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_____________________________________Chapter one___________________________________________ Note that this is slightly tweaked from real Pokemon to make it more anatomically possible and bit more realistic. Stuff like carnivores and omnivores, sexual reproduction similar to their RL counterparts, etc. Plus to make characters of age.

Locations and names will differ. I hope everyone enjoys! Sincerely, EG _____________________________________________________________________________________________ In the little remote town know by the name Pauper I, just like almost every other kid, have dreamt of being a Pokemon Trainer since I was a little kid. Growing up I'd watch the Colosseum Battles every Saturday night, any time the local professor let children see his pokemon I was first in line and I had all the fan collectibles I could afford!

Unlike most everyone else however my passion for Pokemon and my yearning for adventure grew over the years. While my friends and peers got jobs or went to get special educations I was one of the few who went under Professor Fir's wing and learned in depth all I could about these wonderful creatures that we coexist with. From the age of 14 I spent almost all my after school free time, as well as most of my weekends, in Fir's lab studying or doing hands on research.

Since I had shown an abundance of knowledge and passion from such a young age the Professor let me start studying with her a year earlier than most, and for the next five I diligently studied and cared for the Pokemon that came and went through our lab. Treating every single one as the precious and powerful creature that they are.

Now, at the age of 19, I've finally saved up enough money and trained myself enough to start off on my own Pokemon adventure! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - "The weather today is sunny and warm with a high of 80*f. Tomorrow there is a slight chance of scattered showers but will be keeping our warm trend." The weather man on the T.V.

goes on as I sit and sip my coffee. Today's the big day! "Elizabeth! I don't care if it's the beginning of summer you still need to pack yourself some cool and cold weather clothes." My Mum yells as she slowly descends the staircase with my duffel bag in hand. "I wasn't finished packing yet." I lie "Oh yeah sure, you got your skimpy underwear packed away, but haven't gotten to the emergency stuff." She plops the bag on the couch next to me as I blush and semi- curl into a ball.

"Well don't worry honey I packed it in for you. Don't worry I picked and took away based on what you actually wear." I smile and thank her, but plan on going through it myself to be sure. I have yet to get dressed for the day so I still have reason to go to my room. "Soups on!" I hear Dad yell from the kitchen. I hop up and rush to the table with gusto I stand in momentary awe at the food before me.

A huge omelette sits on a plate along side a couple links of sausage and bacon strips, with a bowl of biscuits and gravy sitting next to it. All my favorite breakfast foods in one sitting! I get giddy and sit down,then without waiting for anyone else, I tear into my plate. I'm sure anyone who believes in "lady like behaviour" would have a cow if they saw me unmercifully devouring the eggs, meat and grain in front of me. My Dad chimes in with some encouraging words before digging into his own food.

Mum is the last one to start eating and does so like a normal person. I eat almost half my food before I stop to breathe. "Where's the kids?" I ask once I realize they didn't show up to eat. "Angus and Louanne are on a mandatory school field trip to your bosses lab." Dad says in between mouthfuls of food. "I guess they will get to see me off after all. I hope they don't get too emotional on me" I chuckle a little but am actually terrified of bawling my eyes out right before I leave.

We exchange some idle small talk in between eating and once my plate is clean I head upstairs to take a shower. I'm not starting off a journey smelly. I grab the outfit I have picked out for today: a baby blue tank top with a black mini skirt, a pink and white striped thong, and all topped off with a pair of thigh high socks. No bra though. It's an amazing adventuring outfit! Comfortable, easy to move in, and versatile. With a proud harumph to myself I make my way from my room to the main bathroom.

I shut and lock the door, strip naked and turn on the scalding hot water. After adding the tiniest hint of cold I hop in and pull the curtain too. I hum and sing as I wash myself, just as I've always done.

I look around and take in all the little details of the shower. The stains near the drain. The half gone bar soaps that no one actually uses. Our girl razors hung up near the shower head.

Then I start to cry. It starts slow at first, so slow I didn't realize it, but it quickly crescendos into full sobs. Thinking about how all this could be gone or different whenever I come back just pushed me over. I sit down and try to get ahold of myself, reminding myself that this has literally been my life's dream and I'm achieving it today.

I let a little laugh out then sob again. I'm okay. I stand back up, in control now, and I finish up my shower. "Are you alright?" Mum asks me as I reach the bottom of the stairs "Yeah, just nostalgia.

I'm gonna be okay Mum. Promise." I say as I adjust the heavy duffel bag on my shoulder "Well, I guess I better be off to the lab so I can get on my way." After hugging Mum and Dad and saying one last goodbye I walk out the door and head towards Fir's lab. The summer sun shining down and it's heat is evident as the end of my beginning and the beginning of my life as my own person finally gets to begin! I giggle to myself in excitement as I walk across the soft dirt paths that lead through town.

I pass faces I've seen day in and out as I go. Former classmates, teachers, store employees and all the other people that live in this poor little town. Lots of people congratulate me as I pass. Some just smile and wave. Everyone knows of my departure today. While we usually have a little gathering to see a new adventurer off, but I requested otherwise. It's difficult enough as it is.

Before long I've reached the sliding glass doors of Professor Fir's lab, and after they silently glide open, I walk into the air conditioned facility. I greet Jamie, the receptionist, as I walk by and make my way to the professor.

"Now can anyone tell me what Pokemon like to eat?" Professor Fir asks the group of children in front of her "Berries!" A young boy yells from in the group "Mhm, Anything else?" She prompts, which swiftly silences the group "Some Pokemon, such as Mightyena and Ekans, actually sustain themselves mostly on meat." I say as I cross the room to stand next to the Prof.

"Perfect as always Liz." She says and puts her hand on my arm "Sissy!" Suddenly is screamed and two kids come running up and hugging me. My siblings Louanne and Angus.

After I hug them and tell them how much I'll miss them, as well as the promise to bring souvenirs on my return, they return to their spot in the cluster and I let Fir finish her lesson. I sit, watch and occasionally answer some questions for about a half hour before the kids are sent home.

Leaving the lab in it's typical quiet state. Prof. Fir gestures for me to follow her before disappearing through a door. I follow swiftly behind her, catching up before she makes it too far down the hall. She offers no explanation as to where she's taking me so I don't ask. Then, a minute later, she stops in front of a metal security door and turns towards me. "I know you don't want a big ceremony." She starts "So, I'm gonna let you choose whichever Pokemon you want back here in the vault." "Oh.

Well thank you so much Professor!" I say enthusiastically "It's no problem for my star intern!" She laughs for a moment before refocusing her gaze and saying "Though there is one favor I have to ask." "Anything ma'am! After all this I'm absolutely willing to help you out." "Thank you. Like most other professors I am too old and feeble to actually go out and adventure on my own." I nod in an attempt to not be rude and allow her to know I'm listening "Well we're always discovering new species, evolutions and traits that we never knew existed before.

So what I'm asking is, will you help me continue my research?" "Of course! I probably would've even if you hadn't asked." I giggle to myself afterwards.

"Wonderful! Luckily for you there won't be need for meticulous notes." I start to inquire about how, but the Professor cuts me off "I'll explain more once you've picked out your Pokemon.

Come." After inserting a PIN the door slides open and reveals the neatly organized room inside. Row after row of shelves full of Pokeballs fill the room. Each neatly lined and organized. Towards the right end of the room there is a large machine of some sort and mounted on the wall next to it is the largest computer monitor I've ever seen. I follow Fir in and look around in awe at the pristinely white and sterile room.

It almost seems a bit much for the rooms purpose. After seeing my far away gawk at everything the Prof. prompts me to pick a ball. Let's see what kind of Pokemon do I want? They all have so many positives! Maybe a fire type. I'd never have to worry about being cold or not being able to cook meals. Then again water types can fizzle them out, and I could ride one of them across bodies of water.

Plus I'd never have to worry about dehydration. At the same time Pokemon are more than just tools or weapons, they're our friends and peers with every bit of as much personality, desires and needs. They deserve all the respect and care that I would give another person. After all if not for Pokemon we wouldn't be anywhere near as well off as we are! "Thinking about it too much is the easiest way to pick the wrong Pokemon."Fir chimes in. Sheesh I must really looked confused!

"Just follow your heart Liz. It's sure to lead you to the right one. After all a good trainer knows that everything that counts is inside." I take a moment to mull over her advice, then start to clear my mind. I stand and breathe. Slowly in through my nose and out through my mouth, until my mind is clear. Once it is I take one final deep breathe, close my eyes, and start walking parallel to the entrance to the rows until I feel I should stop.

I open my eyes and see that I am indeed next to an opening. So far so good. I walk down the aisle, eyes closed, until I again feel I should stop. Then I pivot to the left and reach my hand up, to the right. No no too far back to the left. Down a little and to the right. There! I push my hand forward and I'm greeted with the smooth, cold exterior of a Pokeball. I snatch it up and hurry back to the Prof. who is waiting for me next to the mystery machine.

"You took my advice pretty literally I see." She's obviously holding back laughter "Well you wanna pop it in the machine and see what species and sex it is?" "No thanks Professor. I kinda want it to be a surprise." "Alrighty, then let me show you how you'll be gathering data for me." Fir turns around and starts typing on the giant terminal.

Many different windows and words pop up and leave until a red device partially ejects from the machine behind her. "This is called a Pokedex. It will catalouge any creature you scan with it and send all the data to me! Height, weight, coloration and marking accuracy, sex, etc." "Thank you. I promise I'll scan everything I come across!" I energetically tell her as she takes the Pokedex from the machine and hands it to me.

"Well you've got your Pokemon, your Pokedex and your duffel bag packed. Guess the only thing left to do is say goodbye and let you be on your way." Prof. Fir smiles but I can hear the sadness laced in her voice. "I'll be back before you know it!" I say and give her a big hug which she returns. The Prof. and I leave the lab and make our way to the only marked exit of the village.

We make small talk along the way, and reminise a little. We're laughing as we near the gate and I don't notice the small group of people waiting. My immediate family and my few friends have decided to have a little farewell gathering regardless.

I'm actually really happy they did. I break into a sprint as soon as they start waving at me, and I nearly don't stop in time as I barrel to the group.

Coming to a wobbly halt just a few feet away from everyone. I look from face to face with a mixture of happiness, surprise and sadness. I see similar looks staring back at me.

"We know you didn't actually want a farewell party, so we got you a few little gifts that we hope will make your journey a little less arduous." My Mum says to me with something clearly behind her back "This is the first thing.

A top o'the line trainer satchel!" Mum reveals to me a large and nice looking red satchel with the signature Poke emblem on it. Danny, one of my only friends, gives me some super nice traveling shoes. Supposed to be unrivaled in wear resistance and comfort, so perfect! After this everyone starts helping me change my stuff over from my duffel to my new satchel, which has a special pocket for EVERYTHING.

Once my clothes, provisions, survival supplies and miscellaneous items are transferred over I change into my new shoes, and I leave my old ones in the duffel bag. My other friends give me a mix of easy to store food rations, both human and Pokemon, as well as drinks. Just before I leave Dad speaks up and says he has one last gift. "This was given to me by an old guy whom I fed for free.

He looked ragged and hungry so I did the right thing. In return he gave me this Premiere Ball and said that this was the offspring of his strongest and most loyal Pokemon. That it deserved a trainer with such a good heart, but as you know food is my thing, not Pokemon." He chuckles drily then clears his throat "You have a wonderful heart Elizabeth, and I'm sure that whatever is in here will be a great teammate." "I can't thank you all enough!." I try to say more, but the words catch in my throat as the tears burst from my eyes "I.

I… I love you. You guys." After I stammer my last words everyone comes in for one final group hug. Which causes me to cry harder.


Everyone does their best to cheer me up, but it's to no avail. I'm not sad I'm happy! Minutes later when I finally calm down we all say our final goodbyes and I walk out of the gate to the town I've always known as home.

The town that has been almost my entire world my whole life. As I walk I take one last look behind me and smile at the waving figures slowly shrinking in the distance. Tears threaten to fall once more, but I hold them back. I'm on my own now. I have to be strong. So I take a deep breathe, then run as hard as I can. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ I step off to the side of the trail as I double over for a breather.

Sweat pouring down my tomato red face. I ran far and long. Pauper Town is now out of eye and ear shot, so no more thoughts of turning back. Forward progress from here on out!

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I take a look around me at the sprawling expanses of plains all around me. For miles in every direction there is nothing but flat land and grass, and the occasional tree. Maybe now is a good time to check my Pokemon? I don't exactly know what they even are. I have to laugh at myself for a minute for being so irresponsible that I didn't even check who my new friends are!

I take a look around to make sure nobody is near, then I walk about 10 yards into the grass and withdraw my Pokeballs.

I take one in each hand and carefully inspect them. Watching how they gleam in the sun, noting their surprising weight and finally making them grow to full size, which is bigger than my hand. I toss them in opposite directions, the one from Professor Fir towards my right and the one from Dad on the left. The balls suddenly stop mid-air and open, releasing a stream of red light before bouncing back near my feet. In the spots where the light touched down there now stands two Pokemon. A Poochyena and a Growlithe.


Respectively from Fir then Dad. I look at both of them, one then the other, and they look at me. After a few moments of quiet glances I whistle and call them to me. Unsurprisingly Growlithe reaches me first, it does evolve into Arcanine after all, but Poochyena hops up at my leg and calls at me. Wagging his poofy tail and letting his tongue hang out of his mouth. Growlithe just stands there and watches. Well, I guess it's clear who I'm studying first. I kneel down towards Poochyena and pet it's head.

Poochyena sits down and I continue petting it, working my way off his head and down his neck to his back. I kneel completely and start petting him with both hands, each working in it's own direction, and this appears too much for the pup as he drops to the ground. He kicks his leg with enjoyment and I can feel the strong breeze from his tail wagging a mile a minute.

It rolls over onto it's back and I'm finally able to determine that Poochyena is a male. His testicles aren't very big yet but that just means he's inexperienced. Pokemon grow and develop based on experience and necessity, not physical age like us humans do. I continue to pet him as I examine his fur. Looking closely at his markings, comparing the colors, taking note of his coats texture and other such qualities, etc.

Then, as I'm leaned forward focused on Poochyena's facial patch, I feel a swift intake of air near my vagina. This causes me to literally spring up and flop over in the air, landing on the other side of Poochyena.

I immediately realize the culprit is none other than Growlithe! I start to laugh at myself, then at the Pokemon. I wonder if he was shaking hands or. I hold my skirt down in front of me as I push the end of that thought away. That's not what people do. Now that Growlithe has my attention I get to start making my notes on it. I crawl over to Growlithe and start scratching behind it's ear, which quickly turns the stalwart pokemon into a puddle.

I pet it and just generally try to be affectionant due to the unknown amount of time it was stowed away. After that I take notes on it. He's a he. Someone must have given him some level of training because his gonads are very prominent. Odd due to both Pokemon seeming to be extremely fresh. Maybe he's just big. I continue on with my observations, noting how soft his fur is, that his stripes are a lil thicker than average, etc.

Petting him and making sure he's enjoying himself while I finish up my examination. After I've finished my notes I realize that I've spent over an hour in this little spot that's barely outside of Pauper Town! I give Poochyena and Growlithe one last pet before stowing them away in their Pokeballs' and dropping them in my ball pocket. I then make sure my writing equipment is put away and continue my journey onward!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ A few hours later and miles later it starts to get dark and I decide that setting up camp is a good idea, so I trek a good hundred feet off the road and set up my campsite. I throw up a small grey and blue tent, a campfire for warmth and a cooking spit. I have plenty of water on me so there's no reason for me to look for that, I will have to find some fire fuel however, so I begin finding all the dry grass that I can.

Finding a large number of sticks would be pretty much impossible so I'll be relying a lot on grass for now. Some sticks, but mostly grass. Once that's outta the way the moon is high and I'm boiling me up some spaghetti from the packs I received. Nothing like heavily salted preserved food! It doesn't take long for the water to come to a boil, I strain it and throw the noodles in a bowl. Adding the sauce and powdery cheese after and mixing it all up.

I take a deep sniff of the food and think about how many times we'd eaten this at home. It's an easy leap into reminiscing from there and I think back on all the wonderful foods my Father made over the years.

The sudden remembrance that I have Pokemon that would like to eat as well jerks me from my nostalgic thoughts and back to the humid and clear night.


Oh my I'm a bad caretaker. I scold myself as I retrieve two bowls and two steak meals from my bag for them to eat out of. Once their food is ready I release Poochyena and Growlithe and show them the food. Poochyena greedily pounces onto a bowl and begins devouring its uncooked meaty contents. Growlithe on the other hand walked about five yards away and sat down, looking at me as he sits weirdly still.

Slightly confused, I head over to where Growlithe is sitting and I place the bowl in front of him. He looks down at the bowl, then back up to me, but doesn't try to eat any. He doesn't even sniff at it. Now I'm starting to get a little concerned. Did that old guy give Dad a sick Pokemon or something? I kneel down in front of Growlithe and reach my hand out towards him. He shys away from me, but once I make contact he relaxes and lets me pet him.

I start behind his ear and work my way to the center of his head, then I work my way down the back of his neck. "It's okay to eat Growlithe." I say to him in a gentle tone and nudge the food bowl slightly.

Growlithe tilts his head in a questioning manner so I repeat myself, but this time I stop petting him and back up a little. After a moment, and with a great amount of hesitation, Growlithe takes the first little nibble of food then looks up at me. I smile and encourage him to keep going, and once he finally starts eating continuously I turn my attention back to the fire and my own food.

I sit back down and pick up my spaghetti, taking a little whiff of it before twirling a few noodles around my fork and taking a bite. Salty, but that was expected.

Other than that this isn't too bad. I look at the fire, noticing Poochyena already curled into a ball and asleep not too far from the fire.

I smile at the relatively small and fluffy Pokemon, watching the gentle rise and fall of his sides in the consistent pattern of sleep. I glance over and see that Growlithe is still eating. I stare back at the fire and eat my food. Thinking about my day and what my journey ahead will bring.

There's so much that could happen. I just have to make the best of whatever comes at me! A large yawn suddenly makes its way out of me and I giggle. I am getting pretty tired. After sucking down the rest of my food I place my dirty plate to the side and look at my Pokemon again. Poochyena is still sleeping by the now dying fire and Growlithe has almost nibbled his way through his bowl.

I hope he's alright, he just seems so odd. I shake the thoughts off and head into my tent to go to sleep. I've got tons of adventuring to do! Once inside I zip the tent flap almost all the way closed, leaving it open enough for either Poochyena or Growlithe to make their way in if they'd like to cuddle and sleep. After stripping off my clothes and adjusting to the cooler cloth on my bare butt, I grab my electric lantern from my bag and turn it on.

It nicely illuminates the whole of the tent's interior. Next I start looking for one of my books, preferably one with some info on my new companions, but an will do for a lil before bed reading.

As I look for them I discover something I know I didn't pack, a bottle of vodka. I withdraw the thick glass bottle and examine it. Here's for celebrating! I remember how much you like this stuff. Love Danny.

I can't but to laugh at Danny's joke about me loving this stuff. Boy thinks because he gets you liquored up once that you're a partier. Pfft!

I mean it's not terrible but I'm not that into booze either. Regardless tonight is as much a call for celebration as any! I dig around in where my utensils are kept, knowing that if he put this in here he must've. Aha! I withdraw a small multi-tool knife that Danny must've slipped in there as well. I find and flip up the corkscrew, pop the cork on the bottle and take a drink. My mouth burns a little and a funny taste sits in my mouth afterwards, but the heat rolling down my throat and into my stomach feels pretty nice.

I take another look at the bottle before taking a few more big gulps of it. This continues for a few minutes and ends in me feeling fuzzy in my head with a bit of a tummy ache, but very happy and warm and giggly.

I lie my head on my pillow and close my eyes as I grope around the tent floor for my blanket. Upon finding it I pull the heavy comforter over my little naked body and bundle myself up. With a large sigh I relax and try to fall asleep. My mind has other ideas though as I'm suddenly recollecting that night with Danny. I, like every other girl in my class, was trying to get with Danny.

He was the hottest and coolest guy ever at the time. It's funny how long ago and silly that seems now. Anyway, several girls into his popular guy girlfriend list I finally got my chance to try and lock him down. We hung out at the lake the first time.He held my hand all day and as the sun was setting we kissed next to it. It was a pretty sweet. The next time we went out to the only restaurant in town and he had me suck him off before he walked me home.

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This was my first sexual anything and it gave me extremely conflicting feeling and made me feel like a ho. I didn't tell him this of course, I just felt lucky he was picking me. Then,finally, he invited me over to his house one night while the adults were at a village wide party.

They usually did this on holidays as a way to blow off steam without kids around. So I snuck over and he immediately stuck a bottle of liquor in my hand and told me drink up. We did shots and played drinking card games.

I didn't understand them or the effects of drinking so I was swiftly drunk off my ass. Just to his plans I come to find out. It started with more head, but my drunken libido and loosened inhibitions allowed me to give up my virginity.

I regretted it the next morning and didn't really even enjoy it THAT much while drunk. My thoughts then switch to my other, and much more fulfilling partner, Abbey. My loins tingle at the thought of it all. It was shortly after Danny broke up with me and moved onto another girl, and I was spending most of my time in the company of my best friend.

One day we snuck out of the towns gates and headed to a dense cluster of trees that we were told was only about a mile out of town. Perfect spot for a little adventure! So we packed light bags and took off without anyone else's knowledge. We'd done similar things several times before so we weren't worried and knew we'd be back long before night.

It ended up taking us about 45 minutes to walk there, but when we did it was more than worth it. Tall and thick trees were clustered together in a dense patch of a good 300 feet.

To make it all the better there was a small pond in the middle of it! We thought we'd found heaven as we climbed and looked at the different plants growing in this thicket, we skinny dipped together and eventually ate our food and laughed as we dried off. I don't even remember how it came up but we started talking about sex. I confessed and so did she, then we laughed and called each other whores. Next the topic of doing it with a girl came up.

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Again I'd confessed to thinking about it since I did it with a guy. Prior to Danny sex wasn't even something I concern myself with. I told Abbey that I hadn't kissed a girl or anything before so I didn't know if I actually would be into it with a girl. I mean it wasn't that amazing with a guy. Abbey makes a joke about me needing proof of everything before going quiet for a few seconds.

Her next question blew me away, but also made a turning point for me. Abbey looked up at me,scooted a little closer and asks if I'd like to kiss a girl. I could feel myself blush so hard as I looked at the ground. I DID want to, but isn't that weird? Like not good weird like my personality, but bad weird.

Her gentle fingers on my chin made me lift my head, then her lips me mine. I would've collapsed had I been standing, but instead I was able to kiss her back.

We broke after a long single kiss and stared into one another's eyes before Abbey crawled over to be and we started making out. I had never felt this much intensity and heat before and it was overwhelming as it shifted from making out to our first lesbian encounter. This happened several more times throughout the rest of my stay in Pauper Town. I hadn't realized until I focused back on the real world, but at some point I kicked the blankets off and started playing with myself feverishly.

As worked up as I already am there's no use trying to sleep until I get off. I close my eyes and focus my efforts on getting off fast. I allow my moans to flow freely, with no one else around there's really no reason for me to hold them in. I recall how wonderful Abbey's tongue felt dancing across my clit and delving into me. The feeling of a tongue running against me makes me jump back and yelp out of fear!

I scramble to turn on the lantern, but laugh at and scold myself for what I find. Growlithe sitting right where inbetween my legs would've been. The boy must've heard me, came to investigate the weird noise and then got a strong whiff of aroused female. His reaction was natural. I get ready to shoo him off when that thought crosses my mind again, but this time I'm loose enough to ponder it. What if I let him eat me out? I mean obviously he wants to, and I bet it can't feel that much different than when Abby did it.

You know what? I'm alone and my own woman so I can do what the hell I want! I retake my position and spread my legs on either side of Growlithe. He sniffs but then hesitantly looks up at me. I encourage him and try to scoot a little closer, and like with the food he eventually starts small. Small, however, is more than enough for my drunk ass. I moan as Growlithe slowly increases the speed and attention with which he licks me. It doesn't take long before I'm arching my back and curling my toes as an orgams tears through me and leaves me panting.

Noticing something happened Growlithe backed off. I look around until I see my companion sitting a yard away from where he just was. Only this time I can see a good length of his dick poking out!

I have to help him out. I think as I see his pointy, red cock extended below him. I can't just use him and not give him anything in return. It's just not fair. I call Growlithe over to me and pet him with one hand while the other makes its way to his cock.

He looks surprised when I touch it, but quickly relaxes when I start pumping my hand along his length. I coo "who's a good boy?" and other similar things at him as I reposition myself underneath of him, his cock bouncing slightly in front of my face.

I wonder how different this is than Danny's? I lick the tip of it, which causes a large jerk from his animal member.

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Taking the closest point to his sheath in one hand and pumping gently, I give the tip a few more licks then slowly place the end of it in my mouth. I bob my head and suck,his cock pushing my cheeks out as I go. It doesn't take long before I start to feel thick strands being let off in my mouth, precum, Pokemon make lots of it. It's so salty and. just. animalistic. Like it's still dick, but you can taste that it isn't a human mans. I bob his cock deeper into my mouth as I feel his knot emerge from its sheath.

There's the big spot. I work my hand around Growlithe's knot as I gently ease his cock closer to my throat, preparing myself for taking it down. However, just before I am prepared, he decides he's taking over and begins to hump my face vigorously. Sending his cock down my unprepared throat several times before I can get him out. I lie back, gagging and gasping, trying to get my breathe and voice back. After a few moments I roll over and start to get up, not thinking about the position it puts me in until it's too late.

Moments after I am propped up on my hands and knees I feel Growlithe's weight hop onto my back. I already know what's coming, and secretly kinda want this. It doesn't take long for Growlithe to find my almost virgin hole with his surprisingly large animal cock.

With the first thrust I feel his pointed tip break past my lips. I take a deep breathe in as he thrusts again and forces more of it in. With each thrust of his hot, red schlong I feel it force my tight insides apart and the ever growing feeling of fullness gets even stronger.

I moan loudly as Growlithe fucks me from behind. My drunken self in a whirlwind of pleasure, heat and sleepiness. I bounce myself as best I can with his thrusts but he's so fast and erratic I can hardly tell what he's gonna do. Then I feel a sharp pain come from my pussy. What the hell was that? I think, then feel it again! What the fuck? It happens several more times, each interval getting shorter and shorter.

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Then it hits me. It's his knot trying to fit inside! I start to get a little scared at the thought of the pain that could cause, but I know I can't really do anything about it. He's definitely a lot stronger than me. I continue to enjoy everything I can and wait for the inevitable. Once it happens I let out a horrible scream, as it feels like Growlithe is literally trying to rip me in half from the crotch up.

His thick, meaty knot locks itself in place in my tight pussy and Growlithe lets out a cry before I feel his almost scalding hot cum shoot into me. I moan lowly and softly as my whole body relaxes and I bury my face into the ground. This feels amazing! is all I am able to think as I'm filled closer and closer to the literal brim with Growlithe's cum. A few minutes after he started cumming it overflows me and I can feel little streams of cum running out of me and down my groin and legs.

By the time Growlithe stops cumming and goes down enough to pull out I'm barely awake. Lying in a blissful half sleep and awaiting my release. I crawl back to my pillow and pull my blanket over me.

As soon as I close my eyes sleep takes me completely and I drift off into a very deep and restful slumber. _______________________________Lizzy Wizzy's fun facts________________________________________ Male Poochyena and Mightyena do NOT have knots.

They most closely are related to the Hyena which is one of the few canine without a knot! As far as my research could tell Absol is based off a Barghest. Which is a mythical, black, dog-like creature. I remember them from D&D!