Minha puta crente de petrolina

Minha puta crente de petrolina
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"Great supper as usual, Martha," Ed Connor said to his wife as he got up from the table. "Thanks, Ed," she replied while offering her cheek for a quick buss from her husband of twenty two years.

Martha smiled while taking a drink of her after dinner coffee before commenting to her eighteen year old daughter, Becky, "Your dad sure loves fried chicken!" "Yeah, he does," she replied absentmindedly while poking at her uneaten mashed potatoes and gravy. "What's the matter, child?" Martha asked softly while patting Becky gently on the arm. "Oh, it's nothing," the pretty dark haired senior replied. "I know you like a book, honey." Martha replied softly.

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"Now come on, give, what's up?" Becky sat silently for a moment before taking a deep breath and replying, "Well, something happened at school today." "You're not in any trouble are you?" Martha quickly asked. "No, nothing like that," Becky answered softly. "It's just, well, I don't quite know how to put it!" "We've never kept any secrets from one another have we?" her mother asked.

"No, we haven't," Becky replied. "But it's just so embarrassing!" Martha chuckled softly and replied, "Don't worry honey, I've been there, so believe me, nothing you can say will shock me!" For the first time since they began talking Becky looked her mother in the eye and replied, "Of course you're right, mom, so here goes nothing." Martha leaned back in her chair and folded her arms over her chest and waited patiently for her daughter to collect her thoughts.


"Um, you know that I have the biggest chest of any of the girls in my school?" Becky asked quietly. "I didn't know that you were the biggest," Martha replied, "but I guess I knew that you were one of the biggest." "Well today after last period history Mz. Saxon asked me to stay after for a few minutes," the young woman explained. "I was surprised because after the last person had left the room she went over and locked the door." Nervously the young woman took a drink of her water before continuing, "She came back over to her desk, and then without as so much as a word took off her jacket before proceeding to take off her blouse!" "My word!" Martha whispered a little bit hoarsely.

"That's just what I thought too," Becky replied with a nod. "Then she calmly turned around and asked me to unhook the catches of her bra!" "Then she turned back around and let her bra slip away!" With her voice now wavering slightly she went on, "S-she has enormous breasts, mom, even bigger than yours!" "Were they pretty?" Martha asked with a slight moan.


"Oh yesssss," Becky sighed, "they were beautiful." "I ask her why she was showing them to me," the young girl went on.

"A-and what did she say?" Martha stammered.

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"She told me that she had to!" Both Martha and Becky let that sink in for a moment as their own breathing became more labored. "S-she told me that she had the uncontrollable urge to show her chest to another woman with large breasts," Becky went on. "Then what happened?" Martha asked quietly. "You're not gonna believe it," Becky replied, "but she lifted up her skirt and exposed her dripping wet clean shaven vagina." "My god!" Martha moaned while cupping her own breasts through her shirt and bra.

"Y-you must have been stunned!" "I was, at first," Becky replied. "But after a few moments I realized that while Mz. Saxon was showing me her big tits, her vagina was racing towards an orgasm!" "Sweet jesus in heaven!" Martha said under her breath. "T-then she began flexing her cunt muscles until all at once she shuddered really hard!" "Her vagina literally flooded itself with juice while she came for what seemed like hours!" "She never even touched herself," Becky added, "but she still came like a rocket." "After she had her orgasm did she cover back up?" Martha asked.

"Noooo!" Becky moaned softly. "She just stood there while proudly showing me her breasts and vagina!" "She said she felt like such a slut, but that she couldn't help herself!" "T-then that was it?" Martha asked. "I'm afraid not," Becky whispered, "there's quite a bit more." Becky took a quick sip of water before going on with her story.

"While I shocked at Mz.

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Saxon's behavior, I have to admit that I was unbelievably aroused!" "I couldn't take my eyes off of her private parts until in a really shaky voice she told me that I reminded her of herself when she was a senior in high school." "I asked her what she meant and she went on to explain that both of us were blessed with enormous chests and that she understood my problems." "T-then what happened?" Martha asked weakly. "She told me that she knew of my secret desire to expose myself ," the young woman related, "and then she told me that now was the time to open myself up and do what must be done." "And you did&hellip." Martha asked.

"I-I'm sorry, mom." Becky replied with her head down, "Some strange force beyond my control had overtaken me." "I found myself taking off my blouse and then my bra." "As soon as she saw my breasts Mz. Saxon had another shattering orgasm!" "She moaned that she just loved seeing the large breasts of a young girl like me!" "D-did you show her your vagina?" Martha stammered while her pussy flooded itself with warm sweet cunt juice.

With her own pussy being whipped into an absolute frenzy the poor girl gasped, "Y-yessss, I lifted the hem of my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties to one side!" "I could feel my labia puff up bigger and fuller than they ever had before!" "My god, you must have been going crazy with lust!" Martha commented tightly.

"You don't know the half of it," Becky recounted, "you don't know the half of it." Both mother and daughter were now so close to climaxing that they could almost taste it! Now throwing all modesty to the four winds Martha Conner shoved her hand down into her panties and began wantonly masturbating while her daughter continued on. "I was so excited," Becky sighed. "All I wanted to do was show my breasts and vagina in the most lewd fashion possible." It was then that Mz.

Saxon moved up close enough to allow our hard nipples to press softly together!" "God, it felt wonderful to feel another woman's breasts up against my own!" "Ohhhhh, darling!" Martha groaned.

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"That sounds wonderful!" "Oh, it was unreal!" Becky gasped while diddling her own straining clit. "But what happened next was even better yet!" "W-what?" Martha croaked. "What was better!?!" After making an audible gulp the excited young woman moaned, "T-then she shoved her vagina forward until our lips were actually kissing!" "Y-you mean she put her pussy lips up against yours?!?" Martha asked wide eyed.

"Y-yes!" Becky managed to gasp. She ground her cunt into mine until out hard clits were pressed tightly together!" "Sweet jesus in heaven!" Martha groaned. "I'm fucking cumming like a hot pussied little slut!" "M-me tooooo!" Becky stammered.

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"I'm cumming like a waterfall!" Both women were by now fingering their over heated pussies like there was no tomorrow! With their eyes locked together both of them bucked their hips forward as their two vaginas wrenched hard in a simultaneous female orgasm that left them shaking and panting in stunned disbelief!


After taking several minutes to recuperate Becky managed to mumble, "And by the way, Mz. Saxon wants to meet us tomorrow evening after school in her room." "Do you think you can make it!?!" Martha Conner could only nod her head tiredly and reply, "I wouldn't miss it for the world!" THE END