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Lord Marchington's Conquest I looked around the sitting room, where my sisters and mother and the aristocratic and haughty Lady Marjory and the flame haired Rose her tall spoiled daughter, were all looking expectantly at me and I laughed.

"Mr Harnsworth," Lady Marjory demanded, "What exactly do you find funny?" It was something my Father said many years ago, "John," he had said to me in his kindly manner as I stood before him many yeas ago as a child, "I fear that you shall have to make your own fortune in life." Which was so far from the situation I found myself in it was laughable.

"Father?" I had enquired in confusion, make a fortune, surely father was a gentleman and I in turn should be a gentleman, indeed an officer and a gentleman "The fact is John, your great uncle George allows us the use of this house, Matson, it is not mine, and indeed he allows me a small pension but he is an octogenarian and I fear my cousin Gerald will not be so generously inclined, when poor George succumbs.

"So Father?" I enquired, at a mere thirteen years as he sat in his favourite chair surrounded by his beloved books in his library. "Put aside ideas of the military, of life as a gentleman and study John, study the ways of the merchant and the money men," he told me, "Be a rich tradesman John, not an impoverished gentleman." "Father?" I asked.

"That's all John," he had said and I had left his presence with all my plans for a commission in the guards dashed. I went to tell Mama but she was too busy with my sisters Dorothy and Harriet, and when I did tell her she said "Pay no heed, Gerald shall surely provide." But I did heed Father's advice, indeed I applied myself diligently to the study of how money was made and but stages I found the law to be the chief impediment thereto, and, fancying myself deficient in stature and horsemanship for the life of a highwayman I asked father to find me an apprenticeship as a book keeper.

I started as assistant to Mr Belle book keeper to Mr Rogers a friend of father's from the regiment and then when I discovered an aptitude for the cards, and amassed a fortune at Mr Belle's expense I spent some time a clerk to Mr Faversham in Rochester.

Mr Faversham as I later discovered would set up voyages to the Africas and Americas offering immense returns on capital but at some risk, some would make considerable profits, from which Mr Faversham would make a pretty penny, others failed, the ships never being seen again, and I soon realised that more than ten of the ten per cent shares were sold on each such failed venture, as the Captain, crew, ship and even the sea charts were carefully chosen for their unsuitability, through decreptitude inaccuracy or mere incompetence and the whole enterprise designed to fail.

I pretended ignorance, and yet I sold extra shares and retained the money for myself as soon as all the initial ten of the ten per cent shares were sold, I fear I was greedy and when the St Francis was pronounced lost there were fifteen people clamouring for their money back.

Poor Mr Faversham was nearly ruined, but he never suspected for one moment that it was I his naive apprentice whom had the money hid safe at my lodgings. I left his employ at this juncture at father's insistence as he believed Mr Faversham to be a rogue!

At age eighteen I employed a Captain Gurney and a ship full of drunkards and reprobates to run trinkets to the Africas, slaves to the Americas and Silver from the Argentine, knowing the ship the Theobald Eichmann should scarce clear the Lizard, Gurney was the front man I stood back as clerk and true to form he ran her on to the rocks off Perranporth, and so did my fortune accrue as I moved around the ports of the kingdom, never the Captain, always the insignificant clerk, Horowitz, or Dagenham, or Adams or Thwaites were the names I used and no one even suspected my way of working.

I maintained my contact with my family of course, Mama despised me I was sure but Father was not displeased, although I kept my own earnings very quiet, in fact I turned them into property as quickly as I was able and indeed by the age of twenty years I had quite a respectable portfolio of properties, in fact quite a disrespectable portfolio as many were bordellos and such places and by twenty two years I was quite the gentleman my ships went from Bristol to the Africas and Americas and made hansom profits, all of which I retained and reinvested in my ventures, except when father died I began to send small amounts to Mother as her allowance from great uncle George began to falter.

It was in the autumn when great uncle George succumbed, I was away, and returned to find an urgent appeal to return home, the house was somehow cold and cheerless though the fires burned brightly enough. "Oh John!" Dorothy exclaimed, as soon as I arrived "Thank God you have come, we are undone!" "How so?" I asked. "Cousin Gerald has ordered us to leave Matson!" she blurted out. "But why?" I asked. "Because I desire it for my dear friend Miss Blanchard!" a harsh female voice announced before her scowling countenance appeared through the archway.

"Cousin Rose?" I asked incredulously, "Is that you?" I could scarce relate the scowling witch before me with the angel with the golden curls I had known in my youth. "Indeed," she said, "And you are John, Mr Faversham's clerk?" she sneered. "Indeed," I agreed. "Then pray find accommodation for your rabble, my patience is not limitless." she snapped, "I suggest you start with immediate effect." "Indeed, immediately after lunch," I suggested.

"I am mistress here now," she snapped, "I say immediately." "Well were I a gentleman I should demur but I am in trade so show me your deeds, your papers and I shall decide from whom I take orders." I told her firmly and then without removing boots or coat I pushed rudely past her and went to find Mama. "John, 'tis my fault," Dorothy confided to me, "Sebastian asked me to be his." she stopped.

"Wife?" I enquired. "Mistress," she sobbed, "He said we should be cast out if I did not submit." "Oh poor sister, of course you cannot submit I shall find you lodgings." I reassured her, but she took me aside into the little sewing room. "But John, you don't understand," she said and she sobbed into her hand kerchief, and after a while she admitted, "Oh brother do not think ill of me but I did submit, I did John, carnally, and he cast me aside, and it is to no avail." "What?" I demanded as I shut the door, "Submitted, how so?" my heart beat like a drum as I prayed she misunderstood carnality, "Tell me!" "I allowed him to kiss me." she admitted.

"Just a kiss?" I asked. "No, he made me bare my bosoms," she admitted, and I looked and I could see how desirable her big bosoms must seem, "And he played with them, and I own it was not unpleasant." "So he compromised you, but." I said hopefully, "Tell me sister I need to know." "But he came again and again and by degrees he bared me," she said, "And then at once he made me bare myself entirely." "Oh Dolly," I used her pet name.

"He assured me mother would be safe if I afforded him the small pleasure, and you were nowhere," she exclaimed. "And then?" I asked. "He wanted me entirely bare, I shook with shame John," she said tremulously, "I did in truth, he made me disrobe with Phyllis the maid present as witness I did it willingly, but t'was not willingly, and then he explored every inch of me kissing and probing." My heart sank. "Oh Dolly," I said quietly. "Then when he came again he dis-robed also and made me kiss and caress him also." she admitted.

"Dolly, did you resist?" I asked. "No, it was exciting John, I was carried along, and I was doing it for Mama." she said, and I sensed she wanted to tell me more. "He seduced you?" I suggested. "Yes," she agreed, "And then he produced his snake, and made me touch it and kiss it and." "Were you bare?" I asked. "John!" she exclaimed, "It matters not, but I had to feel and kiss and handle and," "It exploded no doubt," I added.

"When I suckled upon it, yes." she admitted. "He forced you?" I asked. she shook her head, "Oh Dolly, and was this the limit of the indignity?" "No," she shook her head, "he locked the door as always, you see Mama knew and approved my actions," "She knew!" I railed.

"Yes," she nodded, "She reassured me that if I obliged him entirely he would become so besotted that he could not but offer marriage." "That stupid selfish woman!" I exclaimed, "And how obliging were you?" I asked and her eyes said it all. "I obliged him entirely," she admitted, "We lay together John, and he placed his snake within me." I had one last despairing hope, "Wherein did he place himself sister," I asked, "To the front or?" "To the front and he did such every afternoon," she smiled at the thought.

"You encouraged him?" I asked. "Yes, he made me feel loved John, after the discomfort of the initial time, I believed he loved me and showed his love with his snake and his seed," she said and she smiled shyly among her tears. "And why did he spurn you?" I asked. "I bled and he demanded he might," she paused.

"Sodomy?" I suggested. She nodded, "I could not allow it John, I could not." "And he spurned you?" I asked. "He dressed and made me stay bared and made me suckle his snake and when he was excited he withdrew and he sprayed my face and bosoms with his seed.

all in my hair and everywhere, and then he closed his breeches and was gone. "And that was the end of the matter?" I asked, and she sobbed again. "No, he demanded," she said in anguish, "That as I had not sufficed and acquiesced to his demands that poor Harriet, should serve instead. Oh my, my poor golden haired little sister, "Oh no, Dolly, where is she." "Marchington Hall, she was gone but a week when Cousin Rose arrived yesterday demanding we remove ourselves.

"John, Dorothy where are you?" Mother cried. "Here!" I replied and as Dorothy dried her tears so we went to the sitting room where Rose and Mother glared at each other.

"It will not do John." Rose announced, "Your mother's pleas or your sisters throwing themselves at my brother like street whores, it will not do." "Three hundred guineas," I said. "What!" Rose exclaimed. "An offer Madam, or should I offer myself to you like a street whore?" I asked sarcastically.

"You truly are pathetic John Harnsworth, pretending you have three hundred guineas, no take your funds and buy your mother a shack or a bothy or a pig stye and have my house available for me at once or sooner if you may." and Rose said it without an ounce of humour, icily and with not a simple ounce of humanity. "Ah, then I shall speak to the organ grinder and not his pretty monkey and make my offer to your father." I exclaimed.

"Pray wash and shave before you see his Lordship!" mother insisted as if I were a fresh faced boy and not a grown man. "I shall not!" I insisted, "Indeed I shall not," and I saw no need to remain, "Good day mother, Dolly," I said and I ignored Rose as I left the room. I took horse and made haste to Marchington Hall pausing but briefly to take luncheon at the Five Bells the ale house on the edge of the Marchington estate which was in sore need of renovation, with the timbers all faded and in need of pitch while the daub between was in need of white wash and the chimney in sore need of pointing and the whole edifice gave forth an aura of dereliction yet here was nowhere else to dine and so therein I sampled an acceptable meat pie and a tankard of Ale or at least a putrid liquid sold as such.

I sat quietly eating when a rogue approached saying "Ha, well I'll be, it's John Harnsworth the gentleman book keeper." "Yes 'tis I, come to cook his Lordship's books." I confirmed which rather spoiled his next ripost.

"What you come for?" he asked. "Lunch, and a game of cards perchance?" I suggested, "Or does my reputation precede me?" "E's the biggest card cheat ever knowed," an other even uglier rogue averred.

"Ah my reputation does precede me, will you take an Ale?" I asked. "Rather drink pigs piss," the rogue said, "But I'll take a Cider." so I ordered Cider for him and his friends and naturally myself and was in return regaled with tales and complaints of Gerald's incompetence and mean-ness since he became Lord.

I ordered another tankard of Cider for all and paid my bill and took horse again for the Hall. Dartlington the Butler confronted me as I went to go in, "And what is your business." "John Harnsworth, come to see my sister Harriet" I announced to his consternation as I believe he still thought I should be a fresh faced weakling of a boy and not an unshaven indeed bearded young man.

"I shall consult her ladyship," he suggested. It was a poor decision, he left me alone for a moment and in that moment I saw Harriet, my poor golden haired sister being dragged from the kitchen towards the stables, but in a state of almost complete undress.

I wanted to cry out but seeing I was completely out numbered I held my tongue, and even managed a serious but pleasant expression as the Lady Marjorie came to greet me, "Ah Mr Harnsworth, have you come to do our books?" she said with wry amusement. "No, I have come to make your husband an offer for Matson and indeed to see my dear sister Harriet," I replied. "Oh she is enjoying a ride!" Marjory smirked, "And as regards your offer well I am certain it lies far beyond your means, accept your place in society Mr Harnsworth, you were raised a gentleman but without a fortune, pray accept your station and find suitable lodgings for your mother and sister, perhaps a little shop where they my serve." "I shall discuss it with your husband Ma'am." I assured her.

"Then come another day and make an appointment." she suggested, "Good day." I turned on my heel and walked deliberately away, and as I entered the stable yard I could hear a girl screaming in ecstasy, the sound of the brothel, and I recognised the timbre that scream to be that of my sister Harriet.

I joked, "Someone is enjoying themselves," to the ostler. "Yes sir, Mr Sebastian is very generous with his cast off whores sir, should you care to indulge 'tis only threepence?" he asked. "Is she comely." I asked. "You don't look at mantepiece when you're stoking fire sir, but I'say she was once sir." he said, "Would you like to see sir," He took me to the stable, two men stood looking over the stable door and there entirely debauched was poor Harriet, she had her underthing around her waist but was otherwise entirely bare, her buttocks a criss cross of whip marks her golden hair now soiled and filthy and her poor breasts all constrained by a rope wound around them till they were all blued and purple and she was laid over a straw bale.

"Worth three pence sir?" the ostler asked innocently, as I gazed.

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Poor Harriet, a yokel had his appendage in her mouth fornicating her face, raping her mouth its filthy pinkness between her sweet ruby lips and once pearly white teeth, whilst behind an other yokel had withdrawn his appendage from her brown hole trailing her dung behind it and then having wiped it to a certain extent he forced it, or in truth eased it, into her glistening front bottom or Cut as the mariners have it.

I stood and watched, as he began to thrust and her breath rasped and her debauchery led her to gasp "Yes, Oh yes, harder, that's it harder Ohhhhhh," she wailed like the basest whore as I felt and controlled with difficulty my rising anger.

"I own I should not risk the disease that such a wanton whore must embrace," I explained, "I think I shall indulge nearer to home." "Oh but she was no whore but a fine woman when the Master brought her, but too wanton for him alone do you see sir?" he said.

"Well I shall not disagree but she is most certainly not a fine lady any more," I exclaimed, "I thank you!" I walked away like a coward, but in my heart I was a confirmed murderer, and I swung into my saddle and set forth for the Five Bells once more. I asked if they had a room, as indeed they did, and a stable so I settled down for the evening and the night. The barmaid was comely enough in a buxom way and when the shutters went up and the last drunken yokel was gone she came to my room.

The deal was quickly done, I wanted not a disease nor she a child so she suckled me to hardness and then in her nakedness she made a tunnel of love between her ample bosoms and I spent my seed happily enough between her bosoms and all over her neck and chin as I had done times immemorial since I left school and became acquainted with the ways of the mariners, their pleasures and most notably their diseases. She asked to remain in my comfortable bed in the warmth and she asked prettily enough that I agreed and in the morning she showed her gratitude with her lips as she suckled me to the point of release and then relieved me into the chamber pot with her nimble fingers.

I went to Heatherbury with the morning coach, and purchased a pistol and powder and shot and then on a hired horse went I to Matherstone and Inklebury where again at each did I buy a pistol and powder and shot claiming I had been stopped by a highway man and had to flee for my life and each time giving an alternative identity for myself. I bought provisions also and returned to the Five Bells .where the barmaid, Josie, demonstrated her prowess after dark and this time the channel of her buttocks sufficed to relieve my tensions after a session of suckling, her of my manhood and I of her great titties, not that I sodomised her you understand, the mere groove of her buttocks sufficed.

I went again to Matson after break fast, on my steed Freddie, my pistols primed and loaded in a canvass bag and I saw activity, the coach was being prepared so away I sneaked and made my way to Grosely bank where the road to Marchington ascends through the wooded slopes of Grosley, a sore impediment to speed and an awkward turn and turn again for a four in hand and a sore trial for a six.

I chose my spot carefully, I secreted Freddie and made myself a suitable hide before donning my cravat as a disguise and donning a mask with eye holes, and then I waited. I near held up the wrong coach as the public coach ran by an hour late but sure enough before the hunger pangs of lunch claimed me the Lady Rose's carriage appeared with a mere pair hauling its gleaming lacquered black saloon with gleaming crimson wheels. My heart pounded, my breathing as laboured as the horses and I knew not when to emerge and shout "Stand and deliver," As it happened the horses had already stopped and I had a yard or to to stride before I ordered, "Stand!" in as deep and coarse a voice as I could muster.

It was like I had shot at a covey of partridge, driver and footmen, a matching pair of cowards sprinted forth leaping from the carriage and raced away the way they had come, the horses eyed my quizzically and I merely engaged the sprag and opened the carriage door.

Rose surveyed me, her face a picture of utter contempt and hate and she shot at me with her little pistol, but the delay between click of flint and roar of explosion saved me and I dived aside, only to bobble back again as she vainly sought to reload. "Your treasures Ma'am," I croaked and asked nicely enough. "I have none!" she answered.

"Then what is that around your neck and wrist, upon your fingers and the filling in the holes in your teeth?" I asked as I struggled to keep my voice hoarse. "Oh!" she gasped, "Take it, take it all," she railed and she heaved her necklace and rings off and handed them to me, "Fillings I have none." she snapped. "Your bags open them," I insisted, and she had no choice they being piled around her and I threw her most intimate garments around as I sought treasure.

"Is this all?" I asked. "Certainly," she insisted. "Only I was told you possess a treasure beyond price," I suggested nastily.

"No, you have it all, were there more I should gladly give it up." she said, "Please I beg do not harm me, for I am to be married to a Lord." "Oh you have a treasure all right," I exclaimed, "Down from the carriage this instant!" I insisted and the instant she stepped down I released the sprag and discharged one of my pieces, the rested horses needed no further Giddy Up but were gone hurling up the bank as if were down and there we stood she and I.

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"Up the bank over there," I ordered as I aimed my second piece at her, she obeyed, she climbed the bank and settled into the hollow with Freddie. "Disrobe," I ordered, she refused, I moved the hammer on my piece to half cock and then full cock. "I have no more treasure!" she insisted, so I approached her and took my knife from the waistband of my breeches and I seized her dress and began to cut, she protested, but I shushed her.

"It cuts flesh as easily as cloth," I warned as I opened the seams on her purple robe, and her silken dress and then the underthings and when I was done I unwrapped her like peeling an apple and when she was bare she stared at me in all seriousness and terror.

"You see there is no treasure." she averred as she covered her teats with her hands and shivered with fear. But I saw it, beneath the tuft of reddish fur her own treasure lurked awaiting its master, but first I remembered poor Harriet and so I drew my whip, "Turn away," I ordered and I flashed the whip across her buttocks left then right then left again until she had a veritable look of a Scottish tartan about her hind quarters.

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"No there is no treasure," she wailed. I waved my pistol at her as I reloaded its fellow, "On your back," I ordered. The ground was dry, the fallen leaves of late summer early autumn crisp and she lay as I ordered, "I shall check your whore's purse I said nastily and as she lay I pried apart her knees and looked at her slot.

I tried to ease a finger inside at first then I tried to peel back her soft pink lower lips to look within and by my effort which made her squirm and gasp by so doing I assured myself that she was indeed intact and thus disease free, though haughty, evil even, and I determined that she was to be mine. I laid my pistols aside and released the belt on my breeches and let them fall, too late she perceived her predicament and before she could rise I was upon her holding her down, forcing her fiery red locks into the dark earth, crushing her bosoms and by stages working my snake into position from where I might thrust and ruin her, and inch by inch I progressed.

She cried out, "Help," I landed one slap upon her cheek, then two, then six, and then ten, I lost count but her bravado slunk away to pleading, "No for pity's sake, I am to marry a Lord, I have treasure, please, treasure hidden, please." she begged, but I took a length of dress that I had cut from her and wound it around her mouth and head and tied it in a knot behind her head gagging her, and then I seized her firmly and involuntarily she moistened herself in readiness for what was to come.

I tried her moistness with a finger tip, and she groaned her eyes suddenly wide and scared and yet full of excitement and anticipation, and I pressed her firmly yet gently with my fingers so gradually she yielded so hot and wet, her body her very innards as willing and eager as her mind was set firm against my intrusion and gently and piece by piece as she squirmed she weakened and my finger possessed her, a second finger stretched her and then my thumb and then I decided the time was ripe and I guided my manhood at her.

She squirmed and resisted as hard as she might in her desperation and wailed and protested into her gag, I felt the tip of my manhood against her maidenhead as probing thrust of mine and each squirming movement of hers moved me that extra fraction within her, it was all too slow, taking too long, I worried I might be discovered but then instead of a fraction I was passing ever faster into her and suddenly suddenly with a great cry she yielded and I pressed hard into her and entered her very womb.

I felt the root of my appendage against her skin my hairs mingled with her hair as I possessed her and she slumped back in submission her arms falling to her sides knowing or believing the deed were done. I pressed firmly then I withdrew a tad before pressing in once more, and then as I saw her teats somehow straining I wished I might feel them against my chest rather than against my jacket, I grasped and kneaded her mounds making her grimace as she tried to hide her excitement and then she started to gasp in short jagged breaths, it disconcerted me for hitherto I had always refrained from entire fornication using instead the the groove of the strumpet's buttocks or the tunnel of her breasts or her fingers or the mouth of the whore whom had been my relief but this strumpet was in need of a lesson and I was in need of relief and so with one stone were two birds downed.

My appendage thrilled to her warmth and tightness yet so copiously was she moistened that she afforded me the utmost pleasure and I own her stifled cries became less of torment and more of pleasure and in the end my release came regrettably swiftly so much so that I thought I might wait and when recovered repeat the experiment but on hearing an approaching hue and cry I thought better of it and withdrew.

I left her now frightened and used and ruined among the leaves near naked her clothes cut all away and humiliated as far as I could humiliate her in retribution for what her brother had done to my sisters and I watched as she tentatively removed her gag and tried to hide her nakedness, "Why!" she asked, and tears streamed down her face. "Because I can," I replied using again a falsely deep voice and straight away I mounted Freddie and then I threw her gold and pearls at her and I made haste away through the trees and away from the pursuing throng.

I made my way around at a right angle to the road towards the north before swinging around across country and then circled round to approach my mother's house, Matson, once more.

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I returned from my "Walk" to find the whole Inn alive with talk of highwaymen, a gang of three and some said four had descended upon the carriage of the Lady Rose and had stolen all her jewels and cut to ribbons her clothes leaving her in her under-things such had been the desperation of the attackers who on hearing the hue and cry had run away leaving her treasure intact.

Naturally on hearing of this misfortune I took Freddie, and I set forth for Marchington Hall, where on arrival I found no one to take my horse, so I tied him myself and made my way to the servants entrance where all was consternation.

"What is happening? I asked of a maid. "Oh sir the lady Rose was attacked and she is bathing and bathing again as she tries to make herself clean, and Mr Sebastian her brother is beside himself with anger, her father and mother distraut and the Lord Fylingdale has already left," she gabbled, "On finding his intended was no longer chaste he withdrew his offer in an instant and was gone." Dartlington the Butler spied me, "I have come to see the Lord Gerald." "Lord Marchington is indisposed," he announced.

"Then may I see the Lady Marjory then." "Stay here, I shall enquire," he insisted and he bustled away. He didn't reappear but the Lady herself came bustling down the corridor towards me. "Go away!" the Lady Marjory insisted. "But I heard the carriage from Matson was attacked!" I explained innocently feigning concern.

"Go away," The Lady Marjorie insisted again, "You are not welcome here!" I feigned indignation and as was seemly I stormed from the house took horse and returned to my business at Rochester at a gallop. Poor Freddie, he was near worn out having galloped so far so I made sure he had the finest oats and a warm stable, and only when he had been rubbed down and fed and watered did I leave him to the stable lad to deal with. Freddie was an ugly brute, no thoroughbred and no race horse but for stamina he had no equal in my estimation and for obedience no equal at all.

I made it my business to check on the highwaymen working the area, it was not difficult they would sell their own mother for few pennies and in turn their friends would sell them for pint of porter and a beef dinner or a pork supper. There was a gang it seemed, near Tharminster, a notorious highway man named "The Dark One," too shrewd and well liked through his altruism and generosity towards the peasantry to be easily betrayed, and my plan was simplicity itself, to ensure the Lord Gerald and Sebastian knew of the Highwayman and knew where to find him while ensuring the highwayman knew they were coming, now you may fear that such would be fraught with difficulty but as the bumbling Clerks Messrs Thwaites and Adams and Dagenham, I found little difficulty although it took me a week and more and in the course of the week I also collected together a variety of sums of money owing to me and then I made my way to Matson.

Mother was distraught, all our family bags were packed and she was living in just the bedroom and the small sitting room waiting for the word to cast her into the street, Dorothy was likewise confined to her room and mothers sitting room whilst the Lady Rose had the entire house re decorated.

I confronted Rose as within an hour of my arrival she too arrived by Carriage, "Oh are you still here?" she asked innocently as mother greeted her, "And you Mr Harnworth, did I not send you hence." I cast my eyes down imagining her bared as she was at our last encounter, "Yes indeed," I explained, "But I have the three hundred guineas." "Then buy your mother a hovel," she snapped nastily, although there was a tremor in her manner as if her self assurance was somehow damaged.

"It is a very fair offer." I repeated, "But should you refuse then Mother you shall have to live with me." "And I?" Harriet enquired. "Indeed I shall find you lodgings my sister." I reassured her, "But I have a reputation to maintain and you are by your own admission a fornicant and such I cannot have under my own roof." Poor Harriet, I had hoped to shame Rose but Harriet took it ill.

"You shall stay then this evening and take your Mother and Sister hence on the morrow." Rose said kindly as she plotted how to steal my three thousand. We ate in the dining room, curiously bare now that Mother and Father's traps had been packed away and then I was allowed the use of what had been my bed room.


I knew better than to sleep, the rooms at Matson are arranged with a servants wing at the North over the kitchen whilst the highest rooms at the south are the bed rooms with the best views, thus are attics above the bed rooms, not servants quarters. The ceilings are boarded but panelled such that certain panels can be lifted to access the attics as I knew well. I set myself the task of entering the attic as soon as supper had been consumed, and by a lucky chance the footboard of the simple box bed was still positioned under the loose panel and I could slide it aside, admittedly by balancing upon the narrow footboard but easily enough I swung into the attic together with my pistols and some discarded worn clothing sheets and blankets I found in the cupboards and drawers which I laid upon some planks to form a make shift bed.

Then in a moment of inspiration I opened wide my bedroom window and climbed to the attic and lay down to sleep. It was around three of the clock when they came, for the parlour clock struck three just after, I heard their cries as they attacked my bed but they found no one, I eased open the panel and looked into the gloom and there ransacking the place were Rose and two of her servants, Rhodes and Gormerby.

She was in foul temper, "You fools he must have heard us!" she exclaimed before making good her escape.

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I waited for the four bells then a half hour bell and then lighting my candle with some difficulty I made my way silently back to my room where I jammed a chair under the door handle and slept fitfully until breakfast. "Why will you not accept my quite reasonable offer?" I asked of Rose over Breakfast. "Because I wont." she said haughtily.

"Then I must see your father," I insisted, and I changed the subject of conversation. I noted she was gone before I collected Freddie from the stables, and there were several horses gone also so a wide detour I employed setting off directly away from Marchington and doing an extra five miles at the very least to avoid entirely any wood or copse where Rose and her servants might hide out.

I arrived at Marchington at length, and I was greeted with the barest minimum of civility by the staff, the Lord Gerald refused to see me and also the Lady Marjory but Sebastian was there with his sneering superiority, and he claimed he had power of attorney and that I could pay him the money, ha, idiot what did he take me for?

I upset him by refusing to deal with him, and I asked after Harriet and with a wicked grin he agreed to take me to her, she lay in a bed in the coal hold beside the kitchen, filthy and naked but for a blanket around her shoulders, "A gentleman to sample you Harriet display as you have been shown," Sebastian ordered. She didn't recognise me, she merely reached around and held open the tunnel to her womb like the most wanton whore.

"Hello sister," I said quietly. "Oh no! John!" she exclaimed as she grabbed for her blanket. "No, you're beautiful," I lied, she was worn and tired and debauched. "She is taking a break Mr Harnsworth," Sebastian insisted, "Shall you rod her or shall you let her about her business." "She is my sister," I said as my anger boiled but I suppressed it and said, "Are you well Harriet?" "Oh John please." she said, "I wish the ground would swallow me up," I saw Sebastian make a motion and a Yokel approached, "I have an half-penny sir cans't I rod her?" he asked.

"Indeed!" he agreed, and the Yokel dropped his breeches. "Don't you ever wash man?" Sebastian asked, "Have her clean you with her filthy mouth," he insisted. He hoped to provoke me, and if I were a man I should and be cut down by his cronies. Then as the yokel offered his appendage to my sister and she began to suckle him there was a commotion, a fine gentleman and his servant entered the yard shouting for an Ostler and promptly he came to the door, "Damn it a queue," he announced, "I need relief Sebastian and now yet these common fellows queue before me," he said.

"Then take precedence, sir," I suggested and he grabbed the Yokel and threw him from the room before he lowered his breeches and sank greedily into poor Harriet's womb burying himself to the hilt in an instant. he seemed a lusty enough young chap and besotted if his willingness to risk disease to plough her was any indication, I should check his family and ensure he married her if his means sufficed. "My good friend Toby Monmouth," Sebastian intoned, "Toby have you met Mr Harnsworth the whore's brother?" "Good god what a disgusting fellow, though I own the whore ploughs exceptionally finely," he intoned.

"I'm glad she pleases you." I simpered, and just as he was ready to explode he removed his appendage and splattered her face with his cream. "I'm told it is good for the skin." I ventured and I agreed to come again with a better offer. I returned to Matson, Rose had also returned, and to her I lied that I had paid Sebastian three hundred guineas for the house but she did not believe me.

"I shall await my father's word before I relinquish possession," she insisted primly although she did seem to lack conviction on the point, "Shall you stay with us or has your alleged attack scared you away?" "I'll stay if I may," I agreed, "Your brother is keeping my money safe in his strong box," I assured her. We ate in humourless propriety and as soon as I could without causing offence or any suspicion that I desired her I proceeded to my bed.

I slept safe with a chair under the door frame and being in my bed by nine I was well placed to be awake in the early hours, and this night I slept well before rising when I heard the parlour clock strike four, I took the chair from my door handle and made sure the door was not locked before embarking upon my adventure. This time I decided, I should feel her hot body against mine as I possessed her so I wore nothing except for my under shirt I slept in and old leather belt that I found in a drawer and a pair of woollen stockings I found to deaden my footfalls and then standing on the end of my bed I lifted and slid back the panel and it took but a moment to spring through the ceiling into the attic and then it was the work of a few anxious moments once my eyes had adjusted to the gloom to sneak along the broad timbers until I was in the attic above Rose's room, I lifted and slid back the panel and then I dropped lightly into Rose's room.

She stirred as I landed, I held my breath and as soon as she had turned over and her normal breathing resumed, I crept silent as a rat and took off the stocking and in the gloom of faint moon light I placed it near her mouth and as she yawned I thrust it home gagging her and swiftly wrapped its brother around her head silencing her.

She struggled mightily but I had the belt and I forced it over he shoulders and down until by her waist it pinned her arms beside her and I could tighten it firmly so she could resist no longer, then I tore away her night shirt and helped myself to the delights beneath.

Her body yearned for my attentions craved my seed even as her mind fought to deny me but as I cast aside my undershirt and crushed her straining teats with my chest so she knew all was lost but still she squirmed and twisted, I could not beat her without drawing attention so I crushed her and forced apart her knees then thighs and thrust my member at he mightily.

She yielded as softy as a daffodil, her innards desperate for me, desperate for my shaft and my milk to soothe and lubricate and sate her womanly needs, but throughout she sought to throw me off her, although her efforts lessened and her breathing came in short gasps and all at once she admitted defeat as my milk flooded her to her utmost extent.

I luxuriated in her warmth for a long moment and then with discretion rather than valour I withdrew and pulled the bedclothes over her head, and my undershirt over mine to hide my nakedness and then using her footstool I replaced the ceiling panel and I made my way to her door which I unbolted and indeed left swinging before sprinting away to my own room.

I replaced my chair and waited in my bed with pistols primed awaiting the hue and cry. It came with the chambermaids rounds she rushed from Rose's room screaming as she went to light the fire. I dressed before I joined the throng, "I was attacked!" she wailed. "They tried my door also," I averred, "Thieves and vagabonds!" "No you oaf they," she paused, "Ah they tried to, tried but failed to ravish me," she lied. "Oh Rose," Mother said in a ridiculous display of compassion.

"I heard noises," I alleged, "I slept not a jot, I shall sleep the morning through." "But you should be gone," Rose said uncertainly. "No John stay and protect sweet Rose!" Mother exclaimed. "Protect me, he cannot protect himself!" Rose intoned but her face betrayed fear now, fear mingled with contempt for me.

I returned to my bed and slept until Luncheon, dreaming chiefly of Rose, wondering how and where I should ravish her next, and when I woke I found I had suffered an emission, so profoundly did I desire her. I resolved that I should abandon my quest to retain mother in her home and so I requested that Rose should allow us the use of the farm carts to take their luggage away, she was uneasy but a few guineas sealed the deal and all was made ready for the next morning.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I had suitable lodgings, the bordello in Liverpool road where Mrs Cathcart held court, she was not the most businesslike of brothel keepers always deficient with my rent and altogether too kindly with her idle whores so I decided Mother and Dolly could usefully lodge with her and a whore house, well, where could be more appropriate for Harriet, she was well versed in the arts of pleasuring men already and here she could find her calling while Dolly could decide for herself.

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Mrs Cathcart was not best pleased when I informed her that her tenancy was now void, and her apartments were required, she tried to rouse her girls against me such as there were but when they were informed their services were still required if they chose so their loyalty bled away like the blood from a crushed ant.

I am far from cold and lacking in compassion so as her complement of girls was sadly depleted I allowed Miss Cathcart to stay as a "Girl," for any of the lower orders as should risk disease for a brief dalliance, whilst insisting her chambers were vacated for mother to move therein, the problem of storage for her things being settled by arranging for the selling of them at market to repay what I was owed.

Mother was less than delighted, she had been a gentlewoman now she was to be a whore keeper, but as I explained, what other choice had she? We made our way slowly to Liverpool Road where mother was in general pleasantly surprised at the quality of her new lodging, and impressed by the rooms of the girls, Mrs Cathcart's deficiency as a Madam seemingly being her generosity in the provision of entire rooms rather than the cubicles which were more normally employed.

Mother and Dolly each had a bed-room a shared sitting room separated from the main house with its own door from the street and of course there was a kitchen where the girls in turn performed as kitchen maid and indeed as cook. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx It was therefore a week and more later when I next visited Matson, to find Rose gone away to Marchington Hall, I followed to find Rose was out riding, "With Mrs Witham," and her parents were refusing to see me while Sebastian had gone to Branston.

Oh my loins yearned for Rose, I had my pistols and my disguise and a shrewd idea of where to find her. I set off across the country and espied the pair across the valley with their mounts walking easily and seeing their return should be down Grosely bank I lay in wait.

Rose knew instantly what I desired when she saw me step into the road masked, cloaked and pistols drawn "Stand," I ordered, but poor Mrs Witham fainted falling awkwardly her feet still entrapped in the stirrups as she rode decorously side saddle while Rose rode astride like a man. "Quickly sister see to Mrs Witham," I ordered, as like as I could to Sebastian's way of speaking and Rose instead bolted for home.

"Sebastian you are truly!" Rose cried over her shoulder, hastened on her way by the discharge of bird-shot from my pistol, which peppered her steeds backside and hastened her departure considerably. Mrs Witham's steed also tried to bolt but he was confused by her dragging to the side so her mount merely romped round in a circle until I grabbed his bridle, the fat lazy beast being bred for comfort and docility and not speed.

I hid my guns and lofted Mrs Witham into the saddle and then watched as her steed carried her away towards Marchington. I followed at a discrete distance and whilst still within the woods the fat lazy horse found a tasty morsel of lush green grass and stopped to dine, and as it did so I suddenly heard a horse approaching at some considerable speed.

I took to the trees, Rose had returned somehow emboldened, "Mrs Witham!" she exclaimed as she stopped, dismounted and shook Mrs Witham, "Come out Sebastian!" she shouted, "You evil disgusting excuse for a man." "You called," I replied and strode forth towards her my pistol aimed square at her.

"Oh, tis you," she quipped, "You are not Sebastian!" she announced. "I have come for my treasure," I announced. Mrs Witham stirred, and roused herself "Oh please we have no treasure!"she announced.

"Treasures of the flesh Mrs Witham," Rose exclaimed, "Fear not he will not hurt me!" I shifted my aim to Mrs Witham, "But perhaps, a flesh wound would persuade you sweet Rose!" "No I shall bear it and willingly!" Mrs Witham said in a voice all aquiver which completely belied her attempted bravery.

"Oh save your brave words Mrs Witham," Rose declared, "Do your worst Mr Highwayman, but let Mrs Witham go!" "You heard," I announced, "Go free Mrs Witham, and take Miss Rose's horse with you!" she walked closer, "Where shall you ravish me this time?" she asked pointedly.

"In the bushes, when Mrs Witham has gone away." I suggested. "Go Mrs Witham, fetch the hue and cry, I shall occupy the devil," Rose said fearlessly, "Go, I say, Mrs Witham Go!" I insisted, and when Rose hoisted her into the saddle and handed her the reins of her own mount she slapped the animal's rump and sent it rushing away.

"So Mr Highwayman," Rose said, "To the bushes?" "Only when you unload that little pistol you have in your pocket," I suggested, she stared hard but she extracted it and set it down. "Good, to the bushes it is," I suggested, and indicated a suitable gap in the foliage, Rose stepped through and I followed, "Time presses, I shall not bare you entirely just raise your skirts," I suggested, she did as I requested to reveal some silk undergarments like breeches, yet silk of which she swiftly divested herself, to lie lewdly her legs astride.

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I should have smelled a trick yet her willingness was evident enough from her demeanour, and indeed she waited until my defences were lowered as much as were my breeches and then as I entered her she groaned with pleasure and then quite suddenly ripped my mask away.

"Mr Harnsworth!" she wailed, "Oh my lord unhand me sir, unhand me this instant!" she protested, but we were conjoined even as she protested. "So a Highwayman is an acceptable lover whereas a honest book keeper is not?" I enquired.

"I had the pistol I should have done it!" she declared as if all was lost as indeed it was because there was no way I could let her go now, "Father will kill you, and if he doesn't then Sebastian will!" she said bravely. "Really?" I said, "That is a shame, you just couldn't leave well alone could you." I thought of my options and mother had a whore house, so the solution was obvious, at least to me, and the image of Rose dressed as a whore in my minds eye strengthened me and greatly assisted my assault upon Rose herself as I pounded into her and in a moment of bliss I expelled my pent desire in a pulsing pounding flood.

I lay with her a moment as she protested and then she demanded that I release her. "No," I said firmly, "Your days of freedom are at an end," and I whistled for Freddie my steed who had waited patiently, and as he trotted to me I took rope from my saddlebag and bound Rose's wrists before I let her up, then I hoisted her upon Freddie's back and immediately she shooed and Giddy upped and kicked his flanks while he for his part looked balefully at her and chomped on a succulent morsel of grass.

Only when I too was aboard did he obey and away we went at a reasonable lick bound for Liverpool Road, at first Rose sought to protest but when I playfully raised her skirts, and remember she rode astride not decorously side saddle she quickly learned not to attract attention. She made a marvellously warm wind-break as the cool of evening became the cold of night and it was a near frozen Rose that I took inside mother's bordello and up to her sitting room where a blazing fire awaited us.

"John, what have you done!" Mother cried as she realised who it was I brought in. "A new whore mother," I explained, "One for my personal use!" "John!" Dolly exclaimed. "Is it for retribution?" "Yes, for what she did to us, to you, and for what Sebastian did to her." I agreed, "So no word of her presence, we shall find a room for her and dress her as a whore and then, after a suitable period," I suggested, "She may earn her keep but for now she is mine alone, and indeed we shall use the old chastity belt on her," I chuckled.

Rose glared at me, I slipped the rope from her wrists and she stretched and flapped her hands around and struggled to get her blood flowing and then she warmed to her task of berating me, "You snivelling worm of a man!" she snapped, "I'll see you hang for this!" "Yes, yes," I agreed, "Is there anything suitable for Rose to wear Mother?" I asked.


"Don't be an idiot!" Rose protested, "I'll not remain here!" but she had not seen the jug full of cold water standing on the little sideboard at the side of the room but she felt it soon enough as I took it and tipped it down the front of her dress soaking her thoroughly.

"No!" she wailed, but dry clothes she was undoubtedly in need of. "Shall you die of pneumonia or die of shame by disrobing," I asked, "Fear not I have seen everything before." "Oohhhhh," she protested, but sure enough she disrobed and dried herself with the towel I proffered. "Mother," I suggested, "Fetch Mrs Cathcart." "I will!" Dolly agreed and in moments Mrs Cathcart appeared and with her a large wicker clothes basket.

"Ohh she's a pretty one, fell on hard times have we dearie?" Mrs Cathcart simpered.


"No!" Rose snarled, "I've been abducted!" which just caused a look of confusion to flit across Mrs Cathcart's face. "And Mr Harnsworth desires you as his mistress," Mrs Cathcart exclaimed, "Well you are a lucky young girl, what with him being such a well set up young gentleman." "Well set up?" Rose snapped, "A whore house master!" "With business all over Lancashire," Mrs Cathcart averred "Brothels and Chandlers and Ships and." "Mrs Cathcart, to your business, never mind my business." I insisted, but Mother and Dolly looked in amazement and Rose even looked mildly impressed, until, that is Mrs Cathcart held up a pair of pale yellow silk pantaloons.

"Oh no!" Rose cried. But seeking to hide her nakedness she quickly seized the garment and slipped it on, "No!" I exclaimed, "That will not do, I need swift access to all her charms!" "John!" Mother cried "Don't be so crude! Rose is a Lady remember!" she insisted. "No Mother she is a hard hearted bitch!" I insisted. "This then?" Mrs Cathcart produced a fine whale boned corset in fetching pale blue and swiftly she fastened it around Rose, "Does that please." My lord did it please me, the way Rose's breast swelled and more so the way her teats swelled and betrayed her excitement, and the sudden surge of red to her cheeks as she blushed.

"Some slippers Mrs Cathcart?" I requested and when Rose was provides with the same I requested a chamber be made available, which was done with commendable promptitude, a clean warm chamber with a clean if cold bed, which Mrs Cathcart showed us to and then we were left together the two of us.

"So now?" Rose enquired, stupidly as I disrobed, "Am I to remain here as your, your?" she sought desperately for the word. "Whore, Mistress," I suggested, "Indeed, I agreed, so lie for me Rose, and please me for when I tire of you many lovers shall sample your charms, at threepence each time." "No!" she protested but I had my little knife and I cut a slot in her pantaloons and bared that part of her which I desired that hot wet part that already quivered in anticipation, and in a trice was I upon her, and her demeanour was such that I knew my attentions were far from unwelcome as I entered her once more, her softness opening like the petals of an exotic flower.

"Enjoy me John," she said, "Mr Book-keeper, take your pleasure that you may remember it when, Ohhh, John!" she exclaimed, "When you hang, Ohhhh, stop you are too strong, John I say be gentle, please!" I had marked her neck with my passionate kisses when I looked, I liked what I saw, and luxuriating in her warmth and softness I determined to mark her as mine so all should see, with love bites you see, no more, just love bites, and then the passion overcame me bubbling and gushing from my loins to squirt and flood and engulf her.

"Get off me you great brute!" she protested, after some considerable time laying under me it must be admitted, and than when I did move it was to bare her below her waist and commence to love bite every part of her which might be of immense embarrassment, her belly and inner thighs, her breasts neck even her buttocks and she squirmed away, "What do you want of me," she protested.

"Everything," I agreed, "Have Mrs Cathcart style your hair like a whore after supper," I suggested, "And whorish perfume," I added, "And rouge your lips like a whore." "You shall surely hang!" she said.

"Oh no pantaloons for Rose then," and seeing she meant to wipe herself I insisted she desist,"Let my mother see I mean to have a grandchild from therein." "And how will you know it is yours?" she asked.

"A Chastity belt of course, but first supper," I said jovially as I dressed. We went to the sitting room, Dolly had brought us a meal and she gasped at the sight of Rose with her breasts all bruised and love bitten, "John, you are worse than an animal!" "Is he very passionate?" Mother asked, "Is he as passionate as your other lovers?" Rose reacted abruptly, "It was you?" she said, "The Highwayman, the man in the bedroom, it was you?" she demanded. "Indeed," I agreed.

"Then I have had no other lovers," She said, "Nor shall I have," she said sadly, "Who will desire me now." "Legions at three pence," I laughed. "No, even when you hang and I am returned to my mother," she said sadly. I almost capitulated there and then but she needed more time, so we ate and then back to the bed chamber,"Are you insatiable?" she asked as she found me mounting her in the night time but she made no attempt to push me away, and lay contentedly or so it seemed.

The morning saw me find the metal chastity belt used as a toy in the whore house but when I acquired a new pad-lock from the iron-mongers it became a secure preventative. It took Mrs Cathcart less time to re style Rose's hair than it took me to find a pad-lock, and with her cheeks and lips rouged she looked every inch the whore and Mrs Cathcart agreed that Rose should learn the art of the whore, how to furnish satisfaction with her udders or mouth or hands, although she should wear her chastity belt to prevent any mounting her, and then at Break-fast Harriet my golden haired sister joined us.

She looked worn out, she sat naked except a shift "I am ruined brother," she admitted, "But I have no other talents so I shall continue to support mother and Dorothy." "Dorothy, we have a new whore to take your place if you wish it?" I explained. "Oh," she said noticing Rose for the first time, "Hello, I'm Harriet." she said sweetly "It's Rose, don't you recognise her, Harriet?" I asked?" "Oh, really?" Harriet agreed, "No I'll spare you Rose, I'm only doing mouth at present Aileen and Martha are doing inside, and Joyce bottom so it is." she paused, burst into tears and cried "Awful." I decided to seek information about the expected hue and cry but to my consternation on arrival at the Five Bells I heard a terrible tale of the fate of the pursuing mob.

"Ah his highness the Lord Marchington is dead and his son the Lord Sebastian." a Yokel told me. "But how," I asked. "Aye, they caught the Highwayman all right, except he and his men was damned better shots than their Lordships." another told me, "I were there, I see it all," he said, "Lord Sebastian he went right into the Barn where they hid and challenged like a fool," he said, "I don't think he knew what hit him as the ball took the top off his head." "And the old man?

The old Lord?" I asked. "His heart," he said, "He rushed to the Lord Sebastian's side and groaned and expired so it was left to Mr Toby Monmouth to call for some sense, "Have you the Lady Rose?" he asked, "Yes," said the Highwayman, "how much do you offer for her," the yokel said, "and Monmouth he said, "Want her, no we wanted to pay you to keep her!" and as they laughed he ushered us all out of their range save for two that collected their lordships bodies." I had to sit down, it was such a shock, oh my god I thought, damn, I was Lord Marchington.

I made my way to Marchington Hall, Dartlington the butler showed me into the drawing room where Toby Monmouth and his friend Alan Cranham were there comforting the Lady Marchington. "My Lady," I offered, "I am so sorry." "They are dead, I know not how, let Toby and Alan explain," she suggested, "Please leave me I have matters to attend to." "I am Lord Marchington now," I pointed out, "With Gerald having but one son and Sebastian unmarried I am next in line, which makes me John Harnsworth the 16th Baron Marchington." I explained, loudly.

I looked around the parlour at Marchington Hall, the aristocratic and haughty Lady Marjorie and all the servants looking expectantly at me and she said "You, Lord Marchington," Lady Marjory snorted "Never!" "Oh yes Sebastian has no heir so I am Lord, I may cast you out on a whim as you cast my mother out, if I desire." I explained, "But enough let us hear of the Late Lord's heroics!" We listened to ever more detailed tales of Gerald and Sebastian's heroism and then with the servants gone Lady Marchington, the dowager as she now was asked tentatively, "What shall become of me?" "My mother runs an whore house, perhaps?" I suggested.

She went ashen faced, then she turned to me, "But what of Rose Mr Harnsworth, please you must help wrest her from the highwayman, she is strong willed and such an asset she could be to a timid cowardly gentleman such as you." "And be shot dead, I think not," I insisted. "No, not lead pay the mercenaries!" she insisted, "She would excel as mistress here!" Matrimony?" I asked innocently.

"Indeed, she will needless cuckold you but as a Mariner that should not trouble you." she suggested. "I shall demand fidelity," I insisted, "I shall lock her in her room until she agrees." "Oh!" Lady Marchington exclaimed in shock that I had agreed so readily and then she queried, "Lock her in her room?" "Indeed, she is with my mother and sisters, see," I showed her the key, "The key to her chastity belt!" "I say," Alan exclaimed, "You have her?" "Indeed, she eloped with me," I explained, "We are lovers, did you not know, oh yes, just like Sebastian and my sisters." Lady Marchington went near white beneath the rouge on her cheeks, "Like Sebastian?" "Your sisters sir, is the whore Harriet there?" Toby Monmouth exclaimed, "Oh Alan she is perfection, the thrill of plunging deep inside," he realised almost too late it was I her brother he was speaking to.

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"Ah you wish to court her?" I asked, "Marry perhaps?" "Ah?" he said. "We must discuss a dowry," I suggested, "Come let us seek the girls out!" It was a curious convoy that made its way through town to the Bordello where Mother resided and soon enough Toby and Alan, Lady Marchington, Mrs Cathcart, Mother and myself sat around the sitting room while by degrees Dorothy appeared dressed like a serving wench, then a near naked Harriet, her once golden hair and face glistening with freshly expelled seed, appeared to Lady Marchington's clear discomfiture and finally Rose appeared.

I looked around the sitting room, where my sisters and mother and the aristocratic and haughty Lady Marjory and the flame haired Rose her tall spoiled daughter, were all looking expectantly at me and I laughed. "Mr Harnsworth," Lady Marjory demanded, "What exactly do you find funny?" "Rose!" I laughed. "You beast!" Rose exclaimed, "How dare you," and she went to strike me, but I held her firmly and kissed her passionately.

"Oh you beast, you know I cannot resist you!" she snapped. "No there is bad news," I said, "I am so sorry but seeing you with your mother all debauched, but no sit my love, then we shall have you dressed and." "Father and your brother are dead!" Lady Marchington announced brutally, "Seeking the Highwayman," "So, I am disinherited?" Rose asked in horror, "No character, no fortune?" she asked.

"It seems so, I inherit," I explained. "And I?" she asked, "What happens to me?" "You remain as my mistress," I offered, "Or perhaps as Lady Marchington should you consent?" Suddenly I felt renewed my sap was rising. "Lady Marchington, why I never thought of that." she said, "You honestly propose marriage?" "Oh yes," I agreed, "Shall we go to your room and discuss it?" I dangled the key to her chastity belt and we rudely rushed from the room without a by your leave and rushed to the bed room.

This time she near tore my clothes off whilst I bared her or the iron belt and I sought her most private parts with my fingers once more.

"Yes!" she said softly, "Make me yours," she said, "My Highwayman," and we kissed as lovers and as she moistened I inserted myself below once again and we rocked in passion for our wakening and when I was sated I lay back and dozed contentedly. We slept thereafter, but when I woke she was looking at me in the pale light of morn and she smiled as she saw me wake.

"John Harnsworh," she said, "Lord Marchington, do you know in a certain light you are actually quite a hansom beast." "While you, when you smile that is," I confirmed, "Are beautiful," I felt stirrings she smiled and I took the smile for an invitation, and took her in my arms and then after a while we fornicated again and forgot to breakfast but by luncheon we needed sustenance so we ate copiously and after assuring her mother we would agree her plans we fornicated the whole afternoon between my tales of my adventures.

"You will always be my Highwayman," she said, "I see it now." Meanwhile and unbeknown to me Mother had quickly sized up Toby Monmouth, "Harriet show Toby your room," she insisted, and Harriet obliged Toby without the obligatory three pence being paid and then after a decent interval of courtship of nearly five minutes Dorothy took Alan to her room.

It was much later when I returned to seek Mrs Cathcart, Rose was to bathed and her clothes found and in all ways prepared to return to the Hall, then Harriet was to be cleaned as best could be managed for Toby to take to Marchington while Alan was to be left with Dorothy, which just left the problem of Lady Marchington and Mother's now depleted supply of whores. "Your Mother must become the new whore," I suggested to Rose.

"Oh yes Mummy, you would enjoy that," Rose insisted, "Remember the gardeners, queueing outside the potting shed." And there we shall leave this heartening and uplifting tale.