Lesbo stunners gape their deep assholes and penetrate long dildos

Lesbo stunners gape their deep assholes and penetrate long dildos
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My name is Nick, and this is a story that happened last year when I was in Europe with my soccer team. There were 15 of us, and we were staying in hotels, two people to each room. This occurred on the last night of the tour, when me and Ben were staying in the same room. I'd wanted to fuck him for about 3 years, and I finally did something about it. I was 16, and Ben was 15. I'm about 5 foot 11, and Ben is 5 foot 8.

I look pretty normal, with tanned skin and a sort of half Bieber haircut. Ben is really hot, and his entire body is tanned and defined, but not muscular.

I looked over and with the help of the dim street lights I could Ben was asleep, his eyes closed. I slowly pulled the covers off myself and stood up. On my tiptoes I carefully walked over to his bed and crouched down. I started lifting up his duvet when he suddenly moved, and turned from his side onto his back.

I waited, then resumed lifting his covers and put my head in his bed, between his feet. I used my arms to pull myself into the bed until my whole body was in and I was lying between his legs. Ben had no shirt on, just briefs that hugged his thighs. He smelt sweet.


I slid my hands up his smooth thighs until I reached his briefs. I put my fingers under the elastic band and slowly began sliding them down. Finally I got them over his soft penis, and all the way down below his balls which we hanging.

His penis was about 3 inches soft. I placed my hand on it, getting a feel of the size as I couldn't see in the dark. It twitched.

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I sniffed in the aroma. I ran a finger down from his balls to his ass, which was right in front of my face. I make a ring around his tight and hairless asshole with my left index finger. Ben's breathing was constant and he lay motionless. I reached my right hand up to his cock and wrapped my hand around it. I could feel the blood pumping into it and it started to enlarge. The head started to come out of the foreskin as it grew.

I reached my hand up to Ben's bellybutton and traced a straight line down his smooth and tanned stomach to his partly shaved pubic hair. I picked up his cock and moved my head forward, lightly licking the tip of his cock. His breathing stopped and his body became rigid.

He brought his thighs in on each side of my face, and they were touching my cheeks. They were warm and beautiful.

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I took that as a hint and enveloped the whole of his cock into my mouth. It was now at full size and about six and a half inches long.

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I ran my tongue along the underside, and a sweet liquid dribbled down his cock into my mouth, precum. I moved both hands up his tight body and rubbed his nipples as he began moaning in ecstasy. Ben pushed my head down with his hands, and I took his entire cock down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down, loving every minute of this adventure.

I grabbed a pillow from under Ben's head and placed it under his ass so it was in a higher position. I licked my finger and pushed at his hole, and it went it. I took the finger out and put it back in my mouth.

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I could taste the sweat that had dripped down from Ben's balls. I moved my whole head down to his ass and ran my tongue over his tight asshole. I put pressure on my ass with my tongue and my tongue slipped in. I fucked him with my tongue for about 20 second. More sweat from his thighs that were still on each side of my face dribbled down and eventually came down to my mouth. It tasted salty and I loved it.


His back arched as I inserted my finger in his ass again. With my other hand I began stroking his cock which was still half erect. I sat back and pulled his briefs right off before getting up on my knees. I stroke my own cock a few times to get it fully hard, about six inches.

I leaned forward over Ben's body and brought his legs up on my shoulders. My cock was right at the entrance to his ass. I pushed hard, and the saliva left over from when I was licking him helped as lubrication. Ben let out a muffled cry, and my cock slowly pushed into him.

When it was all the way in, up to my balls, I let out a sigh. I slowly drew my ass back, and then pushed forward again. Without a condom it felt amazing, and Ben was lying back with his eyes closed. He started stroking his hard cock, and I kissed his feet which were right beside my face. My thrusts started getting quicker as my cock plunged in and out of his still tight ass. As Ben's breathing began to pick up he orgasmed, and cummed all over his stomach.

With my cock still in him, I leant over and licked up his cum. This action by me leaning over forced my cock in him even deeper and he let out a gasp.

The salty liquid coated my mouth, and this pushed me over the edge. releasing 5 spurts of cum into his ass. I sat on my knees with my cock still in him for a moment, our breathing frantic and loud.

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I pulled out and collapsed on him, our sweaty bodies with cum all over them making it extremely messy. Ben took my cock into his mouth, and sucked all the cum off of it before I got off him and stood up. I walked over a few steps before falling onto my bed and drifting to sleep --------------------- Good or not?

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