SKYRIM MOD Sexy Battle with Dragon Returns

SKYRIM MOD Sexy Battle with Dragon Returns
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Character Descriptions: Jamie & Naomi: 15 years old. Breast 36B. Height 5 "6". Blond hair.

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Pale blue eyes. Lillian "Lily": 18 years old. Breast 34C. Height 5 "7". Brown hair. Brown eyes. "I saw Lily kissing her boyfriend," Naomi had told me. "So," I shrugged.

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Although we were identical twins, I was the tomboy, which meant I had no intention to listen to her gossip. "I just thought-"my sister stopped talking mid sentence.

I looked over in time just to catch her pounce.


She had the advantage being on top. She got me flat on my back, straddling my waist. "What are you doing? I'll tell mom," I threatened. It was a weak attempt. I had to admit. "Don't you want to know what kissing feels like?" she asked. "Why would I? Boys are annoying," I said. She placed my hands above my head between both of hers. She slowly lowered her face to mine, inch by inch. I could feel as my heart began to race.

"Who said anything about boys?" she asked, mischievously.


At that moment our lips met, her hands left mine and they traveled to my face. I was in a trance at the moment. "What are you guys doing?!" The trance had ended and I snapped back to reality. I pushed Naomi from on top of me and rolled onto my hands and knees. My older sister, Lily stood in the doorway, staring at the two of us.

"Don't tell mom, please," I begged her. "Fine, just don't do it again," she warned and left the room. I left the room as well, not even looking back at my sister and I've tried not to look at her that way since. It has been five years since then and my sister and I are both fifteen and our oldest sister, Lillian, is now eighteen. "Jamie!" mom shouts and I can barely hear her over my music. I roll of bed and pull on a pair of old sweatpants. When I reach the bottom of the stairs, my mother is standing in the living room along with my two other siblings.

"Am I in trouble?" I ask.

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"No, should you be?" mom asks, arching an eyebrow. "Not that I'm aware of," I say. "Well anyway, as you all know my mother has just recently had surgery and since my father is even older than her, I'm going to spend about one to two weeks there, helping my mother as she gets adjusted.

In the mean time, Lillian is going to watch you since she's eighteen now. Thankfully its summer so I don't have to worry about you all attending school so please just try to behave.

I leave in the morning so I'm going to finish packing then go to sleep," she explains, heading to her room. "This will be fun," Naomi smiles. "I doubt it," I shrug, heading back upstairs. "Don't you want to watch a movie with us?" Lillian asks, gesturing to the TV, displaying your average chick flick. "I think I'll pass," I let out a deep breath. As I begin climbing the stairs I hear Naomi whisper: "It's like having a brother." I just continue up the stairs. I walk to my mother's room and find my mother done packing.

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"Can I sleep in here with you?" I ask. "Sure," she smiles already in bed. I crawl into bed with her and she rolls over so that she's facing me, wrapping one of her arms around my stomach.

"Everything alright?" she asks, her warm breath on my face. "Yeah, I just wanted to sleep with you," I lie. I quickly drift into sleep, in my mother's arms. The following morning, I wake up alone. All of my mother's suitcases are gone, but on the dresser there is a note with my name on it. In the note my mother says that she didn't want to wake me since I was sleeping so peacefully and that she'll miss me greatly while she is away and to call her whenever I want.

I fold the note up and place in my pocket, leaving my mother's room and heading to the bathroom. "You slept with mom last night?" Naomi intersects my path. "Yeah," I say as nonchalantly as possible. "Well, if you get lonely you could always try visiting my room," she smiles innocently, but her eyes are another story.

I choose not to dignify it with a response and head to the bathroom.

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I turn on the shower and undress in front of the mirror. My sister and I share the same body, the same looks, but entirely different personalities. So as I stare at my naked body in the mirror and it stares back at me, in a way was I seeing my sister without clothing as well? I let down my hair and I knew I was. It turned me on and I had no intention of admitting it to myself and especially not anyone else.

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For my well being I turn from the mirror and step into the shower and the warmth of the water welcomes me. I close my eyes as I let the water rush over my face and I almost do not hear the door open, but still I am not sure if it has or not.

"Hello?" I call from the shower, not wanting to step out. There is no reply, but I still get the feeling of someone presence.


"Do you need anything?" I ask. Still I receive no reply. Then I hear the door silently close. I pull back the curtains slightly, but no one is there. I decide this is my sign to get of the shower and quickly step out, shutting off the water. I reach for a towel and my hands return empty. There's not a single towel in the bathroom and neither are my clothes. I peak out of the bathroom and straight ahead, my sister stands with a towel in her hand. "I put your clothes in the washer and the other towels are drying," Naomi explains to me.

"Oh," I say hesitantly. I wait for her to hand me the towel, but just stares forward at me. "Can you hand it to me?" I ask politely. "Why? We're sisters and identical none the less. My body is your body," she says simply. I let out a deep breath and open the door more, revealing my naked body to her. I feel my sister's eyes on my shaved pussy and I know that she does not believe a single word she just said, but it's too late now. I take the towel from her and wrap it around my body quickly.

As I walk away I feel her hands brush my thigh and a rush of pleasure in an area I really don't want to feel it.