She loves to ride his big fat monster cock interracial and pornstars

She loves to ride his big fat monster cock interracial and pornstars
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This story is 100% true, the first one like this I have written please comment … Internet Imagination College is supposedly the best years of your life, as many adults will attest to. You would think it would be the perfect place for sexual relations seeing as girls live just a few doors down.

For some odd reason every girl I have met so far has been in a very committed relationship. I consider myself a good guy, not wanting to get drunk and hit on the girls with boyfriends and create drama. Do help suppress my sex drive I started going to the gym and I got relatively big. I am a white guy probably around 5'6 very lean just shy of having a six pack.

I have been told I have a tight butt that is all muscle, no bubble.


I suppose it is important to mention my cock; it is nothing really special just a cut 6.5 inch cock. Due to one of the supplements that I am on which is a veso dilator, which made all my veins pop out, which turned over to the veins in my cock really popping out and the whole thing pulses when it becomes erect (pretty cool feeling if I do say so myself).

I am a fairly sexual person once in highschool I pretended to be sick so that I could have the house to myself and I jerked off all day. I went so many times that I would just pulse and not actually cum. (one of the better days in highschool) Anyway college has been great but the girls talk a big game and when you finally get them alone they just want to make out and give hand jobs.

Those are completely useless as far as I am concerned. If I want to jerk off I would just do it myself. On a fluke I came across a website for adult hook ups. I worked up the courage to buy a membership and see if I could get some casual sex through that.

A few girls my age talked to me but never wanted to actually meet. Then it happened. I was trying to be open minded and this older women contacted me.

I was a little apprehensive as I have never been with an older woman and was pretty sure I would simply disappoint her as I wasn't that experienced. We chatted and sent pictures to each other.

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To be honest she was hot. I no longer cared about the age difference she looked like she was 20 but was really 30something. She had an amazing rack, just amazing nice and firm the kind that begged to be messaged and licked. Then she sent me a picture of her with her hands on a stair case and her ass in the air.

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That's when I knew I really wanted to meet up with her, she was perfect. Knowing me I was stupid and scared because I had never had casual sex especially with someone as attractive and experienced. As nervous as I was there was nothing more I wanted to do other than do her in every kinky way that could come to my mind. This woman unbeknownst to me would begin to slowly consume my life.

It started harmless with the online conversation but then I would think about her in class, when I was alone, at the movies this woman haunted me. Every time I thought of her in the picture of her bent over her stairs in her panties showing her perfect ass I would think of all the dirty things I would do to her.

Sometimes I would wish I could simply rip a hole in those panties and thrust my cock as deep and hard as I could into her pussy. Other times I would wish I got down on my knees and licked her through those panties that tightly obstructed her sweet pussy.

I would lick her pussy through those panties while I rubber her ass hole through the panties. The fantasies would always run through my mind, I began getting hard just thinking about her.

Sometimes I would have to leave class and go to the bathroom and slowly jerk my cock off thinking of her giving me a slow sensual blow job and then getting atop my cock and riding me until I felt her shake with me inside her. Things were getting rough as our online conversations stopped.

I began dreaming of her. I awoke one night with my cock throbbing aching to be shoved into a tight wet hole. Instead I closed my eyes and imagined her sitting on my cock slowly watching my cock disappear into her tight wet pussy. She would bounce up and down on my cock really lubing it up.


I imagined my cock becoming shiny from her juices, then she would get on her knees parting her tight ass cheeks with her hands opening her ass to expose her puckered ass hole. I slowly nervously inched up behind her. (I know how sad is it that I get nervous about fucking a girl in my own fantasy). I inched my cock up to her ass and slowly put the head of my cock against her warm opening.

I slowly push feeling the resistance of her tight ass hole I pressed my cock harder to fight the resistance and get the head of my cock into her amazingly tight ass. All I could hear was a cooing sound she made with me only an inch inside her. Her hands dropped to rub her breast and pussy.

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I could feel her reach between her legs and cup my balls. As I lay there in my bed naked rubbing my cock I could feel my self wanting to cum. My whole body squirmed I clenched my jaw fighting the urge to cum so that in my mind I could at least get the entire length of my cock into her amazing ass. I grab both of her firm ass cheeks and thrust as deep into her ass as I can. I feel myself cum all over my chest and tight stomach.

But my fantasy continued playing in my head. I grabbed some of my cum from my chest and used it to lube up my cock and I continued stroking.

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In my dream, really my wish of what I wanted to do to her, I cum in her ass and she quickly lays me down to lick my cock. With her cum filled ass and dripping wet pussy right by my mouth I couldn't resist.

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I lean my head up to lick her sweet shaven pussy. I thought it would be weird eating out an older women but the way I imagined her pussy was that of a porn stars just a perfectly tight shaven pussy ready for the licking. My tongue explored every fold of her pussy until I let my tongue venture up to her sweet ass. I lightly bit one of her firm ass cheeks and with my hands spread her ass and lean up to her ass. I let my tongue dance around her tight puckered hole until I felt my cock hit the back of her throat which caused me to tense up ever so slightly which put my tongue directly on her bull's eye.

My tongue now lightly licking her ass hole, the shear kinkyness of the situation began to drive my wild and I thrust as much of my tongue as I could into her ass, tasting the mix of my cum and her pussy juice in my mouth made my balls tighten up. She slows down her pace of bobbing up and down on my cock. Almost like she wants me to go nuts with anticipation, she continues to slow until it is millimeter by millimeter up and down on my shaft her tongue lightly flicking the hole of my penis.

My entire body jitters and I blow gob after gob of cum into her mouth. She doesn't swallow, instead she spins around pressing her perfect breasts against my chest and we passionately kiss swapping my cum from my mouth to hers. I imagine the two of us laying there and then come to my senses. Unfortunately now my entire upper body is covered with my own cum, and I begin to wipe it off and get ready for my day of classes, in which I will most likely think of my elusive internet friend.

TO BE CONTINUED if I get good responses. Feel free to e mail me with any suggestions.