Quinton James dressed as Santa granted the holiday fucking Ariana Marie wishes

Quinton James dressed as Santa granted the holiday fucking Ariana Marie wishes
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Who Says you can't go Home Part 1, 2 and 3 So this story is 3 parts, and is rather long. It has plenty of sex in it too. One thing that has always amazed me about this site is the amount of bondage and controlling of women you guys seem to like. I can't write about that because I really don't have a clue how that works. I mean Carol and I experimented with tying each other up and then teasing, but no hitting, or things like that.

Oh, and the beastiality on here too. Sorry that is gross to Kim and myself. But I do thank all of you that follow my stories and give a thumbs up or comment. I think I have been getting better at writing. Chapter 1 I'm Jeff, 48, divorced, like so many people I know. I grew up in a small Pennsylvania town near Altoona. Both parents worked, and I had a brother who was only 15 months younger than me. We used to be close, but as time went on, we grew apart, once we made life decisions on work and where to live.

He stayed back there and became a truck driver for one of the Coal company's. I went on to college and got my BS in business, then later, my masters.

When it came time for a job, I took one with an investment company located in New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan. I did quite well for myself too, with investing for various people and myself actually. Back, just before I went off to college, I used to date this one girl Jenny. We went to high school together and started dating in our junior year and stayed together throughout high school. We were both virgins when we started but in a month's time, we were very active sexually.

My brother Jim was a year behind me in school and he was always dating different girls, until his junior year and settled on just one, Virginia, or Ginny. They too, were very active sexually too. I remember coming home from school on many occasions to hear them going at it in his bedroom. Of course, on many of those occasions, Jenny and I did the same.

Both girls were loud and didn't care if anyone heard us. Luckily, our house was outside of town and not many neighbors around. Also luckily, our parents worked almost an hour from home, so they never showed up until after 6 at night. Now Jenny was a looker too. She was 5'4, blond hair, blue eyes, 115 pounds then, and a great ass, but her breasts were on the smaller side, 34B.

Ginny on the other hand, was 5'2, 130 pound, 36C, with a chunky, but nice ass, and shoulder length dark brown hair. I always found her attractive. She had one of those personalities that always made you feel like you knew her, her whole life and could engage in any conversation too. Jenny and Ginny became really close friends too. I remember one time, during the summer before I left for college, we were drinking a bit, since my parents went to Pittsburgh to visit some relatives and wouldn't be home until the next day.

We had a pool out back. Above ground style but with a big deck. We were swimming most of the day, then decided to grill some burgers. After we ate and let our food settle, the girls said to go skinny dipping.

Once we were in naked and in the pool, the girls suggested horse fights. Where the girls get on our shoulders and then try to knock the other off. They were going at it, when I happen to look up and saw Jenny sucking one of Ginny's nipples, and Ginny was playing with Jenny one tit. I was already hard, but this just made it harder, and quite hot to watch. Jim noticed too. Then the girls both said to let them down. Jenny then came into my arms and lifted up on me to wrap her legs around me, as my cock slipped inside her.

Ginny did the same to Jim, and we all just fucked. After cumming we all raced inside the house, drank another beer and fucked more in the family room, like it was normal to do. Around 10 that evening, Jenny said they had to go. Jim and I were both bummed, but they promised to be over the next morning, since Ginny was staying at Jenny's house that night. After they left Jim and I both said how wild that was and we both wondered if the girls played together, when we weren't around.

I left for college then, a month later. Jenny and I tried to make it work, but with me gone a few hours from home, and her just going to the local college, it was too hard. This was the mid 80's and cell phones and internet were not even close to being ready, like they are now. We did write, or phone each other, but we could both tell it was doomed.

When I came home for Christmas, Jenny said she had met someone, and was sorry. I understood, but was hurting inside. Jim and Ginny were still going strong though, and two years later they were married. One thing about my brother, he can be mean at times, and I heard him yell at Ginny on many occasions.

One time, after their first child was born, they got into an argument, and Jim went to raise his hand like he was going to hit her. I looked at him and said you ever lay a hand on her, I will beat your ever lovin ass. I'm 5'11, 170 pounds, back then. My brother is 2 inches shorter, and not in good shape, with a beer belly. He knew, as I did, I could beat his ass and he backed down, but, that was the start of our estrangement.

It got so bad that we did not talk for almost 25 years, until the death of our mother, two years ago. Ginny and I would talk though, and I was always good to their kids, Jim Jr., and Amy. Myself, well I met my ex when I was a junior in college, and so was she. She was from Brooklyn and had that accent too. I always found it cute as hell. She too, was a looker, like Jenny. 5'5, blond hair, blue eyes, 125 pounds and small A cup breasts.

I loved sucking them. We married shortly after graduation and a year later Danielle was born. It was hard pregnancy for Anna. She had preeclampsia. About a year after she was born we discussed having another, but the threat of that happening again was great, so I got a vasectomy. We were still very active sexually through the years, though it was very bland. She liked missionary and once in awhile, on top, no variety or experimentation like Jen and I did.

As time wore on, Anna moved up at the hospital to a surgical nurse and I made vice president of the firm. Once Danielle moved down to DC and started Georgetown, our lives were at that point where many couples just get stale.

Sex was very infrequent, and all of a sudden, oral was out of the question. I tried talking it out with her, but she just said she wasn't interested anymore in sex. Oh well, such is life, I guess. Then a couple of years ago, she came home one day and sat me down and told me she wanted a divorce. Of course I asked if there was anyone, and she said no, but then said yes. A doctor she worked with. Come to find out, they'd been having an affair for almost 2 years and she was in love with him.

I got a good lawyer and settled with her getting half the house, but only a quarter of our savings. Little did she know, my investments I had, was only part of what she knew. I had an offshore account too, mostly for tax purposes and retirement later in life.

So that was untouched. About a year before this, my brother Jim and Ginny divorced too. He met some skank on the internet and basically left Ginny for her.

She lived in West Virginia somewhere. Ginny was devastated too. They owed a lot of money and she only worked at the bank, in town. One thing too, Ginny took care of my mom, a lot of the times. My dad had passed ten years earlier and then mom was diagnosed with cancer. It spread quickly too. Once it hit her liver, she wasn't around much longer. But, Ginny was there nightly to take care of her. Jim and Ginny's kids moved away too, so really, only my mom, and Ginny's sister were around the area.

After the funeral, I thanked Ginny for all the care she had given mom. I was always sending money back to help them out, and would come home on weekends to help out.

Jim never even called once, that I know of. Jim and I had words right after the funeral, at mom's house. He was more interested in what he was left. Mom and Dad didn't have much and the insurance basically paid off the medicine and funeral.

Mom left me the house, and nothing to Jim. She was so pissed at him for abandoning Ginny. She also made sure that Ginny could stay at the house as long as she needed a place. Ginny had eventually had to sell hers, no thanks to the deadbeat ex. The last 4 months, she was staying at mom's. I told Jim that he should never come back here again and never contact me for anything.

He just turned and walked away. Chapter 2 About a year ago, I made a decision to retire. I had enough in savings, and I was tired of the city life. Granted, I had friends, and would date some of the single women I knew. Plus I had joined a dating site that catered to older men and women, who wanted a friend and lover. That worked out pretty good, since there was plenty to choose from near New York.

I decided though, I had enough of it and decided to move back to my hometown. Since the divorce, I had sold the house and lived in an apartment, so I really didn't have a lot, when it came to furnishing and such. Anna and I had split that all up. I showed up at mom's on a brisk spring Saturday. It was the first of May, so the snow should be all gone from mother nature's system. Still though, it was chilly, on 50 out.

I did not see Ginny's yellow VW Bug, so I figured she was at work, or just plain out doing something. I guess I should have called, but figured, what the hell. It had been a few weeks since I had talked with her, so she didn't know I had retired yet. Surprise. I was standing in the living room, just looking around. The house is kind of old, built in 1930 something.

4 bedrooms up, and one bathroom. down stairs was a big living room, a huge kitchen with a pantry off of it. It also had a dining room big enough to seat 100, I swear. My dad did put in a bathroom on this floor too. The basement wasn't all that great, but we did have a rec room down there, plus a laundry room. As I stood there, I could hear footsteps on the basement steps.

Then the door opened and Ginny appeared. She had some clothes on hangers, but was dressed only in black bikini panties and a black lacy bra. "Damn" I thought. "She still looks good" Ginny let out a loud screech "Holy Shit Jeff.

You scared the shit out of me" Then tried to cover up. I laughed at her attempt to cover up. She still looked good, at least to me. I could see her nipples trying hard to poke through the flimsy material and the panties hugged her frame nicely.

Her hips were a little wider than I remember from that day in the pooland her belly had that muffin top now, but still looked pretty sexy. Of course, my mind went back to that time in the pool and then later in the house, where I saw her in all of her glory, especially when she was riding my brother.

She threw down the clothes on to the couch and said, "Oh fuck. It's not like you haven't seen me naked before" then smiled and came over and gave me a kiss and hug. "Well Gin. I must say, you still look fantastic to me. But please, go get some clothes on. It's been a while for me to see a woman dressed like this." We both laughed and she ran up the stairs, and was back down in like 2 minutes, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

I got us each a beer while she was gone and sat on the couch. She came down and sat by me and asked, "So what do I owe this pleasure?" "Well.

I am moving back here. I retired from my job and hated it there. Too many bad memories of that place. So I figured I come home to a place I knew was normal, or at least, not as sterile as that place is." Judging by the look on her face, she was pretty bummed out. "What's wrong Gin?" "Honestly, I don't have anywhere to go. But if you can give me a month, I should be able to find a place." "Bullshit. You aren't moving anywhere.

You are family. Well, Ok, you're not now, but in my mind, you still are. I would never have you move out. We have 4 bedrooms in this place, so there is plenty of room. So don't get worked up over anything. We're good. I'm sure you and I can cohabitate this place without any problems, if you want too." She had tears running down her face now. So I leaned over and pulled her in for hug. "I'm serious. This home is yours as long as you want to stay.

But, you need to warn me if you have a guest over. Like put a sock on the front door knob, and I'll make myself scarce." then chuckled "She swatted my arm. "You ass. Like some guy would want this old broad.

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But ok. Only if you are sure" I kissed her forehead and said that I was. She then told me she was meeting Jenny later for dinner and drinks. She told me I should come along, but I begged off. "I thought she was married again" Ginny laughed and said, "Was. She booted that asshole out 8 months ago. You remember Chuck Thompson. Why she married him, I'll never know. What a loser. He never could hold a job and drank all the time. He came home drunk that night. They argued and he smack her.

That was it. Booted him right out and 2 months later, divorced. Her daughter Kelly lives with her. They have a double wide over off of Oak. She made the biggest mistake not waiting on you. Hell, if I hadn't been with Jimmy, I would have waited, that's for damn sure." I had to chuckle at that remark. Ginny and I did flirt quite a bit.

She used to tell me she married the wrong Green. I was tempted a few times when we came to visit, especially when Anna and I started having problems. I remember about 7 years ago, we were all here and swimming in the pool, which my dad replaced with an in-ground style. Ginny was wearing a bikini and I was in swim shorts. She and I were in the kitchen and she flirted a bit, then bent over when getting beers out of the fridge.

She then purposely backed up into me, so my cock was rubbing her crack. She just moaned a bit, then turned and winked at me and left. "I didn't know Jenny divorced again." "Yeah. I didn't tell you, figuring you didn't want hear about her, or her exploits. You know she regrets every day that she let you go. She was so in love with you, but figured you would have dropped her when you went to school.

So she did it first. I bet you two would have married had she not done that. And you should see Kelly now.

She's 23, and the spitting image of Jen." About 2 hours later, Ginny was gone. I saw that her VW was gone from in front of the garage. I pretty much got myself organized and crashed on the couch. If Ginny came home, I never heard her. I awoke the next morning at 7am, all stiff from the couch. Bad move. Mom's old couch was hardly comfortable. Most of the furniture in the house was from the 80's.

I knew that as soon as my stuff got here, this stuff was going to the road for the garbage man, if they took stuff like that. May be I'd get lucky, and one of those guys who picks up junk, would come by and take it.

One thing I did do, was move into my parents bedroom. I thought for sure Ginny would have had that, and had she, I would have let her continue. But she hadn't. She took the spare room, and not even used Jim's old room. Maybe to many old memories for her. I showered and got dressed then and figured it was a good idea that get something to eat.

I hadn't bought any food yet, and didn't want to use Ginny's. So I left and went down to the Silver Cafe, which is on the other side of town. After sitting in one of the window booths, a young blond girl came over and introduced herself as Kelly, my waitress.

It was uncanny how much she looked like Jenny. She took my order then scampered off. The place was moderately busy, but I am sure it would be even busier, once church let out later. She came back a few minutes later with my coffee, then asked, "Not to be nosey, but are you Jeff Green?", which i said I was.

"Thought so", she said. "You look like your brother Jim." I had to laugh at that, then asked, "Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?" as I chuckled after making the comment. She smiled, then said, "Good thing in looks, Bad if you act like him". All I could do is laugh, but then said, "Thanks, and no, I don't act like him.

Never have nor will I ever. I must say though, you are the spitting image of you mom, and that my dear, is a good thing." She stared at me for a second and spoke, "I hear that a lot, and thank you. Not sure why mom ever let you free, but from my point of view, she was a fool.", then left to take care of others.

We really didn't interact anymore that morning, except for "Bye and come back again" when I left. I don't know why, but I guess it was curiosity that drove me, I shot down a few blocks and turned onto Oak and drove by Jenny's place.

Sure enough, it was a double wide. Not that old, and well maintained, but I knew that was not the life Jenny had envisioned for herself. She'd always wanted a big house with a bunch of kids, and to live comfortably with her man, meaning me then, but that never came to be.

I can count on my hand, any chance meetings we would have, since our breakup. I always avoided her, if I could, and if we did encounter one another, I made it brief and to the point. Back then, she was my world. I was in love with her. We never fought, and always had a good time together, and sexually, she has always been the best in my book, and she certainly loved sex. Just seeing her daughter, brought back so many memories.

I guess it will be something for me to get used too, if I live here now. As I drove by, I had to chuckle to myself. In her drive was Ginny's VW. They must have a late night and Ginny didn't want to drive home. Or, she and Jenny still played together. Of course my mind was trying to conjure up that vision, which had to be hot as hell. Later, when Ginny got home, I never asked about her evening, nor did I tell her that I met Kelly that morning.

We just sat around and talked about things that happened recently in town, with people we both knew. Sort of a gossip clutch. I remembered most of the people she told me about, but some just barely. Being gone 30 some years, you do tend to forget some. Chapter 3 It was 6 weeks later now. Mid June. We both became comfortable around each other.

We both kept the house clean and I took over the utilities and such. Got rid of my parents old furniture and put what I had brought, in the house. I did go out and buy a new dining room set, since I didn't have that anymore because of the divorce. The apartment had no room for that. We also came to an agreement, if one cooked, the other did the dishes. I also took care of the outdoor maintenance, like grass cutting and stuff like that.

Ginny did take care of the flowers. About the only thing missing was any intimacy between us. We did flirt on occasion, but it was harmless. She was quite comfortable with walking around in her underwear in the morning, as she got ready to work. I too, would lounge around in boxers, waiting on her, to use the shower.

There was a few times though, I could have sworn I heard moans coming from her room, before she got up to start her day. That would make me a bit horny, and I would have to stroke one off because of it. Ginny may be in her late 40's, but she was still a damn good looking woman, and quite sexy in my eyes. I just never wanted to make a move. To scared it would ruin the friendship we had.

During this 6 weeks, I had started replacing a bunch of floor boards on the wrap around porch. I'm not the greatest with my hands, but small jobs I could do. But with all this time on my hands, I figured it was about time I learned to do things like this. Plus it kept me busy. Besides some floor boards, I had to replace some of the ceiling bead boards too.

Then I painted the whole porch, and swing, a mid color gray, so it accented the white vinyl siding my dad put up in the 90's. A couple of other things I had done during this time, was clean up the pool and install a new pump and a heater for it.

Ginny had said she tried the previous year to use it, but the pump died and she didn't have the money to fix it. The other thing I did was get a new furnace and air conditioning. The furnace was almost 50 years old and the house never had whole house air, just individual units in each bedroom and the living room.

It was a Friday evening and Ginny and I had just eaten. She went and changed while I finished up the dishes. I grabbed a couple of beers and yelled up to her that I would be on the porch with a beer for her.

She came down after changing out of her work suit, which showed off her nice ass, a great deal. She came down in these cut off jean shorts and a halter top.

I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, just by how her boobs swayed as she walked. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Damn, she looked pretty damn hot. She joined me on the swing and we talked. She thanked me for the beer and said, "Thanks. You know, you did a great job on the porch. It looks so inviting now. I didn't know you were that handy." I laughed, then said, "I've fairly handy and I like working with my hands. It was fun to do. She giggled and said, "I'll keep that in mind when I need your hands then,", then winked at me.

She was sitting with her body sort of turned towards me on the swing. With one leg down, on the floor, and the other resting up on the seat portion. I couldn't help but look at her toned legs, which were now tan. I gazed for a moment at her crotch and could have sworn I saw her pussy. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but I didn't want to stare, or let her catch me looking. I then told her I was going to tackle a new job.

That would be making the master bedroom bigger, by taking over my old room, which was next to my parents and make a new master bath and a big closet. I wanted a big walk in shower, plus a whirlpool bath tub, and double sinks. She thought that sounded great. She told me that if I needed help, her sister's husband, Mark, is a carpenter by trade and is always looking for side jobs. I told her that would be great, because I never did anything like this before. I also told her I wanted to remodel the kitchen and would lean heavily on her for fashion advice, since she lived her too.

As we kept talking about doing these things, she moved closer to me. It was getting dark out now, but still warm out too. Then she said she needed to ask me a favor. "Would you mind if I invited Jenny over tomorrow to lay out by the pool and swim?" "Ginny. You don't need to ask my permission for anything here. In my mind, this place is yours too, so who am I to forbid anything.

If you want me to make myself scarce, then say so. I'm sure I can find something to do anytime you want the house to yourself." She leaned over and hugged me tight.

My arms went around her as she said thank you. "I didn't know how you feel about Jenny coming here. I mean you two do have a history and all." I laughed, then said, "Gins. We had a history 30 some years ago. I am not mad at her, nor do I hate her. I was hurt then, but I got over it and moved on, and so did she. I'm good, so don't worry about it.

Plus, I kind of like this one woman now anyways." She looked up at me and said, "Who? You never go out anywhere. Oh and by the way, I know you met Kelly that first weekend you were back." My hand went to her face and lightly stroked it, then I got the courage up and leaned in and kissed her lips. When she didn't back away, I let my tongue start licking her lips until her mouth opened and let my tongue explore her tongue.

Her arms went around my neck, and our kiss became hotter and more passionate. She was holding me tight, and my hands roamed her back, caressing her. We finally broke the kiss, and she said, "Whewwwwww" Her head went and rested on my shoulder. Her boobs were smashed into my chest, and her bare legs was resting on my leg. My cock was hard as a rock. I know she could feel as it pulsed on her leg. Of course my mind went back to that day by the pool and the living room.

She then backed away a little and asked, "Feel like going for a swim? I think we need to cool off a little here" I nodded in agreement. I think I may have gone to far. As we stood, she grabbed my hand and led me through the house. I thought for sure she was going to go change, but she surprised me when she went to the french doors and opened them and pulled my out back.

Walking off the deck, to the pool deck, she lift her halter up and over her head, exposing her tits to me. I hadn't seen those in years. Sure, they sagged some now, but her dark areolas and big dark nipples were still a sight to see. She unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall to the ground. My t-shirt was off as her shorts hit the ground, then I looked down and saw, no panties. So my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. There she stood, naked, and sexy as all get out.

Her pussy was shaved clean too. Not the black bush I remember way back then Her thighs were a little thicker now too, and she did have a slight muffin top, but still sexy. If she wanted us to cool off, being naked was not going to help in that situation. When my shorts slid off and I removed my boxers, she let out a slight gasp.

Then she turned and walked into the pool. I follow close behind her until we were about halfway in the pool, with the water just below our chest. Her tits her bobbing in the water. I walked up to her and pulled her into me.

Her arms went around my neck and I leaned in and kissed her again. As we kissed, my hands gravitated to her ass and squeezed gently. She moaned into my mouth as I continued squeezing her cheeks. Then she held on tighter and jumped, putting her legs around my waist. My cock was right against her waiting sex.

I looked at her and asked, "You sure?". She smiled and said, "Oh Christ yes. I've been wanting this cock of yours for a very long time. Fuck me Jeff." I maneuvered a bit and my cock slipped inside her. She sort of pushed down so all of me went inside, then said, "Oh Fuck. Wait just a second, so I can get used to this. It's been quite a while for a man to be inside me." We kissed as we waited, then she started pumping her hips to me, signaling for me to start, so I slowly started pumping into her tight slit.

She was extremely wet, and not from the pool water either. Her kisses were very passionate now, as my hands gripped her ass cheeks as we started fucking faster. I was looking into her eyes, and although the only light we had was from the kitchen, and the moon, I could see into her eyes, which were filled with lust.

All of a sudden, her body went rigid, her arms tightened even more around my neck and she let loose a low growl, trying to suppress her orgasm.

I knew she was too, because her pussy rose ten degrees just then. Then she went sort of limp and disengaged from me. I looked at her and asked, "You ok Gin?" She slowly looked up at me and smiled, "Oh God Yesssssss. Let's go up to a bed and do this, where it will be easier. Wow." I was kind of glad we stopped, because I was ready to cum myself, and I didn't want to go off that quick with her.

This could be the only time we'll ever do this. Women can be so weird about sex. We casually walked into the house and up the stairs. I let her lead the way, admiring her ass the whole way up.

I even leaned in and licked it once and she giggled. She walked straight to my room, since it had the bigger bed. Hers was only a double, where mine was a king size. As we entered, I lightly smacked her on the ass. She looked back at me and smiled and then climbed onto the bed.

I followed her up on it too, then lay next to her and we started kissing. Her hand went straight for my swollen member and encircled it and stroked it lightly. My one hand found her breast and started massaging it, and lightly pinched her hard nipple.

This got her to moan again and as she did, my other hand went between her leg and started rubbing her pussy. "Oh Yeah Baby. It's all yours." she said. I too was moaning with her hand stroking my cock harder now. At this rate, I would have cummed easily, so I stopped and moved down so her hand had to let go, and my mouth found a nipple and started sucking it.

I played, sucked and licked her nipple and breast, then did the same to the other one. Her moans grew louder and louder. I then repositioned myself, so I was between her legs, and started kissing down her belly. Stopping at her belly button and licked it out, then made my way down to her pussy.

I wasn't leaving there until I got her to cum at least once for me. When my tongue found her extremely hot slit, glisten with her juices, she let out a long gasp. "Oh Fuck Jeff. That's it, right there. Lick my pussy Baby." I did too. For the next ten or so minutes, my tongue explored every centimeter of this glorious sexual being. Anna was never this loud, or demonstrative like Ginny is. Jenny was close though. Most of the women I have had since the divorce never got into it like this.

To me, this was great. When my tongue found her ass and her puckered hole, she damn near jumped out of the bed. Her hands came to my head and pushed it in harder. "Oh Fuck yessssssssssss Baby. Lick me there." As I did, I slipped a finger in her pussy, which got her to grind her hips and body into my eager mouth.

She was really enjoying her ass licked and moaned so loud as I did it. Then I worked back up to her slit and drove my tongue in deep. I tongue fucked her for a bit, her hands on my head, jerking it back and forth, like she was using my tongue as a dick. Then my mouth found the prize, something I had been intentionally avoiding. My lips took her hard clit in and started sucking.

That was it for her and she arched her back and her ass came off the bed "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Jeff. Going… to… cummmmmmmmm" and let loose a loud yell as her body started shaking and quivering.

Her orgasm seem to go on forever. She kept yelling out "Fuck. Fuck&hellip. Fuckkkkkkkkkk" As she came down from her orgasm, I got to my knees and got closer to her. She grabbed my cock and guided to her waiting slit. I pushed in this time, all the way.

As I looked down at her, she smiled up at me and said, "Oh God Jeff, you feel wonderful in me. You are so big. No regrets?" "None Baby. None whatsoever. I've wanted you for a long time too. If this is the only time you allow me this, let's make it good." She laughed, "You're kidding right?

I plan on fucking you a lot more now. You can have me anytime you want it. Now shut up and fuck me" My thoughts went to a woman i dated briefly last year, who enjoyed fucking hard.

She loved to be spanked and her hair pulled when we were in a doggie position. Now I don't know if Ginny got that way, but she sure seemed like a good hard fucking would be a good thing. So I started slow, but then built up speed. You could hear our skin slap together when they met. Her hips would mimic my every thrust and meet my groin hard. The whole time her mouth was on mine, and our tongues danced together.

We were really going strong, when she again lifted off the bed and came. Her nails dug into my back, and her legs clamped around my waist. I couldn't hold it any longer. In fact, I was quite proud of myself. I thought for sure I was going shoot inside her a few seconds after entering this sexy woman's love hole. "I'm going to cum Gin." I yelled out.

"Oh Yeah Baby. Fill me with your seed. Cum baby. Cummmmmm" she replied loudly. I shot rope after rope of cum, deep inside her. All the while, her hips were gyrating all over as I did.

I could feel her inner walls grab my cock and milk all the juice out of my balls. As I finally emptied inside her, I rested on her chest. My cock was still inside her and still hard. Now that was a change of pace for me. When I was younger, it did that, but these last few years it would go down and need some coaxing for a second round.

I looked at her smiling face, as her pussy still kept contracting around my dick. I kissed her again and started moving in and out of her. "Mmmmmm. Glad we aren't done. Damn Jeff, you are so good." I smiled at her and said, "You are too. You are amazing." She giggled and said, Do you remember that time a few years back when everyone was here and we were all swimming? Just us alone in the kitchen?" I smiled and said "Oh Yeah" "God Jeff, when I backed into you, I wanted you to move my bikini off to the side and just jam your cock in me then.

I would have let you too. I've wanted this for so long. At least now, we can do this without any misgivings, unless you have some now" I grabbed her and rolled us over so she was on top.

" I have no misgivings about this Gin. No Way. Trust me, had nobody been around, I probably would have done it too. Anna and I were already on the way out, and I have always thought you were one sexy woman. Christ, I can still remember that day the four of us fuckedwhen my parents went to Pittsburgh. I'll be honest, I was quite turned on by it all, but seeing you naked, and then Jenny fucking me, and watching you two fuck, that was awesome." Ginny was gyrating her hips in a circular motion, and started playing with a nipple.

She had this sly look on her face, then spoke, "Oh God. I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was so cool. When I saw you naked, I got super horny.

Jenny always was saying what a great cock you have, and trust me, seeing is believing, and now, feeling is even better." I just looked up at her, and saw a very sexy woman on me, but I had to know, "Gin.

You don't have to answer this, but that day, I also saw you and Jenny kiss and Jen suck your nipple. Did you two play back then?" She stopped for a second and looked down at me, "Jeff, I'll be honest with you.

Yes, we did play back then. We were like best friends. In fact that night, when we left to go back to my house, we played for a couple of hours. We even hatched a plan to switch partners. But then I told her that Jimmy would never go for that. He got way too jealous for stuff like that. Jen even suggested just us three getting together, but we never had time to pull that off." I chuckled a bit.

"Yeah Jim was a possessive type of guy. I could handle it. There was a few times I wanted to get you alone after that day, just to see how we'd be as lovers. But, I would never do it. Hurting two people like that would not have been right, you know?" "Oh I know" she said, then continued, "I don't think Jen would have had a problem with it, but I probably would have then. And, since I am being open and honest here, you might as well know.

Jen and I are lovers. We do love one another, and if that bothers you, I am sorry. Even while we were both married, we made time for us, and now, it is a few times a week." As she said this, I didn't say a thing, but I thrusted up into her a few times, letting her know that I was cool with it. Then she started going up and down on me and I started rubbing her clit.

That got her really going now. She was bouncing up and down on me and kept on rubbing. I wanted her to cum again. A minute later, she let loose and started cumming. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww God" Her body fell into mine and started shaking. Her pussy was clamping down on my dick, like a vice grip. "Oh fuck Baby, Oh fuck" she said over and over. Then her mouth found mine and I started thrusting hard inside her, and she met my thrust with her own.

I was close and she knew it. "Cum in me Jeff. Shoot your load in me Baby", then went back to kissing me. I arched my back and lifted us both off the bed and started shooting again inside her. I think I was cumming harder this time, than the last time. Once I was done, she sat back up and just smiled.

My hands caressed her ass as she sat there. I was in orgasmic bliss. She leaned back down and kissed me again, and we let our tongues play together, as my cock started to deflate. She raised up and was going to dismount from me, but I told her to move her pussy to my mouth please.

"Really?" she asked. "Oh yes, really. Please?" She did as I asked and I was treated to a flood of our mixed orgasms. It was quite tasty too. A few years back, I had met this one lady on the web site for older people hookups. She said if we were to continue having sex, then I needed to learn how to clean up my mess, otherwise, we were done with sex.

I naturally agreed, since she was my only sex partner at the time, and I, her's. We last a couple of months, until she met another guy from the site.

I found out later, they married last year. She was kind of kinky too. Loved anal and oral, and adored being tied up and spanked. After I cleaned up Ginny, she rolled to the side of me, and I shared with her our juices. She was very receptive to this. After kissing and me pushing our cum into her mouth, she then licked my face clean. She then smiled at me and said, "Oh wow.

Never did that before. You are one kinky bastard, aren't you? But, I like it" She then got up, and I thought she was done and was going to her room.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "I have to pee, but I'll be back, unless you don't want to sleep together." I got up too. I had to pee and also turn off the lights downstairs and lock up. "Of course I want to sleep together. I think it will be great to hold you tonight and wake with you in the morning. It's been years that I have awoken with someone I care about." Chapter 4 Once I got back up to the bed, she had the sheet open for me to crawl in.

She nestled next to me. Her one leg draped over mine and her head on my shoulder, and her hand resting on my chest. My one arm was caressing her back. It just felt good, and actually right that we were like this. "Jeff?" she said quietly. "I hope you don't think I jump in bed with any guy, cause I don't. I have lusted for you for many years, and have always thought we could be lovers, at least once. But now, I hope we can be lovers many times, if you want that too." "Gin.

I too, have lusted for you over the years, and now, after experiencing this, oh my God girl, I'd be a fool not to be your lover. Hell Gin, I think we both love each other, like family as it is.

Maybe not in love, but there is a strong bond between us, so who knows." Her hand went down near the head my flaccid cock and lay on top of it.

"You are right, about loving each other. 30 some years in the same family, how could there not be. But please, don't get jealous of what Jen and I share. We do love one another, and that bond is even stronger. So if you don't mind sharing me with her, then we should be ok. I also hope you don't mind how I am when I am wound up sexually, you know, with the dirty talk." I chuckled, "Turns me on actually. Jenny was like that. Anna never would.

Christ, I had a hard enough time telling when she orgasmed. At first, she was into sex, but after Danielle was born, it slowly tapered off. Towards the end, she wouldn't even let me go down on her, and her on me, shit, that was a treat. Like on birthdays or Christmas. And don't even think of cumming in her mouth. I think I can count on my one hand the times she would say fuck." Ginny laughed. "You know, Jimmy and I always wondered what you saw in her, besides being pretty.

We both thought she was a tight ass, but love is weird like that. I remember being over here one time, and I cut my finger and started swearing. She goes, do you always have to use that filthy language? Of course, being a good person, I didn't say a word, but I wanted to say, try it sometime, maybe you'd loosen up. Oh, and by the way, you can cum in my mouth anytime you want too.

But only if you are nice to me. Your brother use to get to rough with sex, and I hated that. Maybe his new skank likes it, but I sure the hell didn't. And, for the record, I hate the word cunt and whore. Very degrading in my book and used far too many times on me. So if you ever want it to end, just call me either, and I will be gone." I had to laugh then. I could just picture myself calling Anna a cunt. She would have freaked.

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"No worries there. I have never used the words. As for sharing, who am I to deny you those pleasures. What you two do is your business, not mine. I wonder how she'll feel once she know this happened between us." Ginny giggled, "She actually hoped it would. She knows I still enjoy men too, and I think she still does too, but right now, she wants nothing to do with a man.

Her one fantasy though, is a 3some, mine too. Just never found the right guy for it. To be honest, she had a lover between marriages, but then only the two husbands, that one guy, and you. Same for me, four guys in total, including you now." I sort of laughed, "Guess were not as promiscuous as many have been thinking. Besides you and Jen, and Anna, just two other women. The last being almost a year ago. What happened with that guy from last year?" I asked. "I met him from online.

We talked for about two months then met. Had fun together, then started having sex. He was completely opposite of Jimmy. Very caring and considerate, like you are. We'd see each other once a week. I wasn't ready for a full blown relationship, but this filled my needs at the time. Plus Jen and I were also lovers. We actually talked about bringing him in on a threeway. Then, a couple months into this, Jen, Kelly, and myself, went to the Firemen's Convention over in Ashville.

We were walking around and I saw him. I also saw him with a lady and a young girl, about 10 or so. The jig was up for him when the daughter said mommy and daddy out loud. I wanted to rip his dick off, but I kept my cool.

Jen wanted to go up and tell him off, but I asked her not too. Let his wife find out on her own, about the cheating bastard. He never called or sent an e-mail. Nothing. So I did, and told him how I felt.

Never got a response at all." It got quiet for a few minutes. I thought maybe she drifted off to sleep. "Jeff. Tomorrow, could you be around at some point when Jen is here. I know you have been trying to avoid her, and I guess I don't blame you. But, just stop and say hi. It would mean a lot to her. She still feels you hate her." "Gin.

Trust me, I don't hate her, and never did. I was hurt, but that is long past now. But yeah, I guess I could say hi and talk a bit." "Good. She will like that, and so would I. Night Jeff." "Night Ginny" and we fell asleep in each other's arms. Chapter 5 I awoke around 8am. Light was filtering through the blinds and I could easily see Ginny's naked body. I eased myself out of bed.

I had to pee and had a raging morning wood going. I must have awoken Ginny, "Where ya going lover? I hope that is for me." I chuckled, "Got to pee and then get us some coffee, but I'll be back. " "I'll be waiting" as she giggled.

I walked back in with two cups, and there, sitting up, leaning against the headboard was Ginny. She waiting alright. Her legs spread wide, and her finger tracing the outline of her sexy slit. I stood and viewed this incredible sight. "Like what you see Baby?" My member grew hard instantly, although it was already semi-erect.

This was the first time I had seen her naked in the daylight. She did look sexy, and very turned on. "I guess you do like seeing me like this. Come, let me take a drink, then get inside me" she sort of commanded me. After drinking a few sips, we put our coffee down, and I grabbed her legs and gently pulled her down so she could lay flat on the bed. She giggled as I did this. Her legs, still spread wide and inviting, looked as though they were calling me to fill the void.

Not a word was spoken, and then my head found the hot slit, all on it's own, and slipped in. Her arms went around my neck and she pulled me down to her.

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Her breast smashing into my chest. My cock deeply imbedded inside her beautiful pussy, which was on fire. "Oh God Jeff. You feel so good. I love morning sex". Just before I kissed her, I said, "You feel wonderful Gin. You are so tight and hot. " Then we started kissing. We had a great rhythm going too. My downward thrust was met by her hips upward thrust. After a good fifteen minutes of slow love making, we started to speed up. "Oh God Yeah." &hellip. "That's it.

Right… There&hellip. Oh God. Oh God." she kept repeating Her legs tightened around my back, and she seem to pull me in deeper. Her pussy felt like a clamp now. It was a wonderful feeling too, Jenny was never like this.

I thought to myself, "What the fuck was wrong with my stupid brother" Then she started cumming. Almost like wailing instead of talking or yelling I thought maybe I had hurt her, but she was still humping me back as I got close to letting go too. My cock started pulsing out hot creamy cum, deep inside her pussy. "Oh my God Jeff. That was awesome. I haven't made love like that in ages. Promise me we can do that again some morning." I smiled at her, as I was trying to catch my breath, "God Babe, You are, and I am not bullshitting, the best lover a man could ever have.

Every morning would be fine with me" She laughed, then said, "Well, I don't know about every morning, but a few a week would do me fine. Seriously though, I could enjoy this a great deal. We are still two very highly sexed individuals, so I can see this happening a lot." We finished our coffee, and I got up and headed to the shower. I thought she would follow, but never did. After dressing, I found her downstairs eating a bagel and some more coffee.

She made me a cup too, and toasted a bagel and put cream cheese on it. She had on this nice red, silk robe, that ended about mid thigh. As we ate, she handed me a piece of paper with Mark's number on it. I told her I would call him a little later. Right now, I was going to cut the lawn, then vacuum the pool out for the girls to use later. I was still apprehensive about Jen and I talking later. We really haven't talked, except at the funeral home, and then the day she told me about breaking up.

After cutting the grass, which takes almost two hours to do, I cleaned the pool. Gin was busy inside, leaning the house, not that it really needed it. Gin was dressed in one of those throw's over her bikini. The type that looks like a very loose summer dress. It was yellow, and her bikini was black. I had just finished up with the pool when I came back into the house. Gin was in the kitchen, making a sandwich for lunch and asked if I wanted one.

I told her she didn't have to do that. She just told me to be quiet and eat. When we finished, she started washing dishes. I couldn't resist any longer and went behind her and hugged her tight. She turned around and hugged me, then kissed me passionately. It was a long, hot kiss. When we broke, she giggled and said, "Wow. I love how you kiss.

You are a very sexy kisser. I could take those all day." It was around 1:30 now and I had to get to the bank, before it closed at 2. I let her know that I was leaving, and that I was also going to go to her sisters and meet with Mark later. "Please come back and say hi to Jen before you go." "I promise. I will" By the time I got back, Jen and Ginny were laying on some chaise lounges, by the pool.

Ginny had made a big pitcher of Margarita's, and I saw that their glasses were almost empty. So got some flesh glasses and poured each a drink, then got myself a beer. I placed a towel over my arm to make it look like a waiter and went and served them their drinks. "Drinks for me ladies!" I said, with a terrible english accent.

Without missing a beat, Ginny said, "Just sit them down here Geeves" then both girls laughed. I laughed too. Ginny stood up then and come up and gave me a kiss on the lips. That kind of shocked me, that she would do that in front of Jenny, her lover.

Jen stood up and said hi, but really didn't know what to do. So I just walked up to her and hugged her. God she felt good in my arms. We exchanged some pleasantries and asked how each was doing.

I sat out with them for about a half an hour and just talked about nothing really. I caught myself looking at Jen a few times. Yes, she was 48 now, like me, but still looked like she did when we were 18.

She did gain about 10 pounds, but still looked good, especially in her neon green bikini. Of course my mind went back to when we were dating, and all the great sex we did.

She loved experimenting with positions and things to turn us both on. We were both our first, so maybe that's why I hold on to that. She did make one comment, "I like the touch of gray on the sides there. Makes you look distinguished, and sexy too" I blushed a bit, but then just said thanks. No way could I tell her she still looked hot as hell. I then said I had to run and meet Mark.

As I entered the kitchen, Ginny followed in right behind me. She grabbed me and spun me around and laid a big, hot kiss on me. "Thank You. That meant a lot to me and I know it did to her too. She was so scared to see you today.

I hope one day, all of that can be behind you two, and we three can be close friends again, like we used to be. Well you and I are pretty close, I'd say, already." then giggled "One more thing. Jen is probably going to stay the night. That is if you don't mind. Kelly's boyfriend had to move back home with his parents, and she wanted to use the house tonight.

I told Jen I don't see why not. But if it will bother you, she won't." "Stop it will ya. I really don't mind. Just keep it down when you two go to bed." She laughed and said, "No promises there. But feel free to stroke that lovely cock thinking of me riding it." I just shook my head and laughed. "You are so bad." "I know" she said. "You just don't know how bad I can be, yet" Chapter 6 I met up with Mark and Barb, Ginny sister, at their house. Barb poured us all some ice tea.

We talked and caught up some. Barb is 2 years older than Ginny, and I know, disliked my brother a great deal. Barb and Ginny look alike, in looks, but Barb is about 25 pounds heavier than Ginny is, but still attractive. Barb said, "Thanks, for looking after Ginny and letting her stay there. The only other place she could have gone was here.

And that would not have worked. I know he is your brother and all, but I never liked him, or the things he did to Ginny." I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I don't care for him either, and Ginny is still family to me, more so than he ever will be.

We haven't talked in ages, and I hope that trend continues." Mark and I got down to business then. I told him what I wanted to do, which he said was no problem. I also told him how I wanted to update the kitchen. He laughed and said, bring your checkbook. It's expensive to do. Their kitchen was recently done and I liked the island feature.

I also liked the gray cabinetry. It was almost 6pm when I finally left them. I headed down to Altoona then to the home center. I wanted to checkout pricing for bathroom stuff, like showers and cabinets and sinks. I also started looking at the kitchen items as well. I knew that I was going to sink some money into this, but it really needed it done. By the time I got back into town, it was a quarter past 8. I was hungry, so I stopped at the Cafe again. I had been in there a few times now, since I got back, but had only seen Kelly, that first visit.

When I walked in, there was only a couple of people in there. They close at 9. As luck would have it, Kelly was my waitress. She took my order, which was a burger and fries and a coke. She made some small talk, but nothing that a waitress wouldn't so to another customer. I was just finishing up when Kelly came to me and sat across from me in the booth.

It kind of felt weird to me. I really don't know this girl, yet I do, for some reason. "How was your meal Mr. Green?" I smiled ather and said, "Call me Jeff, will ya.

I feel old when someone calls me mister. And dinner was good." "Good" she said, then sat here contemplating on what to say next. "Jeff? Why won't you talk to mom? She thinks you are avoiding her, ever since you came back to this god forsaken town." "Kelly. It's kind of complicated. She's the one who didn't want me anymore, so I guess I am giving here what she wanted.

Plus, I did talk with her today." "Oh, that's right. She's over at aunt Ginny's today. Look. Whether you know it or not, or even care, mom still loves you.

That's one of the reasons dad and her divorced. Just a small reason. His verbal abuse was the biggest. But anytime they fought, which was often, it would be how he had to live with a ghost and her still in love with Jeffy" "Look Kelly. I didn't ask for what happened between us.

But it did, and I can't change that. So don't hold it against me for their breakup, that's not on me. As for your mom now, I think we could be friends again, but it will never be like it was before." "Trust me" she said, "I don't hold any of this against you.

My dad is a dick. No strike that. A dick has a useful purpose, and he doesn't. He dislikes me as much as mom. He always treated me like crap, and I don't know why. The only thing I can think of is because I look so much like mom, and it reminds him of her. We haven't spoken in years now. And that other asshole she was married too, what a loser.

He gave me the creeps anytime I saw him. But please, give her the time of day, and make friends with her again." She got up and left the bill. I took out a twenty and laid it on the table and left. She got a twelve dollar tip at least. I headed up by the reservoir to just sit and think. I used to do that when I was a teen, or it was also a place that Jenny and I would go and make out too. By the time I got home, it was well past 10. The only light on was in the kitchen. So I went quietly up the stairs to my room.

I could hear giggling and then one of them shushing the other. I did hear some low talking and they sounded a bit drunk. I ignored them and headed off to bed.

I had to admit though, I was a bit jealous. I would have preferred crawling in bed with Ginny right now, and not alone. I was already up by the time the girls came downstairs. They both looked like a truck hit them.

I got them each some aspirin and coffee, and then laughed. Both said to shut up. But I just laughed. Both were wearing only t-shirts now. But I bet they slept nude. I'll admit, the thought of those two having sex together, did turn me on. I'd be happy just to watch. After a bit, Ginny got up and said she was going to shower. Jen made herself another cup of coffee. She sat across from me, at the table. "Jeff. Can we call a truce? I really want us to be friends again" "Jenny.

There is no need for a truce. We can try and be friends. It's just going to take some time. When I see you a lot of feelings come rushing back. Feelings we'll never be able to capture again." She had her head down, and I know she was crying a bit. "I know Jeff. I really fucked our lives up. I am so sorry for that.

I know you know about Ginny and me, and it is true, we do love each other. We also know most would never accept that. I also know you too have gotten close now. And I like that. I can share, if you can." I got up and went around the table and pulled her up.

I took her into my arms and held her. "Jen. I'll be honest. I have no idea where this will go between us, Gin and me, and I sort of had a pang of jealousy last night, while you two were in the bedroom, but it also, and don't you repeat this, turned me on too. But right now, we're just very close friends enjoying each other. I think that is what she wants too. I'm happy with that." "Oh Jeff. You still are the good man I have always loved.

Just so you know. She likes you more than just a friend. She admitted to me that she feels more than just friendship, and it grows daily. Just don't hurt her. Or I'll hurt you. Thanks for talking with me, and this hug" She kissed me quickly on the lips and started to walk away. She turned her head back around and said, "By the way. You still taste great", then winked at me and went upstairs. Damn, I thought to myself. My other head was thinking now.

I was hard as a rock, and she knew it too. Oh well. This is going to be rough, sharing Ginny, but I think I can do it. Chapter 7 It was now mid July. I had started the construction part of the bedroom. Mark would leave me with instructions on what he wanted me to do. The wall between the two rooms was long gone. The new bathroom walls were up and drywalled. There was a sheet of plastic separating the two bedrooms, so I could continue using it as my bedroom.

I was also helping with framing in the walk-in closet. So this was moving along quite nicely. Mark would work mostly on weekends, and sometimes in the evening.

I told him he didn't have too. I didn't want Barb getting mad at him, or me. One Saturday, he and I were in the bathroom when he asked how it was going with Ginny. I told him it was going actually well.

He chuckled and said, "Jeff. We're not stupid. We know you two are getting it on, and God bless you for that. My sis-in-law is a hotty, and if she is anything like Barb, one horny lady." I just smiled and thought to myself, "wow, Barb likes to fuck?

Go figure" Then he said to me, "I brought you a little helper, if you ever need it." and handed me some Viagra. "Trust me, if Ginny is like Barb, you'll need them to satisfy her sexual appetite. I kid you not, we do it at least 5 times week still after 30 some years of marriage." Now on the Ginny front.

We had been screwing like crazy. She initiates most of it, but I do too. It's been a mixture of soft, sensual love making, then all out fucking. Love when she talks dirty. We even tried anal a couple of times. Damn, what screamer then. My ex wouldn't even think of anal. That was totally gross to her. Jenny though, she enjoyed it too, back in the day, after we tried it once, and found she liked it, she liked doing it when her period showed up. Jenny was coming over a lot more now, and would stay the night, when it was Saturday's.

I could hear them on a few occasions. I resisted the urge to just go in there and join them. In fact, just two weeks ago, I was heading to bed and passed the room.

The door was slightly ajar. So being curious, I looked in. A night stand light was on, and I saw Ginny's ass in the air, and her head buried between Jenny's legs. Luckily, Jenny's eyes were closed and moaning out. Ginny had a butt plug in her butt too. That was a sight to see. Of course I didn't want to get caught, so I crept away, and went to bed.

I swear, after stroking one off, it had to be the biggest load I have ever cummed in my life. But anyways, when Jenny would come over, we would talk more, and even hugged and kissed when she arrived, and when she was leaving. One other thing I had finally noticed.

Anytime those two would have a play date, Ginny wanted me to fuck her. Always on Saturday mornings, and if it was a weekday, right after she got home from work. She claimed she was super horny. One time it was right on the kitchen table, after we ate. She lifted her skirt and let me see her bald pussy, then told me to please fuck her. Who am I to say no. Then two weeks ago, on a Sunday.

We were lying in bed, after a extremely hot fuck. I mean she was super horny and super bad, telling me to fuck her slutty pussy, over and over. We were lying next to each other, calming down from the second orgasm for each of us. She curled up to me and started to speak. "Jeff. I think you can tell that I love you, and I don't mean that in-law love we've always had. But these last few months have been great and my feelings have changed.

I love you Babe." "I know what you mean Gin. Mine have changed to, for you. I love you too. You make me feel alive again." "But", she said softly. "I also love Jen and to be honest, I think those old feelings you had, are coming to the surface again." I started to speak, but she cut me off. "Baby. Stop. Let me finish" I just nodded.

She shifted to her side and propped her head into her hand. "Look. I know this whole situation is weird, at least to the outside world. But last night, after we were done. Jenny told me you saw us. When she told me that, I got really turned on, hence, the fabulous fuck we just enjoyed. She admitted too, it turned her on, at first too. But later when we lay there together, she started to cry. She is so afraid you think she is some whore and slut. I tried to reassure her that you would never think that of her, or me.

Baby. I think we can share love for each other, just like couples do. I don't want to lose what I have with her, and I certainly don't want to lose what we have either. So, how would you feel about inviting her into our bed? I want you to see us make love. Then I want her to see us make love. Then I need to see you two make love again. I don't mean fuck either, I mean make love." "Oh wow Gin. You have really thought this through, haven't you? I do love you, like a man should love a woman.

Honestly, I can't wait to see you everyday, when you are gone to work, and our love making is awesome&hellip. I always thought my feelings for Jen were buried away, and locked up tight. But, you are right, when I see her now, they seem to surface a bit, but I push them back down. I never want to hurt you. Oh God Ginny, I need to think about it. I mean really think. I do not want to lose what we have started.

Plus, if we all love one another, how would it work. I mean there is going to be times I need you all to myself, and likewise with you, you will want your alone time with her. Then if I do let these latent feelings bubble to the top, I will want alone time with her. Have you thought of that?" As I was talking, her hand gravitated to my now hard cock. Plus, she was smiling at me too. Probably happy I didn't say no way to this crazy idea of hers.

For the life of me, I don't know why I am hard and becoming horny again, except, for this crazy, sexy lady, helping it along. "Yes. I have thought about it a great deal, and I know we can handle that. Trust me, Jenny thinks I am crazy too.

But, she would love a chance to be with you again, and not just sexually. But this much I know, and I told her too, if it came down to making a choice on who I am going to stay with, if this did not work out, I am choosing you.

But I hope I never, no better yet, I hope we never have to make that choice. We've all done the conventional way a relationship should go. All three of bombed, though none of were at fault. We've raised families, that we love so dear, and now is the time for us to be together and care about one another. Does that make sense?" "You make it sound sensible. But please.", and as I was saying this, she straddled me and sunk my hard member deep into her hot sex.

"Just…… oh God, you feel so good… let me think on it&hellip.Damn Gin. Not sure I can cum again&hellip.I'll give you an answer soon." "It's ok Baby. Not sure I can either… And whatever your answer is, we'll live with it… Right now, I just want to lay on top of you and fall asleep with your love muscle deep inside my love tunnel.

I really do love you Jeff." Three days later, she came home from work and went upstairs to shower, since dinner wasn't quite ready. I went upstairs then and saw her completely naked.

God, she excites me so. I walked up to her, as she grabbed her towel. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her, hard and passionately. "Mmmmmm. I like this greeting Lover." she said as she smiled at me. "Gin. Honey… I made a decision.

Let's try it. At least one night of us exploring all of this. If either of us, or even Jen, has a hint of jealousy, it ends." We kissed again, and this time, she unbuttoned my shorts and let them hit the ground. Then pushed down my boxers and got a surprise. "Oh baby. Now that is a very sexy look." Her hand went to my hard cock and stroked it. "My God Hun.

The bald look makes your cock look bigger. I mean you are big enough as it is, and the head is divine. I never told you this, but I have never seen a dick head that fat, except in porn. How big are you, anyways?" I chuckled, because I didn't know. No one ever measured me before. "I have no clue. I just thought I was average." She let go and walked over where a bunch of tools were, by the plastic.

Found one of my tape measures and brought it back. She got on her knees and measured, from the base to the tip. "Wow Babe. 7 ½ inches of pure man." she said. Then wrapped it around. "Almost 6 inches round too… Woohooo.

A girls dream. And you know how to use it as well." She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs and invited me in.

"Fuck me Porn Star. Fuck this hot little pussy" Oh and I did. I picked her legs up and held them as I slammed into her. The harder the better she said to me, until we both came. She showered, then ate. Then headed over to Jen's house. But this night, she surprised me and came home, which was unusual for her to do. I was already asleep when she got home, but was pleasantly surprised to feel her cuddled next to me in the morning.

That evening, I called Jen and asked her to join me and Ginny, Saturday night, for dinner and then a movie of the girls choice. She readily accepted. I told her to be here at 4:30, so we could make it to dinner then the 7pm show. Chapter 8 The girls picked Olive Garden for dinner.

Had we been in New York, I would have suggested Four Season's. But this what the girl's wanted. Both were dressed in summer, halter dresses. Ginny's was yellow and it showed off her dark tan, that only an Italian would have.

I personally love the white spots on her, but I'm a man and a pig to some respect. Jenny's was light blue, and both hugged their bodies very nicely. One thing about the dresses, that even though the breast area is padded, their nipples show through anyways, which made them look even sexier.

We all had wine with our dinners and the conversation flowed nicely. Jenny filled me in about her work. She was a medical secretary, for a doctor's office two towns over. She said the pay wasn't all that great, but she survived. According to Ginny, she barely survived. Ginny, at one point, leaned over and asked how sexy I thought Jenny looked tonight. I told her she looked extremely sexy.

It was hard for me to take my eyes off of her nipples, in fact, Ginny's too. The girls said that the movie Notebook was still playing, at 7. So that's where we went next. We took the last row of stadium seats. Actually, there was only 5 other couples in the theater with us. I was in the middle, with Ginny on my right, and Jenny on my left. None of wanted any popcorn or drinks. During the movie, Ginny lifted the armrest, so she could cuddle with me.

I wanted to do the same with Jen, but didn't have the guts. We were about halfway through the movie, when I reached over and took Jenny's hand in mine. Our fingers interlocked, just like they used too when we dated. I looked at her, and she meekly smiled at me, but also seemed to enjoy it, since she kept squeezing my hand with hers. Ginny saw what we did and smiled then took my other hand and held it. So many thoughts raced through my head. Feelings came up from within for me.

On my right, was a woman I know I am in love with for sure. And on my left. A woman I would have killed for and still had strong feelings for. "How fucked up is life?" I asked myself. As we started to leave, I popped a pill into my mouth and took a drink of water, at the water cooler by the bathroom.

Hope Mark is right about these pills. I do believe I am going to need it, knowing these two ladies like I do. Once we made back to my SUV, the girls decided to sit in the back, so again, with my worst english accent, "Where too, me ladies?" "Home Geeves. Home." Ginny said, as they both giggled. As I drove, I could hear many moans going on back there. At one point, I stole a glance in the mirror and saw Ginny sucking on one of Jen's nipples. Ginny, since I have known her, has always been an aggressive type in bed, and here was no different.

I'm sure Jen was a little apprehensive with me being there, but soon was getting into it, as much as Ginny was. When we got home, the girls got out in a hurry. Both had their tops off, and folded down over their dresses, exposing their breasts. Damn they looked hot. Once inside the house, I said I was going to get a bottle of wine and some glasses. Ginny said ok and to meet them upstairs. I got out the glasses then the bottle I had placed in the fridge earlier. I made sure all the light were off and doors locked and proceeded upstairs.

I figured they headed for the bedroom Ginny first started using. But, I was wrong. Seeing the light on in my bedroom, they decided the big bed was needed, which was fine with me. As I entered, I saw the girls already on the bed, naked.

That sat across from one another, their legs somehow over one another, bent at the knees, and their pussy's almost touching. It was a very erotic sight to behold, at least in my mind. I would be happy to just sit back and watch. I moved to the side of the bed and placed two glasses down and poured, while the girls continued to play and kiss. Both girls had fingers in each other pussy's, and tongues dancing together.

I was pouring my glass when Ginny broke the kiss and looked at me and smiled, "Get naked Baby, and join us on the bed." I didn't have to be told twice. I was already hard watching them, since the drive home. As I stripped down, I could see Jen's eyes on me.

When I pushed my boxers down and released my hardened member, she moaned real loud. This was the first time in almost 30 years she had seen me naked, as was the same for me too, seeing her. She is still beautiful and sexy in my eyes. I got on the bed and lay next to them. I was on my side, hand holding my head up as I watched this beautiful sight of two lovers exploring each other. At one point, Ginny reached over and held my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it. Then she took Jen's one hand and led it to my aching cock and had her hold it with her and stroked me together.

"Oh God. You two are so sexy." I moaned out. Then I heard Ginny tell me to stand up and let them suck me for a bit. After gaining control of my legs, I placed my cock between them and they both started licking it up and down. Then Jen took the swollen head into her mouth, as Ginny started sucking on one of my balls.

I looked into Ginny's eyes and I could see them smile at me. She has wanted this for a long time now. I just hope Jenny did too. They didn't do this long until Gin said for her and Jen to 69. Ginny laid down and Jen got on top and they started eating each other. I just sat back and watched, slowly stroking my cock. This was actually a very beautiful sight. I was in heaven.

Had I died right now, I would have been a very happy man. After about ten minutes of them eating one another, and listening to them spur each other on, with Ginny being the most vocal. I do remember when Jen and I used to be together, she was quite vocal too.

Maybe she is just holding back right now, uncertain of all of this. I finally had enough and needed to with these two, so I moved down so I could lay on my side, with my face right in line with Ginny pussy, and Jen tongue. We both started licking her then.

That started Ginny to move her hips around a great deal. I moved my tongue and lips up to Jenny's and we started kissing. It was a very hot and passionate kiss. One like we used to do all the time. Then we heard Ginny yell out, "Hey. Kiss later, I'm so close to cumming. Eat Me." Jen and I both laughed and continued our assault on Ginny's hot pussy.

Jen was getting close too. I could tell, as her moans and the way her body was moving, brought back old memories of us as lovers. I broke away from Jen face and Gin's pussy and moved so I was behind Jenny's ass now. I looked down at Ginny, and watched her tongue over Jenny's pussy. I leaned down and started licking Jen's ass. "Oh Fuck Yesssssssssss. Eat my ass. God damn you two" Ginny broke away and moved so she could talk and said, "Fuck her Baby.

Stick your gorgeous cock in her hot snatch." I positioned myself behind her and slowly inserted. "Slow Baby. Slow. Haven't had a cock there in a long time" Jenny cooed out to me. I did go slow, and Ginny was sucking her clit and playing with my balls. Jenny must have been sucking hard on Ginny's clit, because Ginny wailed out that she was cumming.

Jenny followed right behind her then and started cumming. They were both screeching more than anything. When they finished, Jen fell over on her side.

Ginny was panting hard and her body shook. Jenny was shaking too as she lay there breathing hard. I lay down next to Ginny and caressed her body as she came down from her orgasm. Then through a whisper, Ginny said, "Holy Hell. That was amazing. Damn did I cum hard." Jen just chuckled but didn't say a word.

I started kissing Ginny. It was the most passionate kiss we have ever shared. She seemed to be sucking my whole mouth into hers. Then she broke away and looked me in the eye, and told me. "God Baby. Fuck Me. Fuck me hard. Now" I got off the bed and stood at the corner, and pulled her by the legs, so she would scoot over, so that just her ass was on the corner.

I lined her up, like I did the one afternoon, and sunk my cock into her, deep. I was amazed at how hard I was. I had yet to cum and felt like I could fuck these ladies all night. I started slow, but built up a good rhythm with her. Jenny just lay to the side of us, rubbing her pussy and clit. I looked her and smiled, and she smiled back.

I mouthed that I wanted her next, which made her hands speed up. I pushed back on Ginny's legs now, giving me more access to her hot slit, and started pounding into her. "Oh fuck yesssssss. Give it to me Baby. Fuck my pussy" Jenny now leaned over and started kissing Ginny.

I loved the sight of these two lovers, loving each other. Both were moaning loud and I was grunting now a lot as I watched Ginny ass jiggle every time I slammed into her. Jenny was now also pinching Ginny's hard nipple as I fucked her. I couldn't hold back anymore now, and started to speed up and with everything going on, I could feel my balls tighten, so I knew I was about to cum.

Ginny knew too and said, "Cum baby. Give it all to me. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk I'm cumminggggggggggggg" I started to shoot deep inside her. Her body was convulsing all over the place. "Awwwwwwwwww" was repeated over and over. I pulled out while I was still pumping out cum and shot the rest over her bald mound.

I stroked the last it out and watched as it dripped onto her pussy lips. Jenny licked her lips then said, "Oh Fuckkkkkkkk", then jumped off the bed and pushed me out of the way, and got on her knees and started licking it up. She stayed down there almost five minutes and made Ginny cum again. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get my legs back, that went quite rubbery from the hard sex we just had.

After Gin and Jen finished up, we all sat on the bed and drank some wine. Gin was asking Jen if she was enjoying herself, which Jen said "absolutely." Gin asked me the same and I said oh god yes. How could I not. The two most beautiful girls in my life, taking me to new heights sexually.

Gin said it was the hottest she's ever been. Then she said, "You know, we're not done yet Lovers." then laughed, a very wicked laugh. Gin then got off the bed and went into her room, which she hasn't stayed in for quite some time now, and walked back in with a dildo.

She directed me to lay in the middle of the bed, and told Jen to stay on the side of me, while Gin moved to the other side. Ginny grabbed my half hard cock. I was surprised it did not go flaccid. Guess those pills do work. She started stroking it and motioned to Jen to help her. Then she told me to lay back while her and Jen suck me hard again. It was quite sexy to watch two ladies sucking me.

Both taking turns engulfing the head into their hungry mouths. Then Gin stopped and looked at Jen. "Please baby, get on him and ride this wonderful meat, like you used too." Jen smiled and got to her knees and then swung a leg over me.

Ginny was holding my cock up to help guide it into her sultry friend waiting pussy. Jen slowly slid down the length of my shaft, as I watched her eyes. She smiled at me, as she finally was seated on top of me.

I looked down to see only her hairless mound covering my dick. That's when I finally noticed. She had a small tat, just above and off to the side of her clit area. It was a tat of a cartoon character, Yosemite Sam, but instead of a gun, it had a hard cock sticking out of his pants.

I had to chuckle to myself. Sam was our favorite cartoon character. I wanted to ask questions but felt now was not the time. I do know, she never had when we were together. Ginny was on her knees now, kissing Jen as Jen started rotating her hips on me. God her pussy was so tight, like I remember from our days of dating. We were each other's first and for almost two years, tried almost every position imaginable to make love in.

But this, I knew, for a fact, was her favorite. She came the best from being on top. Especially if she rode reverse cowgirl style. I let her set the pace. She always like to be in control and it may have been thirty years for us, but one never forgets their first love and how they like it.

Ginny was now laying back watching, with her dildo stroking in and out of her pussy. This was a first for me to see her do that. We could all hear the vibrator going as she fucked herself, keeping in rhythm with us.

My hands were holding Jen's lovely cheeks and we were kissing passionately as we fucked. Right then I knew this was right and felt so good.

I wanted to tell her I loved her, but I kept quiet. I didn't know how she would react, or for that matter, how Ginny would react.

After a good ten minutes of this, I felt the need to release inside her. I lightly pushed her up and grabbed her hands in mine and raised my ass off the bed and started pumping hard and fast in her. "Oh Fuck yesssssssss Jeff. Fuck Me" she yelled out. Ginny was moaning then took out the toy and placed it on Jenny's clit. Now that was a wild sensation, which resonated to the tip of my dick.

Ginny was rubbing Jen clit with it and she was rubbing her own clit with her had, yelling out for us to cum with her. Jenny moaned out real loud, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkk" and started cumming. Her body went rigid straight, but her legs kept moving so her pussy was taking me all in her.

Ginny too, started cumming then. I wasn't far behind when I started shooting my load deep inside Jen's pussy. Jenny then collapsed on top of me and lay there panting hard. Ginny too, was panting hard, as I was too. Jen stayed up on top of me a good five minutes, until my cock shrunk back to normal size. I knew I was done for the night. But that was fine. We three just enjoyed two hours of pure love making / sex. Ginny pulled Jen onto the bed, and had her lie flat and got between her legs and started licking up our combined juices.

She looked up at me and said, "I've wanted to do this for so long now. Finally I get to eat your cum from her pussy." When she finished, she moved up to Jenny's mouth and shared a kiss. Then pulled my head over so we all could kiss together. She then said she needed a potty break, and Jen said she did too. They left, but were back mere minutes later. When they returned, I went and took care of business.

When i got back, Ginny was on the one outside of the bed, facing Jenny. Jenny was on her side facing Gin and they were lightly kissing. The only spot left was next to Jenny. So I crawled in and spooned up behind her. I had to laugh to myself. The whole time we dated, not once did we ever get to spend a night together, so this is a first.

Ginny then leaned over Jen and kissed me and said I love you. She then kissed Jen and said the same, then pulled my hand over Jen and held it and also got Jen's hand to hold our hands, and we fell asleep. Chapter 9 I woke up one time at 5am and just looked at the girls. They hadn't moved. Still facing one another, holding hands, lightly snoring.

It was surreal, and quite cute. I love Ginny, I truly did, and last night made our bond even stronger. But at the same time, old feelings buried deep inside, came to the forefront, and I had no clue how I can handle this, from this point on. I lay back down and fell asleep again. I was awakened by moaning and the bed shaking some. I opened my eyes and looked over at the girls. Ginny was on top, and they were in a 69 position. My hand started stroking Ginny's back, and then her side.

I let it stroke her side boob and then down to Jenny's side and lightly stroked it. I just watched in fascination as these two ladies made love to one another. I kind of felt like a peeping Tom now, so I got up and went downstairs and made us all coffee. As I got the three cups together, I could hear them moan out as they reached their oprgasms. So I put the cups on a tray and went back up. Both were now sitting up as I handed them each a cup.

Ginny and I like the flavored cream, and I knew Jenny took her's black, with a spoon of sugar in it. Ginny smiled and said, "You are the best Babe", then started taking sips of the drink. Then Ginny set down her cup and got up, looked at both of us and said she'd be back. Jen and I sat there drinking coffee while Gin was gone. We both heard the shower going. Jen laughed and said, "Guess she didn't want company in the shower today." Then proceeded to tell me they always shower together in the morning.

Ginny came back in and said that she was going to go. She promised her sister she'd come over this morning and help with a project for the craft show next week. She looked at both of us and said, "While I am gone, you two need to talk, and be very open and honest with each other. I love you both so much and I want us to enjoy life again, together." Then she turned and left.

Leaving Jen and I sitting on the bed, naked still. Jen was now sitting indian style, and facing me. I figured what the hell and sat like her facing her.

We needed to talk this out, no matted what or where it takes us. I knew from last night, I was still in love with her. But I am also in love with Ginny too, i think, and I know Ginny and Jen are in love with each other.

Life sure does like to fuck with you. Jenny looked at me, then asked, "Any regrets from last night?" I shook my head, then said, "No.

None whatsoever. Actually, it was a beautiful sight, seeing you two together, and the love you have for each other. I'm just grateful you let me see that. How about you, do you have any regrets?" Her head was down, but then slowly lifted it and looked at me, "Yes. I do have regrets." I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry.

I" but he wouldn't let me talk more, by putting a finger to my lips. "My regret is ever breaking up with you Jeff. Last night was something I have wanted since we dated and Gin and I were lovers way back then. But letting you go is the biggest mistake I ever did. I was so scared you were going to meet some hot college coed and dump me, I figured I'd beat you to the punch.

I have hated myself ever since that day. I really fucked up both of our lives. Well, at least mine. Yours seemed to turn out fairly good. I was so surprised when you started talking to me again. I thought for sure you hated me." "Jen, Honey. I never hated you. Hurt. Yes, but never hated you. God Jen. All I wanted to do was go to college. Hope you followed me there, and go together, then get married and raise a family.

That's what I wanted. Then you broke it off with me. By the next summer, you were dating Bill, and soon after, married to him.

So yeah, my heart was crushed. But I never hated you. Christ woman, I never stopped loving you. I still love you." Jenny was crying now, sobbing hard and couldn't speak. Then she regained her composure. "Jeff, I never stopped loving you too. To be honest, the day I got married to Bill, when we exchanged vows, all I could do is think of you. I wanted you to be across from me, exchanging those vows.

I was never in love with Bill. I just settled for him. I know. It was wrong of me. Hell that night, I kept my eyes shut the whole time he was fucking me. I wanted it to be you so bad." As she said this, I chuckled a bit. "What's so funny?" she asked with a tinge of anger. "Sorry. I wasn't laughing at you. I was remembering back to my wedding day. When I saw Anna coming down the aisle, it was your face I saw, not hers.

Then when it was time for me to recite my vows, I hesitated when I got to her name, and almost said Jennifer. And hell. At least you got laid that night, we didn't even have sex until the next night. She was too tired. As for sex with her. There was many a night I thought of you and not her.

Except for one detail, her being a woman, she could not hold a candle to you in the love making department." Jen chuckled and said, "Neither could Bill. It was a rarity I ever got off with him and I usually had to be drunk to do so.

He only liked missionary or doggie, that was it. Towards the end though, we never had sex. As he put it, his life was like living with a ghost, meaning you. That's why he left. I gave him a son he adored, then 5 years later, a daughter. She was an oops baby. He hated her. I still think it's because she looks like me and he hated me towards the end." Then she asked, "Why didn't you ever fight to get me back?".

I looked down and said, "Because you asked me not to contact you anymore. So, being the dumbass I was back then, I did as you asked. One thing, though, why Chuck?" She shook her head, "I was in a real bad place when he came along. I was lonely, barely making ends meat. I knew he was a loser too, but I also felt like a loser. Ginny tried hard to talk me out of it, but I wouldn't listen. Her and I even broke off what we had then too.

But after I was married to him, I knew that was a mistake. That's when Ginny and I pledged our love for one another, but we had to hide that. If it wasn't for her, I doubt I'd be around today. Then she divorced your brother, which I was super glad of. He and Chuck were cut from the same cloth. Lazy and have no clue how to treat a woman.

How could you two be brothers is beyond me. And Chuck. Whew. If there was a picture of a man who is the worst fuck in the world, his picture would be right there. I hated sex with him. He liked it rough, and you know me, I don't go for that." I was holding her hands now, and she still had a tear in her eye. This had to be hard for her, as it was for me.

She looked in my eyes then and asked, "Jeff, do you really still love me?" "Yes I do. Never stopped. Just kept it locked away. It came bubbling back last night when I held your hand at the movie." She sort of smiled, then said, "It felt so good when you took my hand. It felt so right. I still love you Jeff. But I also love Ginny.

Can you handle me loving her and you at the same time?" "To be honest, I thought I would have some jealousy last night, until I saw you two together. Then when you and I were doing it, I thought I may have some guilt for doing it with you and not Ginny. But I didn't. It seemed so natural, and then when I saw how happy Ginny was, watching us, I knew she was good with it too. If you want me Jen, I will love you just as much and as hard as I do Ginny." "Oh Jeff.

Make love to me right now, Please make love to me like you used too." I pushed her back onto the bed, and spread her legs. I wanted to eat her so bad right now.

I really hadn't tasted her the way I used too. When my lips met her pussy, she moaned loud, but then pulled on my head, "Later baby. I need you in me. You have our whole lives to eat me" She guided my cock into her velvety soft sex. It felt so good to be back in there. We kissed and kissed. We got into our natural rhythm like we used too. No rush, but making it feel like our melted together as one. For a good fifteen minutes we made love.

When I felt my balls start rising to the occasion, I grunted and released my seed deep inside her. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me in tighter and she started to orgasm. As she came, she cooed into my ear "I Love you" When we calmed a bit, I moved down her body, kissing and licking as I went. I sucked on each of her hard nipples, then traced my tongue down to her sex. The smell was intoxicating to me.

Our juices flowed from her as I started to lick up our combined cum. "Oh God baby. I have never had that done to me. Yes, it feel so good too." When I got it all, I moved back up and kissed her. She damn near swallowed my tongue.

As we lay there still kissing, she was moving her hips around, with my semi hard dick taking the brunt of her movement. Next thing I know, I was back inside her. She smiled when she felt it harden inside her.

"Oh God baby. He's home. This will be the only dick that ever enters here again. Well, that and Ginny's strap-on." then giggled. We started going at it again. Slowly at first, but then she cried out, "Fuck me Baby.

Make love in fucking me. I need to be yours again." We fucked hard for another ten minutes. She came twice, and then I finally came deep inside her again. As we were coming down from our bliss, we were still kissing and rolling around on the bed. Unfortunately, my dick started going soft then too.

"Baby? How did you ever keep so hard and so long last night and today?" I chuckled, then told her, "Having two sexy women helps a great deal and a little helper I got from Mark.

The little blue pill." She laughed and said, "Well. I think you better get into my doctor so you can get a supply of them. Between Ginny and me, you are going to need it.

You, my lucky man, have two highly sexed women that you have to take care of." Chapter 10 Ginny arrived back, about three hours later to find Jen and I on the couch, naked.

She walked and smiled at us both…&hellip. "I see you two have talked and dare I say, made up?" We just smiled and shook our heads yes. "Good. It's about fucking time. How about we all go for a swim and relax. I'm pretty sure Jeff is probably drained right now, from last night and this morning." We all swam and played around in the pool. No sex, but plenty of kissing, especially between the two ladies.

I have to admit, they looked perfect together, and I felt a little like a third wheel. So I jumped out and made my way into the house and let them be. They eventually came in looking for me, and I was checking on some investments I had recently made. I may be retired, but I still invest. My portfolio is rather large, but I never people what I am worth. Seen to many times, people blow their money or just give it away, mostly to family members who only want you around for the money.

I could easily tear this house down and rebuild it, but why. That's not frugal in my book. And in my case, an ex wife who would have loved to get her hands on what I really have.

Between investments and cash, I am worth close to twenty million. Not too shabby for a kid who grew up in coal country. After we ate dinner together and hung out by the pool later, the night came and Jen bid her farewell. She hugged and kissed Ginny, then came to me and we kissed, like we used too, when we said goodnight, after a date.

Ginny yelled out, "Get a room you two", which made us all laugh. In bed, I told Ginny everything Jen and I talked about. I even told her how we made love afterwards too.

Cutie poked by a inflexible dick

I did not want any secrets. Not if this what she and Jen truly wanted. As we lay there talking, Ginny was lightly stroking me. I knew she had a high sex drive, but damn, after last night, and her morning session with Jen, you would think she would be sexed out by now.

"Babe. I'm really glad you and Jen found one another again. I truly am. That makes me extremely happy. These last few weeks, it felt like I was cheating on you both, when we would make love, or Jen and I made love.

Not sure how we make this work, but we'll figure it out. I was hard now and rolled on top of her and sunk inside her hot walls of pleasure. "Ahhhhhhhh" she said, then "God. I love this cock inside me" I kissed her and said, "I love you and love being inside you, connecting us together as one." I lay inside not moving, looking at her.

"What" she asked&hellip. "I've been thinking all day about this. How would like it, if we ask Jen to move in with us?" "Oh My God.

Really?" as she smiled at me…&hellip. "Yes. why not? I'd say we are all pretty close, and no one has shown any jealousy towards the others. I think it would be best we all were together." "Talk later Babe. Make love to me now" and we did. I lasted almost fifteen minutes of slow plunging into her depths, before finally creaming her womb with my seed and her, gushing her orgasm all over us.

She actually sprayed, or at least it felt that way. The bed was quite wet from us. When finished, I rolled us to our side and while still inside, we both fell asleep. The next morning, I was up early, before Ginny. I wanted to get started on the bathroom upstairs. The shower was installed and tile put it.

All I had to do is paint. The sink and counter top were installed on the previous Thursday, and only the toilet had to be installed, which I was having the plumber do. The shower was huge actually. 4 foot from the back wall, by 8 foot wide. Had a shower head on each side and one of those rain style heads in the middle. It even had a seat on the one side. I did that in case Ginny wanted to sit down as she shaved her legs, or if we wanted to play in there.

Then just paint the rest of the room, and big closet. Ginny kissed me goodbye as she went off to work. When I said I love you, all she said back was "Me too", as she rushed out the door. Ok, that was different. May be she has seconds thoughts about this now. Christ, I was getting confused.

About mid-morning, I got a text from her saying I love you. I also got a couple throughout the day from Jen, saying it too. That evening, I did ask Gin if she had second thoughts about all of this and she said "No. Hell No". I told her good, because that would kill me if she wasn't happy about all of this. I asked her to call Jen and tell her to come over Wednesday after work and we'd ask her then.

Ginny was excited. She said she thought I would back out of it, after thinking it over. Jen showed up around 5:30. I had dinner ready for them both, and myself. After Jen kissed me she went and found Ginny and they kissed, then sat down at the dining room table, while I served dinner. Nothing fancy, just a lasagna I made early that day.

Jen quipped, "Hell. I could get used to service like this. Does he always cook?" she asked Ginny. "Almost every day. I'm quite spoiled now. Shithead would never cook, or do most anything around the house. I was his maid, mother, and hooker." then laughed. After dinner, we retired to the deck with a beer.

We sat and talked a bit and then I asked Jenny "How would you feel about moving in with us?" She looked at me, and then at Ginny, who was smiling ear to ear. "Oh God guys, I don't know. How would this work? I mean sleeping arrangements and all? What will people think?" "Well, at least for me, fuck what people think. As for sleeping arrangements, I haven't thought that part out yet, but will leave that to you two ladies.

And before you even say it, don't worry about your place." She shook her head, then said, "I have to worry about it. Kelly can't afford it on her own, and I am sure I'll have to pay my way around here, and I don't make squat where I work. I barely survive now, as it is." Ginny moved over to her and hugged her as I began to explain more. "Listen Jen, and I hope you don't get pissed, but I know what you owe on the place.

I know what you owe on everything, as I do on Ginny too. Neither of you ladies will have to worry about debt again. I paid off everything you owe. I also plan on paying off Amy's college loans and Jim Jr's, if he still owes any.

As for Kelly, her loans will be paid off and she can have your place free and clear." Both girls looked at me with mouth agape. Then Jen asked how did I find out. I smiled and explained that being an investment banker, it was not hard to find this out. Then Jen looked at him with a tinge of anger. "How dare you check into my accounts. Those are private.

So what am I now, your whore?" she asked with venom. Then started to cry. Ginny too, was upset with me. Christ. All I did was make life easier for them and now I'm the schmuck. Jen and Ginny both rose and went inside. I stayed right where I was, and didn't go after either of them.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door slam. I got up and went inside. I figured that Jen had left. I trudged upstairs to talk with Ginny, only to find she wasn't there too. I came back down and looked out front, and saw both of their car's were long gone.

I too became upset, more with myself, than either of them. I was just trying to do the right thing and start us all on a path, free of any past bullshit. And Jenny. How could she ever think I would consider her a whore. I just plopped down on the couch and sulked. As I sat there, I could not for the life of me figure out how or why I got into this situation. I should have just stayed friends with Ginny. Granted, the sex has been some the best in my life, but was this worth it?

I asked myself. And Jenny. I should have never talked with her. Had I not, I wouldn't have the feelings I have for her again. Then making love to her on Sunday, that was a total mistake. The Saturday night thing was sex for the three of us. I could live with that. But having my heart ripped again? Fuck! What was I thinking. Chapter 11 The next day, I just putzed around the house. I didn't care if the rooms upstairs got done or not.

I was, up until the previous night, excited to have this finished. I was going to suggest to the girls, that they take that room, and I would take one of the other rooms. There was no way we three could sleep together. Too much temptation. That, and my heart wouldn't take that workout on a nightly basis. All through the day, I contemplated reaching out to them, but resisted. But, before the end of the day, I relented and texted them both that I was sorry.

Of course, I never got a reply, not even a fuck you asshole. On Friday, I did paint the room in the morning. Might as well get it done.

If anything, sell this place and move far away as I can. You know that saying, "You can never go home again", is so fucking true. It was lunch time and I was hungry. I really did not eat the day before, or this morning.

Just no appetite. So I went to the cafe. I figured Kelly wouldn't be there at this time of day. Once the lady seated me, I was approached by none other than Kelly. "Oh fuck. Now I'll have to listen to her shit too" is what I thought.

Kelly came up and asked what I'd like sir. Took my order then left. She was back about ten minutes later with my order. She didn't say a word to me, after placing it down, but just turned and left me to my meal. I was just finishing up the last of my fries, and taking a drink, when I saw her approach me. There wasn't too many people in there at this time. She plopped the check down next to my plate, then slid into the booth across from me, just like the first time that I met her.

I tried to gauge her demeanor as I looked across at her, but I couldn't tell how she was. "So. You think my mom's whore huh?" she softly said. "Kelly. You have no idea what you are saying right now. And No. I have never thought that of your mother. Never. I have never hated her. In fact young lady, I never stopped loving your mom. And according to her, she never stopped loving me. All I was trying to do is make life easier for her, and aunt Ginny. Had I known I was going to start a shit storm like this, I would have never done it.

But, maybe this was for the best. I'm sure you know about Ginny and your mom and how they feel about each other." "Yeah I do." she shot back. "So what. I'm cool with it. Why? Aren't you? You older people need to open your minds more." "Judging from how you just spoke, you don't know the whole story then.

I asked your mom to move in with Ginny and I too. I know they are lovers, just as Ginny and I are, and your mom and I started to be lovers too. It was very consensual between us three. Weird I know, but they wanted this, and so did I. We weren't even sure on how this would work.

Besides paying off both of their bills. I was also going to pay off your college loans and any debt you have. Plus my niece and nephews debt." "Why? I'm nothing to you. Does that mean I become one of your harem too?

Just so you know, aunt Gin and I are lovers too. We've shared many a night together, along with mom" "Oh God. Really? Not for me to judge, considering what I was about to embark on with them." I said. "Truthfully. Had I fought back 30 years ago and not taken your mom at her word, and came back after graduating, you should be my daughter, and your brother, my son. As I told her the other day, I never stopped loving her, and I never will.

And, hell no, to you becoming any harem to anyone. I would have treated you as I treat my own daughter. But that's pretty much over now." She looked at me with sorrowful eyes and spoke. "I'm sorry Jeff. I didn't know the whole truth about this. They left out all of these parts.

I know mom never stopped loving you. She's told me plenty times in the past. She also told me that if I ever find that right guy, and know deep inside he is the one, never let him go or I would regret it, like she does." I chuckled, then said, "Well, she gives good advice, to bad she never abided by it. Or you would be my daughter. And I guarantee, you would not be waiting tables like this. But, it is the past, and we can't go back, just like you can never go home again.

So I pretty much have made up my mind. I am going to sell the house and move away, far away." She got up and wiped a tear, then patted me on the hand, "I'm sorry Jeff. I really am. I kind of wish you were my dad too. You seem like the type that loves his kids. That's something I never felt with mine. I really do hope you two, or three can work this out.", then she shuffled to the back and that was the last I saw her.

I went home, still reeling from what Kelly had told me, and what I had told her. Ok, so that's a bit over the top and fucked up that Kelly and Ginny are lovers too, and who knows if Jen's involved. I'm open minded, but wow. I could never see me with Danielle like that, although something did happen not too long ago. All I kept asking myself is "Why did I ever come back here?" Maybe I could find a place down in the Caribbean someplace. Nice and warm. Hot women all around. But never get tied down to any of them.

So I started an internet search of places down there. St. Martin looked like a nice place, except it is french speaking, so that leaves me out. St, Croix and St. Thomas looked great to me. Houses range from mid $200 grand into the millions. One on St. Croix boast of beachfront land, with private beach and a four bedroom 3 bath house. Built in the late 80's, for a mere $800 grand.

Private beaches, it said, can be total nudity. Public Beaches it is frown upon. "Fuck it", I thought, and contacted the realtor down there. I sent an email off, just to see the response I would get.

One thing I did learn about the house, it was built to withstand hurricane force winds and rain. That's a good thing. I asked for the newest pictures of the place. Not one's taken by some photographer. Those can be enhanced easily. The rest of the day, I spent getting the room done. I needed to finish this if I was going to sell it off. ********************************************************************************************* Part 2 Chapter 1 Again, after a fitful night's sleep, I was up early.

Since becoming lovers with Ginny, going to bed and then motoring around in the morning, we would be naked. I kind of liked that way of life. Anna would never go naked. Hell I was lucky to see her naked at anytime.

About the only time is when we would fuck. Then as soon as we were done, on with the clothes again. I was checking an investment that had the chance of really giving me some money. The company is supposed to go public in the next week or so. But one never knows with those. If it does, I could make around a half million, or 50 grand, depending on what it does the day it does go public.

If it does well, then I will put in a bid on that house. Funny thing, the radio was on playing Margaritaville. I just finished washing my coffee cup out and was going to dress to start working again. Mark wasn't coming over anymore. Most of the work he was to do was now done. Only trim work was left and that had to wait until I finished painting. He charged me $2000 for the work, but I paid him an extra grand. Now whether he told Barb about that, I had no clue, but nor was it my business.

I didn't even tell Ginny how much I paid him. I heard the front door open just as I placed the cup in the cupboard. I turned and look to see Ginny coming towards the kitchen. She giggled when she saw me, and then said "Guess you liked the new dress code" I laughed and said, "Yeah.

It had its advantages." "Mind if we talk?" she asked. "Yeah. Sure. Be right back." as I walked up the stairs and went and put on shorts and T. When I got back down, she was sitting on the couch. She chuckled and said, "Damn. You didn't have to dress on my account.

I love seeing you naked." I just let that hang out there and said nothing. I sat a couple of feet away from her on the couch. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy. "Jeff. I'm sorry for how I reacted to you Wednesday night. But at the time, I felt violated by what you did.

But then after listening to Kelly last night, we now understand your motives behind it." she said. I started to speak, but she put a finger up. "Jeff. I do love you, but I also think it was more lust and not a true love.

The love making was awesome, as was the sex we shared. You are, by far, the best lover I have ever had. I also know, that your heart belongs to one woman. It always has and always will. Do I think we could share each other. I don't know. Maybe. But when I saw how you two were Saturday night, and then the sparkle in both your eyes on Sunday, I knew. You two belong together. She knows that too." I just put my head in my hands and stayed quiet for a minute.

"Gin. I do love you, but you are right. Jenny has my heart and always will. But, I fucked up and I really did not mean too. I wanted to make life easier for you two. You are my family and I was hoping Jen would join us too. But now, it won't matter. I am going to move from here. I want you to have this house and I still plan on paying off all of your debt and hers too. Maybe you two can live together, and fuck what anyone says too." Ginny started to let tears fall, "We don't want you to move Hun.

You would devastate Jen if you moved again. And me too. Jen wants to move in with you, if you still want her. I plan on moving into her place, instead. At least until I can find my own place. When I do, then sell it or give it to Kelly like you were going to do." "Damn" I thought. "Ginny. I don't want you to move. You are family to me.

Ok, close family, seeing we were lovers too. Why not just stay here. You each have your own room, and I won't bother either of you. Sexually or otherwise." "God, for a smart man, you are thick headed, and I don't mean your dick either, which is rather nice too. Jen wants to move in with you, Sleep with you nightly. Make love to you all the time. That type of move in. We just hope you would allow us to continue as lovers once in awhile.

Or at least until I find my own lover." then she chuckled and said, "who knows, maybe the four of play together. Cuz, I'll admit it, I am going to miss that cock of yours." "Ginny. Are you sure? Because what I did surely hurt her pride and I don't want that hanging over my head at all. But if she truly wants too, then let me go talk to her now. Before I do something stupid." Ginny laughed and said, "The only stupid thing you could do now is not take her as yours.

You two have always belonged together. Always. Now hold on." Ginny was typing into her phone. About thirty seconds later, Jen walked through the door. She must have been waiting in the car this whole time. Her blond hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing cutoff jeans and a white t-shirt. Her eyes were a little bloodshot from crying.

Ginny got up and started to leave. She looked at Jen and said, "Call me if you need me for anything. I'm going to go shopping with Kelly." then closed the door behind her as she left. Jen came over and sat down next to me. I really didn't know how to start this conversation. But then, I didn't need too, she started," Jeff. I am so, so sorry. I was so out of line the other night.

My pride was hurt that you knew what a mess my life has been. Then when the comment about a whore came out, and well, that was a genie that couldn't be put back in the bottle&hellip. That's how Chuck use to treat me. When I needed money for groceries and stuff for the house, oh he gave it, but wanted sex in return.

I felt like a goddamn whore to him. When you said what you did, that came rushing back to me." then she started to cry and cry hard. I gathered her into my arms and held her close to me. This hurt, seeing her hurt like this. She was, and still is a very beautiful woman, inside and out. I rocked her for a few minutes, while she settled down. When she composed herself I decided to speak. "Jennifer. From the day I met you in high school, until this very minute, I have loved you. You are the only woman I have truly loved.

Do I love Ginny? Yes. But not like I love you. She's right. We love the lust we have between us. But, we are not in love with each other. I do believe she is in love with you, and I do not want to come between you two like that. If she is what you want in life, then so be it.

I can live with that. If you truly want to be with me, and I mean in my bed nightly and do things as a couple does, then I want you too. I can also say I want you to enjoy Ginny too. I see nothing wrong with it, I'm open to that. Not sure if I could be open to what Ginny said though." Jenny looked at me with a weird look, "What did she say now?" I laughed.

"She said if she does meet guy and they become lovers, or more, maybe the four of us could share. Sorry dear, it's one thing to watch you two make love, but you and another guy, well, I just don't know, maybe. I mean I am quite open to things." Jenny laughed, "She's such a slut. I love her to death, but I swear she thinks with her pussy more than her brain at times.

But, if you agree, I'd still like to be with her on occasions, and invite her into our bed too. You two were so hot to watch last week. That's my inner slut talking now.

Jeff. Do you really want me to move in?" "Yes. the sooner the better. I want you here all the time Baby. Like it was meant to be. I told Ginny she could still stay here too, and I mean that. And yes, she can share our bed on occasion and you two can have all the fun you want too. Just as long as you sleep with me nightly." Jenny came and straddled my lap and kissed me deeply. Our tongues wrestle. As we kissed, I reached for the bottom of her shirt and lifted it off of her, exposing her breast.

I sucked on each nipple, then pushed them together to suck both at the same time. "Oh God baby, Yessssssssssssss. Suck them". For the rest of the morning, and most of the afternoon, we stayed in bed and made love. It felt like we were teens again. We couldn't get enough of one another.

At first we did it on the couch, then migrated to the bedroom. I still knew all the little areas that turned her on. Like sucking on her ear lobes, and licking her neck, just below her ear, and she loved when I licked and kissed area between her pussy and ass.

And she still loved her ass licked. She later told me I was the last man to do that with her. I'm hoping I will still be the last man to touch any part of her. That evening, we did decide to go get a bite to eat, but we went a few towns over.

Why start gossip when we don't have too. Trust, by weeks end, or the following week, the whole town will know we are back together. Before we went to eat, we stopped ather place, where she packed a couple of bags with clothes and toiletries, and her make up.

Not that she really needs it. While she did that, I left a note on the counter for Ginny to come swimming tomorrow, since it was going to be a scorcher again, around 90. Jen was quite pleased I did that. After we arrived home, I took her bags upstairs and put them in my room, strike that, our room.

I hung her clothes in the new closet, which was a walk in. She made a comment that she doesn't have enough clothes to fill this thing. I laughed and told her we had to share. She liked the area for shoes though. She said she has like 20 pairs in total. I said of course you do. What woman wouldn't. My ex used to have like 40 pairs, god knows why. I have like 6 pairs, and that's it.

I told her the dresser we would sort out the next day. Ginny had a few things in one drawer, but most of hers was still in the other bedroom. She was in awe of the bathroom and how I had it laid out.

I asked if she wanted to test the shower out, since I had not used it yet. We were naked in no time and leisurely washed each other. Paying attention to our most private parts. As we held each other, while the rain faucet cascaded over us, she remarked, "One day, we need to make love in here, and I definitely have to give you a BJ". I laughed and said, "I'll never turn you down." After we got out, we dried each other off and went into the bedroom.

I asked if she wanted to go downstairs, or we could watch TV up here, or just talk. She said let's talk. I told her I wanted something to drink, as she did too, so we settled on ice tea. I wasn't gone 5 minutes and Jen was sitting on the bed, indian style, like she did last week. Granted, she wasn't that svelte girl I dated years ago, but she still maintained a great figure for a mature woman of 48. As I sat across from her, I commented on her tat.

"You know, that tat does look sexy on you". "Thank you. Like I told you, it was a low time for me and this guy was our favorite and it was my way of remembering you. Granted, the dick, instead of the gun is a tad slutty." and we both laughed. "Jeff. I do have some baggage. I'm not that innocent girl you were in love with. I have two failed marriages, and my son is not close to me, like he used to be.

He's not close with his dad either. He's still mad at us for ending it. When I married Chuck, he never came around then. Last time I saw him was 7 months ago. He came back for his 10th high school reunion.

He lives in Chicago now and is engaged to be married. I've never met the girl, and the way it is now, I doubt that I will. But Kelly and I are very close, and always have been.

She hates her dad. But not because of the divorce.


He just never treated her like a daughter. That broke my heart on so many occasions." She started to take a breath, but I cut her off. "Babe. You don't have to explain things to me.

It's in the past, and hopefully one day Billy will come to his senses and have you part of his life again. I have baggage too. My marriage failed and then took up with my ex sister in law. Tell me that's not weird. The one saving grace I have from that marriage is Danielle, or Dani, which is what she likes to be called. We talk weekly. Last time I saw her was about a month before I moved back.

She came to Jersey to see me. We hung out for 5 straight days. She works in Virginia at a tech company, so she can work from home if she wants too. She's coming up in two weeks for Labor Day weekend." I told her "God, I haven't seen her since your mom's visiting hours at the funeral home. Before that was one weekend your ex and her were walking around downtown. I'm sorry, but I was so jealous of Anna. Then seeing Dani, and how beautiful she is, She looks so much like you, especially with the dark hair.

Some man is going to be very lucky to have her." I chuckled, "I hate the thought of a man touching her, but I know that is enviable. It's a dad thing. But I know she doesn't date much. She says the guys are tools. They only want a piece of ass. I told her to never settle for second best.

If it feels right and you know it deep in your heart, then do it and not look back. Don't make the same mistake I did." Jenny teared up and said, "You didn't make the mistake Jeff. It was all me. I was so sure some college coed would steal your heart, that I just couldn't live with that.

I hate myself every day for it… Oh how I wish Billy and Kelly were yours. And talk about fucked up. After I tell you this, and confirm what Kelly said to you the other day, you could hate me all the more." "Babe" I said, "You don't have to explain anything." She shook her head, "No. This needs to be known. One night, last year, Ginny and I were drunk and were playing in the bedroom.

Kelly got home early from a date and was upset. The guy she was seeing cheated on her……&hellip. I mean here Ginny and I are, naked as the day we were born, and Kelly just came in and crawled up there with us crying.

We were drinking margaritas too, so we let her have some. Next thing we know, she was getting drunk too and said she is going lesbo. Then kissed Ginny. They started making out and before long was naked with us. God Jeff, before I knew it, my daughter was between my legs eating me, and I let her too.

I felt so bad the next day, but she didn't. Her and Ginny get it on a couple of times a month and her and I have done it a few times since. So tell me how fucked up is that?" I leaned in and kissed her.

For some reason it did not bother me. Of course I had my own little secret too, that only two of us know. I took her hand in mine and looked at her. "Since we are baring souls now, then you need to know this. When Dani was at my place the last time, we went out to eat, then came home and she changed into a short nighty.

Nothing see through, or anything like that, but she did look sexy. I changed into my shorts that I wear to bed and a T. We started watching a movie. Some romantic comedy. She was cuddled with me as we watched. Her hand kept rubbing my chest while we watched, like we were two lovers. Then for no reason, she kissed me right on the lips, and I let her. Understand, I only had one beer, so I wasn't drunk.

Next thing I know she is straddling my lap and we were in a full on passionate kiss. I knew I should have stopped it, but I didn't want too. I pulled her top down and sucked her breast, then kissed more, She was grinding on me and next thing you know, we both came. Luckily I was still in my shorts.

She begged me to make love to her too, but I couldn't. This was my daughter. The next morning, she acted like nothing happened. Now tell me, is that fucked up?" "Wow" she said, then she continued, "Is it fucked up? Probably. But I do not regret making love to my daughter and neither should you. We did it with people we do love. So I guess we both are fucked up in that regard.

But, I don't love you any less. Maybe even more now. Because you had the guts to tell me. Do you still want me part of your life Jeff? Because if you do, then we move forward and no looking back and I am never giving you up again." I pulled her legs apart and slipped between them and pushed her back onto the bed, and started kissing her.

When I felt my cock hardened, I slipped it inside, and said to her. "Does this answer your question? Cause I plan on marrying you one day soon. I'm never losing you again." Chapter 2 Two weeks later, my daughter was to arrive on that Thursday.

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Ginny had basically moved all of her stuff out to Jen's place. Likewise, Jen moved most of her stuff here. Ginny and I still talk, and even flirt, but we decided to not be sexual, at least for now. She thought Jen and I needed time to get acquainted again. Kelly had been coming over a lot too. I let her have free reign of the pool, and let her know she could stay anytime she wanted too. Just this past Sunday, Jen and I were out by the pool, naked, which happened to be our new dress code, unless Kelly or others were around.

Kelly showed up too. We thought she was with her boyfriend. When she came out, she had on this tiny bikini that didn't cover much at all. I had the presence of mind to cover myself. Jen just stayed as she was.

"Oh. I like the dress code here." and started taking off her suit. "I hate tan lines. Oh and Jeff. I've seen plenty of dick before, so you can uncover yourself&hellip.I just need to find a halfway decent one, that is attached to a nice guy, and not some loser.

Size really doesn't matter if he is a tool." Jenny giggled and took my towel and ripped it off of me. "Whooo Hooo Mom.

Now that's a package to like." I turned ten shades of red. Jenny just laughed, but we all settled in for a nice afternoon. When Dani showed up on Thursday, I introduced her to Jenny. I thought for sure there was going to be some resentment, but my daughter hugged her and kissed her cheek. "So I finally meet the woman who has owned my dad's heart for all these years." They bonded almost immediately. Then Kelly showed up and those two hit it off like they have known each other their whole lives.

Later that evening, Kelly took her downtown to one of her favorite bars, and they hung out. Jen and I were super pleased by this. We did find out that Kelly had broken up with boyfriend. Taking her mother's advice in not settling for second best. He was nice and all, she said, but just never made her have butterflies in her stomach, and wasn't all that good in bed. To much Info for me.

That Friday evening, I had received an email from the realtor for that house. We had been emailing back and forth about it, and I had put a bid in two weeks prior. We had been dickering this past week on final price. This email stated that the seller accepted my offer of $685 grand. I was ecstatic, whooping it up as I came down the stairs with my laptop. My daughter asked what was wrong. I told her nothing is wrong, but sensational.

Then I explained what I did. I left out the part where I was buying it to move myself down there. But after Jen moved in, I figured why not have it as a getaway home. We could rent it out too. I set the laptop down and showed them the email, and then pictures of it.

"Great place to spend a honeymoon, don't you think?" That left everyone speechless, until Dani said, "Smooth Dad, Real Smooth. Kind of a backhanded way to ask Jenny to marry you" "Shit. I screwed that up. Jen, will you marry me?" She giggled and said, "Wow, that has to top some of the weirdest ways to get engaged. But……&hellip. Yes&hellip." After the hugging and kissing, Kelly piped up.

"Shit. No way are you not taking Dani and me too. Bet there is some super hot guys there." I looked at them both and said, "You're kidding, right?

Parents don't take their kids on honeymoons" Kelly laughed, "We're not kids for one thing. Two. You two can fuck your brains out for all we care. We'll keep ourselves entertained Daddy." Which made all of them laugh. I shook my head and said, "You're right, I will be your dad. Just understand Kelly, and you Dani, are still kids to me and aren't too old for me to spank you." Dani piped in first, "Ohhhhhhh I like when you spank me Daddy.".

Then Kelly spoke up, "Oh Yeah daddy. I love to be spanked. Makes me wet thinking about it.". I looked at Jen, and she was laughing her ass off then. I turned to walk away and muttered, 'You guys are incorrigible" Later, Jenny came up to me and kissed me. The girls were out by the pool, laying out. Not sure why, because it was well after 6pm. "Jeff. Were you serious before about us getting married?

I mean we have talked yes, but I didn't think you'd want too, so soon." "Yes" I said. "I am very serious. I planned it a bit differently to do. I just blurted it out about the honeymoon. I'm never going to be without you again, if you want me." "Oh God Jeff. Of course I'll marry you. I screwed up once, but never again when it comes to you. But I have to ask, and you don't have to tell me, But, how can you afford that place, and do the things you have done for me already, and Kelly too.?" "First off.

I loved doing what I did for you. Second, I don't think much about it. But being what I did for a living, I made sure I could retire early and live comfortably the rest of my life, and now our lives.

I don't flaunt it either, as you can see. But you my dear, never have to work again, unless the stock market crashes to shit, like in 1929. And if this one investment holds like it has been, I'll be just over 10 million. The house itself will also be an investment. When we're not down there, we'll rent it out. Most go for around two grand a week. I figure in 7 years, I'll make the money back, and we'll have a nice getaway home, or if we love it enough, a permanent home there." I told her.

"Oh My God Jeff. I never knew. We all figured you had a nice nest egg to retire so young, but nothing like this." "No one really knows, except for you now, and Dani. She knows I am well off, but to what degree, she hasn't a clue. But she is taken care of too. She'll never have to want for anything. And, now I plan on doing that for Kelly too, and Billy, regardless of how he feels about you, or even me for that matter. Family always comes first." "Well.

We'll hold off on telling Kelly any of this. I am not sure she is mature enough to handle money like that. She knows what you did in paying off her college, and I know she has thanked you, and I thank you immensely. But trust me, I will never speak a word of this." The rest of the weekend flew by. Jen and I went to a jewelers and bought a ring for her.

Nothing gaudy, just a bit over two carats, and two wedding bands. The girls went out again Saturday night. We told Kelly to just stay at the house that night. Jenny and I were just finishing up making love around 11 that evening, and she did moan quite loud, as did I. We didn't think the girls were back yet. When we finished, we heard them giggling as they closed the bedroom door. After making love again that morning, we went downstairs, but as we passed Dani's room, we peeked in and saw that the girls spent the night together.

Kelly had a sheet on her, but Dani was laying on her stomach and no sheet, and was butt naked. I looked at Jen and raised an eyebrow. She just pushed me away and silently closed the door. In the kitchen I asked if she thought they did it. Jen just shrugged and said, who cares, it's their business, Plus they can't get pregnant that way, and then laughed.

We texted Gin to come over at 11 and swim with us. She arrived right on the dot. The girls weren't even up yet. We lay out there, with suits on, since Dani was home. Just about midday, the girls came out. Both were naked and thought nothing of it. Jen asked, "A little underdressed girls?" Kelly laughed, "Nope.

You guys are a little overdressed. I mean really. You three are always naked out here&hellip. Daddy afraid to let his dick swing free?" then both girls giggled. Ginny of course needed no egging on and doffed her suit in seconds. Then Jen did hers too, and all looked at me, like I was a monkey at the zoo. "Oh Christ dad. I've seen naked men before. No big deal."Dani said as she chuckled as she said it.

But her eyes were on me now as I removed my shorts. She just smiled at me, and my thoughts turned to that night in my apartment, like I'm sure hers did too.

So nudity was now the norm here. Guess I'll have to get used to it. Ginny was elated that we are getting married. She only asked that she gets to fuck the bride and groom one night. Jen smack er and called her a slut. Chapter 3 Three months later, we arrived in St. Croix, and our new home. This was the day after Jen and I stood before the Justice of Peace and recited our vows. There was no hesitation when it came time for this. Both of us had longed to speak these words to one another.

Kelly stood as her mom's maid of honor, and Dani stood as my best man. Mark and Barb were there, along with Ginny and her new boyfriend. A really nice guy that seems to adore Ginny.

Jen had a few friends from the bank too. We then dined at a restaurant in Altoona. Then went back to the house. One thing that became clear to Jen and I, was that our daughters became very close over these past few months. Kelly had drove down to Virginia on four different occasions, and Dani came up here for a few weekends. I think I am a very non-judgmental, and open-minded guy and if these two find this is what they want, so be it. I think Jen feels the same too.

We just haven't talked about it. We arrived at the house and it was gorgeous. Dani and Kelly loved the views from the place. Our bedroom was on the second floor and took the whole back of the house.

It had a bank of windows that went floor to ceiling, that were centered to the room. The king size bed was right across from it, so our views at night, or in the morning would be spectacular. The house was situated by Robin's Bay area. We also had a deck off of our bedroom. There was another bedroom upstairs, across from ours, along with a huge bathroom.

Our room had a master bath, with a big walk in shower, and two sink vanity. The bedroom downstairs was rather large too, but half of ours, up here. I heard Dani say they should take that one. The other bedroom was down there too, but it was small.

On the one side of the house, was a built in pool, with a cement deck around it. It had a privacy fence around it. The next yard over, from what we could see from our room, was big too, and their back part of the house, kind of faced us, and they too had a pool as well. Before the girls took off to go exploring, I handed them each their own credit card. Platinum Visa's. I told Dani to start using this one, instead of her old one.

Kelly was so shocked that she was speechless for almost a minute. Which, if you knew her, was hard to do. I just asked them to spend wisely and not blow it on stupid stuff. Jen and I loved the house. We sat on the porch, off of our room that night and drank wine and just enjoyed the sun setting and all the boats out on the water.

At one point, we could see the girls down on the beach. They were walking along the water's edge, holding hands. I finally had to ask Jen how she felt about this. She smiled and said, "At first, I honestly didn't know how to take it. But listening to them talk to each other, and all the affection they display towards one another, I think I can safely say, that they are in love with each other.

And if that's the case, I say go for it. The good thing is, that we know the parents real well, and approve of them too" then laughed. I had to laugh at that as well. We eventually went to bed and made love for almost an hour. Jenny's sexual appetite never wavered from how it used to be. Mine either. All I had to do is look at her and I got hard. By the fourth day here, we were in love with the place. The people were so friendly, in the towns we visited.

Luckily, when I told the realtor when we were coming, he secured us a rental vehicle, a Chevy Suburban. We were now also thinking of buying some bikes to get around. The girls found a place that sold scooters and asked if they could buy one each. I told them that was up to them. So they each got one. For the most part, we hardly saw the girls, except around dinner time, or first thing in the morning.

Most times, they were down by the beach. Their dress was simply, thong bikini's until they got down there, then went nude. Jen and I even went nude sunbathing too, but we weren't near the girls. I was still apprehensive about me showing my wares in front of the girls, especially Dani.

Jen had no problem going naked around them, especially around the pool. On the fifth day, the girls and Jen went down to the beach together. I wanted to catch up on some investments. I have to admit, the girls looked great with an overall tan. I had seen them a couple of times naked, in the house. I know I shouldn't look, but damn, they are sexy. I even felt very attracted to my daughter. Dani has always had a deep tan. I think that comes from her mom's side of the family, considering she is part Italian.

Kelly doesn't tan as dark, but has a nice rich tan and, like I said, is the spitting image of her mom. It was almost an hour later when I finished up what I was doing. I went out onto the porch, off of our bedroom and looked down to see if I could see the girls. My jaw almost hit the ground at what I was. There is a tall dune just at the end of the path leading down to the beach.

And just before the dune, I could see the girls. All of them naked, but I saw Kelly laying next to Jen, with her mouth attached to Jenny's nipple. Dani was between my wife's legs, licking away. Was I mad?, hell no. It was a very erotic sight to behold.

I stood there and watch. I could feel my cock start growing in my shorts. Then Kelly straddled her mom's face and Jenny went to town on her. I felt like a pervert watching, but my eyes were glued to this carnal sight.

Before long Kelly must have started cumming, and judging from how my wife was wiggling around, she was too. Then I saw Kelly move just a bit down, and acted like she was wiping her pussy all over Jen's tits.

God I want to fuck her so bad right now. Since we got back together, we pretty much make love. No experimentation with positions. That is mostly on me. I don't want to force anything on her. Mostly missionary, or her on top.

A couple of times doggie, but in most cases, kind of boring, compared to how we used to be. She's never complained, and she cums all the time. Chapter 4 After they finished up and lay there kissing each other, I moved back into the house.

I then saw Jen walking back up the path. She had put back on her bikini bottom, but went topless. After I heard her come into the house, I went downstairs. She was in front of the sink, washing out her drink canister. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, then slid my hands up to her breasts.

She went rigid. Normally, she would moan and push back into me, but not this time. "Babe? What's wrong?" I asked&hellip. She slowly turned and had the look of fear on her face.

She was inches from me and I tried to kiss her, but she moved her face away. I could smell the scent of Kelly's sex on her. I took her hand and led her to the couch and asked again what was wrong. She had tears in her eyes. Then finally spoke.

"I cheated on you Jeff?" I looked at her dumbfounded. "With whom?" I asked She then started to cry. I personally did not think that what she did was cheating. It was with two people we both love. But, I couldn't tell her I saw what went on. She might think that was creepy. Finally she regained her composure and talked.

"The girls. I just had sex with the girls.". "Ok. So what. It's not like you and Kelly haven't had this before and I always said I was ok with it." "Yeah" she said, "But, it was with Dani too.".

"Ok. So what. I think we both know they are Bi, and she adores you. I'm not mad Babe. I really am not. Tell me what happened." She looked at me and said"You really want to know?" …… "Yes" I said.

"No secrets, remember?" We were laying down there, behind the dune and we all got naked. Dani asked what the tat represented, so I told her. Then she asked what it is like to make love to you. So I told her how sweet and loving you are and that you always take care of my needs first, which you do.

She then told me about that one night at your old place. She thinks you are the sexiest man alive and has always wanted to make love to you. Then Kelly told her how we have been lovers before. With all the sex talk, we all got kind of horny.

Next thing I know, both are sucking my nipples. I asked them to stop, but neither listened, and I have to admit, it felt great&hellip. Oh My God. You're turned onaren't you?" as she reached over and grabbed my cock and squeezed it. "You sure you are Ok with all of this?" she asked. I nodded then told her to continue.

"Then Dani licked down my belly until she reached my pussy. Once she was there, I wasn't going to stop her. Your girl knows how to eat a woman&hellip. As she was doing that, Kelly straddled my face and I ate her.

I'm sorry Babe, I know it is wrong, but I love tasting her. I just let my desires get the best of me. I'm sorry." "Don't be. I mean that too. Enjoy them anytime you can. Are you turned on now?" I asked. She nodded. I had her stand up in front of me. I pushed her bottoms down and help them fall to the floor. She was now naked. I slipped my shorts off of me and pulled her into my lap.

Her arms went around my neck and kissed me hard. "Jeff. You really are turned on, aren't you?" she asked…&hellip. "Fuck Yes Baby.

I want to fuck you Baby." "MMMMMMMM. I've been dying to hear you say that. Don't get me wrong. Our love making is the best, but I miss how we used to be. Carefree when it came to sex. Talking dirty and fucking like crazy. I miss you pounding into me. That my dear husband, drives me crazy for you. Can we be like that again?" "Oh God Jenny.

I was afraid it would bring back bad memories of your past with the exes. I'd love for our old ways to surface again and enjoy our naughty sides." She stood up a bit, and guided me inside her. "Hell no.

I know you aren't like that. They could care less about me, but I know different with you. Just don't inflict pain, like they did. I love a good hard pounding once in awhile, in many different positions. Like now. Your cock is fucking hard inside me. Fuckkkkkkkk I love it… Fuck my hot little slit." She started riding me hard. I sucked her nipples then bit them. This used to drive her crazy and now was no different. She let out a loud moan, but then caught herself.

"What's wrong?" I asked "What if the girls come in?" she asked…… "Tough. They'll see us fucking. I don't care anymore… They make enough noise when they have sex, so why shouldn't we. Fuck your pussy is so hot and tight right now." She kissed me passionately.

Then broke the kiss. "They turn you on, don't they Babe. You like hearing them as much as I do, don't you? Wouldn't you like to feel one of them sucking this gorgeous cock of yours, while you eat the other one?

Tell me the truth Baby." I picked her up and laid her on the couch and pushed her legs up by her head and slammed into her. "Yes&hellip. I'd love to see all four of us on a bed doing this… I'd love to watch you and Dani getting it on, then Kelly and you.

Then let me fuck you so good… Just like this." As I started slam into her. You could hear our skin slapping together with each thrust. It wasn't long before we both had to cum and Jenny was first to let loose. But this orgasm was different. I could feel a lot of her juices spraying out around my cock, then onto my balls. My wife was squirting now. This was a first for us. I pounded her hard now, and my balls signaled me to let me know I was about to cum.

The first shot was deep inside her, but then I pulled out and shot some on her tits and then the rest on her belly. "Fuck yeah Baby. Shoot your cum all over me. I needed it this way Baby.

God… I love you" I looked down at her cum covered body and smiled. She did too. Then I leaned down and started licking it up. I would get a good amount, then feed it to her. Then go back for more. The last time I kissed her hard and slipped back inside her. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear.

"We just had an audience. Our girls watched us. Fuck I am so turned on still. Take me upstairs and fuck me some more, since my cock is still hard in your pussy." she said Two hours later we came back downstairs. We had fucked one more time, then napped a bit. Dani was on the couch watching something on TV and Kelly was in the kitchen. Both were naked, and for once, I didn't care.

They had been at least wearing shorts or bikini bottoms since we arrived. Jen and I were naked too. I went to the fridge and Kelly smiled at me. She winked then grabbed my dick and squeezed it. "Looks like little Jeff is tired. You do have a beautiful cock.

Maybe mom will share that with us one day." then giggled and walked away. I just said, "Who knows!" She turned back and smiled brightly. Chapter 5 From that day on, we all went naked around the house and the pool. Both girls did like to tease me though and rub against me, using their tits or ass, which I just played off.

Jen was getting a kick out of it. I did notice that the girls loved hugging Jenny and not the conventional hugs either. They were held longer and hands lightly rubbed butts.

Dani and Kelly went up to the one upstairs bedroom, just to check something out. They were up there for over 15 minutes, before they came down. "Mom.

Dad. You gotta come see this" Dani said. It felt really good that she called Jen, Mom. We followed them up and they told us to look out the window, towards the neighbor's house. We both looked out and saw an older woman, maybe our age or a little older, lying on a beach towel, next to their pool and a young guy was between her legs eating her. She was also busy with an older guy, who was laying next to her, sucking his cock.

Jen and I were by one window and the girls were by the other. I heard both girls says, "Damnnnnnnnnnnn. This is as good as porn" Jen and I laughed, yet we were just as bad as them, in watching this.

Jen was holding my hand and squeezing it. I believe she was getting turned on by watching them. I have to admit, so was I, and I'm sure the girls were too. Luckily, I had shorts on, or they would be seeing my hard cock by now.

Both girls were dressed in shorts and tops, since they just got back from some trip they took this afternoon, around the island. Jen had shorts on too, and a top, so none of us were naked. Jen had made a hair and nail appointment for this afternoon, and she was to leave soon. I finally said, "Ok guys, let's give them their privacy.

I don't think they would appreciate us watching something this intimate." "Really Dad?" Dani said, "You actually think they care about anyone seeing them. I'm sure they have seen us by the pool, naked. And that young guy, we've seen him at the Domino Club in Frederiksted. He's cute as hell too.

We both thought he might be gay, but now that definitely is not a gay guy." Jen and I could only laugh. We both headed back downstairs because Jen had to get going. Her appointment was for 3. She came up and kissed me and said, "I should be back by 5 or so. Play nice with the girls. I think they want to talk with you, and just remember, I am on board with anything when it comes to you.", then winked at me and left.

I know she would like us to be a bit more open in regards to sex around around them. Just like the other day when I saw her and the girls play and then our romp on the couch. I was sitting on the couch now, with my laptop, just looking at the Wall Street Journal, and checking out future investments, when the girls came out of their room.

Of course, they were now naked again. I really try hard to not notice them as Hot, sexy women, but they really are. I mean both could be pinup girls for some magazine. If I was younger, and single, and not related, I'd love to have either one of them.

Dani sat on one side of me, and Kelly on the other. Dani reached in and took my laptop and set it down on the coffee table. Then she curled up next to me and looked at me with her sexy eyes. "Dad. We need to talk." she said. "Ok Sweetie. What about." I asked.

"Well, a couple of things. We've noticed that you haven't made one comment about Kelly and I sleeping together, and that's cool. We've actually been sleeping together since the second night we met at your place. Since then, we have become very close. Maybe not "in love" like you and Jen, but it is building that way. But we really want your blessing about this. I love you more than any person in the world, and your acceptance of this means the world to me." "Danielle.

I have always supported any decision you have made about your life, and if you and Kelly want this, then who am I to say anything. And Kelly, I will support any life decision you make as well. Both of you are adults and can make decisions for yourself. I would caution both of you that society does not always look at this with an openness that Jenny and I do.

But we are pretty open minded on this front. Hell, I am just starting to get used to the idea of you two running around naked around here. You may be daughters to me, but I am still only a man and you two are the prettiest women on this island. So you may see me in an excited state at times, and I am sorry about that." Both girls chuckled. Kelly then said, "Trust us Jeff, Daddy, we enjoy seeing you excited.

I mean like right now, you have those stupid shorts on, and were naked. I'd prefer seeing you in all your glory. Trust this too. Dani and I think you are the sexiest guy on this island and enjoy seeing you. Mom doesn't have a problem with it, and neither should you. So get them shorts off now mister." she said, then giggled. She reached down and unbuttoned them, then slid the zipper down. I put my hand on to stop her, but she just started yanking them down.

Before I knew it, she had them around my knees. So I just pushed them the rest of the way off. All the while, I was thinking of anything to stave off getting hard, but it wasn't working. "Ok girls. Happy now?" I asked. Dani giggled and said, "Oh Yeah. I have to say this Dad. You have a great looking cock. I can see why Jenny loves making love to you all the time." As she said this, Kelly wrapped her hand around it and squeezed. I moaned silently in my head.

No way would I let them know how good it felt. "Is that all you wanted?" I asked………&hellip. "No" said Kelly… "We've been thinking a lot about this and want to know how you would feel about all of us staying here for good, or at least Dani and I.

We love it down here and we feel it would be a great place to live. That shithole of a town we came from, would never accept Dani and I, if we took this to another level, which is a strong possibility.

For both of us, we don't want another man in our life. Maybe a lover once in awhile, but not a relationship. But we both still enjoy one of these." she said as she stroked my cock some more.

I was as hard as a rock now. Dani was leaning against me too. Her one boob was smashed into my arm. "Yeah Dad. If anything, and we know Jenny is on board with this, we'd love you to be our lover. I know what you are thinking… All that taboo stuff.

But who would know? And Jenny has told us what a great lover you are. How you always take care of her needs first. And judging from the other day, you two kind of get kinky.

That was so hot watching you lick your cum from her. Kel and I had to rush back to the room and make love, it had us so turned on." Dani said, then giggled. Then she reached down and placed her hand above Kelly's, and gripped me. Why I was letting them do this, is beyond me, but it felt great. It's not like we were fucking. Now that would be taboo. Then thinking back to seeing Dani's ass in the air, and her head buried between my wife's legs, made me even harder.

I just surrendered to their ministrations. I was getting a hand job from my own daughter, and my step daughter. Kelly whispered in my ear, "Feels good, doesn't it Daddy" That snapped me out of my trance…… "You two shouldn't be doing this, but god it feels good.", I said, then moaned. Dani licked my ear, then said, "Mom is such a fool. She hated sex, you know. She used to tell me, when I was a teen, never give a guy a blow job or let him eat me. That was gross. That only made me want to do it more.

I love sucking a dick, and have always loved being eaten. I'm surprised I am even here. You know that doctor is like 12 years older than her, so maybe he can't get it up. It doesn't matter though. After you two split, I hardly talk to her. Don't plan on either" I had to laugh at that. I guess anytime I did get head from Anna, it was a gift. Thank god Dani got my genes for sex. I reached up and took a nipple from each of them and rolled it between my thumbs and forefingers. Then I quickly let go.

That was a dumb move on my part. I felt guilty because Jen wasn't here. "Back to our conversation girls." I said. …… "Tell you what. If Jenny wants to stay here, we can. I love it down here. To me, it feels like it's just us four on this island. Probably because we don't know a soul yet. But we need to be discrete about things too. Like actually dressing when outdoors, unless we are by the area that no one can see us, down by the dunes. I think you can see, the pool is an area that our neighbors could see onto, if they were upstairs looking out&hellip.

By the way girls. I could have sworn I smelled pot the other night, while I was sitting on the porch." Both girls laughed, and Kelly said, "Yeah. I bet you did. It was good shit too. We met this one couple who live here.

They are from England, and live on the other side of the island… They are around 30 or so. Very nice too. Danced with them a couple of time now at the club. They turned us onto it." I looked at them both, then said to Dani, "Wow.

I never knew you to do pot, or anything.". She giggled, "Lot's of things you don't know about your princess, huh Daddy? Just don't lecture. We already know you and Jenny used to party all the time, so did aunt Ginny and uncle Jim…" She had me there. Jen and I did use to party. Not a great deal, but we did. Use to make us really horny too. That was also the first time we tried anal. Ahhhh, the good old days. Maybe we should party with these two some evening. I already know I am going to give in to temptation and have sex with them both, or at least oral.

I mean looking at Kelly now. Both feet are on the edge of the couch, her legs spread wide, showing me her sex. I could see myself licking her, just like Jen did. I shook my head, still feeling aroused from the girl's hands.

"Girls. You really need to stop, or I am going to cum. I'd prefer Jenny here too. Maybe one evening we'll share some of that smoke with you." Then Kelly leaned down and placed her lips on the head of my cock, and then licked it.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkkk", is all I could say…………… "Don't fight it Daddy. Cum for us. Pleaseeeeeeeee", Dani begged. Kelly let go of my cock, and Dani moved her hand down now and Kelly took my cock into her mouth, while Dani stroked it faster. I was mere seconds away from blowing my load. "Oh Godddddddddd." I moaned out, and started shooting into Kelly's mouth. Then Dani moved her mouth down there and Kelly moved off, so Dani could get some.

Next thing I see is the two girls kissing, exchanging the cum. Then Dani moved back up and kissed me passionately. She pushed cum into my mouth and was moaning as we kissed. Then Kelly did the same to me. After a few minutes, we all just sat together hugging each other. Chapter 6 About an hour later, Jen came home and found me upstairs, sitting on the bed reading.

She looked fantastic. Her blond hair, which was shoulder length before, was now a few inches shorter. I could see her nail and toe nails were also manicured and had a soft pink coloring to them. No matter what this woman did to herself, her looks always made my blood boil with desire for her. "How do you like?" she asked…&hellip. No way I had to lie to her. My ex used to have really long hair, and I did not like it all that much.

But I would never tell her that. "You look great. I love how it looks on you. Very sexy Baby." I said. She giggled then retorted, "You're not just saying that to get laid are you?" then laughed&hellip. "I don't believe I need that to get laid, but I never lie to you either. Come sit. We need to talk." She had that "Oh Shit" look on her face. I went and told her everything that transpired while she was gone. From the girls asking to move down here, to the hand job and eventual blowjob that Kelly performed, and then both sharing the cum.

I could see the lust in Jen's eyes as I described it. I even mentioned the pot smoking by the girls. Jen was now laying next to me, as I finished talking, then said, "Damn. I wish I would have been there for this. Sorry Babe. But the thought of this turns me on so much. I know we shouldn't feel this way, but why shouldn't it feel good and be a turn on.

We are just experiencing something really pleasurable with one's we love. And the pot smoking? Christ, I haven't done that since you, 30 years ago. I wouldn't mind trying it again. You remember how horny it made us?" then giggled. "As for moving down here for good? …… I have thought about that, and you know, it's not a bad idea. We've started a new life, why not start it in a new place. But let's talk this through and see where we land." she said, as her hand caressed my growing cock&hellip.

"You know, I'd love to make love to you. Strike that. I wanna fuck you right now, but I am hungry. So let's go make dinner. We'll do this later." The girls helped making dinner tonight, which was not the norm around here. They shooed me out of the kitchen. So I sat in the family room and caught up with emails.

I could hear lots of giggling and laughter, but who knows about what. During dinner, the girls asked again about staying down there. I told them that Jen and I had to discuss this.

Kelly said that if they did stay, she was going to get a job. Dani said she checked into working for her company, while down there. I told Kelly that she did not have to get a job, ever, but if she wanted one to make the day not seem so boring, go for it. Her comment was "God, how come you weren't my dad growing up? The one I had would have made me get a job and pay rent when I turned 16." Not much I could say to that. Since it was late October now, the sun was setting early. Around 7 or so. I asked Jenny to go for a walk on the beach.

We loved watching sunsets from there. We had yet, to make love on the beach though, so that was a bucket list item we needed to take care of.

She went up and changed into this multi colored sarong, that hung below her knees, but was quite sheer. Had it been sunlight, anyone could have seen her naked body under it. As we walked, Jen asked, "So what are your thoughts on moving here for good?". "Well, I have to admit, I love it here. There is really nothing holding us to going back, and like you said, a new place, and a new beginning for us.

How about we stay until May or June, then gauge how we feel. Maybe go back for a couple of months, then come back down in the Fall." I said. Jen chuckled, then spoke, "You know, it is scary how we think alike. I was thinking that while making dinner. So what do we do with the houses up there? We could just sell mine." "How about we keep yours. We'll give Ginny my place. When we do come back, we just stay at your old place. We don't need much there. Hell, we might not be there all that much.

We could travel all over if we so want too. I will write a check to Ginny to get the kitchen remodeled any way she wants it. I know the plans I had would cost about 10 to 11 grand. But that's with me doing the work. I'll give her 15 grand and she can employ Mark to do it." "Is this a dream Jeff? If so, don't wake me. I mean 6 months ago, the love of my life moves back home, who I thought hated me, and now we are married, and actually starting life.

Trust me, I wish I had never told you all that stuff back then and just found the money to go to school with you. Those girls could both be ours, and our lives so different, but end up here anyways. But married all these years." I pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeply.

My hands roamed her body and started pulling up her sarong, and she didn't resist at all. When my hands found her naked butt cheeks, she cooed into my mouth. Then we heard voices. We broke the kiss and I removed my hands, from her luscious butt. A female voice said, "Oh. Don't let us stop you.


This is paradise, and is expected from two who are in love." We just smiled and said hello to them. When they got closer, I noticed it was our neighbors, from next door.

She was wearing a white sarong, that tied around her neck, but caressed every part of her body. Her nipples were protruding nicely through the thin material. Her husband, was wearing shorts, and a white button down shirt, but the top three buttons undone. They were a very attractive couple. They introduced themselves as Sarah and Mike. They told us that they have been married 30 years now, both of them are 55. She's Jen's height and weight, I would say.

Mike is a few inches taller than me, but in very good shape. We stood and chatted with them for almost 30 minutes or so. They said their son, Chad, was down visiting them from Virginia, where they also have their home. They come down at the end of September and stay until Memorial Day. By the end of the talk, it felt like we have known them our entire lives.

That's how they make you feel. Sarah did make one reference, to our attire by the pool. She said, "Glad to see others that feel nudity is a very nice thing and aren't hung up about it. We too, go naked all the time. And if I may be so bold, you two, along with your girls, are very attractive.We just love spending time with like minded people." Jen smiled and said, "Well, we haven't had the pleasure of seeing you two yet, but thank you for the compliment.

I'm glad we did not make you feel uncomfortable when we do lounge out there." Sarah grabbed Jen's hand softly, and said, "Heavens no. It a pleasure to look upon such beauty, and Jeff is a very handsome man. Feel free come over some time and join us by the pool." Jen left her hand with Sarah's, and told her, "That would be nice. We just might take you up on that offer. But after we get back from going home. We're going to need to get more stuff for down here, and close up our home's." With that, they started their walk, going down the beach, holding hands, just like we did, but we were heading back to our house.

Jen was very quiet at first, and breathing a little hard. I stopped her and pulled her in for kiss, which she met with so much passion.

'She turned you on, didn't she Babe?" Jen looked at me, then looked down, "Yes. Yes she did. I hope you don't think of me as a slut. But the way she looked at me, and then held my hand. Christ. I think we both could have gotten naked then and ravished each other. She's Bi Hun. I can tell." I chuckled, "Sweetie.

I would never think of you as some slut. In fact, just watching you two interact, got me turned on. I say down here, our lifestyle will be different than what we would have up in Pennsylvania. Biggest thing is trust and love, and we have enough of that. I'm pretty open minded too, and I think you are too. When you are with a woman, it is the sexist thing in the world to me." "God.

I love you so. Take me to bed and fuck me Jeff. I need your cock so bad right now. Wish we had a blanket. I'd do you right here and now.

But I don't want sand in my pussy or on your cock." "I laughed and told her, "God, I love when you talk dirty to me.". "I know you do. I like it too" She started to laugh then, so I asked what was up. "You remember when Sarah said her son Chad, is down here now.

I wonder if that was him between her legs today. If so, then there are other's that are sort of like us." Chapter 7 After we arrived back home, we went to my house. Dani went to DC instead of coming here.

Lovely tess has her wet beaver drilled

We said we would meet up with her in 3 days, and go back down together. I gave her some checks, so she could write the landlord, the remaining 7 months of her lease.

I told her to take whatever she wanted down there, like clothes and small stuff, but to get rid of the furniture, or sell it to the landlord and he could rent it out furnished. Then anything else, ship it up here to be stored. Of course Ginny rushed up to see us, when we arrived. We sat down and told her our intentions, which did make her a little sad. But I also told her she always welcome down there, for as long as she likes.

I also told her my plan with the house and Jen's house. We did argue a bit about the remodel of the kitchen, with Ginny saying she would pay for it. But I won in the end. Ginny was over all of the next day, helping Jen pack stuff up.

Jen only had a few things at her place and Kelly was taking care of that for her.I got most of mine packed, which was two suitcases worth. I went over to Jen's and picked up Kelly and Jen's stuff. When I got there, Kelly was just finishing her suitcases. She had two and one for her mom, plus the one Jen had at our house. I chuckled to myself, "Airline is gonna love us." "Hi Sweetie. Need a hand?" Kelly was dressed in tight jeans and a sweatshirt. She looked at me and with a snarky comment said, "Not anymore.

I'm done.". "Oh Ok. Sorry.". "I'm sorry Jeff, that was wrong of me. Just tired I guess. That, and I miss Dani big time." "Love is like that Sweetie. Now think how your mom and I felt for 30 years". "Jeff" she said… "I am so glad you two are together.I can see the love for her that you have, and I can also feel the love you have for me already.

I really love that and I love you." I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight. "I love you too Kitten. I will always take care of you too. Just like I do Danielle. You two will never want for anything and I mean that." Kelly hugged me tight then said, "Thank You. You mean the world to me now. I don't mean the things you have given me, or the money, but the love you show.

Dani said you are the most caring, loving man she has ever known. She is totally in love with you, and I can see why." I just held her for a second, then told her, "Who knows Honey, you two may end up meeting guys like me, and fall deeply in love with them." She shook her head, "No Jeff.

Dani and I are for real. We are in love. You guys accepting that, makes life so much easier. I speak for Dani when I tell you this. You are the only man we want in our lives. Both emotionally, and physically.

And yes Jeff, we want you to make love to us one day. Mom is on board with that. We want to make love to you both. You have to admit, it was pretty hot what we did last week. And if I can say, you have a gorgeous cock. I've never seen a head so big. By the way, I heard there is a pajama party at the house later, minus the pajamas" I just shook my head, "Yeah.

I heard that too. I'm not going to partake though. Your mom and aunt Ginny can have the time together, you too, if you want too.". "I may, just for a bit, but Dani and I are going to skype, if I can use your laptop." she said. &hellip. "Of course you can." Later that evening, after pizza and beer, Jen led me to the bedroom to talk…… "Jeff Honey. I know you know that Gin and I are going to play tonight, and we'd love you to play too, but if not, we are cool with it.

We probably will spend the night together, if you don't mind. Which bedroom should we use?" I kissed her lips then told her, "Babe, you never need my permission to do anything, especially with Ginny, or the girls. Use this room, and enjoy each other. I was under the impression that Kelly was going to play too." She kissed me back then said, "She can if she wants too. And thank you. But, if you sleep in the other room, you just might still have a bed partner.", I started to say something, but she stopped me, " She really wants to lay in bed with you and hold you.

She really does love you and like we agreed down on the island, this is our new life. Her and I make love, so why shouldn't you two as well. I'm all for it, and if you do, make love to her. I don't think that has ever been to done to her. You know how boys her age are, pump away and cum. She needs to know how a real man can make a woman feel. Like you just said to me, you never need my approval when it comes to those two girls." A couple hours later, Kelly came down to the living room, where I was reading.

She was wearing only a t-shirt now. I knew that she had joined Ginny and Jen upstairs about 45 minutes ago. That had to be a sight. She asked if she could use my laptop. I showed her where it was, then excused myself to the spare bedroom.

Luckily, there was a TV up there. I wasn't tired at all. Twenty minutes later, there was a soft knock on my door and Kelly entered. She handed me the laptop and told me to talk with Dani, while she went and showered. I looked down and saw Dani's sweet face on the screen. I smiled at her, and watch as Kelly left the room. "Hi Princess. How are you doing?" &hellip. "All packed up and ready to go. I can't wait to see you guys. I really miss you, and mom and Kelly especially.

The landlord is going to keep the furniture and rent it as a furnished apartment. He dropped two months rent off of what I owe, plus I get back the security deposit, so I owe only 4 months rent.". "That's great Honey… Did you send anything up this way?".

"Yeah. three boxes. So tell aunt Ginny to look for them. Dad. I love you. You made Kelly's day today, being so loving to her. She wants to make love to you tonight, and I want you too as well. But, once we get back down, I want you to make love to me as well. I know that sounds so fucked up, but I can't help it. I am in love with you and want you as such. So please daddy, open your mind and be her lover tonight. You might as well get used to this Dad. You have three very sexual women that want you, and need you in so many ways.

Neither of us have had a relationship that the man actually made love to us. Her and I do, and Jen and her have made love, but neither of know what a real man is like, and we want to experience that, at least once.

Cuz if you couldn't tell, we are deeply in love with each other." I shook my head, "You girls are going to drive me crazy. And yes, Jen and I can tell that this is the real deal between you two and we are very happy too.

I better get going Hun. We'll see you tomorrow afternoon." "Ok Dad. Can't wait to see you guys. Just a hint, stay away from her clit for a long time. But then ravish it. It makes her squirt. You notice how many times we wash clothes down there. It's because of her. Bye Dad. Love you." and was laughing as she signed off. I can't believe my daughter was talking to me like this.

Like I was her boyfriend or something, not her Dad. I really have to talk with Jen to see what these three actually discuss. My thoughts ranged from a dirty old man, to even consider this with those two, to complete arousal.

New way, New life. Ten minutes later, Kelly came into the room. Same t-shirt as before, and a towel wrapped around her head. She didn't say a word, but just dropped the towel, then reached down and took the hem of the shirt and pulled it over her head, exposing her naked body to me.

I've seen her countless times now, naked, but tonight, she looked like a young version of her mother. Her nipples were hard, and she was shaven smooth, like she always is. She then slipped under the covers. She cuddled up next to me and placed her hand on my chest. I still had on boxers, not even sure why I did either. I asked if she wanted to watch TV, "No, not really… Jeff.

for now on, can I call you Dad? I know I tease a lot by calling you Daddy, but I really want to call you Dad for now on." "Kitten. You can call me anything you like, maybe except like right now.

I mean we are laying in bed together, and you are naked, so may be when we are like this, you call me Jeff, and your mom Jen. It would just sound better." "Ok I can do that. I do like when you call me Kitten too. Makes me feel very special. But right now, I think you need to lose the boxers. I want to feel your naked skin all over." Then her hand started pushing the boxers down, so I helped her. I went to reach for the light, but she said leave it on.

We lay now, facing one another. She had a lusty look in her eyes now. I reached around her and pulled her into me.She could feel my swollen manhood press against her belly. I leaned in and kissed her softly. When our tongues met, the kiss turned more passionate. After a minute we broke the kiss.

I looked at her and asked, "Are you sure?". "Never more sure Jeff. I'm all yours." I rolled her to her back, and got between her legs, then keeping my weight off of her, I started kissing her again. This time is was more lustful. As we kissed, she would gently bite my lower lip. That was something that Jen always did. Then I started down her neck to her waiting breast and nipples.

When I started sucking them and biting them, she cooed out, "Oh God yes. Suck them" I made sure I gave equal time to both, and her hips were gyrating all over. Her pussy was rubbing against my cock the whole time. I moved then to her belly button, and swirled my tongue in it. I received a loud moan for doing that. My tongue traced down to her soaking wet slit now.

The aroma was intoxicating, to say the least. Her labia was glistening from her juices, and I had to taste her. Once my tongue slid down those luscious lips, her hands went to my head and firmly held it and she moaned out, "Oh Godddddddddddd" For the next ten minutes or so, I explored every inch of her sex, except for her clit.

One time she moved a hand to it to rub it, but i gently pushed it away. I pushed her legs way back, so I could have access to puckered ass, and licked it.

This drove her wild, with her hips lifting off the bed and growling out, "Fuck Yessssssssssssssss. Lick my ass." All during this time, anytime she got close, I backed away and would not let her finish. I was hell bent on making her squirt, remembering what Dani told me.

She even called me a fucker twice now. My tongue left her ass and started moving back up and I slipped a finger inside her, then put my thumb in to get it slick.

I took my thumb then and slowly entered her ass. "Oh Fuck" is what she yelled. Jenny and Gin had to have heard her. When my finger found her g-spot and started rubbing it, she was starting to buck against me. I knew it was time to make cum. My mouth covered her clit and and sucked on that pink nub. Her clit is not as big as Jen's, but just as sensitive. Once I started sucking it, Her whole body started to shake and tremble, then let out aloud shrieking sound.

Her ass lifted again, her hands grabbed my head hard and her knees closed around my head too, and she started cumming. Her cum shot from her with some force. My face was drenched from her, but I still caught a lot in my mouth. It had a sweet but slightly salty taste, kind of like her mom's. I kept drinking her in as she started to subside from her orgasm.

"Stop. Please Jeff. Stop for a bit. …&hellip. Oh God" I straightened up to my knees and wiped my face with my hands. Kelly just looked up at me, and smiled.

I grabbed my cock then and moved it close to her gash, and rubbed it up and down the slit. "You ready for this Kitten?" ……… She didn't say anything at first, then finally said, "Oh God Yes…&hellip. Go slow though&hellip. Never. Had one&hellip. Your length before" she panted out. As I entered her, I could tell she was really tight, and extremely wet. I purposely went slow, as I entered her, "Oh Godddddddddd" she cooed into my ear.

Once I was seated, I just lay there, trying hard to keep my weight off of her, and started kissing her. She responded to my kiss, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. Then I started going real slow, in and out. Her arms were around my neck, holding me tight to her, kissing and moaning the whole time. I picked up the pace after a few minutes, so a nice rhythm started between us. It was hard not to compare her to Jen. She looked like her mom and she made love like her mom.

I kept my wits about me though, so I wouldn't cum too soon with her. She had a small orgasm right after we sped up. But now my legs were starting to feel the burn from pumping in her for so long. Her arms still around me tight, I reached down to her ass and grabbed her and flipped us, so she was on top now. She giggled some as we flipped. Then she pushed up and sat straight up. "Oh My God Jeff. You are so deep inside me. Promise me we can make love again.

&hellip. This is amazing feeling." She was rocking back and forth on me, making sure her clit was in contact with my pelvis.

She was smiling, but it was a wicked smile now&hellip. "God your Dick is so deep in me&hellip. You know, that was the first time a guy has lasted this long in me. I've only had three boyfriends, and none of them have done this to me. I'm lucky if they ate me for two minutes, let alone make me cum from it.God this feels so good. Then they last maybe five minutes.

The only who comes close to this is Danielle. She is slow and methodical. I'm more the aggressor between us." I just let her talk, enjoying her gyrating hips.

Her pussy was so tight now. My hands were squeezing her butt cheeks. But then to shut her up, my one hand went up her back to her neck, and pulled her down for another kiss. She is a wonderful kisser, and I loved doing it with her. As we kissed, I started pumping inside her. She broke the kiss and moaned, "Awwwwwwwwww Fuckkkkkkk.

Faster Please. Faster." I sped up. My hope was to last just a few more minutes. Then she started humping me now. Raising up and then slamming down on me. "Oh Fuckkkkkk Kitten." "Love when you call me that Daddy&hellip. Fuck your Kitten. Fuck Me" she yelled out. She put her hands next to my head and mine grabbed her ass again, and I started slamming into her.

"That's it Daddy. Fuck Me. Make me cum" I was really into her now. We had abandoned the love making and now were lustfully fucking&hellip.

"Cum Kitten. Cum for me" I stuck a finger in her ass, and that was it, her body started bucking and shaking, her head shaking back and forth. "Cummmmmmminggggggggg Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I started grunting then and lifted my ass off the bed and started shooting inside her.

She knew it too. "Give me your cum. Shoot it deep inside me". Her whole body collapsed on top of me. Both of our breathings were ragged, like we just ran a marathon.

I felt like I couldn't move, even if I wanted too. My thought went to Jenny, and felt this is how we would have been when we were 23. She lay on top of me for a good five minutes, kissing me softly, and whispering that she loved this and me.

I told her I loved her too. She started to get off but I asked her not too, but to move up so I could clean her up. She giggled, "Ohhhhhhhhh, Kinky Daddy" She moved up so my tongue could lick her freshly fucked pussy, letting me drink our combined juices.

She moaned the whole time from it. Then scooted back down and laid on top of me, and let me kiss her, sharing the cum we both produced. After that, she moved off of me and cuddled next to me and fell asleep. Chapter 8 The next morning, I could feel the bed move and opened my eyes.

I looked over to where Kelly would have been, and then saw Kelly and Jenny cuddling together. Jenny saw that I was awake now, and said, "Good Morning Babe. How did you sleep?" I chuckled and said, "Very well, and you Sweetheart?" I then got up and did the morning business and padded downstairs to make us coffee. I carried up three cups to the bedroom I slept in and passed out the morning brew to the ladies, still lying in bed.

Jen informed me that Ginny had left already for work, forgetting that this was a weekday and she worked. I told the ladies I was going to shower, while they enjoyed their coffee.

I was about halfway done, when the shower door opened and in walked Jenny. She threw her arms around me and kissed me deeply. When she broke away, I looked ather and said, "Wow. I like how you shower with me." …… she giggled, "I don't exactly what you did last night, but that girl is over the moon right now.

She thinks you and I should teach young guys how to make love to a woman. I know. I know. This is pretty weird, but I am happy she got to enjoy you, as I do." Then she grabbed my semi-erect dick and stroked it lightly. "Tonight" she said, "This is all mine" After showering and eating some breakfast, I called Dani and told her we were getting ready to leave, and should be there by no later than 3 that afternoon.

Unfortunately, we wouldn't be flying out until the next morning, out of DC. Once there, Dani took us around to all the tourist sights, like the White House and Capitol, and the monuments, since Jen and Kelly have never been here before. That night, we did not see to much of Dani and Kelly, which was good with Jen and I.

Once we went to bed, we were doing the same as the girls, making love. Jen did tell me about Ginny's new boyfriend and how he treats her like gold. He too, is an open minded person and accepts that Ginny is Bi, at east in regards to Jenny and Kelly.

But all in all, he wants to be with her as much as she'll let him, which is quite a bit, from the sounds of it. Jen did relay a message to Ginny about my ex. I told her never to let Anna know anything about us. Not that we're married, or where we live now.

It is none of her business, plus I don't believe she'll ever ask. Dani knows this too, and for the most part, they do not communicate too much anymore. Our flight to Miami was at 7am, and got there by 9am and then waited another hour for the San Juan flight. We didn't arrive back into St. Croix until 6pm. I could never understand it, but for just sitting and waiting, and just riding in a plane, you are exhausted by the end of a day.

We opted to eat at one of the local restaurants, instead of cooking when we got home. Once home, no felt like doing much of anything, and we all turned in by 10pm that night. As Jen and I lay in bed, she asked if I was alright with what happened with me and Kelly&hellip. "Honestly, I had a lot of thoughts of not doing it, but when I looked at her, I saw you.

It is uncanny how much you two look and act alike. It just felt natural when we started. When we finished, I was worn out. I think she could have gone on for another hour or so, if not half the night. But yes, I was, and still am alright with it, as long as you are." I said. Jen laughed softly, "Yeah, she is a mini me.

I too, am alright with it. To be honest. I was super turned on knowing you two were doing it. I just hope one day I can be there with you two and watch. But I hope you know, there is one person who craves you more than anyone, and you need to take care of that soon." "I know Babe, I know. Good thing I have started to take those testosterone pills.

I'm gonna need all the help I can get." I said and laughed…… She laughed too then said, "Well, I'll give you a break tonight. I'm kind of tired. I realize all this sex we are having now will taper off, then again, who knows, maybe it won't. By the way, did you see that invite, mixed in with the mail?". I told her I didn't…&hellip. "Sarah and Mike invited us over for cocktails on Saturday.".

"Interesting. Should we accept?" I asked… "I don't see why not. Maybe tomorrow, Kelly and I will go shopping or down to the beach and give you and Dani some alone time.". I agreed and then fell off to sleep. It was almost 10am when Kelly emerged from her bedroom. Jen and I were sitting at the island sipping coffee and going through the mail we have now. Kelly came up and gave me a hug and a kiss and then did the same to Jen. Jen asked where Dani was, and was told she is still in bed, but moving a little.

She was going to shower though. Jen suggested to Kelly to grab a blanket and head to the beach, just Kelly and her. Kelly looked at us, then it finally sunk in and said, sure, let's go.

A couple of minutes later, the girls were gone, leaving me and Dani alone. I heard the shower going, so I walked into the bathroom. Dani was facing away from me, so she had no clue I was there.

I crept into the shower and placed my arms around this goddess of a young woman. She jumped at first, then turned around and saw it was me, and pulled me into her tightly.

"Morning Dad. Are you lost, or did you want to help me clean myself, like you used to do when I was young?". I kissed her forehead and said, "No. I think I have other plans for you right now. We can shower later.". She smiled then asked where Jen and Kelly were. "Down on the beach." We exited the shower and I dried her off, then myself. The whole time, her eyes were glued to my raging hard on.

Then I picked her up, which made her gasp, then giggle. And took her to her bed. She spread her legs wide, showing me her beautiful sex, for which I was about to make love too. I kneeled between her legs and leaned down and kissed her.

When my tongue entered her mouth, she sucked it in like a vacuum cleaner. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I could feel it bump against her sex as we kissed.

As I did with Kelly, I slowly and methodically, made my way to her breasts and her lovely nipples. Her areolas were dark, as were her nipples, which are longer than both Jen and Kelly's.

As I sucked and nibbled on them, she moaned a great deal. Her hands were stroking my head and running her fingers through my hair. She let out a "Oh Goddddddddddddd" when I put her tits together and sucked both nipples into my hungry mouth.

Her body spasmed some then as she said she is cumming. Definitely, not her mother, who rarely said too much during sex. I then moved a little quicker now to her mound, which I kissed all over, then let my tongue explore this beautiful woman's glistening sex. I devoured her pussy.

I snaked my tongue deep inside her. She wailed out "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH" as I sucked her juices into my mouth. I was like a man possessed when eating Dani.

She tasted even better than Kelly. I don't think we were five minutes into it when she started to cum again. "Oh Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

I'm cumminggggggggggggggg" as her legs crashed into my head and her hand pulled me into her pussy. I kept on licking her. She was so turned on by this. Then she patted me on the head and asked to 69 with me. So we repositioned so she was on top of me. Once she settled onto my face, I resumed licking and probing her sex hole.

I hadn't even come close to touching her clit yet. I had to groan out when she took my hardened member into her soft mouth. "Oh God Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy" I moaned into her pussy. We worked each other over good. When my tongue found her rosebud, she screeched out. Oh My God Yessssssss Jeff". Kelly must have told her I preferred being called my name and not Dad.

But when I fingered her ass, that was it. Her hips drove into my face and wiggled all around. I latched onto her clit and nibbled and sucked. "Goddddddddddddddd I'm cumminggggggggggggg" she yelled. Then her body just went limp for a few seconds. I asked if she was alright, and I could feel her head shake yes. Then she sat up and moved around, so she could straddle me.

I watched as she guided my cock to her hungry pussy and slowly sit down on me. She smiled down at me. "Oh My God Jeff. I've wanted you in me for years&hellip. You are so big inside me. Make love to me Daddy. Make love." I pulled her down to me and embraced her and started to kiss her. We started slow, but the passion between us was overriding what we really wanted.

We started pumping into each other. When our loins met, there was loud slapping noises, as our skin met. She wasn't my daughter anymore, she was my lover. "Feels so good daddy. You like my pussy don't you&hellip. You have no idea how many times I wanted to come into your room, when I used to visit you and do this.

I'm going to cum again dad, I'm going…&hellip. To…… cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she yelled out. That was it for me, as I started shooting a huge load deep inside her, "Fuck Babyyyyyyyyyyyy" is all I could say. Her ass was still gyrating all over me, as I continued to cum in her. She was kissing me hard now too. Our tongues wrestled the whole time as our orgasms washed over us. I had noticed that I had not gone soft yet, so I rolled us over so I was on top now.

She smiled up at me, "Take me Daddy. Fuck your woman. Fuck me so good now. I need a real man fucking me." she said. First her legs were around me for a few minutes as my cock assaulted her tight pussy. "You like that cock like this Baby?" I asked&hellip. "Oh God Yesssssssssss …&hellip. Fuck me harder&hellip." she yelled out. We could only last a few more minutes. Her legs were now over my shoulders and I was pounding her like I do Jenny, and she was loving it.

'Fuck me Dad… Fuck me. Fuck me." she kept yelling out. Good thing the girls were gone. If not, they'd probably be next to us involved in their own sordid love making. It wasn't long before we both exploded in orgasms again.

As we came, we kissed passionately, until most of our strength was gone. When I felt my dick start to soften and start falling out of her, I rolled off to her side. She just lay there panting. After a few moments, I started to kiss down her belly but she said, "Stop. Let Kelly clean me up later… I promised her I would leave it for her." I got up after another 10 minutes of cuddling, and made my way to our shower upstairs.

Then went and laid down for a bit. I must have dozed off because Jen was lying next to me, when my eyes opened. She was smiling at me, so that was a good sign. I wasn't 100% sure how she would react to all of this, even though she is the one who pushed for it.

But I could see now, she doesn't get jealous. "Hi sleepy head&hellip. You may have to start working out there stud. You have three women here to service. But don't worry, I'll help you with them too. You're not getting all the fun." All I could do is groan then laugh at her statement. Later, Sarah stopped over and asked Jen and the girls, if they wanted to go down to the Bazaar the next day, which was Saturday.

Jen told her that she would for sure, but wasn't sure about the girls, but would let her know. She later ask the girls and they said sure. As we lay in bed that evening, Jen let me know how wonderful Dani said I was to her. "You know Jeff, we should let them both join us in bed one night and explore this even more. I get so turned on by all of this, and I hope you do too. Good thing we got you a prescription for the viagra, because I do believe you are going to need it", then laughed. "Funny Dear.

But you may be right. I am living with three nymphomaniacs. It was a huge turn on for me too. Not at first. I had wondered if it would harm our relationship. Yours and mine, but also Dani and mine. But once we got into it, I forgot who she actually is, and I think the taboo part of it really enhanced it a lot." I said. She giggled, as she stroked my aching member, which was hard now. "Think you have enough left for your old wife here. I could use some loving about now.".

"Climb aboard Baby", I whispered, as my cock then sank deep inside her. Chapter 9 By the time I woke up, then girls were already down on the beach, and Jen was cleaning house. Not that it really needed it. After my coffee, I leant a hand with it. We really try to work as a team in things like this. Usually we are naked, but today, we both had shorts on and shirts. Around 1pm, the girls and Jen were dressed and ready to go, with our new neighbor friend.

All three wore tasteful shorts and tops, and sandals. Sarah arrived a few minutes past 1. When she entered she said hi to me, then said she was disappointed. Jen asked why, and Sarah giggled and said, she was hoping for a close up of me naked.

I laughed and said next time I would be. She suggested that I walk over to her place and have a beer with Mike and get to know him better. Then off they went.

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I was just putzing around the house for a bit, then headed down to a store we found a few weeks ago, and bought some beer. After returning, I took a six pack over to Mike and Sarah's. After ringing the bell, Mike appeared, dressed, thank god. He invited me in and then out to their pool patio, and each cracked open a beer. He told me about their lives and how after retirement, they found this place 4 years ago.

Their son, Clay still resides in Virginia, but comes down often. I told him about us, and what I used to do for a living. He asked if I could help him with some investments. Stating he was ok with doing it, but would love a professional's hand in it.

He even offered to pay for my service, but I told him that wouldn't be necessary. We must of talked for a good hour, learning about each other. "You know Jeff, you are one lucky man, to live with three beautiful women like you do.

I mean, I am blessed to have Sarah, but if I had three around me, like her, I'd be walking around hard all the time.", then laughed "Yeah. It was difficult at first, but the girls really like the freedom of no clothes. I was nervous at first, since the two are daughters, well one is for sure.

But after some time, it does feel natural and all. And Dani and Kelly, well they are lovers too. I never knew my daughter was bi. I knew Jen was, even when we dated back in high school. " I said to him. Must of have been the beers loosening up my tongue. "You know Jeff. We Americans have some fucked up values.

In Europe, nudity is widely accepted, and before the 1800's, mother and son, and father and daughter exploring sex together was the norm. When Sarah and I came down here, we knew life was different here. We'd seen many a naked people on the beach, so we started going too, on the beach and around the house. Our son was shocked at first, when he came for a visit, but then said is was ok with it. We enjoy it now and love when friends feel the same." as he winked at me. I chuckled and said, "Yeah, we've seen people walk right past us and not blink an eye, because we're naked out there.

Of course, we do enjoy the sights of them naked too. I'm pretty open minded too, as is Jenny, so it does not bother us at all now." Mike smiled, then said, "Good. Later tonight, when you two come over, then seeing us naked won't be a shock.", then he paused for a second.

"Look. Sarah and I find you two very attractive.". I said, "Thanks, we feel the same about you guys too." "Good" he said. "We also think you guys are pretty open minded, like Sarah and I. I'm going to be very open and honest now. Sarah and I swing too. Sarah is very Bi too.

She'd love to experience Jenny sometime. We always swing in the same room too. But it has really enhanced our relationship. We always had a good sex life before, but like any couple, it can get stale and old, and this spices it up a lot.

We belong to a group, with three other couples, who are like minded. All the women are bi and do enjoy each other. The one couple, is British, and the other 2 couples are like us, from America. Helen and Troy are a mid forties couple. They have 2 boys, both 22, since they are twins. They too live down here. But, Helen and Troy won't have sex with opposite sex. When Helen is done playing, then they have sex together, but in the room with us. It is still quite erotic. The other two couple do like to full swap, like us, but there is never any pressure involved.

So if you and Jen are open to it, maybe one weekend we invite you guys to try it out and see if you like it. One thing I will warn you about is we all like to smoke weed too." I had to laugh at that one.


"Shit Mike, we haven't smoked pot since high school, but we know the girls do. Jen was going to ask them for some. We always enjoyed smoke before, and now that we don't have to worry about drug test and stuff like that, why not enjoy again. As for swinging. I don't know. I would have to talk it over with Jen." I said, as thoughts ran through my mind of Mike fucking her while I fucked Sarah. Might be nice actually and it would give Jen a chance to experience another man, since I have been with the ladies of late.

I'm not a selfish person. "That's cool" Mike said. "Maybe we'll do some tonight while we relax in the hot tub.".

He then laughed and said, "You can come dressed, or natural tonight. There is no formal dress here." With that I said I better get going.

It was a good time, just hanging out with a guy for once. He even suggested one evening, he and I hanging out down in town. He'd love a male friend he could just hang with. An hour later, the girls were back.

They each had bags of items they bought at the various tables in the Bazaar. Jen took me upstairs to show me some of the clothes she bought, and some items she got for me. The one item she tried on was a white sarong.

It was practically see-through and stopped mid thigh, and had slits up the side to her waist. "How do I look Babe?" she asked. &hellip. "Very Very Sexy." I replied…… "Mmmmm Good. That's what I was going for. I always want to look sexy and nice for you." she said. Then I told her everything Mike and I had talked about. As I talked, she was taking off her sarong and then moved onto the bed, naked of course. I could see she was getting aroused when I told her about the other couples and the swinging that went on.

I was sitting against the headboard when she started to talk. "Well. One thing is for sure. They are very open and very friendly. Sarah is quite perceptive too. She said she could see the love between Dani and Kelly, and thought they make a great couple. She also said she was glad that we are open to such a relationship.

Then when we were looking at the sarongs, the girls took off to another booth, somewhere down the lane. That's when Sarah told me about their lifestyle and the three other couples. I won't lie Babe, I got wet. It's always been one of my biggest fantasies, doing it with another couple. We were in the back of the booth and they had a changing room, made up with blankets. Sarah suggested I try on the one I got and she had one too. She followed me in and we stripped down and tried them on.

Hers was pink, and I have to tell you, I could have cum just looking at her." My cock was hard now, just listening to her talk. She reached over and started stroking it. "Oh Jeff. Please tell me I'm not some slut." she said…&hellip. "Hardly Baby. You are nothing near that, so quit saying it. You are attracted to her, I get that, and I am happy that you are. " "Well&hellip. Sarah kissed me then… I returned her kiss too&hellip. I'm sorry Babe. I was caught in the moment." "Jen.

Baby… We both find them attractive and I would never deny you pleasure. I'd love to watch you two play. Hell… Look what I have done of late. How could I ever deny you something like that. Look how turned on I am right now, and I wasn't even there. And remember how turned on I was when Gin and us played? …&hellip. To be really honest, I had thoughts this afternoon of watching you and Mike fuck.

Seeing him enjoy your sexuality… So let's not even think of anything bad about this. We both said we want to explore new things. So let's" She smiled, then said, "Honestly… I thought about you and Sarah fucking. I had a mini orgasm thinking about it. I know what you mean about when we had our threesomes. I loved watching this cock of yours pleasure Ginny. Not sure if I could do that with the other couples, but I wouldn't say no to Mike and Sarah&hellip.

Oh yeah, they like smoking pot too" she said with a giggle. Her mouth moved over my cock and started sucking it now.

I let her for a couple of minutes, then asked, "Sweetie. What is your wildest fantasy you really want to happen" Her mouth popped off of my cock, and smiled up at me. "Oh God&hellip. There is one, but I'm not sure you are game for it.". "Tell me. I may surprise you." I said. She licked the head then said, "My biggest fantasy would be sucking a cock, with you right there with me, licking and sucking it together.

Then when he cums, we share the cum, like we do now when you eat me after cumming in me. Then I want you both inside me. Dammit Jeff. I gotta fuck you now." She jumped on me and impaled herself with my cock. She fucked me hard, talking very dirty the whole time. "Would you Baby? Would you suck one with me?" God……… That would be so awesome." she yelled out, then started cumming………&hellip.

"Yes Baby. I would&hellip. Fuck Me Jen. Make me cum now", I said. She started pistoning her pussy over my cock. "Fuck Me. Fuck Me. Fuck Me. Fuck Me&hellip.Fuck Jeff" she yelled out, and I started shooting inside her.

She was like a wild animal now, as I continued shooting deep inside her. She leaned down and kissed me passionately, and after a few minutes, she gasped for air then asked, "You… Really. Mean it Baby?" "If opportunity presents itself later, would you eat Sarah, then let her eat you?", I asked…&hellip."Oh God Yessssssssss.

I'm gonna cum Babyyyyyyyyyyy" she yelled……… "Cum Baby. Think of Mike behind you. Slamming his hard cock in you while you are licking Sarah's wet pussy" I kept talking. "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she yelled out again as she came. Her body was shaking, from cumming so hard. As she calmed she started moving up and down again on my rigid shaft. "God Baby you are so big and hard right now… Thinking of fucking Sarah Baby?.

Sink this big cock in her tight little pussy&hellip. Mmmmmmmmm you know you want too&hellip. Fuck Baby. I wanna watch you fuck her… I'll be right next to you fucking Mike&hellip. You want to see Mike pound me hard Baby?" she kept talking dirty. I couldn't hold back any more, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" I roared, and let loose a huge batch of my seed deep inside her.

She fell into me and started kissing me, as my cock shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her. When we finished, she wanted to roll off, but I held her to me. "Mmmmmmmm Baby… You better save some for later.

If anything happens, I want you to be at full strength, even if it me receiving this beautiful cock of yours." I released her then and she rolled to her side. I shifted so I was facing her.

I looked at her and kissed her nose, then asked, "Jen. You know I love you with all my heart. I always have and I always will, and I trust every ounce of you. So tonight, whatever happens, happens and enjoy every second of it. If you want to feel Mike inside you, go for it. If you only want to play with Sarah, that's cool too. But, no matter what, we make love when it is all done tonight." She caressed my face, then smiled. "I was thinking the same about you and Sarah.

You know I love watching you and another do it.But anytime we do this, we come home and make love. Unless, we are totally worn out, then we do it first thing the next morning.". "Deal" I said. Chapter 10 Around 7 that evening, the girls came into the kitchen, all dressed up. Both wore black cocktail dresses and looked amazing. May be they were looking for a guy to fill in their needs, or just wanted to look good for one another. Jen was dressed in her new sarong and looked ultra sexy in it.

I had on a pair of shorts and a white polo, sans any underwear though. Both girls gave up a kiss and a hug and said they would see us in the morning. Kelly though said, "Don't do anything I would do tonight" and then winked. Jen laughed and told me that Kelly and Dani both think that Sarah is a Hottie, and would not turn down the chance to play with her. Jen did ask then if I took a pill, which I acknowledged with a nod of my head. We headed over to our neighbors, using the man gate in the fence that separates the two houses.

Mike was outside, by the pool side table, that had some finger food on it and wine glasses. He also had a cooler next to the table. We had brought two bottles of wine and a plate of fruit. Mike was covered at least. He was wearing a wrap around his waist. I should tell you, Mike is about 6 foot, 189 pounds, with salt and pepper hair.

He still has a good physique on him. He is tan all over, and I could tell Jen was taking in his looks. As we approached, Sarah came out from the house carrying some wine, and saw us. "Oh Good. You made it". She came up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips. Jen did the same to Mike. Although her kiss lingered a bit. Then Jen and Sarah hugged and kissed. Now this kiss lasted way longer than two friends normally would do. We all sat down then and started talking. As we talked, Mike brought out a pipe and lit it up and we all passed around the weed.

I have to admit, I really missed doing this. We both coughed a bunch at first, since we are not used to smoke of any kind. Sarah did most of the talking for them.

Telling us their life story and all the great years they had together. She said what they experience now was the best, since they moved down here four years previous. Jen told them about us, and all that we had gone through during our lives apart. She glossed over any bad parts, like the verbal abuse she had to endure, but mostly about us and how we used to be and how we are now. Talking and sharing with them was so easy.

Jen even told them about her bi side with Ginny, and the threesomes we have had with her. Nothing was out of bounds, except for our new family play. Sarah then spoke. "Well, up until four years ago, we would have never even thought of swinging, or inviting any one into our bed, but after meeting this one couple down here and Mike and I letting down any inhibitions we may have had, it has turned into a great time for us.

Betty and Ron are very dear friends now, and they introduced us to the lifestyle. At first it was just us four, but over time, they introduced us to the other two couples. We meet up at least once a month and we still meet with Betty and Ron a couple of times a month too. There is one couple, Troy and Helen, who play some, but won't do intercourse with others.

Oral yes, but any fucking is between them, which we are all cool with." Jen then asked, if Sarah ever had a bi experience before coming down here&hellip. "Oh Yeah. In college. My roommate and I played all the time together.

But once we graduated, went separate ways, that ended. It took years before I told Mike about it. I was always afraid he'd freak out and leave me. How about you Jen, when did you start." Jen giggled then told her about Ginny and her.

It started before I met Jen, and continued even when we dated. Then Mike passed the bowl around again. Got to admit, the weed felt real good, and we all had a good buzz going.

Then Sarah said, "Let's get into the hot tub for a bit." We all stood, and like it was nothing at all, got naked together. When Mike removed his wrap, his cock was semi-hard. He too, was shaved like me. When my shorts hit the ground, Sarah said, "Mmmmmmmmm I love a shaved man. Beautiful cock Jeff. Damn girlfriend, you are one lucky lady.

Now I hope you are the shareable type. I am" then giggled I finally got to look at Sarah in all her wonder. Like I said, she is Jen's height, 5'4. Also about her weight, 125 pounds. She too had smaller breasts, 34B's. But her nipples were pink, as was her areolas, but the rest of her was tan.

One thing Jen and I both noticed was her clit ring. Jen said, "Oh My God Sarah. I did not notice that earlier. That is so sexy. When did you get that?" "About three years ago. I got it done at that one Tatoo place in town. Betty turned me onto it. Trust me when I say, the orgasms just flow out of me now. I mean I used to cum before, but nothing like I do now. Mike loves how it feels on his cock when we fuck. For that matter, any of my male partners enjoy it. If you want one, let me know, I'll go with you.

Puts you out of service for a few weeks, but it is so worth it." she said. Jen walked up to me and took my face into her hands and kissed me, then whispered into my ear, "You game?. I am". "Yes Baby I am.

Anything you want to do. Go for it", then kissed her back. Sarah and Mike were already in the tub and Sarah yelled over, "You two starting without us, or are you coming in?". The only light we had was from the Tiki torches lit all over the place. Just enough light to see, but others would have a hard enough time seeing anything.

Sarah was standing in the middle when we got in. Now this is like a 12 person tub. It was huge. Mike was sitting on one side and she directed me to be opposite of him. Then she took Jen's hands and guided them to her breasts and let Jen squeeze them. Jen moved her mouth to one nipple and began to suck. For the next few minutes, the ladies kissed and suckled one another. Then Sarah directed Jen to be next to Mike, and Sarah joined me. "Whew" Sarah said. "Between the weed, wine, and this gorgeous couple, I'm really fucking horny now." she said, then giggled.

Jen said, "Oh wow. Weed always makes me horny. But your kisses really did me in Sarah." "So" Sarah said… "You two have known each other 30 years correct?" We both nodded in agreement. "And through all that time, you have been in love with one another, correct?" Again, we nodded.

"Well then. You two have been swingers a long time then." she said. Jen asked how so. "Well, you both had different partners in that time, but still loved one another. You just haven't had the opportunity to share it together, being with someone different. Would you like for us to be your first partners? Because I won't lie, I would love to experience you both tonight." as she was saying this, her hand reached for my now hard cock. "Jen would it bother you if I grabbed your man's lovely cock right now and kiss him?".

"No Sarah. As long as you don't mind me playing with Mike and kiss him too." she cooed out. Jen was in a highly sexual state now. Sarah and I started making out. She climbed into my lap and was stroking my cock as we kissed. Mike and Jen were doing the same right now and I was extremely turned on.

Sarah was grinding her sex into my thighs as she kept kissing me. I could hear Jenny moaning, so I broke the kiss and looked over at those two. Mike was sucking her nipples as Jen ground into his lap. Sarah whispered into my ear, "God I am going to fuck this cock of your so good tonight." I moaned as she said that, and saw that Jen whipped her head around and smiled at me. I returned the smile. Looks like our new lifestyle was in full motion now.

There was no question in my mind that Jen was going to fuck him is a short while, and I was definitely going to fuck Sarah. After some ten minutes of making out, Sarah said, "Mike Honey. Why don't head inside to the playroom where we can be a lot more comfy with our new friends.".

"Sounds like an excellent idea, if these two don't mind." Jen didn't even respond, she just jumped up and got out of the tub quickly. Sarah laughed, "Mmmmm. Someone is eager to play tonight." …… We all laughed and I said, "I believe four of us are quite eager." After drying off, Sarah hooked Jen's arm with hers, and led us inside.

Mike and I taking up the rear, looking at these two gorgeous creatures, and their lovely assess. Once inside, Sarah lewd us down this one hallway to a closed door. Then opened it and turned on the lights. They were ceiling can lights, that she adjusted to a soft dim. Just enough lighting to see, but just barely. Inside the room, which was a good 20 x 20 foot, were four beds, in a four corner position, with a table in the middle. "Wow" Jen said.

"Now this is a play room." …… Mike chuckled. "Yes it is. We found that when you have four couples playing, or just four people like now, it is better to have room to roll around without crowding others, unless you like the crowded part, which in many cases, the women like being close together." Sarah led Jen over to one bed and had her sit on the edge.

Sarah fell to her knees and split Jen's legs wide and dived in. Sarah, not one to mince words said, "God Baby. I have wanted to do this since the first time we saw you guys by the pool." then started eating her. Jen threw her head back and started moaning. Mike and I just stood and watched as Sarah performed her oral skills on my wife's pussy. Mike then sat on one side of Jen and I sat on the other.

Jen looked at me and smiled, in between moans of delight. Then she leaned to me to kiss me. It was hot, and very passionate. Sarah must of found her clit, because as we kissed, Jen yelled, "Oh Fuck" in my mouth. Then Jen moved away and looked at Mike and started kissing him. I made myself busy with sucking Jen's nipple that was close to me. I heard Jen moan out, "Oh Yessssssss" One thing about Jen, if you suck her nipples when fucking her, she cums easy, and with all this attention being given to her, cumming will be shortly.

Then Mike moved to his knees and placed his hardened member close to Jen's face. She didn't hesitate at all and took him into her mouth. Mike isn't as long as me, maybe a good inch shorter, but it is fatter than mine, except for the head of it.

As she started sucking his cock, Sarah reached up and grabbed mine and stroked it as she sucked and licked Jen's pussy. She is a multi-tasker. When I watched Jen suck him, I felt no pangs of jealousy, but was intensely turned on by it. Hope when they fuck, I feel the same. All of a sudden, Jen spit his cock out and yelled, "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk", and started cumming. Sarah continue her assault on my wife's pussy and drank in all of her nectar.

Then Jen fell back on the bed, gasping for air. As she lay there, Sarah stood up and then leaned over Jen and kissed her, sharing my wife's juices with her. Sarah then retreated to the bed next to us. She sat on the edge and spread her legs wide, and started playing with her pussy. Jen jumped up and off the bed and took position between her legs and started eating her, returning the favor that Sarah just performed.

Jen was moaning from eating her, and Sarah definitely was enjoying Jen's ministrations. Again, Mike and I sat on either side of his wife and we both took a nipple into our mouths and sucked. Sarah moaned out loud then said, "Oh Fuck yeah. Suck my tits you fuckers." I'm liking this woman more and more. I love a woman that talks dirty. Jen continued to eat her and Sarah asked us both to feed her our cocks. So we both kneeled next to her, facing each other. Sarah had both hands on us, then looked at me and said, "Hope you don't mind cocks touching." I nodded that it was alright&hellip.

"Good" she said… We like play partners that have no hangups. Mike is Bi too" …… "I'm good" I said. She brought both heads together then started licking them both.

Jen looked up and moaned loud, then said, "Damn. Why didn't I think of that.". We all laughed and Sarah said, "There'll be plenty of opportunities in the future. Well, at least I am hoping for that." About ten minutes later Sarah let out a loud groan and told us she was cumming. Jen was slurping her cream up as fast as she could. Like Jen, Sarah fell back onto the bed and panted…&hellip.

"Holy Fuck Girlfriend&hellip. You eat pussy real good&hellip. I'm yours anytime you want it" Sarah cooed out. We decided to take a breather. That whole session took almost an hour, though it felt like ten to fifteen minutes. Mike said he was going for drinks, and we all said just water&hellip. While he was gone, Sarah asked what we thought so far. Jen spoke first&hellip.

"This is so much more intense than having a threesome. I am so turned on. Oh God Sarah. I love how you taste and move when I eat you." …&hellip. Sarah smiled and said, "I love how you taste too Jen. I'm serious too, anytime you want to get together and have some girl fun, just come a knocking. That is, if Jeff doesn't mind.". I smiled at both of the ladies, who were now sitting next to each other, holding hands. "Jen knows she can do whatever she likes.

As long as she comes home to me&hellip. Her and Ginny spent many a night together and I don't believe I have ever gotten jealous. Horny. Yes. Jealous, No." "Wow" Sarah said.

"That's a great attitude by both of you. Mike and I think like that too. I have never had a thought of leaving him for another man, or woman. We just like sex. Only he gets to make love to me. You keep your marriage like that, and you'll be together forever&hellip. Now Jen. Are you sure you are ok if Jeff and I fuck?" Jen leaned in and kissed Sarah's lips, then said, "I know I don't have any objections to you and Jeff fucking.

Before we came over we had a long talk about this. We both agreed to just go with the flow and we are. Looking at his cock right now, I know he wants to be inside you and I want Mike in me. We both agreed too, that we would be together for the last fuck tonight.

Either here or at home&hellip. While you two have fun, I'm sure Mike and I can find something to keep us occupied&hellip. Right Baby?".

"Right. Sweetheart. Enjoy it all&hellip. Be forewarned Sarah. We both get kind of loud and say what's on our minds." Sarah laughed. "Well. If you haven't noticed, I can have such a potty mouth. You should hear me and Mike when were alone.

I'm really a bad girl then." to which we all laughed, including Mike, who came back in with our drinks. We each took some long pulls of the water, which was refreshing. The water had a sweet taste to it. Mike informed us that it was a blend of fruits and herbs that he found at a drug store. It helped with keeping strength up, and figured we all may need it. Jen then got off the bed and took Mike's hand and led him to a bed next to me and Sarah.

Those two fell on the bed and started kissing. Sarah and I laid back on our bed and started making out. As we kissed, she stroked my cock, and I fingered her soaking wet slit. Then she moved down and started sucking me. I asked if she would please let me have something to eat too.

So she moved into a 69 position and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Sarah and I were lost in what we were doing, so I had no idea what the other two were doing, and at this point, did not care. I could hear muffled moaning and groaning coming from the other bed. I did notice that Sarah liked her ass eaten, so I did stay there awhile, but then moved back to her slit, which was leaking copious amounts of her girl juice.

I could hear her moan on quite a few occasions, then her body pushed hard into my face and she let loose with her orgasm. Her hips made a figure 8 on my face as she continued to cum. I must admit, she tasted real good. Almost as sweet as Jen's cum. Jen was yelling out now that she was cumming, with lord knows what they were doing.

It's kind of hard to see when you have a gorgeous ass on your face, blocking your view. Sarah started pushing her pussy hard into my mouth again and came again as she heard Jenny cumming. Sarah does cum easily, I am finding out. Then Sarah jumped off and spun around and straddled me and guided my cock right into her hot snatch. She was going slow, but within ten seconds, she was all the ways down on me.

"Aw Fuck Sarahhhhhhhhh". "You like that old pussy don't you Jeff. Fuckkkkkkkkkk. You are filling me so good". "Fuck Sarah&hellip. You're pussy is so tight…&hellip." I said……… Sarah laughed and said, "That's… Oh Shit&hellip.because I haven't let Mike fuck me for the last 3 days……&hellip.

Oh Fuck this cock feels sooooooooo good…… I wanted to be tight for Jeff tonight&hellip. Oh fuck me" she moaned then. Jenny laughed and said, "Can't say that about us. We fucked a few hours ago&hellip. God Mike.

Your dick feels so good." as Jen rode him as well. "Awwwwwwwwww" said Sarah. "So that was the taste I had from eating you&hellip.You naughty people………… Fuck&hellip. I'M not complaining, mind you. I love cum." she laughed as she said it. "Yes" MIke said. "My God Jen. Your pussy is so hot and tight…&hellip. But Sarah does love eating cum. Looks like we all do… Ride my cock Jen".

"Fuck yeah Mike… That's it. Fuck me like that" There was a lot of banter between us four.

Sarah came about five minutes into our first fuck. Then she got on all fours and let me fuck her doggie. Jen's not a big fan of doggie. Only because of how her exes used to be with her, so I try not to go that way. Jen and Mike switched positions and Mike was on top, with Jen's legs draped over his arms. She loves that way and likes to be pounded hard too.

Twink gay sex emo first time Eddy is new to all of this  but the

It didn't take long for Jenny to yell out she was cumming again. As she was cumming, I pounding into Sarah. She moaning a lot and meeting my every thrust by pushing back into me. I had one hand wrapped around her waist and started playing with her clit. Her hand joined mine and we rubbed it together. To me, that just made it even hotter. Within a minute of that, she started cumming again. Once her orgasm subsided, she fell to the bed, panting hard.

I looked over at Jen and Mike, and they were laying there kissing passionately. They did look very sexy together and it turned me on even more.

Sarah moved and lay on her side and motioned me to come behind her. She lifted one leg and gave me access to her swollen pussy. I slipped right in. "God Jeff&hellip. You can fuck me anytime you want.

With Jen's permission, of course…&hellip. Hey you two, get into this position so we can watch each other fuck.", then giggled…&hellip. Then she said, "I get off watching Mike fuck another woman and I bet you two will like watching too." Jen and Mike got into the same position, facing us. Jen's leg went over and behind Mike's hip so we had a clear view of his cock slipping in and out… Jen's eyes were locked on mine and she smiled.

I smiled back to her. I could see the lust in her eyes as Mike slowly started pumping his fat cock in and out of her&hellip.

"How's it feel Baby? Are you enjoying his hot cock&hellip. Because you look so sext right now" I said……&hellip. Sarah moaned as I spoke, then said, "You do look sexy Jen&hellip. I love his cock and I am glad I can share it with you&hellip. You can fuck him anytime you want too…… I hope all four of us can fuck each other a lot more, after tonight… God Jen…&hellip.

I can see why you love this man&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkk" Each couple was watching the other couple as they fucked… It was quite intense. I was surprised that I didn't cum already, but I figured the great sex Jen and I had before, and the pill, was slowing my cum mechanism down.

Honestly, I could fuck this woman all night, and I believe she could go all night too. After a good ten minutes of slow fucking, I pulled out. Sarah let out a groan and gave me a pouty face. I got off the bed and stood at the edge. I motioned to her to scoot down and bring her ass to the edge. She did, and then spread her legs wide.

As I slipped my cock inside her, she looked up and said, "Ooooooooh Baby. I think I'm about to really get fucked." and laughed. I leaned over her and told her to wrap her legs and arms around me and hold on tight. She whispered in my ear, "I wasn't kidding. You can fuck me anytime you want too. We play alone at times". I didn't say anything to that. Not sure how Jen would like that one. My hands slipped under her ass and then I stood up with Sarah attached to me.

I carried her over to the other two and gently laid her next to Jen and Mike. Mike then got up and had Jen assume the same position, right next to Sarah. Jen's legs were draped over Mike's forearms, as was Sarah's over mind. Sarah looked at Jen and said, "I think, Girlfriend, our men plan to fuck us hard now." then giggled.

Jen responded, "One can only hope. I need to good pounding now" then moved her head to be close to Sarah and they started kissing.

Mike and I both started slow, and built up to a good rhythm. You could hear skin slapping together and our balls banging against their fine asses. Both girls were moaning loudly now, and both were talking quite dirty as we fucked them. Jen yelled out, "OH God Fuck me Mike… Fuck me Hardddddddd" &hellip.

Sarah echoed her sentiments and I complied and really started banging her. Both girls were playing with each other's tit as we fucked them. Mike started to groan loudly and Sarah said, "Cum in her Baby, fill her hot pussy" Mike grunted and groaned then yelled out, "Cumminggggggggggggggg", which made Jen start to cum. Sarah was right behind them and I could feel my balls starting to raise and summon a load for Sarah.

Both girls were thrashing all over through their orgasms, and then mine hit. I pulled out, just as the first shot started going in her pussy and then shot the rest all over her belly and mound. "Oh Fuck Jeff……&hellip. That's so hot… Look at all that cum." I was looking down at the huge mess I made on her. There was was splotch that landed on the bottom of her one boob, which Sarah took her hand and wiped it up and fed it to herself.

She took a little more and fed it to Jen, who sucked and licked her fingers clean. Then I shocked Sarah when I leaned down and started slurping up and big glob just above her mound.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck Meeeeeeee" she half said loudly, but softly. When I got most of it up, I leaned over her face and she opened her mouth and I let it drip into her mouth, then we kissed.

I moved back down and got another glob and leaned way over and did the same to Jen, who happily accepted it. As I back away from her, Mike leaned down and kissed her and they shared my cum. I licked whatever was left and shared that with Sarah. Then all four of us collapsed on the bed. Four very tired and sweaty sex partners. After about five minutes of laying there, Mike got up and got us our waters, and we all sat around. Sarah then finally spoke, "Ok guys, what did you think?

Because from my point of view, and I bet Mike's too, you two enjoyed this. You two sure acted like you did." Jen and I looked at one another and I nodded to let her speak. Jen had this big smile on her face, then said, "I think I can say for Jeff, this was amazing. I've never had this much fun with sex before. We came into this tonight, with an open mind, and you two are awesome.

As lovers and as friends now. I hope we four can do this again, and soon." Then I spoke. "I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how this was going to go, but Damn, it was fun.

I felt no jealousy at all. If anything, watching Mike and Jen together really turned me on, and Sarah, you are a great partner. I hope we have many more times together." Mike then spoke, "Well, judging from how we all got turned on and no one really cared what anyone was doing, it is safe to say, you two are now part of the lifestyle.

Just remember. Never make love with your partner, that's reserved for your spouse. Jenny and I can fuck all we want, but I'll never make love to her. That's for Sarah only. And that's the same Sarah too. We've learned how to separate sex and love. But I have to admit, Jen is a wonderful lover and you Jeff, are a very lucky man." Then Sarah chuckled and said, "Kind of kinky too. You can feed me cum anytime you want too." Which made us all laugh.

That is one sexual woman. We headed back to their pool and collected our clothes. Jen said something softly to Sarah and then Sarah left. She was back in a minute with what looked like a blanket, and handed it to Jen. It was past 11pm and we all kissed goodnight and said we'd love to do this again. After passing through the man-gate, Jen took my hand and guided me down the path to the beach area.

She laid out the blanket, then lay on it. I lay next to her and held her against me. She kissed my lips softly and said, "Thank you. That was awesome and I truly enjoyed every second of it. I love you with all my heart." As she said that, her hand took hold of my cock, which was quite flaccid&hellip.

"I love you too… It was great, and like I said, I felt no jealousy. Watching you two turned me on big time. Watching you and Sarah was awesome too. She really likes you. Is this something you want to do again with them?" I asked. "Oh God yeah…… Next time though, when you cum, cum in her so I can lick her clean. You were a hit with her doing what you did. Did you know she said we could play alone with them?" I chuckled and said, "Yeah.

She whispered that to me. Would you like to fuck him all alone? I truly would not mind Baby. I trust you&hellip. It's only sex and fun.". She now had me hard again, which was a shock to me. "Mmmmmmmmmm. I think you are turned on by Mike fucking me. I know I am turned on by the thought of you and Sarah fucking all alone&hellip. God I loved hearing her talk so dirty like that.

It made it easier for me to do that too. Anytime I did, Mike's cock would like jump inside me then pound me harder&hellip. Baby, make love to me all night out here." She climb on to me and slipped me inside her. She was super wet with her own juices and Mike's cum… "Ohhhhhhh Damn Baby.

you are sooooooooo wet". "You like that don't you baby. My hot juices mixed with Mike's, coating your hot cock like this&hellip. If you can't cum again, don't worry about it. Not sure I can either. I lost count of my orgasms tonight. …&hellip. Oh God you feel so good&hellip. Babe. I want to get a clit ring&hellip. That is such a sexy look&hellip." "Baby. You can do whatever you want, just make love to me everytime like this." We tried to make each other cum but we just slowly worked each other for almost twenty minutes, until Jen said she couldn't go anymore.

We were going to sleep on the beach until we felt raindrops hitting us. As it started to rain, we just stayed embraced and kissed. Then decided to head to our comfy bed.

Part 3 ________________________________________________________________ Chapter 1 Since our night with Sarah and Mike, we seem to be even closer than ever before.

We cuddled more, no matter where we were in the house. We even made love on the couch while the girls were in the house. We did tell the girls what transpired at the neighbors they were visibly turned on as well. Hugging and kissing in front of us after we told them one night, in the family room. Jen and I were out for a walk on the beach, the following Thursday. We ran into Sarah and Mike too.

All of us were dressed in shorts, sandals, polo shorts. Neither of the ladies had bra's on. So their nipples were easily seen by anyone walking by. They asked if they could join us for the walk, and we gladly said yes. They asked how we have been, and we asked the same of them, then Sarah asked, "So, any regrets over what we all did last weekend?" Jen smiled, then giggled and said, "Oh hell No.

It was fantastic. In fact we feel closer than we have ever been as a couple. Hard to believe since we are newlyweds." "Good" said Sarah. "That's really good. It's how we are too. In fact, we made love right after you left that night. It was beautiful too." Sarah had continued. "We did too", Jen said. "Right here on the beach. Neither of could cum again, but it didn't matter. We were thinking of sleeping there until it started raining." Jen said, then chuckled.

Sarah smiled and said, "You guys can join us anytime. We really like you two and you are fun, oh so sexy too. And, if you are open to it, a little one on one time is fine with us too.

We've only done that with Betty and Ron. Mike and I feel like we are going to be close friends, and sharing is a big part of our lives." Jen giggled, "I hope that means you and I share some one on one time too Sarah. I sometimes need that girlfriend love. By the way, are you guys busy for Thanksgiving? We'd like to have you over for dinner with us and the girls." Sarah looked at Mike, who nodded, and then agreed to join us&hellip. "Great.

We'll eat around 2pm that day. Then have time to relax the rest of the day.". Sarah then smiled and asked, "Do the girls know what we all did the other night?". I answered that one, "Yes. We told them. They were quite cool with it too. They know we are living a new life and want to explore every aspect of it, just like they do. Lucky for them, they are young, so they have a lot more time to explore." and we all laughed then.

"Sarah?" Jen asked, "Can you take me to that parlor you got your clit pierced. I want one. I think it looks so sexy on you and your orgasms the other night seemed so good.". "When?" she asked, and Jen said, "Tomorrow.". Sarah laughed, "I think we created a slut monster now. And I mean slut in the most respectful way&hellip. Jeff, you better take her home soon and fuck the hell out of her tonight, because you won't be getting any for the next three to four weeks, until it heals.

The first few days are uncomfortable, but in the long run, oh god, so worth it." Mike laughed, "Yeah. That was a long three weeks for me. Although oral is allowed and anal, if Jen is into that. Sarah has to be in the right mood, extremely horny, to let me go there." as Sarah playfully smacked him on the arm. "I never can understand a man's obsession with fucking an ass. Don't get me wrong, if I am in the mood, it does feel great. Now if I want DP, well then that's cool.

Nothing better than one in your ass and one in your pussy. As long as your lovers are gentle. I do not like rough sex…&hellip. But yeah, it is a long three weeks, but after that, Oh My God Jen, I bet you squirt some too." Jen just laughed, then asked, "How does around 11am sound?". "I'll come pick you up and we'll do lunch and shop too. I know of a few shops we can browse, and one is a nice naughty shop. That's where the piercing is done.". "That's sounds good… You don't mind, do you Honey?" Jen said to me… "Of course not… Wow.

Three weeks without you… I'll manage" then laughed. Mike laughed and said, "Oh I don't know. I think Jen can help you out. She does have a wonderful mouth.". Jen looked back at him and said, "You betcha. I didn't hear you complain the other night", which made us all laugh. Chapter 2 The next day, Sarah and Jen made their made into town.

I caught up on some investment work, while the girls were out by the beach. They had made a few comments about getting some part time jobs, just to have something to do, besides lounge and tan. Since our visit home, the girls and I have not played.

They have teased a few times, but that was it. I know they and Jen have played a few times and I am totally fine with that. It was close to 5pm when my wife came back from her excursion. Sarah just popped in for a second to say hello, but said she had to get home. "Lord knows what Mike is into right now." Jen had a bunch of bags in her hands, so I got up to help her. She was walking kind of gingerly. I guess if someone had shoved a needle into the skin on my dick, I'd walk that way too.

She was wearing a bright yellow summer dress, and even had a bra on. I followed her up the stairs and into the bedroom.

She then laid out some of the clothes she bought. She showed me two dresses for going out on the town with. Tasteful, yet sexy. Then some toys she bought. A double ended dildo for her and the girls to use. Another strap-on and then two different cock rings. She said Sarah talked her into those. Sarah got Mike a couple too, to help prolong us.

Then she removed her dress and then her panties, and sat on the bed. She spread her legs to show me her new addition. Unlike Sarah's, which was a ring, Jen's was a vertical silver post. It had two little balls on the ends, and it went through her clit hood. It looked slightly red and she said it only pinched when the girl first slipped the needle through.

But all in all, not to bad. She said the first couple of days it will be damn sore, so don't think of asking for sex, then laughed. It looked pretty damn sexy too. Then she said we had to talk. She had a serious look on her face then.

"Babe. Sarah knows the girls and I play. Remember that time down behind the beach?" she asked. Like I could forget…&hellip. "Sarah said she was coming back from a walk and could hear us moaning, and so she peeked over that bush that separates the property and saw us.

Sarah would have joined in, if she knew us like she does now. When she asked me at first, I froze from taking a bite of my salad. After she said she saw us, I didn't know what to say. Then Sarah said, it's cool with her. She finds nothing wrong with it, then dropped this bombshell. She admitted that she and Clay fuck, and have for three years now.

She loves it too." she finished talking and waited for my response. I hugged her close to me, "It doesn't matter then. I'm sure she wants her secrets safe from the world, same as we do. Did she say anything like if I fucked our girls?". "Yeah she did. She laughed and said if Jeff is getting those as well, he'll need a truck load of Viagra. She also said later that if you need a little pussy the next three weeks, give her a call." We both laughed at that.

Actually the next three weeks were kind of calm. The girls actually found part time jobs down at this one boutique in town. They loved it too. Getting to meet new people and helping the tourist with fashion, which they both are quite at home with.

Jen, I could tell, was getting a bit frustrated with not being able to make love, or just plain have sex. The most we did was hug and kiss and cuddle. She wanted to suck me many a night, but I told her no. If she couldn't have pleasure, then I shouldn't either. "Look Baby, if I can't wait for you now, then I am not the man you thought I was. I went thirty years without you, a few weeks now is not going to hurt me in the least." Jen and Sarah started hanging out together a lot now.

Going shopping, their favorite past time and lounging by one of the pools, either theirs or our's. Even the girls were hanging with them too. I'm certainly not complaining. Having two, and sometimes four, beautiful women to look at is very nice actually. Of course Sarah would make suggestions about a three-way or just come to where I was and blow me.

Each time I just laughed it off. I told her my reasoning and she laughed. "Mike always enjoyed the blow jobs I would give while out of commission." The day before Thanksgiving, there was plenty of activity in our house. The girls and Jen were busy preparing for the next day. They were baking pies from scratch, which I didn't know Jen could do.

Of course, people do learn things over the years. Her mom always baked and everything she baked was so good. Sarah and Mike stopped by in the afternoon and said they were going shopping. Sarah was going to bring the salad and make baked sweet potatoes. She also asked if Clay could come too, to which we said of course. When the girls heard that, their eyes lit up. It was starting to get into the evening and I suggested getting pizza.

So I ordered and would go pick it up. They actually have a Little Caesars pizza there. I was told 40 minutes. I left with about 10 minutes to go. When I got back, no one was around in the kitchen or family room. Then I heard Jen upstairs yell for me. "Honey, could you come up here please". So up the stairs I went. When I entered our bedroom, the girls were on the bed, naked. Jen was sitting up against the headboard with her legs spread and Dani between them licking her.

Kelly was sitting next to Jen, her legs spread and was running a dildo around her pussy lips. She was smiling at me, then winked. "Surprise" said Jenny.

Surprise is the understatement here. We had talked many times about inviting the girls up here to join us. &hellip. "I guess no one is hungry right now." "Kelly laughed, "Oh we're hungry all right, but not for pizza.

We can heat that up later. Come on Daddy, get naked and come take care of Kitten for a bit. Mom and Dani are kind of busy right now and I don't have anyone to play with." she said with a pouty face. My shorts hit the ground and my shirt flew off. I walked up behind Dani, leaned in and licked both her holes. Her ass wiggled all over as she moaned out, "Oh Yeah Daddy.

Love your tongue there." …&hellip. I just wanted to tease her for a bit, then scooted over to Kelly. I lay between her legs and took the dildo from here and threw it off the bed. I didn't waste any time now and drove my tongue into her sweet pussy. . "Ohhhhhhhhhh Fuck Yesssssssssssssss.

Eat Kitten Daddy." Hearing her say that made sound so dirty, yet very arousing. Jen was doing a lot of moaning herself now, as Dani worked on her pussy.

Kelly was bucking her hips and pushing her pussy into my hungry mouth. She was close to cumming when we heard Jen cry out, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkk Cummmmmmmmming" She came alright. She squirted all over Dani face and chest. But she stayed in there and licked away, drinking in jen's juices. That put Kelly over the edge and she started cumming on my face too.

She didn't squirt this time, but a lot of juices flowed out, which I easily licked up. Jenny and Dani switched positions now and Jen was eating Dani. I continued licking Kelly. I wanted to taste her again. About 5 minutes into this, Jen kneeled up and produced a strap-on. It was a good 6 incher, and slightly less in circumference than my cock is. Once she was inside Dani, Dani cooed out, "Oh yeahhhhhh Fuck me Momma". These girls were in rare form tonight.

As they fucked, I kept licking and sucking Kelly pussy and clit, and got her to cum again. I didn't even let her calm down from her orgasm, when I got to my knees, and moved in close and started rubbing the head of my dick on her slit.

She was moaning as I did this. Jen was fucking Dani pretty good. Not too fast, but not slow either. Then Jen said, in a very dirty way, 'You like Momma fucking your hot little pussy, don't you Baby?" Dani answered back, "Oh Christ Yessssssss Fuck Me Momma.". That made my cock even harder.

Then Jen reached over to the nightstand and grabbed something and handed it to me. It was a cock ring she bought a few weeks back.

"Put this on Honey. You have three women to take care of tonight. So we need you hard for a while". I chuckled but did as I was told.

It was a tight fit, but finally got it on all the way. I grabbed Kelly's legs and pulled her down some and lined my cock up and slipped it in. I looked at Kelly and asked, "You ready Kitten?".

"Fuck yeah I'm ready Daddy. Fuck me good and hard." All you heard for the next 10 minutes was grunting and groaning, and plenty of moaning by all of us. Dani came first and so did Jenny, and was quite vocal in letting us know.

Hell, Sarah and Mike should have heard it. But I bet they are fucking themselves right now. Clay got in earlier that day. Then Kelly yelled, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddddd" and came. Her body was thrashing all over as she came again. She is wild tigress that's for sure. Jenny fell over to the opposite side of Dani, and I did the same for Kelly. All of us were panting a lot. Then Dani crawled over Kelly and got on top of me. "We're hardly finished mister", and slipped my cock into her.

Kelly went to Jen and straddled her and they started kissing and making out. It was an extremely sexual sight to see right now. Taboo, Oh God yes, but yet sensual……&hellip.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Fuck Momma…&hellip." Kelly said as she slid down Jen's silicon cock. Jen smiled up at her and said, "Bet it doesn't feel as good as Daddy's big dick inside you. Huh Baby". My wife was in rare form tonight.

I was bust though with Dani riding me now… She was definitely in slut mode now…… "God Daddy… Your cock is so big tonight&hellip.Fuck your Baby Girls hot little pussy&hellip.

Fuck me Daddy… Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeeee" Dani yelled out. As Dani and I fucked, I moved so I could me close to Jen. As the girls fucked us, Jen and I started kissing. The girls seeing thisleaned into each other and started kissing too. I think it was safe to say we were all turned on by what we were doing together. Then Kelly started grinding into Jen's mound and that set off a huge orgasm in Jen. "Oh My God. I'm squirtingggggggggggg" Jen yelled out. That triggered Kelly into orgasming now.

As she did, she fell forward onto Jen and they held each other tight. Dani switch so she was now squatting over my cock, which gave deeper penetration.

She was banging me pretty hard too. I wanted to cum, just watching her do this. Because of the ring's tightness, it was holding back my cum. Dani lasted maybe another minute and started cumming too&hellip. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkk Daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." is all she could say, then fell on top of me. Her whole body was shaking from her orgasm. My arms held her tight as she wiggled then shook from it.

For about 5 minutes, the ladies just laid there panting and taking in big gulps of air. My cock was still embedded inside Dani's pussy as we lay there. Finally, Dani moved off of me and lay at my side.

Kelly got up then and went to the bathroom, and came back with a towel to wipe up the mess on the sheets. Jen really did squirt a great deal. After wiping it up, Kelly threw the towel off the bed and went and cuddled with Dani. Jen lay on her side facing me now, and her hand went for my hard cock and started stroking it. She smiled and asked, "Is this mine now Lover?". I chuckled and said, "It's always yours my Love.

You ready for it now?". She moaned and said, "Oh God yes&hellip. Take me like the slut I am right now. Pound me good." I got off the bed and gently grabbed her ankles and brought her to the edge of the bed.

As I did this, she giggled, and the girls did too. Kelly said, "Ooooohhhh Mom. I think you are about to get fucked really good". Jen tilted her back and smiled at Kelly and said, "Good&hellip. I need it badly." I lined my cock up with her slit, then eased the head in. As I did this, I placed a hand behind each knee and pushed her legs way back, and then sunk my cock in deep……&hellip.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkk Baby&hellip. That's it. That's how Momma wants it tonight&hellip. Deep and Hard." I started slow but in no time, built up a nice rhythm. Each thrust was getting harder and deeper inher. She was moaning now a great deal and very loud. I wasn't even 5 minutes into this as she came again, and came hard.

I started to slow down, but she yelled out&hellip. "Don't stop Baby… Please don't stop&hellip. Fuck Meeeeeeeeee" I was always told that I was a good listener and did as I was told, so now was not an exception and did as the lady asked.

I kept up my assault on her pussy, which was very wet and you could hear the sloshing sounds of a really wet pussy now. Her eyes were closed and her face looked like she was in pain, but I knew better. This is her game face when she is really loving the fuck she is getting. Sweat was starting to pour off of my face and onto her belly. Then I felt something on my balls and looked behind me to see Kelly sitting next to and slightly behind me, sucking my balls. Damn that felt good.

Then she really surprised me when she started licking my ass. This girls is quite the little nymph… But it only lasted a few seconds for the next thing I felt was her finger going into my ass&hellip. "Oh Christ" I said out loud… Jen has done this on a couple of occasions when she is giving head, and I am fine with it, when I know it is coming. So I relaxed some and heard Dani ask: "Like that Daddy? Your little Kitten has her finger in your ass while you fuck Momma…" I couldn't speak, for my balls were letting me know it was time to cum.

I started really banging into Jen, who was lost in all of this. She was starting to cum again. Probably from what I was doing and knowing what the girls were saying and doing. I just let loose a loud "Godddddddddddddddddddd" and started shooting inside Jen's pussy. Two ropes went deep inside her, then I pulled out and shot all over her belly and tits. I have never cummed like that before. The combo of the whole night of sex and Kelly's finger on my prostrate produced all of this cum.

My legs were exceptionally wobbly now, as I backed away from the bed. Kelly took my cock and started sucking it, cleaning our combined juices from it. Dani, meanwhile, leaned over and started licking the cum off of Jenny. As she did this, she would gather some, then move up and kiss Jen, who happily accepted the protein…… As Dani came back for more, she said to Kelly, "Get up here you cum slut and help me clean Momma up".

Kelly didn't hesitate, and dove right in and helped out her sister. The girls would lick some, then kiss, then lick more and kiss Jen. I was now sitting in the chair opposite the bed. I couldn't move, even if I wanted too&hellip.

When they were finished, the cuddled with Jen and rested… Three gorgeous and extremely sexual ladies lay there, together, and looked very satisfied with what just transpired. After a few minutes of catching our breaths, Kelly jumped off the bed and ask, "Ok. We all hungry now?" then laughed. Which made us all laugh with her…… "Come on Sis. Let's warm the pizza and bring up beers." Chapter 3 Jen and I were up early on this Thanksgiving morning.

I could remember back to when I was a kid and the big dinners my mom would make and invite friends and family over. Usually by 3 or 4 in the afternoon, most of the guys were snoring on the couches, or watching the football games, while the ladies played cards or gossiped.

By 10, when the girls finally rolled out of bed, the turkey was in the oven and cooking. The girls went out after they left us, the previous night. Jen and I just stayed in the bedroom and watched some TV before turning in for the night.

Jen and I were both dressed. Jen in a blue summer dress, that hung nicely over her body, sans any bra, so her nipples were sticking out. You know, naked is great, but it is still nice to see her dressed and looking sexy, and leaving something for the imagination. I was in khaki shorts, a blue polo and sandals. The girls just had robes on, for now. They promised they would dress in a bit, after they helped a bit and then take showers.

They did inform us that they hung out with Clay last evening. They were glad he liked to dance and I could tell Kelly sort of liked him more than just some neighbor, as she went on and said how great he was, and how funny. "Hmmmmm" I thought. "Maybe a budding romance?" Our neighbors showed up a few minutes before the appointed time. They brought salad and the sweet potato's and a couple bottles of wine.

Jen and Sarah shooed us from the kitchen while they finished preparing our feast. Dinner was excellent and everyone seemed so at ease with one another. The girls told Sarah about all the upcoming sales that were going to happen at the store they were now working at.

My checkbook, I could feel, just got smaller. Clay and the girls were going over events from the previous night too. Some of which seemed very funny. After dinner, the girls said they would all pitch in and help with dishes and cleaning. That left Mike, Clay, and myself to sit back and enjoy some football.

Somewhere around 4, our new friends and neighbors bid us adieu, but invited Jen and I over later for drinks and a soak in the hot tub. Jen and I happily accepted. The girls and Clay made plans for later as well. When they were leaving, we saw the girls give Clay big hugs and kisses. Somehow I could see them all in a threesome, and not think anything about it. About an hour later, Kelly's phone went off and then she moved to her bedroom to talk.

We had no idea who it could be. She came out about 10 minutes later and handed the phone to Jen. Kelly came up to me and informed me that it was Jen's son Billy.

Jen and Bill talked for almost 15 minutes, and I could see tears running down her face, as she sat in the dining room talking to him. 'God, I hope he isn't giving her shit', I thought. When she hung up, she handed the phone back to Kelly and hugged her. Jen then looked at me and started telling me what had transpired………… Apparently, Bill's fiance was cheating on him with her boss.

So they broke it off. Then he told Jen he was so sorry for the way he has acted all these years and begged her for forgiveness, which of course he didn't need to do. All Jen has ever wanted was her son back in her life. He was super happy that she finally married the man she has always loved and is happy. Jen asked him to come join us at Christmas. He said he would try. He had two weeks worth of vacation to use, but money could be an issue. Jen told him not worry about that.

Jen did ask him never to mention anything about her life to his father. He said he hadn't talked with his dad in ages and doesn't expect too. Kelly was really stoked about the prospect of Billy coming down here and being with us for the holidays. I too, was happy, if it could happen. That would probably be the best present anyone could get Jenny.

"Oh God Dani. That would be so great if he did come down. You'll love him. And even though he is my brother, he is a hunk too."which made us all laugh. Since we had a couple of hours before we were to meet up with Sarah and Mike, we decided to take a nap. Jen was to hyped up though to sleep.

Just the thought of her son visiting has her like a kid at Christmas. She still worries that Bill maybe a little standoffish towards me, when we first meet. I told her not to worry so much. As we lay there looking at each other, I asked, "You know. There could be some play that might happen tonight.". She just smiled and said, "Oh, I know.

I'm game again if you are.". "Actually, I am. I have no idea why, but I really like watching you with Mike. or even Sarah." I said Jen chuckled, "You pervert.

But I am like you too. I like watching you and Sarah do it…… And I know for a fact, she adores you fucking her&hellip. And if I am honest, I really like fucking Mike too.

" Then Jen asked, " Do you think if we had been together all these years, we would be into this lifestyle like this?" "I thought about that a couple of times now&hellip. I think that how we were back when we dated, and how open we were to new ways and experiences, yeah, I think we would be&hellip. I do know one thing though." Jen asked, "What?" I kissed her nose, then proceeded, " We'd still be married.

Not sure how many kids we'd have had, but married and just as in love as we were back then." She giggled, "Well, I always wanted at least three, and in a way, we have that now. And, we are married, so all is good in my world. But&hellip. At anytime you say quit to doing any of things we have been doing with friends, or the kids, I am good with just us&hellip. All I have ever needed was you to complete my life.

I was just too stupid not to know that back then&hellip. And I hope my over sexual needs don't scare you… I lived almost 30 years with some of the worst sex in my life&hellip.

So I guess I am making up for lost time." I chuckled at that remark. "Lord knows Babe… We both lived a very non sexual life after we broke up. So I know where you are coming from&hellip. Trust me. I love how you are now and hope you never change." I stared at her for a moment…&hellip. "What?" she asked with a giggle. "You want some right now, don't you?" she asked………&hellip.

"No Baby, I don't…&hellip. But I want to make a fantasy come true for you tonight.". "Oh God Baby…&hellip. You're making me super wet now" "Yeah&hellip. I have been thinking about it&hellip. The thought of you and I sucking Mike's cock turns me on… So… When we go over and get into the tub.

Go start making out with Mike. I'll keep Sarah busy." I said, "Yeah. Like Sarah would complain" she said as she giggled. "Then I'll take Sarah to the playroom and leave you two alone for a bit. They both want us alone for a time, so this would be perfect, and, we'll see if it bothers either of us. Just make sure he doesn't cum.

Then after about 15 or 20 minutes, you two come join us, and you and I will take care of Mike." "Ooooooh. You kinky man you.

Just promise me that you'll make love to me after we are done there tonight.". I smiled, then told her, "That's a given Sweetie." I kissed her lips lightly then told her, "You know, this is the best Thanksgiving ever. I'm with the love of my life, and have two beautiful daughters, who I adore, and maybe a son, if he'll accept me. I guess I should thank Anna for setting me free, so I could be back with you." "I love you Jeff.

You'll never have to worry about being loved again." she cooed out. Chapter 4 Just around seven, Clay showed up, to pick up the girls. I just asked they use common sense and not get drunk, or at least one of them not. Clay said he wouldn't drink tonight.

I chuckled and said, no pot either. He said he was cool with that. If they wanted to do that, they come home first. After they left, Jen and I stripped down, grabbed the leftover wine, and went next door. When we came up to the pool area, we saw Mike and Sarah already in the hot tub relaxing. They both smiled when they saw us already naked. "I like your formal attire guys." Sarah said, then giggled. Jen set the bottle down and climbed in. Sarah stood to help her in. Then they kissed a long, sensuous kiss.

That made my cock start to grow. Sarah was about to sit back down next to Mike, but Jen steered her towards me. Sarah smiled and said, "Oh Honey? I think I see who your play partner is tonight." After sitting, Jen told them about Billy calling and wanting to come down for the holidays. Mike and Sarah both thought that it was great that fences were being mended. Then Jen and Mike started making out. So Sarah and I did too. She crawled into my lap and was kissing me and stroking my cock.

"Fuck" she moaned. "I want this cock of yours". …&hellip. Jen heard her and looked back and said, "Why don't you two get a room somewhere and leave Mike and I alone. I feel very naughty tonight" Sarah's eyes got real big, as did her smile. She dismounted off my legs and grabbed my hand. "Come on Lover. I know just the spot." We headed to the playroom. Sarah damn near pulled me the whole way. Once in the room, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard. Her hands were squeezing my ass cheeks, and my hands doing the same to her.

"Fuck Sarah… I love your ass…" I said&hellip. "MMMMMMM. Yeah. Well one day I want you in my ass. But only when were alone&hellip. Just something about you two that we both crave&hellip. Let's get on the bed and have some fun, Stud." Sarah kneeled next to me and engulfed my cock with her mouth. I signaled to her to bring her pussy to my mouth, which she happily did. She does give an awesome blowjob, that's for sure. As she worked my cock, my mouth went from her rosebud to her clit.

There was no need to go slow. I wanted her to cum and cum quick. When my mouth latched onto her clit, after a few minutes, she pushed down on my face and started to cum. My face was soaked with her precious juices. As soon as she calmed a bit, she got off then straddled me and inserted my cock in her. Then I remembered that I had the cock ring around two of my fingers, and asked her to get off a second.

I handed it to her and she placed it on me&hellip. "Oh Fuck Baby… You must want to last all night with me… Damn, you turn me on" "Damn Sarah… Your pussy is so tight tonight… Fuck me Baby.".

"Oh, I plan on Darlin… Fuck your cock seems bigger than the last time&hellip. I hope my dirty mouth turns you on…" 'Fuck Yeah Baby… It does&hellip. Me and Jen talk dirty all the time… You know, she adores you too." Sarah was grinding her pussy hard on my pelvis&hellip."Good.

I…&hellip. Oh Fuck……… adore her too&hellip. She's fast becoming my best friend&hellip.

Fuck Jeff…&hellip. Jeffffffffff. I'm gonna cum soon" I started pumping up into her, fast. Which made her squeal out. "That's it… Keep doing that&hellip.Fucker…&hellip. Cumminggggggggggggggggggggg" When Sarah cums, her whole body shakes and wiggles all over the place, and this time was no different. I pulled her down and held her tight and kissed her… She kept cooing in my mouth as her orgasm subsided.

She sat back up and looked down at me&hellip. "Between you and I… I'm starting to get addicted to your dick…&hellip.You can fuck me anytime, anywhere, and I don't care who is around&hellip. Fucking Jen is so lucky to have this all the time…" she took a breath then said, "Don't get me wrong, I love Mike and our sex life is great.

But just being alone with a lover makes it so hot, and this wonderful cock of yours drives me crazy&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk Baby" I asked what she thought those two were doing right now. "Fucking. Like us… Mike's been hoping to be alone with her for some time now&hellip. One thing. Mike is a gentle lover. He is not into that Dom/sub shit…… Just a horny old man who really loves sex… I think he holds back some when we are with others&hellip. Not as vocal or wanting to really get into it.

That's why we like doing it one on one at times" she explained. "Jeff?"."Can I ask you a very private question?". I said sure. Christ were lovers now, so anything you want to know. "I'm sure Jen has told you about Clay and us&hellip. Have you ever been with the girls yet?" I let that question hang a few seconds. She was just about to say something, but I started speaking. "Yes&hellip. Twice now… Once over a month ago, then again, last night. The first time was one on one with each.

Then last night the girls surprised me when I got back with our pizza. All three were upstairs on our bed playing and wanted me to join in. So I did.

And before you ask, No… I don't have any regrets&hellip. I hope what I say stays between us four… Society doesn't look upon this to highly…" She started grinding again on me, smiling down. "Mum's the word… Maybe in time we can have a family get together… I'd love to experience those two beauties one day.

So you know. Clay has the hots for Kelly&hellip. Not that he doesn't think Dani is beautiful, he just has a thing for blonds." I laughed at that. "Not sure the girls want a man in their lives right now&hellip. But who they are with is always up to them&hellip.You know. I swear your pussy just went up ten degrees. Fuck you are hot…&hellip. Oh and by the way. When those two get in here… Jen and I want to try something together with you two" She giggled, "Can't imagine why that is, that I am so hot…… But for the taboo part.

We don't see a thing wrong with it… We're not hurting anyone&hellip. We're just showing love in the most intimate way&hellip. Plus. Whoever the lucky girl is that settles Clay down will be quite surprised by his love making abilities. I think I have taught him well." I kissed her and said between kisses, "I'm sure you have… You are an amazing lover my dear.

Between us?". "Yes" she answered, "I'd enjoy some more one on one time with you&hellip. But only is our spouses agree too. No sneaking around… I could never do that to either of them." "Oh, I agree… But I do enjoy this with you… How about enough talking and we fuck some more?" "I'm with you Baby.".

We just started getting into it again when the door opened and in walked our spouses. With a laugh, Jen asked, "And just what do you two think you are doing?" Sarah giggled, then tried to feign a frown, "Well, judging by the redness of Mike's dick, I would say the same thing you two were doing… Fucking&hellip.

Come join us." Mike excused himself and then returned with bottled water. Jen was sitting on one bed while Sarah and I sat on the other. Jen was telling us what they were doing, which was plenty of fucking.

"Oh My God Sarah… I have never cummed so much in my life…&hellip. Last night and today is like nothing I have ever experienced before… Thank you for turning me on too this&hellip. Damn good thing the girls or out.

Had they gone upstairs and looked out the window, they would have seen me bent over the side and Mike pounding me…" Mike chuckled and said, "Our neighbors across the way can't see, but if they were outside they definitely should have heard her.

I love a woman that gets into sex… Thank god I married one." We sat around and talked a few more minutes, but jen was getting antsy. She told Mike to come sit on the beds edge. She got on her knees and took him into her mouth. His dick started to stiffen again. Jen asked Sarah to join her. So now I sat back and watched as the girls both sucked and licked his cock and balls.

After a few more minutes of this, Jen asked Sarah to ride her husband, facing away from him. Sarah wasted no time in mounting him and sliding down his rigid pole. Mike groand out "Fuck Babyyyyyyy" Sarah started moving up and down on him while Jen just watched.

While Mike thrusted up inside Sarah, his hands worked her tits and nipples. Sarah was moaning a great deal now. So Jen looked over at me and smiled and then crooked her finger for me to come join her. I came over and kneeled by Jen. Jen took one of Sarah's legs and pushed it up, so it rested on Mike's thigh.

I did the same to her other leg. Once they were out of the way, Jen leaned in and licked from Mike's balls all the way up to Sarah's Clit.

"Oh Fuckkkkkkkk"Sarah moaned out. Then I leaned in and did the same. Sarah squealed out, "Omh My Fuckinggggggg God. Eat us you sluts" We both took turns licking them both. Sarah came again as we did this.

Jen then grabbed Mike's cock by the base and when Sarah went up, she popped his dick out of her pussy, and held it. Mike groaned like he lost his best friend.

That is, until Jen put her mouth over him. She was sucking half of him in and I started licking the bottom part. As we did this, jen moved some fingers to Sarah clit hood and rubbed it. "Fuck yes. Fuck Yessssssssssss" she screamed. Then my mouth went over his cock and I started sucking on him. I sure he could tell the difference in technique. After what seemed like hours, Jen took it back from me, sucked the head again and slobbered her saliva on it and placed it back in Sarah.

Jen then said, "Fuck her fast Mike. Fuck this little sluts pussy good." And he did. He was like a pile driver as fast as he was fucking her. Jen kept rubbing Sarah's clit while I licked them as they fucked. Mike didn't last to much longer and announce that he was going to cum. Sarah was already starting to cum, but this time, she was squirting it. It was cascading down Mike's cock. Jen and I both were licking then.

Then Mike let out a loud groan and when he did that, Jen pulled his cock out, just as it started to shoot. Some got on Sarah but Jen's mouth was over it in no time. She pulled on my arm, wanting me to join her. 'Oh Well" I thought. "In for a penny. In for a pound'. Her mouth moved off and mine was there to replace it. I could feel his cum shoot in my mouth, but it wasn't as much as Jen got.

When he finished, Jen leaned into me and we shared a very erotic kiss, pushing cum back and forth. As we did this, Sarah got off of Mike and joined us on the floor. She grabbed Jen and started to kiss her.

Jen gladly shared her man's cum with her. Then when they finished, Sarah kissed me too. Mike was sprawled on his back, on the bed. Sarah broke our kiss and kissed Jen again.

We three then just kneeled there catching our collective breaths. We eventually got up and joined Mike on the bed. Sarah cuddled next to Mike and Jen cuddled next to me. Sarah finally spoke. "Oh Wow. That was, without any doubt, the most erotic sex we have ever had. Mike I need to return that favor one day soon.

I've squirted before, but never from fucking. You have no idea how sexy that was to watch, and feel." Jen smiled, then said, "It was on our bucket list to do together. I was so turned on then, but the snowball kiss really got me going. I guess that makes us a Bi couple now, which I think sounds really sexy too." Sarah chuckled and then said, "Girlfriend, you two may be our bi friends any day you want too.

I think it is very erotic to see a man suck another man. Just like when men watch us play&hellip. But you know, we were thinking of asking you to join our little group, but I don't know if I can now… I'm being very selfish here, but I don't want to share you guys with others." We all laughed then Jen said, "Well, to be honest, we're not sure about sharing with others yet either.

We kind of like just us four having fun. So if you guys don't mind, we'll just stick with you guys for now. But we hope it is more often than every month." Sarah giggled, "How about every other day?", then laughed… "No. Seriously.

Once a week would be good with us." Jen looked at me, and I nodded, so Jen said, "God Yeah. This is so much fun and I never felt a pang of jealousy at all when you and Jeff were alone. In fact I was turned on more&hellip. God. If our parents only knew" then laughed… Sarah laughed.

"Yeah all that catholic school payed off for me didn't it." which made us all laugh. Jen and I were both raised catholic, as was Mike. Mike then asked if we wanted to go boating on Saturday. He said bring the girls too and Clay would be there as well. He said they had a 2008 Sundancer 500, which is a 50 footer. And since both families are clothing optional, being nude is cool. We said we would ask the girls, but even so, we'd love to join them. As we made our way back home, Jen took my hand and thanked me for a wonderful evening.

As we neared the house, we noticed Clay's car in the drive. We both hoped all was well with those three. When we entered the house, only the kitchen light over the sink was on, and the light in the girls room was showing under the door.

We could hear giggling, so we knew all must be fine. We went up to bed and got in. Jen caressed my chest and asked, "You think they are exploring down there?". I half chuckled and said, "Not sure. But they are big girls and can handle anything he throws their way&hellip. And if they are, great.

Then we won't have to be quiet, because I really need to fuck you bad right now.". "Bring it on big boy&hellip. I need you in me too" Chapter 5 It was 9am when I got up. Not sure why, but I put on a pair of boxers, then went down and made coffee. Jen was still sleeping like a baby. We fucked twice after coming home. She was very wild and even had me try her ass.

That's going to have to take time though. I could only get halfway in before it started bothering her. I sat there and drank coffee and was reading the paper. They still deliver papers here on the island, the USA Today. I had noticed that Clay's car was gone when i got up, but who knows when he left. He looked up and saw Dani coming his way.

"Morning Princess. How are you this morning?" "MMMMMM great Daddy." as she leaned and gave him a hug. She just had on a short silk robe. "You guys were home early last night" I said…&hellip. "Yeah. It was kind of boring last night. So we came back and went swimming…… What time did you guys get back?" "Just around 11pm&hellip.

And yes, we noticed Clay's car here." Dani frowned and said, "Sorry about that." "Why Baby?. You guys aren't in high school and you had a boy in your room… I think you know I am pretty liberal minded to accept anything, anymore." She smiled and said, "Yeah.

I know. Mom would have flipped out. Even today she would have… I do wish that Jen was my real mom&hellip. But, we can't have everything. But now, she is my mom, at least in my eyes&hellip.

Christ… Mom would have flipped for sure had she known we had a threesome last night, and it was wonderful." "Not sure if I want the details Princess" I said with a chuckle. "One thing I will say.

He is a lot like you in that department. Very giving. I think Kel is in lust with him too&hellip. I'm cool with that&hellip. I know he really likes Kelly too. To bad he lives in the states." "Would that bother you if they did become an item?" "No. We have discussed this at great lengths. We love one another, but we also want to give you and Jen grandbabies one day, and I don't believe that will happen from our saliva.

But who ever comes into either of our lives has to know that we plan on being lovers still, like Jen and Ginny were." "Guess you guys have talked about this, and that's good. You know I'll back any decision you make.

By the way, we've been invited tomorrow on Mike and Sarah's boat. All of us." "Yeah. We know. Clay extended an invitation too.

So we're going as well. Just don't freak if you see us naked with them around. "I would never freak, and neither would Jen. We're all adults and, let's face it, been quite active recently, sexually.

If anything, don't freak if you see me and Jen with a different partner. We really enjoy this lifestyle." Dani laughed, "We think it's really cool you guys are into this…… To be honest, we'd like to join you guys one night and see how it is…… Ok… enough sex talk, or we'll end up fucking right here&hellip.

Plus, I'm hungry." That Saturday, we followed Mike down to their dock. Their boat was huge, at least to us it was. Though, there were some much larger. I could only imagine how much they cost. Mike told me, as we cruised the ocean, that he got this for a steal two years ago. He paid 280 grand for it.

Since I know jack shit about boats or their cost, I'll take his word on it. The day was gorgeous and the water was almost like glass, with a few swells showing up every now and then. By the time we were a couple miles from shore, Mike, Sarah and Clay dropped their suits, so we did the same. I did notice Jen take a look at Clay, to see what his package looked like. I even asked her later, in private, if she would do him. She giggled and said, "Oh Hell Yeah".

He pretty much hung with the girls. At one point, we all went swimming, just to cool off from the 90 degree heat. At one point, Jen swam up to me and wrapped her legs around me and humped my cock. But all in all, no sex happened on this day. That evening, the girls and Clay went out again. Jen and I spent a pleasant night alone.

We sat on our balcony and just enjoyed the evening time, talking and laughing. She was still all hyped about Billy coming down in a few weeks. He had called back the next day and said he would be down a few days before Christmas and was due back until January 5th.

I sent him an e-mail that stated his flights for coming down and going back. It was our Christmas present to him. The next weekend, Mike and Sarah, and Jen and I went shopping for Christmas stuff.

The selection of trees is not like it is at a lot of the big box stores, but it was adequate for what we wanted. I'll have to check into seeing if I can order online and get something better shipped in for next year. The store did have a good selection of lights though, and ornaments. By the time we got back, which was over three hours later, we had everything we needed to decorate the house, inside and out.

While Mike and I set up the tree and hung lights outside, Jen and Sarah went to Sarah's so she could show her some of their stuff. Two hours later they finally came back, and judging from the look on their faces, and how red their tits were, they played some too. Mike and I just chuckled and told them they owe us. They paid off later when we went over to Mike's.

This time though, Sarah guided me to Clay's room, which has a king size bed and Mike took Jen to their bedroom. For the next hour, Sarah and I fucked. But this was different. She wasn't her highly sexual self this time. After 69ing, she had me on top of her and her legs wrapped around me, like Jen does when we make love. Sarah moaned a great deal, but never talked dirty. Most times she was kissing me, and I kissing her back. In fact we both came about the same time, the first time.

Well, for her, it was her third time. When we rolled then and she was on top, her upper body was against mine and we kissed more, as we slowly made love again. She sat up at one point and said, "How do you like this way tonight?" "Actually, it is really nice&hellip.

You are a beautiful love maker&hellip. Mike is one lucky man." "She smiled and said, "Jen is one lucky girl&hellip. You are a very giving lover&hellip. Jen and I talked this afternoon and decided we wanted to show you two our softer sides of sex…… I think we can easily say, that the four of us have grown pretty close of late, and it should always be about hard fucking…… Plus, I wanted to be a tad selfish and see how you are as a lover…… Honestly, you are soooooooo good.

Jen and Mike are doing the same, I think." then giggled. "Well" I said, "Mike is one lucky guy tonight. Jen can be a very sensual lover…… I hope we can do this again sometime." "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm… Me too&hellip. Maybe some night you sleep with me and Mike and Jen sleep together…… We've never done that before, but we have talked about it and want to with you guys&hellip.But that time we'll have a mixture of love making and hard sex." After we finished, and while Sarah did cum again, she told me not too.

Save it for Jen, she said. Then she led us up to her room and found Mike and Jen just cuddled together. I could tell by the smile on Mike's face, that they did, what Sarah and I did. After getting on the bed, Jen moved over to me, then straddled me, while Sarah straddled Mike, and both ladies made slow love to us.

When everyone was calming down from the orgasms, Sarah asked us to stay the night with them. Another first for them, and us as well. Chapter 6 It was just a few days now, before Christmas.

Bill was due in, in a few hours. The house looked Christmasy, except outside, it was sunny and 88 degrees. This may take some getting used too.

No snow at Christmas. But, I think we'll survive. Jen had been filling me in on the girls of late. We had not had any interaction with them, since the night before Thanksgiving. One day though, last week, the girls and Jen, plus Sarah had a nice play date at Sarah's playroom. While that went on, Mike took me golfing. This is a sport I really suck at, but still had a good time with it. I guess the girls and Clay talk almost nightly and have let him watch their sexual escapades, and they get to watch him jack off, while they play.

But also, Kelly and Clay talk alone too, or are texting one another. But the shocker is Billy has been talking a great deal with Kelly. One day last week, the girls were down on the beach and Billy called and was video chatting with them. I guess he got the shock of his life when Kelly showed him that she was naked, after she told them they sunbathe all the time, nude.

Of course he didn't believe her, so she showed him. She even pointed the phone Dani's way so he could see her as well. I guess his mouth dropped to the floor, then said Mom would shit a brick if she knew. Kelly, never one to be at a loss for words said, shit Bro, they go naked too. Billy said no way. Kelly just laughed and said Wayyyyyyyyyy, and so did Dani. Dani told him not to pack to many clothes because you won't need them, unless you are shy.

So now Dani and Billy have been talking too, but the girls aren't giving him any show, so to speak. I guess it is a good thing he knows before coming down here. Jen was so nervous now. She hadn't seen Billy in a few years and when they did see each other, very few words were spoken. Kelly and Dani were at the airport, awaiting his arrival and would bring him back here and hopefully, Jen and he could become close again.