a large B-cup bra size. Gween on the other hand is slighty heavy. She has the same lenght in hair and almost exactly the same color. She weights probably about 160 pounds, and is 47 years old. Although she is heavier she has perfect 36 d's. Anyway, it was about 3 weeks into the baseball season when I began to notice all the hot looking girls and moms on my sons baseball team, just like every year.

One game I was staring at a girls thong for a little bit longer then I should have been. When I turned to my left, I noticed Gween was watching me look at the girl.

She smiled at me and gave a little laugh. I quickly became embarressed when I looked down to see my hard round nipples pocking at my white t-shirt. I wondered if Gween had seen. The next game I was walking from the parking lot to the bleachers, when I noticed that Gween was standing next to a boy's father from our team.

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As I was getting closer I realized that the dad's hand was on Gweens left breast and was squeezing it. I couldn't help but look.

No more then a minute later Gween moved the man's hand away the started walking toward the bleachers. I turned toward the field as the first pitch was about to be thrown and wondered if anyone else had seen what I just saw. I mean they were both married to different people and children. "Hey hon" Gween said.

"Hi, gweeny, how are you?" i replied.

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"Could be better" was her answer. I tried to forget what had happened, but it was hard to forget. We talked to each other and other people from our team, and watched the game.

Finally the game was over. Gween and I usually are first to leave since are husbands talk to the team and we don't like to wait. As we walked out we ran into Dave (the man with Gween earlier). "Hi Gween, hi Donna, how are you." "Good we both said and keep on walking. I turned around to see Dave looking up and down the backside of Gween. We said our good-byes and walked to our cars. Our next game was about an hour away so I rode with my son and husband out to the game.

We got there about 45 minutes early. Other people from are team usually start showing up about 25 minutes before the game so we were early. We got out of the car and walked to the ball diamond. About 10 minutes later Dave and his son got there. My son and his son played catch, while my husband began writing up the games roster. Dave walked over and sat down just a row ahead of me, even the though all the other spots were wide open.

Although I figured out why soon enough. Dave turned around and said "I saw you looking at Gween and I at the start of the last game." I didn't say anything back. "Please don't tell my wife, please".

"Why shouldn't I your cheating on your wife". "I know, but that's the farthest I have gone with Gween, and my wife has been mad lately and we haven't had sex for a while".

I new how he felt, Brian and I had sex for a couple weeks now I thought of it. "Alright but you have to promise me not to have sex with Gween, ever". "Okay anything" Dave remarked. Dave then got up and went to his car.

I then went to use the bathroom. When I walked out of the bathroom I saw that I few people from our team had arrived.

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I noticed Gween sitting on the bleachers next to Dave. "Hi Gween, how are you?" "Good sweatheart, and what about yourself"? "Gooooood" was my answer.

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Gween was wearing black flip-flops, loose black sweat-shorts and a very tight dark red t-shirt in which you could see the outline of her bra. The shirt made her breasts even bigger. I was wearing white flip-flops, grey sweatpants, a white t-shirt that a little tight, and had a blue zip up sweatshirt in case it got cold.

Still having about 10 minutes till the start of the game, Gween remarked that she had to use the restroom. Dave a little bit after also got up and walked toward the bathroom. I quickly got up to follow him.

I walked into the women's restroom. I soon heard the sound of lips touching each other. I pound on the locked stal door.


"Gween can you come out here?" Gween opened the stal door, and tried to sneak out without me seeing Dave. We walked outside and went behind the restroom. "Listen Gween I know about you and Dave, why are you cheating on Frank?" "Dave already told me about the coversation, it's not that I don't love Frank its just the he hasn't been having sex with me lately, and I just need exitement.

Your not going to say anything are you?" Gween asked. "No I guess not" I said. "Great, I promise we won't have sex." Gween then reached over and hugged me tight.

Her giant melons pressed against my breasts and it felt wonderful. We started walking back to the bleachers just as the game was about to begin. The next 4 days I was getting very nervous about the next game.

It didn't help that Brian wasn't having sex with me either. The day finally came, and I was sure I was at the ballpark 30 minutes early just so I could make sure that Gween wasn't with Dave alone. I sat on the bleachers and waited. It was about three minutes til the game when I saw Gween and Dave walking toward the bleachers side by side.

Gween walked up to me in her black shorts, and very tight white t-shirt and black sunglasses with a big smile on her face. Gween sat down next to me, as Dave sat at the other end of the bleachers. "Were where you two?" I asked. "In my van" Gween smiled. "Dave has a much bigger penis then Frank. "What, you two didn't have sex did you?" I asked.

"Of course not, I gave him a blowjob. It tasted great." I couldn't beleive that my best friend was cheating of her husband and I hadn't told anyone. "Yeah and next game Dave is getting some of the other dads too." Gween said still filled with joy.

"Gween you can't your turning into a slut." Just then Gween took off her sunglasses and blew a kiss. I looked toward the direction she was blowing and saw Dave and 4 other dads on the team start to stare at nice body. "Gweeny listen to me, if your with those you'll become a slut." I said. "So what, I love doing anything having to do with sex. Plus you can join in at anytime, if you want." "Gween, I'm not going to cheat on Brian." "Fine, you can just have sex with me." Gween smiled as she looked at Brian.

I looked down at Gween's breasts to see her nipples pocking at her shirt. "What are you""Donna don't try and hide it, I see you looking at almost any women that is attrative." "I'm not going to have sex with you!"I exclaimed. "Alrite it's on the table at anytime though." Gween said, as she stood up, put on her sunglasses, walked behind the bleachers and sat in front of Dave and the other dads. She then put down the back of her shorts just enough to be able to see her red thong.

I usually never masterbaite. But that night after Brian went to sleep, I went downstairs to the bathroom and pulled off all of my clothes. I sat down on the toilet, I then began to think of Gween in her thong. I took to of my fingers and began to rub them on my tight, pink, wet pussy. It felt wonderfull. About 2 minutes later I started to moan. I remembered that my son, daughter, and husband where asleep. I then took 2 fingers and slowly into my pussy.

I tried to not moan in pleasure. I then slowly moved them in and out of my tight wet hole. I became to move faster and faster. I began bucking against the toilet. I hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming.

I went even faster, as I began to thrust the rest of my body against my fingers. I then came, I squelled in pleasure trying not to wake my family. I slowly began to stop bucking. Once I had stopped I put my clothes back on and went to sleep.

Two days later it was time for the baseball game.

I rode with my son and husband again. It took almost an hour to get there. We showed up about 50 minutes till game time. Right behind us was Gween and Frank. As the boys and our husbands went down to the field. I went over to Gween's van and said to her "I want to do it." "I new you would. In about 5 minutes everyone will get dropped off and we will get in my van and find a place." "Alrite" I told her. I then got in the passenger seat.

"Gween you look so fucking hot right now." She was wearing the same red t-shirt as she was wearing almost a week ago. She also had a very reveling black skirt, black sunglasses and high heeled sandals. "Not to bad yourself" Gween said. I had a white shiry that you could see through, which revealed my white bra.

I had on jean shorts with matching white panties, and white flip-flops to match. Only about 3 minutes past when 2 of the dads pulled up. They watched their kids get out of the trucks and go to the field. Then they also got out and went Gween's van. About 5 minutes later the third dad and Dave showed up. "You boys ready to go" Gween asked. "Yeah!", and we drove off. "So Donna are you going to join us?" Dave asked.

"Just Gween sorry boys." About 10 minutes later we found a corn field. We drove behind it and parked the car. We only had 25 minutes to do it before the other famalies would be wondering where we where. Gween got out of the van and pulled off her tight shirt. She had a white bra covering her huge tits. Dave walked up to her and began to french kiss her while squeezing her large butt. Another dad named Alex, went behind Gween and pulled down her skirt.

Gween slipped off her shoes and flipped the skirt onto the ground.


I took one quick look at Gweens shaven pussy and became instantly wet. Alex unhooked Gween's bra. I took my first look at my friends huge breasts. I pulled off all of my clothing. I walked over to Gween and pushed Dave aside. I then started to french kiss very slowly.

All the guys where jacking off and I new it. I then layed Gween on the grass covered ground. I put my hands on her tits and stuck my tongue on her clean shaven cunt.

I began to lick. Gween soon began moaning. "Give me some dicks." Alex and 2 other dads walked over, leaving Dave to sit and jerk off. Gween took 2 cocks and began stroking them with her hands. She told Alex to fuck her tits. I continued eatting her out, first dad began moaning harder and harder. He then came squirting it on her face and partly on the ground. I stuck 2 fingers into Gween's pussy and started to fuck her with them. Gween them started to moan louder.

The second then also came on her face. I looked over at Dave as I stuck a third finger into Gween's cunt. Dave was wacking off hard. I told him to come over and cum inside my pussy. Dave ran over and stuck it in me. I began to grind my pussy against him.

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This made him so horny he came right there. Gween began to buck against my three fingers. Alex moaned loudly as he then came all over the middle of Gween's boobs.

I then dug 2 fingers into my cunt. Gween then screamed in pleasure as she came all over my fingers. I stuck them in my mouth and I then quickly came.

I then fell on Gween and we kissed for several minutes, with our tongues. We then put our clothes back on to be just in time for the game.