Mommy Tanya Tate and Katerina Kay Licking Each Other Out

Mommy Tanya Tate and Katerina Kay Licking Each Other Out
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I Dream Of You I had a dream about you the other night. I had just come home after running some errands to get some supplies for my big rig. When I entered through the door, you are sitting on the sofa in your blue kimono, legs folded under you and looking at me from beneath your lashes, biting your lower lip.

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You look so demure and sexy I am aroused instantly. My cock grew and strains against my pants trying to stand erect. I take the sight of you in more slowly, looking you up and down and give a sly smile. I asked where daughter is and you say that she's spending two nights at a friend's house for the weekend. It's Thursday afternoon. We have tonight, a teacher work day tomorrow and a full day Saturday before we pick her up. Puzzled, I ask if you took Friday off and you say you did.

I am a little stunned that you would do that. But then I put two and two together and figure you want this time together. I step closer to you and you kneel on the floor in front of me, reaching up to unbuckle my belt. I am surprised but I don't stop you or question the act at first. It would seem you want this so I let it happen. So few times have you opened up and taken the lead. I keep remembering you saying you didn't need sex as much as me, but this time, it seems you do.

I'm not sure what is really going on and take your hands gently in mine. I look into your eyes and ask if this is what you want. You nod you do and I let go. Working my jeans and boxers down, you take my cock and give me an incredible experience. I struggle to keep from cumming and almost succeed when your tongue starts dancing around the head of it with quick flicks and hard sucking.

I can't take any more and after another minute of this sweet agony I tilt my head back and grunt as I cum in your mouth, jerking from the spasms of my orgasm. When my cock stops pulsing my cum into your mouth, I look back down and into your eyes. You pull away and let my cock slip from between your tightly closed lips as you look up at me.

My jaw drops open as I witness your throat working to swallow it. I know you don't like to swallow but you do this time and it titillates me. I realize too that you do this to please me.

You spread your thighs and place your hands, palm down on top of them and look up at me. Your eyes ask me if I am pleased. I am. I am also surprised but I also am coming to a realization of your nature I have suspected for years. I smile and reach down to lift you up and take your hands. You stand and I hug you in a long, gentle embrace. You return the embrace and I feel a change in your demeanor. I let go and you do too stepping back a little. I look into your sparkling hazel eyes then lean over and kiss your lips gently.

You don't turn your head and you kiss me back putting your arms around the back of my neck. When we finish, I start to lean over to undo my boot laces.

You kneel down and do it for me. I just watch as you take my boots off coming to that realization. You just smile as you work to remove my clothes. When you stand and take my shirt off, you simply say that you are my submissive wife.

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I don't argue and having you confirm my thoughts on your demeanor since we began seeing each other seems to be finally coming to reality. I knew you were naturally submissive but couldn't consistently test the idea without fear of offending your sensibilities.

If I were too rough, you'd withdrawal from me. But other times I was a little rough and I wouldn't get the cold shoulder. From the first night we spent together I felt you were submissive but was afraid to go too far too fast to prove it.

Our first anal sex seemed to lead me in this direction. The more we experimented, the more I felt you didn't have much in the way of limits so I kept on trying new things. You never protested and that too was a clue.

I wanted you to be my submissive woman. My submissive wife. You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. Once there I see you have all the toys laid out. You stand back and remove your kimono, letting it drop to the floor. You stand naked, waiting. You turn and move toward the bathroom doorway. You stand just inside the doorway and raise your hands over your head as if you are reaching for something. You stand facing the mirror and spread your feet wide and remain there, waiting.

Then I realize what your actions mean. Calmly and without hesitation, I pick up the soft cuffs and crawl between your legs into the bathroom. Kneeling in front of you I wrap the soft cuffs around your ankles and latch them to hooks already mounted in the wall down low.

You bring your arms down and I wrap a cuff on each wrist. I raise your right arm and snap the catch to the hook bolted to the wall. I do the same to the other wrist. Though there is enough slack for you to release the cuffs on your own if needed, it's symbolic and as a good sub, you don't try.

I kneel before your naked body. I can see you looking at us in the mirror and your nipples respond by standing erect and proud forming hard peaks on the tips of your breasts.


I reach out and touch your pussy, sliding a finger between the folds to find you wet with desire and anticipation. I crawl back through the doorway then stand up, looking at which toys I will use. I choose the nipple chain and coming up behind your restrained body, I reach around to the front and clamp the nipple chain on. The pressure of the clamps is uncomfortable for a moment but soon subsides. It's been a long time since your nipples have had clamps on them.

Too long I think to myself. Returning to the toys laid out I look them over again. I retrieve the vibrating clamp and return to you. I kneel down between your legs and gently clamp it to the hood of your clit so you won't get hurt. The vibrator looks like a small egg with a clamp and I watch it dangle there, pulling on the hood and swaying as you move slightly.

The cord hangs to the floor where the control is laying. I look up your body and caress your stomach and legs for a minute. You are calm and know I won't hurt you. Still, you take a deep breath or two and relax. As I caress you, your labia swells with anticipation as blood rushes into the area with a much heightened need. I lightly drag my finger over your clit and you catch your breath. I reach up and lightly drag my fingertips across your breasts avoiding your nipples.

You have such pretty breasts. Your narrow waist accentuates the smoothness of your body, the flatness of your stomach and the wide flare of your hips that always excite me. I scoot back into the bedroom and look at the toys once more. I open a condom and roll it onto the curvy, medium sized vibrator. I turn it on to test the batteries are good. I watch you react as the vibrator buzzes. You tense slightly. I say in a soft gentle tone to relax and rub my hand up and down your back for a short time.

You do and I return to the toys. I pick up a pair of vibrating eggs with clamps, the chrome pair of vibrating eggs and your G-Spot vibrator. After entering the bathroom again, I wash the toys in warm water and soap. I kneel in front of you again and lean forward. I lick your clit and you gasp a little at the sensation. I do it again and you begin to swoon as your head lolls from side to side then back.

I stand and hold your chin in my hand and bring your face to mine. "Mine." I say in a low firm tone. I lean forward and press my lips against yours. You try to avoid it but I won't let you.

I press my lips firmly against yours and kiss them tenderly. A moment later you begin to return my kiss as your passion begins to rise quelling the fear. I let go of your chin and start to back away. You lean forward to keep from breaking the kiss you want to keep going.

Our lips part and I tell you you're a good woman. You can still kiss me the way I like to be kissed. You moan slightly in disappointment at the parting. Your head leans forward as you lean against the restraints.

You can't fall down as they hold you up. I reach around and give you firm smack on your right butt cheek. You give a start and stand up, eyes shooting open. You try to glare at me but my neutral stare convinces you there is no malice in the spank.

Just a playful spank. You look down at the floor. I ask you what you want me to do next. You shake your head but say nothing. I spank your left butt cheek and you moan slightly. The clamp on the hood of your clit is jerking about, tugging on the hood, stimulating your clit. Your breathing quickens as your body betrays its pleasure. "You are a natural submissive. I have suspected it for a long time my dear.

I can accept that as fact now. From this point forward you are my submissive woman. I will give you as much pleasure as I want to give and you'll accept it, willingly. You'll be at my beck and call. Do you understand?" I say.

You hesitate for a moment. I lift your chin gently with my finger and look into your beautiful eyes. They look into mine, searching, a bit fearful. I lean forward and kiss you gently. You return the kiss. Whether out of fear or passion I do not know.

It doesn't matter at this point. I ask again if you understand. You simply nod, your eyes closed. I squeeze your left ass cheek hard and repeat the question. You gasp a little and say yes. I release it and gently caress it giving a gentle pat, soothing it. "You've always been a submissive since I've known you." I say. "You did try everything when we were experimenting in sex. At least everything I wanted to try. Remember the first time we tried anal back at The Hollows?

That was an incredible feeling. You got used to it as far as I could tell and you never denied me. You denied me more and more over the years and I never figured out why. Now I don't have to wonder. I didn't realize then you had started to fear a lot of things, anal sex one of them." I said as I picked up the KY Jelly and knelt behind you.

I tell you to lean forward and push your ass back. You do and I smear the jelly over your pussy and between your cheeks. I slowly press the tube of KY Jelly to your anus and squeeze the tube making sure I get enough in. You almost flinch but think better of it. "Don't worry, I won't take you there yet." I say. I know you're tensing up.

I pick up the twin chrome vibrating eggs and insert them into a condom. Once done I bring the first up and press it against your anus and gently push. I say to relax as I can feel you tense up. "Relax honey. It will go easier. I won't stop so just relax.

I put constant pressure on it against your anus. Eventually you relax enough and it slides in. I hear a little squeak come from you as I push my finger it after the vibrator making sure it goes deep enough. Then I begin the press the second one in and again push it in with my finger. I wash my hands in cold water and press two cold fingers against your clit. Your eyes open wide and you gasp. I rub your clit in little circles as you begin to respond to the stimulation.

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I kneel again and insert two fingers into your pussy slowly. Twisting them as I push them in and pull them out to make sure they are covered in your juices. You are so wet and ready I can hardly stand it. You moan as I push in three fingers deeper and deeper.

I can feel you try to relax to let them in. As I do, I can feel the vibrators inside your ass through the membranes. I'll be inside you while a vibe is inside your ass again one day. I reach down turn them on low.

You make a little whine as they vibrate inside you while I rub your clit gently. After massaging your clit for a minute, I reach over and get the vibrating eggs with clamps and clamp one to the clamp on your left nipple. I do the same to the one on your right nipple, the weight of them pulling down on the clamps and your nipples.

Up to this point your mouth has been closed fairly tightly. When I turn these vibrators on, your mouth opens and you gasp again in delight. Then you clench your teeth, sucking air in and pushing air out between them as you react to the sensations. I turn the vibes up to medium. You try to stand up straight but I spank you to keep you leaning forward.

You moan and make little squeals as your nipples are buzzed by the vibes. Lastly, I pick up the medium size vibrator and lube it up with the KY Jelly. There isn't any real need to do this because you're so wet already. However, I care whether or not you are pleasured and do it anyway. I will take care of my submissive woman. I turn the vibrator on low speed and press it against your pussy. Your legs sag slightly as if to open yourself more to me.

I push in and with a single slow thrust, I bury it inside you on the first stroke. I watch it disappear inside you. I rhythmically push it in and pull it out. While I'm fucking you with the vibrator, I rub your clit a little. You moan and gasp a little more. I reach down and turn the vibrator clamped to the hood of your clit on to medium.

You gasp again and your legs go rigid. I stand up and hold the vibrator in you and reach around to press a finger to your anal opening. I can feel the vibes have slipped down a little so I press them in deeper.

The sensation makes you squeal again. I know you don't like it much but I will do it. You're beginning to breath heavily now and you're beginning to feel the first flares of an orgasm coming on.

I remove my finger from your ass and reach down to lower the speed of the vibrator on your clit and hold the vibrator in your pussy deep inside you and let you simmer a little.

Standing, I kiss you. You're in the early stages of delirious pleasure. Your over stimulated mind can't grasp what's going on much less why. I turn the speed of the vibes in your ass up to high and the one in your pussy to medium. Then I turn the vibes on your nipples clamps up to three quarters. I slide the middle finger of my right hand into your pussy next to the dildo. I get it good and wet then bring it to your lips. You hungrily suck on it until I pull it away. You lean as far forward as you can to keep from having to let go.

Your need is rising and you want a distraction but I don't give it to you. I kneel again in front of you and begin fucking your pussy with the dildo once again. This time I've turned the speed up another notch and changed the vibrating pattern to the pulsing that seems to get you so worked up. Between the vibes on your nipples, clit and inside your ass, the dildo is the central focus. You're getting worked up to explode as I am relentless in stroking it into and out of your pussy. Your legs begin to shudder as more of your weight shifts to the restraints as you get closer to orgasm You begin to moan louder and then through clenched teeth you grunt as your first contraction to climax reaches your core.

"I want you to hold it my dear submissive wife. Don't cum yet." I say. You begin to shudder again. "Don't cum yet my love. Not yet." I repeat. You're straining to comply with my wishes but find it more and more difficult to obey. Just then, I give you permission to cum "Cum for me my love." I command. "Cum hard for me. Cum like you've never cum before." I say firmly but encouragingly. Your legs are shuddering and you do cum as you grunt out loud, muscles clenching then relaxing.

Your orgasm is powerful. On your first contraction, the vibes in your ass are forced out and fall to the floor. I can feel your pussy trying to push the dildo inside you out now and I force it to stay in for a few moments before letting it come free.

The act of removing it sets off another wave of convulsions. You're body shakes and shudders uncontrollably as it is enraptured in the delirious pleasure of a full body orgasm.

You are panting and moaning as your pussy convulses. The clit vibe is still vibrating against your clit keeping your orgasm rolling on. After a while I remove the vibe. The sudden removal of the stimulation raises yet another smaller wave.


I remove the vibes from your nipple clamps and you suddenly slacken against the restraints, panting. A sheen of perspiration covers your body from head to toe. Your juices drip from your labia in long strings of slippery, sticky wetness. Your abdomen still convulses in little waves. You slump against the restraints, spent. I kneel down and release the ankle restraints.

Standing you up, I hold one arm around your waist and release the restraint on your left wrist. I switch and release the right one. I pull your right arm over my shoulder and help you to the bed. I can still feel you shudder slightly as I lay you down.

I realize I can fuck you now without any resistance but I don't feel like it. I feel it would be a waste as you wouldn't feel the sensations of intercourse.

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My cock has been dripping precum like a leaky faucet and want relief. But I wait. When you come to about an hour later, I'm laying beside you. I've been watching you sleep, shudder and otherwise glow with sexual pleasure. You look over at me and stare. I'm trying to figure out what's going on inside that pretty head of yours. Trying to read you is hard at best. Your look tells me your serious about something. You get up and roll over on top of me.

Laying on me you grind your pussy onto my cock. When you start kissing me I realize you want to bring me to climax this time. I know I won't last long but I will try. When my cock becomes erect, you lean up on your knees and press yourself down on it. I reach up and hold your waist. I haven't removed the nipple chain and won't for the time being.

As you rise and fall on my cock, the chain lifts and drops, yanking down on your nipples at the bottom of each stroke. This excites my arousal more and know I'm not going to pleasure you very much this way.

I can feel my insides roil as I'm about to cum inside you. I hold off a little longer and with a grimace I say I'm going to cum through clenched teeth.

You sit down hard as I pull you down onto me as I thrust up to meet you. My seed rushes through my cock with such force that it hurts. You clench down on my cock, milking it. That prolongs my orgasm. The feeling of you clenching around my cock is incredible.

Your little back and forth movements also feel good as your grind your pubic bone against mine, putting pressure on your clit. You rock your hips in short, quick movements to get that little extra stimulation. When I'm done, you remain sitting on top and make little circles with your hips on my groin.

You're holding your breasts but you do not remove the chain. Then you lean forward. The nipple chain drops down against my chest as you kiss me. You lean harder into me and I can feel the clamps pressing into my chest. Then you lean up. I pull you back down and raise my head up and gently kiss your pretty breasts and lick and kiss your wonderful large nipples.

You shudder slightly at the touch. I reach up and release the left clamp. You moan as I tenderly kiss and lick it then blow on it a little. I perform the same ritual on the right nipple. Before you roll off and lay next to me, you give a warm kiss.

Laying beside me, you put your head on my shoulder, using it as a pillow. I drop my arm around you protectively and hug you close. "I love you AnnE Mine." I say softly. I can feel your lips smile against my neck at the possessive title. We drift off to a fitful sleep. You stay close and don't move away or sleep with your back to me. Instead, you spoon me as often I spoon you. With both sides of the bed pumped up, it's easier for us to do that since I can't sleep on my back for long.

When I awaken, I find you aren't in bed. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and got up to take a shower. All the toys were washed and put aside to dry already. I didn't see the cuffs and assume you are still wearing them. After getting a shower, I put on my workout shorts and come out to the living room. You're freshly showered and wearing your kimono again, much to my pleasure. Minimal clothing worn at home is my policy and you're participation in that pleases me greatly.

You look up and have that same, questioning but fearful look. I smile and sit next to you putting my arm around your shoulders, gently pulling toward me. You come willingly and lay your head on my shoulder and sigh. It's that little sigh of satisfaction I hear once in a while and it's music to my ears. Looking down at your wrists, I notice you don't have the cuffs on and figure you probably left them in the other bathroom.

I'll wait before retrieving them. For now, I just want to spend some quiet time with my woman. ___________________________ After the movie we sat on the sofa for a while not saying anything.

I sit in the corner as you lay back against me. I thought about your actions since we had sex the very first time, rolling the evidence around in my head over and over. The picture I took of you laying nude on a couch in the first apartment.

All the times we did whatever in the apartment naked. Cooking meals, taking showers and bathing together. Your smile, your attentiveness, your willingness to try new things. Even the way you walk and your smooth soft voice excited me. I thought about it all. I ask you if you are hungry. You shake your head and answer no. I say I think I'm thirsty and begin to move to get up. You sit up quickly to stand and head for the kitchen.

You get my blue cup and fill it with ice and water then bring it back to me. I say thank you. You smile and sit on your knees facing me and lay your head on my left leg. I noticed when you got up to get my water you weren't wearing anything underneath the kimono. I find I like that. After a few moments you sit upright. I look into your eyes as you look into mine before looking away.

I ask if there's something wrong and you shake your head no. I just then realize you are acting in submission. Your hands folded in your lap and avoiding eye contact directly says it all. I set my water down on the end table and lean toward you, kissing your forehead. You look up and tilt your head and we kiss each other with gentle, soft kisses.

I hold onto your upper arms and motion to lift you to stand. You do and I sit back down on the sofa looking up at you. "I want you to go get the cuffs and the purple straps and your G-Spot vibe and bring them in here please." I say. You hesitate for a moment but then turn and do as I ask.

When you bring all the things in I point to the sofa for you to lay them down. I then tell you to take off your kimono and you do, letting it slip to the floor where your stand.

I stand up and take your left hand in my right and bring you to the end of the coffee table. I tell you to sit down on it and you do. I then I lay you back on it and stretch your arms over your head which you do. I marvel at how seductive you look in this pose. I use my foot to motion for you to spread yours apart and back. When I'm done positioning you, I put the cuffs on your wrists and latch them together. Taking one of the purple straps I run the strap between your wrists and around the latch a couple of times loosely so you can still unlatch them if needed.

One thing I make sure of is to keep an "out" for you for any reason. You know how the latch works and you can get out of them at anytime. I then run the two ends of the strap between and around the legs of the end of the coffee table and latch them together holding your hands loosely over your head.

I move to your feet and put the ankle cuffs on. I latch a strap to one cuff then wrap it around the leg of the table, holding your foot firmly to the leg. I repeat the binding on your right leg and pull the ends of the straps together. They reach just enough to latch them. I stand up straight and gaze upon you. So willing you are. So submissive. My submissive. I throw my leg over and straddle your bound body. I bend down and begin kissing your forehead then your nose, eyelids, cheeks and chin before kissing your soft, wonderful lips.

We kiss for a long moment as I stand bent over you. Your breath quickens as I reach back and draw my fingers over your vulva letting them slip between your folds.

Your eyes say more. I move back a little and place light kisses on your ear lobes, sucking each one in between my lips. Then I run my tongue lightly down the side of your neck and place a hard kiss on your shoulder. Sucking hard for a moment but not enough to leave a mark. As I move down further, I lightly drag my tongue between your pretty breasts.

Your nipples have already begun to become erect with anticipation and excitement. I rub your clit with my finger finishing their arousal. I touch the tip of your right nipple and press lightly. It doesn't deform under the touch. Your breathing gets heavier as I lightly tease the nub, making it come to full attention. I run my finger lightly around the other one over your areola and it too becomes hard. I lean down and can see your large nipples are as hard as diamonds.

You gasp as I take each between my thumb and forefinger and pinch them firmly. I roll them between my fingers, twisting them, pulling them. You moan with pleasure and pain as I pull on them harder, distending them further than I dared before. I hear a little whimper telling me I'm pulling too hard. I relax my grip and let them go bending down to kiss each tenderly and run my tongue around them before blowing air across them.

My breath cools them and they remain at attention. I put something in my mouth and take your right nipple into my mouth. I hold a nipple ring between my teeth and suck your nipple through the center.

I suck hard as the ring resists but your nipple slips through the small gold ring. As I do you moan and your hips begin to gyrate, urging me to give your clit attention. Your body betrays your need to be satisfied and I will be more than happy to give it to you, in my own time.

I do the same to your left nipple and as I pull away, both nipples are now adorned with gold jewelry. You nipples protrude through the rings and will stay erect for as long as I want. I kiss my way down your beautifully flat tummy. I linger with my tongue at your belly button.

Your belly button is so sexy. Not too deep. Not too shallow. I can imagine a jewel placed there as I reach over to pick up a ruby with a clip. I gently press the open end of the clip into your belly button and close the clasp.

It's your birthstone of course. A Ruby. I remembered there were two birthstones. In ancient Italy, during the Roman empire, Onyx would have been your birthstone as your ancestry harkens directly to that country. But the modern era birthstone is a ruby. I rather like the ruby. It symbolizes the fire of love and passion. It has been called the King of gems. I know you wouldn't go a get a piercing so I got a clip-on instead just like the nipple rings.

I glide my fingertips around your body lightly sending shivers through you. Your skin perspires as you become more aroused. You strain against the restraints trying to rub your aching clit and offer little whimpers of frustration and moans of delight.

Your legs spread and bound to the table offer me the chance to give you pleasure there. I turn around and straddle you facing the opposite direction. Standing over your head, I bend my knees and spread my legs wide, lowering my cock to your open mouth. I hover above just out of reach. You reach your tongue out trying to touch it. I lower myself and as soon as your lips close around me, I feel you suck hard as if trying to take all of me.

I lean over kiss your clit again then swipe my tongue over it. You undulate under me as the pleasure rushes through you. You are mine. I drop my open mouth over your clit and suck hard on it. The sudden action takes you by surprise and you breath in sharply around my cock. I flick your clit with my tongue hard and you moan and make little squeal noises from deep in your throat.

I can hear you struggle against the restraints as your arms constantly attempt to reach down and rub your clit with your fingers but I am in control. I gently clamp my teeth on your clit and pull. You inhale sharply and hold your breath as I pull harder. When I let your clit slip free, you exhale and begin to pant.

I do this several times before reaching for your G-Spot vibe. I turn it on and it makes a soft buzzing noise on low speed. I press it against your clit and you inhale deeply, finally getting the stimulation your aching clit needs so much. I turn the speed up and hold it tight against your clit. You release my cock and shake your head from side to side moaning louder. You're getting closer to the edge of that abyss called ecstasy.

Your legs begin to tense and try to pull up but the restraints prevent you. You lay splayed out on the coffee table as my submissive wife. You face brushes my cock and your mouth opens to suck on it. Once inside, you suck hungrily as your passion rises. I move the vibe down through your wet folds. Your juices flow such that it has run down your pussy underneath you on the table. Your juices make the vibe slick as I slide it up and down your slit. Slowly I sink the vibe into your pussy until it slips just inside.

You moan and arch your back as your hips pivot back and forth in a fucking motion. The vibe slips from your pussy and I push it back in, holding it there against your G-Spot. You're getting more and more stimulated as I suck on your clit and flick it with my tongue. Soon you're breathing is coming in pants as you get closer to climax. I rise up and step around, kneeling between your open legs, holding the vibe inside you.

I come at your clit again and this time I tell you to cum this time. You're so close it would be too hard to keep from cumming. I return to sucking your clit as I reach up with one hand and lightly rub each trapped nipple. I look up and see how large they are.

Large round nubs atop the peaks of your breasts. Trapped by the triple rings that bind them. You're moans are louder now as your almost there. Almost. I turn the speed of the vibe to full and you gasp unable to believe there's more. I slip two fingers inside you and press the vibe harder against your G-Spot. You begin to shake and moan louder. I am relentless. Your orgasm is all I want and I put words to that thought. I tell you I want your orgasm. I tell you to cum now in a firm tone.

Your shuddering body succumbs to the pleasure as you realize how good this feels. Then, your back arches and I hear your scream as you cum. A gush of fluid squirts out and hits me in the face. Another squirt gushes over my right hand as I hold the vibe inside you. Your leg muscles tense and strain against the bonds while your abdomen convulses uncontrollably forcing your back to arch as you experience a whole body G-Spot orgasm. I hold the vibe in place and lick your wet pussy not letting you down from your climax just yet.

Your taste is like ambrosia to me and I lap up your juices eagerly. I pull the vibe from you and you jerk slightly. Your panting hard, your heart is pounding and your body quakes from sheer pleasure. I turn off the vibe and lick your juices from it before setting it down. I lean forward and lap up the juices of your sex eagerly and watch as your stomach convulses while your pussy contracts involuntarily. Your body is caught in the throws of the ultimate orgasm and I am enjoying cleaning you up.

I hear your whisper something. I lean close and listen. You tell me you want me inside you. I put my cock in your mouth and you suck on it until I'm ready. I spread my legs to straddle the table and lower myself to enter you. The position is awkward so I unbind your ankles. You raise your quivering legs up and I mount you in the missionary position.

Reaching over you, I unlatch the wrist cuffs from each other. Your arms free you bring them around me and try to hold me tight, wrapping legs around my waist and pulling me into you hard. I know you want it hard so I give it to you hard. As our pubic bones slam together with each thrust, your body jerks up with each impact. I am coming close all too soon. The smell of your sex, the vision of your body and the feeling of you clinging to me is more than I can take before I reach my own orgasm.

With one final thrust, I cum inside you as thick ropes of my seed shoot deep inside you. My own body in a sweat, my own breathing in a pant, my legs shaking from the exertion, you hold on to me tightly as if I'll disappear like vapor. We hold on to each other as our bodies convulse together with sexual pleasure.

"Mine." I here you whisper in my ear. I look into your beautiful hazel eyes and smile. Your lips part slightly and we kiss a warm and affectionate kiss for a long moment. Never have we had such powerful sexual release. You let me go and I help you up to lay on the sofa in my arms.

Soon we fall asleep, exhausted once again. When we wake, it is night. Realizing we've slept for several hours, we don't want to get up. We're comfortable as we are and after a few words of affection, we slip back into sleep. The next time we wake, we are lying on the floor with the comforter under us from the sofa. At some point during the night, I moved the coffee table further from the sofa to lie down. I don't remember this but figure this is the best explanation.

I look over and watch you as you sleep. You have a serene look about you as your breathing is even and steady belying your underlying capacity for the lusty passion you are capable of inside. Instead, it shows only the love and serenity of life. I feel in awe of the beauty and wonder you are endowed with and the offer you make to me as my submissive wife. _____________________________________ After fully waking we share a tender loving shower together.

While there I loosen the nipple rings and remove them and set them on the counter. I remove the belly gem from your navel and lay it aside too. When finished showering, we dry off and head to the bedroom to dress to go out.

I look over and see you pick up your slacks. I place a hand gently on yours. You look up and I shake my head no. I ask you to wear your yellow sun dress because I find it's so beautiful on you. You smile at the compliment and go into the closet to get it.

I wish I could get you lots more dresses that you like and fit you properly. I make up my mind that we'll go to JC Penny to look for another one while we're out. Maybe I'll get you a short dress that comes to your knees to wear around the house while I'm home. You come out of the closet and show me the favored dress holding it up to your body.

I nod approvingly and you finish getting dressed in your favorite panties. When you reach for a camisole, I stop you and turn you toward me. You look at me with a puzzled frown. I hold up a pair of pasties. Pasties cover your nipples and areola's without anything else. Your large nipples might be a problem but I encourage you to try them.

These pasties look like the drawn flowers of the sixties you'd see on the old VW Bus and Beetles. You stick them to your pretty breasts and turn toward me. You ask if I like them and I nod. They will keep your nipples from rubbing against the fabric and get irritated since they are quite sensitive now from all the attention they have received since yesterday. I hand you the dress and you pause a moment. You realize I don't intend for you to wear the camisole.

You put the dress over your head and let it flow down the length your lithe body with a tug here and there. You put your hands to your breasts checking to make sure the pasties stay put. Satisfied they will, you leave the bedroom as I finish dressing. I pick up the Smart Balls and the remote vibrating egg and put them in a plastic bag. I put the new nipple chain and clit clip with dangle in another bag putting them in my cargo shorts pockets.

I relish the thought of you wearing the sexy body jewelry. I then pick up the new gold waist chain, anklet and bracelet in hand. The anklet and bracelet are adorned with a single ruby gem while the waist chain has three rubies in a single dangle from the front. I leave the bedroom and come up to you in the living room. You turn and I hold out the waist chain, anklet and bracelet out to you. You take them gingerly and ask what they are for. I reply they are for you and to wear them.

I turn to retrieve something expecting you to put them on. I go the bathroom and get the clip-on belly ruby. When I return, your dress is hiked up as you put the waist chain on and turn it so the dangle faces the front.

I see the anklet and bracelet have already been put on. I step up to you and kneel in front of you to put the belly gem on. You hold your breath fearing it will hurt but I am gentle and clip it on without discomfort. I sit back on my heels and take a good long look at how much more sexy you have become in the last 24 hours. I look up at you and tell you I know you think you look like a harlot. But in reality, you are anything but.

Wearing sexy jewelry isn't an abomination. It's an admiration of your beauty. The last thing I do is stand and lift up a gold chain necklace with a solitaire ruby hanging from it. Your eyes grow wide and can't believe I've gotten yet more for you to wear. I ask if you like it and you hesitate as if afraid to say yes or no. I stand behind you and gently place in around your neck. I close the Victorian clasp and turn your around. The necklace is short and the ruby rides high against your chest.

The necklace is called a choker and I added a few links so it wouldn't be snug like a velvet choker band. Instead, it looks elegant around your long slender neck adding just the right amount class. The small ruby rests in the hollow of your throat at your collar bone perfectly.

You take a deep breath and if you're putting up with the charade. I gently take your arm and face you to me. I kiss you gently and tell you this is no charade. You are mine and it pleases me to dress you up in pretty jewelry. You frown and argue the waist chain and the belly gem can't be seen and the anklet makes you feel like a harlot.

You pout because you don't like to feel this way. I tell you I understand that you feel like that but can't help that you do. You simply have to get over the feeling and change your attitude about feeling beautiful.

I find you are beautiful with and without jewelry but I like giving you gifts that make you look more so on you. I want to adorn you with beautiful things to show how much I cherish you.

You sigh and look down at the floor, unbelieving that I tell you these things or unable to accept the truth of them. I take your hand and lead you out the door. I know about the jewelry beneath your clothing and that's all the matters.

Nobody but me cares for you like I do. After locking up the house, I open the car door for you to enter. It's hot inside so I leave it open to get in on the driver's side to start the engine.

Once the air is on and cooling you close your door and we pull out and head toward the mall. On the way there, we speak little. I know your mind is whirring about on the jewelry but I can't easy your mind about it.

Until you accept my gifts, I can't help you with your feelings. When we arrive at the mall, we go in to the first department store and head for the women's section to look at dresses for tall women. You don't seem enthusiastic and I know you don't like shopping for clothes. You understand that this is what I want and you try to get into the mood.

After seeing a few dresses that you might like, your outlook changes somewhat. Trying on a dress makes you feel better about it and you want to try another. Soon you're putting on a fashion show for me and I'm delighted you are starting to enjoy yourself. Each dress you come out in to show me you lose a little of the self trepidation you carry. In no time, you're enjoying this experience and want to go do some more window shopping. I'm pleased you want to and ask the sales lady to hold two of the dresses you seem to really like aside for us while we go have lunch.


While at lunch you brush your leg against mine under the table. I look up and give you a sly smile as you give me a teasing one. You're in a playful mood as you feed a french fry to me. We laugh and are having a good time. I decide to postpone handing you the nipple chain and clit clip for now. After lunch we walk about and head into several stores looking about. You look at more dresses but don't seem to find anything in particular you like in many of these shops.

We look in the big department stores too. One seems to have something you like but at $800, you gasp and put it back quickly. The dress is a full length dark-green backless silk evening gown. The kind worn to a formal social party. I pull it back out and find it's a medium. I walk you to the sales counter and ask the clerk if you can try it on. She says yes and shows you to the dressing room. You remove your waist chain and belly gem so they won't snag on the silk.

You're nervous and trembling at trying on such an expensive gown. After sliding into it, you look at yourself in the mirror before coming out to show me. When I see you my breath catches in my throat as I stare, bewildered. Your face burns in embarrassment as you turn slowly, holding your arms slightly away from your sides. The gown is stunningly jaw dropping on you and rather form fitting as well. It hugs your curves almost like second skin as the material forms around your breasts.

The outline of the pasties can be seen faintly if the light is right. The pasties almost keep your nipples from showing but still show they strain to keep your large nipples from standing out. The gown curves up over your shoulders, down your chest and tummy to the floor flowing over your hips like a green shimmering waterfall as it moves with you. I don't notice any panty lines and assume you have taken them off.

The gown flows around your ass in a sweet curve as the material tries to form to the cleavage of your cheeks. You look stunning! After removing the gown and dawn your own dress, you put your panties back on and the waist chain. You try to put the belly gem back on and with some difficulty manage it. You had the opportunity to leave them off and put them in your purse but you don't want to displease me and not wear the gifts. When you return the dress to the sales lady and leave, you are flushed and seem to be near fainting.

Once outside the store we spot a bench and you decide to sit down for a while. Your hands are shaking and your body trembling. I hold you close and you calm down a little.

You reach into your purse and pull out a bottle of water and take a few sips. You tell me that was the most nervous you've been and that you don't want to do that ever again. I smile and figure it's just the sticker shock.

You are not accustomed to the finer things and feel they are out of your league. Just trying on a magnificent gown like that isn't in your reality.

I tell you it's okay. You're worth every minute of every day to have tried that dress on for the first time. I'm proud of you that you did try it on. You calm down still in wonder at the gown. You look into my eyes and ask if you really did look pretty in it. I tell you that you looked stunningly beautiful in that gown.

After a few moments, you smile and kiss me for the compliment. A few minutes later I suggest we get ice cream and see what else we can do. You decide you don't want any ice cream but do want to look around some more. We do and wind up back in the first department store.

The two dresses we put aside were handed back and you try them on again. The first was a yellow dress, gathered at the waist and fell to just below your knees. It didn't have a deep cut like most of the dresses did and I find it to be very pretty on you.

You start commenting on altering it here and there and I smile and nod it's okay. The second dress is a shade of green I can't quite describe.

It's light but not mint or pale green. It's more like a light green with a gold embroidered hem. This looks good too and comes only just above your knees. I know you don't like this one because of that so you return it to the counter after changing into a longer version of the same dress. This one is also a sun dress with wide shoulder straps, mid cut collar and back and loose hanging like your yellow one you already have.

I nod and you go back to change into your dress and return We buy the dresses and you're happy. All these years I thought you didn't like dresses but they are much prettier on you than slacks and I tell you so. You seem surprised at this and shake your head. You didn't know I liked you in dresses that much and you tell me so. As we leave the store and head for the car, I ask where you want to go next.

You don't answer so I decide for us and take us to the big lake park and go for a walk. Once there and in the woods walking, we talk about things we haven't talked about in a long time. As the subject changes from one to another, we realize we are at the far end of the lake. I see a side trail and wonder where it goes and start for it.

You follow and before long, we're completely out of sight of the lake and anything else. The only things we can see are trees close together. Even sounds from boats on the lake don't reach us.

You have a nervous expression on your face when I turn to you. The trail is clear but unmarked on any map but nothing and nobody is around. We walk a little further down the trail before stopping to look around.

I wrap my arm around your waist and pull you tight to me. You give a little gasp and try to push away. I simply shake my head no and you stop. Looking into my eyes I kiss you. You pull back a little but I lean further into you. We kiss and your arms come up around me and we hold each other and kiss for several minutes. My hands glide up and down your back gently as they wander further down to rest on your ass.

I give them a soft squeeze. You try not to react but can't help it. My hands have already begun to lift your dress. My probing fingers slide up and down between your cheeks.

My left hand slides around the front and dips into your panties snaking its way to your pussy. I kneel down and pull your panties down do your knees and slide my hands back up your thighs. You look nervously around for anyone that might come upon us. As my fingers slide between your folds, you sigh and your wet pussy envelopes my fingers.

Pressing them further into your pussy, I slip a third finger in and slide them in and out, finger fucking you. I pick up speed and allow my thumb to bump your clit with each stroke. Your legs begin to get weak so I turn you to lean against a tree. Kneeling again I lift your dress and place my mouth on your clit and suck. The sensation runs through your body like lightning to your brain and you jerk slightly. Here we are having sex in the woods. What a delicious event.

You reach down to try and rub your clit but you can't with my mouth over it. You step a half step from the tree and lean back against it. This pushes your pussy out as you spread your feet and bend your knees. You moan slightly as my tongue flicks over your clit as I suck on it, drawing it from its protective hood. As I continue to suck your clit, your wetness begins to run down the inside of your thighs.

I pull out the remote vibrating egg from the plastic bag and gently roll it in your juices to lube it. I stop sucking your clit and slowly insert the vibe.

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It's 1 ¾" in diameter about three inches long but slips in easily. The bottom is flat to help keep them from falling out. With two fingers, I push it in as deep as I can reach. Not even the retrieval cord hangs out. You inhale deeply and sigh with a slight whimper at the intruder. Next I pull out the clit clip with dangle. Gently pulling on your clit, I slip the clips over the hood and pinch it closed. I roll your clit between my thumb and finger bringing you pleasure.

You mouth opens as your breathing quickens. I adjust the clip so the dangle hangs in the right spot.

I sit back on my heels and admire the new erotic jewelry mounted there. I check the belly gem and it's secure as well. I pull your panties snug against your pussy trapping the dangling jewels against your clit.

I reach around and unzip your dress and pull it from your shoulders. I lift your wrists so your dress will catch on your arms at the elbows. I gently pull the pasties off and stuff them into a pocket. Next I pull out the new nipple chain from the plastic bag and hold it up for you to see. Each ring has three turns, similar to the ones I used last night but with a gold shield shaped like a small sunburst attached to them. A gold chain connects the two rings and shields.

Each shield contains a single tiny ruby at each of the eight points of the starburst. I take one of the shields and place the ring portion between my teeth and line up your left nipple with the center before closing my lips against the shield and suck your nipple through it and the ring. You make a tight little noise in your throat as if the sensation was too much. I can imagine it is. I place the other ring between my teeth and repeat the procedure on your right nipple.

The chain is 11 inches long and hangs with a light curve between your nipples. I stand back to take a look at how erotic you look. When I do I see you're rubbing your clit and have dislodged the clit clip. I adjust it and let your dress fall to its length. I stand back and admire the erotic jewelry once more. The gold rings holding the nipple shields and chain in place is incredibly arousing. I pull the remote control from my pocket. You eye it, knowing what it is.

This is the first time I've used it outside the house. I press the first button and it turns on low speed. You flinch as it comes awake inside you. You begin to reach down and I grab your wrist, spinning you around to grab the other and hold them behind you. I tell you that you cannot touch yourself. I tell you to put your hands on the tree. You nod and I let go of your wrists. You reach forward and lean your hands against the tree.

I use my foot to spread your feet a tad more then lift your dress and bunch it around your waist using the waist chain to hold it there. I tell you to keep your hands on the tree. You nod your understanding but are breathing in short quick breathes unable to speak. I stand back and walk around you, admiring your predicament.

With no one around, I can enjoy you outdoors and walk until I lose sight of you through the trees. I can't get farther than ten yards before losing sight of you. When I return to you, I then kneel behind you and slide two fingers inside your pussy. In and out, in and out as I finger fuck you. I add a third finger as your opening is relaxing some with an occasional clench as the sexual pleasure rolls through you.

I then place my fingers, wet with your juices against your anus and press one wet, slick finger into your ass. You gasp and whimper. I tell you I will take you there and to just relax. You clench as I try to put my finger back in. I smack your left ass cheek. The sound dies quickly in the dense woods. You whine and I smack your right cheek. You whine again at the sting. You remain in place as I press a finger into your ass again, this time with much less resistance. I slide in a second finger slowly, giving you time to adjust to them, I raise my left hand and insert two fingers into your pussy and slowly finger fuck you.

Your hips begin to gyrate in slow circles as the sexual sensations of stimulation take over. Two fingers also slowly fuck into you. Slowly your ass opens more to allow both fingers in fully. You're ready. I remove my fingers and drop my cargo shorts roll on a condom.

Standing behind you I insert my cock into your pussy and fuck you there for a couple of minutes while I hold a finger in your ass. When I pull out, I press my cock against your anus and push with steady pressure until you relax enough to let it in.

I push in slowly but steadily only retreating a slight bit. I repeat this until my cock is buried deep in your ass. I can feel the vibe in your pussy buzzing away on low speed. I simply stay buried deep in your ass without moving and adjust the vibe's speed up to medium high. You clench at the change and can't keep breathing through your nose any longer. A loud moan escapes past your lips and the vibe in your pussy buzzes away while the cock in your ass fills you.

You start to move back and forth as if to get me to fuck your ass. I do start fucking it. The vibe in your pussy sending waves of vibrations through your pussy into my cock in your ass and the tightness of your ass is too much.

I turn the vibe on high speed and through clenched teeth I grunt and cum hard, filling the condom. I stay buried deep and feel you clench around me as you begin to cum. I reach around and rub your nipples lightly sending you over the edge. Your knees buckle under you and you sink to the ground making sure you don't let go of the tree.

I slip the condom off and put it in an empty plastic bag. I pull out a hand wipe from a pocket pack and clean myself off putting the wipe in the bag with the condom before putting the bag in a pocket. Your breathing becomes a pant as you rise to your climax. I pull my cargo short on again and lean over to whisper in your ear. I ask if you want to cum yet and you nod yes. I give you permission to cum and your body shudders and quakes as you grunt and moan.

I turn the vibe inside you on low again as your orgasm sweeps over you. I can see your mouth hanging open as you shake with pleasure, still holding on to the tree. I stand behind you and watch your pussy clench. The vibe's retrieval cord is hanging out now and with a gentle pull, I removed it.

The sudden stop of vibrations make you collapse on your side as your orgasm continues. Your stomach muscles pull tight with convulsions of the orgasm as you curl into a fetal position. Your thighs are soaking wet as you have cum hard and deep. I look around making sure there are still no people around. Satisfied, I kneel next to you and smooth the hair from your eyes as your panting slows.

An involuntary contraction catches you but they too come fewer in number as you lay on your side on the forest floor. The thought of you as a mythical Forest Nymph flashes through my mind. The thought titillates my senses. A few minutes pass and I help you up. You stand against the tree as I brush the forest debris from your skin. After brushing you off, I pull out a hand wipe from my pocket pack and clean your thighs and vulva.

You flinch at the touch but do not try to move my hands away. You know better. Once cleaned up I retrieve your panties and offer to put them on. You shake your head no and I put them back. I unhook the dress from beneath the waist chain and let it fall to its full length. Brushing off that part I brush off the upper part of your body before lifting the shoulder straps of the dress over your shoulders.

You lean back against the tree, eyes closed, controlling your breathing. You have just experienced sex in the open with the excitement of the danger of being caught. You take a few more minutes to collect yourself before we head back to the car and home. You hold on to my arm to steady yourself since you can't trust yourself just yet to walk unaided. I like the feeling of dependency from you.

I like the way you hold on to me. I like the way you submit to me. I like you submissive. On the way back you are silent. I ask if you would like to go to dinner and you shake your head. You sleep the rest of the way back home. It is midafternoon and you head for the bedroom once in the house. I strip down to my boxers and empty the pockets of my cargo shorts taking care of the trash.

When I enter the bedroom, you are naked, kneeling on the bed, hands palm-down on your spread thighs while you look down at the bed. It is your new submissive pose. I tell you how pleased I am to see you ready for me. I look and see that all of the jewelry is where it should be and give you a kiss as a reward. We have only tonight left to be alone before regular family life starts back up. There is no telling how long it will be before I see my submissive wife again.

For now, she is kneeling in front of me expectantly and eager to please and be pleasured. The End