Playwoman tv black woman Horny border patrol pounds Latin doll Loni

Playwoman tv black woman Horny border patrol pounds Latin doll Loni
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I know it's been a long time coming. And there's still more in there to come. Please be patient as I have a regular job, company, family, and a dog. I wasn't really pleased with how I closed out the 3rd installation of this story, so in an author's prerogative, I'm going to change it here.

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It should not really matter too much with the story overall. If you like the old, just skip the first bit. In the months since the last episode, I've read a lot of other stories and am exploring some of those avenues in the remainder of this series.

I have no idea how many there will be, so I've kind of strapped on and just letting it go where it will. I've planned out the ending, now I need to get the characters there.

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If you're looking for a quickie before school or work, you'll be disappointed. I'm telling a story in which sex occurs. Sometimes it doesn't make sense to have a sex scene, so there won't be one. And, yes, this is fantasy. That means it isn't real. This story and the others may be replicated on free boards.

This story is copyrighted by Greg S and may not be sold or published in any form that is not free. (Berne Convention). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a reverse cowboy his cock entered her and was pushing against her G-spot on the way in. He pushed as far in as he could and pulled out. He fucked her smoothly and fully as he pinched and pulled her nipples.

He mauled her tits, bit her shoulder and neck, and he fucked her hard. "Yesss…right there! Just like that! Harder!

God, I'm so close!" He pinched her nipples harder between his fingers eliciting a groan. He was fucking her hard now, ramming his cock into her as hard as he could. She was curving her hips down to get more of his rod into her hot, wet pussy. She wanted as much in him as she could get. Each thrust pressed against her in just the right way.

Her squeezing his cock with her pussy was making him ready to explode. Just then he felt her breathing stop and her body shiver and quake.

Her cunt spasmed around his prick and he felt a flood against his cock. He couldn't hold out any more and he unleashed his own geyser deep into her hole. He continued thrusting into her, though more stabbing her with short hard jabs as he came.

As his cumming subsided, he pulled his legs up and apart forcing her to do the same, and he pulled her on top of him. She laid on her back on top of him with her head resting on his shoulder. He ran his hands over her breasts and down to her pussy. He felt his own cock inside her pussy. Her pussy was slowly gripping and releasing him like she was milking him.

He gathered some of her juices on his finger and came up to her clit and just lightly rubbed his now well lubed finger over the nub setting her off again. "You cum easily," he said in her ear. "Only in the hands of a Master. How do you know how to play me like that?" Martin's cock was deflating and it popped out of her vagina. "Ohhhh, you're leaving me?" she whined. When it did, the plug that held Amy's juices and Martin's sperm in was gone allowing the cocktail to flow.

"You made a mess," Amy said smiling. "I think you had something to do with this. Anyway, you started it all," said Martin. "And how do you figure that one out?" Martin looked at the two girls lying in the bed with them. They looked like two little angels that must have been deep asleep, totally worn out by all the excitement of the night before. They looked so sweet and peaceful.

He gently brushed the hair from Becky's face. He whispered to Amy, "you were playing with me most of the night." "I was not," she replied in a whispered emphatic tone. She leaned up on her elbow and looked into his steel grey eyes. The curve of her body enticed Martin to reach out and gently caress her lithe form, and her small breasts. He enjoyed watching her nipples perk up.

He started to tease her nipples as they hardened, circling her areola eliciting a soft moan from her lips. She pressed her groin against his and lightly kissed him.

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"And," he continued in spite of her insistence, "you even were sucking on me just before we started. Just before you leaned back into me and put me inside of you." "I DID NOT do that! And anyway, YOU were the one playing with ME!

You were the one that was getting me all wet and keeping me all wet! I've got a huge wet spot on this part of the bed from your midnight fiddling. Just before you put yourself in me, I had to move 'cause it was so wet and moved in close to you." "But I couldn't reach myself to put it in you," Martin said. "Then… How… But it couldn't…have. Could it?" She glanced at Jenny. Then at Becky. The little cherubs seemed more like little devils now.

"That's beyond where I can think right now. I need coffee, we'll talk later. There are things I have to do. Coffee will be ready in 10 minutes," Martin said.

Those little urchins set the whole stage and wrote the script with Amy and me as the puppets. He didn't know whether to be pissed off, or or what?

Happy it happened? Anticipating what could be? Worried for the girls morals? He had to get out of there before they wrote the second act. He pushed Amy onto her back, laid on top of her and lightly kissed her lips.

"At least it was fun." As he was getting up he noticed a large wet spot on the bed. It had to be from Amy, and she must have been on fire half the night. How did she sleep through that? It must have been like an ongoing wet dream.


His cockhead slid down her slit. He could feel her wetness and heat. She was moaning at the delicious feelings his cock rubbing against her was giving to her. "You left the faucet on down there." "Oh my God, please, Sir! Do you know what you're doing to me," she cried as she wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders and her legs around his waist and pulled him in tight to her.

He hesitated a moment savoring the warmth of her through his cock. Her slippery wetness beckoning him to enter. He felt the warmth of her embrace, too. It wasn't just the heat of the embrace, it was that she needed him, and wanted him kind of warmth. It had been a very long time since any woman held him like that. All the way back to…&hellip.

"Later. There's much to do," and he pushed himself off of her and got up. "Coffee in 10." "Oh, you're so cruel leaving a girl like this!" "Any other day and I'd take care of you properly, but this isn't the time of that day.

Be patient." He grabbed a robe and padded to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. 'I hate mornings!' he thought to himself. He headed off to his morning constitutional, and obligatories. He needed a few chats with his old team. He also had to call the company and tell them what's happened in case there was something to this attack. Also to get access to their data files so he could research the family. He also needed a long talk with Amy.

There are a lot of holes in her story. He went to his office and closed the door. As he sat behind the desk he flipped a switch and a soft gentle hum was heard. He picked up the phone and called his friend, Antonio. He told Antonio that he needed him to dispose of some clothing, and to get some groceries as he had no food to feed four people.

He didn't know how well Amy could cook he certainly wasn't a cook so he asked it to be simple to prepare. Antonio knew what his friend liked and would be able to take care of him. He also wanted to go over what happened last night with someone he trusted with his life, and had it saved by him on more than one occasion.

Next call was to Marsha, his doctor. The girls didn't have any clothes, and he didn't know what to get or what they'd need. He wasn't a woman and therefore had no taste. He also wanted a full blood workup done on them so he knew what he had in his bedroom.

She said she could do it and be there in the early afternoon. He then called and left a message on his secretary's voicemail. He left further instructions concerning the project that was behind schedule. He just didn't have the time to deal with it and the manager in charge was botching it up. He made a mental note to do a sub rosa background check on the manager.

He'd do that when he was getting info on the girls. He made his final call to the company. Not his company, the other one. He coded in. Even though he's not fully active, his "A" code takes him directly to the Deputy Assistant Undersecretary for Operations basically a "yes" man for the political hack at the top. In typical fashion, he wasn't there. He would have done better just getting a secretary or some other analyst schmuck.

At least stuff would get done. Damned good thing there wasn't a national emergency. He simply left his ID. The wunderkind would have to find him and call him back. He started to think about how all this happened.

He replayed in his mind all of the events that occurred from the moment he saw the girls walk by l'ingrediente, Tony's restaurant. Was he sure no one was following them?

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When he left to go to the train he knew he wasn't followed. Tradecraft is impossible to unlearn, and becomes a part of the subconscious. He was aware of everything and everyone around him even people in the windows of the buildings above him. The Golden Blossom where the girls got dinner was past the entrance to the train. He didn't know if they were followed there or not.

When they got to the platform, no one was lurking around, no one was following. The platform was empty. No one got on with them, other than him. If they were being followed, the tail would have been shaken when they got on the train. They could get a man to the next stop, but Martin knew that there wouldn't be enough time and the logistics would be a nightmare.

They'd have to have someone in the stations in each direction to tell the man above which direction, and whether they got on an express or a local. Which stop would they get off at? All of them on the lines served by that station would have to be covered. That wasn't going to happen. Anyway, they left the train at the next stop.

On the other end, they moved quickly through the sparse group of people on the platform. No one was paying particular attention to them. Martin would have noticed someone scanning the people exiting the train cars. There was no one paying any attention to people leaving until that scream. By then, they were close to being off the platform. The taxi wasn't a plant. The cabbie was practically asleep when they got in. And how would he know where to be? A block away and no visual sightlines of the subway entrance was not a way to trail someone unless there was a wire or plant of some kind.

He'll check the clothing just to be sure. Even at that, why would anyone want to keep track of them? Drug lord? Mafia? Gangs? None of that made sense and didn't fit the picture painted by Becky the night before. Looking at the attackers, at least one was local the guy with the cheap knife that held the girls at bay while the other tried to work over Amy. No way they were pros. It just looked like it was two thugs who found themselves looking at an easy fuck and then outclassed by a simple businessman.

Martin was pretty positive they were clean. While he knew they were filmed, it'd take days before anyone would see it. He'll put Tony on it. Somehow, that video will just disappear. Crap! He couldn't believe that he didn't tell Tony to take care of that for him! There was a tap on the door. Martin checked the time and saw he had about an hour before Tony would show up. He opened the door to Amy dressed in one of Tanja's silk kimono robes holding a tray with two cups of coffee, milk and sugar.

She looked stunning in it. Her rich nut brown hair was up, and the peach color of the kimono worked beautifully with her skin tone. The embroidered cherry blossom branch on the kimono was close to the color of her eyes, the delicate pink of the cherry blossom flower reflected a hint of her blush. As Amy opened the door, she noticed the desk was incredibly tidy. Nothing was apparently out of place. There was a laptop computer exactly in the middle of the desk.

The lid was closed and the mouse was on top of it, again in the middle and aligned equidistant with its edges. There were no stray and unruly wires. Just one that powered the computer that went straight from the back of the machine to a hole close to it. She was figuring out where to put the tray, so she didn't notice the rest of the room. All the books, and there were a lot of them, were all on the shelves, all symmetrically arranged apparently. There was none of the usual helter skelter height differentials, patterns, and colors that you would normally see in a library.

There was a flow to the book levels and even the colors, almost artistic, with no one book visually out of place. There were no stray papers. No scraps of notes or receipts out on his desk. There was a pen precisely parallel to the front edge of the desk and half way between the edge and the top of the blotter. There was a beautiful oil landscape painting on the left. There was a river running through a field surrounded by pine trees with stark gray-purple snow capped mountains in the background.

On the fringe of the field was a cabin with a small wisp of smoke curling from the chimney. The locale looked idyllic. There was also a portrait of an incredibly beautiful young woman on the right.

It was another oil painting by an obviously very skilled artist. The subject had gorgeous long liquid rich walnut brown hair that was pinned up much like Amy's was, and deep brown eyes, and an elegant choker collar. The background was in Washington, DC around the Tidal Basin during the cherry blossom time with the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in the background.

The woman was wearing a kimono with a cherry blossom. The same kimono as Amy was wearing now. The office looked like it had been staged for a photoshoot. "Your coffee, sir. I don't know how you like it. Martin half gasped when he saw her. "Thank you. Yes. Please come in. Is that other cup for you?" "Yes, sir. I thought that you'd probably want to talk about last night." She was seriously blushing now.

"Do you mind that got myself a cup? I can put it back. Let me serve you and then I'll do that. I should have known better…" "No, no, it's quite alright. It's OK for you to have your coffee with me." Such an interesting woman, he thought.

He thought that if he played his cards even moderately well, she would willingly submit to him. And what would happen then with her daughters? Is he ready for that responsibility? He's a single man in a world of intrigue where every step could be watched and the next could be the last.

Is he ready to take on a whole readymade family? Could he put them in the kind of danger he faces? Just being with him puts them at risk. He'd have to be careful in his handling of her or she'll be ruined for any other kind of life, just like he's been.

He sat while Amy fixed their coffees. She served him first, "Sir," then herself. She sat in an overstuffed leather chair close to Martin. She sipped her coffee and looked up.

She gasped as she saw the painting of the woman. Martin chuckled, "I see you finally seen my late wife." "She was beautiful.

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When did she pass?" "She was killed five years ago." "I'm sorry to hear that, sir. Was it an accident," Amy asked? "In all likelihood, no. We're still trying to put the pieces together. There aren't too many accidents in that line of work," Martin replied. It was a subject that always got his blood to a boil, and brought back painful memories. He couldn't understand how the company was unable to determine who was responsible. They were so good about finding all the other clues.

They found the residue from the explosive charge on the gas line made to look like the line just happened to break. Quite elegant workmanship, actually. It had been undiscovered by the Bailystok, Poland policja forensics units, the Biuro Operacji Antyterrorystycznych (BOA) which is part of the Polish central police force, and the Podlaskie Voivodeship regional Samodzielny Pododdział Antyterrorystyczny Policji (SPAP) forces.

Though the body was badly burned, they found under the body minute pieces of the ligatures used to tie her down to the bed. They were also able to tell forensically that the body had no clothing on from the evenness of the burns. The policja found 3 foreign objects inserted into the body.

Given the locations, they pretty well surmised that they had been dildos. This coupled with the ligatures brought the conclusion that the fire erupted while a kinky sex scene was going on. One person at least got away, but the fire was quick-spreading so there was no time to free the person. At least that's the story the policja came up with. There were 8 other bodies found in the six unit apartment building, all in their apartments.

No one was found in the hallways or stairwells. Dental records were used to identify the bodies. All of the 8 belonged in the building. Those 8 were just collateral damage in the silent war between states. If he was correct in his assessment of who was involved, they wouldn't even care about the collaterals so long as the target was eliminated. Bad shit happens. In his years of service his team inflicted no collateral damage. He had his suspicions. The only real puzzle left for him was how did they know where they'd be?

There were indications that she was alive when the fire was started. If they couldn't come up with a solution, he'd make his own, and if the US public ever found out that a government agent was responsible, they'd want to shut the agency down because of the animals it held.

"I do want to talk about last night, but probably a lot earlier in the night than you think." "Yes, sir," Amy said looking down into her lap.

Martin leaned over, took her chin in his hand and lifted her head. "There is a lot you don't know about me or what I do or what I've done. You may just be beginning to realize that you've entered a whole different world last night. There are a lot of unwritten rules and codes of conduct in my world that you'll just have to pick up on. If you stay here, I will have a lot of training to do for you and the girls." "I didn't think we were in Kansas anymore," Amy said.

Martin chuckled. "So long as it isn't a rabbit hole. I will be having meetings and making calls this morning and probably for the next few days. I think it would be good for you and the girls to spend time with each other. Marcia will be here to check up on all of you this afternoon. She's also going shopping so you have clothing to wear until I can take you all myself. Until then, there's a library and music room on this level, a game and movie room downstairs, and a back yard to play in.

OK? We good?" "Yes, sir." "Good!" She wasn't a supermodel, but she was very pretty. Martin gently caressed her face and lightly swept some stray hairs to the side. As soon as he touched her, it was like a shock went through them connecting their souls.

He looked into her brown eyes. It seemed like they were a window on her being. She had caught her breath and was holding it as he delved into her.

Somehow a connection was made very quickly between these two. She suddenly felt like she was drowning in his warmth and caring. She felt enveloped in a cocoon of total safety and desire. He leaned in and lightly kissed her lips and she whimpered and sighed.

She slightly parted her lips and his tongue searched out hers and they kissed. It wasn't a madly passionate kiss, but more of a gentle caressing kiss between two lovers who knew that they had eternity together because for them time itself had stopped. In the real world, the kiss could have been just an instant, but to them days passed. It was way too fast, but she was awash in love with this man.

Love? Really? How could that be, she thought! She didn't even know this man 24 hours and she's in love? She didn't know anything about this man. He could be a mafia contract killer for all she knew. The one thing she did know about him is that although he was capable of killing someone with almost no thought and no apparent guilt or regrets afterwards, yet he was seemingly gentle and capable of great kindness. Who is this guy? What is this guy? All she knew is that when she looked at him, or when she heard his soft but commanding voice, it sent shivers through her.

She so wanted to live forever in his gaze, but she knew she wasn't worthy of his attention. She was nothing. She was a common street whore while he ran a business and had clients and suppliers overseas.

She hadn't even been out of her state! What a silly girl she was hoping to be able to serve a man like this! Tears started welling up, and she felt her pussy moisten. Martin noticed the tears and wiped her cheeks. "What's this about?" "Oh, sir, I'm just a silly stupid girl with desires beyond her position. I'm just a common girl. I appreciate all you have done for us, but we should leave you alone. You've done way more than you should." She got up to leave.

"Sit." Martin said more as a command with in a soft tone. She immediately took her seat, afraid that she had done something wrong. She shivered in anticipation of a command which she knew she would immediately carry out.

"I will tell you when it is safe for you and the girls to leave. We don't know what we're up against yet, and until we do, I have to assume that the attack last night was planned and orchestrated by some organization.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about; about what happened last night. Maybe it will help us. So let's take a deep breath, dry your eyes and let's look at what happened last night." Holding the sides of her jaw in his hands, Martin bent over and kissed each eye, then with his thumbs wiped her tears away.

Amy unconsciously took a deep breath and sighed the sigh of a woman in love. Martin playfully nipped the tip of her nose and kissed it before she could move.

She yelped and giggled. "That's better," Martin exclaimed! "I spent this morning rerunning the series of events in my mind, and can only come up with one solution to why you were attacked.

But I want to hear from you. Right now I need to know about why those men might have attacked you. You said you knew the one? Have you seen the other around?" "No, just the one. He lives, or should I say lived?, in our apartment block." Amy began to tell about how the man sometimes roughed her up or took money from her that she earned turning tricks or on payday.

She told him where they lived, and Martin noted all of the details. What floor, turn right or left, third door on the right next to the fire escape, four exits from the building plus the main entrance and a service entrance in the rear, freight elevator plus two regular elevators. She didn't know if there was an exit to the roof, but there probably was. There would be external fire escape stairs attached to the outside of the building. Lots of ways in and out without being seen. She told him that she was an office manager.

The company she worked at would have a history that Martin could get at. The staff could be researched as well. He could always use a good office manager himself. She prostituted herself when money was tight and they needed to buy food or pay rent.

He couldn't fault her that, either. She's a single mom with two young girls in a city. That's the toughest job on earth, especially on an office manager's meager salary.

If she could keep clean, a prostitute as good looking as she is could earn some coin. That would go a long way towards bridging the gap between needs and available resources. Becky seems pretty bright and from what she says, so is Jenny. Amy seems to be bright, too, but a doormat willing to do anything her superiors tells her to do.

He felt certain that if he told her to jump off a cliff, she would if she thought it would please him. His Tanja was a lot like her in that regard, although Tanja was a communications and logistics expert with a Masters in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and before she was 22. When he needed a miniaturized long range communications device he told her.

She searched and couldn't find one she thought was appropriate for him. So she built it. Not from components, but from scratch.

The technology became known to the Operations Director, he contacted her and asked if she would be willing to work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, on making the components natively secure and standardized. She provided the specs and model to DARPA. When she didn't hear anything after a couple of months, she called to find out what was going on. They were still trying to figure out what her designs meant and what it could do, or more appropriately, couldn't do.

They also told her that patents had been issued to her for the 42 new devises and improvements she made. He could be living off of her royalty checks for the rest of his life.

As he was coming out of his remembrances, the front gate notified him that Tony was on his way in. Martin walked around the desk to Amy and gently touched under her chin. He bent over and kissed her lightly on the lips. Her heart fluttered and she whimpered, and she felt her nipples harden and her pussy moisten.

Just a touch? Just a kiss? What's happening to me, she thought? Martin told her he would need the office. She was told that she should stay with the girls, but that they could explore the house and grounds but not to leave them.

He also told her to collect all of the clothing they wore the previous night including shoes.


Everything should be placed into a bag for Tony. They would be destroyed so that it wouldn't be found if there was an investigation. So she took the empty coffee cups and tray to the kitchen and hurried back. As she returned, the doorbell rang. Martin went to open the door; she rushed past him and was ready to open the door.

She looked at Martin and he smiled and nodded his head. When she partially opened the door blocking the way between the man outside and Martin inside. Tony looked at Amy in surprise and asked if Martin was available. She looked over her shoulder to see if Martin knew this man. Martin nodded, and she opened the door wide and stepped aside as he greeted Tony as the old friends they were.

They heartily embraced, Martin called him an old scurvy dog and Tony called him a jerk. Slaps on the back and belly laughs. Even though they've gone through this ritual every night for the past 3 years, as campy as it sounds, they both enjoyed it immensely. The two men started to go into the office. Amy took their coffee order and brought it back to them.

Tony said he had the groceries in his car. Martin asked Amy to clean out his car and put everything away. Tony had a bemused smirk on his face as Martin led him into the office. They chatted for a few minutes while Amy prepared the coffee for the men. She asked if he needed anything, and receiving her dismissal from Martin, left and closed the door. Amy took this instruction very literally. She corralled the girls and told them their missions.

They quickly went out to Tony's car to "clean it out", carried the groceries into the house and set them on the counter. Amy spent a minute looking at the kitchen. Everything was very neat and clean. Very strange for a bachelor! She opened the cabinet doors. Plates were stacked neatly in the center of the door opening. Glasses on the other side were all ordered by height and all matched.

She opened another cupboard and saw the coffee cup handles all in the same direction with the coffees, teas and cocoa mix by type and brand. She finally found the pantry cabinets and began putting the groceries away. She thought how he would want everything placed and tried to replicate it. Then Amy and the girls then went back out to Tony's car and emptied it of all the garbage that a self-professed bachelor for life would have in his car.

Most of it was empty bags of food and drink that lay scattered in the rear floor board and under the seats. They vacuumed the inside of the car and put the things she was sure shouldn't be tossed out in a bag and put it on the front passenger's seat. Jenny thought that as long as they were doing Tony's car, they should also do Martin's; after all, they were staying with Martin, so they should do at least as much for him as for his friend Tony.

So they decided to clean Martin's cars. It was at this point that Amy realized just how different their worlds really were. Yes, he had a nice home and lovely yard in a guarded and gated community. Yes, she knew that he was well travelled. Yes, she knew that he owned his own company, and yes, she knew that the team of people that worked for him in his previous life were still at his beck and call.

When she saw the Porsche Turbo S, and the Maserati Gran Turismo in the garage, she really knew that there was no way she could hope to be in this man's world.

She sat Becky down and cried her heart out on her shoulder. She explained that between the value of the two cars were more than she could earn in 10 years.

There was no way that this man would want a common, simple girl like her. He would want a sophisticated and classy woman that he could take to dinners and parties of the rich and famous, not an office assistant that had never even left the state she was born in.

As Becky had done on so many times before, and allowed her mother to cry. She held her mother close and told her that she loved her. She said that she understood and that there was a great difference between their worlds, but… "Momma. He took us into his house when it would have been just as easy to leave us on the street. He beat those mean men up for us, to protect us.

He didn't have to do those things! He took us home, and had that doctor lady look us over. She came to his house! When was the last time a doctor EVER did a house call? He's kind and gentle, though we all know he is ready and able to kill a man with his bare hands. "Momma, please, please, please don't throw this man away because of what you think he may feel.

If he doesn't want us around, let him decide for himself and tell us that it's time for us to go. Meanwhile, we have to make it impossible for him to want to get rid of us.

Let's make him need us to be here for him, OK? Let's make it hard for him to tell us to leave, OK? Please, momma? Can you do this for Jen and me? For yourself?

For him? Amy knew Becky was right, but she couldn't believe that Martin would want to take them in. Slowly, she nods her head. She pulls Becky and Jenny close to her and whispers into their ears, "what would I ever do without you two.

There's no way…since the…oh, God I love you girls!" "Come on, mommy," Jenny said. "Let's finish up here." They opened the doors and found the inside immaculate. There was really nothing to do. Jenny asked, "Mommy? Everything is so neat here! Look at the garage. Nothing is wrong here. There's no junk." Amy looked around and saw that Jenny was right. Then, thinking back to the office, she realized that everything there was meticulous, too.

In the kitchen, They went back inside and went back to the bedroom where they undressed and put all their clothing in a large plastic bag.