Interracial hotel fun bbw bbc

Interracial hotel fun bbw bbc
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Me, My boyfriend Bert, and some of our friends were out together. Just cruising around in my friend Brandon's car, not going anywhere in particular. My friend James was shot gun, Brandon was driving, and Alex was enjoying the trunk with Kathy (there was six of us in a four seat car).


Bert and I were in the back seat with my friend Lil. We drove down the streets with crazy music blaring as fast as we could. Everyone was banging their heads and screaming the wrong words at the top of their lungs.

Bert sat with his hand discreetly in my blouse, fondling my breast as I nodded to the music and sang along. "Do you like that?" He whispered into my ear.

I just nodded; I didn't want draw attention to us. Bert kissed my neck and pinched my nipple. James looked back at us. "Hey you two, no fucking on the new leather." He joked. We both cracked a smile and Bert flipped him off playfully.

We drove on and when everyone was distracted again, we started it up again.


Bert slid his hand up my thigh until he reached my soaked panties. He fingered the elastic for a while before slipping his skillful fingers inside. He rubbed my clitty sending shockwaves through me.

I grabbed hold of his crotch and squeezed harder with every flick of his finger. "Want to fuck you so bad." He whispered as his finger trailed down to my hole and slid inside.

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He wriggled it around a couple times, then pulled it out and stuck it in his mouth. My boyfriend is the hugest pussy eater I have ever known to exist. The smell and the taste just drives him up the wall. Before we were going out, he once got dared to go into the closet and go down on me at a party. I was freaked out. I had never been eaten before, and frankly, I thought the whole thing was sick and disgusting.

We went into the closet and they shut on the red light. Bathed in red he stepped toward me with a hungry look. "We don't have to do this you know, we can just say we did." I offered. "You don't want to?" He asked looking puzzled.

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"I don't want to make you do it." I replied. I really liked Bert and I didn't want to shed my mysterious bad girl image I had built up. He took my hands in his and leaned into my ear. "I want to taste your pussy." He whispered as if it were a closely guarded secret. "Bert!" I whined with an embarrassed tone as I turned my head away from his. My image went strait out the window. He caught me off guard. When I looked back, he was staring at me with a seductive look; and there, washed in red light, we shared our first kiss.

Our lips parted and his tongue curiously explored my mouth.

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As our lips were latched onto each other's, he slid to his knees. As soon as the kiss broke, he shoved his head under my skirt, and all at once my panties were down and his tongue was jammed between my lips.

I fell back onto the dresser and made no attempt to stop him. Within a minute, I was gripping the back of his head and grinding his face harder into my cunt. He slurped hungrily, taking care to massage my thighs and lap at my dripping hole. After about five minutes he stood up, his mouth and nose glistening with love. He wiped his face on a sleeve that hung next to us in the closet. We stared face to face into each others eyes for a moment, then he hugged me. We walked out of that closet that day hand in hand and in love with each other.

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When we came out, one of the boys smelled Bert's breath to make sure we really did it. Everyone nearly died with laughter when the boy loudly proclaimed, "Bert has pussy lips!" We continued to hold hands all that evening not passing up a single chance to go in the closet or perform sexual favors for one another during the game of spin the bottle dare.

Now as we sat in the car, I was dying to get his pussy lips all over me.

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"I'm hungry," grunted a voice from the trunk. Everyone agreed. We swerved into the nearest Taco Bell and parked. We all piled out of the car and loudly entered the restaurant.


We ordered and sat at a booth to wait. As we sat, Bert's finger was steadily slipping in and out of my juicy cunny. The tension mounted and mounted until I broke. I had to have him. "I have to go to the bathroom." I announced pinching Bert's arm.

"Me too." Bert said sounding a bit confused. We got up and went towards the bathrooms. The restrooms in this restaurant were one of those one-toilet rigs. I knocked and waited, then opened the door and shoved Bert inside. I could hear the laughter at me coming from the table. I admit it wasn't one of my smoothest moves, but I didn't care. I grabbed Bert by the shirt, threw him on the door and began kissing him.

When I stopped for air, I saw the startled, but exited look on his face. I went to my knees kissing his tummy, like he loved for me to do, and un zipping his pants. Franticly I ripped his pants and boxers down. His rock hard pecker stood strait up for me.

I took it in my mouth, giving it one quick suck before dragging him over to the sink. I stood with my back to him, us both facing the mirror. I pulled his arms around me and began humping backwards. Seeming kind of dazed (I might have slammed his head against the door just a tad too hard.), he slowly humped me back.

"Fuck me Bert!" I pleaded. He snapped to life and began to push in. He bent me over the sink so that my thighs rested on it and lifted my very short skirt, letting my panties fall to the ground.

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He shoved the whole length of his dick into my waiting hotbox and began to fuck me. He ground into me trying desperately to contain his moans. But, It seemed that no matter how hard he pumped, it wasn't enough. I reached behind me, grabbed a hold of his belt loop and pulled him in harder, but I still wanted more.

It was strange because Bert was always a little too big for me, but our position, due to the enormous size of my ass, deducted about two inches of pleasure; and ladies know, two inches is a big difference. I was determined to get my two inches if it killed Bert. I reached back again grabbed a hand full of his hair and relentlessly pulled him to me. I stood up and he pulled my butt cheeks open as he stroked and kissed my neck.

"Harder Bert!

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Harder Damn it!" I commanded (I can be very domineering when I need to be). Roughly Bert pushed me back over the sink and buried his cock up to the hilt. I moaned and whimpered with unmatched pleasure as he fucked me with all of his strength and pushed us both over the edge.

After an eternity of cumming, we shared a final kiss and got cleaned up.

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I just threw my panties in the garbage. When we walked out, there was a whole line of shocked looking women waiting to use the bathroom. We just smiled at them as we walked by. We went back to the table and refused to give details about our trip.

We just snuggled up and ate our Cheesy Gorditas. So that's what I did last weekend.