Mia khalifa nude self porn

Mia khalifa nude self porn
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I sit in my world of sexually charged self-pity wondering how or what I did to get myself into this predicament. I squeal loudly as John again pounds his swollen member up into the depths of my wet tight pussy a few times and then relaxes; leaving his cock embedded balls-deep within me. Without moving, I feel the strong shaft throb against my inner walls and the bulbous head pulsate with each heart beat.

His arms are still wrapped around my back, holding me in place for my brother's impending assault on my virgin ass. Through the frightening thoughts of pain, an excitement is building inside me, an excitement I could not quite define.

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It is definitely one mixed with fear and anxiety. I still have a tremendous orgasm that is lurking, yet it's subsided temporarily with the perturbing thoughts of an unknown, but soon to experience penetration. I realize there is no turning back, no escape; it is the inevitable.

I shiver suddenly and feel goose bumps cover my skin as Bryce squirts some sort of lubricant in between the tanned cheeks of my ass. I writhe from the cold sensation as the liquid oozes down over the sacred opening, the entrance to paradise, that is driving Bryces' desire.

Now standing behind me, I feel my brothers strong hands clutch both of my fleshy globes and massage them. "What a gorgeous ass you have sis.

It has been the topic of conversation with a lot of the guys at school. It has caused a number of 'em to walk through the halls sporting uncomfortable hard-ons in their jeans. Now I see why, it's fucking beautiful." Then with a laugh he adds, "It will also be a beautiful fuck." Slightly spreading my buttocks apart, Bryce begins rubbing the slippery lubricant around with both of his thumbs. I breathe in deeply and jerk my hips every time they brush up against my puckered anus.

Over and over again, to John's appreciation, the sudden movement causes me to thrust my vagina up and down on his solid erection. I feel the cool liquid run down the crack of my ass and slowly trickle over the lower lobes of my well spread labia. I'm sure John's balls are feeling the same sensation as the dripping lubricant sets a course downward.

I notice now, that Bryce is much more aggressively caressing my anal opening. His thumbs stop, and in tiny circles, massage the small entrance. Each time, my muscles instinctively tighten to fight off any aggressors.


The intruders however are persistent and their persistence eventually pays off. At first I feel an uncomfortable and unusual pressure as Bryce probes a thumb into my ass. As it inches deeper, the pain grows more intense. As he continues to push his thumb, I feel sweat cover my entire body instantly.

"Aaarrrggghhh my Godddd Bryyyyccce, sttttoppppp, pleeeassseee", I yell as he abruptly pushes his thumb in. "It hurts way too much" I hiss. I quickly discover that a screaming girl only excites a sexually charged guy that much more. I feel the ball of his first knuckle open the super tight orifice and can only barely imagine, what his monstrous cock will eventually do to my small ass.

I feel Bryce slowly and gently move his thumb and then he bursts out with, "Damn John is that your cock I feel?

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Slide it in and out." John replies with quick thrusts of his rippled flesh, sliding it in and out of my wet sheath. "Fuck, it is! It feels like its in Brandi's ass with my thumb. What a fuckin' trip." He continues wiggling his fat digit around in the shallow recess of my bowels, spreading the cool lubricant around completely. After a few minutes of his playful probing, the pain I initially felt subsides and I feel an incredible abundance of pleasure building inside. Without any further warning my pussy muscles spasm, my body begins to convulse, and I drench John's cock with a sudden orgasm that seems to come from no where.

"Oh yeaaaa Brandi," bellows John. "Drench my cock with your orgasm. Hell ya, I feel your cum running down the length of my cock and over my balls." He entices my orgasm on, by fucking his dick up into my love tunnel with powerful and continuous strokes. To meet John's thrusts, I feel Bryce begin slowly fucking my ass with his thumb.

The pain returns as he thumb fucks my butt, but the pleasure of my continued orgasm, helps me cope with it.

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After continuing his violation of my ass with his thumb, Bryce decides it's time to move to the next step. As John continues to slide his prick in and out of my well-fucked pussy, Bryce withdraws his thumb out of my ass. I instantly feel relief, yet at the same time, an emptiness I have never felt before. He moves in front of my face and feeds me his semi-hard cock.

I feel the spongy head pass my tongue and push up against the back of my gullet. It instantly begins to grow as my sensuous lips tightly grip the thick stem. Bryce grabs the sides of my head and without notice, pounds his dick in and out of my mouth. I feel his cock-head drive past my tonsils and descend down my throat causing me to gag with each lunge.

Even with the knowledge on how to deep-throat a nice long penis, the sudden plunging catches me off guard. At the same time Bryce drives his monster past my full ovalled lips and into my tight throat, John pounds his own labia-stretching beast up into my tight quim.

My muffled screams vibrate the cock fucking my face, which only causes more intense thrusting. Both guys synchronize their pumping action and for the first time ever, two guys are truly fucking me at the same time. I imagine their two cock heads bouncing together inside me as they meet in the center with each jab. I feel Bryce's heavy cum-filled testicles slapping against my chin as he fucks my mouth with long complete strokes.

The fat spongy head continues to relentlessly slide in and out of my throat, as his once semi-hard cock becomes steel hard. Again I marvel at the sheer size of my brother's penis; the thickness and strength. I whimper as John continues to slam his thick salami into my tight pussy.

My body rocks back and forth between the two boys as they continue their steady thrusts. Bryce then stops and pulls his erection out of my sucking mouth. He slowly, teasingly wipes the pre-cum that is now seeping from the tip, across my soft pillowy lips. I instinctively lick them and savor the salty treat he left for me. Again he stands behind me and kneads my ass cheeks. Bryce then slowly, runs his finger around my stretched pussy lips where John's cock deeply penetrates me.

Not moving, I feel John's hard-on throb deep inside. Bryce moves back around in front of me and I watch as he squirts lubricant onto his solid cock. He takes his hand and massages the liquid all over his shaft and swollen head.

His entire dick glistens with the slippery stuff and I lick my lips at the incredible sight. He continues this process until every inch of his manhood is well covered with the lube. He then again walks behind me. I shiver slightly as I feel his thighs bump up against me. His slick, hard, hot cock shaft lies comfortably in the valley of my two ass cheeks.

I feel the whole length as Bryce slides the slippery monster up and down the length of my ass crack. He then takes his hands and pulls my buttocks apart. I jump as he pushes his cock head up against my tight virgin opening. Instinctively I try to pull my ass away from the hard gate-crasher, but John tightens his grip around my back to hold me in place.

"Relax baby, it will be fine," he states, trying to soothe me. Again Bryce pushes his slick cock forward against my anus. I scream out as I open for him, "Arrrghhhhhh my godddddd Bryyyyyce". His plum-like head squeezes its way into my ass. The pain is almost unbearable already. My nailed fingers rip into the carpet below John's naked body and I hiss through clenched teeth.

"Noooooo pleeease noooooo, take it out, pleeeeease," I beg. Instead of pulling out, I feel Bryce push forward, gradually inching his thick shaft inward. "Arrrrrgghhhh it hurtssss, pleeeeease stttttopppp…" My screams for mercy only fuel his excitement. "Just relax sis, it will feel good before you know it," Bryce states. I feel the tears well up in my eyes and then slowly overflow and trickle down my cheeks as my brother continues to bury his bone into my bowels.

His cock feels more like an arm and fist sinking into me rather than a penis. It feels ten times bigger than I know it is. My ass feels like it is tearing around the edges where the thick shaft is stretching me.


Every single movement from both guys cocks now feel magnified, as I experience double penetration for the first time in my life.

I search my mind frantically for any thoughts of how this feels good; there are none. After what seems like hours, I get the relief of feeling Bryce's pubic hair tickle my ass. The sensation gives me the comfort of knowing his cock is embedded as far as it will go. Pushing completely up against my buttocks, I realize Bryce has his entire nine inches of solid flesh buried in my ass.

I scream out as he flexes his cock muscles over and over again, causing his penis to throb deep inside me. "Oh my fuckin God", Bryce suddenly yells out. "I have never felt anythin' so tight." I feel his cock pulsate within my ass as John begins again to slide his dick in and out of my wet sheath. After a few minutes of savoring the feeling, Bryce slowly withdraws his fat meat until just the tip remains inside.

He then slowly pushes back in. Pain again envelopes my entire being as his huge hard rod penetrates my very soul. I scream out loudly for him to please stop but my words echo on deaf ears. I again feel his curly hairs against my ass cheeks.

Never in all my life have I been so completely filled by cock. Never has a cock caused me such pain as what I feel now. At the same time, never has pleasure contrasted so greatly with pain as it does now. My juices are saturating John's member and pouring down his thick throbbing shaft, drenching his balls.

I moan loudly as both guys push their penises into me at the same time. Bryce shifts his position, and now, standing on both feet in a squatted position, straddles my skewered ass. In this position he has much more control over his thrusting.

He suddenly begins fucking my ass faster. I feel his long cock slide in and out of my bowels repeatedly. My screaming mouth is suddenly filled with John's tongue as he kisses me passionately. Instinctively my tongue mingles with his and swirls around the warm wetness. As Bryce grips my hips with his strong hands, John releases his arms from my back.

He now entangles his fingers in my hair and holds my head in place as he continues to kiss me deeply. My muffled screams still fill the room from the heavy pounding my ass is now receiving.

John lifts his ass totally off the carpet as he drives his dick into my cunt with more powerful thrusts now. At the same time, Bryce is now fucking my deflowered ass with long steady full strokes.

All nine inches of his thick flesh saw in and out painfully as he crashes against my ass cheeks with each shove. Soon I feel the pain diminish and an unbelievable pleasure overtakes my mind. I find myself lost in a world of absolute ecstasy as these two wonderful cocksmen steer me to my orgasmic destination. As they synchronize their pumping now perfectly, one cock in, one cock out, I feel my body trembling ferociously from my toes up. A sudden rush of heat covers every inch of my skin and I feel my legs go numb as the first of many orgasms hit.

My pussy explodes on John's cock and the juices squeeze out of the tight seal my stretched labia form around his shaft. I scream out loudly as my orgasm racks my body and turns me into a rag doll. I now realize I am at the mercy of these two powerful men and their two huge cocks.

Instead of subsiding, my orgasm just continues. Like an earthquake, my body trembles with many after shocks. John's cock pistons now with a squishy sound of wet sex as he pounds in and out of my slippery cunt. My muscles contract uncontrollably around his rippled shaft, milking his cock. Both boys continue their cock thrusting pace, fucking me literally harder and faster and deeper than I have ever been fucked. My pussy and ass, now sore, from the relentless motion friction of the two swollen appendages, almost beg for it to end.

At the same time, it feels so good I don't want it to ever stop. I feel Bryce's balls slap against my pussy with each thrust of his cock and I just know they contain one hell of load of cum. Suddenly, the two boys begin to scream and grunt that they are going to cum. They quicken their pace to a blur. Again I feel the pain as their two cock-heads punch at my insides, swelling before their final release. Then as if reading each other's minds, they both stop as the first explosion from both cocks begin.

I feel their hot sticky sperm being powerfully shot up into my bowels and my pussy at the same time. One by one their cocks throb and then the warmth of more semen floods my insides. Continuously I feel them empty their balls inside me.

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The sensation of both their cocks throbbing at the same time inside my two holes again sets off a mind-blowing orgasm within me. Unable to hold myself up any longer, I collapse on top of John. My whole body spasms uncontrollably as I strain against the incredible explosive episode occurring within me. In their post orgasmic state, I feel the two, once engorged cocks begin to deflate. Bryce pulls out of my tortured ass and I immediately feel his deposited sperm pour out and run downward. John, with his cock still embedded deep inside my cunt, rolls me over onto my back.

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He tenderly drives his semi-flaccid manhood in and out of my sticky and saturated pussy. "I just can't get enough of you babe", he says to me. "I don't want to leave such an incredible feeling." With that said, he again thrusts his cock in and out of me. He continues a slow and melodic sawing of his semi-hard cock for about five minutes, when suddenly, incredibly, I feel his cock begin to harden.

I brace myself for what appears to be another round and wonder how much more of this I can take. My pussy is sore from the massive fucking I have already received from Bryce earlier in the evening and since John. I have never in all my sexual life been fucked like this and wonder if I will be able to walk properly for the next week. Suddenly John brings my thinking back to him, as he thrusts in and out of me at an unbelievable pace. I look down and see his hips a blur as he bounces his ass up and down, driving his new hard-on into me with the force of a racing piston.

He clutches my hips and ass and lifts me up off the carpet while driving his manhood in deeper. Oooooooo myyyyy Gooodddddddd, I wail loudly as the head of his cock tears into my depths. Since he filled my throat and then my pussy each with cum earlier, his staying power is just incredible.

He doesn't slow his pace at all and apparently has no intentions of doing so. He just literally wants to fuck me, hard, fast, and furiously. That is exactly what he does for the next fifteen minutes straight. His huge cock jackhammers into me until I beg him to please cum. My pussy is just too sore to keep going. After a few more minutes he withdraws his long fat dick out of me and with a few strokes, shoots a small amount of semen onto my belly.

I lie flat on my back, legs spread, arms above my head, unable to move at all. I am literally worn out in every sense of the word. My pussy throbs, my insides ache, my ass hurts and my whole body has tiny spasms racing through it. I have for the first time in my entire life been fucked, and fucked real well, by two men; fucked by two men with big, strong, powerful cocks; pussy destroying cocks, who know exactly how to use them.

I am drenched from head to toe with sweat. Cum dribbles out of my ass, my pussy and coats my body. I am a total sexual mess. As I lie there, body and insides throbbing, my mind cannot help but wander through the evening's events. I look out the window as the darkened night sky outside is beginning to brighten. I realize that hours and hours have gone by while I deliriously went through every stage of sexual satisfaction.


I smile with the thoughts of a fantasy that came true, and a taboo that was met head on. I long to know what lies ahead!