Ladyboy enjoys each sweet moment of flawless anal sex

Ladyboy enjoys each sweet moment of flawless anal sex
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Chapter 33 CLAIRE'S NEW BODY That week Michael told Claire that she would be being taken out of the office for a week for a special project, and so would Slutkitten and Cuntcandy (Claire's sister Steph).

Claire wanted to know what, but she couldn't talk with a mouthful of Michael's cock, so she just waited there, naked, on her knees, for him to explain. "You'll be going into hospital, Fucktwat," Michael explained to her, stroking her hair. "We're going to enlarge your tits and take them up to an E cup. And Kitten and Candy are long overdue for their own boob jobs; they'll both be getting D cups." Claire felt both scared and excited.

Scared because Titcage were going to change her body, and give her even bigger udders. But excited because she knew that with bigger tits she would be a more worthwhile person. She already felt proud whenever she saw her smaller-titted friends, knowing that she would earn more money and please men better because of her larger chest.

With E cups, men would stare at her even more, and although that would make her feel even sluttier and more whorish, she couldn't deny that she liked getting attention from men. It made her feel like she wasn't completely pointless.


She was pleased for Kitten and Candy too. She had been embarassed for them and their small tits - and, to be honest, she had often regretted they didn't have bigger slutmelons when she fucking them, because it would be more fun to play with their boobs if they were bigger.

Michael came in Claire's mouth, and after he had given her permission to swallow his sperm, Claire thanked him both for the cum, and for arranging to make her udders bigger.

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The actual procedure itself was simple. Claire, Kitten and Candy all went into the hospital together. They were stripped naked, photographed, measured, and answered questions for a variety of nurses about their medical condition and their sexual history.

Claire and Kitten were both eager to get bigger boobs. Candy - Steph - was not so eager and tried to run away several times. Kitten and Claire had to hold her hands tightly to make her do what the doctors wanted and tell the doctors that she was consenting to breast implants. Claire felt frustrated with Steph. A part of Claire remembered how she would have felt months ago about this idea - horrified, degraded, and scared - but that was in the past.

Now the laws had changed and women with small boobs were objectively less valuable than women with bigger tits. If Steph didn't get this surgery, no one would ever want her.

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She was lucky to still be at Titcage with such a comparitively flat chest, and not have been fired. The law change had sparked a boom in plastic surgery. It was very expensive now, but Titcage was going to pay all their costs. The three sluts were very lucky to have this opportunity, and Claire wished Steph could appreciate that.

Besides, Claire was really looking forward to squeezing and licking Steph's new hooters, and Claire knew now that if a slut refused to cater to your sexual whims you needed to force her. Eventually the girls were taken into surgery. Claire went under the anaesthetic, and when she woke up, groggily, she was lying in a hospital bed. She was completely nude, with no covers over her, and her arms were secured above her head and her legs were secured spread-eagled to the bottom of the bed.

To her satisfaction, though, her tits were bigger. They felt heavier on her chest, and they bulged in a firm, round, satisfying way that Claire liked.

Or rather, that Fucktwat liked.

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It was Claire who had D cup tits. These big melons belonged to Fucktwat. Claire soon learned that Kitten and Candy were in the room with her, on the other side of curtains. The first doctor to enter the room pulled the curtains aside, and Claire was able to see her sister and her lover. They looked amazing with their new D-cup breasts, much more like the whores that Claire knew they were. Claire wanted to kiss them and lick their boobs but she was strapped into her bed.

The room was a private room, arranged by Titcage, and Titcage had told the hospital staff the three girls were available for their use. Doctors and nurses both would come into the room and fuck the girls as they lay their healing, being careful to be tender with their new augmented tits.

The lead surgeon explained some of what had been done to Claire as he tilted Claire's bed into a nearly-upright position and then stuck his cock into Claire's pussy while standing up. "Obviously you have these new, improved breast sizes. But we've made a few other changes too. Most women who get breast implants find that it decreases the sensitivity in their breasts, but your employer authorised us to try a new procedure on you.

You'll find that your breasts are even MORE sensitive than before. In fact, you should find that even relatively mild bumps to your breasts are quite painful, and something as light as the rubbing of fabric across your nipples may be so distracting you can't concentrate on anything else." He pinched Claire's nipple to demonstrate, and Claire shrieked in agony. "We've also put an implant in there which will release a small amount of aphrodisiac into your system constantly.

You'll find you're generally hornier now, like a slut should be. One of the side effects of it is that it cancels out most modern contraceptive pills. While you have the implant, you won't be able to control your reproductive cycle at all.

Any sperm in your pussy could make you pregnant at any time." And again, to prove his point, he ejaculated into Claire's cunt. They kept the girls there for four days, occasionaly moving them for exercise but mostly keeping them strapped in place for easy fucking. A nurse would come by several times a day and gently massage the girls' new tits.

The feeling of having her breasts squeezed was both extremely painful and extremely painful for Claire.

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With the treatment her breasts had been given to increase sensitivity, Claire found it hard to separate out pain and pleasure in her boobs, and soon stopped trying to. She quickly built up some resistance to the new sensory overload but only some, and she now found any stimulation of her fuckbags at all made her cunt wet and left her unable to concentrate. Naturally, they were given their earbuds to wear the whole time, their own voices telling them how much they liked being raped and how they only existed to be fucked.

Steph still cried every time a man fucked her, and Claire could hear her sister's tears even over the voice from the earbuds. Disturbingly, Claire found that the sound of a girl crying made her wet now. She knew she should be horrified by that but it was hard to concentrate on why.

Or maybe she could concentrate on it, but chose not to. It was much easier to think about how nice it felt to have the doctor's dick in her cunt. When the girls got home, they found that none of their tops or bras fit them anymore. Claire and Steph's father refused to buy them any new ones, though.

He liked the look of their new giant fuckbags bulging obscenely against the too-small clothes. Trying to pack their new larger tits into bra cups that were too small was embarassing, and, given their new sensitivity, it hurt.

Luckily they didn't have to wear clothes around the house. Claire's father was obsessed with the girls' new boobs. He flagged early that he wanted to start spanking their melons now as well as their cunts, and Claire had to tell him that it wasn't safe to do that for a few weeks yet. She got an extra ten swats on her twat for daring to say it, but he did leave their breasts unbruised until there was no danger of damaging the implants. He didn't leave their breasts alone entirely though.

He didn't seem to be able to help staring at his daughters' new, enlarged melons.


On their third night back from hospital he called them into the lounge, and explained to them that their new breasts had taken their cockteasing to a new level. "You are obviously trying to get your father's dick hard, like the little sluts you are," he said, staring at their boobs. "If you're going to go to such lengths to get me hard, you should be part of the solution too." He made the girls kneel in front of him, nude, as they normally were around the house.

He then extracted his cock from his pants and began to masturbate, his eyes fixed on Claire and Steph's newly embiggened fuckbags. Claire felt something unpleasant churn in her stomach as she looked at her father pumping his cock right in front of her, at eye level. Several conflicting impulses in her mind were calling on her at the same time.

The part that was still Claire the schoolgirl wanted to shriek, and cover herself, and be disgusted at the thought of her father's cock. A more intelligent part of her knew that the reason she wasn't covering herself and running was because she had become indoctrinated by Titcage, and that part of her was horrified and scared.

But the dominant part of Claire was the part that spoke to her on her Titcage training tapes. It told her that she was indeed a cockteasing slut who should use her body to please men.

It told her that it was right for her father to react sexually to her body. It made her want to lean forward and take her father's cock in her mouth and suck on it until it came. The girls knelt and waitied and watched their father's cock until finally, moaning, he came, ejaculating sperm all over the girls' breasts. Steph made a little despairing noise as the white, sticky semen spattered on her tits, but she didn't move away. Their father looked at them in satisfaction when he was done.

"Good sluts," he said. "Now, you know what to do. Lick each other clean." Hesitantly, the girls moved towards each other. Steph's face leant down, and Claire felt her sister begin to lick their father's cum from her breasts. Steph's tongue caressed Claire's nipples, and the newly sensitive skin of her fuckbags, and when Steph was done Claire returned the favour, savouring the taste of her father's salty semen.

Afterwards, both of the girls were so horny, they had to 69, licking each other's cunts feverishly as their father watched.

Over the next week, Titcage sent Sluthole around during their recovery time, to take new photos of their improved tits for their Titcage IDs. Naturally Sluthole tortured both girls in the process, squeezing their over-sensitive boobs, pinching their clits, and pissing in their mouths.

Claire found she didn't even really mind this treatment anymore. It was what she deserved, after all. Maybe the old Claire hadn't deserved it, but the new Claire - the Claire with fake tits, the Claire who called herself Fucktwat - was clearly good for nothing except fucking and abuse.

(To be continued.)

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