Two pretty lesbian babes are being naughty together

Two pretty lesbian babes are being naughty together
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This is my first story so please leave lots of comments, be nice! If you don't like the idea of rape then please move on to the next story. Lily is a gorgeous girl she is 19 with curly blonde hair that hangs down to the small off her back, bright blue eyes and soft smooth skin. She has a prefect ass and amazing breasts size c32 and perky. She is taller than must her friends, 5'9" with nice long legs.

She is a virgin, a very good innocent girl. She goes to a great school to become a teacher, she wants to teach small children. After school she either goes home to her apartment she shares with her two friends or heads to work. She works at a bar and grill named Todd's and has for the past 3 years. Today she heads to work.

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When she walks in hannah runs up to her and says "Lily your back! Todd has been a mess with out you." Lily laughs and says "I know I got his texts begging me to come back but I had so much school work this week I had to take the week off." Hannah says "I know thank god its finally Saturday, anyways glad you're back I'm gonna go check my tables." She hugs Lily then runs off.

After hannah comes Todd Lily's boss. Todd is a 31 year old ex marine who after retiring from the millitary opened the bar named after himself.

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He is tall 6'1" and has muscles on his muscles. He has dark brown hair shaved in the millitary style and ice blue eyes. Todd is very in love with Lily and everyone can see this but her. Todd hugs her in a tight bear hug and says "We have missed you miss Lily!" Then sets her down and sends her to work.

After the last calls everyone leaves and Lily says "Hey Todd think you could whip me up some dinner?" He smiles and nodds knowing just what she wants.

He makes two pb&js along with a glass of milk for Lily and a glass of beer for himself. They sit together and eat.

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Lily licks some peanut butter from her finger and Todd says "Lily you have to know how bad I want you." She stares at him and asks "Want me?" He nodds. She says "Todd you know I'm not like that." She stands to clear the plates and he says "Lily please not only for sex, I want you to be with me, I love you!" She shakes her head and says "You do not love me." She cleans the plates and leaves.


Todd texts and calls to check on her after she stormed out but she doesn't answer. At home Lily lays in bed thinking he must be says that to get in my pants. No way he loves me.

Soon she falls asleep. Todd can't take it anymore he must see if she made it home safe.

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He heads to her place and of course her wild friends are passed out drunk in the living room with the door wide open. He heads in and finds lily safely sleeping in bed. He watches her sleep for a while then decides he can't leave her. He grabs one of her bags and quietly packs some of her clothes, things from her bathroom and her phone.


He then scoops her into his arms knowing already from her friends telling him in the past that she is a VERY heavy sleeper. He puts her and her things in the car and heads for home.

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Once home he puts her in bed and gently ties her wrists to the headboard then crawls into bed and falls asleep holding his love.

The next morning when Lily wakes up she starts screaming.

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Todd who is downstairs cooking breakfast finishes just in time, he grabs the plate and runs upstairs he sets the plate down the strokes her cheek and says "Shhh baby its me I'm here now." Lily yell "WHERE AM I?!" Todd says "Calm down babe this is my house I brought you here." He grabs the plate and says "Now then I made you breakfast I need you to eat." Lily now kinda scared takes a bite out of the toast.

When he pulls it away there is jam on her lip. She licks it off without thinking and todd says "You're trying to turn me on Lily!" She shakes her head no but its too late Todd leans in the starts kissing her soon after he is lost in the moment and starts grabing her breasts and rubbing her legs.

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When he stands to remove his pants Lily says "Please Todd don't do this I'm a virgin!" He smiles and says "Lily of course your a virgin and that's why I need this. I can't let you give it to anyone else." He is back on her kissing her and rubbing her breasts. He tears the thin silk pjs she is wearing off and starts to kiss and suck her breasts. He cups her pussy and whispers "I promise ill make it good, ill go easy and ill teach you many great things about sex later." He starts rubbing her pussy from the out side only and as soon as he hears her moan he smiles and says "That's what I have been waiting to hear." He adds to her pleasure by stroking her clit in circles making her moan and moan in between begging him to stop.


Finally he says "This may hurt but I promise ill make it all better." Before she can respond he slides a finger into her pussy and feels the last piece of flesh making her an innocent. He slams his fingers forward and it breaks. She screams and sobs at the pain. He waits till she calms before removing his fingers and wiping the blood on the sheets. He then leans down and start to suck and lick her clit and pussy. She can't help herself it feels great. She moans and doesn't even struggle or ask him to stop untill she feels her orgasm coming.

She says "Todd pplease sstop!!!" He keeps on going licking up all the sweet pussy juices. She can't take in and she finally cums hard with her first ever orgams. Its so great she passes out.

Todd licks up all the juices and lays beside her stroking her hair with one hand and his rock hard 8" cock that's almost as wide as her wrists with the other.

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He whipser "when you wake up we will have lots more fun baby." Thanks for reading!! Let me know what you think and if I should write a part 2!