Sexy girl dancing nude jawani keep maje

Sexy girl dancing nude jawani keep maje
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My college roommate was such a bitch. She used to take messages from boys and never give them to me, leave the place a mess all the time, and make me do her laundry. She was also hot as hell.

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She was 5'9", long straight brown hair, hazel almond shaped eyes, mediterranean skin and big, full luscious lips. Her chest was a healthy 38D and she had an ass to match. Her legs were so long, and shapely and beautiful. She knew she had me wrapped around her little finger. I was no slouch myself - 36C-24-34, blonde hair, blue eyes - pretty in your typical, white-bread kind of way.

I was kind of shy then, too, and very accomodating when someone asked something of me.

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Which is why she could push me around so well. One day it got out of hand. She came home with a bunch of her rowdy girlfriends, and woke me up (it was 1am).

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I came out and she basically laughed at me for being upset. She then turned really strange and said I had "humiliated" her in front of her friends and that I would have to pay for it.

She said in my ear if I didn't do what she said right now, she would tell them all about what she read in my diary - that was enough to drop me to immediate submission. I can't even tell you NOW what she was referring to back then, it's too embarrassing.

So when she told me to remove my big t-shirt that I was sleeping in, I had no choice. I looked around at all the girls, who were awestruck, but also saw me with the same disdain my roommate did. I looked at them and at her and realized I had no choice. I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me standing there in nothing but a pair of plain white underwear.


Everyone in the room was laughing at me, and telling Lucia, my roommate, to tell me to do other things. She told me to remove my panties and sit in the lounge chair.

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As soon as I did, she moved my feet up onto the arms of the chair, so that I was leaning back in the chair with my pussy shoved forward. She told someone else to move the lever to recline the chair and when she did, I was wide open for all to see.

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They all stood around me while Lucia barked orders. I was mortified, but it was nothing compared with what would happen if they all learned what was in my diary, so I complied with every order.

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First she told me to spread my pussy lips with my fingers. Then she told me to start massaging my clit. "Up and down - a little harder - a little faster. . are you getting turned on?" she asked.

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"A little," I answered. "Only a little?

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Well then, you aren't doing it good enough! Move those fingers faster and harder." My fingers were working just enought to satisfy them when the inevitable happened - my juices started to flow and I started getting really horny. All eyes were on me and the room was silent except for my tormentor.

She told me to stop massaging my clit and to insert a finger into my "sloppy wet" vagina. I pushed my middle finger in as far as it would go and she told me to insert another. When I finally had 3 fingers inside me, she told me to "fuck yourself". So I did. My thumb was pressed against my clit and I fucked myself with my fingers like a whore.


I kept doing it harder and faster, bucking my hips against my hand, feeling all those hostile eyes on me and it was all I could take. I orgasmed right there, moaning and writhing, pushing against my own hand, while my roommate laughed at me. She called me a slut and left with her friends, who in the future knew they too could make me do whatever they wanted - and to their boyfriends too.

When Lucia came back home she let me eat her. That was how my life changed and I became a slut. THE END