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Boy cums in fist watching porno tube and hard core gay male fisting
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Chapter 37 THE FINAL CONDITIONING Laura's time at the Mayim Clinic, Amy told her, was approaching its end. Even as Laura approached her graduation, her friends were starting their own path of conditioning. Amy had arranged for Taylor and Erica to join Laura at the clinic and begin having training sessions to make them into good little hetero fuckdolls at a more fundamental level.


Shortly thereafter, Alistair added his own harem of sluts, by invitation of the clinic, and Candy and Hayley and Katy, her friends Paige, Elle, Rachael, Victoria, and Chelle from HR began attending. Laura did not always see the other girls' lessons, but she often saw them afterwards, and the mixture of dried tears on their flushed faces and wetness dripping from their engorged pussies told her all she needed to know.

The final conditoning was aimed at forever removing Laura's ability to function as anything other than sex toy. Roy took great delight in telling Laura this, knowing she could not and would not resist, but enjoying seeing the knowledge of her forthcoming permanent reduction to a fuck puppet play across her mind. He told her this as he raped her, just before she was about to orgasm, and watched her horror combine with her sexual delight before ejaculating into her cunt himself.

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The first round of conditoning helped Laura see herself as less than human. Images repeatedly identified women with dogs and with cows, showing male dogs mounting and fucking female dogs, and then male dogs mounting and fucking nude human women. It showed cow udders being milked, then sluts on all fours having their tits milked. It showed women sleeping in kennels and cages.

It showed a big titted slut on all fours, naked in a paddock, being forced to eat grass from the ground.


It showed naked women mooing and purring and yapping, and being petted approvingly, and it showed women in clothes trying to speak and being slapped. Laura orgasmed again and again to these images, and by the time the round of conditioning was done she would forever after have trouble remembering her species, often identifying herself as "cow" or "bitch" when questioned. The next round taught her to love her abusers.

Videos followed a variety of men, and some women, through their days. When the men degraded or hurt women, a vibrator would buzz happily in Laura's cunt.

When they were particularly vicious to a women or raped her, Amy would inject endorphins directly into Laura's breast. When they were nice or respectful to women, though, Laura's cunt would be electroshocked. Laura came to associate a feeling of deep happiness with looking at men who treated women like shit, and become uneasy and nervous around ones who respected her or tried to make her happy.

It was during these sessions that she realised her deep romantic love for Alistair, and for Roy, and for Daniel, and for all the other men who had treated her like the cumdump she was. The thought that she was less than completely pleasing to these men began to make her upset, and she would sometimes cry at the thought she had been less than perfectly satisfying to rape and abuse.

After that, the conditioning moved on to suppressing her complex thoughts and making her a good little giggly bimbo.

She was given workbooks full of problems to solve. When the problems involved maths, or abstract thought, or memory, she would receive little shocks constantly to her cunt as she worked.

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But the workbooks also contained other problems like "think of 10 degrading names for your fuckbags" or "list things that a man would enjoy doing to you that would make you cry" or "write 'I am a dumb little lesbo slut' 15 times", and when she worked on these the vibrator pleasured her pussy.

Amy encouraged her to make a stupid little giggling sound whenever the vibrator started to operate, and Laura found to her delight the correct pitch and brainlessness of giggle would make the vibrator buzz even harder. She soon found that thoughts that reinforced her stupidity and degradation made her happy, while trying to think about practical problems ("man thoughts", she found herself thinking) made her scared and nervous.

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More and more often in her daily life she found herself responding to being patronised or degraded with that happy little bimbo giggle, and, expecting a resulting pleasure in her pussy and usually not receiving one, she would increasingly follow up her own laughter by putting her hand between her legs and massing her twat to give her that little shot of sexual pleasure.

Being a dumb bimbo meant being sexually happy; being sexually happy meant being a dumb bimbo. Her IQ had been declining anyway ever since she'd been moved to the "always aroused" regime. Now there was a pretty, confused, vacant look in her eyes all the time, the look of a fucktoy waiting contentedly for her next raping. And yet always inside some part of the original Laura remained, hating the big-titted decoration she had become, humiliated and degraded by her every action now. Amy helped Laura with a homework exercise in this period.

Laura was to think back through her life about every person who had ever hurt her, or humiliated her, or made unwanted sexual advances on her, or made her feel in any way bad. She was to masturbate to orgasm while imagining being raped by each of those people, and then afterwards Amy helped her look up as many of those people as they could between them find, with the goal of Laura catching up with each of them over coming months so they could see the new fucktoy Laura and, if they chose, rape her.

Laura was made to orgasm twice over the idea of there being literally no one in her entire life who had ever mistreated her who had not been sexually rewarded by her for doing so.


Next were a series of "attitude adjustments". Laura was conditioned to never be able to accept money for any work that didn't make her feel degraded and objectified.

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At the end she was asked to make a list of suitable jobs for a slut like her. Giggling and feeling stupid, Laura wrote a list that included "whore", "urinal", "punching bag" and "maybe, like, people would pay to hurt my fuckbags". She was trained out of consent.

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Heavy conditioning literally removed Laura's ability to consent to sex. All sex she experienced from that point on would be rape. She couldn't say yes to a request for sexual activity. In fact the very idea of being asked for consent made her uncomfortable.

But at the same time, she was trained out of saying no to anything a man suggested. She wouldn't offer objection or resistance to anything a man chose to do to her. At the end of the condition, Roy held a Taser against her cunt and told her if she didn't want him to fire it into her pussy, she just had to say "no". Laura whimpered in terror but she couldn't close her legs or move her hands to protect herself, and the word "no" wouldn't come out of her mouth no matter how hard she tried, so she just let Roy zap her twat, and then rape her and cum inside her as she twitched.

The second last lot of conditioning was "to help her get raped", as Roy put it, and it largely consisted of a new set of behaviours that would encourage people to use Laura as the rapetoy she was. They taught her to by default sit on men's laps, and wiggle her ass against their cocks. They taught her to idly stroke men's groins as she talked to them.

They taught her to rub her tits up against people at every opportunity. They taught her to keep a photo of herself naked on her phone and show it to strangers and ask for their opinion.

They taught her to hug people at every opportunity, and nuzzle against their neck on the first hug and try and kiss them on the lips on the second. They taught her to make her small-talk with men about how much she liked being raped, about what a stupid bimbo slut she was, about how much she liked being controlled and abused.

She learned to be a walking invitation to rape.

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The final set of conditioning was one last reinforcement of her place in the world. By now she submitted instinctually to men. She submitted instinctively to forceful women, while at the same time seeking to dominate and abuse those who were submissive.

This last conditoning introduced something else that was above Laura in the natural hierarchy of the universe. Each session they would pair Laura with a male dog - different each time, so that she learned dogs generally were her superior rather than any particular one - and they taught her to be attentive to its needs.

If the dog pawed at her clothes, she removed them, or else got a shock in her tits and cunt. When it sniffed at her crotch, she would spread her pussy for it; when it sniffed at her ass she would bend over and spread her cheeks. If it looked hungry, she would hurry to bring it food - always people food, never dog food, because dog food was for bitches like her, not for her superiors.

If the dog pissed, Laura would get down on all fours and lick up its urine from the ground. And if it looked horny, she would take a position on all fours, naked, her ass in the air, the stance known as "presenting", and see if it wanted to fuck her.

If it didn't fuck her after a certain period of time, she would go to it and try to masturbate it or suck its cock. Sometimes this would lead to it cumming in her mouth or over her face and tits but more often this would encourage it to rape her, and soon its cock would be knotted in her cunt as it vigorously raped her.

All of this last activity was something it was hard for Laura to do. Indeed, before the first time she offered her cunt to a male hound there were long hours of crying and pleading as she begged to not be made to fuck a dog, while Roy and Amy impassively watched, triggering the implants in her tits and cunt to repeatedly electroshock her into obedience.

This degradation made it clear to Laura that she was no longer a nice girl, or a lesbian, or even a heterosexual, or a slut - she was sub-human, and dirty, and she would never be clean or nice or human again.

She would always be the crying big-titted fuckpet that had encouraged a dog to rape her. She was a cum-dump for animals. This was what she was. This was what she had always been.

This was the path, she understood now, that she had been inevitably on from the days when her tits had developed larger and sluttier than the other girls, from the first time she had encouraged another lesbian slut to tongue her fuckhole, from every time she had cockteased a boy with no intention of following through.

This is what she deserved for being who she was, for having the giant whore udders that she did, for having lezzed off with no thought for whether men might want to watch and use her afterwards. And this wasn't just a one-off degradation. And she knew by the time the Mayim Clinic was through that if she saw a dog piss in the street, she would lick it up no matter who was watching.

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That if she visited a house and a dog there pawed at her clothes, she would undress for its convenience no matter what its owners thought of her. That if she visited family members, and they had a dog, and it looked horny, she would find herself down on the floor offering her cunt to it, as she cried with humiliation and her family looked on in horror.

Of course, she orgasmed three times on the first occasion she was fucked by a dog, but that wasn't the point. (To be continued.)

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