Ukrainian babe analed reamed by Rocco

Ukrainian babe analed reamed by Rocco
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I was so so happy and excited that I wasn't having my period yet because I was kind of worried about starting before all of this happened. But guess what, I didn't have to wait at all, I mean, he still didn't say if he was going to take my virginity like I wanted him to or not, but yummy things were still happening!

Oh, and things were going way faster than I thought they would! YAY!! I was so excited and so so horny that I wanted to tell my friends, the ones that wanted to have sex with him really bad, all about it, but I couldn't. I couldn't because I was way way young and it was way way illegal for me, mom, and dad to play like we were, so obviously I wasn't going to say anything to anyone, not even my best friend!

I remember the first time I pulled dad's shorts down and watched his dick get really really hard and oh my god it was so yummy! I couldn't breath at all. I just watched it and while I watched him grow, I got so so hot and so way beyond horny because I knew he was getting hard because of me. I was shaking so bad and I was like, writhing like crazy and I wasn't even trying to! And when I looked up at daddy and saw how he was looking at me, I don't even know because beyond horny isn't enough to describe what I was feeling.

I think that I was literally cuming because that's how it felt. It was so bad that I didn't even see mom taking pictures of us for a second, I was just looking at dad's boner get way fat and so long right there in my face as in, inches away from my face. I couldn't help myself when I licked his dick, I didn't even care what he thought or anything, I wanted to feel his boner on my tongue. What I really wanted to do was put his dick in my mouth like I had seen mom do and the girls do to their daddy's in porn.

So I just like, licked his fat perfect dick through his silky see through underwear while I looked up at him. The look he got on his face and the look in his eyes when I did that, oh my god! I knew that I not only had him where I wanted him, I had him farther than I wanted him. I knew that he was so so close to taking me and making it so that I wasn't a virgin anymore. That made me so horny that my body felt like there were these huge butterflies going through me in huge huge waves.

I wanted to see him naked when he was that close to me, so yeah, I got him naked and I touched his sexy, naked fat daddy boner. When I was getting ready to go back downstairs to the den, all I could think about was his sexy dick and his fucking hot, sexy body. All I could think about was the way he looked at me when I touched his dick, it was literally all I could think about.

I was thinking about how he smelled, how his dick smelled (so fucking yummy) and how it looked. It was the hottest, sexiest and yummiest thing I had ever seen in my life literally.

Mom was right, daddy has a perfect perfect dick I thought while I was trying to go pee. Even when I was going pee, I could not stop my little pussy from tingling so so bad.

Even when I wiped I almost had an orgasm just from that. And when I was done and was cleaning myself up really really good, as in I actually washed it with soap and water, it got worse.

Even after I washed myself really really good and dried off, my girl cream started to come out way way bad, and I mean bad. I had to wipe my pussy so many times but it was so bad that I gave up. That was because I started thinking about how daddy's hand felt on my boobs and how his finger felt on my slimy little pussy. And when I thought about the way his face and eyes looked when I licked his dick through his underwear, my little kitty started to drool young girl cream like, crazy crazy bad.

I wanted daddy to see me that wet, so I just let my young little pussy cream like crazy while I fixed my makeup, put my lip gloss on and pulled my hair in a ponytail. After I was done, I went back to the den and found that he put his sexy see through boxer briefs back on and he was kissing mom who was still naked like me. She looked at me, smiled and winked at me while she was going back to their room.

When I saw him like that my mouth literally started to water and everything, I couldn't see very good either because it got all foggy, at least that's what I saw. I was excited too and way way horny because that meant that I got to get him naked and have his boner in my face again. "Be right back baby." Mom said with a yummy look on her face before she bit her lip and winked at me.

"K." I said while she went down the hallway. "Hey baby girl." Dad said like he was almost out of breath while I walked up to him. "Um, no daddy." I said while I looked at him and watched him look at my naked young body. "No what?" He asked with a laugh while he looked at my little slit that I know was all shiny from my girl cream. "You have to be naked like me." I said while I walked up to him and smashed my body against him.

"You want me to be naked?" He asked making me moan while I got on my knees and looked up at him. "Yeah, I wanna play with your yummy boner." I whimpered while I grabbed his boxer briefs, pulled them off, let him step out of them and threw them to the side so he couldn't put them back on. That's when I got up and pushed him on the couch while I looked in his eyes and sat next to him. After I did that I had to touch my pussy, and when I did I shook all over and couldn't breath. I literally watched his dick go from being soft, to really really huge and hard, I literally watched it.

It was all soft and like, pointing to his foot, but when it grew really fast, it moved towards his other leg, lifted up a little then it fell on his sexy hot abs so that his dick was pointing up at his gorgeous face. "Mmmmmm, so hot." I sighed while I waited for it to be all the way hard. "You like that don't you baby girl?" He asked with a laugh while he watched me watch his boner get huge.

"Mmmhmmm, I love seeing it get all hard and yummy." I whimpered while I stared at his dick. "I'm glad you do." He said quietly while I pushed my body against his hard and pushed my leg so it was against his hard warm daddy dick. "Where did mom go?" I asked before I looked in his eyes and while he wrapped me in his arm.

"She went to the bathroom, she'll be right back so no worries." He said while he gave me a look that made me cream so so bad that I could literally feel what felt like little globs of girl cream coming out of my kitty. "Did she go get her camera?" I sighed while I got my face as close to his as I possibly could, took his hand and put it on my boob. "Yes she'll be back, she wants to get more pictures of us together for your website, little Taylor." He said with a grin before I pushed my head against his.

"That's just my name on my site." I said while I smiled and looked in his amazing eyes. "I know." He said while he started to touch my face and caress me. "Daddy." I sighed while I smashed my wet little slit against his leg and touched his lips with my finger. "Yes baby girl." He said making his breath blown in my mouth since my lips were almost touching his.

"I'm so so horny." I whimpered before I bit my lip and started to grind on his leg. "Are you?" He asked while I smashed my leg against his warm boner.


"Mmmhmm, you're horny too huh?" I sighed while I started to move my leg so that I was rubbing his dick with my leg making it get extra hard for a second. "Very." He admitted making my little pussy cream so so bad. "We should like, do something fun, something that feels way good and sexy." I said while I started to rub his dick with my leg even more. "What do you want to do?" He asked making me bite my lip. "I don't know, maybe make out." I sighed while we looked in each other's eyes.

He didn't even say anything, well, he couldn't because I turned my head and kissed him before he could say anything. I won't lie, I LOVED (still do) the way my dad tasted, loved it! I loved how his breath even tasted and smelled good, I loved the way his tongue felt in my mouth and I loved the way he kissed!

Oh, my, god I loved how my daddy kissed, you don't even understand at all! I loved mommy and how she tasted too, she was a really really good kisser, but some how daddy was a much much yummier kisser! This is how good of a kisser my daddy is, when we were kissing, I started to get way beyond any kind of hot, horny and gooey than I even ever had been. I was loosing control really really fast, and I mean, way way fast.

It got so bad that I was pushing his head back while we were kissing and before I knew it, our mouths were smashed together wide wide open and we were licking the the insides of each other's mouths, each other's teeth and swirling our tongues together like crazy.

After a few long yummy yummy minutes of making out with my own step daddy, We stopped and I just looked in his eyes. I was shaking like crazy, my whole little body felt so so hot and it was tingling like crazy, I even had the worlds biggest butterflies.

Everything I was feeling started to make me kind of ache all over my body. I wanted more, so I kissed him again, only when I did, he met me more than half way. I loved how our tongues like, slid together while we put them in each other's mouths. We didn't just French kiss, we smashed our mouths together just like we were just kissing a few seconds.

God I was so so hot and horny that I wanted to feel more of his hot body against me, so I slid in his lap and smashed my little kitty against his warm fat boner.

And when I did that, I did loose control like crazy, it was so so bad. I had this strong strong feeling like an ache or something.

I don't know what it was, but I do know that I really really really wanted his dick in my pussy, way way bad! It was crazy crazy bad! It was so bad that I actually started to smash my pussy against his huge dick and started to hump it hard and slow.

That just made it so so much worse and it got even more worse when he started to slid his dick against my slippery, slimy and hot little pussy. I actually heard and felt him moan in my mouth and I felt his dick get extra hard against my pussy while I was humping him. When we stopped kissing this time, I knew that he lost control too because he started to kiss and suck on my neck, chin and my shoulders. I was going to lift myself so I could see if he would suck on my little boobs, but I didn't even have to, all I know was that I was feeling so so amazing and so sexy, that my back was arched and my head fell back and I had my eyes closed.

I know I was breathing way hard and I was still sliding and smashing my little slit against his boner. But then I felt something that made me way dizzy and it made me feel like I was floating or something.

"Mmmmmm, fee.feels so so good daddy." I whimpered through the heaviest breathing ever since I felt his lips and tongue on my boobs.

He didn't say anything but I loved how my little nipple felt in his mouth when he moaned. And when I whimpered daddy to him, I felt his dick get extra hard against my little kitty. After he stopped sucking it boobs, I kissed him like we did a few times, you know, when we had our mouths smashed together and stuff. That's when I heard a noise, so I stopped making out with dad and looked right at mom. She was sitting way close to me and dad and she was taking pictures of everything that was happening.

"Hi mommy." I sighed making dad look over at her too. "Hi baby girl, having fun?" She asked making me bite my lip and nod my head yes while I kept sliding my pussy against dad's yummy dick.

"Sssso much fun." I whimpered while dad kissed my neck. "Can you lean back and put your hand on your daddy's knees, I want to get a picture of his dick smashed against your pussy." Mommy asked making me grin and lean back as far as I could. "Like this?" I asked while she kissed dad really hard.

"Mmmmm, perfect." She said like a horny horny teenager while she looked down. That's when she pointed the camera down so that it was pointing right at his dick and my young little pussy and took a few pictures of it. "You guys have to see this." She said with her eyebrows slanted. That's when she showed us the picture, and!! Dad's dick was so so shiny! It even had my girl cream literally dripping off of his yummy dick and I even got it all over his abs.

And the best part of it was that we looked so so hot like that, oh my god! Then mom took more like that only I was sliding my little slit up and down on dad's dick. "How does your daddy's dick feel baby girl?" Mom asked while I pulled myself against dad again and got ready to kiss him again.

"Sssso so good, feels good." I whimpered right before I kissed him. "Oh my god you guys look so so hot together." Mom moaned while me and dad smashed our mouths together and started to lick each other's mouths again. I wasn't expecting this to happen, but all of sudden I felt these big big chills that started way small and started to grow and grow and grow.

I was already shaking, but those hot chills started to get really really bad and then it was like I lost control of my body.

I never had that happen before and I have to say that I loved it! It was like my dad was controlling everything my body was doing, and I mean almost every thing. I had to stop kissing him because I couldn't breath and I just knew that I was about to cum all over him. I didn't want to cum yet because I wanted to make him cum first, what I really wanted to do was put him in my mouth, I really really wanted to suck his dick, way bad.

"I love how your dick feels daddy." I whimpered with my head against his while I humped him. "You like that?" He asked making his breath blow in my mouth. "Yes daddy, but I want to feel something else on my pussy." I whimpered making his dick get extra hard a few times. "Do you, what do you want to feel on your little kitty baby girl." He asked while he held my naked young body against his and kept sliding his dick on my pussy.

"This." I sighed while I slipped my little finger in his mouth, touched his tongue then I pulled my finger out of his mouth and pulled his lip down a little.

"Tell me what you want baby." He said making my pussy cream on his dick so so bad. "I want you to lick my little kitty." I whimpered because now he was driving me so so crazy. "Who do you want to lick your kitty baby girl?" Mom sighed making me cream way way more on daddy. I didn't even see mom because I was way way too lost in lust for dad, but I knew she was there and I wanted to give dad all of my attention like I gave to her in Jamaica. "Daddy, I want my daddy to lick my little kitty." I whimpered making dad turn and lay me down all gentle and moved me so that I was laying on the couch.

I was breathing so so hard and I was biting my lip while I watched my hot dad lean down and get his face as close to mine as he could. "Are you sure baby?" He asked making me start squirming. "Yes daddy." I whimpered making him kiss me like we kissed so many times and all that did was make so crazy for him that I got dizzy.

I didn't even know that I was reaching or his dick at all because what I really wanted more than anything then, was him to take my virginity right then, I wanted him inside of me. But I knew that he wasn't going to because he didn't decide to yet, but I also knew that I had him beyond where I wanted him to be, in a good yummy way. So I wasn't mad, I was in heaven and so so happy that I was actually going to get eaten out by my dad.

All I knew was once we stopped kissing, he started to kiss me all over my chin, then my neck, then my shoulder and down all slow until he was sucking on my young little boobs again. He just kept doing that while I touched his head and ran my hand through his hair while I kept pushing his head down. I knew mom was right there because I felt her spread my legs for dad, and when I looked down, I saw him looking up at me while he kissed me lower and lower.

I couldn't help it, I was moaning because you don't know how hot my dad looked when he was going down on me like he was. When he got between my legs, I couldn't help but push my pussy up to him, and when he looked at my little slit and the way I was basically giving it to him, the look on his face made me cream so so bad. It was so bad that I could literally feel it running down my little butt crack.

"Oh my god." He sighed before he looked up at me and sighed. I couldn't say anything because I was aching and burning for him really really bad. I just grinned at him and bit my pinkie nail while I watched and felt him kiss my thighs with his tongue and start kissing down both legs like that.

But then everything kinda went away, turned white and kind of just made me feel like I was floating. "Oooooh yes, mmmm daddy." I whimpered through the heaviest breathing ever. All I know was that I watched and felt dad open his mouth, put his top lip like, right above my little clit, his bottom lip right on the bottom of my little kitty, and lick from my little virgin hole all the way up to my little button.

And when he licked my button, it was way over for me! ", so good, oh my go, god, oh god daddy!" I whimpered through these like, sharp exhales and really deep short and long gasps while he kept licking my pussy like he was.

I didn't see much after that because I fell back and I think I close my eyes and what I noticed was that instead of watching girls with their dad's and them crying out for them, I was doing it. Dad was making me feel so so good and so sexy that I couldn't lay still at all.

I could feel myself moving my hips while dad licked my little pussy and knew that my young little body was rolling and arching. While dad was eating me out, I felt his hand slide up my body all slow and soft until he was touching and squeezing my little boobs. And when he did that, I was pretty much gone, I literally lost track of time, I didn't see or hear mom or her camera anymore, and I barely felt the couch I was laying on.

I knew exactly what was happening because mommy made me feel that way right before she made me cum all over her face. "Oh.daddy, daddy you're, you're making me cum daddy. I'm gonna cum, daddy, daddy." I whimpered through the heaviest, shallow and some way deep gasps that made high pitched noises and sharp exhales that weren't like normal either.

I was actually trying to get daddy to stop because I knew that I was going to cum all over her face like crazy and I knew that I was about to cum way hard so I was trying to get him to stop.

I loved that he didn't though and that just made it so so much stronger than my first orgasm. All I know was that when I cried out to my dad and tell him that I was going to cum, was that he pushed his upper lip right above my little button, but almost against it. And when he did that, he sent this huge surge of amazingness through my whole body.

It started from where his lip was and down the sides of my little slit, but I felt it inside of my little pussy too, and he was licking my clit!

I just got way light headed and then I started to shake like crazy. I could literally feel goosebumps popping up and my little hairs standing up everywhere on my body and I also felt like I was falling backwards. Then my young body got all tight, my back arched way way bad and I started looking for anything I could to hold on to because I felt like I was falling.

Then I gasped, held my breath and then moaned like crazy and my moan was all shaky. I don't know how daddy did it, but somehow he kept me right there for the longest time until my whole body started to feel kind of numb and that's when he finally let me cum.

He started to lick my little button non stop and kept his upper lip right above my button. That's when I started to jerk my hips and I also lost control of my body. And just when I thought it wasn't gong to happen, I started to explode in his face or in his mouth, I don't know where I was cuming, all I know was that I was cuming so so hard.

He didn't even stop eating me out at all, it was like he was drinking all of my girl cream, like he was drinking me. And when I finally stopped cuming my brains out, I just laid there for a second. I didn't even notice that he was kissing me up my body all slow.

But when I came down from my amazing orgasm, I sat up and watched mom lift his head off of me and kiss him like he and I kissed a few times. "Your little girl tastes good doesn't she." Mom sighed after they stopped kissing. "Yeah, she does." Daddy said making me pull his mouth to mine so I could kiss him. "How was having your daddy lick your little pussy baby?" She sighed right before I stopped kissing daddy.

"Ssso so good, I love how my daddy licks my little kitty." I whimpered while I looked in his eyes and started to reach for his boner. "You two look so beyond sexy together like this, oh my god I swear I'm going to cum just from watching you two." Mom sighed while I finally got my little hand on dad's big fat boner, and he was way harder than before so I knew I had him for sure.

"Daddy." I sighed while mom took more pictures of us. "Yes baby." He sighed while I closed my fingers around him as best as I could since my finger definitely didn't reach all the way around his fatness. "Can I suck your dick, can I put it in my mouth, please daddy?" I begged making his dick get extra hard in my little hand. "If you really want." He said with a smile. "I really want to sssso so bad, I wanna taste your dick." I whimpered making him and mom moan. "Let's take it to the bedroom where you guys can get more comfy, that and I can get really amazing pictures too." Mom said while she stood up.

"But I want him in my little mouth now, I wanna make him cum." I whimpered while I looked over at mom. "Oh my god I can't believe this is happening." Daddy sighed while he looked at mom. "I know baby and you'll get to do all of that when we get to the room." Mom sighed before she kissed me with her tongue.

"C'mon baby." She said while me and daddy stood up. "Ok." I sighed while I stood up on shaky legs. "Take his dick and pull him to the room, I wanna get some pics of that." She said making me smile and reach for dad.

Mom started taking pictures like crazy while I grabbed dad's dick and looked up at him with a smile right before I started to pull him to their room. And when we finally got to their room, I kind of stopped and backed against him so his boner would smash against my body. I loved how warm he felt and I loved it even more when he hugged me from behind just like he always did to mom. But what made me so horny that I got dizzy again, was that he slid his hand on my neck all soft and sweet until he was lifting my head so that I was looking up.

And right when I thought it couldn't get more yummy, he slid his tongue in my mouth and kissed me like only he can. But when we stopped kissing, I was done being teased by him, so I stepped away from him, grabbed his dick and pulled him to his bed, turned him around and pushed him down. He was huge compared to me so I had to push him pretty hard. And when he was sitting on his bed, he scooted up while I got on the bed and waited for him to stop.

And when he was laying down so that he could see me perfectly, I pushed his legs apart, grabbed his dick, looked in his eyes, leaned down and licked his boner from his shaved yummy balls all the way to his head. "Oh shhhit." He sighed while I licked his boner all slow while I watched his face. I couldn't help but giggle while I licked his sexy boner because of the noise he made while I swirled my tongue around his head like mom taught me with her purple toy.

I could hear the camera mom was using while I started kissing and licking all of his dick all slow.

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I loved how he moved, oh my god I loved how he moved because I knew that I was making him feel so so good. But then I got brave, I licked him from his balls all the way to his head, swirled my tongue around his head, then slipped him into my hot little mouth.

And what made it all way hotter was that mom was basically in my face with her camera taking tons of pictures of me doing all of that. I watched daddy's body get all tight and I watched his back arch when I closed just my lips around his dick and sucked while I licked and pushed my head down more just like mom taught me.

I felt his dick get extra hard when I pushed my head down so far that his yummy boner head pushed against the back of my throat.

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I moaned while I watched his body tighten up and kinda roll right before he pushed his dick into my mouth again. I lost it because one, I LOVED how daddy was moving and I loved the noises he was making while his little girl was sucking him, and two, I was actually sucking daddy's dick for real! It was so bad that I needed to feel something on my little kitty way bad. But instead of touching myself, I wrapped both hands around my dad's huge fat cock and jerked the parts that I couldn't get in my mouth.

"Oh god, fuck you're going to make me cum baby girl." He sighed making me moan on his dick while I started to do everything mommy taught me in Jamaica. I felt his dick get extra hard and thick in my mouth over and over again while I sucked him. He moaned when I popped him out of my mouth and licked and sucked on his balls, then up his perfect perfect dick all slow. That's when I noticed that something started to come out of his dick, so I licked it. It tasted so yummy so I kept licking and kissing his dick, then putting him in my mouth and sucking him.

Only when I was moving my mouth up and down on his dick, he was in my mouth. All of a sudden, I felt his dick start getting way harder and thicker in my mouth and in my hands. But it didn't just stay like that, it got extra extra hard and extra thick over and over again, plus that gooey stuff that was coming out of his dick was coming out like crazy now.

He moaned and looked in my eyes right before he warned me again that he was going to cum again. I popped him out of my mouth and jerked his dick like mommy showed me. When I did that, I watched his head fall back, his body get way way tense and start jerking, his hips were moving up and down and his body just kind of roll I guess. The next thing I knew, was that his dick got even more thick and way harder, then I felt this vibration kind of feeling, so I jerked him slowly and licked the part that mom said was way sensitive, then I watched him thrust his dick up, then I watched him cum like crazy!

The first stream of daddy cum was crazy! It was one long and yummy stream and so was the second, and the third. The other streams just got smaller and smaller until he wasn't cuming anymore. Seeing my daddy cum like that because of me, made me start cuming all over the bed, it was the sexiest, yummiest and hottest thing I had ever seen in my life!

And what I loved the most was that mom got all of that with the camera. "Holy shit." Daddy sighed when he stopped cuming. "Did that feel good daddy?" I whimpered while my cum started to stop coming out of my little pussy. "Felt so so good baby girl." He sighed while he sat up.

"I love your dick so much dad." I sighed while he pulled me on top of him making it so that his cum was getting all over me. "Do you?" He sighed making me moan. "Love it, love it so much." I sighed before we started to kiss like crazy.

"Good." He sighed with that sexy grin of his. "You've never been with a girl as young as me have you daddy?" I sighed while I started to hump him again. "No, not till today baby girl." He said while she slid his hand on my little butt. "Did you like having a girl like me sucking your dick?" I whimpered making him moan and nod his head yes.

"Loved it." He sighed making me moan while I slipped my tongue in his mouth and kissed him. "I really really want you to take my virginity." I whimpered while I looked in his eyes. Well, he didn't take my virginity that night which is ok because we did kinda crossed a lot of yummy lines that night. But, I did get to watch him and mom have sex and I got to join them and, OH.MY.GOD!! I loved that mom had me suck his dick again until he was all hard and heavy again!

And while I was doing that, he was licking my little kitty at the exact same time! After that, he watched me get up and start making out with mom like crazy and that made his dick get extra extra hard. Then mom sucked his dick while I made out with him, then I watched her sit on his dick! I LOVED the way her little pussy stretched so wide and I loved seeing all her white cream soak his dick while she had sex with him. I also loved that daddy didn't leave me out either, he ate my little pussy until I came all over his face and in his mouth while mommy and me made out like crazy.

Then I watched him put his dick in mom from behind and he watched me and mom make out, then he watched her lick my little pussy! That night was the first time I ever tasted daddy's cum, and after that, I was way way addicted to it! What happened was that they had been having sex for a while and I was getting eaten out by either mom or dad and after a long time, daddy said that he was about to cum again.

So mom got off of him and when she did, me and her sucked, licked and kissed his dick and balls at the same time. We even made out like crazy with his dick between our mouths and when I had him in my mouth, he warned me that he was going to cum. Only this time, I didn't want to take him out of my mouth, I just kept sucking and licking at the same time. Before I knew it, dad was cuming in my mouth! He tasted so so good! I couldn't get enough so I tried to suck more out until he didn't have any more cum.

Then I made out with mom after I swallowed all of that yummy daddy cum.

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After we got done having our first mommy, daddy and daughter threesome, we all just laid there and cuddled on their bed. Everything happened so much faster than I was expecting, I don't know what mom said to him, but whatever it was, it really really helped make it all happen, daddy was now my personal perv and he was so so sexy and way beyond hot!

But what I loved also, was that he was my boyfriend now! So now he had a wife and a girlfriend and both of us lived with him! When we got done having our sexy fun, we all took a shower together and when we were done, we went through all of the hot pictures that mom took. Let's just say that my new website has so many new pictures of me and daddy on it now because we put most of them on my site after our shower.

We all got hungry again, so we ordered pizza and ate that before we all watched a movie and went to bed. I didn't sleep with them and the next morning I kind of wished that I did, I don't know why I didn't, oh well. The next morning I got up and started to figure out what I was going to wear because I wanted to look hot for my boyfriend. I decided to wear a button shirt that was pink and white striped and see through, a white little bra, the lowest riding jeans I had and the tiniest little panties I could find.

I picked out my pink belt to go with it all too so I would look cute. So I took a quick shower and while I was all I could think about was dad's dick, the way his fingers and hands felt on my pussy and how his lips and and tongue felt on my little slit. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I loved what it looked like when he came and how he looked when he was cuming.

I couldn't stop thinking about how hard he made me cum and I couldn't stop thinking about how much I loved the taste of him and his cum. I couldn't stop thinking about mom, the way she tasted, the way she ate me out and how we actually played together like we did.

I almost couldn't believe that all of that happened on my first night home from Jamaica where I told my mom that I wanted dad and had sex with her so many times!

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Yeah, I was definitely touching myself but I stopped because I wanted to feel either moms finger or dad's finger on my little slit.

I washed my hair then myself all over, then straightened my hair, did my makeup making sure to use lip gloss not lip stick. After I got my clothes on, I noticed that my jeans were riding really low so now I had a lot of skin showing below my belly button. You couldn't see my belly button at all, but from right below it to the top of my jeans showed really really good. Perfect, I thought while I checked to make sure you could see my bra through my shirt, you could, but barely I guess.

When I was making sure I looked good, mom came in to my room. "Hey baby." She said while he closed the door. "Hi mom." I said while I looked up at her so she could kiss me with her tongue, which she did like, four times all slow and hot. "Did you have fun last night?" She asked after we stopped kissing making me smile. "So much fun, I really wanna do that again, so bad." I sighed making her kiss me a few times.

"You look so so hot." She sighed before I pulled her mouth to mine and kissed her a few times. "Thanks." I sighed before I kissed her again. "So I'm going to tell you a little secret, but you have to promise me that you won't tell your dad I said anything to you." She said after we stopped kissing. "I promise." I said while she turned me around in my chair. "And you have to pretend to surprised when he tells you, you have to promise me." Mom said with a smile.

"I promise I won't say anything to him and I'll act surprised." I said with a grin because I could tell she was way excited about the secret. "Pinkie promise, this will be our little secret." She said all excited while we hooked pinkies.

"Promise." I said with a smile. "Ok, so, your daddy has already made his decision, he wants to take your virginity." Mom said all excited while I started to cream my panties so so bad, I swear I had a mini orgasm!

"He.he does?" I asked making her bite her lip while I looked at her with my eyes way wide. "Yes, he told me yesterday that he decided that he was definitely going to." She said making me sit there and shake for a minute while my nipples got way hard. "And after last night, he really wants me now huh." I asked making her make a little whimper noise. "Especially after last night." She said making me put my hand between my legs and squeeze my legs together.

"So I did good when I sucked his dick?" I asked making her nod her head yes. "Now, he's got some ground rules so we don't get in trouble and it goes perfect with what I'm about to say." She said while my little kitty started to tingle so bad that it started to spread through my body.

"Ok." I said with a smile. "So, you can do whatever you want to him, you can be as naughty with him as you want. Just don't forget that if you want to get him hard for you, make sure you rub his dick through his pants, he loves that. Now the rule is, you can only be naughty with him when we are all alone, deal?" She asked making me nod my head yes. "He's so hot though." I whimpered making her moan. "I know and I get it trust me, just be careful because we can both get into so so much trouble for incest and because of how old you are.

We don't want that." She said making me nod my head no. "No way, I love him, I wouldn't be able to live without him." I said while I nodded my head no. "Me either hun, so we have to be careful.

Ok, I have to go to work now, have fun with your boyfriend baby girl." She said like she was way horny before she kissed me four times. I was so so hot and so so horny after that, I definitely had daddy right where I wanted him.

It wasn't, if he would take my virginity anymore, it was a when, when was he going to do it. So now, I was going to do everything I could to get him to molest me, and I was going to touch him and make him all hard and horny.

I finished getting ready and put my boots on before I went downstairs to the den and when I got there, I found him in the kitchen making me breakfast. So I walked right up to him and smashed my body against his and slid my hand where his dick was in his pants. He didn't even stop me and he didn't say anything, he just leaned down and kissed me like mom did, soft slow and gentle.

He kissed me like, four or five times before he stopped. "Good morning daddy." I sighed while I started to rub him through his pants. "Morning baby girl, you look sexy." He said with a grin making me dizzy and sparks fly. "Thanks, you look way hot too." I sighed while he pushed his body against mine. "Thank you." He said with a smile. "I had so much fun last night, can we do that again later?" I asked while he put his hand on my little butt and pulled me against him tighter. "You like it that much?" He asked making me bite my lip.

"I loved it." I said softly before I backed away a little, undid my belt and pants, took his hand and made him put his hand in my pants. "I can't stop thinking about it, feel how wet your little girl is daddy." I sighed while he slid his hand in my pants while I held his hand so he couldn't pull it away.

"Damn baby." He sighed right when he slipped his finger down the length of my slimy slit. "See? I want more." I sighed while I put my hand back on his bump and started to rub him. "Too bad we have your dentist appointment." He sighed while he pushed his bump into my hand. "I know but I want teeth like yours, you have perfect teeth." I sighed before we started to kiss and molest each other for a minute.

When we stopped kissing, we stopped molesting each other and I could tell that he didn't want to and he could tell that I didn't want to either because I pouted. When I pouted, he laughed and kissed my bottom lip that I was sticking out and everything.

I couldn't wait till we got back from the dentist because I really wanted to play again, but I was also worried because I started cramping that morning too. I knew that I was going to start that day or some time soon, so I was sad and a little annoyed because of that. We ate breakfast and we brushed our teeth before we finally went to the dentist, and while I was getting my braces on, I started my period.

I wasn't happy let me tell you. I really really wanted my daddy to molest me and eat me out again and I really wanted to suck his dick. I loved that he was so so amazing about the whole thing. Once I had my braces and everything, he took me right home so I could get my pads and stuff before it got bad, we went and hung out at home for a while, then we went to moms work to take her lunch and to show her my new pink braces.

Daddy was so amazing to me that day, and I mean he really spoiled me like crazy. Well, I went back to shcool the next day and my friends all liked my braces and even one of my friends said I looked hot with braces. Even though I was on my period I still couldn't stop thinking about everything me mom and dad did, and let me tell you, it was so hard to not brag about it.

It was even harder to not brag about dad's dick and how sexy he made me feel when he ate me out. And when we were talking about sex at lunch, I had the worlds worst time keeping my families hot little secret.

I wanted to tell them about daddy and that I knew what it was like to be eaten out. I just sat there smiled and blushed because they made me get so hot since I started to see all of the images in my head and I started to taste moms pussy and dad's dick.

It was kinda gross because of my period and the fact that I was starting to get way beyond horny again, so you know what that meant. Just when it finally ended, dad had to leave and fly someone all the way to Kansas somewhere and he was going to be gone for a long time, as in almost a whole month maybe longer.

He was going to be flying an exclusive client around from place to place and was even going to be flying all the way out west and back. I was way sad and mom was way sad because we weren't going to get to be with him while he was gone. But it was ok because the night before he left, we had another daddy daughter and mommy threesome again, only I didn't get to have dad in me yet.

It was going to be a long time, but it actually kind of worked out for me because while he was gone, mom started to teach me how to suck dad's dick with my braces. We even watched a whole bunch of porn together so we both could learn how to do it without hurting dad and yes that led to so so much yummy lesbian sex with her! But what's even better, is that we live chatted with dad every single night and there was one night where I sent him pictures of me all naked and playing with myself and he sent me a whole bunch too.

I don't know how long it was, it might have only been three weeks later and I was missing dad so bad and I was craving his dick more than you'll ever know, and I mean it was so so bad.

Even when I was at school, I had to go to the little girls room and make myself cum and when I got home, I ended up having sex with mom. I know she missed his dick like crazy too because when we had sex, we talked about him. I was sad that he ended up having to extend his work and I know he wanted to come home to us really bad, he was actually mad because of it. I actually cried for a long time, I didn't cry because I was mad at him, I just missed him really bad. I missed him so bad that I started to have bad dreams about him.

I had dreams that he was having sex with another girl my age and in my dream he did it right in front of me. It was like he didn't care either and it hurt bad, I actually woke up crying because of it and I was way depressed for the whole day and sometimes longer, I literally felt like he cheated on me and I didn't like it. I'm so so glad mom was there for me and I was so glad that it was just a stupid dream.

Well, on the first day he was gone, I met this girl who moved to town and we became really good friends. I liked her a lot because she didn't know I was a model or anything so it was like, a real friendship I guess. I mean, I had a ton of friends but for some reason I liked this new girl more because we clicked the second we met, It was like we were always friends.

Her name was Kennedy and she was actually really really cute, we actually became best friends that first few days. I loved her because when she found out that I was a model, she didn't change at all, she just treated me like she always did and I loved it.

I could tell that she wanted to tell me something a few times but was scared to and it was like that a lot. One day I was at her house hanging out with her and when I was there, I noticed that she was flirting with her dad like crazy, I know she was because I did the same things she was doing with my daddy. Well, that weekend I got to spend the night at her house and that's when I really really noticed it like crazy and it made me horny. I mean, she was even showing him as much of her body as she could and she looked way hot.

So when we were hanging out in her room we started talking about boys and which ones we liked. I kinda lied to her about the boys I liked because I liked my daddy way more and he was my boyfriend, so I didn't want any other boys. "Can I tell you a secret?" She asked making me smile. "Oooo, I love secrets, tell me." I said excitedly making her get excited and scoot way close to me before we faced each other. "But you have to promise me that you will never say anything to anyone about this ever." She said making me get excited because I had a secret like that too.

"Double pinkie promise." I said while I held my pinkies up for her. "I mean I'm serious, I'm trusting you with my life here." She said while she hooked her pinkies with mine. "Ok, on my life I will never say anything to anyone." I said making her scoot closer till her legs were touching mine. "Not even to your best best friend?" She asked while he smiled. "You are my best best friend." I said making her way happy. "Ok, you can't judge me either, promise." She said while we held pinkies.

"I promise I won't judge you either." I said making her breath in and hold her breath for a second. "So, I have the worlds biggest crush on my dad." She said making me open my eyes wide. "You do?" I asked with a huge smile. "Yeah, he's so so hot." She sighed making me start creaming a little. "He's way cute." I said making her smile because she knew I wasn't going to judge her. "You don't think that's weird?" She asked making me cream a little more. "No I don't, I think it's normal." I said making her get a little excited.

"You do?!" She asked at the same time as when her eyes got really big. "I mean, I'm sure a lot of girls like their daddy's." I said making her blush and get more excited. "It's different with me though because I let him do things to me." She said while she started to breath kind of hard.

"Like what kind of stuff." I asked before I bit my lip. "Sexy things. I let him touch me and kiss me anywhere he wants to and he lets me touch him too. We make out all of the time and I've even put his dick in my mouth." She admitted making me way way creamy.

"Nun uh." I sighed making her let go of my hand and get her phone. "Look." She said while she showed me a picture of her and her dad kissing. "Your just kissing though." I said with a smile.

"Ok, look at this then." She said before she showed me a picture of her and her dad laying naked together. "That's really hot." I sighed while I looked at the picture.

"It gets better, here." She said before she started showing me pictures of her touching her dad's dick, then him touching her. Every picture she showed me was exactly like the ones I had with my daddy, only my dad wasn't all hairy and my dad had a dick that was way way bigger than her dad's.

Her dad was skinny and if I was going to tell the truth, he really wasn't that bad looking at all. I mean, obviously my daddy was like, a billion times hotter, yummier and sexier but her dad was actually pretty cute.


After a while longer I noticed that she was definitely not lying about any of it at all, so I told her about me and my daddy. "Look at these." I said while I pulled my phone out and started opened it to the picture of my dad. "That's your dad?" She asked with her eyes wide open making me nod my head. "Are you serious?!" She asked while she took my phone from me and looked at his picture. "Yep, that's him." I said while her face started to turn red.

"Um, he's so hot oh my god." She said while she looked at me. "Look at his yummy body." I said making her bite her lip. "You play with him?" She asked making me smile and go to my hidden folder on my phone.

"Yes I do, and this is why I don't think it's weird that you play with yours." I said while I handed her my phone. "Oh my god." She gasped while her eyes got way big. "Have you ever done that to your daddy?" I asked while she looked at the picture of me sucking daddy's boner "Tons of times, your dad's dick is huge." She gasped while she scrolled through the pictures.

"It's yummy huh?" I asked making her bite her lip and nod her head yes while she scrolled through my pictures. "Wait, is he eating you out?" She asked while she showed me the picture of him eating me out. "Yeah, he made me cum all over his face." I sighed making her moan.

"Your dad, is so so hot oh my fucking god. Does he not live with you guys?" She asked before she looked up at me. "Yeah he does, he's on a business trip." I said making her moan. "So he's still married to your mom?" She asked making me nod my head yes. "Really? And she hasn't caught you guys yet?" She asked making me smile. "She already knows." I said while I started to get so so hot.

"She does?! And she doesn't like, say anything?" She asked before I could say anything else. "She's the one who helped make it happen." I said making her shake a little. "What?!" She gasped with her eyes wide open. "I'm serious, she's the one who took those pictures." I said making her start breathing really hard. "How did she help, I mean, how did it happen?" She asked. "Well, we were in Jamaica for one of my shoots and I told her that I liked him a lot.

I told her that I was having all kinds of naughty dreams about him and that I spied on him when he was naked. I even told her that I watched them have sex and when I told her all of that, she let me make dad get a boner and this all happened." I said making her moan. "You're so so lucky! My mom left my dad for some guy and was on some bad drugs, she's in prison right now so it's just me and dad, dad got full custody of me." She said making me feel kinda sorry for her.

"How did you start with your dad?" I asked making her smile and kinda whimper. "I caught him watching porn and when I did, I begged him to let me watch with him.

He refused to let me and freaked out on me, so one day when he was at work, I got into his computer and found out that he was watching daddy daughter porn. After that I started to dress really really sexy for him and let him catch me playing with myself and stuff.

He finally let me watch porn with him and we just played with ourselves, but after a long while, I just grabbed his boner and we've been playing since. We even have sex." She said making my kitty cream so so bad. "Me and my dad haven't had sex yet, but I want to so so bad. I want him to take my virginity." I said making her gasp. "Oh you're going to love it! Plus he has a huge dick so it's going to be epic for you." She said making me smile.

So we had more in common than I thought we did, and that just made her by best friend of all time. I even showed her my porn site and helped her become a member of it so she could see all of the yummy pictures that we were going to put on it. She already knew mom because she already met her so I couldn't wait until she met my dad.

After that night, her dad found out that I knew about them and that they were basically lovers, and I also found out that they moved there because he just got a job working for my dad. He was an aviation mechanic and he was going to get paid amazing money, just like all of the people that worked for my dad.

He use to work for the government until he saw that dad's company had an opening, which hardly ever happened, and that it paid way better than his government job. He didn't know my dad owned the company until I told him. But anyway after all of that, me and Kennedy were always always always together, we did everything together, she even got onto my cheer squad. She had the worlds biggest crush on her dad, but she also had a crush on mine too, she wanted to see him naked so I showed her more naked pictures of him when we went to the bathroom one day.

I was not expecting her to take my phone and lick it like she did and when she did, it made me laugh because I get why she did it. She kept talking about how hot his body was and how bad she wanted to feel his muscles against her naked body. She was so jealous that I got to suck on my dad's boner and rub my little kitty on him. That was ok though because after a few days me and Kennedy started kissing and making out a lot when she told me that she'd always wanted to see why it was like to kiss a girl.

She loved it and even played with me and mom a couple of times, so me mom and Kennedy all had a yummy girl on girl on girl threesome. I got to eat her out while mom ate me out and I got to eat mom out while she ate me out. It was so so yummy, but I still needed daddy way way bad. Me and mom were so happy that dad came home a lot earlier than we were expecting! He wasn't suppose to be home for a whole week later, but on a Friday night, I was at home watching tv with Kennedy and talking about school.

Mom was even home and we were planning on having another lesbian threesome, but when I was sitting there talking, I heard a helicopter getting closer and closer to the house. I just kinda stopped and listened for a minute because I wasn't sure if it was really dad or not. But then I recognized the sound of that helicopter, it sounded like dad's smaller helicopter, not the big fancy one. "Uuuuhhh, mom! I think dad is home!" I yelled while I got so way beyond excited and jumped up, grabbed Kennedy's hand ran outside with her and looked up.

Yep, it was definitely dad, I knew that helicopter really really good because daddy was teaching me how to fly helicopters with that one! I was so beyond excited that I was shaking, I almost started to cry! I ran and jumped on my golf cart and waited for Kennedy. "Come on." I said while I looked at her right before she got in with me. "That's how your dad goes to work?" She asked while I started to drive to where I knew dad was going to land.

"Yep, he flies to and from work all of the time." I said while we raced down the little driveway to the hangar. "That's so so cool." She said while we watched dad start landing. "He's teaching me how to fly one of those and when I'm old enough, he's going to give me that one." I said making her look at me all surprised. "Really?!" She asked making me smile and nod my head yes. We watched him land and shut down before I started to kinda run towards him, and when he got out, my mouth kinda watered a little because of how yummy he looked.

"Daddy!" I screeched while I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around him. "Oh my god baby girl, I kissed you." He sighed while he held onto me so tight and held me like he was going to loose me again.

"I missed you too." I sighed while I held onto him like I was going to loose him again. We just stood there like that for a while before I kinda pushed my head against his and looked in his amazing green eyes.

"I thought you weren't coming home for another week." I said with the biggest smile ever. "I wasn't but he had to go home early and end the trip. I wanted to surprise you and your mom." He said while I got the worlds biggest urge to kiss him and lick the inside of his mouth.

"I am surprised." I said before I pushed my lips against his, stopped, then turned my head a little and pushed my tongue in his mouth. I figured that since I had my long blonde hair down and my back was to Kennedy that it was safe to kiss him like that, and he loved it because he licked my tongue and my braces before we swirled our tongues together. "Mmmm, peppermint." I sighed with a smile after we stopped kissing. "Did that taste good?" He asked making me kiss him with my tongue again.

After we kissed a few times, he put me down and I ran over to Kennedy. She started to stare at him like she just saw the hottest guy in the world, which she did. Her eyes looked just like mine did that time I saw dad naked for the first time and she was breathing hard. "C'mon." I said while I watched he lust for my dad. "He's real." She said through heavy horny breathing.

"What? You didn't think he was real?" I asked while I took her hand sand started to drag her to him while he started to take his luggage out of the helicopter. "I mean, I did but I didn't know he'd be that fucking hot for real. You know how some people get their pictures taken and they don't look as good in person?" She asked making me smile. "Yeah." I said while I walked her to my yummy dad.

"Well your dad is wwwwwwaaaayyy hotter in real life." She said making me bite my lip.

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"I know, that's why I can't control myself when I'm around him." I said. "Were you guys French kissing?" She asked making me nod my head yes. "Oh my fucking god, so so hot, you guys look way hot together." She sighed quietly just before we got to dad.

"Dad, this is my best best friend Kennedy, Kennedy, this is my dad." I said while she stood there and drooled. "Hi." She said with a deep exhale while she looked at him like she was about to rape him.

"Nice to meet you." Daddy said with as smile. "Nice to meet you too." She said while she drooled. She had thee worst time concentrating on anything after that, but that's ok because neither could I. I was way too busy lusting after him like she was, even when I was helping him get my future helicopter in the hangar and put away. After that we got dad's stuff on my golf cart and went back to the house where mom was waiting.

She was just as excited as I was that he was home because she came running out of the house and jumped in his arms like I did. Poor daddy was so tired because he flew for a long time so he could get home to us, so, me Kennedy and mom decided that we were going to spoil him so he could relax and rest. The only problem with that was that he was not use to just sitting around and doing nothing, so we kinda had to force him.

Once it got so bad that mom had me basically hold him down on the couch. Anyway, when we got in the house, he went and took a long shower and then came out only wearing shorts and once Kennedy saw him, she just stared at him really hard. I even watched her look right at his bump and bite her lip right before she made her eyebrows slant and look right at me. "Oh my god oh my god." She sighed while she looked at me like she couldn't believe how hot my dad really was.

"I know right?" I asked making her bite her lip again and look back at him. "I really wanna touch his abs." She said through heavy breathing. "Just think, I get to see him naked." I sighed making her moan a little. "How have you not raped him yet?" She whispered while we watched him and mom make out. "I don't know but I have sucked his dick." I sighed.

"Ssssooo so lucky, you have the hottest family ever, I really wanna be adopted by you guys." She sighed right when mom and dad stopped making out. After that mom had to push him to the living room because he kept wanting to help her make dinner.

"You two girls make sure he doesn't get up unless he has to pee or something, even then you may have to babysit him." She said making us all laugh before I got up, took his hand and dragged him to the couch.

"Baby girl come here really quick." Mom said with a grin. "You do realize that I still have the ability to get up right?" Dad asked while he laughed. "Yeah but you're not going to, take him to the couch and make him sit." I said to Kennedy while we all laughed. I could tell that Kennedy got way way horny because of the look on her face while she grabbed daddy and dragged him to the couch. "You know this is bullshit right? Three against one." Dad said while we all laughed. "Don't worry Trevor, you'll be ok, now sit." Kennedy said while she forced dad to sit while mom pulled me close to her and put her hand on my boob.

"Listen, he hasn't had sex for a long long time, so do whatever you have to to keep him in there." She whispered making me smile while I slid my little hand in her shirt and on her boob. "Anything?" I asked. "Anything." She said while our lips got so so close. "He doesn't know about Kennedy and her dad." I sighed making her frown a little. "Damn, well, be sneaky, I'm sure he'll love it if you touch him, he'll probably get nice and hard for you." She whispered making me kinda moan.

"K." I sighed before she slid her tongue in my mouth and kissed me and slid her other hand in my panties. "I love you mommy." I whimpered while she slid her finger down my little slit.

"Nice and creamy, god I love how wet my little girl gets." She hissed while I slipped my tongue in her mouth and kissed her so hard while I slipped my finger in her panties. "I'm so horny." I sighed after we stopped kissing. "Me too." She sighed. "I know, you're so so wet." I whispered while we kept rubbing each other's pussies. "I love you baby girl." She sighed before she kissed me again.


"I love you mommy." I whimpered while my whole body got all hot. "Go make your daddy hard." She whispered while we pulled our hands out of each other's panties. "Yes mommy." I sighed before I went back to the living room. When I got there I smashed my body against his hard and slid my hand all over his yummy body. We sat there and talked and while we did, we let Kennedy touch dad's hot body. I thought she was going to lick his body like she licked his picture on my phone.

What I liked the most was that me and Kennedy weren't wearing much at all. We both had little tank tops with no bra and little tiny shorts so we got to feel daddy's skin against ours.

I knew daddy was way way tired because he didn't sleep much and because he just flew in from Oregon. So we were watching tv and when we were, he fell asleep.

He must have been having a really good dream because he started to get a boner and when I saw that, I looked at Kennedy. "Hey." I whispered making her look at me. Then I pointed at his boner and watched her look right at it. "Oh my god." She whispered while she looked back up at me with her eyes wide open and her mouth open wide.

"Wanna see it?" I whispered making her bite her lip and slant her eyebrows while she nodded yes. So what I did was make sure daddy was sleeping really really good, then I untied his shorts and pulled them down. I didn't know he wasn't wearing underwear at all, so when I saw his naked boner, I started to cream my panties so bad that it was crazy. I even slid my hand in his shorts and moved his dick so Kennedy could see it way better. And when I looked at her, she had her hand in her shorts and she was staring at my dad's huge fat dick.

"Nice huh?" I asked making her smash her face on his chest and look at me. "Can I touch?" She whispered making me take her hand and put it on his dick. "Huge, it's so big." She whispered while she slid her fingers on his dick.

"I know, I get to suck it." I sighed making her moan. After that I covered dad back up and tied his shorts up again but now Kennedy wanted daddy as bad as I did. He woke up later after mom came in and told us dinner was ready. Not much else happened with dad because he was so so tired, I felt bad for him because he couldn't keep his eyes open at all. Even though mom wanted to have sex with him that night, she knew that daddy was beyond tired, so she just did what she always did, treated him like a king.

I loved that about mom and dad, loved it! Dad treated her like a queen, she treated him like a king, and they both treated me like a princess! Anyway Kennedy and me did watch daddy daughter porn, stared at yummy naked pictures of my daddy and had sex for a long long time before we finally fell asleep. Later the next morning, I woke up to go get a drink, and when I was doing that I could hear mom breathing way way heavy, moaning and whimpering.

It wasn't loud at all and I could barely hear it, but I heard it. I also heard daddy making those sexy sexy noises he makes when he's having sex it when I was sucking his dick so obviously he woke up and was way way horny. So what I did was run upstairs to see if Kennedy was awake and since she was, I took her downstairs, we opened their door and we watched mom and dad have sex.

I wanted to go in there and join them because daddy was my boyfriend, but dad was moms husband so I though it was a much better idea to just let those two have fun by themselves since it had been so long. I knew I would get my chance and I couldn't wait. Anyway, after watching them have sex for like, ever, they went into the bathroom. They took a shower and started having sex in there too, so while they did that, me and Kennedy went back to my room and had sex too so literally everyone in the house were having sex.

Anyway, after almost a week or more after that day, I still didn't get my virginity taken yet and I was getting way too horny to wait anymore. I wanted daddy, I wanted him inside of me so bad that if he didn't take my virginity, I was going to let mom use the two headed toy she just got on me to break my cherry.

And after she took my virginity, I was going to just grab him while I was sliming his beautiful boner and sit on it before he could say or do anything, that's how horny I was for my own daddy and I was getting so frustrated. I was by far the horniest little girl you could ever meet or see, and I mean I was way way horny for my daddy. I literally obsessed about him and it wasn't a good kind of obsession at all. All I could think about was him and his naked hot body and his dick, it literally was all I ever thought about.

It was so bad that no matter how hard I tried, I could not keep my little hands off of him or his dick. Even when I was at school all I could think about was how his dick and daddy cream tasted. I was even touching myself in class and I kept looking at pictures of me licking his dick and him all naked.

I was going so crazy and I was so obsessed that I had I couldn't even think right. Even Kennedy noticed that I was acting different and I told her why since she and her daddy had sex. I had to talk I Mom, I had to because either daddy was going to take my virginity or I was going to force him to take it.