Sexy arabian cocks movies in this weeks out in public update were out

Sexy arabian cocks movies in this weeks out in public update were out
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Sues first MFM continued Several people have asked about happened after Sue had her first MFM encounter with Frank and I. The relationship lasted for a couple of years One good thing about having a fuck buddy for so long is everyone is comfortable with each other, Sue did things to Frank or let him do things to her that she let no one else do except me.

She even rimed him. I think she only rimed two people, me and him. This story is also spread out over time. It runs the list from when Sue and Frank were getting to know one another to when they were fully comfortable with the whole MFM situation.

After I got to watch Sue getting fucked by Frank the first time I anxiously awaited the next time. Watching her taking a different cock really turned me on. The stories are not in chronological form.

One thing may have happened before another or the other way around. Some incidents may be merged to appear they happened together when they may have been two separate incidents.

Party night was not every time Frank came over. Sometimes nothing happened. Sometimes it was just vanilla sex. I would fuck her and then he would or he might go first.

Sometimes she would suck one of us off while the other fucked her. If the mood was right sometimes she just did him. It wasn't supper sex each time. The next time Frank came over he appeared like he did not know how to act. How does one act when one has had sex with the woman with her husband watching. He did not want to look at me or Sue. Sue told him. "Frank, I know you are feeling funny right now, but there are some things you need to know. You are not the first person to fuck me since I married hubby.

We have been swapping for a while. That means the man has done me while hubby does his wife. So of course hubby knows, and approves Hubby has been after me for a long time to let a man fuck me when he can watch. We were friends and you and my husband got along well. It was my decision to have sex with you and let him watch.

You need to keep in mind this is a no strings attached sex thing. You have what is called friends with benefits. I want our relationship in the past to continue along with sex occasionally.

Do you think you can do that? Frank hemed and hawed and said. "I just don't understand how a man can watch his wife get fucked and not get mad. It is all so strange to me.

I enjoyed fucking you very much it just felt strange with him watching." "Frank." I said "I can't explain it I just like to watch her get fucked. I am not gay or even bisexual as far as I know, I just get hot watching her have sex with others. Is there anything I can say or do to convince you It is not going to make me angry when you fuck her.

We have been friends for a long time and I think you will make an excellent sex partner for Sue and I. He replied "I loved fucking her.

She is fantastic. Lets keep things like they are now. I am sure I will get over feeling funny with you watching us. "Well", I said. "Let's get you used to it. Sue take your clothes off. Sue was wearing jeans and a T-shirt. She stood and removed the shirt.

I moved behind her and unsnapped her bra and slid it down her arms and threw it on the couch. Her nipples immediately hardened. I don't know if is was lust or her tits feeling the air-conditioning. Fun to see anyway. She undid her jeans and slid them down her legs along with her panties. She was totally nude when she stepped out of them.

"What do you think about her body? Frank" I asked. "She damn sure is hot!" he answered. "Come over and play with her tits." I said. "You can suck them if you like." "May I?" he asked. "Don't ask! Just do it." I said. He walked over and bending down a little started sucking her tits.

A quiver went through her as he nibbled on her nipples. Without asking his hand went between her legs, she moved her feet further apart giving him ample room. He slid two fingers into her cunt. She gave a little sigh. I knew she was wet from the sound his fingers made finger fucking her. "Look Frank. "I am not angry. Now let's get these clothes off." I said quickly getting undressed.

Frank followed suit and was soon nude also. This time he had not lost his erection and his cock was standing tall. "Did you enjoy her sucking your cock the other day?" I asked.


"Hell yes!" he answered. "It felt great toward the end I was afraid I was going to cum in her mouth. "Would have been OK if you had" I said. "She likes the taste of cum." "No it would not have been OK" Sue said, "I wanted to be fucked not give a blow job." "Which do you want now?" I asked. "Not sure." she said "Either would be nice. "Get on your knees." I told her.

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As she went to her knees I told Frank "Put your dick in her mouth." He moved to do so. Not only did he put his cock in her mouth he started to mouth fuck her, sliding his cock in and out of her. She took his balls in one hand and his cock in the other and making slurping noises on his cock. "Don't cum yet." I told him He continued to mouth fuck her for a while.

When he pulled his cock from her mouth he got a loud pop as she was sucking so hard. Sues pussy lips were getting puffy and opening up making the way to her cunt open. Moisture was glistening on her cunt. My cock was an iron rod from watching all this sex play. I moved to the couch and sitting down I told Sue to sit in my lap.

She sat and I turned her around so her back was to my chest and put her legs on the outside of mine. I squeezed and played with her tits. I opened my legs which spread hers Her cunt was now open to full view. Her pussy lips had spread and cum juice was slowly running from her slit and down to the crack between ass globes. Reaching around I spread her cunt open and ran my fingers in and out of it.

Then spreading her cunt open again I told Frank to stick his cock in her. He was happy to oblige and started fucking her with gusto. With each thrust he pushed her back into me. I kept one hand down at her pussy and I could feel his cock sidelining between my fingers as it went into her.

With my other hand I played with her tits. Both were grunting like pigs. In spite of the air-conditioning a film of sweat began to form on their rutting bodies.

The angle was right so with my hand on her cunt I started rubbing Sues clitoris. She went into a frenzy of bucking and squealing. "I"m cumming! I'm cummmming!" She said as she flopped in my arms. Frank kept fucking. Then with a roar he shoved deep in her and said "I'm cumming too." and with that he shot his load in her. Sue was limp and I let her slide from my lap to sit on the floor.

Doing this made Frank's cock come out of her. He stood there with cum dripping from his pee hole. I held Sues head up and told Frank to put his dick back in her mouth. Sue opened her mouth and Frank put his cock in. She started licking and sucking, cleaning his dick of cum and her pussy juice.

Soon it was nice and clean. Frank never completely lost his hard on and I still had a stiffy. "Let's go to the bedroom." I said "Where we will have room to do this right. In the bedroom we quickly stripped the spread and covers from the king size bed and fell onto its firm surface. Sue lay on her side. I moved behind her and spooned her from the rear.

Frank lay on his side in front of her. I raised her leg and we both fingered her cunt. Frank was also playing with her tits. Sue had her eyes closed and was breathing heavy. I started to finger fuck Sue but found Frank had already put three fingers in her and was sawing away. Getting an idea I got up and got the tube of Anal Ease we kept in the bedside table.

Returning behind Sue I spread her ass cheeks and squeezing some lubrication on my fingers began to lube. and finger her ass-hole. She knew what was going to happen and started moving her hips back and forth. This suited Frank as she was driving his fingers deeper into her. After getting her hole well lubricated I started slathering the stuff on my cock. When it was slick with the lube. I again spread her ass cheeks and put the head of my cock at the entrance of her brown hole. I started slowly pushing my dick in her.

Sue was moaning with each bit I put in her. "God you are in my ass." she said. Frank looked over her hip to see what was going on. When he saw what was happening he pulled on her ass cheek to better open up the way to her but and for him to see better. He watched as my cock slowly buried itself in her ass until it was fully inserted. Once in I started withdrawing it and putting it back in, fucking her ass-hole.

We had been doing anal occasionally for a while and I knew she could take my cock in her ass with no problem.

Frank went back to playing with her clit. And finger fucking her. I could feel his fingers on my cock through the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. This gave me an idea. With my cock fully embedded in her ass I rolled to my back bringing her with me until she was laying on top.

I told Frank to give me her legs. When he did so I had my hands under her knees and pulled them up and out until she was spread open with her cunt readily available. "Fuck her!" I told Frank Needing no further urging, Frank with his cock in his hand knee walked between our legs and put his cock in her. She was so wet with one shove he was balls deep in her and I felt his balls as they hit against mine as he fucked her.

This was the first time Sue had ever been double penetrated and she was going ape with two dicks deep in her ass and cunt. I felt Frank each time his dick entered her. It was rubbing against my cock in her ass. I did not have to do anything as his moving cock was bringing me to an orgasm without me having to do a thing. As Frank sped up fucking her pussy I kept getting closer and closer to having an orgasm. With her tight ass surrounding my stiff cock I could take it no more.

With a grunt I buried my cock in her ass and unloaded round after round of spunk. I could feel my cock sending spurt after of spurt of cream in her bowels.

She would let out a UH! Each time a jet of cum entered her. Her ass ring tightened around my prick so hard I wasn't sure I could get it out of her ass. But my dick softened and slid from her ass.

Even though her ass hole tightened up when my cock withdrew it still leaked some cum. Sue got up and quickly ran for the bathroom. When she returned she said that I had shot so much cum into her that it acted like an enema and she felt she had to go shit. Nothing came out but a load of sperm however. She looked at Frank who still had a hard on. "Didn't you cum?" she asked. "No." he said "You got up two quickly and ran to the bathroom.

I was just about to cum when you pulled your cunt off me." "Well we will have to do something about that." she laughingly said. "Do you want me to jack you off?" "Frank" I said you were asking about cumming in her mouth. Now is the time to have a go at it." "OK." he said. "You can suck me off." "Lay down." she commanded. As Frank lay down she straddled his legs, put his cock in her mouth and started going up and down on it.

She played with his balls as well as sucked his dick. After letting her suck for a bit Frank pulled his dick from her mouth and said "Let me stand up.

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I need to move some." He stood at the side of the bed while she sat upon it. Putting his cock back into her mouth he started fucking her mouth. Thrusting in and out of her mouth. Sometimes he put his cock to far down her throat and she choked a bit. It was amazing how much cock she could take before choking however. She could really deep throat.

Her nose could be in his pubic hair and she still was not choking. Frank kept saying. "Oh that is good. That's good. Oh, use your tongue like that." I could tell she was giving him an excellent blow job. I remembered something I had seen in several port movies and wanted to see it with Sue the star. Frank what I want you to do is just before you cum I want you to pull from her mouth so I can watch you pump your cum into her.

He just grunted as he continued to fuck her mouth.

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When he was getting ready to cum he pulled from her mouth and stroking his cock aimed it like a cannon toward Sues face. She opened her mouth like an expectant baby bird. His cock started spurting. The first spurt hit Sue beside the nose. The next two went directly into her mouth. We could see the cum landing on her tongue. Then with a grunt Frank put his dick back into Sues mouth and she started sucking anew gulping and swallowing trying to get his cum down. His cum from the first shot was running down her face.

When Frank's dick quit jumping Sue opened her mouth to show there was no cum left in her mouth said "See. All gone" There was a little cum on the tip of his cock but with a flick of her tongue Sue got that. Even though I had just sent what felt like a pint of cum in her ass I felt my cock twitch from watching such a sexy scene.

Frank said. "That may look cool in porn but I had rather leave my dick in her mouth when I start to cum. Her mouth feels so good on my cock I hate to take it out." Both Frank and I were shot and the next thing I knew I must have dozed off.

I awoke to Sue beating on my leg with her fist. Her legs were in the air and Frank had his head buried between them. He must have been eating her snatch because she was saying "His tongue is in me. God that feels good, Oh he is licking my clit. And then I'm cumming. I'm cummmmmmming. Her hips were bouncing all over the bed and frank was licking and rooting in her pussy like a champ.

When she quieted down Frank lifted his head from between her legs and his face looked like a glazed doughnut from all her pussy juices on it. "That is it boys." Sue said "My legs and mouth are closed for the night, but I had a great time.

We agreed the night had been fantastic and Frank said he had to leave anyway so he got up, washed his face and left the bedroom. We heard him getting dressed in the living room where our clothes were and figuring he could find his way out drifted back to sleep.

The next morning when Sue and I awoke the room still smelled like sex. Her ass-hole, around her mouth and pubic hair were crusted with dried cum. So was my cock and pubic hair.

We showered together washing the physical evidence from last night from our bodies. It still was in our minds however, (and still is) Sue said she loved what she persisted in calling a double fuck.

I tried to explain to her that it was called a DP or double penetration. Anyway she said that she was a little sore from both dicks being in her, and she would like to do it some more.

Not on a regular basis but for sometimes special. I was feeling great, as not only was I getting a chance to watch her have sex but actually got to DP her. I could tell good times were ahead. On the next what was to be a party night Sue was having her period and a bad case of PMS So we all just sat around, talked and had a few drinks. As usual the talk turned to sex. Sue asked Frank if he had enjoyed watching me fuck her in the ass. He admitted he had and planned on doing her back passage sometimes.

"Not unless I can do you first." she said. "What do you mean?" he asked. "I have this strap on I use on hubby sometimes." she answered. "He likes a good anal probe occasionally and bought this for me a while ago. The rod is bigger than a finger, but smaller than a cock.

"I don't know." Frank said. " Do you like it?" He asked me. "Yes." I said. "It feels good, and it is different." "It is the only way you are going to get your rocks off today Frank." Sue said. "I don't feel like fucking or sucking so if you want to cum you are going to have to settle for a hand job and getting fucked in the ass.

You have been fucking me so it is only fair I fuck you. Frank said he had never been fucked in the ass and agreed only after she promised to stop if he asked her to. She agreed and after telling Frank to undress she went and got her strap on, and the tube of lubricant.

She showed Frank the strap on which had a fuck rod that was about six inches long and was shaped like a small dick with a flared head and all. It was not as thick as a dick however.

On the other end of the fuck stick was a shorter but much thicker device that was made to go into her cunt when she was wearing it.

Sue took her pants and panties off and strapping on the device she put the short end in her pussy. I noticed she did not have to lube it to get it in. Taking Frank to the bed room she had him lay on the bed with his ass near the edge.

She gave him a towel and told him to pull his knees up as he liked her to do when he was fucking her. He did so and she stepped close to his ass and put the tip of the cock on his butt hole. Having already lubricate it she slowly pushed it into his ass-hole. The look on Frank's face as the rubber dick penetrated his ass was priceless. His cock was at full mast.

Once she was deep in him Sue started a fucking motion pushing the dick in and pulling it out. She reached down and cupped his balls and stroked his cock. Frank was twisting around as the fake dick continued plundering his rear hole. Sue continued fucking him. Pulling the cock almost out then pushing it back in. Frank started hunching as the cock went in and out. From the look on Sues face I could tell the shorter end was hitting her clitoris just right.

I saw Frank's ball sack start to lift and knew he was about to cum. Sue noted it too and started fucking him faster. With a huge grunt he started to cum. Sue shoved the fake cock deep into his butt hole. His first spurt missed the towel completely, shooting up over his shoulder he was cumming so hard. His next spurts landed on the towel so no big cleanup.

When he quit shooting and only dribbling cum Sue pulled the dildo from his ass leaving it gaping a little. She unbuckled the device and took the fat end out of her. Her cunt lips were red and pouting, there was the sheen of moisture around her hole. Sue and I left Frank sprawled on the bed and returned to the livening room where she put her pants on.

I had a hard on from watching the sex action, but knowing her PMS thought I would just ignore the lump in my jeans.

Frank soon returned to the living room where he got dressed. After we were sitting around with fresh drinks Sue asked him if he had enjoyed this new thing. He said he had, but it had hurt a little going in. He didn't think he could take anything much bigger. Sue told him his ass hole would stretch just like her pussy and it had taken a while to get her rear hole opened enough to take a full size cock with no problem. We will have to stretch you so hubby can fuck your ass when you are fucking me.

We could stretch his ass also and you could take turns fucking each others ass hole Both of us responded we were not sure about that. "We'll see." was all she said After a while Frank had to go and Sue watched me stroke myself off after she provided a towel for me to catch the cum.

On several occasions we teased Sue about calling a DP a double fuck and we decided when the time was right to give her a real double fuck. Frank had came over and he and Sue were sitting on the couch. The way she was acting broadcast the fact that tonight was going to be a party night. My phone rang and it was a friend of mine and as I was talking to him Frank and Sue were acting like a couple of sex starved teenagers on the couch.

They were necking and petting like crazy She was rubbing him through his pants and was under her shirt playing with her tits. I did not know how long I was going to be on the phone so I muted the mike and told Frank that she was horny so take her to the bedroom and fuck her. Both got up and almost ran to the bedroom. When I finished my phone call I went to the bedroom. Frank and Sue were already naked and fucking like rabbits.

Frank was on his back and she was on him in reverse cowboy facing his feet as she rode his cock up and down. I quickly undressed and lay between Franks legs and started to nuzzle Sues cunt.

She lay back on his chest, each of her legs resting on top of Franks spread ones. Her pussy was now fully accessible to my mouth. Frank was still fucking her with his dick going in and out of her cunt.

I lowered my head and began tonguing her swollen clitoris She began to buck and squirm. She loved being eaten and fucked at the same time. Frank put a hand on each side of her hips to hold her in place. "Want to be double fucked?" he asked her.

"God yes", she said "In a minute I want to enjoy this for a while." In a little more time she let out a howl as she had her first orgasm for the night. She rested with Frank's cock deep in her.

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Many times one of us would fuck her while the other ate her pussy. This was one of her favorite things. I got up and Frank started rubbing her clit with his fingers, She was still sensitive so she continued to squirm. I got the tube of Anal Ease from the bedside table and started lubricating my cock. This stuff was supposed to be super slippery and to numb the ass hole being stretched. Sue rather use KY for her ass now she was used to it being fucked in the ass, but we were going to try something else this time.

One thing about ass fucking. No matter how many times you fucked an ass or how much you got it stretched you still needed to use some lubrication when you went ass fucking. A pussy will self lubricate if you treat it right, but not an ass hole. I wasn't planning on doing her ass this time, but a real double fuck. I got back on the bed and knee walked between their legs.

"Wait!" Sue said "I have to turn over. You can't get to my butt hole this way." "That is OK". I said. "You are going to get double fucked. Both of our cocks are going in your pussy." "I don't think so." she said.

Each one of your cocks fills me up. Two at one time will be to many. I don't think I can do two.


"We'll see." I said. I told Frank to pull out a little bit and when he did I slathered a lot of the ease goop on his cock. I also put some in her pussy hole. When all were well lubricated Frank put his cock back into her.

Her pussy was so slippery it slid right in. I put my dick next to his at the entrance to her cunt and pushed. My dick slid part of the way in and came to a stop in her TIGHT hole. She let out a high pitched Oweweeeeeeeeee when my cock went in her. "It's to tight." she exclaimed. "You are splitting me in two and it hurts. I can't handle two at one time. I pulled back a little bit and it felt a little looser. We then tried fucking her.

He would go in and I would pull part of the way out, then I would go in and he would pull out. That didn't work real well.

We both tried going in and out at the same time. We tried fucking her fast, we tried fucking her slow. Nothing seemed to feel just right. All this time she was moaning and saying it didn't feel good and she wanted to stop and so on. Though we could not get the rhythm right it still felt good to be in her hot tight hole. I felt getting close to an orgasm and Frank must be same so with out dicks rubbing together in her cunt we both started shooting at the same time.

"I can feel you both." she said. You both are cumming and filling me with spunk. After emptying our balls in her we both pulled out dicks out and she lay between us.

"That was a double fuck" I said. "like it?" "No" she replied. "I don't want to do that again. It did not feel good and that is what I really like about having two dicks.

You all make me feel real good. " [Sometimes, usually after a few drinks. We tried again to put two dicks in her pussy (and ass) but it never was a good thing so we gave it up. Might be great in a porn movie but didn't hack it in real life.

At lest for us.] One night I said, "I would like to do a triple penetration or TP" "What's that?" Sue asked. "One in your ass, one in your pussy and one in your mouth" I answered. "Your and Frank have the only dicks available so how are you going to get three in me?" she asked.

"Well," I said. "I was thinking we could get a motel room. Have Frank bring a guy that does not know us. Tell him you are a slut I picked up and invited Frank and any friend of his to enjoy you." "Look." she told me. "I fucked Frank first time because I knew you wanted to watch. I am glad I did now as it has turned out to really be enjoyable. But I am not sure I want to have another dick involved. I am happy with the two of you doing me. I don't need or want another one." In the back of my mind I had the idea of watching her in a gang bang so I knew I had some convincing to do to get her to agree to that.

One step at a time. Frank continued to come over occasionally and we continued to enjoy Sues sexual favors. Orally, vaginally and anally. I kept discussing a triad with Sue but she showed little interest.

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Frank gave her some words of encouragement about having a third doing her. I think he had grown to love watching the sex show. No matter how hard we tried we never got the chance for a male, male, male, female encounter.

I think we all would have enjoyed it if it had came to pass. We did have LOTS of fun with Frank though. One night we were just having vanilla sex with Sue. I was fucking her missionary style.

Frank had already put a load in her and was just watching when she said. "Frank get the dildo from the bed side tale and fuck hubby's ass with it" "Now wait a minute. I am not sure this is a good idea." I said. Sue had been fucking my ass with this dildo for a while and I loved it. She would fuck me with it when she sucked my dick and when she hit my prostate with it it seemed to make me cum more and harder.

I wasn't sure I wanted Frank fucking my ass with it. Even with my cock buried in her wet snatch my hard on was going away. Frank wasn't to happy with the idea of fucking my ass ether. "Look" she said, "I have let you guys do just about anything you wanted with me. You have tried to get both of your dicks in my pussy and ass-hole.

You fuck my ass-hole all the time. You probably have put a gallon of cum in my mouth. Do what I ask for a change." I reluctantly agreed and was still fucking her slowly when she spread my ass cheeks. "Make sure you use some of the slippery stuff." she directed Frank. I felt the tip of the dildo touch my anus. It was cold. Sue put it in the sink with warm water when she knew she was going to use it on me. With her holding my ass cheeks open I felt it slowly going in me.

This dildo was not the size of a full size cock and had been used on my ass several times in the past so it did not hurt.

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In fact it felt good. It was really a different feeling to have my dick in her pussy and having my ass fucked at the same time.

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I started fucking her a little faster as Frank continued to pump my ass with the dildo. I felt my ass clamp down on the dildo as I shot streams of cum into Sue.

When I finished and my cock was swiveling back to a nub I felt the dildo coming out of my ass and I collapsed off Sue, totally spent. Frank left shortly after and Sue and I talked about what had happened. I admitted it had felt good. Nights later she and Frank were doing a 69.

They were on their sides. I was watching Franks tongue licking her twat thinking about putting my dick in her while she was getting licked when she said.

"Honey, I want you to do Frank's ass like he did yours While she was talking she was also stroking Franks cock, it did not appear he was getting soft. "This is bigger than the strap on I fucked you with.

Frank so it may stretch your ass hole a bit." she warned him. I got the dildo from the night stand. The same one he had used on me, and lubed it up. Without giving him a chance to demur I slid it into his ass. He hunched up some as it went int but he quickly went back to licking her pussy and she was taking his dick deep in her throat.

I tried to follow her rhythm. When she went down his shaft I pushed it in. When she slid his cock out of her mouth I withdrew the dildo. We had Frank squirming. Soon he was not waiting on her to slide down his cock but was trying to fuck her mouth by shoving his dick into her. I saw his ball sack lift and his cock jerking and knew he was pouring loads of sperm in her mouth. This was confirmed when I saw her choking a little and spurts of cum jetted from between her lips and his dick. He had put more into her than she could handle.

She was swallowing as fast as she could and soon had it all down as his softening cock slid from her mouth. I pulled the dick out of his ass and he collapsed next to her. The whole scene had made me hot so I started stroking my cock until I started to cum After a couple of spurts Sue clamped her mouth on my dick and I finished cumming in her mouth.

It took us a while to recover and we were finished sexually for the night. After that night getting fucked in the ass was rather common for both Frank and I Sue seemed to love watching the dildo go in and out of our butt holes, sometimes sucking us so she could get a good close up view. Frank and I did a lot of things we would never have done with out Sue being present and egging us on.

All was very much fun.