Son dont cums in i m your mother please stop

Son dont cums in i m your mother please stop
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RAPED BY NINE DYKES I spent 2 weeks away from college at a hospital to do case study work for my degree in nursing. I was part of a group - there were 9 other women, all 10 to 20 years older than me. I was 19 at the time. The other women all knew each other, went 2 the same postgraduate program. I was kind of a prodigy, an undergrad in an advanced studies program. Over the 2 weeks I became the group's mascot. On our last night, we celebrated. They had plotted 2 get me drunk - and succeeded.

As we moved from bar 2 bar, the touching of me, the grazing of breasts, the hands on my thighs, became commonplace. They all took turns dirty dancing with me, goading me to rub my pussy on their outstretched leg. When I could no longer stand, two of the women assisted me a cab. Each put an arm under mine. Each grabbed a breast, squeezed them as we walked.

In the cab, each took a leg, draped it over theirs. I remember the cabbies eyes in the mirror as the women pulled my panties aside, exposing my sex.They shared a laugh laughed as I whimpered, Please stop, please don't do that. Despite myself, I got aroused. At the hotel, in the leaders suite, they laid me on a coffee table, stripped me naked. While they waited 4 the rest of the group they invaded my pussy with a candle.

It dangled from me as the rest of the group filled the room. Someone started frigging me with the candle. Hands were all over my breasts. I remember saying "Please, please stop" when a woman straddled my face, her naked cunt stilling my voice.

These dykes started taking turns eating me out, sometimes two at once. I had my first orgasm. In the rare moment when someone wasn't sitting on my face, I saw the other women round me, fondling each other as they watched the spectacle I had become. From the chatter, I learned they had wagered on how many times they cud make me cum. One said she wouldn't stop working on me til I came 10 times. As their tongues worked on me, I remember grinding my pussy up to their faces.

The woman who had bet I would cum tenfold had a tongue stud with little spikes on the ball. Her tonguing gave me at least five orgasms.


Then they buried a vibrating egg in me, drank and watched as I spasmed. I guess, exhausted, I passed out. When I awoke in mid-morning, I was alone in a king-size bed. I had been bathed, powdered, perfumed. A Thank You card was on the pillow, signed by all nine of them.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SORORITY INITIATION My roommate and I pledged a sorority. Lotsa stupid stuff (crawling in the woods in the dark, eating cat food) but I could never have imagined what happened to me on initiation night.

The nite started with a call. My pledge mother was on the phone telling me to be at the the house at exactly 8 PM. Come alone. Stand at the front door. Someone will get you. Don't bring anything but your car keys - no purse, no food, NOTHING.

At 8:02, the door swung open and one of the sisters yanked me into the house. I saw my roomie sitting on the couch, blindfolded. Another pledge sat on an opposite couch, blindfolded too. A sister stood, looking stern, watching over the us to make sure that there was no talking. They took my keys, blindfolded me, led me to the couch.

The house was four stories tall and I realized that whatever was going on, was going on on the third and fourth floors. I heard, very faintly, a girl yelping. One by one, me last, they led us to the top floor. Take off your blindfold, the pledge mother ordered. She led me to a bedroom. Three sisters were crowded round a computer, speaking very softly. The pledge mother said, "There are three stages to the initiation. Every girl has to do Stage 1. Then, you pick two cards to determine if you go to stage two or three.

If you want us to stop, you will say Dentist. We will stop but we'll never contact you again." A sister got a poster board with slits in it. In the slits were handmade cards.

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I picked two cards. The pledge mother gave them to the sisters at the computer. They began to whisper and type on the PC. Pledge mother said, "OK stage one. You know we pride ourselves on our appearance. We need to look at your body.


Strip to your bra and panties, sweety." I strip to my black lace bra and black lace boyshorts. "Take off your bra," the pledge mother demanded. I let my bra fall to the floor.

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Nice titties, a sister said. Now show us your pussy. I was mortified but thankful that I had shaved my pussy that morning. I lay on the bed. Two sisters propped my legs up. Pledge mother rubbed my panties over my snatch. Then she said "Take off your panties and hand them to me." I did as told. Then she sniffed them!! The four sisters took turns sniffing my panties. I couldn't believe my eyes. My pledge mother said "So far so good.

Now open your legs wide." The four girls stared at my pussy. Then they pushed my legs back to look at my anus. They held my legs open, took pics of my tits, cunt and asshole! Then they uploaded the pics to the PCs. The pledge mother announced "You're a go for Stage 2." I heard a girl scream FUCK! from another room.

They threw me a robe, walked me down the hall to the bath. The Pledge mother said "The second card you picked was a masturbation card. Take off the robe, sit on the counter and masturbate with one hand until you cum." I didn't know if I was going to cry, piss, throw up or cum right on the spot. The girls sat in fold-up metal chairs like they were waiting for a play to begin!

I felt like a zombie but I couldn't back out.

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I sat on the counter, cold on my ass, awkwardly started rubbing my dry pussy until the pledge mother huffed, said "I'll make you wet, bitch." She sucked on my nipple. I watched her tongue me and started to get wet.

"Open your legs," a sister said. I opened them, displayed my wetness. I began to rub my clit and pinch my nipple with my left hand. A sister said "Open it up with your fingers and let us see your hole." I displayed my hole. All four of them stared, looked turned on.

I put a finger in my pussy, started pumping. It felt so good. Two fingers, a sister said. I did as told, finger-fucked myself harder now. I opened my eyes.

All four girls had their hands in their pants. I felt awesome! I had four girls getting off to me getting off. One girl asked, "Wanna see my pussy?" Yes, I said, rubbing my clit furiously. She stood, pulled her mini skirt up, pulled her panties down, opened her lips and displayed herself. The pledge mother started to moan. I secretly wanted to eat her even though I'd never done that before. "Finger your ass, slut," the pledge mother said, her face bright red. Anything you want, I said.

I put a finger back in my pussy, got it wet, pumped that finger in my ass. I was going to cum soon.

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I'm about to cum, I whispered. I gave my clit the final rub I needed, screamed FUCK as I came. Then I watched as one by one, the four girls orgasmed. "Good girl!" the pledge mother said. "You're a sister now." Later that night, I learned from my roomie that I got off easy. The sisters who took her to a bedroom kept her blindfold on and she had to pull a train with five fraternity guys. She said she loved it.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MY ROOMMATE WITH THE STRAP-ON DILDO You know I'm bi but I want to tell you how I got to that place. I belonged to a sorority. Because of our sisters talk, my roomie and I knew a lot about frat guys, like who's good in bed, the size of their dicks, etc. One night my roomie Lisa said she had details on a guy we thought was cute and nice. He wasn't a love 'em and leave 'em kinda guy.

Had a megaphallus and knew how to use it. Loved oral. His kink was a finger in your ass. Lisa said shed been fantasizing about sex with a guy with a very large cock. In bed, lights out, we shared penis size stories. I got turned on by Lisa's stories, started to rub myself under the sheets. Lisa said, "You ever wanted to have a monster cock?" I giggled, said "Sounds hot." She noticed my voice was shaking.

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"Are you OK?" Getting ever more excited, I came, not caring whether Lisa heard my stirrings. Satiated, I fell asleep. Later, a noise wakened me. Lisa was next to my bed. She reached for my breast. Confident as she always, she found my erect nipple, rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger.

I moaned, reached to feel Lisa's breast. My stomach was full of butterflies. My trembling hand grasped her large breast. Lisa knew I was ready. She moved to kiss me. A jolt of excitement shot to my pussy. Lisa pulled my nightie over my breasts, took a nipple into her mouth. I had to cum now. I rubbed my clit. She pushed my hand aside, slid two fingers into my pussy while rubbing my clit with her thumb.

Fucckkkk. My voice was shaky from my orgasm. Then Lisa revealed a strap-on dildo, put it on, lay on me, ground her pubic bone on my clit. "Ever been with a girl before?," she asked.

"You're the first," I said. She pushed into me roughly. Gentle became a thing of the past. She fucked me hard, like a man who had taken many women without their consent. Something about fucking, vs. being fucked changed her. As she worked the monster cock deeper, she started calling me names.

Whore. Cocksucker. Stuff like that. Involuntarily, I started humping back. Never, ever did that with a guy. This went on for about 10 minutes, grunting, cursing, sweating, her female side gone from the room. Then something weird happened. Her whole body actually vibrated. She squirted hot liquid onto me. She collapsed on me as I had my own orgasm.

The best I'd ever had. Lisa the girl returned, rolled off, kiss me softly. "I've wanted to do that all semester," she said.

"You can do that til the last final," I said. Lisa got pregnant that summer, didn't return to school. But I didn't waste time. I bought a strap-on and seduced my new roomie in two weeks.