Le chupo toda la concha a Juli

Le chupo toda la concha a Juli
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For any tale of this scope, it's always best to start at the beginning. The town I grew up in was once a bustling market town strategically located at the mouth of three valleys in the South Wales coalfields. Every ounce of coal, Iron and lime mined over the past two centuries in the sounding areas had passed through this town, firstly by canal barge and then by rail, to the Welsh Capital, Cardiff, making that port the richest in the world for generations.

Cardiff was the home to the world's first million-pound business deal, and my home town held the honour of being the end point for the worlds first steam train designed and built by a man called Richard Trevithick, his name still adorned street signs, school names and landmarks.

Tom Jones was born here, so were the Stereophonics. The town leeched off the names of the few success stories the area had produced. These facts may all seem nostalgic at best and pointless at worst, but its heritage was what defined the community I was born into. Unfortunately for me, I was born 80 years to late for it to be of any advantage to me.

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From the moment I was old enough to notice, I was acutely aware that my home town was well past it's prime like and aged athlete still living off former glories whilst being riddled with arthritis.

By the time I entered my 30s the decline was obvious even within my own lifetime, the high street which as a boy was filled with stores of every imaginable type was now reduced to boarded up windows, for-sale signs and charity shops. Parks in which I had spent my youth were now dilapidated, overgrown or had simply been demolished. However, if you knew where to look, the South Wales Valleys was an area of staggering natural beauty.

Hundreds of small towns and villages nestled in the shadows of rolling mountains, crystal clean rivers, waterfalls and farm land.

Everyone who lived there had a favourite spot, a few of us who had grown up there and had spent sufficient time wandering and exploring were lucky enough to know of places that very few people in history had ever looked upon.

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On a clear day from the top of a mountain, you could see for sixty or seventy miles in every direction. From the towering peaks of the Brecon Beacons, over the city of Cardiff and the Severn Estuary and just make out the skyline Bristol City.

Despite this, it was hard for anyone born to the area to understand why anyone would voluntarily move there, ours was very much a small-town mindset and ours was a town which people tried to move out of, not into.

Proud was the local boy who made it big, because not only did he leave, he never had to come back. In short, Pontypridd a place name that once resounded with pride and tradition was dying, being sustained almost entirely by the number of people that happened to still live there.

One of those people I'm sorry to say - was me. I guess now is as good a time for introductions as any. My name is James Donovan, the few people who know me well enough call me Jimmy. I'm in my mid-30s and am average in almost every way. Average height, average build, not particularly good looking but not ugly either. I'm not financially well off although I wouldn't say I was poor if there was a graph of all the demographics in the area, I would imagine id be smack in the middle of the chart.

If there was one thing that set me apart from my peers, it was my intelligence. I am smart by any definition of the word and more than that, I had an amazingly good memory.

It was not eidetic the phenomenon also known as photographic memory but it was pretty close. If I saw or learned something then it tended to stick. I had attended the best University my finances could afford to study psychology and had excelled in the fields of body language and facial expressions. I had even written a paper which became reading material for law enforcement interrogators and negotiators, I had never seen a penny for my efforts though and had bounced from one job to another since graduating, never quite earning enough to get of dodge.

I had, however, become something of an expert when it came to 'reading' people, a nice skill to have but I had never had the opportunity to do anything with it that really mattered.

All that was about to change. I was currently working as a logistics manager for a local warehouse, it paid the bills but was nowhere near as glamourous or important as the name suggested. I was basically responsible for shipments coming in and out of the loading dock, I didn't even deal with the stock once it was inside the building, I just made sure that lorry A was unloaded and gone by the time Lorry B was due to arrive. It was boring, tedious work which mostly involved drawing up timetables at my desk and shouting at people if they weren't followed not exactly the kind of job you make friends in.

I had a few friends outside of work who were dotted around but most of them had settled down with families of their own and I didn't get to see them as often as I'd like. I had no family to speak of either, I was an only child to parents who had died a few years back, all-in-all it was a fairly solitary existence which I had reluctantly accepted over the years, it wasn't perfect, but it was mine.

Many people have gone through a series of events or circumstances which have altered the course of their lives but could never tell you what those events or circumstances were, but for me it was easy.

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Even now, after all these years, I can still pinpoint the exact moment my life changed forever. It was a Wednesday. Work had been particularly stressful thanks to a delivery driver who couldn't speak English and the traffic home had been heavier than usual. I cooked myself some food and had settled down in front of the TV to unwind. The clock on the wall was counting down to 7pm and the more I looked for something to watch, the more I realised that having a few hundred channels was no guarantee that anything good was on.

I made a quick decision, checked my appearance in the hallway mirror and headed out to the pub. There, right there, that was moment. The decision to go for a drink that night instead of staying home.

So small, so insignificant and yet without it, well… I guess you can decide for yourself if Id be better off still sat on that sofa. It was June and keeping with the oldest of Welsh traditions, it was raining.

The Welsh have a joke; we can tell when summer has arrived because the rain warms up. The Royal Oak, as the pub was called, was your typical British Village pub hundreds of years old, exposed oak beams in the ceiling and a long wooden bar along the wall directly opposite the door.

Beer and cider taps to the left, cask ales to the right with countless bottle of spirits arranged on shelves along the back wall, tall bar stools propped up the front of the bar and a large carpeted area filled with old wooden tables and chairs filled the rest of the room.

A juke box against the wall the to right of the door was playing Bon Jovi at a volume loud enough to hear but not too loud to have a conversation. Far from crowed, there were a hand full of people mulling around in conversation, a few guys were gathered around the pool table and another two were playing darts, a table of women were sat close enough to them to suggest they were there together.

Being a local pub in the village I had grown up in, I knew a few of the men from my younger days, although not well enough to join their crowd and said my hellos to them as I crossed the room and pulled myself up onto one of the bar stools.

"Hey Jimmy, drinking on a school night eh? Whatever would Mrs Donavan say?" the bartender quipped as I took off my jacket. His name was Jack, we had grown up together and were pretty good friends throughout most of high school, but we had lost touch during our college years and the decade or so since until I had walked into the pub one day to find him working behind the bar. Turns out he had been some hot shot banker for a while but had burned out, took redundancy and bought this pub.

We had never really rekindled our friendship to the fullest extent, although I couldn't tell you why, but I still found him easy to get along with and the smug grin spread across his face instantly reminded me of why we had been so close. "Not sure Jacky boy," I replied as fished through my pocket for my wallet "you'll have to ask her yourself, and say Hi to your dad for me when you do." His booming laugh drowned out the chorus of 'livin' on a prayer' for a few seconds and earning a few quizzical looks from the other patrons before he took my order.


"Ice?" he asked as he prepared the double vodka and coke, nodding towards the glass. "Nope, I don't trust Ice." I answered, leaning forward onto the bar. Jack stopped pouring and raised an eyebrow at me in his best confused look. "I know what it did to the Titanic." Another booming laugh, more quizzical looks.

"So…" he asked, setting my drink down in front of me and taking payment, "how's life?" I rolled my eyes and regaled him with the story of my day. For such a long and shitty day, it took a surprisingly short amount of time to retell. So, for good measure I added in the fact that my boss was the incompetent son of the owner and didn't know his ass from his elbow. "let me guess… Polish? He said after I had finished speaking. I furrowed my brow, letting him know that I had no idea what he was talking about.

"The driver, the one who couldn't speak English". "Oh him, erm, I think he was Romanian," I replied "Same thing" he joked, "yeah, give or take a few thousand miles" "Exactly, what are a few thousand miles and a couple of countries between friends?" More booming laughs.

Jack had always been a big boy, he'd shot past six foot before we were 16, now at the age of 33 he towered over most men and was almost as broad and he was a tall. He could break up bar fights with his presence alone.

He was, however, the very definition of a gentle giant. I couldn't think of a single person we had ever known who could say a bad word about him. "Oooh, now what is my sexy teddy bear laughing about?" a feminine voice said as our laughs subsided.

I turned to my right to see two women standing a few feet away, I hadn't even noticed them come in. The one who had spoken was about the same height as me and was beautiful. An elegant face framed by wavy fire-red hair that fell to her shoulder blades, subtle make up accentuated her natural beauty.

She was wearing a beige woollen jumper which was tight enough to show off her figure but still left enough to the imagination to keep things interesting, tight jeans hugged the curves of her ass and legs and a simple pair of boots finished off the modest yet classy look.

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"Jessica, my muse, my queen, my love, how are you doing on this fine evening" Jack responded with exaggerated albeit genuine chivalry, his ability to sweet talk the ladies had left me in awe during high school. "I'm great now that I've seen you sweetie" she replied with a model worthy smile. "Im just bringing my friend out for a few drinks" she motioned towards to other lady, leaning in closer she whispered "Rachael has been through a bit of a bad break up, dirty bastard was screwing his secretary.

I thought it was time she got herself back on the horse… so to speak" She was looking at me for that last part. Suddenly I was grateful I was still wearing my work suit and not something more… casual.

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"Well Jess, You are always welcome at my humble establishment," Jack said gesturing the rest of the room, "and Rachael, it is very nice to meet you, I'm sure we can cheer you up for the night and if it makes you feel any better, Young Master James here" he reached over the bar and slapped my back "will make a very fine and very willing horse." Jessica burst out laughing, Jack flashed me one of his best shit eating grins which I could only chuckle at, Rachael looked confused, she obviously hadn't heard the last part of our conversation, but smiled nicely anyway.

Jessica ordered a bottle of wine, and turned to me as Jack went off to the far end of the bar to retrieve it. "So, young master James…" She said with a smile. It was times like these that my people-reading skills came in handy. She was standing between two bar stools, facing me with one arm leaning on the bar.

She was looking me straight in the eyes with a playful, almost flirtatious expression on her face. A slight blushing of the cheeks and the occasional subtle glance at the rest of me.

"Do you come here often?" The Joke and the innuendo were both obvious and intentional, I knew exactly how to play this.

I spun the stool to face towards her and met her gaze. I held her eyes, making a point not to glance down, I was talking to her, not her chest, I was talking to her as an equal. Its surprising how far that little trick will get you. "Nope, it's just the way I'm sitting." I replied, giving a cheeky wink to emphasise the playfulness. Another round of laughter filled the room "I like this one Jack, he's cute" she said to Jack, still laughing as he returned and set down a bottle of white with two glasses.

They walked off towards one of the tables on our left with Jessica still laughing. Rachael was looking shy but had giggled slightly at the joke. As she walked past I got my first good look at her.

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She didn't have the typical natural beauty of Jessica but was still very pretty, Dark shoulder length hair and piercing blue eyes. What stuck me most was her choice of clothing, a loose black knee length dress with small red roses dotted over it that did nothing to show off her figure.

This was a girl lacking in even the most basic levels of self-confidence. Her ex had clearly done some damage. Jack and I watched the girls walk to their table and resumed our conversation. I didn't come to the pub very often, maybe once or twice a month, so most of our talk was catching up.

I complained about work a little more, he told me about life as a landlord and the simple pleasures he took out of his work, not forgetting to add how much easier it was than the world of finance. Over time our conversation switched to reminiscing about our younger days with all the "do you remember what's-his-name…" and "remember that time we…" which are customary for old friends.

At some point I realised that we were not alone, Rachael was standing just to my left patiently waiting for us to finish talking to place her order, again I hadn't even noticed her walk over. For someone who prides himself on his observation skills I was dropping the ball. "oh, I'm so sorry" i said to her, "you should have just interrupted us, you didn't have to wait." "Yeah," Jack chimed in, "he is still getting in the way of me doing my work, he's being doing that since we were 10" smiling as he moved towards Rachael.

The wine had made a difference to her demeanour already and she had visibly loosened up since her arrival, she ordered another bottle. "There's always one bad influence" she said with a shy smile. "Oh, that's just great" I shouted with mock offence, Jacks laugh almost drowning me out, "first time she meets me and suddenly I'm the bad influence!" she was laughing now. "How is it you get all the good-looking ones to fall for you bullshit?" I asked Jack. That bit caught her attention and she blushed slightly.

"Easy," he replied. "I am Jack, the slinger of bullshit and the bringer of alcohol, Women are helpless to resist my charms" Rachael was now laughing harder and was much more at ease I huffed and shook my head in mock indignation. "typical." Racheal looked much more relaxed now and was getting into the conversation. "hey" she said holding up her hands playfully, "I call it like I see it, anyway you should be happy, all girls like a bad boy" "oh well in that case," I motioned to Jack "Bullshit away." More laughing as Rachael picked up her wine bottle and walked back across to her table.

Time had ticked by since I had arrived at the pub and closing time was fast approaching. As with all other barmen in the world, this was busiest time of the night for Jack and he was off taking the last orders for the other Patrons and doing the cleaning, leaving me to nurse my drink for the last half hour of the night.

I had turned my stool around to face out into the room and watch the other patrons. Every now and then I would notice a glance from either Jessica or Rachael, they were talking about me. I smiled to myself but made sure not to make it obvious that they had been seen. After about 15 minutes Rachael got up and headed for the restrooms and Jessica made her way down to the bar. Jack was still busy with other patrons leaving Jessica and I to wait, I would've liked another drink before closing time too.

"You did good Young Master James" Jessica said nudging my arm. "Haven't seen her laugh since the break-up. She hasn't talked about that mother fucker since she got back to the table." "Glad to be of service" I said smiling and bowing my head slightly in appreciation of the compliment.

"Why don't you come over and join us for a bit when you get your drink, Rach said you've looked a bit lonely over here since Jack got back to work." "Id love to, but only if I'm not intruding" I answered back "Ooh, a cutie and a gentleman" She joked, "better keep my eye on you. Although at this rate we may need to form a queue." I cocked my head to the side and looked her, genuinely not knowing what she meant.

She got the message. "Rachael is Tipsy, horny and you made her laugh. Besides, she hasn't had any dick for months" I chocked on the last mouthful of my drink "and if she doesn't want any" Jessica continued, "I'm going to fuck you instead." A flirty smile across her face she called for Jack to ply her with more alcohol "Be there in just a minute m'lady" he called back.

"you having another one too Jim?" I nodded and held up my empty glass, still in shock at what I had just heard. I, like most other men, find women who talk openly about sex very attractive. I obviously didn't know Jessica well enough to know if this was out of character but the confidence in her words and demeanour gave me the impression that she was dead serious.

I was not about to complain. Jack came over a few minutes later with another bottle of wine for the ladies and a fresh drink for me. "Hey, are you guys in any rush to leave? been a while since Ive had a drink." "You literally live in a pub" I said mockingly "and you don't drink?" "all work, no play and all that" he replied. "and you" he motioned to me with my empty glass "need to come in here more often. Its been too long since I've had a good laugh at work" "Oh, he'll be here," Jessica answered for me hooking her arm under mine, "now young master James is going to keep two ladies company.

Oh, and no my teddy bear, we are not leaving til you have had a few with us as well." With that she stood me up and walked towards her table.

We weren't even halfway there when Rachael reappeared from the bathroom, stepped in beside me and hooked her arm under my free one.

I walked the 20 odd feet back to their table feeling like a king. The ladies took their seats and I pulled another up from a different table and sat opposite them.

Acting shy and aloof with women may work sometimes but the vast majority like confidence, so that was how I was going to play this. "So how are you ladies enjoying your evening?" i asked to get the ball rolling. "Much better now you are here" Rachael replied not missing a beat, even Jessica looked a little surprised by this.

"We have spent a good part of the night talking about my cunt muncher of a husband and then a better part of the night not talking about him". Jessica was openly laughing now "cunt muncher?" "Oh yeah…" Rachael replied looking off into the distance, "that's a good point.

He never went down on me, not once. In eight years. God, I miss that!" Jessica was laughing so hard by now she was struggling to breathe, I was chuckling away as well. The change in Rachael since she arrived was incredible. This was a sexy, vibrant young woman who was in dire need of breaking out of her shell. Although two bottles of wine had helped. "I mean look at this!" she continued looking down at her dress, "What the fuck am I wearing? I wouldn't have been seen dead in this 10 years ago, I look like I'm wearing a god-dammed curtain!" Jessica was now crying with laughter and I wasn't far behind.

"I am young, free and single, I should be wearing a g string! Not these frumpy, old lady rags - a mini-skirt and a thong!" even she had to join in the laughter by then and it took a few minutes to for us all to calm down. "So James," Jessica started, still struggling to control her breathing "Call me Jim" I cut across "Jim," she smiled, "I have just made up a game, we are going to ask you questions, personal questions, you have to answer, none of this pass shit, and you have to answer quickly" "Ooh, good idea" Rachael said leaning forward "Err, okay" I said, I had no problem with this game but didn't want to come across as arrogant or cocky, but I agreed to the rules.

"Ok, lets start light… Are you single" "Yes" "Good" Rachael said, maybe a little louder than she meant to, Jessica looked at her with a funny smile on her face, Rachael blushed. "Kids?" Jessica continued "None" "Do you have a job?" "Yes, although all things considered, I'd rather be in Barbados" Both women smiled at that "Errr… Do you live alone?" "yes" "Do you own your own place or rent?" "Own, parents left it to me in their will" "Where do you live?

Don't worry I don't need your full address" She joked. "Just around the corner, about a 10-minute walk" "Very good Master Jim," Jessica said after a bit of a pause, "that is round 1 finished, now its time for Round 2." Rachael was leaning forward and listening intently "Ok, lets start with an easy one… boxers or briefs?" Jessica asked with a playful look on her face "Boxers" I replied immediately "tight ones or lose?" "tight" "Hairy, trimmed or shaved" this was getting interesting.

"trimmed" I replied without hesitation "My turn" Rachael chimed in, "Do you like to lick pussy?" we all burst into laughter again "Yes, I do" I answered after catching my breath, she seemed surprised, not by my answer but more by the fact that I answered her at all. Jessica jumped back in. "When was the last time you had sex?" "Errr," I had to think about that one, it had been a while to be fair, "about four months ago, I think" "pah," Rachael joked, "Four months is nothing, its been two years for me." More laughter Both ladies paused for a second trying to think of more questions, they both seemed surprised that I had gone along with it this far and both seemed equally as interested in how far I was willing to go.

"Ok," Jessica said, "You passed the that round, let's take it up a gear… how big is your cock?" "Erm, can't say I've ever measured," Both girls were about to call foul when I added "although if I had to guess, I d say about 6 inches, maybe a little more.

Its hard to tell looking down at it." "hmmm, I'm not sure if that's cheating but I'll accept your answer" Jessica mused. "Oh, I got one" Rachael said, almost jumping out of her seat, "Are you good in bed?" "Yes" "oooh" Rachael purred, "interesting" "you seem very confident in that" Jessica added.

"are you sure?" "Very." "We'll just have to see about that" Rachael said absently, as if she meant to say it in her head but it came out of her mouth instead. Jessica erupted into laughter. "Oh, for fuck's sake, I said that out loud didn't I?" we both nodded, laughing. "How does this happen when I drink around you?

I turn into a raging slut!" "Well we've gotta get you back on that horse somehow" Jessica managed to say between snorts of laughter. "OH, NOW I GET THAT HORSE JOKE!!!" Rachael shouted after a few seconds pause.

Everyone in the bar looked around at Rachael and the sound of Jack's laughter echoed off the walls. Racheal turned a funny shade of crimson and Jessica was creased over laughing hysterically. "enough, stop, please" Jessica cried, "I can't breathe, I'm gonna pee" Rachel and I struggled not to laugh, not so much at the situation, but not laugh at Jessica laughing.

Eventually we all calmed down. "I liked that game" Rachael said leaning back into her chair and swirling the wine around her glass. "makes me sound like a cock craving harlet, but it was fun" "Don't Rach, I'm seriously gonna pee if I keep talking like that" Jessica chimed in quickly before the hysterics got the better of her again.

"I've gotta say," Rachael said after another small pause, "I really didn't want to come out tonight, I wanted to curl up in bed with a tub of ice cream and cy at Bridget Jones, but I'm really glad I did." Jessica smiled, "a night out with a friend is just what i needed.

Plus…" she held her wine glass out towards me "flirting with a good-looking man didn't hurt either" She smiled, keeping her glass outstretched. "Don't forget being flirted with as well, it wasn't just one way" I said picking up my glass to join in the toast.

"oh dear god, you keep this up and she is gonna fuck the shit outta you before long" Jessica laughed also lifting up her glass, "but I will certainly drink to that." "Yeah, probably" Rachael shrugged as we all took a drink. This time it was Jessica's turn to choke on her drink. This was turning out to be a very good night. After a few minutes of idle conversation, mainly consisting of the two ladies chatting away with me listening, Jack rang the bell and closed the bar.

It didn't take long for the other customers to leave, he locked the door behind them, switched off most of the lights, grabbed a few more drinks and joined us at the table. "Well you guys seemed to be having fun up here" he said as he sat down, distributing the drinks as he did.

"these are on the house by the way." "We've had a great time teddy bear," Jessica replied, "We've been getting to know your friend here" "and it turns out I'm a slut" Rachael added. Everyone laughed. "I'm gonna have to cut you off at this rate young lady" Jack said, half mockingly "oh, I'm not drunk," she said laughing, "its her!" pointing at Jessica "yeah, that's probably true," Jessica laughed, "Trust me, if she not throwing up everywhere and telling you she loves you, she's not drunk" Rachael shrugged, we all laughed again.

The conversation carried on innocently enough for the next hour or two. I learned that Jessica and Rachael had been friends all their lives, they were born on the same street and their parents were friends. They'd been inseparable since they were toddlers. They'd gone to the same school and even shared an apartment during college. Things had become more strained when Rachael had met her husband, Jessica had seen through him almost immediately and her hostility towards him had driven something of a wedge between them.

They hadn't spoken for years until they had bumped into each other in the market a year or so ago and had rekindled their friendship.

By this time, Rachael was starting to have suspicions about her husband which ultimately proved to be true, Jessica had helped her throughout the whole ordeal. I admired their loyalty to each other. I learned that Rachael lived on the other side of town, maybe a 15-minute drive away and Jessica had moved to this village about six months ago about a 10-minute walk from the pub in the opposite direction to my house.

Jack had known Jessica from his days in finance, he had been her boss for a while before she moved to a different department, they kept in touch when he left and had helped her find her house.

He had never met Rachael before tonight either.

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I told them about my interest in psychology and some of the obstacles I had encountered trying to get a job in that field and a little more about myself. "Its funny isn't it" Rachael said, "all things considered, we should all have met each other long before tonight." We all agreed, "Strange how things turn out." "It is indeed" Jack mused, "I hate to call time on such a good night but im afraid im going to have kick you all out soon, Ive got a delivery coming at 8 tomorrow morning and it's almost 1 now" "aww, spoil sport" Jessica joked.

"Tell you what though, we got a poker tournament here on Saturday night if you guys want to come down. I got staff on to cover the bar so I can stay on this side of the oak with you." Jack said taking the joke, "You always liked poker, Jim" "Sounds like a plan" Rachael said "I'm free" "Me too" Jess chimed in "Hang on a minute," I said, "You hate poker!

Don't get me wrong, Im definitely up for it but why would you hold a poker tournament here?" "Oh I do hate it" Jack said with a shrug "I think its all bullshit, but it's a promotion with one of my suppliers, if I hold a tournament I get my stock for half price all next month, too good an offer to pass up, besides, I don't have to play" "Well, count me in.

Saturday it is" We all said our goodbyes to Jack and headed to the door. The ladies both gave the big man a hug and we shook hands before we stepped outside and he relocked the door behind us. It had stopped raining and had turned into quite a pleasant night as we stood on the street preparing to part company.

"Right, Im going to go get this one a taxi" Jessica said, motioning to Rachael, "You stay here and keep her company" "No problem" I replied "Hey wait," Rachael called after her as Jessica walked away, "You're going to leave him with the slut?" "That's the plan" Jessica called back laughing "Ah, well that sucks" Racheal said quietly "Everything alright?" I asked "Not really," She said, I waited for her to continue, "You men cant understand - the one time I find a nice guy, have to opportunity to do something about it, the one chance I get to take him home and fuck his brains out… and get my pussy licked" I chuckled at that one "and im on my fucking period… like i said, it sucks!" I laughed a little, just enough to comfort her, "There's plenty of time for that" I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me, our lips met, tentatively at first then growing more passionate.

Within a few seconds our tongues were entwined and she was kissing me with a fever I hadn't felt in a long time, years of pent up frustration being released in one act of physical intimacy. "Oh shit, i needed that." Rachael panted as we pulled away. She looked around, grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the street. "come on." She said "Where are we going?" I asked, "wont Jessica be expecting us to wait there?" "Don't worry about her, I want to give you a blowjob and I'm going to swallow everything your balls have to offer!" I decided to stop arguing.

She turned up into an alley. "I love sucking dick, its been a while since ive done it but I am going to get a lot of practice on you.

Don't worry, no strings, i don't want a relationship or anything, I just want to feel like a woman." I couldn't for the life of me think of anything to say in reply. We walked a few feet further into the alley, just enough not to be seen from the road and she pushed me against the wall, our mouths met again, the same passion, the same fever yet somehow even more intense.

She pulled away, her hand already working on the button to my pants "I know I come across as shy and quiet, but I never used to be that way. Its time to get back to the old me!" In one motion she dropped to her knees taking my pants down with her, bunching them up on top of my shoes. Now at eye level with the already hard bulge in my boxers, she hooked her fingers into the waist band and paused to look up to me, a look of pure lust and need in her eyes.

"I like to talk dirty, I like to be fucked rough and I like to swallow, you'll be getting two of the three tonight" and with that she yanked my boxers to my ankles. My cock sprang up into the night air, only inches away from her face. There was a pause as she looked at it, then a sharp intake of breath as her fingers delicately wrapped around my shaft. She was moving it around, looking at it from every angle. "That…" she said after what felt like an eternity "is a fucking nice dick" And in another single motion it was devoured, her nose pressed against my trimmed pubes and my balls resting on her chin, she held there for a few seconds before slowly pulling off.

She repeated this for a few minutes, impaling herself on my manhood, her tongue working furiously on the shaft, her fingers squeezing and fondling my balls, only to pull back agonisingly slowly. She knew exactly what she was doing. For my part, all i could do was throw my head back and moan at the sensation. Gradually she started to speed up until her whole head was a blur, she was basically using my dick to fuck her own face.

I knew that i wouldn't be able to last much longer under her expert ministrations, she must have sensed this because she changed tactics. With one hand still on my balls, the other one gripped the bottom half of my shaft, her mouth engulfed the rest. She would push down with her hand and mouth at the same time and then pull back, twisting her hand slightly until only the tip of the head was between her lips, there she would swirl her tongue around the head before pushing back down.

She continued this for another few minutes at the same frantic speed Suddenly her head came off entirely and she worked the shaft furiously with her hand. "Fuck, your cock tastes amazing," Her mouth reattached and continued her assault. A few seconds later she came off again, "I love sucking your dick, i could suck your dick all night!" back on again. Another few seconds. "Fuck, i am so fucking horny, my cunt is dripping!" back on and off again "You are gonna get fucked on Saturday!

This big fat dick is going to fuck my pussy hard and fast and your going to fill me up with your cum!" more sucking "Im going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before!" "You're gonna be so happy you've got me as a fuck buddy!

You're gonna get everything! You want to fuck my ass? Its yours! Threesomes? I will find another cum eating slut to share this cock with! But first…" more sucking. "but first, i want you to empty those big full balls into my mouth!

I wanna taste every drop before I swallow it all." Now she went back to her original technique. Impaling her face on my manhood as fast as her neck would allow. If her technique hadn't done it, the words coming out her mouth would have and now with her deep throating frenzy I knew there was no coming back. "I getting close!" I growled through clenched teeth "mmm hmmm" she didn't even slow down. A few more seconds and off she came, her hand picking up where her mouth had left off.

"give it to me! I want your cum in my mouth! I want to taste you! Empty your balls down my throat!" With a roar I let rip, the first rope landed square on her tongue and immediately she engulfed my cock again. Spurt after spurt, i unloaded everything I had into her wet and willing mouth.

She moaned as every rope splashed inside her mouth. She deepthroated me a few more times after my orgasm had subsided, sucking out every last droplet she could. "mmmm, you taste amazing" she said as she opened her mouth to show me the pool of jizz covering her tongue.

She closed her mouth, jerked her head back and swallowed, reopening her mouth to show that it had all gone. "I fucking needed that!" She pulled my boxers and pants back up, my knees were still weak as she tucked me back inside. Then she held my hand and led me back to the street outside the Royal Oak.

Gifs gay porn Writhing As His Cock Spews Cum

"You know, Jessica wants to fuck you as well." She said with a casualness that left me speechless. "I hope you show her as good a time as you've given me." She gave me a sexy little wink. "I believe that will be your first threesome". My mind was still recovering from the blowjob of the century and I was struggling to process what I was hearing. "Err, Sorry?" "Jessica…" She smiled, looking at me "Jessica and I are going to give you a threesome." I blinked a few times, not even I know how to respond to that sort of statement.

"We talked about it earlier. But I want you to myself first, so I'll see you on Saturday". With that we rounded the corner to find Jessica standing there with a large grin on her face just as a taxi pulled up. "Your chariot awaits princess" Jessica said as Rachael skipped over towards her.

They hugged for a few seconds before pulling away, giving each other a quick friendly peck on the lips. Jessica licked her lips and smirked, "you sucked his dick, didn't you? I can taste his cum." she whispered with a giggle. Rachael just nodded. "Have fun with him." She said, she turned and blew a kiss at me before climbing into the taxi. A few more seconds and she was gone. My mind was a blur, I had just stumbled into the wet dream of every teenage boy and I still wasn't sure how it happened.

Jessica was still waving off the taxi before turning to me with a smile. "She likes you" she said "I gathered as much" I replied, Jessica laughed.

"Good, now Young Master James, would you care to escort a lady home" "I would be honoured" We hooked arms and walked off towards her end of the village "Well, I say lady, the things Im going to do to you when I get you home won't be very lady like" she laughed "I bet" I answered The walk to her place was made in relative silence, she was wearing a small grin across her face while I was still trying wrap my brain around what was happening.

A few minutes later we turned onto the driveway of a small cottage, walked to the door and she started fishing around in her bag for her keys.

"I may as well say this now," she said as she unlocked the door, "I'm happy for Rachael, meeting you after such a bad time and we have already come to an arrangement that we are going to share you" I didn't give away the fact that Rachael had already told me as much, "so if you feel weird about that, or you're after a relationship or something then you can leave if you like, no hard feelings." I didn't answer with words, I simply leant past her, pushed open the door and let her lead me inside, both of us smiling.

She led me into the front room where I sat on the white leather sofa positioned in the middle of the space while she went off to close the curtains and put on some music. It was moderately decorated and it was clear that she hadn't been living here long enough to put her mark on the place. She walked over to me from the other side of the room, making sure to exaggerate the sway of her hips as she moved. Straddling me, she leant in for a kiss, her red hair cascading over my face as our lips met.

This wasn't the frantic pent up passion of Rachael, this was something different - sensual, erotic but no less needed. Our tongues danced for a few minutes, her hands moving though my hair as mine wrapped around her back, slowly moving down to cup her ass before she pulled away standing up in front of me. "Do you want to see me naked?" she asked seductively "Oh yes" I replied "Have you ever had a lap dance?" "No, never" Her smiled beamed as she picked up the remote to the sound system.

"Well" she said and she pressed a few buttons, "you're going to get one tonight" A few seconds later Michael Jackson's rendition of 'come together' came steaming out of the speakers.

Her body started to sway, only her hips at first but slowly raising her hands up to the back of her neck and lifting her hair up sensually. Leaning forward she allowed it to drop onto my face, her hands reaching for mine and placing them firmly at my sides.

The message was unspoken but clear as day 'no touching'. I adjusted myself in the seat and prepared to watch the show. Standing back up the swaying restarted, hugging herself she moved her hands from her shoulders and down, cupping her breasts, lifting them slightly then pushing them together before letting them bounce back to their natural position.


Her hands continued moving, further down over her belly and towards her hips. There she held them as she started to twist and gyrate her hips in the way a belly-dancer does and she turned around to face away from me. In one motion she lifter her woollen jumper up over her head and threw it onto the floor. I was amazed to realise that she had not been wearing a bra all night.

Her hands moved down her sides, her hips still swaying, until they reached the button of her jeans. With a deliberately slow and exotic motion she started lowering them while simultaneously bending over at the waist. It took and age for the full glory of her ass to be revealed, two perfectly round globes swallowing the tiny slip of material of her pink thong.

Standing back up, still facing away from me and still swaying, she freed her long and shapely legs from their prison and kicked the jeans into the pile to join her top. With the song approaching its first chorus and in perfect time with the music she made her move.

'come together' she stopped swaying, 'right now' she put her hands on her hips and thrust them to one side, 'over me.' With that she spun around revealing a sight which literally took my breath away. Her body was the image of perfection; flawless, smooth, pale skin covering a pair of magnificent breasts, perfectly symmetrical and not an inch of sag to them, they bounced slightly as she continued swaying to the music. Stepping towards me I could only admire her flat, toned stomach filling out into perfect hourglass hips encased in the pink lace thong.

She straddled me again putting her head into the nape of my neck and licking all the way up to my earlobe, her touch was electric. Still swaying her hips, she moved further up my body until her dollar sized nipples were only centimetres away from my face, it took every ounce of willpower to stop me diving between those two perfect mounds.

Grinding her hips up and down moved her tits in the same way, bobbing up and down in front of my eyes. She pulled back, swinging one leg over she spun herself around to sit in my lap leaning back against me. Her panty clad sex gyrating over the painfully hard bulge in my pants and her head thrown back onto my shoulder.

She reached down to take both of my hands, moving them back up she placed them on her tits, her hands controlling mine as I caressed and massaged them. I could feel her smiling "feels like someone enjoying the show" she whispered giving her hips a little wiggle to emphasise her point.

A few more seconds of that and she returned my hands back to their place by my side and leant forward, as more and more pressure was being placed onto my cock she kept going until she was leaning right over with her hands on the floor and her hips still on mine, folding herself in half she grinded harder.

The second chorus was approaching, as it reached its crescendo she pulled her legs from underneath her and in a display of incredible acrobatics, lifter herself into a handstand with the legs wide open in air. She held that position for what felt like an eternity and as the chorus died down she rolled herself on the floor turning herself onto all fours facing me.

It was the first time I had gotten a good look at her face since her performance started, her look was one of pure lust and determination. She was totally in control and not only did she know it, she was loving every second of it.

She crawled towards me like a big cat stalking her prey, her ass swinging with each movement, in a few short motions her head was nuzzled against my groin. She moved her hands up onto my chest, rubbing it hard and she started sensually licking the bulge in my pants, trancing the outline of my manhood through the fabric and flicking her tongue over the parts she correctly guessed were most sensitive. I tried my hardest not to grind up into her, not even to twitch.

Eventually she stopped, stood up and stepped onto the sofa, her feet either side of my hands, leaning forward, she placed her knees against my chest and thrust her groin towards my face and as the final chorus of the song approached, she slowly peeled off her thong revealing a perfectly shaved and incredibly wet pussy, inches from my more than willing mouth.

She grinded and swayed in that position for a few more seconds as the song finally finished. "Now, lick that pussy" she purred, still panting from the efforts of her performance. I didn't need to be told twice, I dove into her sex and my hands came up behind her to grab her ass, pulling her harder into me. She squealed and giggled in surprise and she lost her balance, fell forward slightly and ended up straddling my face.

I dragged my tongue over her dripping wet hole, taking time to savour her sweet musky taste and up towards my target. It took less that a second to find her clit, that wonderful little organ that can give some much enjoyment. She groaned in appreciation, and then a second, louder moan as I found it, her hands gripped onto the back of my head and she rolled her hips forward to give me better access.

I lathered her nub with my tongue, giving her every trick that I had learned, she had certainly earned it. At the same time, I brought one hand around to her front and pressed two fingers slowly into her opening, palm facing me, curling my fingers around to rub against the ribbed area of flesh at the roof of her dripping wet pussy.

With the g-spot being caressed I started alternative my technique, lapping at her clit from random directions, flicking it up and down with the tip of my tongue, sucking it gently between my lips, holding it there and licking it side to side as fast as I could, pressing my tongue hard against it and humming, everything I had learned over years of practice.

She was moaning, grunting and writhing around as her climax approached. "Oh shit, you're gonna make me cum" she announced as if I couldn't already tell, the small contractions around my fingers made it perfectly clear how close she was. As they grew stronger, so did my efforts. "shit shit shit!" she panted "so fucking good, don't stop, right there!" I sped up even more.

"fuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!!!" she screamed as her body was wracked with her first orgasm of the night. Of course, I didn't even slow down "Im cumming! Im cumming all over your fucking face!" A generous dose of her juices trickled past my fingers and onto my chin as I eased my assault.

After a few more seconds I was down to a simple gentle lap at the area around her clit, I know it can become very sensitive, almost painful immediately after an orgasm. Eventually she fell to the side, laying down onto the sofa next to me, her head on the armrest and her legs draped over my lap. Her eyes were glazed over and the occasional involuntary spasm made her twitch as she came down from her high. "Fuck, so good," was all she could manage as she tried catching her breath.

It took several minutes for her to regain her senses - an observation I took as a huge compliment but finally she pulled herself up and onto my lap kissing me hard, tasting her juices on my tongue. As the intensity of our kissing increased, her hands started making short work of my shirt buttons until that was on the floor. Scooting her hips backwards slightly, but not breaking the kiss, my pants were opened and zipper pulled down just as quickly.

We both lifted up as my pants and boxers joined all the other clothes on the floor and still without breaking our kiss she sank down onto my granite hard dick. We both groaned as she took my full length, she was warm, tight and incredibly wet as she started rocking her hips. "Oh yeah, that is some good dick" she moaned as we finally broke our kiss, her hands moved behind her and onto my knees for balance as she had leant back, one of my arms was wrapped around her arch of her back for added support while the other pawed at her tits and played with her nipples, "I could get really used to this" she said with her eyes closed as she started grinding her hips into me with increasing speed.

This continued for a few more minutes but eventually I'd had enough, this beautiful creature had been in control since we walked in and although I was not about to make any complaints, it was time for me to take charge. With the arm still wrapped around her back, I stood up, lifting her into the air, her pussy still gripping onto my dick, a little squeak of surprise leaving her mouth as I turned us around and laid her onto the sofa. "Oh, Master Jim is the boss now" she joked as I started slowly pressing into her.

"Damn right I am" I replied with mock sternness. "Uuurgh, fine by me sir," she groaned as my first thrust made it home "use my pussy any way you like." With that I picked up the pace, soon I was pounding into her with every ounce of my strength, each impact eliciting a moan, her tits bouncing up and then perfectly back into place with each stroke and the sounds of my balls slapping against her ass getting louder as she bucked by into me.I pulled her legs up and in front of me, hooking her ankles over my shoulders, her arms fell loosely over her head as she surrendered herself to full measure of what I was giving her.

Getting faster and harder with each passing second, I could feel the walls of her pussy start to get a little tighter as she approached her second orgasm of the night. Her bucking became more frenzied as I ploughed into her as did the volume and frequency of her moans "Yes, yes yes, fuck me hard, yes, just like that, faster, shit I'm gonna cum again, are you getting close?" she grunted between breaths.

"not yet" I replied, still somehow in control of my breathing, "I wanna get at least another few orgasm out of you before we're done" "Oh fuck!" she moaned as her orgasm started to build more quickly "You're like a fucking stallion!

Well come on then, stud, make me cum all over that gorgeous cock again, then we can race to the finish line. See if you make me cum again before you fill me up with your baby makers." I didn't need to be told twice. I rutted into her with everything I could muster, she pulled her legs back down and wrapped them around my waste, using them to pull me deeper into her and within another minute or so, she let out another ear-piercing scream as her second orgasm ripped through her body.

Her pussy clamped down onto my shaft with incredible force as I felt every ripple of her contractions through my manhood. I was going to give her no time to catch her breath this time, as soon as she'd finished moaning and thrashing beneath me I lifted her up again eliciting another squeal of surprise, flipping her onto her knees.

Before she could even think, I was back inside her. No slowing down, no easing off, I was going for multiple orgasms and I kept the same rhythm going. "Oh my fucking god! What are you going to me?" She wailed as I pounded away "I have never been fucked like this in my life!" "I'm not finished yet" "Fucking hell, I've met the god of sex!

the god of dick! I am gonna get addicted to this, Im gonna end up worshiping your cock! Fuck yeah, give it to me!" she screamed between moans. I slapped her ass with enough force to leave a handprint drawing more moans, "uuurgh, make it hard for me to walk tomorrow baby!" her head dropped down to rest against the leather of the sofa, she had stopped bucking back into me, she was happy just taking what I was giving to her.

Less than two minutes later her third orgasm smashed into her, again I didn't even slow down. "oh fuck me, he's going for the record" she grunted to herself as she tried to recover. A forth orgasm crashed through a few minutes later and I hit the jackpot. Most men think that multiple orgasms are just a woman's ability to have more than one without needing time to recover. They're wrong. In truth, it is a series of orgasms so close together that it's impossible to tell when one ends and another one begins, making it feel like one incredibly strong and incredibly lengthy orgasm.

Jessica screamed, her pussy walls clamped down again and this time they stayed clamped, she threw her head back as she realised what was happening to her.

Unable to speak, barely able to moan she was just along for the ride as this new sensation completely consumed her. All that I could hear above the sounds of my balls slapping her ass and my cock plunging in and out of her sopping wet sex were a series of guttural groans. Sweat was pouring off my brow and into my eyes, my back was soaked with the perspiration of so much effort, the muscles in my thighs screamed under the demands I was making of them, but there was no way I was going to stop.

I could feel my own peak building as my balls tightened. "I'm going to cum, where do you want it?" I announced, still maintaining my pace. "in… me…" she replied, still barely able to form a cohesive thought, let alone speak, "Fill… me… up… with… your… " She didn't get time to finish as I exploded into her.

Even by my standards I knew this was a massive load being unleashed into her womb. She felt it splash inside her causing her to cry out in a single protracted, animalistic moan. My fingers dug into the flesh of her ass as the final eruptions died down and I collapsed backwards onto the floor. I don't know how long it took for us to come around. Maybe 15 minutes, perhaps more before either of us could even breath comfortably. Jessica was still bent over the sofa, our combined juices dribbling copiously down the inside of her thigh.

I was laying on my back, my softening member and aching muscles starting to relax after their exertions. She moved first, sliding herself down to curl up on the floor next to me, her head resting on my shoulder, her hair tickling my face, one leg curled up over mine and one of her hands on my chest lazily playing with the hairs which were now matted with sweat. "You were right" she said softly "about what?" "You really are good in bed, really really good," I could feel her smiling against my chest.

"That was by far the best sex I've had in my entire life" I smiled and turned my head to kiss the top of hers. "I can't wait to tell Rachael, she's gonna be so excited." I laughed, "I told you one of us was going to have you tonight" she added, joining me in my laughter. "I've heard of friends sharing everything" I said, matching the softness of her words, "but I can't say I've ever seen it taken this far" "oh, don't worry" she said lifting herself up and leaning in for gentle kiss, "you are the first, and with skills like that, you will be the only.

It was only meant to be a bit of fun for tonight but I think this is the start of a very beautiful friendship. Now, let's go to bed" I don't remember getting up, I don't remember climbing the stairs nor do I remember getting into bed with this fire-haired goddess. But the next morning, after a particularly refreshing sleep, that is exactly what I woke up to.

An alarm was sounding somewhere in the room and Jessica was stirring. "What time do you have work?" she asked as she silenced it, I noted that is was 7 in the morning "I'm on a late one today so I don't start til 2, do you need me to leave?" "No, don't be silly, go back to sleep.

Just lift the handle on the door when you leave and that will lock it." She leant over and gave me a soft and tender kiss, her still naked body magnificent in the morning sunshine. I nodded and watched her walk off to take a shower, at some point soon after, I drifted back off to sleep. I was woken by a familiar yet strange sensation. Something warm was working its way down my penis. I opened my eyes and looked down at the bulge in the duvet that gave away the presence of someone else under there.

I lifted it up and looked down on a head of fiery red hair bobbing gently up and down on my manhood. Jessica looked up at me and smiled with my cock still buried hallway in her mouth, slapped my hand away and pulled the duvet back over her head, continuing with her ministration.

Some 'interesting' dreams, memories of the previous night and my typical morning wood combined to mean she didn't have to work long to get her desired result. "I'm there baby" I said quietly, the bobbing continued. After a few more seconds my balls were emptied into her mouth. I heard her swallow, felt her lick the head a few more times, give it one last kiss then climb out of bed. "Thought I'd give you a good morning blowjob as a thank you for the incredible fuck you gave me last night." She said with a playful smile and a wink.

She blew a kiss to me and left the house. I snuggled back under the duvet and went back to sleep. Things were certainly looking up, and with Saturday only a few days away I found myself for the first time in a very long time having something to genuinely look forward to.

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