Latina Milf mit riesigen Titten fickt im Pool der Poolboy

Latina Milf mit riesigen Titten fickt im Pool der Poolboy
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Chapter 6 My mom froze still, bouncing tits and all. She couldn't bring herself to words. I was as helpless as her, not knowing what to say if anything. We were powerless to resist the forbidden flood of insatiable lust that had swept us beyond lines we had never crossed.


"Uhhh.wha.what's going on? .Mom?" My mom quickly straddled me placing her hands on each side of my cheeks. She looked at me sweetly, attempting to block the view of Aunt April. "Shhh.honey.

Just try and rest now, you've had too much to drink.'re just helping you get out of your wet bathing suit baby. The trunks you had on were too small for size sweetie. They were severely constricting and we we're just making sure everything is healthy down there." She ran her fingers through my hair with a soothing smile trying to reassure me everything was ok.

" I dreaming Mom?" I asked with a groggy moan, trying to give my mom an easy out. I did this in case it was awkward for us later, I could always just play the dream card. "Oh sweetheart.shh.just rest now. Everything will be ok, just shut your eyes.


Mommy's going to take care of her baby. You just lay back and let us help you." I felt my Aunt slowly retract her lips from my shaft ending with a sensual kiss on my head. It bobbed it the air with each throb acting as plea for more. My mother hugged me while still straddling my torso incidentally pressing her bare breast upon my chest.

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As my mom hugged me, still petting my head like when I was a kid, I cocked my neck up to see what Aunt April was doing. She seductively bent forward gripping the sides of her bikini bottom bringing it to the floor, exposing her massive ass.

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Aunt April was facing the door with her miraculous ass in full view. The sight alone, made my cock twitch in excitement glistening with precum. My mother brushed my hair back and softly kissed my forehead then paused and smiled at me. She moved in again, this time kissing my cheek then gazed into my eyes. We lost ourselves in each other's eyes, abandoning all our inhibitions.

Her face apprehensively approached me. Our eyes closed while my heart raced as her lips pressed against mine. We held our kiss, allowing it linger on longer and longer, until I felt my mom slip her tongue through. Her tongue flickered against the tip of mine, teasing it toward hers.

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We passionately began to make out as I rubbed my hands down her back finding her ass. I pulled at the bikini knots she had on each side causing them to unravel. I felt Aunt April rip the now unwoven bikini away. My hands clenched my mother's ass cheeks spreading them wide open and firmly gripping as much of them in my palms as possible.

A responding moan to me grabbing her ass let me know my mom wanted more. That's when my aunt grabbed my harden cock, directing it towards my mom. Aunt April could feel the prominent veins coursing up my shaft as her hand positioned my head at my mom's pussy lips.

She traced it back and forth, spreading the welcoming wetness of her warm pussy juices over my cock. My mom breathed heavier and rose up on her arms bringing her tits to my face.

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I lapped at her enormous hanging tits, sucking her nipples into my mouth. Aunt April slapped my swollen cock against her ass, letting my mom hear how hard and ready it was.

My mother bit her bottom lip bracing herself for me to enter her. Now fully prepared to take her son in whole, she slightly arched her back as Aunt April slid my head pass the entrance of her swollen pussy lips. Fuck. It was so warm and tight. Once my head was sealed inside the clutch of her cunt, my mom moaned intensely trying to allow her pussy to adjust to my size.

I flexed my thighs and thrust my hips upward sliding deeper and deeper inside my own mother. Aunt April caressed my balls as Mom's legs noticeably quivered while she slowly consumed my cock inch by inch until her ass cheeks met my balls. Aunt April let go of my balls as my mom began pounding my cock. My hands spreading her cheeks wide, rhythmically followed lead as she rose and fell again and again fucking me.

She lifted herself up by planting her hand on my chest for support and cupped and squeezed her tit with the other. Her eyes were closed facing the ceiling, now methodically thrusting up and down faster and faster on my cock as our skin smacked in unison. "Ooooh…Mikey!" "Fuck…Oooh…Mom. That feels so good." I caught view of Aunt April walking to the other side of the bed where my head slightly hung off the mattress. Her naked body in full view seductively walking in my direction was honestly the hottest thing I had ever seen in life.

Her body exuded a sense of such confidence…such demand. Aunt April walked right behind my head as my mother continued to ride me. My aunt licked her lips and suddenly grabbed a hold of my hair. Now with control, she slowly pulled my head back a bit bringing me face to cunt with her wet inviting pussy lips.

She maneuvered her pussy on top of my mouth and my arms reached back to grab her substantial hips for support. I wasted no time eating my aunt's pussy out while she now sat on my face with her knees on the bed.

Juices rushed out her opening in reaction to my tongue's licking and sucking. I made out with her pussy making sure to tease her clit especially well before fucking her with my tongue.

"Ooooh fuck yes baby…Oh yess my sweet little Mikey.

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Eat that pussy. Ooooh god Mikey you're making me cummm!" Wave after of my warmth flowed into my mouth letting me taste my aunt. Just as I was licking it up, my mom screamed in pure ecstasy. "Mikeyyy! Fuck yesss!" I felt my mom cum on my cock. Her whole body shook as she now tightly squeezed my arms.

The warmth of my mother's cum set me off. Without notice, load after load after fucking load of cum shot out my cock. My mom collapsed on the bed while my cock continued to spurt a few lasts drops. My Aunt collapsed on the other side me. We all just laid on the bed together trying to catch our breath, just panting in silence. [END Chapter 6]