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Hot Amateur gefickt im Büro
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We continued our gentle kissing for what seemed to be an enjoyable age.

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Becky again pulled back from our kissing "Djohmari" she asked "Can I see your cock". My cock was begging for release and who was I to deny this little nymph her pleasure.

She shuffled back on my thighs a little, her legs spread wide and I could see her moist pussy still dripping from her recent ordeal. I reached down and undid the button of my jeans, thank God that I had worn my button flied jeans I thought to myself as I parted the top of my jeans, the buttons just popping open with the tug. I managed to slide my jeans down my thighs a bit by raising myself up from the chair slightly.

Not enough to unbalance Becky. Then I managed to pull down my boxers, my rampant rock hard cock sprang free at last.


Becky's eyes nearly popped out of her head, "Crikey it's so big" she said, which made me feel ten feet tall. Can I touch it" she asked innocently.


"Sure" I responded nonchalantly. Becky then did what only a double jointed gymnast could possibly do. In one move she leapt into the air, landed with one foot on either arm of the chair I was sitting in and managed to bend herself into such a position that her face was almost touching my erect cock. This placed her pussy in my face. Oh what a picture.She very gently took hold of my throbbing manhood "Gosh it's so warm" she said "And hard, it doesn't have a bone in it does it?" she asked "No" I laughed, she must have felt my warm breath on her naked pussy because she shook her little ass a bit.

Now no mortal red blooded man could have resisted what I did next, the consequence of which could not have been scripted better if written and re written a thousand times. I stuck my tongue out and lapped Becky's pussy from clit to ass, she gasped and in doing so her mouth opened wide, she fell a little forward and engulfed my cock head into he open mouth.

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"Wow" I said, not realising what she had done was a consequence of my action on her. She quickly lifted her head up, somehow managed to turn her face to me and said "You made me do that" rather surprised. "Well carry on" I said "Don't let me stop you". "Did you like it?" she asked. "Did you like what I did?" I responded. She nodded her head and replied "Oh yeeaah".


So I returned to licking her pussy, she looked at my cock, wiggled it to and fro and then once more put it in her mouth. From the position I was in, on the downward stroke from her ass to her clit, I looked down, past her pert boobs with nipples fully erect, at her with one hand steadying herself, the other around the base of my cock and her slowly but surely taking more and more of me into her mouth.

To say the view was fantastic is an understatement and she was learning fast how to handle an erect cock. "What the hell is going on?" I suddenly heard from over my shoulder. I quickly spun my head around to see Vicky standing beside us with a full view of what was happening.

Becky removed my cock from her willing mouth and said "We're having sex and you are not allowed to tell&hellip. O.K.?" Vicky didn't say a word she just moved around to the front of the chair, knelt and down to get a closer view of what Becky was doing as Becky once again took my full manhood into her wet warm mouth.

After a few moments I felt Becky let go of my cock shaft and take my cock out of her mouth, next thing I felt a hand around my cock shaft and a mouth engulf the tip of my cock again.

I looked down, it definitely wasn't Becky sucking me as she was now holding herself up with both hands on her bent knees, her head was arched back and she was pushing her pussy and arse back into my face.

"Is this how you do it?" Vicky asked Becky?" Becky just went "Aha" in response. She then started to move herself up and down to the motions of my tongue licking at her pussy as Vicky tackled the problem of getting all my cock in her mouth.

Becky then reached back with both hands, grasped her arse cheeks and screamed "AAArrrgh" as she came on my face. She fell back pushing her arse into my face, burying my tongue deep inside her love cannal, forcing my head on to the back of the chair.

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Her lehs slid off the arms off the chair and she slid down on me. What went quickly through my mind was her sliding down and impaling herself on my saliva covered cock, oh how I'd have liked for her to impale her tight virgin pussy on me but that would have been too much of a miracle.As she fell she knocked Vicky's head down onto my cock, Vicky had no choice but to have my cock rammed down the back of her throat, Becky slid down Vicky's back and onto the floor wher she writhed in the pleasure of her orgasm.

Vicky lifted her head from me and gagged and then looked up t my face to see I had enjoyed her throating, so she did it again. She gagged again and throated me again. This was getting all too much for me, I was going to blow. "Not yet" I said to her as I lifted her head from me.

I looked down at Becky still writhing as I caught my breath. "Again…again" she screamed as she lept up onto the chair to resume her position. Vicky was obviously enjoying the break, she moved her jaw from side to side as if she had jaw ache. Becky pushed her pussy back into my face telling me to "Lick it again!" as she bent double and licked my cock around it's head. Vicky came around to place her head next to mine, she had a clear view of me licking at her sister's slippery cunt.

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"Can I have a go?" she asked. I stopped licking for a second and looked at her, "What do you mean, you want me to lick you or you want to lick your sister?" "No I mean't will you lick me like that?" she replied "What does it taste like?" she asked. I again looked at her, having already resumed my attentions to Becky's pussy and said "Have a taste and see, it's very nice". Vicky looked at me apprehensively then moved her head, pushing mine out of the way as she, with just the tip of her tongue tasted her sisters juices.

With Becky still lapping at my cock head I was still about to cum. "Look", I said, "Seeing as there is three of us we need to get into a better position". Thankfully Becky stopped licking me and Vicky, now lapping at her sister moved back.

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"Tell you what, Becky you lie on the floor, Vicky you kneel down between Becky's legs and continue to have fun and I'll be behind Vicky and give her pussy a deserved licking". Without hesitation the girls assumed the positions I had suggested. Before Vicky went down on Becky I removed her baggy t shirt over her head. As she knelt I also pulled her panties down, she lifted her knees allowing me to pull them all the way off. We now formed a "train", Becky laying on her back with Vicky licking her pussy, me behind Vicky licking at her pussy, her arse high in the air as she crouches her head on Becky.

We could have probably formed a triangle, with Becky moving around so that she could suck me off but I wouldn't have lasted long. Having these two wonderful and beautiful innocent nymphs, naked, writhing before me was enough to make any mortal man shoot his wad and I was merely mortal.

Oh for the teenage days when I could come three or four times in succession. I wanted my cock in a virgin pussy and shooting my wad in one of their mouths would have been such a waste.

I licked at Vicky's pussy, parting her lips with my tongue, locating her clit, for some special tongue attention. As I did with Becky, earlier, I started to lick from clit to anus.

Vicky must have had a really sensitive anus because every time I touched it with my tongue she wiggled her arse and gave out a little "Oh" with a short intake of breath. Becky was wriggling and giggling as Vicky lapped at her "This is fucking awesome" she said.

Such foul language from one so young god did it make me horny. I decided it was time enough to invade Vicky's pussy with my fingers, so with one I slid it slowly and carefully into her love tunnel. "Mmmm" I heard from halfway up the "train". I tried two fingers, after all if she was going to have my cock inside her I needed to open her up a bit. "OOOOh" the noise from halfway up the train went as I delved my fingers in and out.

"OOOh ……OOOh……OOOh" she went. (This really was like a train ha ha). Whilst I fingered Vicky's pussy I stuck my tongue up and into her anus. "OH MY GOD" she said pushing herself back onto me. This must have all been too much for her as she came, her juices squirting out of her.

This carpet was going to have some mysterious stains on it in the morning. Becky, feeling Vicky had stopped licking her reached up and grabbed Vicky's head and shoved it back onto her pussy.

"Finger me!" she demanded. Vicky, still recovering slipped a finger into the tight virginal pussy.

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Time for "me" I thought to myself. I approached Vicky's well lubricated pussy, cock in one hand and rolled the tip at the entrance to her tunnel, wetting my cock with her juices.

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One hand on her arse and one holding the base of my cock I slid it in. I was expecting some resistance but other than the tightness of her love canal I came upon no obstruction. The feeling of a hot tight cunt along my cock was heaven. I hadn't felt a pussy as young, tight and hot for years.

I slowly slid in and out of Vicky, intending this momentous occasion to last for as long as I could. Becky yelped, arched up, grabbed Vicky by her ears and had her second orgasm of the evening. The look of shear and utter joy was too much for me to take. I increased both the speed and depth of my thrusts, slid my thumb up Vicky's ass and shot my cum deep inside her. This pushed Vicky over the edge as she also came, backing as far onto me as she could.

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I wasn't sure if it was the hot sticky cum I had just deposited or the thumb up her arse but something had the desired effect. T.B.C