Face For My Filth Soles

Face For My Filth Soles
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This is the conteinuation of the a multi-part story. To gain context, you should go back and start at the beginning by reading "Dating Danielle - repost fix (I hope)" and "Dating Danielle- Part II" before reading this part. FYI this part may be a little slow for some, because it sets up for the balance of the story.

Merry Christmas, enjoy. On another note: to all the hypocritical *@#$ who come out and read this stuff then want to leave comments that are critical, First you should note the genre is "Fiction!" Second, if you think this is so terrible, why are you reading it? Get a life! I know my First Amendment rights and I will write about what I want to. Nuff said. Part III starts here: Tracy is usually off on Saturday but she stopped by the store and picked up some stool softener.

Walking in the door behind her Danni smiled and winked at me. While her mother was on the aisle where the laxatives and stool softeners were displayed Danni whispered, "I told her what you said to and now she is getting me some medicine. Yuck." "It doesn't taste bad and won't do anything bad to you even though you aren't stopped up." I told her. Tracy came behind the counter and put the softener on her tab.

Employees were allowed to tab things and pay their tabs every Friday when they get their paychecks. Danni had gone back out to the car and Tracy confided in me, "Danni is constipated and I thought a stool softener would be better than a laxative." I just said "Good idea." Problem solved. Even if Tracy had looked at Danni's rectum and it appeared angry and red or was still gaping a little there wouldn't be anything to discover that would not have been normal under the circumstances.

Our Friday night dates continued and I would parade her around in short skirts with nothing but slut underneath, no bra, no panties and Danni was turning into a fine exhibitionist. I had thoroughly thrashed her ass with my cock each time, as well. I hadn't started to slave train her in earnest yet, only telling her it was a slave's duty to suck clean the cock that fucked her to show her appreciation for being allowed to be a whore for the person.

It didn't matter if it was her ass or her cunt that had been fucked either. Danni didn't mind since she had sucked my cock immediately after the first time I fucked her ass, so ass-to-mouth was commonplace for her. And she had become an insatiable little minx. Our Friday night routine had settled into a predictable set of events. I would sneak her into my house and she would immediately get naked, without being told to. She would kneel before me and get my cock out and suck me to diamond-cutter hardness.

I would bend her over a nearby piece of furniture, lube my cock with her always copiously flowing juices, and fuck her ass to two or three quick orgasms. The little girl was easily orgasmic and multi-orgasmic.

Then she would dutifully suck me clean and go put on some sexy and short little skirt or dress, without the benefit of bra or panties and we would go to town and get some fast food supper.

Then after supper she would put on some slinky little lingerie of one style or another, as she loved dressing sexy for me and either deep-throat my cock for the remaining time we had together or we would cuddle and pet on the sofa. We always did our play in the living room with the TV on so she would have some TV to talk about if the topic came up at home.

I usually fucked her ass one or two times more before taking her home, as well. I always used her girl juices to lube up her ass, and one time almost deflowered her. I was lubing my cock at the entrance of her cunt when she suddenly pushed back against me.

The head of my cock slipped into her well-lubed fuckable cunt, though not quite far enough to rupture her maidenhead. I quickly withdrew it and scolded her, "Danni we can't fuck until the time is right or we will screw things all up and get in trouble, so stop trying to force it baby." She told me, "I wasn't trying to get you to fuck me, your cock rubbing against my cunt had caused me to cum. So my body did it not me. I don't see why you can't just go ahead and fuck me though.

I'm sorry Daddy" "OK baby, we just have to be really careful." Despite her pleading, I was still waiting for the most advantageous opportunity before deflowering her cunt, and completing her transition to my personal whore and slave slut.

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A fortuitous event arrived a few weeks later. Tracy had a family emergency arise and was going to have to go to her family home and needed to fly there. A clerk in a convenience store didn't make a lot of money, and she could only afford one plane ticket and had farmed out Robbie and Millie to friends for the weekend but Danni didn't want to stay with them and possibly miss our `date'.

As before, every since the first date, Danni had continued on her best behavior and had even started helping her mother more around the house without having to be asked.

Tracy was too embarrassed to tell her friends where the other two were staying that I would come over on Friday night and take Danni for a few hours. In her mind that would look like she was pimping her out or something. Though that was in essence the case, Tracy didn't know this. So she had a request on the Tuesday when she asked to have the weekend off.

"Can Danni stay with you this weekend? "She has really become a good girl since she started spending time with you on Friday nights and doesn't want to stay with the friends Robbie and Millie are staying with because she doesn't want to miss her time with her Daddy and I have come to trust you with her." Tracy chuckled a little as she referred to me as Danni's daddy then continued.

"She was to the point that she was all but out-of-control when she started going with you on Friday nights." For whatever reason, Tracy didn't like referring to mine and Danni's Friday nights together as dates. "Who would have ever thought spending time with you would have made such a difference in her attitude?" Tracy was laying it on thick trying to get me to accept what she probably figured would be a huge inconvenience to me.

Little did she realize this was perfect for Danni's evolution toward becoming the slut she craved to become and finally my personal whore.

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"Well sure Tracy, I enjoy Danni's company and she can sleep on my sofa or I also have a cot." "My flight is Friday at 6:40pm, so can you pick her up earlier than normal and then just not bring her home until I get back on Sunday?" Tracy explained.

"Sure, I can pick her up Friday after school." I knew she would be sleeping in my big waterbed not on the sofa or a cot, though I doubted that she would be getting much sleeping done though she would be spending a lot of time in bed. This was the perfect opportunity. I could finally fuck her cunt and any soreness or other residual fall out would surely be over by Sunday night when her mother returned. I would fuck her Friday night and by Sunday she would have been fucked so many times, her position as my slut would be assured and any soreness or weird stride would be over.

I was sure she was going to be an insatiable little fucktoy. That afternoon I ordered some Viagra from the Internet. I didn't need it to get it up, I just wanted to make certain I had it for the fuck-a-thon, I was sure was going to ensue.

I went to Tracy's apartment on Friday afternoon and Danni was packed and ready to go. Millie and Robbie were already at the friend's house and Tracy had her bags already in her car ready to go to the airport. While I was helping Danni into the truck with her overnight bag, Tracy locked the door and came over to peck Danni on the cheek, admonishing her to "Be good." I knew she would be good, both in the way her mother meant and also in the ways Danni and I wanted her to be.

I chuckled to myself inside after Danni replied, "Yes mother." "She's always the perfect little lady with me Tracy." I lied. "Just go on and don't worry about her, you have enough to worry about already.

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I have your cell number if there are any problems." Tracy thanked me again and I was really tempted to say "No, thank you" but didn't and only thought it and just said "you're welcome." She got in her car and headed for the airport. Danni and I headed to my house. As soon as we were out of the apartment complex, she leaned over and kissed my cheek, her hand went immediately to the crotch of my jeans and started rubbing my cock. "Are you going to fuck me and make me your whore this weekend Daddy?" the little slut asked.

I smiled like the fox in the henhouse and gave her my affirmative reply, "Yes, I am going to fuck your brains out, and then I am going to fuck you every time we are together. You will be my personal whore from now on. I am going to start training you as a slave this weekend, too." "Oh goody, Daddy. I will be the biggest whore and the best slave you could ever want." From the look in her eyes it was apparent she meant every word of it. When we got to the house, I snuck her in as usual.

It was a bit trickier as it was still light out. I had Danni wait in the garage while I went in and unlocked the door. UPS had left my package of Viagra on the front porch so I picked it up as I entered the house.

Then I went out the slider to the garage door, and quickly ushered her inside. This way she wasn't standing in the backyard waiting while I got inside.

Though she was here legitimately, my busy-body neighbors would still gossip if they saw a young girl entering the home of an old bachelor, especially when she stayed all weekend. When we entered the house, Danni was naked almost immediately and started toward the bedroom saying, "Let's go fuck Daddy." "Not just yet honey.

I don't want this to be wham, bam, thank you ma'am. I want it to be a romantic evening. A girl's first time should be special and I want to make this special for you." She smiled at me broadly as she sidled her naked body up beside me, her hand immediately going to my crotch to rub my cock through my jeans. Then just like I had told her a few weeks earlier, when I had said `just having you here is pleasing enough', her reply was similar. "Daddy it will be special because it is you." She smiled at me.

"Ok, but we have all weekend to turn you into my whore, so let's pace ourselves. Go put on something short and sexy and let's go get some dinner." We usually fucked the first time immediately once we got inside, but I needed to preserve myself for the main event later, the dispatch of her maidenhead as my cock claimed her cunt for the first time.

Though she was obviously disappointed Danni did as I told her to. She returned a few minutes later in the shortest of all the skirts I had bought for her.


It was so short she had to pull it low on her hips to get it to cover adequately. She had really blossomed as an exhibitionist over these last many weeks. I snuck her out the backdoor and into the garage. We drove the chicken fast food outlet in the city where we had gone the first time I started her training as an exhibitionist slut and got a bucket of chicken and sides to take home for supper.

We sat in the living room eating and the tiny skirt was so useless at covering her, coupled with her constant fidgeting in anticipation of the fucking coming later, I was treated to regular glimpses of her, as yet, still hairless little girl pussy. It was lusty, bloated and ready for my cock.

After we cleared away the dinner trash and put the kitchen back in order, I took her to the bedroom and got a short white diaphanous gown and a white garter belt and stockings I had bought for the occasion.

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I had taught her how to hook the garter belt into the stocking tops on a previous occasion, so I told her to change clothes. As I walked out of the room I handed her a pair of 6-inch black patent leather stiletto heels.

I was fairly certain they would fit and was even more certain she would look killer in the outfit. I returned to the living room after telling her to come in once she was changed. On my way to the living room I passed through the kitchen and retrieved the ice bucket with the bottle of champagne chilling in it from the refrigerator, and two long stemmed champagne glasses.

I also took a Viagra. Danni came into the room a few minutes later looking like the radiant sunshine I knew she would when I picked out the outfit. The gown came down to just above her pubes and the garter belt suspenders framed her sexually excited pussy. She had put her hair into two pigtails. Her mother didn't yet let her wear makeup and with her natural beauty she didn't really need it. To help her look like the slut she had wanted to become and to be my slave that entertains friends, I had taken her to a very high end department store on one of our dates and the clerk had showed her how to apply it.

I bought her mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, the whole shooting match, including various shades of lipstick. Of course I had gotten her a shade of slut red lipstick. I had never allowed her to put on the lipstick, because unlike the other makeup it wouldn't wash off easily. It was all a part of making her feel sexy and grown up. She would put the makeup on when she arrived at my place and wash it off when she bathed before I took her home at the end of our evening together.

Tonight she had put on her makeup and had also put on the red lipstick. She was a vision of loveliness and looked readily fuckable. My cock twitched when she walked in the room and started awakening to what was about to occur. She walked, though it was more of a dance, toward where I sat on the sofa. Her face was aglow with expectation, just like her lusty pussy.

She had taken to walking in the stilettos quickly it appeared as she wasn't wobbly on them as so many women are. "How do I look Daddy?" was her question when she arrived in front of me. "You look beautifully radiant precious.


Good enough to eat." I told her and she did. "That can be arranged." She joked back. I rose and pulled her into my arms hugging her and giving her a long, wet, French kiss. As usual she came away breathless from my kiss and the half-lidded look of lust had settled into her eyes.

I picked up the bottle of champagne and popped the cork, then quickly poured us both a glass. Handing Danni hers, I clinked our glasses and toasted, "Here's to the making of my personal whore." Danni toasted back saying, "Here's to becoming Daddy's whore and finally fucking for real." Her enthusiasm was infectious, but I was going to keep the romance alive for a time before fucking her. I knew for certain once we started fucking it would be like two animals rutting and I had grown rather fond of Danni, in fact I was probably in love with her, and wanted this to be the most special night of our lives.

I planned to draw out the romance until the sexual tension was so thick we had nothing left to accomplish but the fucking. I looked at the glass rim after I emptied the glass on the toast and there were tinges of red lipstick from our earlier kiss. I must have frowned, though not intentionally, because while I was refilling our glasses, Danni picked up a napkin and wiped my lips.

Afterwards saying, "It won't come off Daddy." "That's OK baby, it isn't supposed to." I handed her the refilled glass and sat on the sofa.

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She got a disappointed look on her face, no doubt because she realized that since I had said on our first date I wanted to fuck her in my bed, that I wasn't going to be in any hurry to fuck her, but to her credit she didn't protest. Astrologically she was a sensual little Taurus, so perhaps the romance was pleasing to her.

We sat there for a moment sipping the champagne, which she told me tasted good, and then I arose and went to the entertainment center. I turned on the stereo to the soft rock romantic music CD I had picked out earlier, and opening the cabinet I retrieved my hookah.

I returned to the sofa and Danni's curiosity got the best of her. "What is that Daddy?" her curiosity probably thinking because of the theme of the evening it was probably some sex toy. I had introduced Danni to sex toys on one of our dates and she thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.

Of course she thoroughly enjoyed anything pertaining to sex. "It is a hookah honey. It is for smoking marijuana with. Marijuana will heighten all your senses, especially your sense of touch and will make the sex that much better and it isn't addicting, so it is safe to play with. But like everything else I have taught you, it is only for when we are together. Agreed?" Danni had gotten a look of eager expectation on her face when I had told her it was marijuana, no doubt having heard about pot from friends, and perhaps having even tried it.

The bowl was packed with some medical grade stuff I had purchased that would leave you almost comatose from the strength of the THC content, and the base of the hookah was full of a cheap red wine to soften the harshness of the smoke.

I showed her how to use the mouth piece and picked up a small butane torch that emitted a jet of hot blue flame when ignited, squeezed the ignition trigger and touched it to the top of the bowl.

I began to draw on one of the six, hosed mouthpieces on the side of the hookah, and Danni mimicked my actions. The clear glass of the hookah's globe base began to fill with smoke. I took a deep draw, holding it in for a few seconds before exhaling. Danni tried to imitate me and as expected began to convulse in a coughing fit.

I handed her, her glass of champagne, "Take a drink and it will ease the coughing." She did as I instructed and her coughing stopped moments later. I instructed further, "Don't try to take a deep draw as I do, your body has to get used to it.

Take a small mouthful of smoke, then open your mouth and take in a deep breath all at once.

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Once your body gets used to it, you can take deep draws like I do." She tried my suggestion and though she coughed a little more it wasn't the spasm of coughing it had been the first time.

The coughing was actually beneficial in my view. It always takes a lot to get stoned the first time, likely because you don't know what to look for. Then after a time you are so stoned you can't help but notice. The first time I had gotten stoned it had taken several joints, and the friends I was partying with were wasted and I was still straight, or so I thought.

I had watched them acting stoned and thought they were all a little goofy, and then realized I was acting just as goofy. If you coughed while smoking, it seemed to get you stoned quicker. Danni continued to take little puffs and suck it into her lungs on the flow of a huge gulp of air. When she coughed she would chase the cough away with a sip of champagne.

I would keep our glasses filled and the bowl on the hookah torched and after a time I had a nice little buzz going. Danni soon got to where she wasn't coughing any longer. In just a few minutes she was a seasoned hookah hound, taking to pot like she had taken to everything else I had taught her. Unlike a lot of folks, my eyes don't get red when I get stoned, but hers turned into a couple of strawberries after a time. I figured she was tenderly toasted just where I wanted her to be.

She surprised me a few minutes later. Standing up, much more steady than I would have expected, she put the glass down on the coffee table, and knelt before me. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on my crotch, one lying on top of the other and didn't start to rub me as she usually did when she placed her hand on my crotch. She bowed her head and spoke. Her speech was slightly slurred from the champagne, "You slave is ready to serve you Master." I lifted her chin up to look her in the eyes, but her eyes were closed, as she savored the moment.

"Tonight you will not serve me as a slave you will be my slut as I turn you into my whore." Her response again took me a little by surprise. Opening her eyes she searched my face for some hidden meaning to my words, her usually beautiful blue-gray eyes bloodshot from the pot. "As you command Master. Mine is but to obey." I made a mental note to ask her later where she had learned the protocol of a slave. To be continued.