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High rated sex scenes with milf  Hitomi Kanou
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"Come on sugar, let me feel your tongue on my clit." The woman squirmed as Lucy's tongue inched its way toward her pulsating love button. Lucy's head was spinning at the suddenness' of her latest encounter.


She glanced at the stock room door, it was slightly ajar, and she could hear other customer's just outside. The woman, a salesperson at the shoe store had no trouble talking Lucy to the back of the store while she took her break. They had no sooner gotten through the door, when the woman turned and planted a kiss square on her lips. By the time the kiss had broke Lucy and the woman were panting.

Lucy's tongue lightly twirled on the woman's thigh only inches away from her ultimate target. She had tasted a woman's pussy only once before many years ago.

She hadn't particularly cared for it then but now found herself anticipating the nectar that awaited her. The woman had her skirt bunched around her waist, her hands holding tightly to the table she was sitting on. As soon as Lucy's tongue made contact with the extended head of her clitoris one of her hands came behind Lucy's head and forced her face into the dampness of her dripping cunt.

"Oh yea, that's it." She hissed as she hunched Lucy's darting tongue. "You do know how to eat a twat, honey." Moaning, she continued to hunch into her lover.

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Lucy could feel the damp pussy juices on her cheeks as she continued to poke her tongue further into the woman. Worming one finger deep into the woman's virgin ass, Lucy fingered her tight back opening. The woman above her went into convulsions and dumped her sweet juices into Lucy's mouth. She hung tightly to Lucy's head until her orgasm subsided. Lucy's finger popped out of her ass and the woman let go of her head. Losing her balance, Lucy fell back onto the floor. Her lover looked down at her and smiled then stood up and straightened her dress.

"Sorry I can't return the favor right now sugar, got to get back to work." With that the woman walked out of the door, leaving Lucy lying there, slightly confused and very horny.

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Picking herself up, she straightened her dress and walked out of the door also. As if in a daze she walked through the mall, still feeling the dampness on her cheeks.

She knew if anyone got close enough to her they would be able to smell the other woman on her. She made a beeline to the women's restroom, which was located down a long corridor at the back of the mall.


As she turned the corner, she bumped into three young boys, none of them over sixteen. "Excuse me," She said trying to push past them. "Oh mamma, this bitch smells like a big juicy cunt." One of the boys said, laughing. "What's a matter, bitch in heat." The boy doing the talking grabbed Lucy and pushed her against the wall.

"Mike come on man, we're gonna get in trouble, leave her alone." "Fuck off man." Mike growled at his friend, not taking his eyes off of Lucy. "You wanna fuck don't ya, bitch." His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. "Yes, I wanna fuck, right now." Lucy panted.

She put her arms around the boy and hunched her body into him. He hunched back. "Then we gotta get you to the van." He put his arm around her and they walked together out of the back exit next to the restrooms. The other two boys followed behind them.

Once in the van it was only moments before Lucy was naked and the brash young boy was pulling his jeans off. There was no foreplay he just pushed her back and forced his hot young cock into wet cunt. "That's it baby, fuck me hard shoot your cum into my aching pussy." Lucy screamed as she met his thrusts.

Hunching back just as hard as he was hunching her. After just a few strokes the kid grunted and shot his load into her. Climbing off he grinned at her, pulled his jeans up and slid the door open.

The second boy climbed in and dropped his pants. "Hurry, I need your cock in me bad, fuck me with your young hungry prick." Lucy scooted up to meet the second boy and impaled herself before he really knew what was happening. It only took a couple of strokes before the second boy was cumming into her. Her cunt was sopping but she hadn't cum hard yet and was waiting for her big one.

A moment later the third boy was on her pumping his load. Then the first boy again, mid way through his second fuck she came and came hard. She could feel the excess sperm seeping from her, mixed with her own juices. As good measure she fucked the other two a second time then tried to straighten herself out so she could get to her car and get home, before Howard got off work. Her pussy ached from all of the fucking but it was a good ache, she felt satisfied, but lately the more she had the more she wanted.

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She didn't know where it would end but she Guessed it had to end somewhere. . Howard had to work late that evening so he called Lucy and asked her to meet him at the bar just down the street from where he worked. A night out was what they both needed. Since moving to the city two months ago they hadn't really gotten out much. "Besides." He thought. "Who knows what kind of combinations he could come up with in an environment like a bar.

He had no idea about Lucy's afternoon with the shoe person and the three boys.

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He walked into the bar about seven thirty, Lucy was already there and it looked like she had already drawn some attention. He could understand that she was a very pretty woman and even at thirty-five her body was still slim and trim. The dress she was wearing didn't hurt anything either. It was a scooped necked dress that showed off the swell of her breasts and it stopped about mid thigh, letting everyone see her long slender legs. She was sitting at a table at the back of the bar two men were sitting with her.

That old familiar feeling began churning his stomach. He decided he could wait a few minutes before he joined her. He found a place at the end of the bar where he could see Lucy, but was relatively sure she couldn't see him. She was sitting in one of the rounded booths, a man on each side of her.

They both looked like they were businessmen from somewhere in the area. Dressed almost identical, for that matter dressed much the same as Howard was. Standard Grey suit and power tie. Howard ordered a drink sat back and watched. Lucy kept looking at the front door, she wondered what Howard would do if he caught these two men sitting with her.

He would probably be jealous. Still she couldn't quite find a way to tell the men that he probably wouldn't like it. She had told them when they approached her that she was there to meet her husband but neither seemed to be fazed by it.

"So tell me Lucy, where does your husband work?" The man to her left asked her, sipping his drink. "He's a CPA with Brownly and company." Lucy told the man. He had pretty blue eyes. Again she glanced at the door.

Where was Howard? It seemed she had asked herself that a lot lately. "And does he often work late like this?" The other man asked. He was built much more powerfully than his friend. Even with his jacket on Lucy could see the bulge in his upper arm. "No, not very often, we were going to have dinner." Another nervous glance toward the door.

"Listen he's gonna be here any minute and I don't think he would like it if you were sitting here with me." She finally said. "Ah the jealous type, huh." The big man said with a smile. "I can't say as I blame him, married to a beautiful woman like you." Lucy smiled at the man. "Thank you, but I really think you two should leave." "Yea, I guess we probably should but what do you think Sam, should we leave this poor lady to the vultures or should we watch over her until her husband gets here." The big man winked at his buddy.

"I would hate to have some slob come over here and start hitting on such a beautiful lady, I think we should stay at least long enough to meet her husband." Howard couldn't hear anything but by the way Lucy was watching the door, he knew she wasn't likely to do anything when she knew he would be there any minute.

Slugging down his drink he got up and moved toward the table. Lucy smiled nervously at him when she seen him approaching. The two men smiled at Howard as he walked up to the table. "What is going on here?" Howard asked a mock scowl on his face. "Lucy are you alright?" He didn't sit down he just stood in front of the table.

"Nothing honey, these two nice gentlemen were just concerned with me sitting here by myself while I waited for you." "There's a lot of kooks out there, your lady here seemed a little edgy so we thought we'd make her feel more comfortable. I know if my wife were sitting here alone, I wouldn't want her to be hassled by a bunch of different people." The smaller of the two explained, smiling at his buddy. "Oh," Howard looked at Lucy for confirmation, then relaxed. "Ok, it's just that I get very jealous of Lucy every once in awhile." "Well sit down Howard." The larger man patted the seat beside him.

"I can't, I just came over to get Lucy, I've got about thirty minutes more work to do and I figured she was getting worried about me so I thought she could come back to the office with me." Lucy started to finish her drink. "Listen, we're gonna be here for another hour or so, if she wants, we'll watch over her until you get back." The man sipped his drink.

"If she would rather do that, I know how boring it gets sitting in an office waiting for someone to finish up." "Yea, we'd be more than happy to watch her for you." "Lucy, do you want to stay here?" Howard asked. "It would be pretty boring honey, but if you want me to come with you I will." "No, that's ok, these guys seem to be nice fellas, I know they won't let anything happen to you." Howard turned, then turned back.

"I'll be back in about thirty minutes, ok." "Ok." Lucy blew him a kiss. Howard walked back through the bar and out the front door. He walked down the street about fifty feet then turned and walked back slowly. Finding his way back to the barstool he had been sitting on before, he ordered a drink and watched the table. "What do you think, Sam?" The smaller man asked looking directly at their female companion. "I think Lucy wanted to stay with us for a little bit, Ed." He too was looking at Lucy.

She felt nervous sitting in public with two strange men. They moved at the same time, scooting closer to her. "I thought you were going to keep me from the leeches?" Lucy asked as she felt each man lay his hand on her thighs.

"We will baby, we will." Ed said, leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. A moment later Sam did the same thing.

Lucy could feel both hands pushing her dress up slowly as they took turns kissing her cheek and neck. She remained very passive. Staring straight ahead, she tried to watch and see if anyone else in the bar was watching. Everyone seemed too concerned with his or her own table to care what was going on in the corner. "Tell me Lucy, you ever been played with in public before." Sam said pushing her dress up still further.

"No.I." Her words seemed to get stuck in her throat. "Haven't." She finally managed to say. "Howard would have never left me if he'd have known you were going to be like this." "Probably not baby." Ed's hand tickled the inside of her thigh, just below her panties.

"I've got this great big old Lincoln in the parking garage just across the street, what do you say about escorting us over there for a few minutes." "What if Howard comes back?" "He's a CPA, if he said he's got thirty minutes worth of work left, he's probably got an hour.

We'll have you back, promise." Lucy sat up in the booth, finished her drink, then nudged into Sam. "If you promise to have me back before Howard gets back, we can go to your car and talk." The two men smiled at one another, then slid out from the booth, helping Lucy out. As they were gathering their things, Howard slipped back out the front door and down the street to an alley. Ducking just inside, he watched for the three to leave. They walked out, Lucy between them; each had their arm looped through hers.

Howard waited until they were entering the parking garage before he crossed the street. Staying at a safe distance behind them so he wouldn't be seen, he quietly followed the three up two flights until they stopped at an early eighties Continental. The larger of the two men pushed the buttons on the side of the door, until the combination unlocked the doors. They didn't bother with the front seat. The smaller man opened the back door and helped Lucy in.

The windows were tinted but not so tinted Howard couldn't see inside. He found a good spot about three cars down and watched. "I thought you guys just wanted to talk?" Lucy moaned as Sam pulled her over to him roughly. He unzipped her dress and pulled it down over her shoulders. "We are going to talk in body language, baby." He said, reaching back and unclasping her bra freeing her large aching breasts. Pulling her face to his, he kissed her deeply on the lips.

Ed, meanwhile was busy pulling her up onto her knees and pulling her panties down over her ass, finally getting them over her stockings and high heels. She could feel his hands spreading her moist pussy and a moment later, she felt his tongue tickling her clitoris. Not breaking the kiss, she ground her hips back onto his tongue.

Her arms were around Sam's neck her tongue dueling with his while Ed ate her pussy. Her body tensed, then released a torrent of juices on her one lovers tongue.

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Breaking the kiss, she dropped her head to Sam's lap and fished out his hard cock. Pulling it from his suit slacks her tongue danced on the head of his peter, licking the salty pre cum juices from it. He moaned and put his hand on the back of her head pushing his aching cock deep into her mouth.

Ed had stopped eating Lucy's pussy and pulled his own cock out. Slowly he pushed it into her until his balls slapped into her hard extended love button. As the tempo picked up, each time Ed would pound his cock into her it would force Sam's cock into her throat. She gurgled and moaned around it, then would come up for air as Ed pulled back. "You are one hot little honey aren't you? Sam moaned, twisting his hands into her hair.

He could feel her nipples slid across his thighs everytime his buddy filled her cunt with his cock. Lucy didn't bother answering the question instead she reached up with one hand and massaged his balls. From outside the car, Howard's view was getting more and more distorted by the fogging of the windows.

Finally he could only imagine what was going on as he watched the car rocking as the two men fucked his wife. His cock was out in his hand once again as he strained to see any of the action in the back of the car.

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"Fifty dollars, and I'll help you out." Howard was startled by the strange voice, turning around he saw a tall black girl dressed in a black leather mini and an almost transparent blouse. She licked her lips and smiled at him, moving closer. "What do you say sport, fifty and you can drop that load your working on in my mouth." She ovaled her mouth and stuck her tongue out. Howard hadn't even stopped pulling on his hard cock.

He glanced down and seen the head glistening with pre-cum. "How much for a fuck?" He asked in a strained voice. "A hundred." The hooker raised her skirt, to show Howard her naked, shaved pussy. She reached down and slipped a finger into the moist opening. Howard could still here the mumbled cries of his wife as the two men fucked her. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his money clip.

He had stopped his self-abuse and left his hard cock dangling from his pants. Peeling off fifty dollars he waved it at the black woman standing just a few feet away from him. "Suck it, baby." He said in a low voice. The woman stepped to him, and dropped to her knees. He immediately put his hands behind her head and shoved his cock into her throat.

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What he was getting couldn't really be considered a blowjob; it was more like a face fuck. He got a rhythm going quickly and continually stuffed his cock down her throat. He was facing away from the car now but could still hear the goings on inside. Lucy sucked Sam and played with his balls, while Ed continued to fuck her from behind. She could feel his balls bouncing against her blood-engorged clit with every stroke. She had lost count of orgasms, it seemed like almost each time she felt the cock slid down her throat and the other cock bury itself into her cunt she came.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh.ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sam moaned as his cock exploded into her throat. She drank all he had to offer and kept sucking on him as Ed groaned and let his load bathe the inner walls of her fuck ravaged quim. She could feel each squirt as it shot into her. Howard looked down at the young black woman as he forced his cock deeper into her throat. She looked up at him for a moment then let him finish off. He could see she had one hand buried in her twat as she took him in her mouth.

He groaned and let loose his load of cum.

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Squirt after squirt of his salty cum slid into her throat. Unable to hold it all a few drops escaped her lips and rolled down her chin. Finally Howard released his hold on her, and she dropped back on to her back.

She grinned up at him, patted her wet pussy, stood up and put her wet fingers to his lips. Taking the fifty dollars from his hand she turned and walked toward the street. Howard watched her for a moment, then headed in the same direction. He walked out of the parking garage and back across the street to his lookout in the alley. He waited only a couple of minutes before he walked back into the bar.

The two men were sitting at the table alone. "Hey, Howard, get everything done." "Yea, where's Lucy?" "Oh, she's in the little girls room, freshening up for you." The two men looked at each other. "Listen Howard, we have to get home, tell Lucy bye for us and we really enjoyed talking to her." "Thanks guys, I know she enjoyed sitting here a lot more than she would ever have at the office with me." "She seemed to have a good time.

We'll be seeing you." The two men got up from the booth and Howard sat down. What an evening this turned out to be. He waited for Lucy, then they went to dinner. Not a word was spoken about what had happened, their night out together was fun although not as electric as it had been in the parking garage.

Howard wondered just how far Lucy would go. Would she get involved in a gangbang? His mind started working on it as they danced to their favorite song. It probably wouldn't be too hard to set up.