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Fbailey story number 463 Last In When my fifteen-year-old daughter read about a Brazilian woman whose short, pink dress caused a near riot at a private college and led to her expulsion and subsequent reinstatement, it excited her.

Bandeirante University backed down on its decision to expel the twenty-year-old Geisy Arruda following a flood of negative reaction in a nation where skimpy attire is common. She immediately had her mother take her to the fabric store and purchase the material and thread to make a copy for herself to wear to her high school.

My daughter is quite a seamstress and wishes to become a clothing designer after college. Needless to say it was a close duplicate and it was adjusted for her shorter stature.

When I got a phone call at work I just smiled and headed to my daughter's school. My wife met me in the parking lot and we walked in together.

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My wife was wearing the same short pink dress that my daughter had on, except my wife was taller and her dress had not been adjusted for her height. Needless to say if she shrugged her shoulders her bright white panties showed. The Principle was not prepared for us to arrive with our lawyers either.

When he asked to speak to us privately we granted his request. My wife made sure to show off her white panties. In fact she opened her knees far wider than was necessary to show them to the Principle. He agreed that our daughter had not shown anyone her panties and that it had been one of the women teachers that had complained. Then in front of our lawyers he said that Carrie could return to class and that she could wear her dress if she wanted too.

Out in the parking lot I thanked my brother-in-law and two of his friends for posing as our lawyers. He said that I could make it up to them with a case of beer…each. Done. When I got home I was greeted by my wife and a dozen high school girls that wanted Carrie to make them similar dresses for them to wear.

They were willing to pay for the material and her time. In fact a couple of their mothers wanted dresses too but not like that one, they wanted 'eat your heart out' dresses to wear in front of their ex-husbands.

I was home on Saturday for the fittings and apparently my opinion was of some interest to the mothers. The first one came into the living room where I was sitting in a low over stuffed chair.

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She asked me the color of her panties and I replied yellow. Then she shrugged her shoulders and asked me if I saw anything above them, no I couldn't. Then she lifted her arms up on top of her head. That was it, I could see well above her skimpy yellow lace panties and saw a tiny tattoo just above her hairline. It was a cute little blue butterfly. That was it, she said that the length was perfect then. The second mother wanted to make sure that I could see her entire ass when she raised her hands.

She thought that her ass was her best feature, so did I. The last mother just wanted to be sexy. Carrie gave her a low scooped front, a low scooped back, and a very short skirt with a slit up both sides to her hips.

It was not possible for her to wear a bra or panties under that dress. It was perfect for her. I was so hard that I couldn't get up.

That excited the hell out of her.

The next thing that I knew that woman was standing in my chair and had her pussy on my face humping my tongue. Carrie cleared her throat but the woman ignored her.

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I heard my daughter say, "Dad, when you get free from her could you look at a couple of the girls dresses too?" I waved at her to let her know that I had heard her.

Soon the woman riding my face orgasmed and got off. Then she told me her name was Lyn and thanked me for the sex. What sex? I was still hard as a rock and suffering too. My daughter stepped back into the room and said that the next girl was that woman's daughter and that she was known around school as a pretty good cocksucker.

Her use of the words startled me but when she sent the girl in I knew she was that woman's daughter just by her looks. She said, "Carrie told me to suck your cock first, then you would give me your opinion of my new dress." I just sat there as she unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out with some difficulty, and then started to suck on it.

I was so sexually charged that I cum in her mouth quickly. She swallowed and let me put my own cock away. Then she said, "You should have let my mother do that, after all she caused it didn't she?" I just nodded. Then she stood up and let me look at her dress. It was fine just the way that it was. It was short and it covered her panties if she wanted it too and she could show some lucky boy her panties if she wanted to do that too. By noon I had seen some fifteen or sixteen pair of panties under my daughter's dresses, that is the panties of the girls that actually wore panties.

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As it turned out three girls and that one woman didn't. When my wife came home from her half day at work I followed her right up to our bedroom and made love to her. It was urgent and it was strictly self-gratification, but she all ready knew that. I ravaged her and she loved it. After I cum deep inside her body and lay next to her recovering she said, "So you like checking out all those young girls in those sexy short dresses." I then told her about Lyn putting her pussy in my face followed by her daughter sucking me off.

My wife just laughed and said, "I bet you could have had much more if you had tried." Then she said, "You do know that all of Carrie's friends put out, including Carrie herself." I was dumbfounded to say the least.

I had no idea that my fifteen-year-old daughter put out. According to my wife she has since she turned thirteen. How come I never knew that? Then my wife added, "They all have a crush on you, you know.

You could have fucked them all." All I could manage to say was, "Shit." My wife laughed and said, "Don't be upset, the girls were only here for their fitting, they'll be back to try them on again tomorrow so that they can wear them to school on Monday.

I'll be here to help you out." I kissed her and said, "Thanks honey, I really love you." She replied, "I know you do." My daughter kept very busy that evening reinforcing seams and adjusting the dresses as per her marks.

It was sometime around midnight when she fell asleep. Sunday started out much earlier than usual. The doorbell rang about eight o'clock and I threw on a robe to answer the door. My pussy in the face woman was standing there in her sexy dress holding a bottle of Champaign. I let Lyn in and she told me that her dress had been a big hit at the party that she had gone too.

She was still drunk. She flopped down onto the couch with her legs spread wide and said, "The men tried to fuck me to death but I outlasted them all." I looked at her red raw pussy and cringed, thinking that she was going to be sore when she sobered up.

About then my wife appeared in her robe too. She looked at my erection sticking out through the gap and said, "Go ahead and fuck her, she caused it." I pointed to her abused pussy and my wife said, "Go ahead, fuck it, one more cock sure isn't going to hurt it any more." Lyn just smiled up at me and said, "Come on.

I can handle it. Stick it in me." I did just that, with my wife watching. I shoved my cock into that raw pussy causing her to cringe slightly but to hold me closer. I pumped into her slowly and realized just how sore she really was but she wouldn't admit it. For some reason that made me feel superior knowing that she was allowing me to fuck her very sore pussy, so I took my time and caused her as much agony as I could. When I finally cum in her and pulled out I could see the look of relief on her face.

She smiled up at me and said, "See I told you that I could handle it." Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep. My wife laid her down on the couch and covered her with a blanket. Then she found some cream to rub into her pussy. Carrie came downstairs and asked what was up. My wife told her that Lyn had let a bunch of guys fuck her and then gave me "Last in." Carrie smiled and said, "I tried that once but my boyfriend didn't get 'Last In.' She must really like you Dad." I just looked at Carrie and she continued, "It was a long time ago when I was thirteen.

My eighteen-year-old boyfriend at the time told me to prove my love for him by letting his friends fuck me.

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Well after those five guys fucked me I was too sore to let him have 'Last In' and came home. A week later he got his then broke up with me." Her mother asked, "Was that the only time?" Carrie smiled and said, "No. I've done it two more times but not with six guys.

And yes my boyfriend at the time got, Last In." My wife smiled and said, "I only did a gangbang just once, when I was in high school. I was drunk and my girlfriend said that ten guys fucked me before I said 'No More.' Apparently my English teacher was the 'Last In.' I know that I got a better grade than I deserved that year." I just smiled knowing that my two girls were finally opening up about their sex lives in front of me. I offered to fix them breakfast and they followed me into the kitchen while I made blueberry pancakes.

The conversation stayed on sex and I found out that both of my girls had tried other girls but liked boys better, that they had both tried threesomes with another girl, and that they had had public sex several times. My daughter is quite a little tease too, she likes to spread her knees at times for older guys like me. What really surprised me was when they both admitted to posing nude for their boyfriends.

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When I asked if I could see the pictures my daughter said later if you promise not to freak out. I promised. After breakfast the girls started showing up in half-hour increments. Each girl tried on her dress for the last time, allowing me to pass judgement.


Then again allowing me a glimpse of their panties too but that time each one of them offered to let me stick my cock in them.

Incredibly they all gave me the choice of holes. Taking my wife's advice, I took them up on their kind offer. I took them to my bedroom and helped them undress. Then after sampling their lips, breasts, and pussies I would slip my cock into them for a few minutes just to say that I had.

I did not want to cum because I wanted to sample all of the girls. I certainly thanked them for their kind offer and the use of their bodies. I did however cum in three of them, but I spaced them out so I had plenty of time in between. I decided to cum in the prettiest girls. When all of the fittings had taken place and things slowed down for the evening Carrie asked me if I still wanted to see her nude pictures. Of course I did. Then once again she told me not to freak out and explained that she was not alone in the pictures.

I told her that I would be okay. She took me up to her bedroom and turned on her computer.


Then she popped up the first picture, it was of her totally naked and standing in front of our house. The next picture was of her on her hands and knees with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy from behind.

Then there were close up pictures with cocks in her holes. I could hardly believe the one with a cock in both her pussy and her asshole at the same time. The last few pictures were of her and another girl enjoying each other. When Carrie asked me what I thought of her pictures I told her that they excited me. I told her that seeing her stuffed with cocks excited me too. She seemed to understand what I was saying and asked if she should let the boys take more pictures of her as long as I got to see them.

Sure. A week later Lyn came by to thank me for being 'Last In' the previous weekend and was wondering if she could count on me to do it again sometime. I told her that I would love to be. Then she asked me if I would be willing to be her daughter's 'Last In' too. I couldn't say yes fast enough. Then Lyn went out to her car and brought her daughter in. It seemed that she had been a willing participant in a gangbang that went wrong.

About twenty boys on the rival football team had fucked our head cheerleader after they won the big game. Her daughter had never had that many cocks in one month let along in one afternoon. She needed one 'Last In' to remember when she thought back on the incident.

I was to be that 'Last In.' I helped to get her up into my bed. My daughter helped to get her undressed. My wife applied the medical cream and then I fucked that poor teenage girl with everyone watching. When I finished my daughter asked me if I would do the same thing to her if she ever needed me.

I told her that I would love to be her "Last In." The End Last In 463