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I don't believe that becoming an exhibitionist is due to a single event, it is something that happens over time, and with the right happenstances. However, I do believe it started with me when I was young. I was enrolled in a gymnastic program and would wear one of those little uniforms. At that age I did not even think about what I was wearing and would be doing handstands and always was spreading my legs in the floor exercises, the beam, or on the bars.

I grew up wearing little outfits like that all of the time and would wear it going home. I guess I got accustomed to wearing little outfits by being in gymnastics. Then at home I would wear just my panties and a tank top, I had no need for a bra then. I dropped out of gymnastics when I was thirteen. I was never really that good at it and it was time for me to quit. Also about the time my body started to change, my breasts were growing. Even though I was maturing, I did not change what I was wearing at home.

My parents never said anything about how I dressed. Then there was my 2 piece swim suit I would wear it for a couple summers. We don't really go on vacation and I only wore my swim suit a few times each summer and that was just laying out in our backyard. At fifteen, I put on my swim suit and my breasts were spilling out of my top. I though nothing of it but when my mother saw me, she said I have to get you a new suit.

I was able to wear it for a few more days until we got to go shopping. Meanwhile I got a lot of looks from my brother and father or I should say my breasts got a lot of looks, in any case I really enjoyed the attention they got me.

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When my mother and I went shopping, I talked her in to letting me buy a white string bikini. The top covered more of my breasts, but the bottom exposed more of my butt. When I wore it my brother and father were looking at my bottom now. A few days after I graduated high school I put on that suit for the first time that year, it was a little small for me but I still liked it.

My brother, who had come home from college saw me in it and I got some looks from him and my father. I could tell they liked it. I was also a little wiser about boys/men and I liked to flaunt body, I liked the attention that I got. I knew this bikini was too small for me and I kept away from my mother while I wore it, at least for a few weeks till she caught me wearing it.


She gave me some money to go buy another swim suit, she told me I was not to buy a thong. I reluctantly did get another suit, it was a white string bikini just like my last suit, but it was unlined and was made of a very thin, light weight material.

It covered more of my breasts and bottom, but the material would show the form of my nipples and gave me a nice camel toe. Also about that time I was becoming more creative about ways to show myself, both off at home and when I was out, usually with my friend Karen. At home we only have a single bathroom and invariably when someone was in the shower there was the odd occasion when someone would need to go.

The shower had a frosted glass door, no one could really see you, so no one really complained about someone else in the bathroom. You could get a pretty good look and if you had a little imagination, it could be exciting. I also found out if you put a wet hand on the glass, you could see much clearer.

On those rare occasions when someone needed to use the facilities when I was showering, I would bend over to wash my legs and put my butt against the glass. Later on, I started to wear just a towel wrapped around me when I walked to my bedroom after a shower. Nobody really paid much attention at first, but I kept lowering the towel a little bit each time. Now a good portion of my now 32 Cs were showing. My brother and later my father started to come by more often as I left the bathroom.

One evening as I left the bathroom, my brother was on his way to the bathroom and I saw his eyes go to my breast. He stopped and started talking to me. As we stood and talked my father came by and then he joined in the conversation. After about a 10 minutes we all went on our way and once I got in to my room, I went to my mirror and my nipples were visible. I was embarrassed and excited at the same time. However I knew that I wanted to do that more often, it was very exciting to me.

Over the next few weeks, I made sure my nipples were just barely covered by the towel and both my brother and father always seemed be around. I was getting use them seeing me and now I wanted more. I found out if I raised my arm, my breasts would raise up and someone could see more of them. The next night as I left the bathroom, my father was in the hall and we started talking. I took my left arm and raised it up and played with my hair. I felt my breast rise up and I knew my nipple was over the top of the towel.

My brother then joined us and I kept sweeping my hand through my hair. Once we finished talking I went into my room and closed the door. I looked in the mirror and got excited at what I saw. Both of my nipples were clearly visible and were hard as a rock. I did this for a few more days and then I wanted to show even more of myself, but was unsure how I could do it, "accidentally". The next day I spent working on my tan and when my father came home he told my brother and I that my mother was going to a farewell dinner for a co-worker tonight, he was going to make a hamburger for us on the grill and have some mac and cheese.

I told him ok that I would get a quick shower, then be down to help. I finished the shower and left the bathroom with my towel just barely covering my nipples as usual. My brother was in the hallway and he started talking with me, then we heard my father yell for me to come to the kitchen, he could not find a pot to boil the macaroni.

I went to the kitchen with just my towel on and began looking for the pot. I bent over to open a cabinet and realized that the towel was riding up my ass. I had a good little laugh to myself. I could not find the pot where I thought it should be, so I reached to the one upper cabinet to have a look and as I did my towel fell off.

I was embarrassed and bent down and quickly picked it up and wrapped it around myself. My embarrassment quickly went away as I kept looking for the pot in another lower cabinet, knowing my ass was on display to my father and brother who were standing behind me.

Still no pot. I stood up again and told them there is only one other place it can be as I opened up another upper cabinet, and again my towel fell off, this time I knew it was going to happen.

I took me a little longer to wrap it around me and I did so knowing my breasts were not covered. I still did not see the pot in the cabinet. Then I realized where it was. I went over to the dishwasher and leaned over to open it up, giving my brother and father a look a my breasts and pulled out the pot. I told them it was dirty to let me wash it quickly and I did so in the sink. I grabbed some paper towels to dry it off and then reached out with the pot to hand it to my father, and as I did my towel fell off again.

There I stood completely nude in front of my brother and father, I was ecstatic, but embarrassed. I grabbed the towel again and crudely wrapped it around me and said I am going to go put on some clothes and I will be back to help.

Both my father and brother watched me as I left the kitchen. Neither of them said a word. As soon as they were to my back I got a huge smile on my face. It could not of been any better if I had planned the whole episode. I went to my room and put on a pair of g-string panties, I had never wore them around the house before.

I put on a loose fitting tank top that went midway down my ass. I went back downstairs to help with dinner. My brother made a comment about my panties and I told them after the towel had dropped off me earlier, these cover plenty and we all had a laugh. We ate and sat around for a while after eating, then I went to the bathroom and while there I got the idea to not pull the thong up all of the way, the gusset would be loose.

I bent over and looked in the mirror through my legs. With my panties loose, they would fall away from my pussy, allowing someone behind me to have a good view. When I got back to the kitchen, I started to clean up and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

Of course when I bent over to load the dishes, I did so with my ass towards my brother and father. When I wiped the table, I made sure I was facing them so they could look down my top.

I was getting wet and excited showing myself off to them. I stayed that way for the rest of the evening and eventually went to my room about the time I thought my mother would be coming home. I kept wearing the towel after my shower, but my father and brother did not come around that much anymore. I rationed to myself that since they got to see everything of me, the little peaks they use to get were not as exciting for them anymore.

I know it was not as exciting for me anymore. I wanted to do more, but what could I do. Then came another happy incident. My mother had to work, my brother went fishing with his friends, and my father went golfing, so I had the house to myself till late afternoon, it was still morning. I decided to work on my tan. I turned on the stereo so it was quite loud in the house. I left the sliding door open and went outside to tan naked, no towel or anything to cover me up.

We have a privacy fence in the backyard so that was not a problem. I was out there for less than a half-hour, laying on my back with my eyes closed, when I heard someone say my name. I sat up and moved my hands to cover myself. It was my father, his golfing buddy had canceled, so he came home early. He had a smile on his face all the time he was talking to me. After the initial scare, I started to relax and left my hands and arm move slightly to give him a better view.

I could feel my nipple against my arm and it was rock hard. My hand over my pussy was becoming wet. I was really getting excited being caught naked. He talked to me for a couple of minutes and then said he was going to do some work in the garage and to enjoy myself, but do not let your mother catch you out here naked.

As he walked away, I could only think about what he did not say to me, that was to go put on some clothes. From his omission I can only assume that he is ok with me being naked. I know he likes to look at me now, I could see a bulge in his shorts. I had to smile after he went in to the house. My mind was going a mile a minute about all of the possibilities and ramifications of being naked in front of my father and was getting more excited. I turned over on to my stomach and laid there with all of these thoughts going through my head.

I was so turned on that I parted my legs and I rubbed my pussy a few times. I want to masturbate so badly, but I held off. I had just started to relax again when I heard my father say my name again. This time I opened my eyes and tilted my head towards him.

He was standing at my feet and I saw him looking at my very wet pussy. He then said it is just about lunch time, he was going to order a sub for lunch, did I want anything. I almost busted out laughing but said yes and told him what I wanted. My pussy was dripping as he walked away and I saw he still had a bulge in his shorts.

From previous experience, I know it takes about 20 minutes to get an order, so I had to come up with a plan on what I should do when the food arrives. My pussy is so wet now, I know it will be embarrassing for my father to see my wet pussy, but being embarrassed it part of the turn on for me. I decided to play it by ear. Let me see what my father has in mind. But I did get an idea on what to do when he comes back.

About 25 minutes later, my father again said my name. I kept my legs apart and pushed myself up till I was on my hands and knees, then slowly moved back off the lounge chair till I could stand up and turned around to face my father.

He had the food and drinks and was able to mumble out we can eat here if I wanted to get some sun while we ate. I smiled and said that would be great, just let me go wash the lotion off my hands. Just as I reached the sliding door I turned to see my father watching me.

I went in to the kitchen and quickly looked out the window and saw my father adjusting his cock through his pants. I rubbed my pussy a few times and I was soaked. I washed my hands and after drying them with a paper towel, I used the towel and tried to dry off my pussy.

I was watching my father as I did this and it was not helping me any. I walked back out the door and my father watched me till I got to my lounge chair, where I straddled the chair with my legs and sat down with my food on the end of the lounge chair. Me sitting with my pussy spread wide open facing my father, only made me wetter, I could feel the moisture on my butt now.

Sitting in such an obscene manner only got me hotter and my pussy lips opened up like a flower. I was so embarrassed and so turned on. As we ate, we talked a little, but neither of us could carry on a coherent sentence, so we did not say much. My father was watching me the whole time only looking at his food on occasion. I was just about finished with my sandwich and a glob of Italian dressing dropped out the end, landing on my pussy.

After taking the last bite, I reached down with my hand and rubbed up and down over my pussy to clean up the dressing. I looked up at my father as I did and saw his facial expression change. I looked down at his shorts and there was a huge wet spot on them. I knew he must of cum in his shorts. He saw me looking and he got embarrassed and said he was sorry and I saw he was feeling ashamed.

He quickly got up and I stopped him. I told him it is ok, I like you looking at me. He was gobsmacked. I asked him to sit down and gave him a gentle nudge down as he sat down again. Somehow I explained to him that I like to show myself. Then I told him about knowingly letting my towel down so I could show off my nipples and how the towel falling off the first time was an slight accident, but the other times, I made it happen.

I told him that I am an exhibitionist and how I like to flash in public. He seemed more at ease now and I said I want to try something else. I opened my legs up and started to masturbate. He watched me intently, he was quiet while I was moaning. It did not take long for me to have a huge orgasm. I began to finger fuck myself and had another orgasm.

I finally slowed down and told him that was the first time that I got to do that with someone watching me. That was the most intent orgasm I ever had. My father had a huge smile on his face. We sat there for a couple of minutes without either of us saying a word. To break the silence, I asked if he had any questions. He smiled and said so you like to flash in public. To which I said yes, but it is more fun when someone is with you.

I said you know my friend Karen, we do it for each other. She likes to tease her father also. My father then told me that before us kids, my mother liked to flash him and she would get so excited that she always wanted to fuck afterwords.

I looked at him and said what are your plans for the rest of the afternoon. He said what do you have in mind. I told him I need some underwear, you could take me shopping and gave him a wink.

He got a huge smile and said ok. I said let me get cleaned up and then we can go. We grabbed our food bags and went in the house where I immediately got in the shower.

I left the door open so my father could watch me if he wanted too. It was the fastest shower I ever had. I walked to my room naked now, the pretense of wearing a towel was not needed anymore.

I quickly dried and combed my hair and soon my father was at my door watching me get ready. I was getting wet again with him watching me. I threw on a short dress that has a button up front, with out a bra or panties.

I told him this is the dress I like to flash in. He said I see you wearing that dress a lot. I just had to smile. I put on a pair on sandals and said lets go. We made it to the mall in no time. It was not very busy for a Saturday afternoon. I told him to walk several feet behind me. As we walked, I would pull up my skirt, them I opened up the buttons turned around and pulled the dress open. I saw he was hard already. We made it to the clothes store, then I motioned for him to come up with me as we walked in.

I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to the underwear section. I would hold up a skimpy thong or g-string and asked him what I should try on. He picked out a few g-strings and a lacy bra. The sales girl came over to us and I told her I was just looking and wanted to try on a few things.

The sales girl said ok and pointed me to the changing room, then said if I needed anything to just call her, she would be in the back unpacking a new shipment. No one else was in the store. I had my father sit in the chair as I went in to the changing booth.

I left the curtain open a bit so he could watch me. After I put on the bra and panties, I open up the curtain and walked out and twirled around a few time, then asked my father what he thought. I went back to the booth and left the curtain open this time while I tried on another g-string, then then did the same as before for my father. Although this time I asked him if the string in the crack of my ass was straight as I pulled it out and moved it around a little.

We heard the chime go off and knew someone else had entered the store. I did not see anyone coming our way so I just grabbed another g-string and walked over in front of my father and slipped off the one pair and slip on the other in front of him.

As I twirled around I saw a twenty something couple come walking toward us and then they stopped. I went in to the changing booth this time to wait a bit and see if the couple left, while I kept an eye on them. I saw them go off to the other side, then changed in to the last g-string. I opened up the curtain and walked out and just as I did the couple came around the corner.

I was embarrassed, but I controlled myself and followed through with my show for my father as they watched. Neither of them said anything and they both were smiling. I saw she had a bra and pantie set in her hand. I started to talk with my father as I waited to see what they were going to do. The girl went in to the booth and closed the curtain. I saw her dress drop and then she pulled open the curtain and walk out in the underwear.

She walked over to her, what I guess was her boyfriend and twirl around as I had done. I thought can it be, is she an exhibitionist like me. I had to find out. I said to her that is a cute set of underwear.

She said to me I like the panties you have on. Then she said "do I want to try them on?" She then reached behind her back and started to remove the bra. It took me a few seconds to snap out of it, but I said ok. She held out the bra to me while I unsnapped mine and took it off. As we went to swap, she told me did not not need mine, so I dropped it in to my father's lap.

As I was putting on her bra she slide off her panties, then I pulled off mine and we swapped them. As I pulled them up I could feel the wetness on my legs from her pussy. I am sure she could feel the same thing on the pair I gave her. We both twirled around again and smiled at each other as we did.

My father and her boyfriend had huge smiles on their faces. The girl looked around to see if we were the only people in the store. She walked over to her boyfriend and as she did, she pushed her panties down, she was now naked. She went down on her knees and started to unbuckle his belt and then opened his pants and got out his cock and wrapped her hand around it.

She then looked at me, it took me a while to realized she was waiting for me to do the same thing. I did not think about it, I just took off the bra and panties and got on my knees in front of my father and got out his cock. He did not try to stop me or make any objections. Once the girl saw I was holding his cock, she lowered her mouth and began giving her boyfriend a blowjob. I looked up at my father and started to do the same.

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He came in my mouth quickly and I swallowed it all, although he remained hard. After I pulled off my father I looked over to the girl again and she got up and her boyfriend sat back and she climbed on to him and we watched as his cock sunk in to her pussy.

She then looked over to me again. She was waiting for me to do the same. As I got up, I saw fear in my fathers eyes and as I lowered myself I whispered in to my father's ear, I am not a virgin and I am on the pill as I kissed his cheek.

I look at this face and his smile was back as I lowered myself on his cock. The girl and her boyfriend and my father and I began fucking. I had a huge orgasm fairly quickly and a few smaller ones, till my father came in me. I leaned forward and kissed my father fully on the mouth and then realized what I did, it felt so right we both kept kissing each other. It was the best sex I ever had.


I lifted myself off my father and then sucked his cock clean. This time I waited for the girl to do the same. We both close up our partners pants and then stood up and went to the changing booth. Without closing the curtains put our clothes on. We all left the store at the same time, my father and I went in one direction, the couple went the other.

As we were walking out of the mall, I looked at my father and said I have no regrets, that was the best sex I even had and I love you. I also told him I want to keep having sex with you. He gave my hand a squeeze and then leaned over and kissed my cheek. Once we got in to the car, he leaned over to me and kissed me on the mouth and told me he loved me.

Then he laughed and said we forgot to get you some underwear. I had to laugh also and then we went home. It was still early in the afternoon when we got home. I told my father I better get another shower before everyone else gets home. He said yes that he is finished for the day, that he is going to go out in to the garage and clean it up for a while.

I made my way to the shower and cleaned myself up.

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When I finished in the bathroom, I open the door and started walking naked to my room. I only got a few feet and my brother came out of his room in his boxers. When he saw I was naked he stopped and stared at me.

I said I didn't know you were home. He was dumbfounded and said I just got home and need a shower to get the fish smell off of me. I stood there and asked how was fishing. He was looking me up and down but managed to tell me about fishing. He then said you know you are naked. I said yes I know, but after me dropping the towel in the kitchen, there is not really any point in trying to hide anything anymore.

I turned around several times and said have a good look. After I twirled around 4 times, my brother said that I am beautiful. I told him thank you and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He asked me what if dad sees you. I said I would tell him the same thing, he probably does not care as he did not say anything about it the other day. Besides, I know he is out in the garage.


After we talked for a few more minutes, we each went on own way. I did see my brother had an erection, which was easy to see with just his boxers on. Once I got to my room, I closed my door and called Karen, she and I share all of our exploits. Later I did tell my father about Tom, (my brother) catching me naked and said he should not say anything about me being naked.

About a week later my mother was going away for the day, so I called Karen and we put a plan in to motion. Once Karen got there, we both stripped and walked in to the kitchen naked and said we are going to lay out in the sun for a while.

As we walked past Tom and my father, neither of them said a word, but both had a smile on their face. I asked them if they wanted to join us. After they looked at each other for a few seconds, both managed to say "uh ok". In a very short time, both of them were outside in their swim shorts. I asked Tom if he would put some lotion on me and Karen asked my father to put some on her.

I laid on my stomach first. I saw Karen whisper something to my father and knew what she said. As Tom put lotion on my back he stopped before he got to my ass. Tom then started on my legs, which I kept spread apart. Tom stopped at my ass again and I said don't forget my ass. I saw Tom look at my father who was already applying lotion to Karen's ass.

Once Tom saw that, he started on my ass and my pussy. I heard Karen say to my father "ok now let me turn over" and I saw Tom watch her as she did. Tom then saw my father start rubbing lotion on her breasts. I said to Tom let me turn over and he eagerly started working on my breasts. His hands felt great on my breasts and I saw he had an erection.

I was getting wet just think about what was going to happen next. It was all going according to the plan Karen and I cooked up. After Tom had applied lotion all over me, I got up and told him him to lay down, that I would put some lotion on him.

He got on the lounge chair on his back. I climbed up on him and straddled him, just like Karen was doing to my father. As I applied lotion to his chest, I was rubbing my pussy on his cock. I had to watch myself, I did not want him to cum yet. Then I heard Karen say to my father, "Let me pull these down" as Tom and I watched Karen pull off my father's shorts.

Karen then took my father's cock in her hands and stroked him a few times. This was my queue, I said to Tom, "Let me pull these down". Tom did not know what to say and just let me do what I wanted.

When I had his shorts off, I grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times and then said let me finish you chest as I climbed on him again. This time I could feel his cock on my pussy. I heard Karen moan loudly and it caught both my and Tom's attention.

She was riding my father's cock. While Tom was watching, I raised myself up and grabbed his cock and guided it in to my pussy. I then took Tom's hands and pulled them to my breasts, where he took over.

Tom came in me almost immediately. I got off of him and sucked his cock. I saw that my father cum in Karen and she pulled off of him. Both Karen and I suck my father clean, then we got in to the 69 position and we sucked the cum out of each other. We then started to eat each others ass before we inserted one and then two fingers in each others ass. Both Tom's and my father's cocks were hard again. I got up and went over to my father and straddled his cock and lowered myself on to it. I rode him for a few minutes, while Karen went over to Tom.

Karen pulled Tom up and brought him over to me and my father. She straddled both of us while dragging Tom by his cock. Her pussy was now over my father's face now. She sucked on Tom's cock to get him wet, then pulled his cock to my ass hole. Tom was finally clued in as what to do as he pushed his cock in my ass.

Once he was in me I began to ride them both. My father did not disappoint me as he ate Karen's ass. I rode them for about 15 minutes before they both came in me. My legs were worn out and I needed to lay down. Karen came over to me and sucked the cum out of my pussy and ass as Tom and my father watched. After a brief rest, Karen sat up. I look to Tom and my father and asked them if there is anything else they would like to try. Both of them smiled and said yes but they are too worn out right now.

Karen and I laughed, then I said we will be here all day. Karen and I laid out in the sun while my father and brother went in the house.

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Later when we went in the house, both my father and Tom were in their beds fast asleep. Over the next few weeks, I got to fuck my father and brother several times, but not while my mother was around.

I did occasionally flash Tom, or my father, or both while my mother had her back to me. It was fun and I started to giggle a few times, where my mother asked me what was funny.

After talking with my father some more about where my mother like to flash, I did come up with a plan to get my mother involved, and enlisted the help of my brother and father. I found out that my mother like to flash when they would go for a walk on a trail in the mountains. So I got my father to suggest the whole family go for a walk on Sunday and we pack some food along and have a picnic. My mother was all for it and my brother and I begrudgingly said ok. I had my father remind my mother over the next couple of days, when they were alone about how she used to flash him and said she should do it again on Sunday.

Of course she always said not with the kids with us. He reminded her the kids are adults now and it would be fun, she should at least entertain the thought.

When Sunday came around we packed our stuff and drive to a trail that my parents used to go on. Thank goodness there was only one other car there when we arrived.

We headed down the trail and a couple was returning to the trail head, another stroke of luck for us, we were alone. My brother and I walked about 20 feet in front of my parents. I heard my mother giggle and turned around and asked them what was going on, this was all according to the plan. My mother immediately said nothing, but my father said we were talking about how we used to come out here before you kids. I said what about it. My father then said, much to the chagrin of my mother, that she use to flash me as we were walking.

I said is that all, then my father said that they used to have sex in the field afterwords, because she would get so turned on. I could see the humiliation on my mothers face, until I said that is hot and sounds like fun, Tom agreed. I saw my mother smile and relax again. We walked for a bit more and then I turned around and said to my mother if she wanted to flash dad to go ahead, I didn't care.

Then Tom said it was ok with him as well. My father encouraged her to flash but she said she could not do it with us kids here. Here is where I really had to sell it. I said to my mother it is not a big deal, I don't care if you or dad get naked, it would not bother me and Tom quickly said or me. I know my mother and waited for her to reply, which is what I expected her to say. She said "ok smarty, if it is not a big deal, you go ahead and flash." Now I had to do some acting, like I was scared.

I said me, now. She said yes now, no one else is around. I said I don't know. Again I expected her reply. She asked me if I was scared. I timidly said no, but I don't want to be the only one. I looked at her, then said, if I do it, then you have to do it also. She thought about it a few seconds and then said ok. By this time we had stopped on the trail. I asked my mother what I should do. She smiled at me then said take off you top first. I said take off my top, she said yes, you cannot flash your tits with a bra on, make it so you can just lift up your top to show off you tits.

I hesitantly took off my backpack and handed it to my brother. I took a few steps in front of everyone then turned my back to them and pulled my top over my head, then proceeded to remove my bra and put my top back on. I turned around and smiled then said now what. My mother look astonished that I did it and I could see she was becoming worried that she too would have to flash, so she upped the ante. She told me it is easier to flash you butt when you are not wearing panties.

I handed my bra to Tom and again I turned around and pulled down my shorts and got them over my shoes before handing them to Tom. I then slowly pulled down my panties, knowing that I was showing my ass and pussy to them, and got them off. I turned slightly towards my brother and gave him my panties and asked for my shorts back.

I put my shorts back on and pulled them up and as I turned around to face them. I looked at my mother again and asked now what. I could see her mind spinning and then she said flash your tits. I pulled up my top so my breast were exposed to and jumped a little to make them jiggle, then lowered my top again.

I gave a little laugh and said that was fun. I knew my mother wanted me to chicken out, so she said talk off your shorts and top and then run up to that sign and back again. This time I stayed facing everyone and pull off my top and shorts and then jogged up to the sign and back again. When I came back, I was smiling and again said this is fun and a lot cooler. I then looked at my mother and said your turn.

She knew I had her and made a few excuses, then I told her you promised us.

It was then that she slowly started to undress. I remained naked. My mother was a trooper and stood there as we all watched her undress. When she was done, she turned around a few times letting us all see her body. I went over to her and told her she looked beautiful then gave her a hug. I could feel her breast against mine. I said come on as I took her hand and we both ran up to the sign and back again.

She had a smile on her face when we got back and said she almost forgot how much fun it was. I wiped my hand over my pussy and I was soaking wet, as I looked at my hand I said I can see why you got so hot that you wanted to have sex as I moved my hand so everyone could see. I then looked at my father and he had a tent in his shorts. I walked over to him and said to everyone it looks like dad wants to have sex as I rubbed my hand over his shorts.

Not waiting for anyone to say something, I looked at my father and said your turn as I began to open his shorts. My mother watched as I pulled his shorts and underwear down. I told my mother to take off Tom's shorts.

She looked at Tom and then at me again. I shook my head up and down, then Tom said it was ok. My mother knelt down and pulled off his shorts. I pulled my father over so he was standing beside my brother and then put my hand on his cock and began to stroke him. I grabbed my mothers hand and put it on my brothers cock, she immediately began to stroke him, while she was watching me. I looked at my mother, then at my father as I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock and sucked him a few times.

Then I pushed my mothers head toward my brothers cock, where she opened her mouth and started to give him a blowjob. I sucked my father's cock a few more times, then stopped and pulled my mother off my brother's cock. I pulled her up and rubbed my hand over her pussy, she was soaking wet.

I had her bend over and got behind her and licked her ass and pussy, she began to moan. I back away and had my brother start to fuck her as I started to fuck my father. After such an erotic experience, none of us lasted very long and we all had an orgasm.

I pulled off my father then went over and sucked the cum out of my mother's pussy and then sucked my brothers cock clean while my mother watched. When I was finished and stood up, she surprised me and had me bend over and she ate the cum out of my pussy and then sucked on my father's cock. When she stood up I kissed her and we felt each others breasts. My brother and father had pulled up their pants, but my mother and I remained naked.

We gathered all of our stuff and put it in our backpacks as we began walking again. We found a place off of the main trial where we all sat to have lunch.

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I convinced my father and brother to take off their clothes and we all were naked while we ate. After our lunch I kissed my mother again and we began to have a full make out session, then we started to eat each other out.

I told my father and brother to pick and end and they knew what I wanted. My brother was fucking me and every once in a while, he would put his cock in my mothers mouth, my father was doing the same thing. After a bit, I had them change ends, and then change again after a while more. They lasted longer this time and after they both came and we had suck out the cum out of each other, we laid on the blanket for a bit.

We decide to make our way back to the car. I dared my mother to remain naked till we got to the car and she accepted. We almost made it the whole way back to the car, but in the last half mile at couple came around the corner and caught us.

They smiled at us as we passed them. Once at the car, my mother suggested we stay naked for the ride home. I was up for it and we did make it home with out any problems. My father pulled in to the garage and wanted us to get out with the garage door open.

We both did as he asked, thank goodness none of our neighbors came by. We all cleaned up fairly quickly now that we don't need to wait for one person at a time in the bathroom. Later that night as we were all sitting around naked, I told my mother all about what has been happening and how we planned today's trip. She was a little a gasped but in the end she said it was the most fun she had in a long time and kissed me.

She was especially interest in my flashing at the mall and she was looking forward to sometime with Karen. Which reminds me, Karen and I have a plan for her father.