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Stroking my hard cock til cum
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Okay so one bag of weapons to one small sized drug wholesaler wasn't enough and he needed more. I did the math on the situation and decided to assist with more drop offs and after dumping almost all the smaller arm, most of the long arms and every automatic I take inventory of my personal stash and realize that I don't have much other than grenades, a few pistols, an assault rifle and the tubes.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it all… okay I'm lying, I know exactly what I can do with it all but let the plan play our first. All I have to do now is just wait and let the fighting begin.

Detective Nancy Escalante: almost three weeks after Guy and Jenna's date I wake up sore, the good kind of sore as John is passed out in my bed. It's been so chaotic the past couple weeks that we almost didn't get a date night but when your estranged doctor boyfriend shows up with wine and take out you put sleep off a little while longer. Well it was a couple hours after he arrived that I got some sleep but John was always good at putting me to bed.

I roll out of bed and stagger to my bathroom for a much needed shower. At least I'm not hung over as bad as I could be. I run warm water over my body and review the chaos we, the police, have been dealing with. So small time drug dealers and distributers got hold of hardware and expanded with a vengeance into the south side of town which has been a major no fly zone for dealers and manufacturers of narcotics.

They set up shops and when the locals took exception to it they showed they were better armed and forced Carlos Ortega's people to back down. That lasted about two weeks till three drug dens were turned to Swiss cheese and nobody is talking. Money was left alone in most cases but all drugs were burned on site and anyone that appears to have shown resistance to whatever came through was dead but what makes it worse is the lack of weapons after the conflict.

Drugs and money are expected to be stolen but their weapons? That makes no sense in a normal turf war. As for us in the police force we're stuck in the back waiting to move in and claim that the war on drugs and violence has been curbed but mostly we're just watching the perimeter as the commissioner is keeping us out of the fighting.

I dry off and pull on my robe to find John moving in bed as I make it back to him. He smiles as I make it back to my bed and lay down next to him. "Did you need last night as much as I did," he asks and I chuckle. "I think WE needed last night," I counter and he smiles. "Yeah we did. Work has been kicking my ass and probably yours if the reports we're getting are accurate," John says putting his feet to the floor and getting up.

"I can't talk about it but it's bad. My current investigation is almost completely on hold as we are sifting through the aftermath," I tell John and admire his ass as he heads to my bathroom," Weirdest part is we're not seeing any real crossfire and it's dying out quickly." "That's a good thing," John says rejoining me in my bedroom. "You'd think that but usually things like this don't burn out, they blow up," I explain and he nods pulling on clothes," Going somewhere Doctor?" "Not because I want to.

I have a day shift I'm covering today so I can have three days off in two weeks. Then we are getting out of this crazy city and doing something fun," John is teasing me but I like the idea of getting away. We dress and I get ready to head in a little late but not as late as others have been but not before getting a sizzling kiss from John.

I get in the precinct coffee in hand and wait for the worst case assignments to come my way but find nothing on my desk that's new and when I stop in to see the captain he reminds me I have an case still unsolved on my desk, the Guy Donnelly case.

I can't get new evidence on it because there is none and I'm stuck on suspects since everyone in the area that could have done this is very quiet and not really putting themselves out there. I spend hours reviewing what information we have, most of it shows who wasn't involved and that is where I have to start.

I return to my car and head to the first crime scene, Guy Donnelly's stabbing. It's not evidence I'm looking for so much as methods. Isolated location with one entry and one exit, they knew he was coming this way so that means whoever did this was watching him. Plenty of good spots for a blind side attack and quick street access for a getaway, street access also allowed for quick response from the ambulance that was called on Guy's cell phone but Guy didn't make the call, the attackers did.

They didn't want him to die; it was about making a statement. Who was the statement for is the hard question?

At the time I thought it was gang related. Guy's problem with Carlos and his group of very enthusiastic neighborhood watch was habitual almost for everyone involved except Guy but all of the groups whereabouts were accounted for by statements and in some cases GPS tracking and video. I drive to the warehouse, the start of the second crime scene and only spend about a minute looking at everything.

Nothing was left behind; they scrubbed the area clean to the point of washing the animal blood off the floor and into the drains. Canvas of the area gave us no witness statements until a block later when people were talking about a crazy white boy walking down the street naked before he was stopped in front of a local church by Father Gomez. Everything was text book procedure from there with ambulances, police and the forensics team going over as much as they could. Detective James and Officer Martinez offered assistance and were thorough in helping us canvas the area for anything in the way of evidence.

I'm outside of my car looking up and down the street trying to figure out the many questions about everything in these investigations when I see Father Gomez exit the church and smile at me.

"Come for a confession or advice," Father Gomez asks with a smile. "Just looking for some clarity, I'm still on the case but it looks like this is going to take a turn for the disappointing," I tell him and head inside the church to speak somewhat privately.

We take seats at a pew in the back and I take appraisal of Gomez and the church. For a lower class church its well taken care of, either a great deal of donations in time and work or money. Gomez himself is in simple priest fare with the all black and white collar. "So you come to my church for clarity or because it's where the police were called after I found that young man," Father Gomez asks with a good intuition. "A little of both, when you first approached him you did you notice anything about him that was more out of the ordinary than usual for the situation," I ask and he stops to think.

"At first he was more concerned for a girl he said was in danger but once the ambulance arrived and your brothers and sisters in uniform," I like the way he said that, makes me feel a little better," it felt like he didn't want to talk anymore. He was talking with me just fine but as soon as police were asking questions he just stopped." "I was able to get a statement from him later thankfully and it pretty much matched what we found at the site where he was," I don't want to use the word but Gomez nods in acknowledgement.

"What happened to him was horrible but what it left is tragic," Gomez says and I agree. "Physically he has been through some horrible things but everyone says that he'll recover and doctors cleared him from psychiatric," I clarify and Gomez shakes his head. "It's his soul I'm worried about," he says and I am not sure what is being said," After everything I approached the local neighborhood watch group, I'm sure you are familiar with them?

"You've spoken about Guy Donnelly on more than one occasion," I state and he nods. "Well I put feet to the fire but these are boys I've known most if not all of their lives and while they were not kind to him they aren't monsters. What worries me is the boy himself," Father Gomez relates and I know he knows more. "Did something happen," I ask and he doesn't respond which tells me yes," Father if there is anything that you can tell me?" "Rules are very clear about confession but… there is something very wrong inside that young man.

It's like all the years of pain have torn apart that young man's soul and now," Father Gomez stops talking and I have to wonder what he knows. "Please Father, anything you think can help me find who did this to him," I plead and he shakes his head. "That is something I wish I could help you with but all I can talk about is how I felt after that young man spoke with me. It was something I felt before when talking to another person," he says and I worry a little.

"Father you don't need to break any rules on my account, you say that there isn't anything you can tell me about the case," I leave it at that point, it's worrying him what he's telling me. Gomez and I talk for a little longer about the gang warfare that is happening and he's happy to say that things are beginning to return to normal thanks to the efforts of the police. We are doing some to quell the chaos but it's almost like there is a war going on that we're not seeing.

I return to the station and review my cases, both of them. I'm going to be in for a long night and not a good one like last night with John. Jim: Somewhere private "You do realize this isn't the worst thing that I can do to you right," I tell the piece of shit in the box. He's crying and whining like a little girl begging me for a hit of some shit he'd put in his arm or up his nose, I don't know which and frankly I don't give a shit.

What I do give a shit about is the Tech-9 he used to spray up what he thought was a few of Carlos's boys come to run him out of his little drug spot. Mulligan has given me enough space from the law and news people to bring this situation back under control. I decided to call in a favor or two and got me another organizations 'hunter'.

Ever want someone dragged out of their hole, you call someone to hunt them down and that is exactly what Hawk did. Granted while my boys were on clean up and extermination he was quiet and patient, one of the reasons I respect him more than his president Sid. That arrogant asshole actually had the balls to call Mulligan about moving into my city to prove he could control it better than I could. He was turned down but it's the arrogance of it all to my mind. More begging from the box. "Your way is taking too long," Hawk informs me as he winds a chain around his arm and then unwinds it.

"Beating the shit out of him isn't going to tell me how they came into possession of my merchandise," I tell the local Devil," And what happened to your patience anyway?" "I'd like to get home and see my woman if it's all the same to you," he says it with a smile but I've heard he's got a nice girl, "I can take him for a ride, that'll help him talk." "I got something better for you to do, see if you can figure out who is holding the rest of my merchandise. Someone is supplying them and if he dies from detoxing before he can tell me I need to know where the rest is," I tell Hawk who grunts.

I let the Devil's Best hunter leave me to my work as I prepare a syringe full of something not exactly what this junkie is looking for. I open the hole in the box and his arm comes out at me trying to get out or grab at me, I have other designs for it and grabbing his wrist with one hand stab the forearm with the syringe and pump the liquid into his veins.

He pulls his arm back in pain and I wait about ten seconds before the screaming really starts. If he was yelling before he's crying in agony now. "Not what you were hoping for? That's because despite its milky white appearance that was Emperor Scorpion venom," I tell my captive as he's thrashing against the box," It's not lethal but it hurts a lot and I'm told has some horrible side effects. Now I can pump you full of anti venom but you need to give me a reason to do that." "I was there when Carl got the first batch of guns.

The guy met us at a Denny's and just gave Carl them," the junkie has information, I smile. "So what did Carl pay for my merchandise," I ask as he thrashes around his box. "Nothing," the junkie responds and I don't believe it. "Bullshit, someone hands over quality hardware and takes no payment," I say holding up the syringe with anti-venom. "Gawd this hurts… he just told Carl that he wanted them used.

He told Carl where to go to expand and where. He just wanted us to fight back," the junkie is on a roll for information but it doesn't make sense except for one thing. "So someone wanted a war with the Union," I state and he screams out a little. "NO&hellip. Dammit&hellip.


We were going after that fucking Latino group," he tells me and I shake my head. "So you just got handed some guns by a guy at a Denny's and he told Carl where to go and what to do and you all just went," I ask almost laughing.

"It was Carl's play, he thought it was good and got more weapons. I wasn't there for those meets," the junkie is telling me plenty but no real details. "I want a name, anyone dealing that many weapons used a name," I tell him as he languishes in the box. "He met Carl on the internet, I think it was Craigslist. Please… I don't feel too good," he tells me and I step away to grab a chair and have a seat.

"So some random man just comes out from the internet and gives your boss a bunch of weapons and tells him what to do with them? Nothing else, just go kick the hell out of the Latinos in the area if they make trouble and you all just follow Carl's lead and go to war," I ask and I see him nodding yes in the dark box," So answer me one question?

How are you feeling now?" "This hurts, I told you everything," the junkie declares and I nod. "Yeah but you're not very useful anyway and I can't exactly have you warning Carl that my boys are going to be visiting him in the near future so we'll just ostrich your worthless ass and be done with it," I state before calling to my boys outside the small out building we're in," Men take this out back and bury it." More screaming and pleading but that stops once we close all the holes in the long wood box and my boys carry it out to the planting field.

Couple years back my granddaughter had this great idea to build a full greenhouse to farm crops and uplift part of the community.

It is a really great idea but the key is the fertilizer, Smitty and my boys have been burying people out there for a couple years now and the tomatoes are some of the best you'll ever eat. Back to my business I have a weekend meet coming up and after that happens Smitty and the boys will be stomping out the drug trade on the east side. Looks like it'll be a pretty good week. Guy: School on Wednesday the same week Not one, not one fucking casualty.

Not a single fucking one of Carlos's people have been shot or killed and that pisses me off something fierce. Worst part, that's not the only piece of shit to come flying my way today and after nearly three weeks and not a single fatality from Carlos's people.

This is not good, this is really not good. Because we left shit to the hands of fucking drug addicts. They can't find their asses with both hands, a flash light and a map.

Not talking about the war but that's pretty bad too. I'm sitting alone, my mood has me declining company right now as I see Romeo and Carlos looking my direction as I'm alone in the cafeteria.

I see Romeo pointing towards me with his hands and more than a few of Carlos's people are joining the leader and his aide. They're waiting for something when I can almost smell the beauty to my beast as she enters the cafeteria behind me. She's afraid to approach and I know why, I found out a little while ago too and it's not good. Well not for me anyway. "Hey Guy," Jenna says sitting down at the square table next to me. "Congratulations Jenna," I tell her in a flat tone. "Guy I didn't know they made their decision till today.

I really thought you would have won the scholarship," Jenna says with sympathy in her voice. "I didn't get it because my family has means and trying to make it on my own without them funding college is a joke to the people making the decisions," I state since I was given the reason as to why I was declined. "Well I am sorry, I wanted it but not like this," Jenna is hurt, she won and she's hurt and I wonder as to why.

"You got what you needed, at least you have something to look forward to after high school," I tell her as what little plans I had are now gone. "Guy you can get another scholarship," Jenna begins and I wave my hand to stop her.

"The dates to make final requests was weeks ago, several weeks ago. It's over for me so please just leave me alone for the time being, I'd like to be alone," I tell Jenna who nods with some sadness. I don't even look at her as she leaves; I'm still watching Carlos and his people as they look like they're getting ready for something. I think for a bit and when they look like they're ready to move I stand up and leave the cafeteria. I have no classes after second period so it is easy for me to just go to my car and drive home.

Mom is home from her 'work' early and talking to someone in the kitchen, I hear another female voice and figure it's my sister, the biological one. "Guy is that you," Mom calls out and I groan. "Yes, I'm home early today," I reply as I see Mother and Daughter come out to greet me. "What's wrong honey," Mom asks and I better get this out of the way.

"I lost the scholarship and I'm past the application cutoff date for other ones so I'm stuck on getting any assistance for college," I tell Mom who frowns at me a little. "I think that's great news, gives you time to get out and see the world. I was talking to Dad and I think this summer you should come out and spend a couple months at the ranch with us," Gwen says fully believing that I'm in the forgive and forget mentality, not sure where she got that idea.

"How about you go back to the ranch and someday, in the future, I'll actually bother to remember that it's somewhere in the United States," I tell her in response and get a stunned look from both of them. "Guy I understand you're angry but that's no way to talk to your sister," Mom says and I shake my head. "When has 'she' been my sister?

They've been here for almost a month and I've got about as much use for her as I do for my father," I clarify and both don't like my answer," I will take care of my own plans for the summer and college." "Guy you don't have to do everything yourself, you have a family," Mom states and I nod.

"Yes but like everything else in the world it comes down to me and what I can do to fix my situation. You could probably blackmail or bribe someone to get me into a college but that is you doing it for me, not me doing it and making it my own. I can't rely on everyone all the time," I state and I hear something behind me. "And when was the last time you relied on your family," my Father asks and I wonder how he did that sneaking thing. "I didn't, which is why I have to take care of things," I state clearly before leaving the foyer and heading to my room.

Good, keep control and exit the situation quickly. God I hate being fucking out manned by everyone everywhere. I tried to develop an army and they have pretty much fucking failed at the simple task they were armed to complete. I'm stuck in a cycle where now I have to ask and beg for my family to help me with college when I don't want their help I want my own ticket, written and punched by me.

Is it so hard to ask for a little independence? Add to all of this my Father and biological sister have been hounding me for time to talk and work things out between us. There's nothing to work out, I needed him years ago and he wasn't there.

Now I don't need or want him and he thinks that it's better late than never. I quiet knock on my door as I'm getting undressed has me debating on answering it when they, my biological Father, just enters my room without a word. "I can understand why you're angry with me. I've been angry with myself for years when it comes to what I should have done for you," he says it as he leans against my closed door.

"Well I'm glad you believe you have an understanding of what you think is my problem and I hope you take that belief with you when you leave," I counter as I change into some jeans and a plain white shirt. "Guy if you haven't figured it out your sister and I aren't leaving anytime soon.

She might step away to fix up a couple things at our ranch but I'm not going anywhere until things in our family are mended. Now talk to me, what can I do to help this… gap we have between us," he is really trying to be a father, too little too late. "You can't do anything because I don't need you. You left and I mourned your leaving me behind and for years I sat there waiting patiently because 'my Father' never broke his word.

Big juggs and expert mouth

Months turned into years and I finally gave up because even if you were out there you didn't want me," I state calmly and he cuts me off. "I wanted you Guy, I was ashamed of what happened when I lost you," 'Dad' begins to explain and I stop him.

"Don't… I don't want to hear your sad story about how you were so broken up over losing me that you couldn't bring yourself to come and get me when you KNEW where I was. You left. YOU chose to LEAVE and go find your daughter. You left me when you swore, YOU SWORE, that you would always take care of me," I am seething and I can taste venom in my mouth.

"I know and I'm here for you," he is soft, how is the strong and invincible man so soft. "No you're not and I'm leaving so excuse me," I state pointing towards the door. He moves and I step out of my room to take a drive, I need to clear my head and do some serious planning but he's following me and I don't need this right now.

Mom and Gwen are still in the foyer and watching as I head towards them to the garage. "Guy we came here for you. Gwen and I love you and we came back for you," he says it and all I feel is cold.

"No, you're here for the boy that you left. He's dead and buried and you can't get him back," my words twist a dagger in his heart, good," I'm what's left and I don't need you. You're a scared weak man who couldn't protect your family.

All you did was fail them… fail me." "Guy that's enough," Gwen barks at me and I turn towards her. "Listen favorite, I don't care what you think is enough or too much. You have always been the priority, Mom knows it, Dad proved and I saw it within five minutes of being reunited with you," I state fact as she waits for her turn," I don't care what you want or what you feel.

I should have pulled out

Here's what I want, I want you two to leave and never come back. Does that matter to anyone? No I didn't think so." I turn and leave nothing for me here right now anyway and as soon as I get my car started I'm out the garage and down the road.

I need to get away and cool off, get myself thinking. I should contact the drug dealer I've been supporting and put his feet to the fire about the complete lack of follow through he's displayed. I'm keeping it under the speed limit and legal as I drive around, fill up on gas and continue to drive around.

My phone goes off at a light and I pull into a grocery store parking lot to check what's up. I have some messages but the one that catches my interest isn't Mom asking me to come back or Abby trying to get me to sit down with the 'family'. It's Marta sending me a picture of me driving my car. Now I'm interested and ask where she is and she says to come back her way and find her, I'm smiling as I reverse my route and backtrack. It takes maybe five minutes to find her leaning against the wall of some business I'll never use.

I have to pull around again but I do and pull up right in front of Marta. "Someone said there was a pretty girl around here," I ask out my passenger side window. "Someone told me there was a hot guy driving down this street, guess we both have to settle," Marta jokes back getting in my passenger side. "So I'm guessing you heard already," I ask and she shrugs. "I didn't think you'd get it anyway. You're good but you could have your parents pay your way," Marta informs me and I'm almost disgusted at her for saying it.

"Do you like being the sister to Carlos the gang leader," I ask and she gives me a look," Didn't think so. So why do you think I'd want to be the intellectual heir to someone else's money that I didn't earn. Them paying for my college is just more of me not doing it for myself." "Okay but you're using their money now; you're an adult so why not just give it up.

Otherwise you are a bit of a hypocrite," she says it and I chuckle. "Fair point, I just figured if I was going to have a chance to step out and be myself it would have been college," I reply as we pull up to her parent's home," One trip home minus douche bags with bandanas." "If I could ask you for one thing, just one and you be bound to do it would you," Marta asks and I smile.

"Point of the contract doesn't mean I have a choice. If I sign then I have to do whatever I agreed to," I state and she smiles.

"I'll remember that," she answers my statement and exits my car. I leave her home and continue to drive around, I'm still not happy but she's very distracting and that helps for a few moments. I check in on my storage units to see if anyone is actually looking around areas where I've been, it's paranoid but when pushing a war it's a good idea to be a little more paranoid and nothing stands out after a half hour of watching the unit with the car and another hour watching my stash.

I realize that now school is out and figure I can hang out with Sydney for a while and see what she thinks though I know what she thinks and will tell me again which she does right now as we're sitting in her bedroom. "You are really hard on your family, you need to lighten up a lot and just try to I don't know… live with them," Syd informs me as I sit on a beanbag chair and her on her bed. "They obviously favored her, hell he couldn't be bothered to show his face around me till I'm an adult," I counter and she smirks.

"Nearly an adult, still got to make it through high school," she jokes but she's mostly right. "Yeah real adulting comes in a few years with real drinking and arrest records," I add and she laughs. "Okay so what do you actually know about the new sister and your real dad," Sydney asks and I have to think. "My Dad is hurt, but she doesn't understand how I could be as cruel to him as I am," I explain and she gives me a look," I know what I'm doing when I'm not nice, I just don't feel bad about it.

He abandoned me." "He lost you and he wasn't able to get you back, he's ashamed," Syd starts and I stop her. "Except he didn't lose me like you lose a penny in the ocean and it's obvious to me too but that doesn't change the years he could have done something and didn't.

There's a saying I learned, never meet your heroes because they'll disappoint you," I tell Syd who is paying attention to me now. "You idolize him, we talked a little about him since everything but you really idolize him," Syd says it and I hate it.

"I idolized what he was; he came back for what I was. Neither of us is what the other thought or wanted," I begin to explain. "Okay so how about you just talk to him? Sit down like two people and make him see where you are at," Syd explains and I shrug," He's your Dad, like it or not he is and he's not going anywhere from what you have told me." She's right, I don't like what she's right about but Sydney is right.

My Dad isn't going anywhere until we settle whatever it is he wants to settle. I have to wonder what he's really feeling. Guilt, disappointment, shame, regret? A lot of things going through him probably but he's not leaving yet, he's got something to settle and it's probably me.

Boo-fucking-hoo! I don't eat dinner at Syd's house, I figure it's time to return home and find out what new bullshit is waiting for me. I'm headed home and it goes by in a blur from Syd's house to home and I have a plan. Okay it's not a great plan but for now I'm just going to go it alone and figure out how to do what apparently needs to be done between my family and I.

Dinner is in a half an hour and I set up and wait in my room to be called when all my ideas are usurped as a knock on my door reveals Rosa with a tray and dinner for me. "Your mother said you didn't want to be around the family so I bring you dinner for your room," the maid and friend informs me. I let Rosa exit the room, a little quickly, before letting my emotions take over. I'm not allowed to the table; basically that is what I'm being told by them having Rosa bring me my dinner.

Now I know exactly what I need to do. I need to hurt someone. Neal: At the table It's a good meal and I'm trusting Loretta on her idea to have Guy eat by himself tonight so he won't feel pressured to have a conversation with me or his sister. I know I failed him and I would like nothing more than to clear out and let him live his life but something is seriously wrong.

He's gone a lot, a lot more for a single teenage male to be and considering the amount of enemies he has it isn't safe. That is problem number two; he doesn't care about what is safe.

I've followed him a few times and he is very brazen, my son was always reserved and cautious but Guy now is careless with how he acts and where he goes bordering on reckless.

We eat, everyone talks about little things but nobody talks about Guy not being with us tonight. We're almost done with dinner when I hear him coming down stairs. His steps aren't rushed but they are angry, too angry. I get up from the table and see him say something to the maid before heading into the garage.

"What's wrong Neal," Lori asks concerned. "Guy just left and he's angry," I inform my ex wife. "Well did he say anything," she asks now more concerned. "Not to me, he did have a word with your help," I nod to the maid coming down the stairs with a tray and full plate of food.

"Rosa did Guy ask you to bring down his dinner," Lori asks and she nods but she's holding back. "What did he say exactly," I ask and she hesitates but speaks. "He say if he not eat with family then he don't eat what family eat and he tell me to remove it so it doesn't spoil," she recounts what my son says and I shake my head, same as a decade earlier. "He's mad at us," I state to Lori who looks confused," Whenever he got in trouble for something when he was in school we made him sit at the counter and eat alone.

He refused to eat because dinner time wasn't supposed to be a punishment." "Oh my god how could I forget that," Lori is upset and has her phone out," He's not answering." Time to try and find my son before he goes off and does something dangerous.

Guy: Half an hour later First order of business is dealing with the weakness in my plan. I head down to my storage units and change. I moved most of my clothes out of Jackie's apartment and into the unit with the spare car.

One quick change of clothes and vehicle and I stop by the storage unit, in a different lot altogether, and get a few things I'll need and my burn phone for Carl. I pull up his number, it's the only one I have, and dial.

It takes a couple rings but he answers. "I was wondering when you'd answer, you're not achieving the objectives I requested when I gave you all that wonderful hardware you're currently using," I greet Carl. "We ran into a lot of opposition, it's not a Latino gang giving us problems.

It's a fucking army of bikers," Carl explains and I am about as interested in his excuses as I am a bear shitting in the woods. "I have more hardware, something to really pack a punch and help even the playing field. Should we meet up somewhere," I ask knowing he'll say yes. "If you got more hardware we can use then we can take care of a couple of those gangers you don't like," Carl knows my enemy, this isn't good," I'll be at the firehouse waiting.

The boys will let you up." Okay this doesn't sound good. Sounds pretty fucking amazing to me actually.

How does someone knowing more about him than he wants a good thing? Because it gives him the chance to find out who else it playing this game. I don't arm up like I told Carl I would, I just get my car and a single piece of hardware before heading off towards the firehouse.

Carl's main location is an abandoned fire house; it's small but has solid walls and only really held one or two engines when it was in operation. It's got two floors with an office up some stairs in the back. I remember it all from the first two visits to deliver weapons to Carl and now it's just a formality.

I park about a block away in a back alley and after a little searching find a fire escape to the roof of a building and make my way from one building to the next till I'm across from the firehouse. All the doors are closed but the lights are on and nobody is out front keeping watch. I watch a little longer and figure I need a reference point. I get myself set up and make the call to Carl with the phone on speaker. "Hey, I'm out front, why aren't your people opening the doors," I ask looking for movement.

"They didn't hear your car," I see Carl from the upstairs window, he looks like someone hit him in the face a lot," I don't see your car." "Carl, a man was once offered thirty pieces of silver to betray his god," I ask looking through the scope," How much did they offer for you to betray me?" I see his fear, it's obvious but he's not afraid of me as he looks behind him.

I hear a voice in the background; it's deeper than Carl's which means we have someone whose balls dropped. I see Carl step away from the window and while there's nobody there I keep watch on the building.

"Who the hell is this," the new voice asks. "Call me Samael, who is this," I ask in a higher pitch than my regular voice because it's fun.


"Someone who you crossed when you stole from us," I hear him say it and I have to point a few things out. "First off are you insane or just really bad with your words? If you were someONE that I crossed then who is the US I allegedly stole from," I ask and I figure he's not happy and continue," Second threats are no way to greet someone, that's bad manners." "Listen carefully shit head, return our merchandise or you're brokering a war you can't win," the voice says and I still don't see anyone talking in the building since the other windows are closed.

"I couldn't win a war because soldiers were ineffective so instead of paying for mercenaries to fight my battles for me I'm going to follow American History and utilize something we created when warring with the British," I explain and figure he'll need to work it out if he can for himself. "I've got seven people her plus Carl, return our property and they live," the voice informs me and I laugh, it's funny.

"Carl and his people, the ones you have there, have failed to perform on the task I gave them. Now in their complete failure and a point where I could not care less what happens to him and the rest of his drug addled crew you want to use them for a bargaining chip," I ask and I can almost see his face getting mad," Do whatever you like. Kill him, spare him, torture him.

Do it to his friends and family I frankly don't care. You stepped in my way, not the other way around." I hang up and don't answer the phone when he attempts to call me back. Fuck Carl and his people, they fucked up and he tried to betray me. I put the single scope away, I took it off a rifle and begin to head down the building when I hear popping, a lot of popping.

I think that was gunfire, sorry Carl you are the weakest link. Goodbye. Holy shit if he smoked we'd need one right now! This was completely unnecessary. That was completely amazing! Now that is how you send a message! You are just a child, a short sighted child.

Who are we going to get to wage war for him now? I think he doesn't need anyone to do it for him. Just got to make sure we're more careful about when and who we hit is all. Go get him laid. Don't you tell me what to do, I'm so mad at you. Trust me; sex right now would be amazing.

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Jim: two hours later "Explain to me again what happened," I ask my son Smitty. "We rounded up that dealer Carl's people and I got him talking. Didn't take much but as we're going over shit he tells me about the phone so I ask him when does he get calls and he says it varied but usually mid week. We waited one day and he got a call in the early afternoon and the guy was bringing more hardware so we closed up and I stayed with Carl upstairs while the rest of the guys kept his people on the floor.

When Carl said he was onto the trap I took over and tried to get the shit to return our goods or come out but he wasn't going to take the bait. Not even when I threatened to kill Carl he just said he didn't care and hung up," Smitty relates his tale of triumph and tragedy, well not really a tragedy.

"Well negotiation isn't your strong suit son but you did your best and we've got everything in the area under control again which means we can get back to business," I tell my son and he nods a little before stepping out of my office.

I dismiss my boy and think, someone leaked information? No, I'm guessing Carl spilled something when the contact called and they got wise. I'm dealing with a thinking individual here and not some moron with a grudge.

Hawk knocks on the door to my office at the tattoo parlor and I wave him in and have him close the door. "So guess what monster decided to come visit this Saturday," Hawk questions me and I hate the idea of it. "He's coming so I can figure out if he's behind all the shit that's happening," I tell the Devil's Best member in front of me and watch him grimace," All of this screams F.O.F.

and using druggies to do your dirty work isn't a stretch for Gabriel." "No deals, no trades and if he or anyone of his people cross the line you better stomp that shit out right away," Hawk informs me and I almost remind him who's in charge.

I let Hawk leave and realize he's right, F.O.F. need to be put in check and if they're trying to move in on Union territory they're going to learn a few lessons in measured response and drastic overkill. Guy: Same time… roughly Got my toy put away, never thought of how funny that statement is in conjunction to all the other ones about men and toys till now. Back to the important things in life such as snitches in ditches which is what it turns out Carl was.

Not sure who the man on Carl's phone was but I'll get to him and his people soon enough. I return the car to its lock up changing it out for my Christmas gift, I do love this car, and almost make it inside when I hear someone start talking and almost attack first and ask questions later. "What are you doing out here," my Father asks with a hint of concern. "Where the hell did you come from," I ask in retort and no, I'm not nice in my tone of voice. "I was looking for you and saw you driving a different car.

Why do you have another car," he's asking questions and I don't have answers, at least not for him. You are in control, don't give anything away.

He doesn't deserve it. "I have things I need to take care of and this," I gesture to my car," is a bit more noticeable than I'd like for some things." "What are you taking care of," he asks and now I'm tired of questions.

"Why the hell is that any of your business," I counter and put him back a peg or two," I fail to see as to what I choose to do, where and when is any of your business." "You're my son, that makes what happens to you my business," my Father is coming back swinging, bad move. "Okay so where were you for nine years when shit was happening," I ask stopping all forward conversation. *yawn* Are we home yet?

Kind of dealing with something right now. What the hell is this shit? What the fuck are you doing? Dealing with something big so shut up or get on your shit and help.

He's got nothing I haven't heard before and he's not going to repeat himself, thank god I've been hearing it for weeks.

Talk about an awkward standoff, I don't want to talk anymore like Syd suggested and he does want to talk but has nothing of value to say. "Did you get dinner," I hear it and almost spit at him," Your mom wanted to let you have some time to yourself so you didn't feel pressured to eat with us.

I reminded her how you hated eating alone when you were little as a punishment. That's why I was looking for you." "Well she and I will talk later I guess and no I didn't eat, I was busy taking care of things," I keep it vague; he doesn't deserve to know what I do.

"Well let your Dad buy you dinner and we'll just sit and stay not working things out," he is offering me dinner after I got kicked away from the table. Sydney said listen and us alone in a restaurant is about as close to alone as I figure we're going to get.

I nod and get in my car then follow his truck; he drives a freaking pickup truck from the last century. I almost leave him behind but I said I would sit and eat so that's what I'm going to do. We get in to a chain restaurant and I order for me but Dad just gets some coffee and now we wait.

I don't have anything to say still and he still wants me to understand him not being there which would be easier if he was across an ocean or in a prison somewhere but a three day drive north? That doesn't cut it for me. "So that sister of yours, Bethany, she says you like music and you sing," Dad is really trying, I don't laugh at him, actually don't feel like it for once. "Yeah, mostly opera but she's helped me expand my vocal horizons into other styles," I keep it as honest as I can, he is trying something new and I am curious to see how long it lasts.

We talk; I get served food and eat while we talk about everything around the core of what my problem is with him. I finish my burger, yeah I got a burger and fries so bite me, and now we're sitting with soda and coffee just looking at each other. "I had dreams, well fantasies about this," I tell him and he sits back a little," You'd come for me in the night, we'd take a few things and then we'd be off towards somewhere safe where you could take care of me." "I thought about that a lot myself, before and after I found Gwen," he gets that far and my face must show my displeasure at her name," I know you don't like the fact that I went after her and not you but there isn't anything I can do about it now." "Then why the hell are you still here," I almost hiss at him.

"Because your sister," again I almost want to spit bile at the mention of her," I know you don't like that she was first in a lot of things." "Everything, she's been first in everything and I never knew I was in competition till you two showed up and I was expected to just fall in line," I get that much out and he almost snaps back at me. "I didn't expect you to fall in line. Yes I knew it would be difficult for us and yes I knew when I didn't come back and take you years earlier I might have lost any real chance at being there for you when you needed me and I live with the fact that every day you isolated yourself from the world, every time your new family ignored you, every time someone made it a point to make a statement using you it's my fault," he says it and I almost see him tear up but he's not closing his eyes.

"How did you do that," I ask about the almost but not crying," How did you keep from crying just now? Physically I mean." "Keep your eyes open and it helps stop the tear ducts from producing tears," he answers very quickly.

"I'll have to remember that next time I have a bag over my head and people are shocking me with a generator and jumper cables," I remark remembering my last encounter. "Sounds like interrogation," he says it and I look at him with a level of questioning," Water over head or in a pool at your feet and car batteries with jumper cables, probably something on the ends to diffuse the burns they could apply to the skin." "How the hell do you know that," I ask feeling very small in front of my Dad.

"Someday, when I'm not ashamed of myself so much for abandoning you and you're not so angry at me for not coming to save you years ago we'll sit down and I'll tell you everything you want to know about me," Dad informs me in a serious tone," Till that time I just don't know how to bridge this gap I allowed to grow between us." "How about the fact that I tried to find you two years ago and the government didn't know where you were after months of looking?

What was going on," I ask and he thinks back. "I was out of country, in Europe I think helping out a friend with some business," he recalls and I shake my head," I didn't ever see any papers but I would have come running if I did." "I hear you say, part of me wants to believe it but I keep coming back to the fact that you knew where I was for years and didn't bother to show up on your own.

You're not a coward which means you chose not to come get me," I get about that far and he nods in agreement.

"I didn't know everything, I've been learning more than I want to about it and Gwen still feels the need to pick a fight with Bethany but from my view," he pauses and I wait for his explanation," From what I was told and what I saw you had a new home and a new family. I didn't want to mess that up and when I started to learn about the fights…" "You mean when a gang kicked my ass as a part of their well balanced breakfast," I add and he shakes his head.

"I love you but you have no idea how badly that pisses me off," I think he's talking about me interrupting him," I have been making a point to not learn who those little fuckers are.

I don't need more complications when I'm trying to make good with you." Our talk is interesting to say the least, I think my Dad isn't telling me a lot and since I'm not giving up a lot to him as to what I'm really up to its fair. I think it's fair at least.

I cannot believe you helped him pussy out. Yes because running away and screaming at everyone was making things so much better. He felt better, he felt in control. He doesn't need to not feel in control. And he is in control. Sometimes we don't need to grip everything with an iron fist to control it.

We head back towards home and we're not super late but the scene with the two of us coming home at the same time has Mom's attention.

She wants to talk but I'm all talked out right now, not really I just don't want to get into anything more as I need to look up a few things on the internet, like advanced interrogation techniques. Neal: Five minutes after Guy left for his room "Any hope," Lori asks and I nod a little," I was worried when he left.

Every time he walks out the door now I worry a little." "Well he knows what he's doing honey, we just have to trust him and wait for him to let us in," Mark Sr. says as his wife leaves the office we're talking in.

"He does know what he's doing, that's what puts me on edge," I tell Mark closing the door. "How do you mean," he asks leaning on his desk. "Somehow he's been learning how to keep people from tracking him down. Could be something to do with both times he's been singled out and left bleeding or for dead but at this point I'm just glad I got him to talk to me," I explain a little and Mark listens.

"Well if it's any consolation we're pulling for you, Lori and I and my children too. Mark junior doesn't see anything wrong with patching things up but he's not as bright as my daughters," he reassures me and I nod. Problem is my son is bright, very bright. I don't tell Mark that he's got a stash house for a rental car and clothing; I don't want to worry him. What really draws my concern is Guy was gone for almost two and a half hours before I barely caught up with him at his storage unit.

Where was he before that and what was he doing? I have to put that on the back burner, I have something that needs handling tonight.


Carlos Ortega: 2:30 AM I am just sleeping in my bed at home before school when I wake up because something is wrong. I don't know what it is but I get up from my bed and grab my piece from the top drawer on my night stand when someone talks.

"Sit back down Carlos," I hear the voice and turn my piece on it," That won't do you any good. I took the bullets out of it." I check and see that all six are missing and try to look at who is talking to me in the dark. It's a man, can't tell an accent but he's dressed in dark clothes. "Who sent you," I ask him and he shakes his head.

"That is your first mistake, I don't get sent. I go where I need to and take care of things that need to be taken care of," the voice tells me and I sit down trying to remember if I left a spare bullet somewhere.

"So what are you here for," I gotta ask since he didn't kill me. "I want the names of whoever decided it was alright to take stab a young man and leave him to die and then months later torture him and leave him just a couple streets away from your door," the dark figure says and I chuckle. "I want their names too cabron so get in line," I tell him and he leans forward. "Except you are responsible, you know what you did and allowed so it's not a stretch to imagine that your boys decided to up the games they played.

So now I want to know who they are or," I gotta cut him off. "My people didn't do it and threatening me isn't going to make some names appear out of thin air," I tell him and he pulls out something.

"Oh Carlos you have no idea what I'm capable of," the dark man says before tossing something to me.

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I pick it up, it's my phone and when I get the screen up I see my family. Mom and Dad are in bed for about five or six pictures then Marta for a few more. I put my phone down and the figure stands up. "Now you have an idea of what I am capable of. I'm not going to threaten you because I don't need to. You have information I want, information you've kept to yourself out of loyalty or brotherhood but now you have to ask yourself is it worth your family," he tells me and I stand up.

"You want a war," I say it and he is out of his chair and I don't even see most of it coming. I'm getting slapped all to fucking hell and I'm face down on my floor with a knee on my back and my arms are bound at the wrist. "Don't talk to me about war, I've lived in war, you haven't seen war. You've played war, you've imagined war on a screen with a toy in your hands, you are not a warrior. Names now or I walk down the hall and pick a family member for you to bury this week," he tells me and I don't have to guess anymore, he will kill them.

"My people didn't do it, we haven't done shit to Guy since before he got stabbed and if I find them I'm gonna fuck them up worse than you ever could," I spit at the dark man who goes a little easier on my back and releases my hands.

"Now I believe you, two things. One you will not talk about this, you had a very bad dream and tomorrow you will wake up and everything will be low riders and Fanta," the voice tells me stepping across my room as I get up from the floor," Understand?" "What's the second thing," I ask and he turns pointing a gun at me. "See rule number one," and I hear a light pop.

My head feels like I got hit by a car and my mom is so loud right now it's not even possible for her to get louder. "Carlos what are you doing on the floor? Did you fall out of bed? How did you get that mark on your forehead," my Mom with twenty questions first thing in the morning. It takes me a bit to recall everything and I decide to lay and be sick for today, I feel like I need to take a day and who the fuck was in my room last night?

Mom won't stop till I'm up and as soon as I am standing I fall onto my bed and pray to pass out, it's too fucking loud this morning. Guy: Friday at school Back at school in a grey suit and shirt with a black tie because my mood is pretty much there for school now. College classes to get into college I can't afford on my own are what I have to look forward to this afternoon, yay my life.

Lunch comes and goes; I don't see Syd and was hoping to update her as to how it went with my Dad. I'm not forgiving him or anything but I'll listen when he says something that isn't a weak cop out for why he did or didn't do things. No Syd sadly and I get to eat alone before spending three more hours working on classes that will barely help me get accepted but not with finances being what they are I'm stuck on that for a while.

I actually spend a little time looking at community colleges and cheap places that would take someone for the performing arts and get a look at a couple schools in California when I'm paged over the intercom to report to the office.

Not sure what I did to piss off the administration now but I'm guessing it's pretty good. I carry my briefcase with me, you never know when someone wants something, and find Mr. White and Mrs. Lawson waiting for me. I am not amused or happy to see either of them.

"Mr. Donnelly it's good to see you again," Mr. White greets me and extends his hand and I debate on whether to see what he wants or resort to hostility. I nod and shake his hand but say nothing before shaking Mrs.

Lawson's hand and she is quick to pick up on my mood, I can see it in her face. We're given a side room to talk in where I sit down at a circular table with my back to the door and the two judges who took my scholarship option on either side of me. "Well I'm honestly surprised anyone remembered my name," I say it and both give me a confused look," I didn't get the scholarship so I was pretty sure nobody remembered me." "Guy we came down to talk to you about your schooling options.

The committee felt it was best for other applicants deny you the scholarship in light of your family's economic status but that doesn't change the fact that everyone was impressed by the sheer talent you displayed," Mrs. Lawson begins and I stop her. "Step family's economic status to clarify. It's their money not mine, after I move out I probably won't get much of anything and that is where my schooling options stop in favor of a job and finding living accommodations for myself," I explain and both look at me like I just slapped them.

"Mr. Donnelly, I and the others deciding the scholarship spoke with Mrs. Lawson about your family since she and they are good friends and nothing was said about you being treated as you are describing," Mr. White clarifies his view of the situation. "Well that's the problem; it's not them it's me. I wanted to do this so I could do something on my own and regardless of whether or not I got the scholarship I was going to step out on my own and do what I could to get myself educated on my own and without the assistance of my step family.

There are other things that caused me to want this level of separation but neither you, Mrs. Lawson or the people who decided to give the scholarship to other people deserve to know what those reasons are and since I'm not getting anything out of this meeting that will help me I don't see the need to stay and listen to the 'options' you have since I won't be able to afford them," I figure that should be enough to shut them up about what they would like me to do.

"Guy we didn't know your reasons for applying and I'm sorry we removed you but you have a family with resources to help advance you in almost any career you choose. You are an intelligent young man with a talented voice," Mrs. Lawson begins and I feel disgusted as she speaks, I can't believe I slept with her. "Mr. Donnelly, Guy let me show you a few pieces on schools and tutors.

Show them to your parents, it would be a shame to waste your talent on hubris," Mr. White says the words and I lose what composure I have left.

Abort! Abort right now! Fuck that noise, tear his ass up! Attack now and ruin everything he's built up, one old man or the whole war? Fine, we'll help him stand down. Chicken shit. "You don't seem to understand and I used perfectly good English to explain it Mr. White. I'm sorry I wasted your time with the audition and while I don't understand your reasoning for coming down here now except someone offered you money to proposition me which I don't understand how they'd know about me if it wasn't for you and the committee that 'knew' me so well to deny me and favor another based on economics," I get that much out and Mrs.

Lawson is shocked at my demeanor. "Guy where is this coming from? We've spoken before and this isn't who auditioned for us months ago," she asks and I smirk.

"This is the person whose dreams get shot in the face and left to bleed in a ditch. Remember that every action has a reaction and even if it doesn't affect you directly it still has an effect. Again sorry for wasting your time folks but I have something else more important to attend to," I state to the both of them and stand up. I leave the room, sign myself out of school as they plan their next move and by the time they are coming after me I'm starting my car and backing out of my spot and heading off school grounds.

That was too close, small retreat now, big fight later. When? Excuse me? When is there going to be a fight?

When does he just fuck Carlos, Hector and half the planet up? When do we get to make him feel like he's actually getting back what is his? This takes time; it's not a quick and easy way to get what he wants.

But we need to do it right or in the end he will pay for it. Bullshit, this is you chicken shitting out and denying him and me. I'm doing what needs to be done sooner than later. I get home and find only Rosa there, I smile a little and wave before moving to where she's cleaning and after taking a seat just tell her about everything.

She listens as I talk and I help her more than a little with some of the cleaning she has to do and she likes that I didn't take a second hand offer but has that question on her face.

"But why not take help from Mr. Delauter and your mother," she asks confused by my hesitance to accept assistance. "It's nothing to do with them; I wanted to do this for me by my own means. It's nothing against them anymore," I clarify, she knows how I used to feel," I just wanted to do this for me, set my own path and taking money for it means I'm doing it on their backs and not on my own." We talk a little more before I head to my room and change into more casual clothing so I can vegetate in peace and quiet.

I get about an hour maybe that long before the twins invade my room and decide to do some show and tell. "So these are a few acceptance letters in your name for a couple colleges I applied for in your name with all your information," Abby informs me handing me about five different letters," I went across the academic board so whatever your strong suit or what you want to do other than singing there is probably an acceptance letter there." "Whoa hold on, you did what?

You applied to colleges for me when I have absolutely zero scholarships," I ask Abby who smiles still. "Yes because the family is going to help you," she says it and I feel like a broken record. "Guy listen to me for just a moment," Beth begins and I figure I'll hear this out before shutting them both down," the music scholarship was to get at Jenna, it was to make her suffer a bit for what she did to you.

If you got it then great but if not you still made her feel it for a while. That was the complete plan and when I told Abby she said she wanted to make sure you had somewhere to go after high school so you wouldn't be the only one going to a community college." "What makes you think I was going to go to college at all," I ask and both freeze at my words," I was looking at moving out and getting a job on my own so I wouldn't be using up everyone's time and money." "That was the old Guy, this is new Guy," Beth declares gesturing at a suit hanging up," Old plans are old and if we're a family then we help each other.

Yes it makes me sound like a hypocrite Abby but I'm doing as much as I can to help." "She didn't say anything," I clarify and they both look at me with the same expression," Okay that's creepy." "Closest I can gather by my observations is that we're bonding again as siblings and that means a little twin thinking.

My sister was a bitch, okay still is a bitch, but to you she was a cruel bitch from the frozen depths of Tartarus where the…," Abby begins and Beth is almost pissed off.

"He gets it Abs, geez I know I was a bitch but lay off," Beth cuts Abby off and I chuckle a little. They laugh, it's all in good fun and Abby explains how they have had two separate plans to help me since I wasn't really working on my future and it occurs to me other than the scholarship I really wasn't. I hadn't done dick because thing were changing, I was in a hospital or new things distracted me. I listen as Abby goes on about how I could do things for the family that her or her siblings couldn't since I'm a male and I'm smart unlike Mark or them, the twins.

I listen as she goes through options and ideas before she leaves me alone and Beth hangs back to talk a little more. "You're sister, Gwen, she wants to beat my ass," I'm informed again and this time I feel a need.

"Not gonna happen, not if she ever wants a place in my life," I state and Beth gives me a sad and confused look. "She's your sister, you can't just disown her," Beth argues and I stop it right there.

"And for the most part so are you. Yeah shit has been tense and you did things," I hold up my hand to cut her off," But we're past that, you want good things for me and I have moved beyond our three plus years of my own personal hell. Now can we not get into it for the umpteenth time?" "Okay but cutting her out because of what I did," again I have to stop Beth.

"If I needed to hurt you for what you did to me I'd hurt you myself. I wouldn't find someone to do it for me, I'd do it. I don't and more than that I don't need someone coming into my life eighteen years late and trying to do my shit for me," I explain and she smirks at that.

"Well I have something for you to do, kinda get you out in the world," Beth starts and I'm curious," There is this kind of party thing that a lot of people our age and older have been going to and I know that Carlos and his morons will be there.

They're there almost every Saturday night racing or showing off. I figure you might take that car of yours down there and show them some shit." "I'm not a racer but it's an idea at least, are you going to be there," I ask and she shakes her head.

"No I got a date with a very happy champion quarterback and for once he's taking me out and not me taking him out cause I have the money," Beth jokes and I know Brent doesn't like her paying for everything, it's what I actually like about him most. We talk a little more and as soon as Bethany steps out of the room I go into planning mode. Beth gave me a location and that has me thinking about what to do and immediately a couple things come to mind. Only two major questions really after an hour of planning, what to bring and what to wear?

Little details I'll figure out later as I head down to dinner with the whole family. Talk about tense, as soon as I make my presence known and sit down everyone is less chatty and more waiting for me to just pop off so I figure I need to either scream or say something to break the tension. "So I've decided to start a cult," I get the words out and everyone just freezes.

It takes about ten seconds before they figure out I'm kidding, which I am because cults are for people who need to feel loved and I don't need it. I like it but it's not a need for me and that brings up a thought for just me, why was it such a need before?

Might discuss that privately with Dr. Hill who has been actually very good about just us having solo sessions.

Yeah I hated the shit out of her but it's not like I have professional I can talk to about how things mentally break us down. Dinner is done and my father and sister, so weird still, head off to where ever it is they are staying but it's not at the house thankfully even though Mom offered it to them.

I almost make it to my room when Mother o' mine pulls me aside very apologetic. "I forgot a lot of things from when you were little, didn't seem important but the other night I just wanted to give you some space and let you come to us," she explains and I've heard this before from Dad.

"Dad explained it and I can see both sides of the why but make the offer maybe? Don't just assume and do something," I counter propose and she nods. I get a Mom hug and head to my room still thinking on what all I can do Saturday.

Carlos: Saturday night at the Union Races Ninety five percent according to Jim, the Union boss, is back in our control and has been shipped off. He won't tell me what it is exactly that we're missing and when I try to talk to Smitty about it he points me to his dad. His face has been bandaged for a couple days but he's better now, no permanent damage on whatever burned him but I got a feeling it was something my people should never have lost.

There are a lot of new faces at this meet and I've got the whole crew out and having a good time for the most part. We got a smaller Latino group from the east side and there was a bit of a low low contest where four cars bouncing at once almost got us kicked out till Smitty explained it a bit to some asshole from a biker group in California.

There have been a few races but no fights and a lot of dancing and just having a good time. Hector clocked three biker groups with the Union, the asshole from Cali in the Devil's Best and something from the east about fear. Nobody knows shit about them but they give the Union space and if Union goes after them we'll back Union like always.

Even Romeo is out with a few people and working on a date since my sister broke his world, her call and I'm not taking his side on it. Not really taking hers either, she makes her decisions and it doesn't hurt her so I'm gonna roll with it. One of my girls, crew not booty, Juanita comes over sporting her wrist brace from when she got jumped by the pendejos who ripped us and the Union off and she's got a worried look on her face.

"Hey Carlos, he's here," she informs me and I need a little more information. "Who," I ask and shrug. "Guy, the one from school. He's here," Juanita tells me and I have to look where she's pointing. No mistaking him in a grey suit and black shirt talking with a few ladies by his car.

Biggest thing is I'm not the only one watching as I see Brandon, the slightly disgraced football all-star, watching Guy. By the looks of it I'm not the only one who is wants a word with him. I pull my people back a little before I head over to the Old Man and wait a little for him to finish what he's saying to that other biker from Cali. "Whoever took it is lying low and planning. The drug dealer was a loose end for them, you should figure out who leaked the fact that we were onto him," the biker with ginger hair tells the Old Man.

"I thought it was Gabriel and his pack of mixed nuts but he just got into town this morning and has no desire for this half of Texas or any of the business," the Old Man replies waving me to wait a moment," Try to relax a little but keep your eyes open, see if anyone is around that looks like they're scouting." I watch the other biker leave and wait as the Old Man gets himself a beer and finally after a couple sips waves for me to speak.

"We got something of a situation," I tell him and he looks a little disgusted," the kid that my crew was beating up? The one who got stabbed and fucked up?" "Yeah, what the fuck happened now," he's pissed and I get why. "Nothing bad unless the fact that he's here," I say it and I watch the Old Man sit up a little," He's with the muscle car, the deep red one." I point out the direction and watch Jim wave Smitty over and relay to keep an eye on Guy.

I don't think Smitty himself will actually do it but it wouldn't surprise me considering all the trouble that comes with Guy getting attacked and nearly killed. The Old Man is looking at me like he's figuring something out. "You want something from him," he asks and I take a seat. "Fix shit mostly, just talk to him when he isn't crazy. He came to my house twice. Once he was pissed and yelled at my mom," I say it and he nearly chokes on his beer," I know but I wasn't there so he was telling her to tell me." "She doesn't speak English very good does she," he asks and I nod," Must have made for an interesting conversation in your living room." "My sister took the message and let me have it later.

Second time he gave me an option to kill him before he came after me and my crew," I get the words out and he stops drinking.

"You mean this kid you kicked around wanted you to kill him," he asks and I nod. "Not like he wanted to die, like he was trying to stop himself or have me stop him before something bad happened," I state and now the Old Man is interested. "So was that before or after shit started," he asks but he already knows the answer," You think he's the one fucking with my business?" "He's a shy kid who has money," I say it and realize who is actually standing next to the car," he was at least.

It's not like he went into full criminal in a couple weeks." "You'd be amazed at what can happen in a couple weeks to a person when they've been fucked with enough. But you don't think he had anything to do with it," he asks and I shake my head. "No, it's way out of his range.

I mean he fucked with a football player at school but even that was just making his life difficult for a game or two before the championship. Then he stopped and called it all off," I recall Guy dealing with Brandon. I had been watching Guy for a while when he doesn't think I'm looking while he's at school. It's pretty easy when he's predictable and doesn't change his schedule much.

I sit with the Old Man for a little while longer before returning to my crew as they are in party mode and not business mode. Nobody will go near Guy from my crew and that is set in concrete. An hour and nothing from Guy other than he looks like he's having a good time. Ladies like dancing with him and talking with him, he's got charm. I see Brandon make his move to talk to Guy when Guy is away from his car and move in to hear what's going on.

"You screwed up my relationship with Jenna. I did what you asked and now she won't even return my texts," Brandon angrily tells Guy who smiles. "She returns mine just fine. Problem with your two year old phone," Guy asks and with Brandon pissed people are watching for a fight.

"We made a deal," Brandon starts and Guy pulls out a piece of paper. "You mean this deal, the one that says breach of secrecy does not render the contract null and void?

The one that you signed your name on when you begged me to make sure you got back on the team again? Is this the contract," Guy is taunting Brandon as he reaches for the contract.

Brandon's hand is about a foot away from taking the paper out of Guy's hand when Guy flips the paper while holding one end and it bursts into flame. One moment there is paper and the next nothing, not even any ash. Everyone is shocked by the display but Guy is smiling, is he on something and how the hell did he do that?

"Remember you came to me for the deal Brandon. You asked me for my assistance, I didn't come to you. If you don't like your situation then," Guy smiles at Brandon and now I know something is wrong with Guy," we could try to work something out." Brandon wants to take a swing at Guy but fighting without permission here and Brandon might not make it to college tryouts or whatever he was hoping to do after high school.

People aren't interested as Brandon backs down and leaves Guy alone when I notice Guy is a little outnumbered with that 'fear' biker group and what I only guess is their leader, some crazy looking white guy with a big ass beard down to his chest is staring Guy down. He says nothing to Guy, just smiles and laughs a little before having all his people back off. I look around and notice Smitty and the biker from Cali were watching too and they don't look like they know what is going on.

I figure I'll send one of the boys to find him later and head back to check in with the rest of my people. They're all doing well even with Guy walking around and talking with almost every girl in a tight dress or short skirt and he's not striking out either. Couldn't talk to a girl at school now they are watching him come and go. Another hour off the clock and things are still going strong, it's not even midnight, when a Union rep pulls me aside and tells me that the Old Man is looking for me.

I head over and see Guy standing there and when I step up to the meeting point, a spot a ways out of the major party centers.

Guy's expression when he sees me isn't one that has any fondness to it, don't really blame him though. "I'm here because as the host you asked me to come by and I thought it was to meet the new kid but you decided to call him over," Guy waves his hand at me. "Yep, figured you two need to get your shit out in the open and done with," Jim tells Guy who laughs a little. "Why are you going to get me some measure of justice?

Or how about retribution? How about something that will make me whole again," Guy asks and he hasn't even looked at me as he questions the Old Man. "Maybe it's about you two living and let live," he tells Guy and I nod. "Or how about it's kill or be killed," Guy very calmly tells Jim who gives him a look of disapproval.

"Guy I'm sorry," I get that far and Guy turns on me and I see something that chills me. "No, you're not. Not yet but you will be, I swear you will be," Guy hisses at me before his mood changes and he turns back to the Old Man," But where are my manners, not tonight. It's not time yet." "How about you settle it like men then," Jim offers and Guy laughs at him, he laughs in his face.

"How does settling it like men make up for years of torture, shaming and my near death experience? Are we going to have Carlos stand there while I stab him and let him figure out how he's going to call 9-1-1 while he bleeds out," Guy asks and he's sneering at us.

"You probably won't believe it but Carlos and his people weren't the cause of all of it," the Old Man says and Guy holds his arms out palms up. "Prove it, if they didn't do some of the things that happened to me the prove it and don't give me a 'they weren't there' or 'their word is good here' type of story because the word is only as good as the person behind it and while I don't know you if you're backing Carlos you're word is worthless.

Now is there anything else because I've got some relaxing to do and a few women who are taking stock," Guy asks after again stating there will be no reconciling. "No we're not done," the Old Man tells Guy and now Guy looks a little amused at this," shit doesn't happen here without my word and I didn't give it.

Now you want to settle things with Carlos I'm giving you the opportunity." "On your terms and his, not mine. He and his friends have kicked my ass for their personal amusement for over three years and you think a fight is going to 'settle' things," Guy is angry and getting in the Old Man's face, big mistake.

"Back down son, I'm offering you a chance to settle things fairly. Just you and Carlos, one on one," the Old Man says it and Guy shakes his head at him in disbelief. "He's already proven he can kick my ass, and then he had Hector prove it. Then they made it the initiation ritual for their little gang," Guy states before holding his arms out," First rule of being a member Carlos's Douchbags is you must get three or four of your friends and kick my ass." "Guy, we don't need to fight.

My people have been fucking with you for too long and it's over. I'm sorry it went so far and I swear when you got stabbed or tortured, that wasn't us," I try to explain and he stops his drama about my people to stare at me," We don't need to fight but we can settle this. No more hate man, no more fear." "Except you never feared me, you never hated me. You didn't because I was and still am a joke to you.

I'm that person you'll never look at and think anything more about than what you did and how you got away with it. I gave you one chance to stop me and you balked," Guy reminds me of him wanting me to kill him and stop him. "Then since you're not fighting you will be leaving," Smitty informs Guy who looks at him then to the Old Man," You had the offer to fix things and you didn't want it." "Wow, talk about the assholes leading the dicks," Guy says it and Jim is not pleased.

No more words as Smitty and the other biker walk Guy back through the party and to his car. Guy isn't being dragged there but as he's walking and I'm following he's staring at my people as he walks past, this is just another thing we're going to get blamed for and another thing to him to hate us. We're about thirty feet from Guy's car when we see 'them'. The biker group, the creepy one with the leader that has a beard rivaling Santa Claus only black and oily, they're at Guy's car and the leader is staring right at him.

"Been waiting for him," the beard with a person attached says pointing at Guy. "He's leaving Gabriel and you're not stopping it," Smitty tells this Gabriel who doesn't even look at Smitty, just at Guy.

Guy walks right up to Gabriel and they stare at each other for a few seconds before Guy smiles and Gabriel who's been smiling the whole time stops. "You remember his words, his lessons every day. You remember what he taught you and at night you still feel the crack of the belt and the cold water.

It's not your time Gabriel," Guy says to the biker and everyone in the immediate twenty feet is staring and waiting. The creepy biker Gabriel stares at Guy for a few moments then takes a step back and holds his arms out backing up his people before turning and leading them away.

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Everyone stares hard and watches them step away and go back to whatever the fuck they were doing while Guy simply waits for them to go before continuing his walk to his car.

"How the hell did you do that," Smitty asks Guy who doesn't answer which Smitty responds to by grabbing Guy's shoulder," How?" "Ever died and crossed over only to be ripped back," Guy asks back to Smitty who pulls his hand off of him," When you've died and weren't allowed to stay there you bring some things back with you. They aren't pleasant things but they are useful." Guy makes it all the way to his car and gets in as I'm standing there waiting hoping he'll just stop and work shit out but he doesn't.

He gets in his car as he was told to by Smitty and the Old Man and leaves the party. I get walked back to the Old Man by Smitty who is spooked as he explains what Guy did to creepy ass Gabriel. The Old Man is confused but puts it down to weird as fuck coincidence and pushes the few of us around him back to the party. A little drinking, a little dancing and things are feeling good again. It's after midnight but I don't care when exactly when I see the creepy biker walking around with a few of his boys, one really tall black guy with white face paint and a average sized white man with stringy black hair and a very sad face.

The leader isn't looking at my people or even talking when one of his, I can only guess by the look of him says something and he smiles and laughs walking away and leading his people and I nod for Hector to follow. My boy is only gone for a couple minutes when he comes back and shakes his head.

"Guy's back and he's talking to that biker, the one with the beard," Hector updates me and I send him off to find Jim. I wait patiently for the Old Man to arrive and put his stamp on everything when I see someone I don't allow out to these events making their way towards me. "Where is he," Marta asks and I don't know who the he is," Romeo, where is Romeo?" I point to where people are dancing and she looks in the direction before walking away from me and I nod to one of the women in my crew to follow her.

Guy makes his second appearance after a few minutes right about the time Jim and Smitty show up only this time Guy isn't wearing a suit, just some cut off jeans and a tank top. "You said you wanted to see me fight, here I am," Guy tells Jim with a smile," But I think I need to complete the set." "He's out dancing," Marta tells Guy and now I'm really confused.

"Sister what are you doing with him," I ask in Spanish to Marta who just looks at me. "I'm supporting my friend, you have your friends I have mine," she replies and I'm still confused as the Old Man just watches the family drama.

It takes a minute or two for Romeo to make it to the little gathering but when he does he sees all the participants and looks to me for some advice.

"I made the offer to have you fight to settle your differences with Carlos," Jim tells Guy who shrugs. "And one fight won't settle shit, as I said I want to complete the set. See I was wrong earlier, I said everyone of Carlos's little posse had beat the shit out of me. There is one left I haven't fought," Guy says looking straight at Romeo," I want to see if Romeo is really one of Carlos's boys or if he's just not man enough to actually hang with the big boys." "We'll back him," I hear Gabriel, the biker leader from back east say with a chuckle," We'll back him for a show." "Not your place Gabriel, Faces of Fear don't have any sway or favors here," the Old Man tells Gabriel who just continues smiling.

"Well Carlos, is your new boy man enough to do what everyone else has done and kick my ass or is he scared that I might just be too much for him," Guy asks and I put my hand on Romeo's shoulder to keep him in check. "Romeo can fight; Hector has been working with him. Are you sure want to fight him Guy," I ask standing up from my car hood. Romeo nods and Hector immediately pulls him aside and the crew starts fight prep for our newest talking him through things and helping him change.

People are making a spot for the fight, just a patch with some dirt really but it's a twenty foot circle and my sister is holding Guy's face and talking to him while he stands there flexing his hands. I watch Guy look at Gabriel who is smiling and even has a chair brought to him so he can sit and enjoy it. Biggest problem is Romeo, he is ready to fight but he's not motivated and that means he's going to probably get hit a bit before he remembers what Hector has been showing him.

Smitty calls both to the center and explains the rules, basically knock out, tap out or give up but almost nobody does a tap out. As Romeo is looking at Guy and Smitty while instructions are being given Guy is looking at Hector and me and smiling.

It's when Smitty steps back and motions the two to step back to start the fight Guy smiles and looks straight through Romeo. "So when you were fucking your boss's sister did she ever let you go bareback," Guy asks and Romeo is shocked, hell I'm shocked," I mean when I was fucking her I put on a condom for good measure the first time but the second time she was all about her and I getting in some good feelings." "What the fuck," I yell at guy and immediately one of the Union makes sure I stay back.

"I mean it was only twice but we've been talking and I think she really wants to do it again. Maybe kicking the shit out of her loser ass ex boyfriend will be just what she needs to get her juices flowing," Guy finishes and steps back as Romeo is still standing there confused and slowly coming to reality with what he has just heard. I knew they had sex, Romeo and Marta, but her and Guy?

What the hell was she thinking screwing him? Romeo is getting mad while Guy takes his time making sure his shoes are laced before turning to face Romeo, now he's not smiling at all. Smitty starts the fight and I can only watch the horror.

Romeo puts his fists up and begins to move in on Guy like Hector has been showing him trying to feel out Guy and how he's going to fight when Guy rushes him and jumps up putting both knees into Romeo's chest knocking him to the ground. Romeo has no clue what hit him as Guy rolls off and turns back to see Romeo beginning to get up. Guy doesn't give him the chance rushing him again as he's halfway up and begins wailing on Romeo's face with his bare fists.

I want to stop it after the blood comes out of my newest boy's mouth but he's still moving trying to cover up and that means he's still conscious and able to defend himself so the fight, more like a beating, continues for a few more punches before Guy stands up and just stares down at Romeo as he's trying to figure out what hit him. I don't know if Romeo is trying to crawl away for find Guy but Guy has a look on his face I've never seen on him before.

I watch with everyone else as he grabs Rome and brings him to his feet slowly giving him time to get his legs under himself, my boy's face is a bruising bloody mess as Guy stands him up and holds his chin up so they are looking each other in the eye when out of nowhere Guy sprays this crap out of his mouth directly into Romeo's face.

Romeo pulls back and after about a half a second hits the ground screaming and rubbing his eyes. Smitty shoves Guy away from Romeo as he is continues to scream and rub his eyes. Smitty calls it and those that took bets, yeah people bet on this, collect or pay up while Guy stands there staring at me… smiling. "What the hell was that you spit in his face," I demand covering ground between me and Guy but find bikers, big evil non Union ones, between us.

Guy parts the bikers and steps up to me and I can smell something on his breath, it smells familiar he starts to chuckle at me before turning around to talk to the Old Man. "Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, I had a most invigorating time and look forward to more… thrilling adventures," Guy says to the Old Man with a sick happy tone. "Hold up son we're not done here," the Old Man says stopping Guy as he turns to leave.

"Actually yes we are. See I have a lady to return home and I'm not one to disappoint a lady," Guy replies as Marta takes his arm and they walk back to his car. Jim wants to stop him but Gabriel and the fucking bikers he runs have the 'we'll kill someone before it's over' look and with all the regular party people around the Union won't press the matter. I try to catch up with Marta and Guy but he's gone and she's with him so I make it a point to attend to Romeo who has everyone's concern except for Hector who is ready to go find Guy and kick his ass again.

"Hector it was a fight and it was sanctioned," I point out and he doesn't like my response. "It was a beating, that wasn't a fight. You me or anyone else would have been a fight, he picked Rome out just to hurt him," my boy argues and I am angry enough to raise my voice at him.

"AND YOU DIDN'T?! THREE FUCKING YEARS YOU TOOK EVERYONE YOU COULD AROUND TO KICK HIS ASS AND MAKE HIS LIFE HELL AND NOW WHEN HE GIVES IT BACK TO ONE OF US YOU'RE FUCKING SURPRISED," I yell in his face and all my crew take a step back," Romeo didn't deserve to pay the bill on something all of us did but he paid for it and anyone who has a problem with Romeo stepping up and taking it for something they did can walk the fuck away because we don't need you that badly." I put my hand on Romeo's shoulder letting everyone know who the we is and most of them agree or at least don't want to walk away from what we have going but Hector is still pissed one of ours got a beating and I know I'll have to talk about it and see if we can get some sort of positive out of Romeo's suffering.

An hour of getting Romeo patched up and his eyes flushed out from whatever Guy sprayed in his eyes I drive him away from the party with Juanita who is helping him around and we get him over to her place so she can keep an eye on him.

I don't know if she likes him for standing up and taking the beating he did or just feels sorry for him after Marta basically crushed him tonight by standing with Guy and not with him.

I head home and find Marta's bedroom is locked and the lights are off, I didn't think she'd go off with Guy before tonight but now she can answer to Mom and Dad tomorrow when she doesn't get up for church. I turned in and am up on time to shower and get to the table for breakfast and find Marta sitting with Mom and Dad like nothing happened last night and I want to smile that she didn't leave with Guy but the look she gives me isn't one I'm used to, cold and like she's warning me about something.

I sit down and talk with Mom and Dad about nothing, they want to make sure I'm still doing good things despite the chaos the neighborhoods have been going through and make sure I'm safe. We eat breakfast and head off to Church as a family as always since I can remember but for half of it I'm watching Marta who is still the good little sister only when she sees me watching her I get that same look from breakfast.

Service ends and we head home after Mom and Dad talk to family friends and I put word out to the crew to stay safe and that we'll meet up later to go over our jobs for the next few weeks since things are calmed down with the drug dealers trying to move in.

Family is home and I change then wait a bit for Marta to be dressed before checking on her in her room. She's on her bed working on her laptop and barely glances at me as I step in her room. "What happened last night," I ask her and she shakes her head.

"You didn't see it yourself? I warned you that if you kept pushing him he would snap back and now Romeo is paying for you and your 'boys' abuse," Marta informs me and I nod a little before sitting down on the foot of her bed.

"I didn't want the fight, someone else thought it would help him feel like he was getting us back but it would be controlled. Then he leaves and you come back with him," I ask and she nods. "He told me your boss or whatever told him that he had to either fight or leave and he was mad about it.

I figured he should fight but I knew you would probably let him beat on you or tell one of your morons to take it for the crew so I went to make sure that Romeo wouldn't just lie down," Marta explains and I have to admit she thought more about this than I did. "I would have fought him but I didn't think of taking a fall, that would be insulting to him after everything," I tell her and she almost says it but I cut her off," Yes we insulted him for years why care now?" "Pretty much," Marta replies turning back to her laptop.

"So you didn't sleep with him," I state since everything is pretty clear and she laughs at me. "Oh I did just not last night and it was a shit ton better than I ever thought it could be, definitely better than with Romeo. I mean Romeo loved me and I loved him but he was so nervous it was over usually before it started," my sister begins and I want to stop her but she just keeps going," Guy was very… primal.

Romeo loved me, Guy claimed me." "But you ain't dating," I ask and she stops to think. "First off if we were you don't have the right to say or do shit about it. Second I would like to when he's calmed down and I can have him sit down with Mom and Dad calmly and talk," my little sister puts rules down and I want to object, I'm her big brother. "Well if he hurt you I'd still kick his ass only this time it'd be principle," I try to joke and she doesn't even smirk.

"You'd try, I think last night Guy proved you aren't dealing with a scared teen male anymore. He's… He's just amazing at least to me," Marta explains and I can see her smile a little. Could I stop her from dating Guy, probably? Would it make my life hell, definitely? I get my notice to meet up with Smitty for new order, got to help the money come in. Guy: Sunday morning or Brunch time I cannot believe you didn't get him laid last night. Talk about a complete missed opportunity.

Not the right moment, she cried a little in the car. Girl's crying during sex is a turn off. Never happened before so you don't know for sure and besides, it was partly her idea.

Except for blinding that kid after the fight, which was brilliant by the way. I do good work, if you just capitalized on your moments you'd be as successful as&hellip. Wait you're changing the subject off you not getting him to screw that girl.

Yes and now we've moved on. Try to keep up. I'm getting a late breakfast and my mouth is raw inside from the oleoresin capsicum that my father, my Dad, gave me in a few packets. Said they use it in pepper spray but on its own you can throw it in someone's face, guess they never tested is as an oral spray for an attack.

Side note it's really easy to get mad and your blood pumping when your mouth is on fire. The effect it had on Romeo's face was everything I thought it could be and more. After that it was a matter of taking Marta home and helping her sneak it so she didn't get in trouble and finding myself having a two hour conversation with a seriously unhinged man named Gabriel and his group, the Faces of Fear. The name is pretty accurate since they'd scare people stupid, they have been trying it on themselves but Gabriel is different.

I knew he worshiped his father, I did too for a long time but with him it was a matter of surpassing him and considering the lunacy I figured Dad was either dead naturally or he killed him. A major guess on my part but after blowing up Carl and his goons I decided that I'm going to start taking every shot I'm given.

Yeah I know exactly what I did but then again so did Carl. Also I now know that Carlos has back up in the form of some old biker and his 'Union'… what kind of name is that? At least Faces of Fear sends a message, Union sounds like they're trying to bond together after their divorces were finalized. I put that in its place as one of my side options, a much less violent one, is finally coming into play and I had some help on that from a few allies, I actually have family and an ally or two and it feels weird but in a good way.

Back to brunch that I'm nursing my way through except the milk which feels good for a few seconds and helps drown out the dull burning sensation, I am still wondering how I fell asleep like this. Adrenalin. Exhaustion. Say Adrenalin, he isn't a pussy and you won't start making him one. After affects of too much adrenalin.

Better… wait that's the same as exhaustion. Again try to keep up. "Guy you got in very late last night and looking at you I'd say you were fighting," my Dad comments and all I do is smirk. "Yes I was fighting; I wasn't getting beat by five people at once or backed into a corner and kicked around. I fought," I reply to my father and I'm actually glad Mom isn't home right now.

"Fighting doesn't solve everything," Abby comments trying to be the voice of good. "Unless you're everyone ever in the whole course of history," my Dad says and I look at him a little surprised," Good or bad violence has historically been at the cause and solution to a lot of the major problems in the world." Abby and my Father, a little less weird to say now, debate violence and how it resolved world problems through history while I finish up eating and clean my plate for Rosa in the sink before heading up to my room.

Last night felt good but it was a start, a real start to me doing this myself and not trusting addicts to get it done for me. I'm not alone for long when Dad pokes his head in and seeing me not immediately kick him out, no reason to now, closes the door.

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"What happened last night, I smell pepper spray," Dad asks and I chuckle. "Let's just say that the packets you gave me work great for an oral projectile but it's a bit of a double edge sword," I joke running my tongue around my mouth to sooth a little of the discomfort.

"Well milk does well but you should have rinsed out your mouth with cold water as soon as possible last night," Dad explains and begins walking me through how to recover from a pepper spray attack. "I don't think anyone told the guy I did this to any of this stuff," I state and he gives me a look. "If this is about you getting back on your feet that is one thing but if it's about revenge you need a target, someone who actually did some of these things to you," and now the lecture begins.

I let him explain about gathering intelligence and evidence before formulating a plan and acting but I have a plan, I have begun to take action. I keep details to myself as he would just get in the way or try to slow me down and with two people on plate to lose so much in the next few days I can't afford to slow down. He leaves me be and I get a message that someone I've been meaning to sit down with.

I get some casual clothes on and I'm out the door and off to go hang out. I pull up and don't see two of the three cars that are supposed to be here. I knock and Sydney opens up for me dressed in sweat pants and a tank top. We head to her room and I sit down in the usual bean bag chair when she asks. "So why didn't you come see me last night?

I would have woken up," Sydney is a little bit upset about being on the outside of everything. "Mostly because you didn't answer my message," I tell her and she shakes me off. "No you promised me when it got bad you'd keep me involved and I'd get to help. Then last night you went off on your own and didn't even tell me," Syd explains and she's not entirely right. "I asked you repeatedly if you wanted to come with me and do something Saturday night," I pull out my phone," I have the messages. You said you were too busy and would like to hang out Sunday.

I was moving on something Saturday and asked you to make an excuse to come with me but you were hanging out with your mom and dad who were both off work together and you wanted family night. Now before you kill me for saying that I understand wanting to spend time with your family because they're cool but don't get mad with me because I was getting my shit taken care of." "Yeah but you messaged me later when I was sleeping and said asked me if I was awake.

I don't wake up for a phone, you should have just come by and knocked on my window or something," Syd argues and I am trying to not make this a winner/loser fight. "I am sorry I didn't come by but I picked up someone who was already helping and she gave me a couple points that I could exploit and it worked," I tell Sydney and she turns on it fast.

"Who? Jenna the bitch that screwed you over not once but twice but hey she's got great tits and ass or Marta the fucking snake in the grass sister of the chief asshole you're going up against," Syd is mad at me and I'm beginning to think this is less a revenge thing. "Okay first off Marta is actually helping with something not involved with her brother that I want you to help me with so I'm in the clear," I start and that stopped her for a minute," Yeah I'm going to need you to help with something this week and it's gonna hurt a couple people pretty badly." "Am I fighting someone or something like you said you did last night," Sydney asks and I shake my head," Okay but is this something anyone can do or do you need me?" "Anyone could probably do it but I need someone I know I can trust and that list while having grown is still pretty fucking small okay," I'm getting a little mad about being questioned even if it's my friend.

"Okay, I'll help I just feel useless since they decided to use me to get to you and I have been waiting to help other than listening when things interesting or after you do something," Syd explains her point. No, no no no and fuck no! A little show and tell never hurt anyone.

You're doing this for a girl, one girl. He can have a couple with less work. Weeks ago you said you liked her. Yeah but she's been less than helpful recently. It was his choice to protect her, are you saying you don't like his choice? I think you're making the choices and not good ones.

I think about showing Sydney the second garage but figure telling her some things about what has been going on would be better.

"Remember I said I recruited some dumb muscle to help do things for me," I ask Syd and she nods," well they were going to give me up to the same assholes I met last night. I figured out it was a trap and when they threatened to kill the shits who turned on me I let them." "You let people die," Syd asks and I nod. "I walked away from people who were given everything they needed to succeed and they not only failed me but were helping to get me killed.

You think the fucking arms dealers I ripped off were going to talk to me and let me go because I'm just a kid," I ask and she knows I'm right but still.

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"You killed people," Syd counters and I shake my head. "Them or me, if I was sent pictures of you and they said blow someone up or she dies I'd wonder how picky they were about who I was to blow up.

I don't care about more than a dozen people and you're in that dozen. Is that so difficult to understand," I ask standing up and feeling pretty underappreciated.

"You don't have to kill people if you know what's happening, you can walk away, take a quieter route," Syd argues standing up from her bed and stepping up to me," This isn't always kill or be killed." "Well when twice now people have tried or threatened to kill my friends I tend to go to the most permanent option and if that means I sacrifice some drug dealers then that's what I do," I tell her and I'm raising my voice. Oh he's losing his temper on her, should have listened to me a little more.

Don't make me do this. Do what you horny shit? Once I get him going he's not going to stop.

I didn't want to do this so soon but you leave me no choice. "You don't have to be a monster," Syd says taking my head in her hands. "I am what they made me; everyone said Carlos and his people were the good guys. So I have to be the bad guy, I have to be the devil himself," I tell her and she shakes her head at me. I'm kissing Sydney, I don't know how or why but she's not stopping me and it's not a soft or hard kiss.

She wants me and I have to hold her up by her ass as she wraps her legs around my waist, I forgot she's not super short and I'm strong enough to hold her on her own for a second as she pulls her tank top off and resumes kissing me deep and not hard but intense.

I know standing up is not how this goes so I turn us and lay her down on the bed and immediately get helped out of my clothes and end up helping Syd out of her sweat pants before crawling back on top of her and kiss her neck softly.

"This is actually happening right," Syd asks as I take her nipple into my mouth," Yeah that doesn't happen in the dreams." "You have had dreams about this," I ask and return to her small breast.

"One where we actually got to hook up at the dance, there were a couple from the hospital where you couldn't move much," Syd moans out and I'm wondering if she's a little obsessed with me," Then there were a couple from was one when we weren't talking and you fucked me in the bathroom at school." "Obsessed much," I ask looking her in the eyes and I feel her pull me, that part of me against her.

I know I didn't take her panties off but now I'm breaching her gates and she's helping where as I'm kind of falling in and about halfway down she is giving me one of those 'are you kidding me' looks. "Oh god what now," I ask a little annoyed. "I'm pissed off. I screwed a five inch football player during our dance months ago and you had this monster hiding from me the whole time," Sydney asks and I am a little confused but smiling. "Maybe you should have played a little less hard to get," I tell Syd and she gives me a grumpy look.

"I was waiting to see if you were interested or not you depressed asshole now keep going," Syd almost orders me and I'm happy to oblige. I take my time since apparently she's not used to eight inches and her apparent last man was only five and not as thick so yeah, slow is good. I don't try to think about how tight and wet she is but the thought crosses my mind more than once as we kiss again and she grips the back of my head and runs her nails into my back.

I go harder and deeper than, as deep as I can go and Sydney grunts before pulling me in harder and more assertive. I say assertive and not aggressive because she's into this more for me than what I'm doing and it is not the new me she wants, it's just me.

I roll my hips giving her full long strokes but not pounding into her and she pulls my head next to her and begins biting my ears and I discover something, I like my ears being touched and shiver as she nibbles my ear lobe. I'm not slowing down but I'm not moving overly fast as Syd pulls her legs up and I'm almost completely uninhibited getting inside her and pushing as deep as I can.

I'm sweating and so is Sydney as we roll our hips together in concert when I feel her stop rolling altogether and begin to tighten up. I try to slow down and let her catch her breath when she pulls me in again with her hands and I get back into my rhythm minus my partner moving at all but I think that's because I'm doing a shit ton better than expected by her standards.

I feel good when my control begins to slip and I groan before cumming hard in Sydney who bites my shoulder in her own orgasm and I think we both cried out at some point with her nails and teeth digging into me and my body weight pressed down on her hips. We finally relax and Syd pushes at me and I roll off to lie next to her.

"That… was better than the dream and… you're heavier than I thought," Syd tells me and I chuckle. "I always thought it'd be more of me from behind," I reply and she chuckles. "I like to look at who I'm having sex with," she states and I think for a second.

"So when the football player with the five inches of wonderful talked about how he was taking it to your little behind," I ask and she hits me with a pillow.

"I was hurt and stupid okay and you forgave me," she says and we laugh a little before something I did not expect happens. "Sydney I got sputum on my scrub top and I can't find the matching grey one.

Did you," and now I'm naked looking at Sydney's mom," Oh MY GOD!" "Mom, knocking. I've asked a lot for knocking on my door," Syd argues pulling a blanket over herself and leaving me naked. "I know but I didn't think you'd have… oh hello Guy," Angie, that her mom's name, greets me and I'm still wondering what I'm going to cover up with.

"Mom did you even check your room," Syd asks pulling some clothes on and pushing her mother out. "It was good to see you again Guy," Angie says as they get to the hall and Syd closes the door. And now Sydney's mom has seen me naked before Syd shoved her out of the room.

I can hear them down hall having a somewhat tense conversation about me and about finding a work top. It's a combination really of Angie asking questions and Sydney changing the subject to get her mom out of the house. It only takes a few minutes before Angie is out of the house but not before yelling a goodbye to me from the front door. Less than a minute later Sydney in her panties and a t shirt returns and has one of those perfect embarrassed but its funny looks.

"So I'm guessing your Mom isn't going to kill me," I ask with a chuckle. "No but I might," Syd replies pulling her shirt off and crawling back onto the bed. It's cuddling; don't have much experience with cuddling. Mostly just finish and then we sleep or she has to get dressed before someone gets home. I don't know how long we lie there on Sydney's bed but she's the first one to break the silence. "So it was good," she says it and I'm not sure if it's a statement or question.

"I felt something… different," I keep it honest and simple. "Different good or different bad," Sydney asks and that was a question. "Good, but yeah different from other girls I've been with," I say it and Syd's head pops up from the bed. "Other girls, who else have you been having sex with," she asks and it doesn't sound like something I can brush off.

"Apparently a few more than you'd like," I reply sitting up," I didn't realize I was supposed to stay celibate while you went off and fucked the football jackass after our date." "That was a misunderstanding, I thought we were trying to figure things out between us," Syd says and I'm more than a little confused.

"Figure things out how? When you put me in the friend zone months ago and we were all sorts of 'not into each other like that' or hey he put his life at risk because someone threatened my existence so I should probably play a little nicer with him? Which figuring are you talking about because I've been trying to make my way through this bullshit everyone seems to be putting in front of me for months now and just when I think something legitimately good is coming my way I'm being questioned because I had me some fun," I ask getting up from the bed and beginning to dress.

"No wait a second Guy," Sydney starts and I don't stop dressing. "Wait for what? I'm not interested in the jealousy or holding shit over my head because before today about," I have think," An hour ago we were just friends and now because when there was nothing going on before I'm being brought up on shit I did?" "No Guy I was trying to talk about going forward and it came out wrong," Syd begins to explain and I am about half way to boots on and out the door," Yes it makes me a little jealous that you've been with other girls but that's because I'm not all curvy and I don't have big boobs." "I have never given a fuck about what you look like; I just want someone who wants me for me.

All the evil and sadistic brutality that goes with my ugly ass face and scars," I state feeling self conscious. Wonderful job you moron. Now what's your big plan, he going to go home and cry? I'm just getting it out of the way.

Getting what out of the way? I don't tell you how to cripple a gang member; don't tell me how to make someone love him.

"I don't notice them, the scars. I just see you," Syd tells me and I slow down," I mean you're well built and I couldn't believe how big you are but I'm a girl and I'm allowed to be self conscious and jealous." "And I've been passed over by everyone including you for a while and now I'm here with women looking at me like I'm the new shiny thing," why the hell am I feeling this.

Gee I wonder. Shhh, this is worth it. "Well I'm here and I like the before, during and after so points for me," Sydney says with a mock cheer.

"I don't want to have anyone coming after you because of me though so when I take care of this we figure out dating," I suggest and she pushes me on the bed and swings her leg over me.

"Yes I understand protecting me but I better be at the front of the line when you decide what your life is like in peace time instead of war time," she informs me and kisses me again," And we're not done with sex either." We are done with sex, today at least. I head back home after a nice goodbye from Sydney and I'm not in the door five minutes when Mark pulls me aside for something very important, gym time. He and I haven't spent any time out in a bit and I agree to go with him in his car after a quick shower and change we head out in his car.

It's pretty quiet in his car and usually he's talking about what is going on in the family or asking me how things are going. It's a twenty minute drive and we get in and past the front desk and hit the weights where Mark spends time spotting me and still not talking. Something is bothering him and while I'm waiting for him to figure out how to use his words and say something.

I could ask what's wrong with him but I've got enough going on that if he doesn't want to tell me I'm not going to add to my thoughts. Forty five minutes of working out and no real conversation between us other than where to work out and what to do next and we're standing at the juice bar, it's an expensive place. I'm about half way through some carrot/broccoli/kale abomination when he decides to talk mid drink.

"I think I'm in love with your sister," Mark says it and I push my drink out through my nose. I'm coughing and sputtering as people watch me nearly die and finally clean my face up as someone with a mop helps with the mess I just made.

My nose and throat burn a bit as I look at him with my patented 'what the hell' face. "You think you're in love with my sister," I ask and he nods slowly," And aside from that fact that I honestly couldn't care about her unless my life depended on it means what?" "I want to ask her out and I know you are weird about it and she said she'd go out with me if you'd give her three hours of time to talk and listen," I see it now, bribe for a date.

"And this is where you ask me to do something I don't want to do so you can get a date with my long not so lost sister," I ask and he again nods slowly," On a scale of one to ten how badly do you actually want to date someone who's very existence I have come to either ignore or despise?" "Which is the one that gets me a yes," Mark asks and I have to remember he's usually not this smart," I know I've been a dick and we're past that so I'm just asking for a favor.

Give her the three hours and listen. Afterwards write her off if you don't like it and she won't bother you again." "What do you mean she won't bother me," now I have to ask and he shrugs. "She said if you give her the shot and you don't care afterwards she'll leave you alone till you say otherwise and she'll only visit with your mother when she's down here," I have to think about that little deal.

How many ways can we say no before the big moron understands it? I'm thinking he should take the deal. I'd ask if you were out of your mind but considering your decisions recently… He takes the deal, he gives her three hours and then he walks. She is gone and we get the added bonus of having Mark owe us one. It builds helps the brother bonds and keeps her at a distance till he says he wants her.

Which should be the 35th of Neveruary but we can do this without the deal. So we hurt his feeling? Bid deal. Long term goals, short term price. "Alright but when things don't turn out the way she thought, and they will, if she backs out of her date with you I'm going to say I told you so," I tell Mark my answer and he smiles big.

"Dude you won't regret this, I swear she's not like you think but please just try okay," Mark says it and I nod but trying and accepting are two different things. We continue our work out and I prove my cardio is better than when I'm on the weights and I notice something more about Mark. He hasn't hit on a single woman since we got here, weird. Might be he's actually interested in Gwen but that's none of my business.

We finish our work outs and head back towards home for a quiet dinner and then I settle in my room and only find one message from Sydney and one from Marta. Sydney is trying to make sure we're cool still which we are despite her emotional reaction post coitus earlier today and Marta says she and Abby have everything ready for tomorrow, she just needs some help with deployment and I connect a chat between Sydney, Marta and myself.

It's awkward for the first few minutes till Marta says she's out to get some of these assholes, her words and Syd agrees to assist but has some doubts. I can understand the doubts but we need trust to move forward and thankfully we are. I head to bed ready for the next tolling of the bell. Carlos: Thursday that week I know I need to cool down but either I talk to Guy or we get the Union to force him to sit the hell down and talk to us and work shit out.

I thought he was kidding when he said he was going after everyone but did I think he was going to do it? Fuck no, only now I'm horribly wrong and worried about my crew. I am jumping ahead; let me bring you up to speed. Carlos: Wednesday, you know the day before now Okay so my crew is back to work mostly and tending to our own. I personally went with Romeo over to his parent's house and he made up a story about how we were showing him about working on his car and the radiator blew steam in his face and they bought it.

It helps that we didn't look like we were fighting him so they were happy we kept an eye on him but we got fair warning that if he was hurt we should have brought him home.

I apologized for that but honestly if they saw him the morning after he'd be ass deep in shit while doing a hand stand. I heard that one from Jim who gave me fair warning about my people being on their shit this time and we are. Spent a little out of the crew's funds and now we're locked in on our storage sites so no drama.

Romeo came back on Tuesday and everyone is making sure he is welcome and appreciated after the beating he took Saturday night especially Hector. We're sitting down at lunch, me and a few of my people and I'm watching Guy and trying to figure out what the right moment is to try and speak with him but I don't see anything opportunity when Romeo who is watching me stands up and heads right over to Guy.

I'm close enough to hear the conversation but Guy doesn't even acknowledge Romeo as he moves next to the table. "Carlos wants to talk to you and settle all this," Rome announces to Guy who continues to do something on his phone. "And I don't care what Carlos wants, words won't change anything," Guy replies still staring at his phone.

"After the shit you did to me in a fair fight I think you owe him a little. The whole crew wants your ass and he said no because it wouldn't solve anything," Romeo is trying but Guy still doesn't even bother to look at him. "The crew should just come get me now and get it over with, I mean I did say I was going after all of them… and you," Guy finishes looking straight at Romeo. "And you got me and it fucking hurt like hell and every one of my friends saw it.

I took that beating when I was told it was a fight but I wasn't ready for you, not sure anyone of us is," Romeo explains and Guy smiles at him, not a friendly one. "You were, all of you were when I was left for dead but finishing the job just isn't as fun as kicking the man while he's down," Guy counters and Romeo shakes his head.

"I know we don't have any proof you'd believe but it wasn't us, Carlos went after everyone in his crew and if it was one of us they'd be out and sitting in jail right now," Rome is trying but Guy isn't interested when my sister walks up. "Except Carlos values his crew as much as he does his family, he'd never let anyone of them take the fall for what happened to Guy, guilty or not," Marta says sitting down next to Guy," It's happening." "Finally some good news," Guy tells my sister standing up," I'd love to stay and chat… sorry that's a lie but for appearances and all I'll just say that when it all comes crashing down, don't ask me why." Guy walks away from Romeo and Marta, my sister gets up and follows him out of the lunch room and across the commons towards one of the classes.

I pat Romeo on the back when he returns, he tried and it's more than I could figure out how to do. We finish lunch and I get notice there are people going into the office, people from the district offices and they have cops in uniform with them. I put Romeo in the office to figure things out; he has a decent rep with the secretaries being a good student and all, and wait to hear the news while I keep my eyes on it from a distance.

There are things I never thought I'd see but here I am watching Coach Hayes and Principal Copeland being taken out in handcuffs. I can see a lot of the jocks watching their coach wondering what happened but its Principal Copeland being told to keep his mouth shut by a woman a skirt and suit combo that has my attention. We sit and watch as they are taken away then a couple of the people come out of the main office and two from the gym with computers, school computers.

Romeo slips through the crowd and he's got information. "They're arresting Copeland and Hayes," he informs me and I knew that much," I heard something about pornography and money.

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They're also taking their computers in to be examined by the police technicians for evidence." I listen to him explain to myself and the rest of my crew about how the rules are and how bad this is even if they aren't charged or found with any evidence when I look over and I see Guy standing near a wall in the shade watching with my sister, his sisters, some of their friends and that model girl that Brandon was cheating on and even with all that hotness around him he hasn't looked away from the police and the district people.

Worst thing of all is his smile, I watch him for a minute before he turns his head and stares right at me and his smile gets bigger. Now we're in some shit. Carlos: Back to Thursday I don't have any proof, I have no idea how he did it but Guy took down two members of the school administration in one move and while everyone is going around talking about what happened I'm watching Guy.

I don't see much and now that's the problem, what aren't we seeing and what don't we know. Everyone knew he couldn't fight and was a quiet and honestly soft person, and then he beats Romeo in a way that made even Hector reconsider fighting him. Everyone knew he was not a vengeful person, and then he figures out how to get Lupe in bed with Brandon. Romeo found out who said what to who but we're keeping it from Hector for now, still though he pulled it off and even broadcast the video so the whole crew could see Hector humiliated.

I have a few people keeping tabs on Guy because what I'm not seeing could get someone hurt and I'm trying to stop the pain and make peace. "You know we might have to start thinking of buying him off," Romeo suggest as we're sitting with Hector in my backyard. "He's got money, he doesn't need anything," H says and I have to agree.

"He needs to find who did that shit to him. It's the one thing he can't figure out and so he's taking it out on everyone. Think about it for a second, he stands up to the school and now Copeland and Hayes are going to be lucky if they can teach in the US again after all this. He did that because he knew they covered it up.

If we actually find out who got him even once he'll stop looking at us and go after whoever did," Romeo explains it and while Hector is doubtful I think it's a worth a shot, just one problem. "One thing man, everyone from Union to outer groups has beaten every bush including the dealers that have been pushed back into their holes and they came up with nothing.

If someone connected knew it would have been found out by now," I tell both of them and it's Hector that speaks first. "So what if it wasn't someone outside the law, I'm not saying someone super good just someone normal looking to make a name or statement and just picked the wrong person," Hector says and it's a thought. "Problem is this wasn't random, whoever did this chose Guy. They knew where he'd be or followed him and then when they knew they were safe they hit him and they did it twice.

The cops ain't got shit and they barely even looked at us this time," I tell my boys and they nod before I realize something," the detective, she was hard on us the first time but second time she was looking at someone else." "I know she spoke with Father Gomez but so did Guy," Hector states and we all think for a bit.

"Gomez defended us but that's not why she went to him after the second time. Gomez found him but they wanted him found maybe," I ask and Romeo is walking and thinking while Hector and I sit. We don't get any further and I send my boys home to try and figure out what I'm going to do about Guy. What do we have other than trying to figure out who did shit to him other than my crew? I figure if I can consult anyone it would be Marta but she's not speaking to me about much these days.

Detective Escalante: that Friday "So any luck putting a face to the mystery attacker," Dominique asks me, our current Medical Examiner. "Attackers and no, every shadow I poke my head into has the scum that I'm looking for but they have nothing. It's like whoever did this is invisible to the criminal eye and knew how to cover their tracks," I explain and she laughs.

"Either invisible or it's like a predator making eye contact," Dom says and I shrug at her," Some reptiles wait till their prey are facing them before they strike so a lot of animals when they see danger they don't look at it, they run on instinct." "So someone that no criminal would look at or talk about because they're going to eat them," I ask as a joke and Dominique laughs again. I get back to my desk after visiting with one of the few people who isn't watching me like a hawk when I start making moves on this case.

Captain is looking for updates every couple days when I have nothing and a few other detectives are keeping their ears open in case it gets pulled from my hands. I think others want it but I'm doubly determined to figure out who the hell walked away from attempted murder and daylight kidnapping/torture of a kid who's done no harm to anyone. My day winds out and I'm back home with nothing but a beer in hand and something comfortable to wear.

No radio, no phone and no TV. Just me and silence. I passed out sometime after eight and wake up on my couch confused and tired when something recurring hits my brain about both crimes and I have to ask a hard question that I don't have an answer to yet. I head to bed but don't sleep so much as close my eyes and hours pass. I don't feel overly tired as I head in to the precinct grab a file or two like I'm working on something for an hour before grabbing my keys and heading down to see Dominique.

"Hey girl I need to use your car," I ask the half black M.E. who is about wrist deep in a body. "Really, you want to drive my used Prelude as opposed to that Chrysler you keep," she jokes and frees her hands. "Yeah, need to make a few stops and my car was acting funny. I'll have it back in a couple hours," I tell her getting the keys. My drive doesn't take long except I keep watch to see if I'm being followed and after an hour I'm pretty sure if someone was following me they run faster than I drive and I used the freeway for a couple miles before doubling back towards my original destination.

I park and step inside with my badge on my waist. "Hi can I help you&hellip. Officer," the girl behind the counter, Vicki, asks emphasizing my cop status. "I need to speak with the man in charge," I tell her and when she turns to her father, the head ink man Smitty I stop her," Not him, I need the real man in charge." It takes a few minutes and there are more than a few people who are waiting for the order to remove me and probably bury my body somewhere.

I don't think they will but the rumors are that if someone crosses or disrespects the Union and you're very lucky they kill you before burying you. Granted those are rumors but they haven't been brought into a court room in almost a decade and they aren't letting anything slip past them anytime soon by the looks of it. I watch as most of the customers are cleared out and only Smitty is left when a man, an older white man with short gray hair and a heavy build steps into the room and looks around.

"Jesus boy you didn't have to send everyone away just for one little detective," the boss says to Smitty," Sorry about that, my son figured we'd need privacy so what brings you to my corner of the city detective." "Well thank you for getting my rank correct and its Escalante. I have a few questions about Carlos Ortega and how his people are connected to your organization," I ask directly, I don't have time for playing games.

"Well the boy and his friends have been in here before for some ink but as for that I don't have any business with them," the older man answers and I nod. "Except that their connection to you is a major problem when the police are investigating them, I'm here on official business but it's not for you or them," I state attempting to get back to my original line of questions," See I am pretty sure there is a connection from their group to yours." "And what makes you so sure of this connection," he asks sitting down in one of his son's chairs but still upright so we can talk.

"Because the police that are watching me to see when I'm going to bring Mr. Ortega or some of his people in again. They hope to help with the interrogation or screw with my investigation enough to get one to plead out for information about your organization and the partnership you have with them," I explain and he looks more interested now but still holding back.

"So some kids make a plea deal to bring down the big bad bikers? Sounds funny but I'm still wondering what this has to do with why you're here explaining this or what brought you here in the first place," he asks me and I have to put it out on the table for him. "One kid brought me here, the epicenter of the whole thing… Guy Donnelly," I say the name and I see him recognize it," You know him." "I've heard the name, he's becoming pretty popular among the kids that come in here for ink," Smitty says for his father.

"You know the name," I tell the older man again and he waits," Guy Donnelly was attacked and everything I had kept pointing in one direction, Carlos Ortega and his people. It made sense except aside from the beatings and humiliation they generally left him alone and when it's a matter of race they would have just let him bleed out. He was supposed to live so he'd give statement against them but instead he made the same mistakes he made when he was attacked for three years." "And what mistakes are those," the older man asks interested.

"First he was honest about what he saw, he didn't embellish anything and he didn't point fingers even though he suspected them too. It would make sense after three years of misery to blame them but he was honest. When things didn't come together on the case he made his second habitual mistake and he stopped talking about it," I explain and both Smitty and the older leader are interested in everything I have to say now.

"Sounds like the boy knows when not to talk," Smitty says and his dad shakes his head. "You need to talk when there is a problem but he didn't have anyone who would listen to him in his mind and that made him a target," the older man says and I nod.

"It made him a target again. They came back to put pressure on the situation only this time they changed their tactics and went for kidnapping and torture. They wanted him to play victim so they could canonize it against Carlos and then against your organization," I explain and the older man chuckles. "That's a pretty good story but all there is to it is story, it still doesn't explain who attacked the boy, twice," he replies and I shake my head.

"Two crime scenes with less evidence than I'd like, two opposite ends of town, intimate knowledge of where the target would be and how to corner him," I explain and they are waiting," The gang task force hasn't had anything to bring you or anyone in your organization in for questioning in how long?" "I think last time was about a decade ago," the older man replies and I nod.

"And now the people right under you, allegedly, are thrust into the spot light twice and all the time they are looking at me to make something stick or bend the rules to make something stick," I continue to explain when Smitty stops me.

"So why not just make something up," he asks confused. "Because I believe in the law. Laugh if you want but there needs to be justice in the world and 'if' I were to come after a group I'd want the real evidence and real witnesses. Not someone who is being paid or evidence that has been falsified to make sure the case goes to trial and the sentence sticks," I explain and the older man is smiling at me.

"You're a true believer and some of your fellow brothers and sisters in blue aren't," he say and I don't nod but I almost want to," Well that would explain why all questions involving that boy have been met with silence for months now." "I'm not going to ask about your questions because I probably asked the same people the same things.

What I am going to say is that if something doesn't happen soon I think the people who started this mess will finish the job to make a martyr out of Guy Donnelly just to get a shot at your organization," I finish and he nods.

"Detective Escalante I'm not a bad man, off the record, I do things that need to be done and I do them painlessly and I don't make a mess when I do. I understand your need for justice and I respect that. So for the sake of me not being a bad man if you see someone wearing Union colors in your rearview, don't worry about them. If you turn around and someone hands you something with no label and it has something to do with your theories, don't ask too many questions. I'm going to see if there is any weight to your thoughts and if there is we'll help handle it accordingly," the older man says and I shake my head.

"No, if you find anything you'll bring it to me and we'll let the courts take care of them," I state firmly and he nods. "Wasn't thinking anything other than your way Detective," he says with a smile. I leave and return only a couple hours after leaving just in time to return Dominique's keys and get back to my desk. Now I wait and see if I made the wrong choice in allies.