Seductive latina pleasures a massive meat pole

Seductive latina pleasures a massive meat pole
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For as long as she could recall, Sonia had been excited about sex. Maybe it had started when she first saw the bound models in one of her older brothers' magazine. Or maybe it was a spam link she accidentally clicked while surfing the internet.


No matter what though, Sonia couldn't wait til she was 18 so she could finally start to explore this passion. Of course, it wasn't the vanilla that excited her. She loved watching teenage girls like herself being bound, used, abused, and humiliated, and she craved the treatment they received.

The thought of it always made her cunt soaking wet, and she would always go to her room and rub herself til she came when those thoughts surfaced. Finally, nearly a full week after her 18th birthday, Sonia would take the first steps into securing that life for herself, though she didn't know it at the time.

She had started to cruise kink/BDSM dating sites, advertising that she was looking for a Master. Most who responded to her creeped her out, or seemed fake, and she stopped replying quickly, but there was one who made her giddy with excitement. She was told to call him Master L, and her downfall at his hands proceeded swiftly.

"So, let me get this straight, Sonia. Despite all this kinky shit you say you're into, you're still a virgin?" "Yes, Master L, I haven't even fingered myself. I wanted losing it to be special for my Master, I wanted it to hurt, and embarrass me. Well, I still do I guess." "Not really one for dating then I take it?" "No Master, I don't really have many friends, I'm too shy to talk to strangers in person, and being friends only online seemed kinda boring.

Umm, present company excluded of course, Master." "Family never pushed you to find a guy?" "Uh no. They never really cared what I was doing as long as my grades never slipped." "I see, a veritable Andromeda in her tower then. Tell me then, my Andromeda, why don't you send me a picture of you, so I can visualize who will be regaling me with her filthy fantasies of degradation in the future." Butterflies filled her stomach, this was the moment of truth; her first chance at something sexual.

She decided to show off, she really wanted to catch his attention. She changed from her relax wear into a set of black lingerie she had purchased herself for her 18th. It showed off her shapely 30-C tits and peach shaped ass. She snapped the picture of her in her full-length mirror and sent it to Master L, hiding neither her face, nor her body in the lingerie. She waited for his response with baited breath, really hoping he liked it. "Nice, very nice my virgin slut. Firm looking tits, and a full ass.

How did showing yourself to me like that make you feel?" "Hot Master. I'm flushed and getting wet." "I'm going to give you some commands, and if you follow all of them, I'll arrange to meet you, so we can get to know each other in person.

Is that clear?" "Yes Master, how can I please you?" "First, find a sharpie, and write "Slut tit #1" and "Slut tit #2" on your left and right tit, respectively.

Then, send me the image without your bra on." Sonia was so excited, a chance to meet him!

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These commands sounded easy and fun, she couldn't wait to follow them. She grabbed a marker from her desk and got to work. She left her bra off after she took the picture and sent it to Master L, she loved looking at the results of his commands in the mirror.

"Good work whore. Next, on one of your ass cheeks, write "Beat me" and on the other write "Fuck me", and send me the evidence." Just because of the angle involve, this was a bit harder for her, especially to make her marks legible, but she got the commands made clearly.

She sent the picture and started rubbing her clit and pinching "Slut tit #2". Her Master's next command was not unexpected but thrilling nonetheless. "That's my kinda ass, salve. Only one more command for tonight; take off those panties and write "Property of Master L" above your cunt.

Then send it to me, and tell me how following my orders makes you feel" This was it, one last easy set of commands, and he would arrange to meet her. She had never taken off a pair of panties quicker, and with hands trembling with anticipation, she shakily wrote that her cunt was the property of Master L right above the dark curls of her pubic hair. Heart hammering in her chest, she sent the picture, and told him exactly how she felt.


"Master, I have never been so horny before, my cunt is dripping wet, I'm shaking with excitement. I loved following your commands and I can't wait to meet you." "Alright Sonia, you've done well. Do you know that Mediterranean fusion joint downtown?

Giacomo's?" "Yeah." "'Yeah' Master. Good, meet me there this Wednesday at 7:30 pm. Wear the lingerie you started in tonight, and something easy to get out of. Am I clear?" "Yes Master, I'll be there 7:30 sharp!" "Then I have a few more commands for you.

I want you to send me a video of you rubbing yourself for 20 minutes solid every day between now and then. You are not allowed to cum until I say you can. I want you to shave your cunt bald Wednesday morning, and to re-apply all these marks daily.

Do you understand?" It was only Saturday night! No cumming for 4 days with enforced masturbation! How deliciously cruel of her Master she thought. The other commands would be easy enough to follow, but that one would bite. "Yes Master, I understand. May I make a request before you sign off?" "You may." "What do you look like? So I can find you I mean." The app was silent for a few minutes.

'Oh no, I moved to fast, and now he's gone' she thought. But then, she received an attachment, and she excitedly opened it. It was a headshot of, well, him, she hoped. He had short black hair, cold blue eyes, an angular, chiseled face, and a dense, well-groomed beard. A perfect look for her Master, she thought. "Thank you Master, your face is very hot, I can't wait to meet you on Wednesday!" There was no response, but Sonia wasn't worried. She knew things would be amazing on Wednesday. Each day passed incredibly slowly, and all Sonia could think about was following his commands on Saturday and meeting him on Wednesday.

She made sure to follow all his instructions, but usually ended up masturbating for more than 20 minutes, and despite a few close calls, she managed not to cum.

Finally, Wednesday morning arrived, and she immediately jumped into the shower, and shaved her cunt bald, and for good measure all her other body hair that she could reach was also removed. After updating her marks for the day, she went to her room, to rub herself for him, and pick her outfit for the night.

In addition to the lingerie, she went with a zip-up skirt and a blouse about a size too small, her tits stressing the buttons, and her midriff bare. Just before leaving, she added some heavy mascara, deep red lipstick, and put her long black hair into a braid.

She thought she was ready to get fucked by her handsome Master. When she arrived at the restaurant, she saw him at a booth, and he was even more delightful than she had thought. At least 6'5", and heavily muscled, he looked like he could easily force her to comply with his wishes, not, she thought, like he would have to.

She was ready to throw herself upon him then and there. He made eye contact, and she quickly walked over to him, and sat next to him. His hand immediately went up her skirt, past her panties, and to rub her now hairless cunt. She was turning bright red, he was touching her in public! "Good work following instructions, Sonia. I look forward to seeing if you followed the others.

I ordered some strawberries coved in chocolate and oysters for us to share, as well as a bottle of red wine, and a large bowl of salad. I need you to be discrete about the wine though, since you aren't 21. Got it?" On the last word, he savagely pinched and twisted her clit, nearly taking her breath away, so she just nodded vigorously. If he was about to say something else, he dropped it as their waiter arrived with the aphrodisiacs and the wine, and with a knowing smile, encouraged the two lovebirds to enjoy their dinner and their evening.

Sonia did most of the talking, helped herself to most of the food, and much of the wine. Her Master encouraged this, eating and drinking sparingly, and encouraging Sonia to more and more dangerous topics. Before the night was over, he had her address, where in her house she slept, her spare key, and the schedules of everyone else in her house. Unfortunately, it seemed like her house was always full of prying eyes, and there was no convenient way to abduct her from her house, but an alternative plan began forming in her new Master's mind.

"Well, we've just about finished up here. Let me pay the bill, and I'll show you where I live." He's taking me to his house? I'm so getting laid! I can't wait to find out how he fucks, I hope he doesn't mind teaching me what he likes. What if I shouldn't trust him, what if he's trying to kidnap me? No, he wouldn't do that, he doesn't need to, he just needs to ask, and I'll move in with him tomorrow.

"C'mon Sonia, follow me to the car. I unlocked it, just get in the passenger seat." He was pointing to a nice, but not particularly noteworthy car parked by the edge of the lot.

She walked ahead, he hangs behind, watching her ass til she was in his car. "Here, put this on. I don't want you to know where I live yet" he said, passing her a black scarf. Excited by the mystery, she wrapped it around her face, til she couldn't see anything.

He started the car and began driving in silence. Before long, his hand found its way between her legs, and started rubbing her slit under her panties. Occasionally, his hand would creep up to flick her clit, or down to probe her asshole.

This made her a little worried, she had mentioned she wanted to try anal, but assumed he'd want to warm her up or fuck her cunt first. His constant attentions wore down those concerns however, and soon she was panting with excitement.

Before she could get anywhere with it though, he pulled his hand back, and started exploring and groping her tits.

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Suddenly, this stopped. "Alright slut, we're here. Take off the blindfold and meet me inside." She wasted no time in taking it off, and nearly ran to his side. His house was also nice, immaculate, without being over the top.


Comfortable without being decadent. He positioned her opposite an ivory couch, which he sat down on, and one hand in his lap, the other behind his head, began giving her orders. "Alright slave, let's see you start proving yourself. Give me a show while you strip, then once you're naked, get on all fours, pick up your panties in your mouth, and bring them to me.

Then get between my legs and kneel." Wasting no time, Sonia began to unbutton her blouse, doing her best to be sexy about it, but not really knowing what she was doing. Next off was her skirt, but unzipping it was easy and done quickly. It just then hit her that she was in just her underwear, in front of a virtual stranger. She didn't know where she was, and neither did anyone else.

If he wanted to rape or kidnap her, there was nothing she could do to stop it. The though caused a fresh cascade of juices from her cunt, and her panties were already soaked.

Evidently, she had stopped, as her Master cleared his throat noisily. Brought back to her duties, she dropped her bra and panties to the floor, grabbed her panties with her teeth, and crawled over to her Master. "Not bad for a first time, slave." He took her soaked panties from her and brought them to his nose.

He pulled out his phone with his other hand and began to take pictures of her, paying particular attention to her cunt and tits, still occasionally smelling her arousal. After documenting every inch of her nakedness, he leaned forward and kissed her, his hands groping and probing every exposed inch, but avoiding her clit, or anything else she could use to satisfy the fire in her loins.

He also took up some measuring tape, and wrapped it around her neck, wrists, ankles, hips, bust, and the length of her legs.

Abruptly, he pulled back from her. "I can tell you're enjoying yourself," he said, "but I make a point of never fucking on the 1st date.

Let me drive you home" "'Um… I…uh, Master uh…" "Yes slave?" "I uhm, can I maybe see more of you… if that's, I mean if you don't mind" "What are you asking to see?" "Uhm, well Master, I've never seen a… a cock in person before, and I um, wanted to maybe see yours." "Wow, you really are quite a virgin.

How about this; beg to see my cock tonight, and I might reward you." With that, she put her face to his crotch and looked plaintively in his cold blue eyes and in her best begging voice asked "Please Master, may I please see your cock?

I'll do anything you want me to, please?" "You sure do know how to make a man happy. Tell you what, you've been a completely obedient slave since Saturday, I can tell. So, I'll reward you by letting you give me a blowjob, then I'll use your face as a rag to wipe my cum off. You'll go home by mass transit or Uber, and I'll keep your panties. Then we'll meet again, say, Friday night, in that park by the river for a picnic. Keep the marks, and keep rubbing yourself, but no cumming, just like these last few days.

Whadya think?" He had asked her the question, but already knew the answer. He could play her like a fiddle. "Oh, thank you so much Master, I promise I'll be your best cock sucker, and I can't wait for Friday!" "Good whore, but don't forget the other orders.

And don't get any ideas when you're out, I expect you to still be a virgin on Friday. Now, unzip me and get sucking." Her hands were shaking she was so excited, she was about to see and suck her first cock, and her juices were practically running down her thighs in rivulets.

Button and zipper out of the way, she could feel it, and it was huge! Nearly 10 inches long and nearly as thick as her wrist. She had no idea how she was going to fit that in her mouth tonight, and hopefully her other holes on Friday. But she couldn't wait to find out. "Impressed, little whore?" "Oh yes Master, I'm so glad you showed me, I have no idea how I'll fit it into any of my holes though." "Well, I'll help you pop your throat cherry on it; start licking the head." She pulled it the rest of the way out of his boxers and put the head to her mouth.

As soon as she opened her mouth and put her tongue to his piss slit, she felt his hands grab the side of her head and buck his hips up into her mouth. As she felt him press against her throat she began to struggle, trying to break free, but his grip was iron, and she couldn't move. He backed up, and she thought he was relenting, but before she could thank him, he rammed his cock back into her mouth, and started pounding against her throat, trying to force himself in.

She gagged and choked on his cock, and in one such cough, his cock made it into her throat and he forced himself balls deep.

Before she knew it, her world had been reduced to starring at his copious curly black pubic hair getting closer and farther away, hoping for him to let her catch a breath soon. Just as her vision was starting to get hazy and black, he pulled himself all the way out, and she was able to gasp in a bit of air, before he dove in again. Three more times he did this, roughly fucking her throat with his entire cock til she almost blacked out, then he pulled out, let her catch her breath, then choke her some more.

After the last throat fucking, he pulled out and blasted her face in his copious, thick cum. "Your throat is a magnificent fleshlight slave. Now put your skirt and blouse on and fuck off back to your house.

I called an Uber while you choked on my cock, and he's waiting outside. I'll see that sexy little of body of yours, cum included, in my inbox when you get home, won't I?" "Anything you like Master. Your cock was amazing, and I can't wait to give you my other holes." With that, she put on her allowed clothes. She quickly walked out his front door, heat upon her face. She was thankful it was so dark, as the driver probably couldn't see her Master's cum on her face, but he could almost certainly smell her arousal.

She was so turned on, had her Master not instructed her as he had, she would have asked to give the driver one of her holes as a tip. Eventually, she made it home, made the video of her rubbing herself her Master had requested, sent it to him, and went to sleep, dirty dreams of her Master's cock and her throat being filled greeting her upon unconsciousness.

Just as Saturday to Wednesday had passed slowly and interminably, the time between Wednesday and Friday was just as tense, and she wished intensely that she could just cum to take the edge off, but she was sure, somehow, her Master would know, and be disappointing.

She spent some of it shopping for new lingerie, since her Master had kept her last pair. She found an amazing tight little red set that barely covered her nipples, much less the rest of her tits, with a glorified shoe string to cover her bald cunt and ass. At last however, it was Friday night, and she put on her new lingerie, a short skirt and crop top, and covered it all with a long coat and touched up makeup from Wednesday.

It was nearly empty in the park, and Master L was easy to find in an unlit alcove by a defunct bathroom. "Good evening cunt. I see you're still thirsty for me. Care for a snack?" There was a sandwich and some chips in a bag across from him. She sat across from him, letting her coat fall open, showing off lots of her skin and scant attire. He immediately began leering at her, and a tent began to form in his jeans. Her unbearable horniness had distracted her from most other concerns, even eating, so she gladly took the sandwich.

The strongly flavoured rye bread, hot mustard, and corned beef masked the taste of the soporific that had been added to the sandwich. Sonia ruthlessly devoured the meal, and began to feel very tired, and vaguely recalled accepting Master L's offer to take her home.

She awoke, blearily and sore. She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn't see anything. She tried to move, but realized her arms were bound by rough twine above her head.

As she began to come to, she realized she was blindfolded, and tied spread eagle on a metal slab. She was cold, and hungry, but the more she thought about her predicament, the more aroused she became. Master L kidnapped me. I wonder where he's trapped me, and what he'll do to me. Maybe he's sold me to a pimp, or human traffickers, or Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of a metal door opening and closing in short succession.

She heard the steady thumping of boots coming towards her. Briefly they stopped, and she heard a faint whirring or clicking noise, then the footfalls resumed. She felt a rough hand begin to grope and pinch her nipples, which she just realized were hard as rocks, either from the cold or her arousal, she wasn't sure which. Another hand descended on her pubic mound, which worked its way to her clit, and a thumb and forefinger roughly pinched it, and she cried out in desire and surprise.

"I see you're finally awake, slave." "Yes, Master L, only just now." she panted, somewhat desperate already. His ongoing assault on her clit and nipples wasn't helping her calm down either. "Let me fill you in on what has happened since the park. I fed you a soporific to make you sleep. Then, I picked you up and carried you to my car, where I stripped you, hogtied you, and left you in my trunk. No one knew where you went, no one knows you met me, and your personal computer on which we communicated has mysteriously disappeared.

On the off chance anyone looks for you, they will never find you. If, by some miracle, they do find you, I have a transcript of all of our correspondences, as well as a video of you begging me to let you suck my cock to prove that your presence is consensual. I will keep you here, as my personal fuck toy, for as long as I like. I will take any of your holes, whenever I feel like it. I will hurt you whenever, however, and for whatever reason I like.

I will humiliate and degrade you as I please. I may whore you out, publicly expose you, and modify you in any way. I will, in fact, do all of those things to you. You may only cum when I tell you to, or you will suffer pain beyond anything you can imagine. You. Are. Mine." His monologue had terrified her and aroused her in nearly equal measure. Isn't this exactly what I wanted? Then why am I so scared? Should I obey him, or try to flee? I certainly can't fight.

Her reverie was interrupted by the sensation of something pressing, briefly, at the entrance of her virgin cunt. And then it went in, all the way, and in one motion. He hadn't used any lube, but she was so aroused from his threats that she was plenty wet. Even so, his massive cock tearing her hymen and forcing itself into her never-explored depths hurt intensely, and she cried out in pain. "Shut up, worthless fuck meat. I don't want to hear you whimper and cry.

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He stuffed something in her mouth, made of cloth. It was very frilly and tasted like her cunt. It was her panties, both sets he had taken off her. "Keep that gag in your mouth if you know what's good for you. I'll be merciful this time, slave; you can cum as much as you want while I rape away your virginity." This was the last he said, focusing on pummeling her already sore cunt for all he was worth. It still hurt, but the pain was beginning to melt into pleasure, her body betraying her as her rape continued, until she couldn't help herself but to cum on his intruding cock.

She shivered, and thrashed, and shook, but she kept quiet, fearing his threat. She felt a hand around her neck, crushing her tracheae, and robbing her of her breath.

The pressure built up in her, the inability to breathe magnifying the savagery of his thrusts, and she felt herself starting to cum again. She rode the wave of bliss into oblivion as she passed out from oxygen deprivation.

She came to shortly thereafter, the reek of ammonia making her think of smelling salts. A hand reached into her mouth, ripped out her panties, and rubbed them onto her face. His cock soon replaced them, and she tasted her cum and virgin blood mixed all over it. The humiliation of being forced to clean her rapist's cock stoked the fire in her cunt even more. All too soon, he pulled out, and she could hear something moving back and forth.

Drawers, he was opening and closing a set of drawers, presumably looking for something. When he stopped, he pulled off her blindfold, and she could see him in his nude glory. He was every bit as well-built as she had thought, and covered head to toe in thick, wiry black hair. He seemed to have some ink on his ribs, but in the low light of the one incandescent bulb in the room, it was hard for her to make out what it was.

Then she noticed what was in his hand, what he had been searching for in the drawers, and her heart skipped a beat. It was a long and heavy whip, with some sort of beads bound by knots in it.

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"While I wait for my cock to dry, I am going to introduce you to your new acquaintance. This whip is several feet of rough rawhide. Those knots and metal balls you see are steel ball bearings. Suffice to say, when I hit you with this, it will be excruciating.

You are going to count each strike aloud and ask me politely for another. If you don't, the count will start over from 0. Any time I'm beating you, you will do this. Once you get to 10 contiguous strikes, I will force my dry cock up your tight, virgin little ass, and rape it til you bleed, or I cum. Whichever happens first. At that point in time, I'll give you your only choice of the night." Without any further ado, he moved the whip back, and brought it down hard on her left breast, one of the ball bearings striking her nipple squarely.

The pain was so intense, she saw stars, but she managed to stammer out "1… thank you Sir, may I please have another?" He obliged, and the next struck her right breast, and once more she cried out in pain, but managed to follow his instructions. He continued, alternating breasts until the tenth strike, which he put as much strength into as possible, and brought it down between her legs.

She screamed louder than she could ever recall screaming, and nearly was sick from the pain. "What's the matter fuckpig? Like getting whipped so much you stop counting on the last strike? Or was it just that you love your little cunt getting beaten by ball bearings? Well, I guess I'll have to start over from 0, but don't worry, I'll remember where you like it." His next strike followed the last, right between her legs, but she had learned her lesson, and couldn't wait for this nightmare to be over.

Somehow, she pushed through the pain and managed to gasp out '1' and ask him for another lashing. As he beat her, she could feel a change taking place in her. While each impact was still excruciating, and thanking him for her torture while asking for more was still degrading, she had never been turned on more, and pleasure was starting to creep its way through all the physical and emotional pain. She did finally make it to 10 lashes and breathed a sigh of short-lived relief.

In all the pain of her beating, she had forgotten what her Master had said would come after. Without even giving her a moment to catch her breath, he pressed his cock against her ass, and pushed with all his might to get it inside her.

He was too big, he'd never make it into such a tight hole! "Cunt, this will hurt you much less if you loosen up and let me in. Open up and let me pop your last cherry." He untied her left ankle, pushed her leg as far up as it would go, and tied her ankle to her wrist, then repeated this with her right ankle.

The painful stretching burned her leg muscles, which thus far had been spared his savagery. But she did admit to herself, the new angle made it easier for her to loosen her sphincter to let him in.

Without lube of any sort though, each bit of him she took into her ass felt like her hymen tearing all over again. After what seemed like eternity, she felt his pubes brush against her ass cheeks, and she thought the worst was over.

Then he began sawing back and forth, pounding into her resisting ass with as much force per thrust as he could muster. She was screaming the entire time, begging for mercy, or just screaming in pain. "God damn I thought your cunt was tight; this ass is a dream come true!

I am gonna fuck this ass like its going out of style.

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I hope you like anal, slut, since you're gonna be an anal/oral whore for me until I can work out this craving." This news made her heart sink, as the rape of her cunt was downright blissful compared to this. But she realized, it didn't matter what she wanted, or what felt good for her, she wanted to be a slave, his slave, and had told him as much. And if this is what it meant to be his slave, then she would have to keep her focus on that. Finally, she could see through her tears red on his cock, an was never so glad to be bleeding before.

As if reading her mind, Master L cruelly dashed her hopes to bits. "I've changed my mind whore, I'm gonna fuck this ass til I cum, its just too good feeling how tight it is and seeing how much you hate it. I will give you your decision though, so you can mull it over while I finish. You can either: a.) clean my cock off with your mouth when its done, or b.) drink all of my piss for the next week.

Choose wisely." She didn't expect an easy choice, or that any option he gave her would be in any way pleasant, but these options were both so much more humiliating than she imagined. The thought of the revolting tool currently shredding her ass coming anywhere near her mouth again put her to the point of vomiting, but the notion of consuming another human's waste was, while humiliating, did not seem as bad as ass to mouth.

Now, if of course Sonia were in her right mind when she made this decision, she may have realized she made the wrong conclusion, but she wasn't.

Were she equipped with the benefit of hindsight, she would have taken ass to mouth, but she wasn't. So she did not realize, that choosing to drink her Master's piss for a week meant putting his cock in her mouth any time he had to piss, and given his apparent anal fixation, that would result in lots of ATM, and tonight, to her horror, was to be no exception.

Shortly after she eventually decided to drink his piss, her Master came again in her ass, though he kept fucking it until he was soft, to get as much of the bloody mess on his cock as possible. He pulled out, walked over to her face, and asked for her decision, hoping she had fallen for his trap. "Alright banshee, what'll it be? Clean me off or drink my piss?" "Um, I'll uh., I'll drink your p-piss, Master.

Just please don't make me clean your cock like this." Internally, he was delighted, he couldn't wait for her to realize she had selected ass to mouth and watersports for at least a week.

He returned to the drawer he had drawn the whip from, and removed a ring gag, which he forced into her startled mouth. "Now fuckmeat, either you're kinkier than I thought, or you've fallen for my trap; if you're gonna drink all my piss, my cock is gonna be in your mouth quite a bit. And I told you I was gonna fuck your ass often. You should have put 2 and 2 together, and taken ATM alone tonight, but as it stands, you'll have ATM at least daily for a week." With that, he pushed his revolting tool through the gag, and all over her tongue to the best of his abilities.

Once he was satisfied he was at least satisfactorily clean, he left just the tip in his new slave's mouth and started pissing. It revolted her, hearing and tasting her mouth fill with his salty, bitter cum. He pulled himself and the gag out, and told her to swallow if she knew what was good for her. As much as she hated the taste, and the knowledge that she would be doing this a lot more for at least the next week, she remembered the whip, and managed to swallow all of his piss.

He allowed her a small break to catch her breath, and forced his cock back into her mouth and started filling it again. Twice more he filled her mouth and twice more she swallowed down his acrid waste, but he was at last empty, and after a few last swats to her tits and ass, he put a collar and leash around her neck, and untied the ropes.

"You were a good slave tonight, very obedient, and you made me very happy. If you adapt well to your new place in life, you will not suffer too badly, and may even come to enjoy it. But any pleasure or comfort at all that you receive is a privilege that must be earned, and can be revoked at any time. Since you have yet to disobey me, you can sleep in comfort tonight, collared to the foot of my bed. I will use you throughout the night, whether you are conscious or not, and if I have to piss, I'll wake you.

Each drop you spill will be another day of mandatory urinal duty, as well as exclusively oral/anal sex. If you are ever too slow to wake for my liking I will whip you again, then proceed. Am I clear?" "Yes Master, I will do my best to serve you." "I hope you do, for your sake."