Chat mit chrisandsarahh auf ifap2 info jetzt große fette titten

Chat mit chrisandsarahh auf ifap2  info jetzt große fette titten
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Cristina.I love you, And I could love you so much better than that bastard husband of yours! He doesn't deserve a woman like you. .

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!! It's Halloween. You've invited me, your good friend, to join you (and him. . .) at a local hotel/casino for a costume party. I spot you instantly as I enter the crowded room. You're the "hot" cop across the room. That leather black mini-skirt can't hide your sexy ass. And your beautiful breasts are fairly bursting the buttons of your low-cut black vest. I ache to kiss and lick you from the top of your officer's hat to the bottom of your thigh-high leather boots.

I long to taste every inch of your beautiful body. He doesn't deserve you.


. . so sweet and kind to all the world.

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But in bed. . behind closed doors. . I know you'd be a wild woman, if you just had the right man. If you only had me.

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Your costume is perfect! "Hi Joe," you say, as I walk up to you. You take one look at the anguish on my face, and you know. Your glance moves to my crotch, where the fabric of my skimpy costume can't hide my thoughts. I blush. "I've wanted you for so long," I say. "I know," you reply, "but you know I'm married." "I know," comes my choked response. "And I know you won't leave him. But I'd take you anyway. Even just for a night.

And I'd cherish you, Cristina. I'd love you like you deserve." Cristina looks around the room until she spots him. That husband who ignores her every request.

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She locates him on the other side of the room, and sure enough! he's had far too much to drink. He's slouched over tipsy with his face in the cleavage of a Dolly Parton look-alike. "You're under arrest for those thoughts, buster!" Cristina says with a sly smile, as she turns back to me. And with the swiftness of a cheetah, she's handcuffed my wrist to hers.

"I'm locking you up." I'm too confused to think. With a quick glance back at him, Cristina whisks me from the room into the nearest hotel elevator. She pushes one of the buttons, and we start to ascend.

When the door opens, she leads me behind her out into the hallway. I stare with desire at that luscious ass in front of me, as she pulls me along. She hasn't said a word.

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Cristina stops at a door and pulls a hotel key from the pocket of her tight, leather vest. The door opens easily and we go in. "I've wanted you for so long," she says as she leans against me in our first passionate kiss.

I can barely stand. My rod is huge and hard. My legs are weak as jelly. Cristina sits on the edge of the king-size bed, leans back, and spreads her legs wide.

I'm now staring at the sexiest pair of black lacey panties I've ever layed eyes on, I slowly slide my hands up her thighs hooking my fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly pull them down.sliding them over her knees,then off her feet.

I gawk at the banquet before me and, for a moment, study the scorpion tattoo just above her neatly trimed bush. But Cristina is impatient. "Eat me, baby," she fairly hisses. "The way I've always wanted. The way he never will." I've dreamt of this moment. In an instant, I'm on my knees. I part her pussy lips with reverence. I blow a soft, warm breath of air on her pearl. She moans. And soon I'm licking her with abandon. Between her cunt lips. Around her clit.

Deep into her dripping womanhood. I want to taste every inch of her. She's creaming in my mouth. Between screams of pleasure, she begins to purr, "I'm coming baby! I'm coming. . ." And when she does, it's a huge explosion that grips my face between her legs.

I suck her gently as she cums again and again. We're both in ecstasy. Cristina leans back, her jet black hair against the bedspread, for a moment her energy spent.

Her eyes are filled with happy tears. "Now, it's your turn, lover," she says as she quickly recovers. She unsnaps our handcuffed wrists and pushes me down onto the bed. With hands gentle, but firm, she reaches into my costume pants and frees my straining cock.

"Beautiful," she says with a smile, as she slowly places her lips around the head. She licks me, like an ice cream cone, from the tip to the base.

I watch the scar at the top of her lip, as her mouth rides me, slowly yet greedily. This can't be happening. Surely, I've died and gone to heaven. No, this must be the real heaven right here. . right now. "Cristina, my darling," I can't hold back much longer," I grunt. She stops her divine ministrations and looks up at me with a grin. "Well," she says with mischief glowing in her eyes, "I guess we'll just have to take care of that." And before I know it, she's climbed on top of me, with her juicy, dripping cunt poised just above my throbbing rod.

For a teasing moment, she holds that position and just looks at me. And then she lowly unbuttons her police blouse,exposing her lacy black Victoria Secret bra to match her panties.She takes hold of the hook in front and unhooks it revealing the most beautifull 24-C tits I have ever seen.

And then with excruciating slowness she eases herself down on me. Little by sensational little, she lowers her full 5'3" body down my length. The walls of her vagina are tight, but soft. She is so very wet. I feel my cock reaching up inside her.

If I could, I'd reach all the way to the top of her beautiful head. And then, my luscious, sweet Cristina is riding me like a bucking bronco. She's manic. And loud! She screams "OH TE AMO!!" As she cums once again on my cock. She can't seem to get enough of me. .


. or I of her. I felt myself getting close, my bare cock being pleasured by her incredibly tight pussy. "Uhhhh!" I moaned and released. My cum filling up Cristina's pussy,dripping back down to the base of my cock.Cristina slowed down,milking the last of my sperm.When I stopped,she stopped,and collapsed on my chest,both of us breathing hard. She kissed me on the lips,looked into my eyes, "I love you joe." "I love you Cristina." We fell asleep in each others arms.