Marido exibindo a buceta da Sramidia

Marido exibindo a buceta da Sramidia
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The next day I walked in to school with Cody, and if you were wondering he did walk back in the house to uncuff me. Luckily, because my mom walked in the door about ten minutes later, and lets just say that would be more than a little awkward. Anyway, we talked about the day before on the way in to school. "You won't lose anymore, right?" Cody said laughing at me.

"I don't know if that's my punishment I can probably deal with losing," I said laughing back at him.

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A week passed fast thankfully and Cody was going to throw another party, well I will say a get together. He had about nine or ten people over, including his older cousin by a year, he was a freshman in college home for the weekend.

His name was Andy, he was taller than me, about 6'2", and was bigger than me too, not fat but very muscular and cut. He had buzzed brown hair and was very tan. Anyway the night passed, everyone had there designated drivers come get them. I stayed and helped Cody and Andy clean up as I usually did. I was fine, I only had about two beers, and Cody and his cousin didn't drink so we all very much knew what was taking place.

Cody thanked me and I said it was no problem he would of done the same for me. I was about ready to leave and say my good byes when out of the blue Cody said, "This is the guy I was telling you about Andy" "Oh very interesting," Andy said in response. "What about me?" I said nervously.

"Cody was telling me how you guys have hooked up with each other" "He said what," I looked at Cody heavily upset that he told someone what we had done. I really didn't need that getting out. "Whatever it was it's not true," I said lying to protect myself from any embarrassment.

"It's Okay, it's just my cousin man he isn't gonna tell anyone" "That's not the point it was suppose to be between you and me and no one else" "Relax man, it's okay with me," Andy replied, "I am actually pretty horny right now, you want to help me out" "Fuck no," I screamed pissed off, "I am out of here, see you guys later" Cody jumped up and grabbed wrist, "It's okay man don't leave, come back in with us." I tried pulling away but Cody had my wrist pretty tight.

I hollered for him to let go as I tried jerking myself away from him again but I had no luck. Andy then walked over to me trying to come me down for some reason, a guy that don't even know. "Get off of me, this isn't funny anymore I'm getting really upset guys," I exclaimed as I finally pulled away. Truth I wasn't upset about him grabbing me but the fact the Cody told someone I had a girlfriend that I really do like and I didn't want anyone finding out about it.

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As I turned to walk out the door I felt two hands on the back of my shoulders which forced me down to the ground. He flipped me on my back and I saw Andy kneeling on top of me forcing my hands to the ground.

He was a lot stronger than I was and there was no getting up no matter how much I fought to escape. I noticed the bulge in his pants I lifted my head up to see where Cody was. He was by my feet taking my socks off. "Get off me," I said once more. This was not me being a tease either I really wanted him to get off of me. Cody came around to my side and started to unbuckles my jeans. As he did this I tried to squirm away but Andy was just too strong for me.

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Cody got my belt off and unzipped my pants and unbuttoned them as well. He whipped down to my legs again, he motioned for Andy to lift up so he could get my pants off. Cody grabbed my pants, along with my boxers and whipped them down around my ankles exposing my limp dick and shaved pubic hair.

"Come grab his arms Code," Andy said waiting in anticipation. "Stop, get off me," I uttered once more knowing that they weren't gonna let me go.

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Cody knelt down putting both his knees on my hands so I couldn't move them. Andy knelt up still over me to where I couldn't wiggle free and started to unzip his pants. He took out his dick that was already rock hard.

I couldn't believe what I saw. This big muscular guy with what looked like a ten inch dick and very wide. I was transfixed on his massive prick I found myself not being able to look away.

"Ah, you like the look of this big dick don't you," Andy muttered. "No get that out of my face, " I muttered back half lying but I couldn't deny that was staring at it.

"You are gonna suck this big dick now" he chuckled as he leaned forward and stuck his dick towards me. I turned my head to the side so he didn't have room to get in my face. I was not going to suck his cock I wasn't in the mood at all at this point. I was still upset by the events that let up to this moment.

As I refused he took his right hand pushed on my neck and choked me turning my head right up again. "If you don't want to get hurt you will suck this dick now you dirty slut," Andy said forcefully and at that moment I really thought that he might hurt me if I didn't. Without to much of a choice I opened my mouth to give his dick access. He leaned forward and pushed the tip of his throbbing cock into my mouth. I closed my lips around it, the taste was weird.

salty but sweet from the precum that was already leaking from his giant member. He slid slowly a little after a little more and I could barely get my lips around it.

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At this point Cody had started rubbing his hard on through his pants. Andy continued to push more and more into my mouth. "Feel good?," Cody asked Andy. "Fuck yeah, this little slut knows how to suck a cock," Andy moaned in response. "Yeah, that's for sure he sucks good fucking dick" "Smell my fucking cock," Andy scolded as he pulled his dick out of my mouth and slapped it on the top of my face rubbing up and down.

I took his aroma in, it smelt musky with the mix of sweat. Now I started feeling that feeling in my dick as I started to become rock hard. I didn't want it to but the smell of him pushed me over the edge and I was now extremely horny. "Put your dick back in my mouth," I ordered.

"You are a little slut aren't you," Andy snapped back as he filled my mouth again with his meet. It tasted so good and I wanted to suck his dick all night. With my head against the ground he started to face fuck me, and I was loving every minute of it now.


I was no longer upset I just wanted to suck that monster cock. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, slid down my legs and lifted them over my head exposing my pink boy hole to him. Without warning he put his face in my ass and started viciously eating my ass. I couldn't help but moan, "O yeah, eat my fucking asshole." "Ya eat his asshole," Cody added in. "Get that hole nice and wet, I'm gonna fuck you, you little slut" I was incredibly turned on, but I remained a little worried because he had a really big dick and I didn't want him to hurt me.

He continued to lick my hole for another minute or so and knelt up keeping my legs pushed behind my head. He got in position with his cock staring at my hole. I was afraid and even through my horniness I didn't really want to try. He hit my hole and started to push in. The pain was incredible, it was really hurting me.

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I yelled for him to stop, but he didn't care he kept pushing in. "Aw fuck!!, you have to take it out its to big," I screamed in agony. "Just relax it will go," Andy reassured me. "Seriously it hurts to bad" "Your fine baby, just let him take it slow," Cody said trying to relax me. Andy kept pushing his dick in my ass. And with one final slam forced hit entire ten inch dick in my ass.

I let out a loud yelp which could have woken everyone in a mile radius. I have never been in so much pain then when he was all the way in me.

He slowly went in and out but then quickly started going faster and faster. Every thrust in I yelled out. He started to absolutely slam my ass, and after five minutes of pain it started to subside and I was starting to hard up again. Soon all the pain was gone and I felt incredible, I was in pure ecstasy.

"Fuck me!!!" I yelled I wanted him to pump me with his ten inches of meat. "You like that fucking bid dick in your boy hole," he responded. He continued to fuck me and I was in Heaven. Cody couldn't take anymore he whipped his shorts down exposing his hard on and it aimed it at the direction of my mouth. Without any direction I reached my neck forward stuck out my tongue and tasted the tip of his cock which was already soaked in precum.

He leaned forward and slid his whole dick into my mouth and I was happy to accept. Just like that, Andy ripped his dick out of me as I let a loud gasp and pumped away at his aching dick.

One huge spurt of his cum then hit my chin, followed by a second that hit my chest, which was followed by three more small spurts that ran down my stomach onto my hard cock. "God dam that's a fucking tight ass," Andy moaned again has he fell onto his back regaining his breath. "I think I need some of that ass now," Cody exclaimed, "You want to get fucked by my dick too?" "Yeah," all I could mutter with Cody's dick still filling my mouth.

"Get up and get on all fours," he said once more as he pulled his dick from my mouth.

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I rolled over and got up on my hands and knees waiting for Cody to enter my tender pink hole. He stood up walked around to the back of my and dropped to his knees. I could feel him start to push in the tip of dick and then the rest with one swift motion.


"Aw. fuck yeah, fuck me," I yelled as he started to pump hard and fast. I felt the sensation growing in my loans and knew I was about to come. Without jerking my own cock, Cody's dick made me shoot an explosive shot that hit my right cheek followed by a few more that landed on my stomach. Just like that Cody pulled out just as he started to come all over my chest as well.

"Aw yeah," I moaned once more as I was covered with three huge cum shots. "God dam your ass felt fucking amazing you little slut," Cody added as he fell to the side panting heavily.

"Come on lets go get in the shower Cody, we will leave this little slut here to absorb all of that cum" They walked up and left me laying on the ground to reflect of the events that just took place. I felt like a little slut covered in both of there cum, but that really didn't bother me.

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