Mature amp_ Hairy Ivana Toys Both Holes

Mature amp_ Hairy Ivana Toys Both Holes
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ATTENTION: This is a story out of imagination only. It is intended only for those places in the imagination where we think things that we would never do and would not work out that well in real life.

It is a fiction and intended for entertainment of the private mind only. In Mark's past, the first young one he loved. chapter 4 Mark and Susan It was a few weeks after David and his sister vowed to seduce their parents that Susan came to her brother with news that offered the chance for the kids to make their move on their parents.

Susan's field hockey team had qualified for the regionals which would be at least an overnight trip. All they had to do was set up a reason for mom to have to stay home so that dad would have to take Susan.

Marla and David saw Mark and Susan off to travel for Susan's regional Field Hockey tournament. They could have gotten up extremely early, as some of the kids were going to do, and driven to the tournament. Susan had complained that it would make for a really long day and not much sleep the night before the big day.

She had talked her dad into driving down on Friday night to catch a good nights sleep with a good breakfast to be ready for the game. They arrived at their motel and settled in. Susan knew her dad was planning to take her out to a nice dinner and had brought a nice dress that also had sexy possibilities. It was a gauzy beige that flattered her skin tones and rich brown curls and that caressed her well developed figure without quite being clingy.


When she stepped out of the bathroom in full but understated make up, brown curls on her shoulders, bare shapely legs, and three inch strappy heels, Mark could only stare. The dress buttoned all the way down the middle and reached her knees. She had the top buttons unbuttoned down to where one could see the beginning of cleavage. Mark thought that she must be wearing some sort of push up demi cup bra.

He noticed the apparent cleavage he had not thought his daughter capable of. She had the bottom button undone so that when she walked it would show just a little more of those fully proportioned muscular legs. Her dress caressed her waist and showed off the growing fullness of hip an ass. Just a little eye shadow, naturally long eyelashes, a careful minimum of eye liner, and her natural tan brought her ALIVE. Mark had the thought "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!" This couldn't be a 14 year old girl he rode here with in t-shirt, oversize shorts, and flip-flops.

Susan turned sideways and showed a little leg and smiled. "What do you think.?" "I think there ought to be a law against being so beautiful. It's Dangerous." Mark responded almost in awe. "Maybe I want to be dangerous." she replied With that they were off to a place the reservation clerk had told them about. It was a nice steakhouse with a quieter atmosphere a door leading to the piano bar. They got the booth in the corner.

They had some privacy as it after the main rush. In fact they were the last people to get served before the kitchen closed. Their server was a very classy lady, like Mark, in her 40s. While chatting about their order the server couldn't help but ask, "So is this your niece?" Before Mark could splutter something out, Susan chimed in, "No, actually we are a bit scandalous at home.

Mark and I are dating. It might be easier if I didn't always look younger than I am. I guess I will be happy about that in my 30's. Mark keeps telling me that I will still get carded when I am 50. He gets a little embarrassed sometimes. The age thing bothers some people but I am going to say I Love him.

He has always shown himself to be a good man and a fine human being. I can put up with his human foibles and I admire everything else I have ever seen in him." Susan"s smile grew older and a little more serious and she turned an adoring gaze on Mark and continued, "I very deeply care about him and what happens to him on this adventure of a life." She returned her eyes to the server, " He is taking me finish out my senior year and do some postgrad work at a college I have transferred to.

The only problem is we are not going to be able to see each other as much for a while." as she hugged Marks right arm. It was obvious to the lady server that there was definitely love between them, not just simple infatuation.

Susan kept explaining, "This is sort of special occasion for us. If that is a piano bar that I think I hear, I am also going to get a dance before we head back to our room. I love the way he holds me and we just float in a cloud of being lost in each other when we dance.

I am really looking forward to getting behind closed doors later. He is really an amazing man." Susan"s voice got huskier and quieter. She gently turned Mark's face toward hers, and told him to close his eyes.

She had her right hand on his lower belly and she slithered her body up over his arm and shoulder. Mark closed his eyes like he was in a trance. "He likes surprises" Her other hand slipped to the back of his head and she kissed him. It was a warm heartfelt kiss lasting 4 or 5 seconds. His eyes popped open the last couple seconds. "See he likes surprises. Wait till he sees what I got at Victoria Secret." Susan purred and smirked. Mark shot a slightly wide-eyed look at her.

The server smiled a knowing smile and said. "Your order will be right up.

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And I must say I envy you, my dear. He certainly looks like will be up to it. Since it is a special occasion I think a bottle of champagne is what the doctor ordered, on the house. When the lady left Susan turned to her father, "Do you mind being the boyfriend of a 22 year old college girl,dad? Wait. I can't call you dad. That would make it kind of kinky.

I will have to call you Mark. Maybe even cake, short for beefcake." Mark tried to give her a stern look but the hint of a lopsided smile gave him away.

Susan continued, "Do you think you can you pretend that you are my boyfriend looking forward to seeing my new Victoria Secret show and then taking me to bed and teaching me things I never knew?" Susan spoke quietly and innocently. Mark's imagination was bubbling over past his best self control. "Come on. It's just play pretend. Our server and probably the chefs and every other server and the maitre d have heard the story and will be checking us out.

We are giving them something to tell their friends, a glimpse of romance and sweet love. You need to be just a little more affectionate." Susan had her dad cornered. She moved her left hand to his upper thigh as they were sitting side by side. It was obvious where her hand was from above the tablecloth. The lady brought 2 glasses and a bottle of champagne and served them.

She observed, "I must say you two do make a very lovely and sweet May-December couple.

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Our best wishes to you both. Mark went along with it all, even leaning over to take a deep breath of Susan's sweet musky hair, which he had always loved then kissing her in the ear. She moaned out, "OH! that is soooo nice. It makes my whole body tingle.

See! my mature boyfriend is already teaching me new things." Feeling her response to the kiss. Mark knew that he was probably crossing the lines of propriety. Susan just sort of pulled him along in the fantasy by quickly kissing his lips again. They were in the fun mood and enjoyed dinner as if they really were a dating couple.

Mark found it thrilling to pretend to be Susan's older lover, even though the voice of carefulness in his brain was telling him he was off the reservation. After dinner they thanked the staff who all wished them a good night. Susan reminded her father that there was more before they needed. She slid up against her father and told him, " There is something that really would this night like a dream come true. That dance you you wanted at the piano bar. Mark thought, "I wanted? Damn!! I am enjoying this a lot more than I should, And My God!!

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the innuendo and the teasing. I wonder when that second button at the bottom of her dress came undone. Keeerist!! What a luscious thigh she is showing!!! She us really screwing with me tonight. I keep getting into it more than I should. "Uh, sweetheart, It is getting a little late." Mark told her even as they were moving to the piano bar door from the dining area.

Oh da. I mean Mark, this song he is just starting is just perfect. It's slow, dark, and romantic. Oh Pleeeaze!" as she tugged at him. "Baby this is a bar! and there is no dance floor." Mark whispered. Susan replied, "They didn't card me for the champagne. If you will take me in on your arm nobody but nobody will naysay you.

As for the dance floor there is enough room in front of the piano. You might have to hold me very close. I Hope." The piano man played a slow romantic one.

Mark had finally smiled and took Susan into his arms and she just flowed right up against him. They moved like the swaying of willow branches in the breeze. Dancing with Susan he would catch himself falling into the fantasy that Susan WAS a 22 year old coed who loved him. Sometimes she was a mythical loving sprite in his arms, following and answering each movement of his body.

He realized that he had had a very stiff member for a while. How long he didn't know. Susan hadn't seemed to notice and it might mess up the smooth flow of their movement if he tried to adjust.

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All Mark could think of was her head on his shoulder, her breasts in his chest, her belly tight against his, her thighs weaving in and out of his, her pelvis molding to his, rubbing his stiff member as they swayed, and how lightly and smoothly she followed his every move. Although his conscious thoughts were on the feel of the body in his arms, Mark felt the real deep love for and from the person in that sweet body. She didn't seem to be aware of his rock hard cock, Whew! Little did he know.

At the end of the first song Susan looked to the side at the piano player and gave him a beseeching look. She swayed back into Mark's arms as another slow song began. When the dance was over Susan turned her head pulled herself up and kissed Mark just behind his ear.


All her body language said that she was giving herself to him completely and totally. Mark closed his eyes. His head melted into her kiss and when she was done he took her head in his hands and gave her back a very sincere kiss.

"Let's go Oh great love of my life" He truthfully stated. "It is getting late and we need to get to bed." Man!!! He thought he had to watch his words. On the way back to the hotel Susan placed her hand on Mark's thigh again. This time farther up and asked her father, "Mark, our date isn't over yet. As far as I am concerned I am that college girl in love with an amazing older man. Tell me what that man would be thinking now while taking her back to his room.

Do you think you could hold off kissing her till you got in the room or would you just sweep her off her feet and kiss the Hell out of her the minute she got out of the car?" "Well I don't think I should tell you what I might do with a 22 year old coed. You are a little young for that AND you are my daughter." Mark added the last to remind himself why not to get into the fantasy too much.

Susan had managed to get most of the champagne into her father with just enough for herself to loosen whatever inhibitions she might still have. She had been carefully brainwashing him all night into seeing her as that fantasy college girl. "Remember our date is not over yet and I am not a child. I am a young woman. We have the internet, I read, and I listen to the gossip of the older high school girls. I don't think you could shock me if you tried.

Whew! that dancing really warmed me up" Susan replied. She absently popped the next button on her bodice open showing surprisingly deep cleavage which drew his eyes immediately.

She turned to Mark, her knees slightly parted, her dress riding up to show the most thigh yet. Mark had to jerk his eyes back to the road when he caught himself looking to see if he could catch a glimpse of her panties.

Susan's plan was working. was getting a little mixed up. The champagne, her perfect portrayal of a college coed, his switching back and forth in his mind from boyfriend to father to boyfriend, where his mind went while dancing with her, all combined to keep him all off balance. Susan continued, "I think I pretty much know what you would do. I just wonder if you would slowly unbutton her dress or if you would just reach inside to feel her breasts or between her thighs while kissing her.

Maybe you rather have her strip slowly in front of you swaying as if you were still dancing? "OOOHH! you might even just rip my dress then my panties right off her before you take me." She upped the game another notch. Mark couldn't keep keep the pictures of Susan stripping in front of him with half lidded lust in her eyes out of his head.

No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop imagining how smooth her skin, how firm her muscled thighs, ass, shoulders, and how soft her young breasts would feel to his hands and lips. He no longer felt completely in control. At the hotel Susan gave her hand daintily to Mark as he helped her out of the car. Then she gently touched his cheek and gave him a lingering soft kiss. They held hands to their room.

Mark was almost afraid to open the door. Inside Susan turned to Mark, put her head on his shoulder, put her arms around his waist for a quiet moment. Then she looked into her fathers eyes and told him, "This has been the best night of my life and there is only one possible thing that could complete it. I have decided that whatever or however long it takes, you are going to be my first." She pressed herself against her father and slipped one hand to the front of her pants, found his erect shape and squeezed.

He groaned, his hard on had not gone away for long all night long. Mark couldn't pull his gaze from her eyes. With her other hand she unbuttoned a couple more of her upper buttons almost completely exposing her young breasts and brown puckered nipples showing above her half cup bra.

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"There will never in my life be a more perfect time than this." Susan breathed. "I want. need you to make me a woman. Make love to me now, tonight!" Her hand had his solid cock firmly held. The purple plum head almost dripping. Mark didn't know when that had happened as he pulled his eyes from her breasts to back to her eyes. She looked down at his cock and softly OOHHH'd.

She quickly bent down gave his cock head a couple licks before she engulfed the head and sucked for a few seconds. OH GOD! his whole focus for a moment was on the pleasure of her mouth. It was all he could do to not just ram the rest of his cock into the pleasure of her mouth. He didn't have the strength to pull away. It physically felt amazing.

Seeing his daughter avidly mouthing his cock was arousing, exciting beyond description.

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She rose to look in his eye, still stroking his throbbing member, and again begged him, "Make love to me. Make me a woman. Take me any way you want. I Love you. This is just you and me. You are the best man I know. Kiss me!" Mark was lost. Her head was tilted back. He leaned down to her to capture her lips and this time to truly taste her. As they were locked in kiss Mark's hand moved between them to continue unbuttoning her dress till it was open enough that a shrug of her shoulders slid it off her body.

He stopped kissing her long enough to look at her in her half cup bra and silky bikini panties. Mark sighed and said, "I have never seen anything more beautiful." Susan's pussy had been tingling off and on all night.

So when Mark bent down, slipped his tongue into her bra, and sucked her whole breast into his mouth, massaging her nipple, she had the first ever orgasm without having her pussy touched. "AAAAAHH!!!" she moaned, Daddy you are making me cum already." Hot pulsating pleasure pulsed through her pussy and lower belly.

His suckling mouth was causing her titty to throb in hungry pleasure. She told him to kick off his shoes. He did and found that his pants and underwear were around his ankles and Susan was frantically unbuttoning his shirt. She plastered her almost nude body against her father's manly body kissing him passionately and driving them both beyond clear thought. He could not get enough of touching and kissing her. His hand slid under the front of her panties thinking of the orgasm she had experienced just from having her breast suckled on.

His experienced finger slipped between her pussy lips and she had another small explosion of pleasure.

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Susan was beyond need. She had fantasized about this many times. The reality was soooo much more exciting. Right now she would give him a n y t h i n g he wanted. She pulled her panties over her hips and down her legs while her father was still rubbing her slit, building her to another explosion.

Susan pulled her father down onto the bed on top of her with her heels and demi cup bra still on and told him crudely, "Fuck me now! I know that you need it." She squeezed his throbbing cock again and felt it throb. "And I really need it." "I love you and I hope this is right but I can no longer say no." her dad whispered, "and call me Daddy all you want. For shame, it turns me on something wild." with that he slipped up her body till she was able to put the head of his cock right against her dripping wet pussy.

She rubbed his dripping head up and down her slit. The second or third time it rubbed over her clit she kept it rubbing there and drove herself into another climax undulating her body against her father. "OH Daddy Oh Daddy!", She cried. Mark groaned, "Let go for a sec You are getting me too close." She let go of his cock and concentrated on getting her breath back. He did multiplication tables in his head. Soon she reached back to his rampant maleness and pulled it back to contact with her still wet opening.

She plead, "Please go slow. I don't think I have much of a hymen left from playing with myself but nothing like this has ever been inside me." She gave him another squeeze. Thinking of his young teen daughter masturbating herself almost made Mark slam his cock into her. He eased the head into her hot fold and stopped for paused. Susan, "OH God! It;s so big but it feels better than anything." She involuntarily thrust her pelvis up enveloping a couple more inches of his throbbing cock.

Mark, "Tell me if it hurts." as he slowly but smoothly pushed into the tightest hottest pussy he could remember. Susan replied, "It just feels like pressure. It's soooo goooood!" He kept pushing till their pubic mounds mashed each other. He paused then pulled the whole shaft out leaving the hot throbbing head in her tight wet heat. Susan, "OH, push it back in!" He slowly pushed his manhood deeply into what they now both thought of as her womanhood.

Mark continued to thrust into his young daughter slowly picking up speed. A couple more thrusts and Susan growled, went stiff pushing her groin up to get all the cock she could inside her. "AAAHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME, YOU'RE MAKING ME CUM. DADDY MAKE YOUR BABY GIRL CUM. Mark almost lost it then. He stopped and went back to multiplication tables. It was a close call because her virginal pussy was pulsating around and clutching at his pleasure filled rod.

He wanted it to be especially good for her first. As she relaxed and fell limp, He began thrusting again. Susan had thought that was all but found herself riding another growing wave of ecstasy in her belly. Mark began to feel the pleasure/pressure to cum building in his balls and throbbing cock head. Susan began to crest again with her father fucking her harder and harder. She loved the feeling of being full, the tingling of the tight ring of her opening, and the little bursts of pleasure when her clit got mashed by or rubbed against his pubic mound.

She began to match his rhythm, clutching at him and thrusting her pussy up onto his cock as he was pounding down into her. She realized that he had pulled out and looked at her dad in shock. He told her, "I am about to cum and I can't in you." Susan practically screamed, "So am I!

It's OK! I went to the clinic, didn't tell mom. Now FUCK ME! MAKE ME CUM AGAIN! CUM IN ME!!! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR INSIDE ME, PLEEEEAZE" Mark moved back to her wet opening and thrust into her. He humped and pumped into her tight pussy flesh. He felt his cum about to erupt and thrust as deeply as he could to plant his seed and held still to feel his first pump of cum into her virginal pussy.

Susan felt his manhood expand even more, then felt that first throbbing spasm of his man meat and the hot splash of his liquid essence inside her belly.

The idea alone of her father bathing her potential baby-maker with his own baby making seed was enough to make her cum at that point. That combined with the exquisite pleasure boiling her whole pelvis and what felt like firework sparklers going off in her titties exploded her whole body and mind. She clutched his arms, dug her heels into the bed to shove her body up into his, shuddered and yelled, "OH GOD!

OH DADDY! DON'T STOP! FUCK ME FOREVER! I LOVE IT." and to keep from screaming incoherently at the top of her lungs she bit her fathers shoulder. He kept on thrusting gently slowing down and felt her shudder once more in a small aftershock climax.

He stayed in her till he softened and fell out. He started to roll off her and she stopped him. "Please stay on me, just a little longer. I love the feeling of your body pressing on me. I love smelling you. I love you. Thank you isn't enough. This is the best night of my life. I will be your girlfriend anytime.

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Mark got them under the sheets and they both drifted off in the exhaustion of satisfaction.