Naked outdoor electro cum shot

Naked outdoor electro cum shot
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Bill, John, Jeff and I, I'm Paul, all live in the same retirement apartment complex here in San Diego. Over the past year or so we have all become good friends. Jeff and I are widowers, Bill was several times divorced and John had never been married.

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Now we spend a lot of time together. We eat together in the dining room, we play cards, we go on many of the group bus trips, we talk about the 'good old days' and a lot of the time we talk about the sex that we have had. John loves to tell stories about the hundreds of little asian girls he had fucked when he was stationed in Thailand in the service.

We all think that he makes much of it up. Don't get me wrong, there is all the sex you want here in the 'Home' but it's like the old saying that, at our age you can't get the girls you want and you don't want the girls that you can get.

We are all in our late 60's or early 70's and unfortunately we all show our age. There is not a young stud among us.

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Bill and I still drive but only I have a car. One day I had taken all of us to hobby store to get supplies for the things that we do to pass the time away and we stopped at the mini mart and got a couple of six packs of beer.

On the way home we drove through the bad part of the city. On one street corner we spotted a young black girl with big tits. Because of the way she was dressed and the way she was just walking around on the corner that she was on we were pretty sure that she was a street hooker. During the remainder of the ride home we made comments like, "Now there's a working girl", "I'd like to get me some of that", "She could get me harder than I have been in years", "Back in the day I could have ridden that all day" and "She may be black on the outside but they're all pink on the inside." That night we were playing cards and after a while the conversation got around to the young black street whore we had passed earlier.


Then Bill said that he had an idea. He said, "She's out there fucking for money. Why couldn't we put our money together and share her." We knew that we could all still 'get it up', even though a couple of us needed a little Viagra help, because we had talked about the times we really got horny and fucked some of the ladies here at 'The Home'. Some of them were willing and even enthusiastic but they are old and wrinkled and saggy and loose. A blow job from a woman that can take her teeth out ain't half bad.

Someone asked if we thought she would do it with a bunch of old farts like us and we decided that there was only one way to find out and that was to ask. Another round of beers and we called it a night. The next day was the day that our social security and pension checks came in the mail. We went to the bank as usual and deposited them. That night about 9pm Bill borrowed my car and drove back to the spot where we had seen the hooker that caught our eye. We had decided that it might be easier if she only saw one of us and Bill still looked the youngest and still had the best looks.

She was there and Bill's heart jumped when he saw her. She was wearing a tight black skirt that came just below where her legs came together, a small tight red tube top that came just below her big jugs and high heel black boots as she walked back and forth around her corner.

Bill pulled up to the side of the street next to her with his window rolled down. She came over and leaned into the window with a lot of tit showing down the top of her tube top. "Hi old timer. What ya doin' out on the town tonight? Ya lookin' for some fun?" Bill asked her to get in the car so they could talk for a minute.

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She opened the door and got in. Her naked black snatch showed as she did. She put her hand on Bill's crotch and asked, "You got something fun for me in there grandpa?" He told her that he and his three friends had seen her and really liked her and asked her if she would be interested in giving them all some pleasure. "All at one time?" she asked and Bill said yes. "Maybe that would be kinda fun but it would cost ya." Bill asked how much.

She thought for a minute and said "$200". Bill asked if she knew a place where they could do it and she answered that she knew a motel that charged by the hour and did not ask questions. Bill asked for her phone number but she told him to just find her right here. Bill told her to look for them tomorrow night.

By the way, "What is your name?" "My name Kamili which means perfection." "Kamili, how old are you?" She told him that she was 19 and she got out and Bill headed back with the news. Bill filled his friends in on what he had found out and everyone agreed that they would do it the next night. The following day they got in the car and went to the bank's atm machine and each drew out an extra $80.

This would leave them pretty tight for the rest of the month but it was worth it. That afternoon all four friends took an extra bath and washed their old bodies good. After dinner they gathered in Jeff's apartment. They were a little nervous and did not talk much.

After the sun had set, at 9 o'clock, they looked at each other took a deep breath and headed for the Buick four door that Paul owned. They drove to the street corner where they expected to find Kamili. There she was. Tonight she wore a short tight vinyl skirt and a white top that looked like a bikini top and white fishnet stockings that ended just below her skirt bottom. Paul was driving and Bill was in the other front seat. They stopped and Jeff got out of the back. Kamili got into the middle of the back seat and right away Jeff and John reached for her tits but she stopped them and said that there would be no touching till she got her $200.

At that point Bill reached into his pocket and pulled out $200 in twenties and gave it to her. She counted it, put it in her purse and told them that she needed another $40 for the room for two hours. Bill gave her that also and asked which way. "If I do a very good job for all of you maybe you will give me a nice tip." she hinted. She directed them four blocks down the street and then two blocks to the left.


They pulled into the motel and Kamili went in and paid the manager the $20 that he charged for the room. Kamili came out with a room key in her hand. She stood by the car window and told the men that all the rooms were in use and they would have to wait just a few minutes for one. A couple minutes later the maid came out of a room where she had just put on new bed sheets and a plastic sheet under it. She waived and said, "Hi Kamili." Kamili went over and opened the door and waived the men to come in.

She shut and locked the door behind them. Bill laughed and said that would bet that the bed would still be hot. Paul said, "Ok young lady, let's see you do a sexy strip for us." "You get ready too", was her reply as she reached for the hooks that held her top.

Within a couple minutes all five of them were standing there naked. Kamili was about 5'5" tall and her chest was probably a 40D with 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips.

Her skin was very smooth and clear and the color of milk chocolate. Her hair was done in corn rows. Kamili was surrounded by four naked bodies. She dropped to her knees and looked at the four old soft white cocks in front of her face. She looked up and, with a giggle said, "It don't look like you boys spend any time at the nude beach working on your tans." Bill, John and Jeff were all very much alike. They were about 5'10" and a little chubby with bellies that hung out over their belt lines a little.

Their male equipment was all about 3 or 4 inches soft. Paul was about 6'2" and very skinny.

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He was the biggest and thickest and was already showing a little hardening. They all had gray hair, what hair they had left. Kamili took two cocks in her hands and moved her soft mouth back and forth between the other two. When all of their rods had started to show some interest, Jeff told her to get on the bed on her back with her head over the edge.

Kimili did as she was asked. The guys had talked about it before picking her up. No one wanted to eat a sloppy pussy so they agreed that none would fuck her till they had all had a chance to eat her pussy. Jeff was the first to dive head first between her legs. He promptly began to lick and suck her. The other three went up by her head to continue having her suck them to attention. Whoever was not being sucked would be rubbing and sucking on her tits.

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After a couple of minutes they switched and then switched again. As Kamili sucked each of them to full hardness she was happy to find that they still had pretty nice cocks. Three were about 6 inches and Paul, who was the hardest to get up, was a very impressive 8 inches. "Paul, be nice to your friends and fuck me last." The men were very happy to find that once they got hard enough to reach the back of her mouth she was a very good cock sucker and had no trouble taking their cocks into her throat.

After they all had a chance to eat her out and all of their cocks were standing at attention, Bill was the first to line himself up to her cunt and shove his manhood into her pussy.

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He was pleased to see that she was wet and he went fully into her with ease. While he pumped away into her snatch she worked just hard enough with her mouth and hands to keep the others hard. After several minutes Bill pushed fully into her and held his prick there while it spurted his load into Kamili. The others switched positions. Bill went to her mouth just long enough to get the cum cleaned from his deflating cock.

Then he went and sat down. This continued till all had finished and her cunt was filled to overflowing with cum. Jeff had tried to enter her ass hole but she stopped him and told him that she charged extra for that. Paul was the last and he gave her a pretty good stretching and pounded her the longest. They had all marveled at how wonderful it looked to see their snow white cocks sliding in and out of Kamili's dark brown pussy and mouth.

She called them back to the bed and tried to suck any of them back up for seconds. No luck. It had been less that an hour and a half so Kamili took out a big black dildo from her purse and gave them a show sucking it and fucking herself to an orgasm with the big plastic cock. They all got cleaned up and dressed, each of them dug another $10 out and they gave Kamili a $40 tip for a good job and she was taken back to her corner where she gave them each a little goodbye kiss and suggested that they come back and pick her up again.

Then she started looking for another trick for that night. The next day they spent most of the day in John's apartment talking about the night before and how great it had been.

They decided that as long as they are physically able to do it they will continue to do the same thing every month when the checks arrived. The second month it was with a young Mexican girl. It has been six months now and we have had our little romp each month. The girls on the street have started calling us the old studs club and the motel manager knows us by name. Today I went out and searched around till I found this months girl. She is a very petite little blond girl with probably B cup tits at best.

She said that she just turned 18 but I am not sure that she is even that old. I told her that we will pick her up tomorrow night at 9 pm. I told her that we want her to wear a short, pleated plaid skirt and a front buttoning white blouse and saddle shoes with white socks and she is to wear her blond hair in twin pony tails. I told her to wait for us to pick her up in front of the Jr. high school just like a normal school girl.

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I also told her that we all plan to spank her for being a bad girl. Everything is ready for tomorrow night. 608.