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Sunny leonesex com xxx storys
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Laundry with Rebecca The story is slow starting but told as accurate as I can remember. This occurred in the fall of 2008 in my Midwest hometown. My wife and were having problems and divorce was looking certain. If her parents and friends would just stay out of our lives, I really thought we could save the marriage. We married young and I enlisted in the Marine Corps instead of the college option. Her parents didn't think it was a good idea and didn't offer any help after we were married and struggling on a new Marine's wages.

We got by on our own scrimping and budgeting the whole way. I believe that time in our lives made me stronger and it helped me develop into the man I am today. My wife, Dawn, and I were both 35 at the time and I had just finished a very busy couple years in my career. After leaving the Marine Corps, I had gotten into the petroleum industry as a temporary entry level job, until I figured out what I wanted to do.

Within 5 years I was in management at my first company and within 7 years a wealthy family hired me to design, build and manage a similar business in my hometown. I jumped at the offer and hit the ground running getting the place built, hiring the best people I knew and building a customer base. After 2 years my hard work showed with the success of the business. The family owned 6 other branches of the business and we were breaking every sales and growth record they had. I was already the third largest of the 7 and on schedule to be the largest in just another year.

You could say "business was good". They rewarded me with a generous salary, vehicle to drive, expense account and the leverage to run the business as I chose. Even after all my success my in-laws still had it in for me and our marriage. I kept things civil and agreed to rent an apartment at her request. It was a duplex on the other side of town about a mile from my office. A buddy helped me move just the necessities to get started on my own, keeping it pretty simple.

I spent even more time at work since the separation and just used the place for sleeping, showering and an occasional meal.

I didn't have a garage, so I kept my motorcycle at the shop in my office. If I felt like riding, I would just make the mile drive there and leave on my bike.

The 24 hour gym that I worked out at was just a mile drive from my new apartment too. The only thing I didn't have was a washer and a dryer. I would go to the laundry mat each Friday evening and made it a regular part of my weekly routine. The business was continuing to grow and judging by the overtime, and workload of the ladies in my office, I decided we needed another employee.

The only bad part was we just needed her from November to April. I thought about just going through a temp service since I only needed someone for 5 months out of the year, but decided I would run an add and see what happened first. Just as expected anyone that applied for the administration job, for just 5 months out of the year, was hugely under qualified.

I decided to give it another week and then contact temporary services for someone if I didn't have any better luck. It was Tuesday and I had a meeting at the local chamber of commerce for networking that night.

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It was very laid back with plenty of owners, managers and sales people from the area businesses. After an informal meeting it was mostly a bunch of Alpha male and females drinking beer and relaxing with one another. I was sitting and drinking with my buddy from high school, Chad, who managed a large car dealership, when I shared my problem. He agreed that it would be hard to find someone who just wanted to work in the winter months.

We brainstormed and thought about maybe landscapers or someone that had a job that only kept them busy in just the warm months. After we got to that point a couple ladies. Linda and Sue, walked up to say hello and joined the conversation. Chad shared my predicament and within a couple minutes I had two names that they recommended.

One was an older lady that had retired as an accountant. She traveled with her husband during the warm months and stayed local during the winter.

The other was Rebecca at the Ice Cream Store here in town. This was a local version of a Dairy Queen that served ice cream and sandwich type things just during the warm months. Her family had owned the store for many years and she was close to inheriting it and taking it over completely. I was a couple years ahead of Rebecca in school and remembered her well. We had a class together and I remembered we had hit it off nicely back then. She was very cool and easy to talk to and I remember being attracted to her, but we just ran in different groups.

She went by "Beck" and was quite eccentric the way she dressed and wore her hair. Being a health nut, I wasn't a fan of ice cream, but the last time I was at her store she was wearing punk clothing and had the sides of her head shaved.

I chuckled and asked "could she clean-up for an office environment?" "And is she even qualified to do this kind of work?" Linda shared that Rebecca had received a bachelor's degree in business administration. Her parents made that a requirement before they would give her the business. I liked hearing about her experience, but I hoped her eccentric looks had changed. Linda said she would ask her if she was interested and let me know.

After the ladies walked away Chad said "dude, Beck is hot. I sold her a car last year and had a hard-on the whole time". I laughed and asked "Beck the punk rocker girl, really?" He went on to say "She kind of a cross between Kat-Von-Do and Pink.

She is absolutely gorgeous and has some tattoos". I explained that she would need to be cleaned up for the office environment and was worth at least talking to before I called temporary services. Chad responded "I wouldn't have her cleaned up. I'd tell her to wear sexy clothes and park her in front of my desk all day" as he laughed.

I laughed with him and told him I'd let him know how it goes. The next morning I was sitting in my office when the receptionist buzzed my phone to say "you have a call from a Beck on line 2". I had forgotten about my conversation the night before and picked up the phone. Me: Hello, this is Chuck Beck: Hey, Chuck, it's Beck from the Ice Cream store. I hear you are looking for a girl. Me: (trying to sound professional) Yes and we are setting up interviews this week to fill it.

Are you interested in coming in? Beck: Sure, tell me when and where? I explained where we were located and what she would need to bring for the interview. We agreed that this evening would work best for both of us and I told her I'd see her at 5PM.

The office closed at 4:30, but I was normally there at least another hour along with my drivers and field technicians coming back in after their day. The day went by pretty fast and before I knew it the ladies were leaving and locking up.

I had a lot of reports to finish and brewed a pot of coffee to give me a little pick me up for the next couple hours as I got things ready for Beck's visit.

I visited with the guys for a couple minutes and heard the bell ring at the front of the building and figured that must be her.

I walked into the lobby where we had two large double doors and got look at her before I opened the door and invited her in. She was dressed in a feminine professional business suit, high heels and normally styled short blonde hair. Wow, she had really cleaned up since I had seen her last. She quickly reached out to shake my hand and said "hi Chuck, I'm beck.

I remember you from school, but you probably don't remember me". I let her know that I remembered her very well and invited her into my office for a quick chat. Beck gave me her resume that showed all of her qualifications and schooling. She ran the business side of the Ice Cream Store as well as working the counter doing sales during busy times of the day.

She shared that she would be closing her store in mid-October until April each season because it cost more money to stay open than she made during that time. She made enough money in the warm months for the entire year, but was looking for something part time to keep her from "being bored out of her mind" as she put it. She was not at all what I expected and was pleasantly surprised. Beck looked professional, had great hair and appeared to be in phenomenal shape for a lady that owned an ice cream shop.

I asked "so do you eat a lot ice cream?" trying not to be too obvious about the shape she was in. She responded "nope, I don't touch that stuff.

I'm on a clean diet and I'm kind of going through a fitness addiction phase in my life right now". Getting close to crossing the line, I said "yeah, you look like you keep yourself and in good shape. That's great". Beck answered "I can see you are keeping yourself in Marine shape too".

I was surprised she knew I was in the Marines and asked how she knew. Beck said "duh, we live in a small town and I remembered you were going there when you graduated. I remember when you and Dawn moved back to town and how much muscle you had put on while away".

I was flattered now and definitely interested in learning more about her. We talked a little more and I offered to show her around. I showed her where her desk would be and where the other ladies worked. I explained the job and a typical day she would experience. When we went out to the shop, she got the guys attention real quick as we walked in. I introduced her, finding she and the guys already knew each other. They had all stopped at the Ice Cream Store for treats and lunch over the past couple years and saw her regularly.

She knew them all by name and was cracking jokes with them like old friends. Again I was impressed and took notice that she had an incredible ass. The slacks of her business suit showed her curves perfectly.

She was very thin, but kind of had a bubble butt going on like J-Lo in my opinion. As I watched her cut up with the guys I decided she was actually a very pretty girl and was glad she was passed her punk phase. She said goodbye to the guys as I showed her around outside. She pointed to another garage where we kept more equipment and asked what was in there.

I said it was just some tools and trenching equipment, but added I kept my bike in there too. She asked "pedal bike or vroom vroom bike?" I laughed and said it was a Harley.

She stopped and gasped asking "really, can I see it?" I thought it was cool that she was into bikes and figured why not. I opened the door and the heat from the building being in the sun all day hit us both in the face. I turned the light on and started pointing out different pieces of equipment, but Beck make a b-line to my bike and stood next to it careful not to touch. I checked her ass out again and walked past her pulling the cover off. I had just cleaned it up a couple day earlier so she was really shining.

I had never seen a woman this excited about a bike. She knew what model it was and guessed the year right. I asked her if she wanted to sit on it but she declined saying she was a rider and not a driver. I asked if her husband or boyfriend owned a bike and she responded "nope, I'm single, but I need a guy with one of these pretty bad". After realizing what she had said out loud she blushed and said "oh that sounded wrong, I'm sorry" and laughed.

She looked at asked me if I would sit on it. After I got on the bike she stood back looking the bike over and then looking me over saying "you look good on it, really good". Beck was turning out to be quite the charmer and I knew she was going to work out great here.

She asked "Does Dawn like to ride with you?" as she walked around the bike checking it out further. I was honest and shared that Dawn and I were separated for over a month now. I added that Dawn had never been on the bike and didn't like motorcycles at all. She had a look of shock on her face and startled me with her comment saying "her loss".

She walked up beside me still surprising me and asked "can I try it on for size?" as she was kicking off her heels. Before I could say anything she was climbing on the seat behind me and leaning against me. I could feel her small firm breasts pressing against my back as she wrapped her arms around my waist. My dick was already getting hard and couldn't believe this was the "punk girl" from school I had remembered.

I felt her hair brush against the back of my neck and heard her say "I so need one of these" as she hugged me tightly. I answered "you should get yourself a bike" not knowing how I had gotten into this situation. She answered back "I'm not talking about a bike" as I felt her relax her grip and climb off the bike.

I put the kickstand down and threw the cover back over it. Beck had her heels back on with a cute smirk on her face. She apologized saying "I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. When I see something I just got to have, I can't keep my hands off it. I hope you'll consider me". I laughed and said it was OK as we walked back to the office.


I wondered if she was still talking about the bike with her last statement. Trying to regain control of the situation, I asked Beck if we could talk specifics about the job to see if we would be a fit for each other. We discussed wage, hours, responsibilities and how she would be trained if she joined us. After 20 minutes of beating around the bush she finally asked "are you going to offer me the job or not? I would love working here and spending time with the guys and you".

Her comment took me off guard and I told her "welcome aboard". She jumped up and ran around my desk to me squealing as she gave me a big hug while I was still sitting. I stood up and hugged her back as she jumped around during our hug and noticed how tight her body was. "I can't wait to start. When do you want me?" she asked. I told her she could start whenever she was ready and we just needed to fill out the HR paperwork sometime and gave her a packet to take with her.

She said she just about had the store closed for the season and needed a couple days. I told her to take her time and gave her my business card. I wrote my cell phone on it and told her to call me or text anytime if she thought of any questions she wanted to ask.

She took the card and I stared at her gorgeous ass as I walked behind her to the door. She turned and said "you won't be disappointed" as she walked out the door and looked back to give me another smile. The next day I sent emails to Linda and Sue thanking them for their recommendation and that I had hired Rebecca.

I got the necessary training paperwork together and had it all ready for Beck when she came in to start training with Lindsey. The day went by pretty fast and before I knew it Lindsey and Ashley were leaving and locking up. I needed a break myself and headed home to change and grab a bite to eat. Noting tomorrow was laundry day, I changed into jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt. I put on my boots thinking I was going to take the bike for a ride and headed back to my office.

When got back to the office I pulled the bike outside and parked it by the front door of the office knowing I would finish up a couple things and then head out. I heard my phone ding and saw that I had a text.

I read it and realized that it was from Beck. Beck: Hey are you still working? I have the paperwork filled out and can drop if off. Me: Yep, you just caught me. I'll be here for about another 30 minutes if that works. I'll leave the front office door unlocked for you if you can make it.

Beck: On my way I finished up a couple more things and heard the bell chime that indicated that someone had just walked in the front door. I stood up to greet my visitor and walked out the lobby and was shocked at what I saw. Beck was now wearing a skin tight white tank top, painted on blue jeans and a pair of black combat boots. Her left arm was covered in a sleeve that went from her wrist up past her shoulder. She had some other tattoos on her other shoulder. Her make-up was what I would describe as "goth" and her short blonde hair was spiked and styled like a rock star.

I heard myself say "wow" out loud as I looked her over. She smiled and asked "do my street clothes scare you?" I told her not at all and tried to refrain myself from staring with my tongue hanging out. She looked me up and down saying "we look like we go together tonight" as she approached me with her paperwork in hand.

I took her paperwork, looked it over real quick and laid it on my desk. I told her I was just finishing up and was about to take off on the bike for a couple hours.

She smiled and asked "really, want some company?" I was completely taken off guard by her question and it following up with "I'm sorry I asked. We probably shouldn't". I looked her up down and asked "how much time do you have?" She was quick with her answer "Have me home before midnight or I'll turn into a pumpkin" with a sexy and pouty look about her.

I told her to I was hitting the restroom and would be ready in 5 minutes. She made the squealing sound again just like when I offered her the job and grabbed me for a quick hug. She said she was going to lock her purse up in her car, grab her sunglasses and would be ready. I met her out at the bike and we took off with her holding on to me like she did in the shop the day before.

After getting out of town, I picked some country roads to ride slow on so we could hear each other talk. We decided to head to the lake which was about a 20 minute ride away with the back roads I was taking. It felt great riding my bike with an attractive girl on the back holding on to me. Dawn would never ride with me and hated that I bought the bike to begin with. I wondered what she would think if she saw me with a tattoo covered "rock star looking girl" like Beck on my bike?

Would she be jealous or had she completely moved on? I pulled into a park that over looked the lake and had walking trails. I parked the bike and we both got off and stretched our legs. I kept my sunglasses on so I could admire her body and really started checking out the detail of her tattoos. She explained to me what a lot of them meant to her and why she got each one. She commented that a lot of people judged her because of her style and tattoos, but she just wanted to be herself.

I told her "I think you look great, they just add to your beauty" and rubbed her shoulder. She thanked me and playfully asked "are you telling me the truth or just trying to get into my pants?" Before I could answer she said "thank you, I like being with you" as she grabbed my hand and started walking with me.

We walked holding hands talking about her business, her family, how she had almost gotten married to a guy and that it didn't work out. I told her "I'm surprised some guy hasn't swept you off your feet yet and stole you for his own".

She responded "maybe I've been waiting for him to come available and notice me". I smiled at her and kept walking holding her hand as we approached the lake. She wasn't bashful at all and started climbing on the large rocks near the bank. I told her to be careful and set on a boulder and watched her climb around. There were a few boats off in the distance, but we had the place to ourselves this fall evening.

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Beck looked up at me and asked "dare me to get in the lake?" I laughed and answered "you better not, it would be a cold ride back with wet clothes and you don't have a swim suit". She shouted back "dare me?" giving me a sexy look. I bit finally and said "dare you" wondering what she was up to. She giggled and set down on a boulder taking off her boots and socks. She slipped her pants off revealing she was wearing a red G-string. She pulled her white tank top off and was completely naked now with just the G-string on.

She honestly had the smallest tits I had ever seen on a girl, but her toned body, hips and perfect ass looked great on her. She had tattoos all over her body. Her midsection was very toned like the rest of her and I couldn't help but stare at her wonderful bubble ass. She slowly walked to the water's edge giving me a fantastic view of her body.

She had more tattoos across her shoulders and small of her back. As she slowly got into the water she turned and smiled at me and then looked back towards the lake.

I couldn't believe this and quickly grabbed my iPhone and snapped a couple pictures of her before she noticed.

She crouched down until the water was up to her neck before slowly walking back out of the lake towards her clothes. I shouted to her I was grabbing her something to dry off with and jogged to my bike to grab a sweatshirt from my saddlebag. When got back to her she was sitting on the boulder in just her G-string leaning back on her hands looking at the lake.

A couple guys in a fishing boat suddenly appeared as they were casting and moving slow with a trolling motor. I said "oh shit, they can see you" as one motioned the other to look at Beck sitting on the boulder with her top off.

She waived her hand at them and shouted "hey guys, beautiful night" as they both waived back with big smiles. The continued by real slow and then circled back to get another look. I joked with Beck that they were coming back for another look when she stood up and said "well, let's give them a show" and stood up drying herself off with my sweatshirt.

She turned and faced them again and slid off her G-string showing me her shaved pussy. She dried her ass, crotch and legs before pulling her jeans back on. She set down with her shirt still off and put on her socks and boots as I continued to just stare at her body. She said "I'm sorry, I just had to do that. Are you going to fire me already?" as she finished putting her boots on and stood up.

I said "Beck you are either the craziest or the bravest girl I have ever met". She smiled and slipped her tank top over her head and said "maybe just a little of both". Her nipples were now completely erect and poking through her shirt. After she waived to the guys again we started walking back to the bike.

I smiled and took the sweatshirt from her hand as she carried her wet G-string in the other one. I asked "sure you don't want to put that back on?" She giggled and said "the show is over boss" and took my hand in hers again. After we got to the bike she put her G-string in my saddle back and put on the sweatshirt she had used to dry off with.

We slowly rode back to my office chatting the whole way. She asked "What will your wife do if she sees me on your bike?" I told her "probably nothing.

I tried working it out, but she insisted we split up. Besides, it's not like your naked" and laughed. Beck laughed and said "I love being naked. You're going to have a hard time keeping clothes on me after we close the office in the evening".

I chuckled told her "clothes are optional after we lock up". I felt her put her face in my neck and kiss me. She lingered there and would kiss me and lightly bite my neck every once in a while. She was leaning against me and had her hands on my hips as she continued teasing me with her kisses and biting. I pulled up to a stop sign in the country, put the bike in neutral and turned back towards her. Just as I got my head turned around she met my mouth with hers and kissed me for our first kiss.

I could feel her tongue enter past my lips and kissed her back. She pulled away from the kiss and apologized saying "I'm so sorry, I just couldn't help it. I'll behave and let you get us back home now". I leaned in and kissed her again and turned around without saying anything to her and headed back.

When pulled back into my office a little after 8PM. Beck got off the bike and walked back to her car. I rode on over to the shop building and shut it off. I parked it outside, figuring I'd let it cool off, and walked back towards the front of the building where Beck was parked.

I found her sitting in her car checking phone messages. She looked irritated and said she needed to run to her store to take care of a couple things. I told her I understood as she dialed her phone and told someone she'd be there in 10 minutes. Beck got out of the car and thanked me again for the ride. She hugged me and asked if she could call me later that evening. I told her I'd be available any time and I looked forward to it. She pointed to my sweatshirt she had on and said "I'll wash it and get it back to you".

I jokingly told her that I'd give her a couple loads to do if she wasn't careful and explained I didn't have a washer and dryer. She looked like she was thinking and blurted out "I have a washer and dryer at my place. Bring your stuff over and use them. I'd enjoy the company". I laughed and asked if she was serious. She said she was completely serious and just to bring laundry soap because she was running low. Beck explained that she lived in the little white house that shared the property with the Ice Cream Store.

She paused before getting back in her car, turned back to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She said "This was the best night" and then got into her car giving me a big smile as she pulled away. A little later that evening, about 9:30 PM, I was at my apartment when I heard my phone beep that I had a text.

It was from Beck. Beck: Washer is open if you want to do laundry. I'm always up late so don't be shy Me: OK, thanks. I'll be over in about 10 mins. Beck: I have wine and just a couple beers here, bring whatever you drink. Me: OK, will do I thought alcohol and being alone with Beck at her house was the recipe for a good night and packed up my truck with laundry and soap. I grabbed 4 bottles of beer from my frig, noting that I would need to drive home in a few hours and headed just a couple blocks away to Beck's house.

I pulled up to her place and pulled into the driveway remembering I had three baskets of clothes to carry in. Beck opened the side door close to where I was parked with a big smile. She was barefoot wearing very tight black athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. Her hair was still done in her punk style, but her make-up wasn't as heavy. She said she had just gotten in from a run and helped me carry my baskets inside.

I told her considering it was so late there was no need to try and do them all tonight and suggested just a load of whites. She insisted and said "oh bring them in, silly. What we don't get done tonight I'll finish in the morning". I followed her lead and carried two baskets and soap while Beck grabbed the last one. She led the way in as I followed close behind.

Her laundry was in a closet near the kitchen, so we set everything near her dining table as she took over loading the first one into her machine. She added the soap and kicked on the machine. I ran back out to my truck, grabbing my bottles of beer and returned to put them in her refrigerator. I opened one and took a large drink as Beck poured herself a glass of red wine. I was taken back again by the mix of her hard body and tattoos.

She was so much different than my wife and the women I dealt with in the business world. I loved her confidence and the fact that she didn't care what others thought. Beck grabbed her glass of wine and took my hand leading me into her living room.

It was kind of cluttered and you could tell she didn't put much into decorating. She had miscellaneous knickknacks mixed in with books on one entire wall of the room and older looking paintings framed on the walls. There was a full size couch with a sofa table in front of it and a big chair with an ottoman covered in books and magazines.

It had wood floors and a large area rug in the furniture area. A flat panel TV was mounted on the wall just above a fire place that seemed to be the focal point of the room.

She led me to the couch and guided me to sit at the end as she set down beside me and placed her wine glass on the table in front of her. The table next to me was pretty worn and before I could ask she said "you can set your beer there, it's not going to hurt it". I took another drink and set it down as Beck turned on the TV and started surfing channels. I was surprised by her comfort with me as set so close she was leaning against me like we had been together for years. She grabbed my arm and put it around her as she snuggled up close to me with a remote control in her hand.

She looked pretty comfortable with her feet tucked under her on the couch relaxing on me. We stopped on a couple channels, but kept flipping until she found a movie about an MMA fighter and set the remote down grabbing her wine glass.

I was used to Dawn watching Lifetime and the WE network and loved the fact that Beck didn't seem to be like that at all. She talked about working out, running, her love of books and art. She told me about how she was expanding her menu and ordering new equipment for her next season at her busniness.

She did most of the talking as I listened to what interested her and made her tick. She would quit talking during the fight scenes and then turn the movie down during the story line. Beck saw that I had finished my beer and without saying anything grabbed the empty bottle, along with her wine glass, and headed to the kitchen downing the rest of her wine while walking.

I stared at her toned legs and plump ass as she walked out of my sight. Her tattoos had really grown on me and I thought they made her more attractive. She returned with a fresh beer for me and another glass of wine setting it down on the table in front of her again.

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When she joined me she snuggled up even closer to me this time and grabbed my arm again placing it around her. The movie went to a scene inside of a strip club with girls dancing on a pole. She kind of leaned forward watching intently and commented that the girl in the movie was really good.

Beck said they probably hired a professional to shoot that scene instead of an actor. I was amazed by this and asked "how do you know so much about pole dancing" as I chuckled. She answered "because I have one upstairs in my spare room" as she gulped down another large drink of wine. I laughed at what I thought was a joke when she said "you think I'm joking? I'm serious.


Come let me show you" as she stood up and grabbed her wine heading for her stairs. With my beer in hand I followed close enough to enjoy watching her ass as she walked up the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs you could go left or right to two different rooms. She went left and turned on a light that lit up a room with a stripper's pole mounted in the center.

It was dimly lit with a red tint to the lighting with 3 large bean bags at three corners of the room. She had shag carpet and a small stereo with speakers mounted on the walls. I was shocked and asked "so you're a pole dancer?" Beck laughed and responded "I guess you could say that, but only in this room". I asked "so who do you dance for?" "I did for a guy that I dated last year a couple times and a girlfriend comes over and we practice together once a week" Beck said.

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Trying to hide my shock I told her "well call me next time and I'll come watch and coach you two". She laughed at me and asked "want me to show you how it works?" I couldn't agree fast enough and lounged on a bean bag sipping my beer. She looked absolutely gorgeous and I felt like I was at a strip club with a beautiful girl all to myself.

Beck started some music and turned on more small lights that were mounted to the ceiling. She had definitely put a lot into this room. She started dancing slow around the pole at first with her eyes closed and then climbed up on it and started doing techniques she obviously took time practicing.

She was excellent at it and looked like the real thing. When the song ended she asked "more?" as I gave her the thumbs up. She continued again but seemed to be dancing much sexier and harder this time. Her chiseled body looked amazing as she started working up a sweat. Midway through the song Beck pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it on an empty bean bag.


She was now just wearing her skin tight athletic shorts and with no panty lines, I was confident that was all she was wearing. I took note of her extremely small breasts again and admired the artwork of her tattoos on her body. They were strategically placed and just screamed "sexy rock star" the way she looked. She really got into this song and really impressed me with her strength as she maneuvered on the pole. When the song was over she grabbed her wine and joined me on the bean bag setting down in between my legs leaning back against me.

I could feel her body sweating and the heat she was generating. She gulped down the rest of her wine, setting the glass off the side as she turned around and kissed me. I set my beer down and took her into my arms kissing her back.

She pulled her head back and asked "so does that mean you liked it?" I didn't answer and just pulled her towards me and kissed her even harder. She was a great kisser and really seemed to like playfully biting. She took my shirt off and started sucking my nipples alternating between the two. She bit my left nipple as she started unbuttoning my pants. Once she got them unbuttoned she stopped and pulled them off of me followed by my underwear.

I took my socks off as she stood and took off her athletic shorts and tossed them in the pile of clothes we had just accumulated. We were both now completely naked as she knelt between my legs and started sucking my cock. Beck's mouth felt very hot and she knew just how to use the right amount of teeth at times.

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She went lower sucking my balls and rubbed my cock on her face. She slid up a little and starting rubbing my dick on her small tits and nipples. I could feel the sweat on her chest from dancing. Beck then stood up and lowered her naked shaved pussy down on my face. I started licking her pussy and clit as she started grinding herself on my face. She really picked up the pace and quickly rubbed her clit on my lips and moaned loudly. I wasn't doing much other than trying to hold my lips firm for her as I heard her breathing heavier and louder.

In another quick motion she turned around with her back facing me and straddled my cock. Beck rubbed the tip around her cunt hole and quickly fell onto it while making a loud moan. She didn't waste any time and started riding me fast and aggressively. She was very vocal now saying "fuck me, oh fuck me" and "I so needed to be fucked by you" as she rode my cock.

The image of this rocker chic with tattoos, and what she was saying out loud, sent me over the edge and I knew I was getting close already. I told Beck "I'm getting close, slow down or I'm going to cum" as she picked up the pace. I had my hands on her hips as I felt my dick explode inside of her. I knew after spending the evening on the bike with her, the pole dancing and now the hard sex, I was filling up her pussy. Beck never slowed down through my orgasm and just fucking me and talking dirty.

She said "fill my pussy with your cum, lover" as she kept up the pace. She was moaning loudly and I could tell she was had a hand on clit rubbing hard. The image of her fucking me, and hearing what she was saying out loud, there was no way I was losing my erection.

My cum was already leaking out of Beck down my cock and balls onto the bean bag as she kept bouncing on my dick. She was just starting to slow down, showing fatigue from doing all the work, when she stood up walked towards the pole. She looked back at me as she held onto the pole and bent over. I didn't wait for an invitation and quick stood up placing my left hand on her hip and guiding the head of my cock with my right hand to the entrance of her pussy.

Once I had the tip in, I entered her from behind and put my right hand on her hip and started fucking her again. Since I had already cum once, I knew I was going to have no problem holding off my second orgasm by slowing down occasionally. Beck seemed to really be enjoying this position and was back to being vocal. I heard her say "I love your cock.

Fuck me, lover" along with moaning much louder now. She tensed up and said in a high pitched voice "oh, here I go. You have me there" as I felt her have an orgasm. Knowing this I picked up the pace and started fucking her as hard as I could. Beck's body relaxed even more as she pulled away from me, turned around and kissed me. She had her arms up over my shoulders around the back of my neck as she leaned up towards my face.

I could tell she was exhausted as she melted into my arms kissing and hugging me. She said "I can't believe I had an orgasm, it's rare a man can make me cum".

I thought about her statement and asked "what normally makes you cum, if not a man?" She responded "toys will do the trick or my girlfriend". Shocked I asked "girlfriend?" as I explored her body with my hands rubbing her hips and ass. "yep, I have a girl toy that I mess around with. She works for me at the store and we've became good friends". I was shocked again by Beck's openness and then heard her say "bosses having sex with their staff helps build moral" as she looked up at me gave me another kiss.

She took my hand and led me to the other room upstairs that ended up being her bedroom. It wasn't a large room and she just had a full sized bed with large headboard butted up against the wall in the center of room. She had a dresser and a couple of other smaller tables and cabinets. She opened a cabinet and grabbed a towel throwing it to me.

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She grabbed another for herself as we both toweled off standing completely naked in her bedroom now. Once we finished toweling off, she grabbed my hand and said "come on" leading me back down the stairs. I asked "should we get dressed" as she kept a hold of my hand leading me down.

She looked back with a funny look and responded "no, silly. don't be a baby" and kept walking down the stairs. She let go of my hand and headed into the kitchen, where she took my clothes out of the wash and loaded them in the dryer. She turned and told me to go ahead and put another load in as she started the dryer.

After I finished adding my second load and starting it, I turned to see Beck handing me a glass of water and saying "you need to stay hydrated" as she drank one herself. We finished our water and she took my hand leading me back into the living room where we set back on the couch in our original positions with her snuggled up next to me.

The biggest difference is we were both completely naked now. The movie was near the end and turned up the volume a little louder and seemed interested in the final fight scenes. Not being able to contain myself anymore I blurted out "Beck, you are one special girl.

I wish we would have gotten together sooner". She looked at me, smiled and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. Beck looked at my fully erect dick and put her fist around it saying "you are still ready to go after all that.

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I'm impressed". She then said "let's watch each other get off. I'll be right back" as she jumped up and I heard her going up the stairs. She returned with small silver vibrator, bottle of lubricant and a couple hand towels. She set down at the other end of the couch from me and spread her legs and applying lube to her clit.

She tossed the lube to me along with a hand towel as she started rubbing her clit with the small vibrator. She had her eyes closed and brought her left hand up to her breast and pinched her own nipple as her right hand operated the vibrator. I watched her for a couple minutes until she opened her eyes and said "don't just watch, silly. I want to see you too".

I picked up the lube and spread a drop on the tip of my dick and started slowly jacking off as she watched. She smiled and said "I love masturbating, especially if someone is watching me". I watched her tight tattooed body tense up and relax several times over the next couple minutes as she worked the silver vibrator against her clit. She would put it insider of her pussy every now and then, picking up her own natural lube, as I watched her pleasure herself. I couldn't take just watching her anymore and moved down to her and kissed her lips as I leaned over the couch standing next to her.

She opened her eyes, smiled at me and used her left hand to guide my mouth to her nipple. I licked and sucked her nipple into my mouth and heard her say "oh, keep doing that. Here I come". Beck's body tensed up again as her second orgasm of the night flooded over her and she moaned loudly. I kept up the suction on her nipple as I watched both of her hands now attending her clit and vibrator.

I heard her take a big breath and hold it in before exhaling and making a high pitched groan. She pulled turned the vibrator off and set it on the table in front of the couch.

She then reached up and pulled me down on top of her asking "are you ready for another round?" She raised her hips and took my cock, guiding it into her wet pussy.

She was extremely wet from her orgasm as started fucking her very slow fully penetrating her. Beck kissed me again and whispered "please go slow, I just want to enjoy it for a while" as I felt her body completely relaxed under me. I continued my slow and deep thrusts for what seemed like 10-15 minutes. She laid there moaning lightly and rubbing my back with her hands while fucked her. Beck suddenly opened her eyes and said "I think I can cum again. Can you fuck me hard and fast for a couple minutes and let's see?" I didn't answer her and just picked up the pace and force.

She seemed to tense up and relax under me for a couple more minutes. Beck took another deep breath, holding it and then shouted "oh fuck, here I come again". She dug her nails hard into my back as I felt her body reacting again. Her loud moans set me off and I told her "I'm cumming too" as I felt my first shot followed by several more as I came inside her pussy.

I was now sweating as I felt her body relax that her orgasm had ended. She raised her head and kissed me softly again followed by a playful bite of my bottom lip.

I raised up off her and settled back at the other end of the couch looking at her naked body. She was using a small hand towel to wipe the cum that was leaking from her spread legs as I noticed we had leaked on her couch.

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I apologized saying "I'm sorry, we leaked on your couch" pointing to the spot under her. She said "it's ok, this won't be the last time you see me leaking, I hope" and winked at me. Once she finished wiping her pussy and the wet spot on her couch, she crawled down towards me and started wiping my cock off with her hand towel. I was still semi erect and became fully erect again with her touch.

She laughed and said "really? You're still hard?" and put her head down between my legs taking just the tip of my dick in her mouth. She had her eyes closed and lightly sucked the first inch of my cock as I relaxed at the sensation.

Beck looked up and said "I came 3 times! I never cum that much!" she pushed the head of my dick up against my stomach and lightly kissed my balls. She added "you made me have two orgasms and helped me with another. you are amazing" as she started sucking the tip of my dick again. She then crawled up and laid in my arms putting her head on my shoulder as we both relaxed, naked and satisfied on her couch.

I rubbed her back lightly until I heard her breathing change and noticed that she had fallen asleep. I woke up to the alarm going off on my cell phone at 5:30AM. Beck was still laying in my arms asleep on the couch.

She must have grabbed the small afghan that was laying across the back of the couch sometime during the night and spread it over her. She was wrapped in it snuggled up to me as I carefully got out from under her to shut my phone off and walked to the restroom.

Beck was just finished starting her coffee pot when I came out and I walked behind her put my arms around her. She hugged me back with one arm as she finished hitting the start button on the coffee pot. She turned around suddenly and said "oh shit, your laundry".