Tattooed slut fucks her creamy pussy on webcam

Tattooed slut fucks her creamy pussy on webcam
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After finishing a long night shift I was looking forward to a nice hot bath and then jumping into bed I got in at about eight am to an empty house apart from my dogs who welcomed me with their usual wagging tails and happy barks. As I entered my hallway a note was on the dresser from my wife saying Hi Hun Hope you had a good night sleep well and I'll see you later love Michelle xx I boiled the kettle and made myself a cuppa and chucked some bread in the toaster I then turned and made my way upstairs taking two at a time reaching the landing I made my way to the bathroom and turned the taps on.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head and removed my trousers now semi naked I ran back down stairs as I had heard the toaster pop up. I buttered my toast and ate it as I stood in my kitchen I took two gulps of tea and went back upstairs placing my cup on the bed side table I returned to the bathroom to check on my water which was ok I turned the taps off and climbed in feeling the hot water on my skin was nice after a hot night at the foundry where I worked. Leaning back into the water it felt nice as it covered my chest lying there was bliss the whole house was so quite the dogs had settled and I just lay there.

I started to doze but woke with a start as my head sank under the water, I sat up picked the soap up and washed my feet then stood up and then washed my thighs working my way towards my groin. I put the soap down and with my now soapy hands started to wash my cock it felt nice as my soapy hands caressed my balls I pulled my foreskin back and started to rub the head of my cock it started to harden straight away as is rubbed it a little more squeezing my balls at the same my cock became fully erect now slowly wanking myself it felt really nice as my hand easily glided over my veiny cock I started to speed up a little the soap now foaming on my purple helmet god this felt good.


I gripped my cock even tighter as I pumped my cock faster feeling my cum building I pulled on my balls just as they tightened and my cum started to shoot out the bathroom floor again and again it spurted out I started to slow my pace as I eased the last few drops out and sat down in the bath laying back something caught my attention I wasn't alone I could see a shadow in the crack in the door.

My heart was now out of my chest thinking that whoever was out had seen my little show. I climbed out of the bath and putting a towel around me I quickly opened the door but whoever had been there had gone.

I went around the upstairs rooms to see who was there but I couldn't find anybody. Thinking I was imagining it I dried myself of and jumped into bed after about ten minutes I had started to nod of when I heard some footsteps entering my bed room and opened my tired bleary eyes to see the outline of a woman who lifted the covers and climbed in next to me "what's going on" I said she placed her finger on my lips and shuffled herself down my body to my now limp cock and picking it up with her soft hands she started to rub me very gently before I felt her mouth close around me.

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Slowly she started to suck me back to life and at the same time waking me up I reached down and felt her hair thinking it was my wife I then realised it wasn't. It wasn't long straight hair but soft curly hair fuck I knew who this was it was Meg my sons girlfriend she was here in my bed suck my cock. Now Meg is 16 and 5'6'' and slim a tight little arse and a blinding pair of tits about 38D.

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Realising I was now awake she made her way up to me we were now face to face her firm tits against my chest her right leg over mine rubbing her pussy against my thigh. She smiled and said" I saw you in the bathroom and I had to have you in me" "Did you like what you saw then" I asked her she nodded as she reached down to my twitching cock she started to caress me again her hand slowly wanking me up and down I reached down and took her breast into my hand and found her nipple I pulled on it making her gasp and push herself harder against my thigh.

turning on my side she released her grip on me and was now laying on her back I now sat up and sat astride her young body she was now facing me I cupped both her breast pushing them together to form one massive breast leaning forward I sucked on each nipple in turn making them nice and hard.

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She now had hold of me again and pushing her knee into my back urging me to move forward so I did my cock now deep in her mouth again her hands were now on my arse pushing me deeper in her throat. My entire length was now in her mouth all six and a half inches I pulled back only for her to push me back in.


I started to fuck her young mouth long slow strokes as she sucked on me as if her life depended on it. I reached around as I continued to fuck her face and found her bald wet pussy with my fingers slipping one then two fingers into her she pushed me back saying she wanted more so a third was added I pushed down on her clit with my thumb making her moan aloud "lick me lick me" she instructed me I slid down her body to her feet.

I was now kneeling at her feet I turned her over told her get on her knees which she did I told her to put her knees on my shoulders her pussy was now inches from my face I told hold of her back and pulled her to me lifting her slightly I slowly licked her pussy both her lips were nice and puffy and her clit was just screaming for some attention as I licked her lips I felt her grasp my cock once more slipping it into her mouth.

I now started to concentrate on her clit long slow licks as she sucked my cock taking my whole length faster and faster I licked her young clit moving my head slightly I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her wet hole really I was fucking her now with my tongue as I started to feel her body buck as her orgasm reached her clamping her legs she was riding my face pushing herself against me again and again her hips bucked until she started to relax letting her body down gently her chest raising and falling as she tried to calm down slowly she looked up and smiled turning on her hands and knees she wiggled her arse at me invitingly I climbed up behind her my knees either side of her arse cheeks leaning forward so I was on my tiptoes taking hold of my cock I rubbed it against her wet pussy and slowly entered her from behind she pushed back to meet me god I was deep in her I pulled back and again she met my cock reaching forward I grasped hold of her tits firmly pulling her backwards as I did holding her there as my cock throbbed inside her I began a nice slow rhythm as I stared to fuck this young nymph I felt as though I was stretching her insides as my cock slid in and out of her.

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my pace started to quicken I let her tits go and grabbed her hair pulled her head back sharply my cock was now banging in and out of her she let out a scream as I pulled hard back onto my cock. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I pummelled her pussy feeling my come starting to rise I continued my pace her pussy stretching around my cock the tightness was amazing.

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I could feel was now very close so I pulled out spun meg around and waking my cock in front of her face told her to open her mouth as she did I came the first missing her mouth hitting her cheek before closing her mouth around me as I wanked into her sexy mouth her mouth which was filling quickly now full I pulled out and spurt after spurt landed on her tits scooping it up with her finger and placing it in her mouth she swallowed the lot and again she took my cock and sucked my last remaining drop from me.

I leant against the wall I was done this young girl had fucked me. Meg stood up kissed me on the cheek and whispered "this is our little secret ok" before kissing me again and returned to my sons room sitting down on the edge of the bed I heard the front door shut and my Michelle calling up to me saying she had a special surprise for me I lay back down in bed thinking I couldn't wait I knew all about her surprises.