Shelly the Burbank Bomber Handjob from Mom

Shelly the Burbank Bomber Handjob from Mom
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When I was young I had this girlfriend. I don't know how to describe our relationship. I thought we were lovers and friends, now I'm not sure what she thought. She was a party girl and loved hanging with her girlfriends and going to parties. She loved rock music and we always had music playing in the background; in the house, the car, boombox.


We were young and I was in love. I met her at the theater where I was working technical and lighting. She was younger than me, her long brown hair covering her shoulders. Her short curvaceous frame covered by a burgundy dress that landed just past her round ass. I was a nerd, shy and lacked confidence. So, I had a bold friend of mine ask if she might like to go on a date with me. She walked up to me and looked me over with her deep brown eyes then smiled. We started dating and hanging out together.

I put a lot of life into our relationship and she put a lot of adventure into my sex life. We were both happy and spent enough time together that I felt we were going to spend our lives with each other.

At least that was what I thought. Often I would stay at her place while she was out with her friends and when she came home we would have sex. That was the thing that kept me from trying to nail her down about our relationship.

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The sex. She was extroverted and enjoyed teasing me and trying different things, locations and testing my resolve. When it came to sex, I could be pushed quite a bit.

Like I said, I'm a bit of a nerd and solitary. I don't have a lot of confidence around women especially regarding emotions, sensuality and desire. I just feel lost and my emotions just come over me and I panic. A lot of guys tell me that's the way they feel. It doesn't help.

I'm still all dick and no brain. Looking back now I think I must have been her boy toy. Just the opposite of what was normal. What normal men have a wild sexy woman for, sex and arm candy. She had a life of her own and I let her keep it mostly private, but when she wanted to go somewhere or cuddle and have sex I was her play thing. Her teddy bear with a working dick. She used me, I used her until it ended.

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I remember one night she had gone out to a party with her best friend. She told be to not worry about it. It was just some friends that got together once in a while. Nothing I would be interested in. but stay at her place and she would see me after the party was over. When she came in it was late and I was asleep. I didn't hear her enter, undress or crawl into bed.

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I was dreaming about something rubbing against my dick and I was getting hard in my dream when I felt her pussy rub against my face. I woke to the smell of her juices as she rubbed her hot mess against my mouth and nose. My tongue instinctively licking up to taste her sex. She was very wet. Wetter than normal and I got the distinct taste of cum.

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I don't think it was mine but I had been dreaming of having sex and it might have been. Either way she was excited and I was happy to receive. My loneliness from my youth drowned by her lustful desires. I lapped it up. She was straddling my face, rubbing with fury. She reached down and grabbed my head to force me harder against her sloppy pussy as she reached an orgasm.

Her juices increased as she bucked and twitched on my nose and mouth. I kept thrusting my tongue best as I could my jaw being pushed nearly out of socket with her aggression. She finished her orgasm without moving from the spot. Then she reached back to find my still hard and achingly so. My hard meat had been rubbing against the sheets held tight by her legs and feet that were holding my arms and body in place. She shuffled around and pulled the sheets down with abandon and propped herself up to fondle me.

As she regained her strength she stood up on the bed and bending over at the waist began sucking my dick all the way down to the root. Her nose and chin resting against me. I could feel her tongue thrusting and twisting my sensitive rod that was all the way in her mouth and throat as far as it would reach. Then she started bobbing up and down on it rocking the bed and driving me to jerk and thrust.

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She was going wild. Looking back now I wonder if she had been doing this all night at the party but was still not satisfied. Or, was she high on something that was passed around at the party and she was just riding our her adventure. Either way she was great fun that night.

She sucked away until I was close to coming then she jumped of the bed leaving me hard. Walking around the bed to her night stand she took a sip and water and lit a joint. Or part of a joint, I can't remember anymore.

But with just the light of the glowing cherry we smoked a few hits and my hardness faded some. After a short break she kissed me and I could taste the smoke from the joint and the faint flavor of salty cum. I never knew if it was mine.

Next she crawled on top of me again this time to slide my half hard cock into her wet pocket. She stroked me with her pussy and pushed hard down on me. Then she grabbed my hands and held me down. Putting my hands next to my shoulders and fucking me faster as I got harder. I was so excited by the feelings of her desires and I was getting high off the joint as it melted my brain.

She humped me furiously but the pause had caused me to cease my cumming and now I was stuck in a perpetual hard on cycle. She could get me close to cumming but it just wasn't happening. We would both just run out of steam and have to catch out breath before we started up again. I wanted to play with her breasts or hold her waist to aid the grinding action but she kept me shackled for what seemed like hours. As she held my hands still and just kept grinding into me having little climaxes along the way.

Then she collapsed on me nearly exhausted and pulled me over onto her. Now it was my turn, finally. I had fallen out with all the commotion but slid back in to her sloppy opening easily and started to give back what I had been receiving.

Pounding my pubic bone against hers on each stroke. I don't remember how long it was. My dick just wouldn't cum.


My youthful vigor was not going to let me stop and she wasn't telling me to. So, I kept up a steady rhythm of fucking my raging cock into her wet pocket, over and over.

The feeling was sublime and I was till high from the joint. My stomach muscles ached and I was wondering if I would be able to cum at all.

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She moaned with each stroke and dragged her fingernails across my back until she tensed up again and climaxed. That finally did it and I could feel the start of my own climax as my meat and balls tightened and prepared to squirt. Just as she was finishing her orgasm I started cumming.

I jerked and pounded my final blows before collapsing on the bed next to her. We just laid there until we fell asleep. Breathing heavy and sighing every so often. The next morning I complained about being a little sore.

She found it hard to walk but shook it off and was off to work early. I was alone again in her room. That's when I thought about last night.

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Had she been doing something at the party? How did she get so sexually wound up? Thoughts kept running through my mind as I laid there waking up.

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I reached over and lit what was left of the joint, forcing the questions out of my mind.