Marito y Graciela asi asi cogeme en cuatro y rompeme toda la concha y dame toda la lechita daleeee

Marito y Graciela asi asi cogeme en cuatro y rompeme toda la concha y dame toda la lechita daleeee
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"Hey dante your lookin sexy today." I hear that slut racheal say from across the room. "Uh, thanks lasse." Dante replies.

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Today was your average day in class i was sittin at the end of the table reading my favorite book, while Dante lead a game of texas hold 'em at the other end of the room. Dante was the definition of a ladies man he was tall, had nice black hair and devil style facial hair, dressed nicely, wore colon, had naturally tanned skin, could talk anyone into anything and his sexy irish accent was just the icing on the cake.

Dante was sitting at the far end of the table with racheal behind him resting her big tits on the back of his head. Racheal was a huge slut she always wore tight shirts that showed off her big tits and really short skirts that showed off the fact she dosen't wear panties.

She was only 5 foot tall but she had a curvy body that drove the guys nuts except dante, which drove her crazy. She had even flashed her pussy to the class trying to get dante's attention if he noticed (or cared) he didn't show it. She had moved here a few years ago and we quickly became friends. We went to the mall, stayed over at each others houses, gossiped, and traded secrets ,you know the whole clique, that was until she fell for Dante.

Dante and i were best friends and when racheal found out she started askin me all kinds of questions about him until i had enough."Fuck off you lil' slut and leave me alone!!!" I screamed at her one day shes hated me from then on. I know what your thinking "Who the fuck is telling this story?". Well my name is Sara Rice im Dantes best friend and the lil sluts worst enemy. I have a nice body if i dont say so myself a fit ass, a pair of double d breasts, smooth black skin, long black hair and light blue eyes.

Dante and i have been friends since the first day i showed up here he was so nice and introduced me to all of my friends i owe him alot. I've secretly had a crush on dante for a long time but i never told him i didn't want mess up our friendship.That was part of the reason i hated racheal so much. "Four aces boys ." Dante says as he throws his cards on the table. They all throw their cards down cussing Dante as he pulls in his chips.

Dante stands up and walks to my side of the room.

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His dark glasses and hat covers the top of his face as he walks to the water fountain and takes a drink. When he turns around he finds Racheal nearly standing on his feet.

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"Hi Dante you wana see something?" she says in the cutest lil girl voice see can muster. "Uh, sure." He says.

Racheal grabs hold of the top of her shirt and pulls it down until her big tits fall out of the thin peice of fabric. Dante pulls his glasses down a bit so that his eyes are staring directly at her tits. Racheal smirks as she lifts her shirt back over her tits. "So what do you think?" racheal asks "Not bad darlin." Dante says almost as if he dosen't care. "Well What does he think?" She says as she grabbs hold of his cock."I could help you with this if you want." She says with a hungry look in her eye.

Befor he can give any type of responce she grabs hold of his hand and leads him out the door. I close my book and follow them out the door. When i gett into the hall i look for any sign of where she might of dragged him. Im not gonna let that lil slut do anythin to dante. From a distance i hear the sound of people going up stairs. I take off toward the stairs and head up to the roof most of the time the door is locked but for some reason it wasn't today.

I opened the door slowly and peaked my head through, looking around i didn't see any sign of them. I walked onto the roof searching for any sign of them. Then i heard a faint moan from on the side of a tool shack. I peaked my head around the corner of the wall and i felt my jaw drop. Racheal's hand moved nimbly up and down dantes cock as her mouth sucked his head like it was candy.

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Her other hand was between her legs playing with her pussy as dante's cock filled her mouth almost completely.racheal started taking in more of dante's hard cock, she was almost half way down his shaft when dante grabbed hold of her head and forced his big cock down her throat. Dante starts to throat fuck racheal forcing his cock deeper into down racheals throat. Racheal's hand was moving a hundred miles an hour between her leg as danate throws his head back. As Dante starts to cum racheal takes his cock out of her mouth and wrapps her big tits around his cock.

She moves her tits quickly up and down his shaft. Dante lets out a loud moan and cum shoots from the end of his cock hitting racheal face. Racheal opens her mouth as he continues to cum taking in all of Dante's load.

Racheal licks her lips getting the cum that was left, she opens her mouth wide to show that she had swallowed the entire load." That should hold you over fo." Befor Racheal can finish dante picks her up and puts her on his shoulders. Dante starts eating her pussy viciously, Racheal screams as she wraps her body around dante's head. I feel my hand go into my pants almost as if they have a mind of its own.

I start messaging my clit lightly, watching as Dante pleasures Racheals pussy. Some kind of liquid starts to run down dantes neck. Racheal starts to buck wildly almost knocking dante off balance, Dante puts Racheal down and grabs hold of her hair.


"Tell me how bad you want my cock."Dante commands. "I want it O MY GOD DANTE I WANT IT SO BAD GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE!!!!" Dante whips racheal around and bends her over and with a hard thrust dantes big cock fills Racheals pussy. Racheal screams as Dante fucks her little pussy. My body was so hot i couldn't take it i wanted that him so much.


My fingers were deep in my pussy, while my other hand squeezed my nipples it felt so good i wish dante was doing this. Dantes hands were squeezing racheals big tits he pinched Racheals nipples between his finger tips.

Racheals moans were getting louder as dante started fucking her harder. With a Quick move racheal was turned around facing dante her legs wrapped around his waist. Dantes cock was going deeper into Racheals pussy than befor and i could tell racheal was near her limit. Racheal wrapped her arms around Dante biting down onto his shoulder and driving her nails deep into his back. I was on the verge of cumming my hand started moving faster, as i felt my body start to ache. Dante lifted Racheal high off his cock then slammed her hard on his cock as far as he could into her pussy.Racheal started flailing around as Dante filled her pussy full of his cum.

I had reached my limit my pussy erupted with cum as i hit orgasm i had to fight the erge to scream with pleasure. As my orgasm subsided i peaked around the corner to see what had happened. Racheals body sat limp against the wall cum still leaking from her pussy. Dante took his jacket and set it over the top of Racheals body. Dante put his cock back into his jeans and zipped it back up. He slipped his shirt back over his shoulder and ran his claws threw his red hair. "Wait." i thought as i took a double take.

Dante had red hair, claws, sharp teeth and along black tail the whipped around behind him. In a quick movement Dantes body went back to normal. I turned and ran to the door trying to make out what i just saw. Did i really see dante as a demon?! Walking down the road i thought about what had happened today.

Was Dante really like that or was i seeing things, had i not completely recovered from my orgasm? And why would dante fuck that little slut and whats she got that i dont? I hear the screeching of tires as im thrown back into reality.

I turn to find a car only ten feet away going insanely fast. My last thought was of how i wished it was me that Dante had chose and not that lil slut. In a split second i find myself on the side of the road, the world spinning, my body hurts from hitting the pavement.

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I sit up and see the car racing down the end of the road trying to get away from the scene but what saved me. My eyes shot to were a i was standing and lying their mangeled, brokin, head turned the wrong way, leg touching the back of his neck layed Dante.My eyes started to water, i burried my head in my arms and started crying.

The man i loved, my best friend had died to save me. "What im gonna do with out him?" I cried to myself. crack break pop twist break.I raised my head to see Dante's body sitting cross legged on the road with his head still turned the wrong way.

His hands reach up and grab hold of his head and with a sharp twist he puts his head back the right way. "Wa wa wa wa"I was shaking."Well that hurt more than i thought it would." Dante said like it didnt even matter that he had just gotten hit.

The world started to spin and my eyes started to go black the last thing i saw befor i fainted was Dantes devilish smile and a parting wave then the world went dark.